The Chrysler Sebring Coupe Owners' Page: 1996 listings

This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car.I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.

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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.

Sebring Owners:


It was love at first sight. I was looking for a used car at my local Chrysler lot and was making a three point turn when I noticed the killer grill in my mirror. The car was in the show room, so I couldn't get a close look as It was past closing time. However, I did make it to the dealer the next day for a test drive. Within a month I was proud to own a 1996 Spanish Olive Green, w/ Grey plastics LXI.

After a year of ownership I can still say I love this car. However, I have noticed a whistling sound at about 50 to 70 mph. when the A.C. is on. I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar problem, and what can be done to correct it.

Chrysler can be proud of this car, and should continue to keep building on this concept. It kinda reminds me of some of the early models like a scailed down, de-tuned Super Bee. In fact, if Chrysler could find a way to pack some more H.P. under the hood and keep that sexy style, they might just create a collector with the same apeal as some of those early classics.

One thing is sure, If they keep this up, no one will want a LEXUS.

[LXiSebring: Finally an owner with one in Spanish Olive! This will be a collectors item!]

Travis Williams writes...

It's nice to find this page on the internet. I just graduated and purchased my wonderful Sebring LXi. I love it so far... They come packed with a lot of features. It's the bright white, white cladding, every option, moonroof, Infinity Gold CD Stereo, etc. They seem to be a good deal, and well built cars now.

I've had Mitsubishis in the past and they lasted well. Since this Sebring seems to have the best of Chrysler and the best of Mitsuibishi in it, it seems great.

If anyone has questions or any comments about the new 1997 models feel free to write me back. Enjoy your cars!

James Wright writes...

Hi David. I earned this right to join this exclusive club about five hours ago with the purchase of a 97 bright white Sebring with leather, stereo, and sunroof. And I got it for under invoice price. I have been looking at the sebrings for almost two months now.

First I looked at a 96 black and gray demo LXi. I tried to work with the salesman but he stuck with his price which was invoice price minus the Chrysler incentive (19,000). I thought that was too much for a car with 7300 miles on it. I went to another dealership and got the 97 instead.

I think the car is going to be a lot of fun even though I've only driven it 30 miles. There are a couple of things I don't like about the car, such as having to take off the fuel injection system to put in spark plugs and not having an armrest for my left arm but hopefully I'll get over it.

Cheri's Sebring
Cheri Gaston writes...

Hi! I own a 1996, two-tone Wildberry Pearl Coat/Gray, LXi. I think it's a classy looking do most people (it gets a lot of compliments).

I haven't really had any problems with it. I special-ordered it and got it in December 23, 1995. I'm a Sales Manager for a computer company that covers parts of two states. I practically live in my car.

The only complaints that I have are: There is not enough storage space for the driver. The pockets on the doors are so small there a joke! And the compartment in the enclosed part of the center console opening should be made to hold more things.

My biggest complaint though, is that the remote key entry should also o-p-e-n the TRUNK!!!

Prior to this car I had a 1990 Mercury Cougar LS. It was fully loaded, and I loved it! Then they screwed up the new ones making them cheap!

The things I miss the most about it, that I think the Sebring should have are: 1. Keyless entry (and trunk entry)
2. Automatic Lights that stay on for you to be able to see when you are opening your house door; they go out automatically and come on automatically when it gets dark.

Derek Hamilton a "future" Sebring owner, writes...

I want into this club. One night after a party I was impressed with a slick black car that was parked in the front of a club. It was a car that I had never seen before, but I was impressed: fast and expensive it looked something like the batmobile. I walked around and around the car to find out who made this wonder. The person who owned it had removed any trace of the manufacturer. But after two or three minutes of investigation I found a "Chrysler" sign near the bumper. After many months of saving to finally buy my own Sebring, no dealers have the one I want: the 1996 coupe two-tone in white or black. Man! I knew getting the dealer down to a price I wanted would be a problem, but I never thought just getting the car in November/December of this year would be such a problem. Hopefully I will join the Sebring Car Club soon as a owner of a '96 sebring coupe white with gray bottom, but I am beginning to think the only way that will happen is if I buy some gray paint. Look forward to posting interesting facts about my Sebring coupe in the future.

And, from another future owner
Edward J. Oest writes

Hi !
I found your page surfing around for information about the Sebring Coupes. I've ordered a 1997 LXi in Indy Red with everything (roof, leather, etc.) I'll try to send a picture when it arrives in January Keep the WEB page going.

Derrell Wisonwrites

My name is Derrell Wison and I also Own a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXI. I also have it in the silver mist . Mine came with leather seats and the sunroof. I love the car because of the room on the inside and because of the way it looks.The stereo (cd) is excellent and really thumps.I've only had a few problems with mine. The first problem I had was with alarm. It kept going off when you locked the doors and went inside the house or the mall. It took about five or six trips, but they finally fixed it. The second problem was the front end of my car got out of alignment and as it turned out my rotors were warped and had to be replaced. The car was almost a year old. One thing that I would like to ask you about is your engine. Does your engine make a ticking noise when you stop at a red light or a stop sign. Mine does and the dealer says it is supposed to do that. They say it is a percussion valve or something like that. My Sebring has almost 18,000 miles on it and is going strong. Well David that is about it. If you would please e-mail me and let me know if you have had the same problems.


Doria 1 writes

Im so envious of all the people who have so many positive things to say about their sebrings. I have owned my 95 black and grey lxi for over a year and a half and it has been 17,000 miles of pure problems. I admit it , I bought the car on looks alone because it sure has a wimpy V6. hare is a partial list of the problems I have had.

2 dead batteries
blistered dash that had to be replaced
trans repair (no reverse)
fogged up front lights
locking seatbelts
pulls to the right and has not been able to be fixed
rattles under the hood
Ac makes noise
leather stearing wheel is bubbling
rear side cloth panels bubbled
air bag light stays on
etc etc etc

[LxiSebring: Can some of you out there help this owner in diagnosing the unresolved problems?]

Matt Carter writes

I just bought a fully loaded 97 Sebring LXi and I love everything about it. I was set on buying a 96 until I saw the 97's. The color is Wildberry with grey leather interior. No complaints about the car, just a few suggestions for future models: 5 speed manual transmission, larger engine and the factory CD-Player won't read CD's I've burned in my CD Recorder. Other than that I'm glad I waited for the 97 model. I get looks everywhere I go and I still haven't seen another 97 model on the road. In fact I don't even see 96's that often.

Larry Segelin writes

Boy are you right! At 17,500m I needed new front pads and rotors ground (this is at the dealer) , after some discussion (and no mention of a service buletin) they didn't charge for the rotors. Also at 20,000 me battery died too! But I wouldn't give my '95 lx up any time soon.

Paula Perry writes:

Hi David! I just ordered my 1997 Sebring LXi a few days ago. I'm very excited - can't wait to get it. I first became interested in the Sebring when I noticed how they resembled the Lexus. I was very pleased when I found out they cost about half as much. I enjoy your web page - thanks for the info.

Roger Williams writes

Hi David. I have a 1995 Sebring LXi which I purchased in July 1995. My car is a silver gray color, 6 cylinder. I love the car. Sporty, fun to drive, gets a lot of looks when driving around town. I now have about 44,000 miles on the car and have not had many problems at all. The only significant problem has been a ticking noise in the emission valve that relieves vapors from the gas tank. At least that is what the dealer has told me, but they don't have a fix for this problem. The ticking noise seems to start only after the engine has been running for a few minutes. It doesn't seem to affect performance, but it is rather annoying to have a car that has a ticking noise coming from under the hood. Do you know of any other Sebring owners who have experienced a similar problem? This is an interesting web page. I'm glad I found other Sebring owners who want to share their experiences with the car. Thanks.

My name is Michael Buononato and I reside in New Jersey. I work as a flavor applications chef for a small corporation. I'm the proud owner of a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXi with every possible add-on(sunroof, leather, CD, etc...) I'm elated to see that this site exists. There is no car quite like the Sebring coupe and my ownership has been positive. I've experienced no problems with my car and it now has approximately 23,000 miles. I've updated the factory amplifier and speakers but that was due to my anal audiophile nature, not because the factory units were lacking. My car is also the lucky recipient of a new set of wheels. I found this to make a significant improvement to both the handling and the looks of the vehicle. My search for aftermarket parts companies has been quite difficult. Borla and Flowmaster are both considering cat-back exhaust kits but currently have nothing. K+N offers an air filter upgrade but no filtercharger kit. To the best of my knowledge, there are no aftermarket engine mods such as a computer chip, camshaft(s), or turbo/superchargers available at this time nor are there any plans to develop any. However there is one expensive option that a select few might be able to exercise. It would appear that a turbocharged four cylinder engine from a late model Eclipse/Talon could be installed in a Sebring's engine bay. Also, the all wheel drive configuration for that engine/transmission combination could be maintained due to the apparent splines on the inside rear wheel hubs. This is just a possibility that I'm researching and it does seem possible provided there is enough money in one's bank account. This could be interesting for the person who desires a completely custom and unique car. On a less expensive note, if enough people contact Borla Industries, they will step up the development of a cat back exhaust. Thank you for the opportunity to chat and I can be reached at:

Owner's Name: David Norman Oakville, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto)
Age: 29
1996 Sebring LXi:
Black with Silver
Grey leather interior
Power glass sunroof
4 wheel ABS brakes
Infinity sound with CD player

David Norman writes...

"I saw my first Sebring about 2 months ago in an underground garage on Yonge Street in Toronto and at the time I was not even remotely thinking about a new car. In fact, I never have been much of an advocate of new car buying. I have bought all my previous vehicles used.

Anyway, I walked out of an elevator and right in front of me was the front end of a white and silver LXi. My initial reaction was ... what the hell kind of car is this and how much must it be worth. Needless to say I was surprised when I saw the Chrysler name, and even more surprised when I visited the dealer that afternoon and saw the price tag. It was then I decided to look into the car.

Visits to the library and searching on the Internet, I was happy to find your page among other vehicle review sources. Consumer Report, Edmunds, and Lemon Aid all give this car outstanding reviews. My mind was made up. With a little bit of looking I ended up with a great deal on the car, and since the night before last I have been enjoying it. Incidently, the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price on a base LXi in Canada is about $26,000 Canadian dollars. My car was tagged at $29,500. The Canadian dollar is currently worth about .71 cents American.

I visited your site via the InfoSearch. I look forward to more Internet use regarding Sebrings. Keep up the good work!"

Owners Name: Blaine Tempest
NW of Lyons, CO (Rocky Mtn Foothills near Boulder)
Age: 65
1995 Sebring LXi
Bright White / Silver Mist
Grey interior / Blue Jaeger cloth trim
Premium Infinity Sound / cassette player
Customer Preferred Package 24J
(All LXi amenities except leather trim interior, power driver's seat and power sun roof)

Blaine writes...

The Dodge Avenger, Sebring's sibling, was my first love, and that happened through Dodge's sponsor of the IROC. The relationship turned fickle when I first saw an ad on TV about relief from the common coupe. Featured was a white / silver Sebring LXi. About the same time I saw an article in Popular Science comparing the two cars. The Sebring was not going to show up at Chrysler dealers until March 1995. So I visited my friendly Chrysler / Plymouth dealer to get more information. They had no idea when they would get the first car let alone color or price. I told them to give me a call as soon as they received a white one.

Three months later, early in June, I saw my first Sebring up close and personal. That car complete with shipping stickers on the windshield, paper and plastic protecting the interior, and somewhat in need of a car wash ended up in my stable not more than five hours later.

My obsession with this car is much more than love at first sight. Every time I drive it my adoration is renewed. Heads still turn on each run. The gas mileage is great, the performance though not real super is remarkable. Ask some Acura drivers with vtec engines. I've made believers out of them.

All of the above with a manufacturer's sticker price of $19,564 which includes a $535 destination charge. By the way the dealer never did get to post his usual add on sticker. I wouldn't even let him mount the customary dealers badge.


Owner's Name: Nicole Bell
Age 23
1995 Sebring LX
Black with Silver
Grey interior
V6 engine, CD player

Nicole writes...

Loved the car when I first saw the ad for it in a magazine. The local dealer just got the black Sebring in and after a little arguing over price, bought the car August 1995. After getting the car, people would literally turn their heads and look at my car when driving around and people at work would comment on how cool my car looked. It's a great looking car that didn't bust my budget.

1996 Sebring
Owner David Sullivan
Dave writes...

My Sebring is brand new with 700 miles on it. I traded a 1991 Toronado and have owned a 1984 and and a 89 firebird with all the toys. This Sebring has been a great car so far. The switch from the Toronado does cause the seats to be a bit small. They could be a higher in back and more padded on the seat area. My car is Autumnwood- many head turns on this color - shows the lines very well. I think the accelaration is good not in the Firebird class but very good. The handling is close if not better than the 89 bird. it is smoother but hugs the turns well. The stereo is first rate. Speakers are mounted well - no rattle or noise.

This care has been mistaken already for a 35K price tag and one oerson asked if it was a Porsche. No one know what it is. I believe I will be having some fun with this car. It is a LXI without leather and CD.

Regards, Dave

My little Sebring story

From: (Steve Adams) To: ('') I'll just jump on your Sebring owners' bandwagon... Name: Steve Adams
Kirkland WA (suburb of Seattle)
Age: 29
1995 Sebring LX (my I-4 beats your V-6 0-60!!)
Grey interior
After-market window tinting
After-market stereo

Steve writes...

I was thinking it was time to buy a new car, and was toying with the Dodge Avenger and Mazda MX-6... until I saw the back-end of a car at a light one day in May 1995. As I pulled up next to this forest green 2-door, I noticed the resemblance to the Lexus SC400. Imagine my surprise at seeing "Chrysler" on the side!

Shortly thereafter (20 July 95), I visited my local dealer. I was *that* close to buying a green LXi, when I changed my mind and got the black LX... and I've never looked back.

A year later, this car still gets heads turning, not to mention stunned looks when I tell people how inexpensive it was!!

[Side note to you: You're not gonna allow JX/JXi owners here, are you? After all, they're not *really* Sebrings.]

Ronny Ray Warren II
Occupation: Information Systems Support Technician
From: Lansing, Michigan
I own a 95 Sebring LXi Coupe
Fully Loaded
Infinity 8 Speaker System
added 400 Watt Amp
with 12 inch Speakers/ Sub-Woofer in the Trunk (I like to BOOM)
CD Player
Grey Leather Interior
Antilock Brake System
Power Windows & Sunroof/Moonroof

Ronny writes...

My story begins a year ago on a chilly winter night in a little town called Charlotte, Michigan. I was on my way back to Lansing when I decided to look for the Avenger at BEACON Auto Sales. I had seen the commercial a day before and was interested in seeing one in person. I was my driving my old Pontiac LaMans, the car that had given me so many problems for the last 2 years and had prompted my search for a new car.

I found a white Avenger on the lot, and it looked good! I stepped out of the car to look at it when I noticed a car in the show room. What the h___ is that? I thought to myself. I began to step closer to the glass when I saw a casually dressed older gentleman walking toward the showroom door.

He said hello and I asked if they were closed. He told me they didn't close until ten, so I asked if I could I take a look inside the showroom. Sure come on in, he said. I got inside and couldn't believe my EYES. That is FRESH! I said out loud. Man, that is a BAD looking car! The older gentlemen walked over to the car, opened the door and said. take a look inside. I was flabbergasted, stunned, I couldn't say anything, I lost all track of time and space. This is the car I have been looking for! The gentleman said Sit in the drivers seat. I did, and he told me all about this new car from Chrysler: 155 horses, double wishbone suspension, ABS, CD player, leather trimmed seats. I asked, How much does this cost - about fifty grand? Its about $21,000 he replied. What? Check out the sticker. I looked at the sticker and my mouth dropped - this must be a misprint!

a few months later I had them move three cars and two trucks to get it out of the showroom. I drove home and everyone was checking the car out like it was from outer space. Needless to say, I'm the happiest man in the city. I truly thank the Almighty GOD for blessing me with my new car.

P.S That older gentleman turned out to be the Dealership Manager.

My name is Matt Johnson and I'm 20 years old. I live in Apple Valley, MN. The car is a 1996 Sebring LXi (w/ the 24k package) Light Autumnwood, gray leather interior, power sunroof, Infinity CD and cassette sound system, and security system. My Sebring story is as follows:

I just got a new job that requires an hour drive each way to work every day and decided I should get a car that has air conditioning. That night I went with a couple friends and asked them to show me what might be some good cars for me to get. The first place we went was to the local Chrysler dealer where they showed me the new Sebrings. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have one. 4 days later I did! I'm looking to do some custom modifications to it so if anyone knows of aftermarket accessory catalogs please let me know. Thanks!

Owner's Name Steve and Karen Mealey, Fairmont, WV
Age: 26 and 31
1996 Sebring LXi
White with Silver
Grey leather interior
Power glass sunroof
4 wheel ABS brakes
Infinity sound with CD player

We had a 1996 Saturn SL2 and had all kinds of problems with it. After six months of pure hell, we decided to get rid of it. One day while looking around at the Chrysler lot, we saw this "thing." We didn't know what it was and got out and looked at it and fell in love with a White and Silver Sebring. On the way home we saw another one at another dealer. The next day I called both dealers and found out that one was a 1995 and the other was a 1996 and the 1995 had twice as many miles as the 96 and they wanted a $1000 more for the 1995. Two days later we bought the 1996. Everyone loves it and it rides really really smooth. People always ask what it is and usually price it about 5-10K more than what we paid. We love our Sebring.

I wanted to write to you about joning the "club". My name is Herb Yaptinchay. I live in Foster City, California. That is located 20 miles south of San Francisco. Here are the vitals on my car:

1995 Chrysler Sebring LX
Forest Green
Grey cloth interior
5 spd
Base model (no power anything)

The first time I saw a Sebring was in the June '95 issue of Car & Driver. I loved the car the moment I saw it! I distinctly remember telling my mom that would be next car. A month later I was in Fresno visiting my uncle. I was casually shopping around for a new car, as my '93 Scoupe was starting to fall apart. I looked at used BMWs, new Acuras, Hondas, VWs, etc. I found none that really piqued my interest. On my way back to my uncle's house from the Acura dealer I happened to notice a Sebring on the Chrysler dealer lot. I stopped by, looked at the car and fell in love! I dropped by the next day, test drove the car and haggled over the price. Six hours later I drove my new Green Chrysler Sebring home! As I recall it cost me ~$18000 including tax & license.

Since then I've gone 16,500 happy miles on the Sebring. I added a Eclipse 5331 CD-Head Unit, Boston Acoustics 6.5" Pro Separate Speakers for the front, Boston Acoustics 797 6x9 speakers for the Rear Deck, an Alpine 4-channel amp and self amplified 8" Bazooka Tube. Over the weekend I bought a Momo wood shift knob (goes really well with the wood center console), 16" Momo Arrow wheels (replaces stock 14" steel wheels), 215/55/16 Dunlaps (replaces the nearly worn stock Goodyear Invinctas) and an exhaust tip to enhance the look of the car. I'm willing to send pictures if you're interested. My future additions are to tint the rear windows (it becomes very hot in the car even in mild heat) and add a cross-over for the stereo system.

If you're interested, here are the following things that have gone wrong on my car:

Ignition Coil was replaced under warranty
EGR valve replaced under warranty
Driver side fog light wire replaced under warranty
Door switch which activates interior light replaced under warranty
Battery replaced
Driver side window adjusted to reduce wind noise.

Keep up the Good Work!


Susan Lee Sills, bought my Sebring in April. I'd seen the ad & thought -- wow, an "adult" (read: comfortable) car that looks good. Probably too much $ though. But we went to see it (that was in January or so) and that was it, although I waited until April to buy it. I got a 95, Wildberry & silver (pewter?) bottom, new, in April 96. It's an LXi with everything -- leather, power, sunroof, CD player (as a friend of mine says -- high compression hubcaps & everything:-). I got lots of positive comments from friends & strangers both -- and it is comfortable -- sold my 91 Toyota MR2.

Glad to find this place!

My name is G.D. Levine from Toronto Ontario Canada, I'm 36 and purchased a 1995 Wildberry and Silver Sebring LXi in April 1996. I have all the usual options including power seat except for leather, sunroof, and CD player.

I was looking for a Firebird when I came across the Sebring displayed in the dealership next door. "Nice looking car", I thought, "but it's probably a fortune". To my surprise the car was very reasonable. I test drove it and was surprised at the combination of sport, luxury, and useability. Although low-end torque is somewhat weak, especially compared to the V6 of the firebird, I could actually get something in the trunk and adults could sit in the backseat.

The combination of features and the reasonable price sold me, not to mention the "interesting" good-looks of the car. I spent a couple of hours haggling with the dealer on price after the dealership closed and ended up getting a very good price.

I have enjoyed the car so far, although I have had a few concerns and problems. I have a howling windnoise at the front passenger side pillar at high speed occasionally(very loud and irritating). It seems related to how hard and the direction the wind is blowing that day. The trim guy at the dealership has tried a couple of things to no avail. The sideview mirrors fade and constantly need repolishing. The rubber stripping on the hood cowling comes unglued. The driver's window rattles(although the trim guy said tightening it too much can cause leaks). The front rotors were replaced because they were slightly warped.

I would appreciate being updated on any problems, solutions, service bulletins, and recalls.

Happy motoring!

My name is Glenn Mochon, I live in Wichita, Ks, and am the mostly proud owner of a blue-grey 1995 Sebring LX with the V6. It pretty much has every option except sunroof and leather seats. The interior is grey cloth. Overall, I've been extremely happy with the car. I love the CD player and sound system, and the ride is comfy. I bought my car in July, 1995, and up until this year, I was one of 3 or 4 Sebrings in town (pop 400,000). This year, however, with the increased advertising and such, the Sebring population has exploded.

The only things that went wrong with the car were little things, had to replace the clear plastic over the speedometer and tach, had to repeatedly replace the stupid little hook that holds the drivers side floor mat in place, stuff like that. Recently, however I've had a nickel sized spot of paint come off the door on the anti-dent strip on the passenger side. Wouldn't be a problem, but I've been waiting over a month now for the Chrysler rep to get back into town to look at it. Anyway, I love the car and am glad there's a spot out there for those of us with one.


Tom Binney writes:

I saw your note on wanting to talk to 1995 LXi owners with leather seating with the perforations in it. Mine has that interior. It is a Deep Metallic Green with the gray leather interior that I took delivery on in March of 1995. I had lots of fun the first few months with the "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" looks. I even was pulled over by a Wisconsin State Patrol officer in his 5.0 Liter Mustang patrol car, he wanted to know what it was. (He'd been sitting in the median and was I did have the cruise set at 65!) Later that week I had a dealer in La Crosse chase me down with his LHS to find out where I had gotten a Sebring, he hadn't even gotten his demo yet!

I question your comment on the new pearl colors. My '95's color "travels" and I actual thought I had purchased a dark teal when I picked it up. Then next morning in a slight fog you would have thought it was a blackish green and in full sunlight it changes depending on the angle you're at from blue-green to almost British Racing Green. This is due to the mettalic pigment. The Pearl effect is due to the use of Mearl Corporation's pigments in the newer cars. This is a product that tends to give a red/blue, red/green or other specific combination "Iridescent" effect to the paint similar to the "mother of pearl" effect. I've been in the paint related industry for 30 years and some of these special effects have been around for 20 years or so and are just starting to get into the commercial auto market. Wait until they start to use "Flip Flop" overcoat colors - you won,t know what color to expect when you go back to the parking lot to get your car! They can create drastic color changes due to type of light and angle of reflection!

The perforated leather seating is holding up well, no proplems. It is marinally better than regular leather in hot humid weather, but not nearly as good as cloth, which is what I would have preferred, but at that time NO options were available. It was what came in is what you get. We even doubted that it would come with a sunroof, but the dealer had agreed to have one installed that was exactly the same as the factory's. Mine came with the factory sunroof, but some early LXi's evidently didn't. By the way, the entire operating mechanism was replaced 6 months later with a newer design.

I now have over 40,000 miles on the Sebring and have only had a problem with the ABS modulator and an emmission pressure relief that would start making a popping noise 3 or 4 minutes after the car started. It took Chrysler a year to come up with a kit to fix that. I'm glad I got a 100,000 mile warranty on it because the ABS modulator was a $1,600 fix and happened at 37,000 miles. I wonder if I'll see it again? First signs are the ABS light comes on, but goes off and stays off for a few days the next time you restart. The interval gets shorter and shorter until it stays on all the time. And guess what? At that point the dealer can figure out what it is!

By the way, has anybody found those armrests they forgot to put in the back seat of my Sebring?!

Carl Slaughter writes

Hello!, I am also the proud owner of a 1996 Sebring LXi, I also owned a 1995, Both are Silver Mist Pearl Coat, Leather and all the extra goodies, A K&N Air filter and I have added a Elecronic Mirror from Mito Corporation and a rear anti sway bar from the Avenger, Had to replace the rear lower control arms to do this, It handles much better in corners, I can get you a parts list from Chrysler if you would like, About a $120 mod. I have added a Sun Roof Spoiler (helps with wind noise) Power antenna, and of course a new stereo system, Denon Head Unit, Audio Control EQ and CrossOver and a couple Soundstream Amps, Boston Acoustics Speakers all the way arround, and some Dynamat Sound Damping Material.

I was wondering if you if you were aware of anyone producing performance parts for these cars?

[Can any of you other owners help Carl out on modification parts?]

From Blaine G Tempest

My Sebring has a tendency to set off it's alarm system at random when it is parked and locked. For some unknown reason it doesn't happen if I use the electronic lock button on the key ring. A service bulletin for Avengers says the problem is associated with a hood sensor switch on cars built before September 1995. Apparently an extra shim cures the problem.

[LXiSebring note: I had the same problem and Blaine's solution is the correct one!]

The wind noise (whistling or howling) problem which seems associated with the windshield pillars, one or both, may not be what it seems to be. I have noticed that the complaint is a common one. The Avenger people have reported the same noise. I have isolated mine (on the passenger side) to the air conditioning vent and the fresh air system. The noise is produced with various combinations of car speed, wind and fan speed. Selecting recirculating air stops it completely.

Performance upgrades may be (or at least they were at one time) available from MOPAR - - If you have the right connections. Dodge sponsored IROC races using specially prepared Avengers during 1995. However, It is my understanding that the engine was a special hot number (Reportedly Dakota racing pickups used the same engine) - - Probably not street emissions certifiable. The assistant Service Manager at Longmont, CO said he looked into getting one and it would have cost him 13.5K. Relatively cheap for a racing engine I'd say.

Heather Tucker,
Northfield, VT
1995 Sebring LXi
Deep Metallic Green w/grey interior

Just ran across the Owner's Club page and wanted to join in.

I love the look and handling of the car and it certainly gets it's share of attention. I am still the only one in our area with a Sebring. Everyone stops to ask what kind of car it is and agrees that it is a nice looking car.

I am glad to see that the majority of the other club members have had problem free Sebrings. Regretfully, I can't say the same. The ABS motor has failed, the main computer/"brain" of the car has gone out in the middle of the Interstate and I am still having major transmission problems that continue to remain a mystery to the dealership. The bodyside moldings began to fall off the very day I drove it home from the dealership. Sadly, the list goes on and on. If anyone else has had transmission problems I would welcome their input. Maybe someone can help me to diagnose mine. I love this car and only hope that the troubles will soon be behind me and I will have some happy motoring days ahead of me. Thanks.

Owner's Name: Mark Kryst London, Ontario, Canada
Age: 25
1995 Sebring LX
Medium Gray

A year ago I started looking for a replacement for my aging 1986 Chrysler New Yorker. I was very open minded going into the car-buying ordeal, thinking that I'll probably end-up buying a used car. While cruising through car dealerships looking at overpriced "pre-owned" vehicles, I stumbled upon the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring. Since that moment, I was hooked! It is very hard to describe the feeling, but it was like finding the love of your life. Later I looked at the sticker on the car, and I knew that my prayers for a great looking sport coupe with all the features I wanted for a reasonable price have been answered.

My first choice was the Dodge Avenger ES, because I wanted the V6 engine and 16" wheels and foglamps, but none of the dealers in my area had what I was looking for, and to order what I wanted would take about 3 months (too long to wait for a man in love with a machine!). Than I came across a Sebring LX with the V6 and 16" wheels, for a VERY reasonable price. The price was actually about $3000 - $4000 less, than the Avenger ES. So I asked the dealer for a test drive and about 10 minutes later I was speeding at 160km/h (100 miles/h) down our local stretch of highway. After I finished my test drive, I could not wipe the smile off my face. 30 minutes later I signed the papers, and this baby was all mine. Just like everyone around here, I was one of the first to get a Sebring in my city, and my co-workers are still asking me about the car (some of them thought that it was a German car). A year later this baby still drives like a dream, and I still haven't had a single problem that required dealer attention.

PS: I paid $24,000 with all taxes included. (about $18,000 US)
PSS: I use a picture of my Sebring as a wallpaper for my Windows95.

Donald writes...

Hey! I just ordered a 1997 sebring coupe and it should be here any day now. There isn't much information out on the 1997 model and, as a matter of fact I was hung up on the Avenger until I went home to Detroit and saw a Sebring for the first time. I only considered it because my buddies who work for Ford said its just like the Avenger but it's a Chrysler so it's top-of-the-line. Well the dealer had a whole brochure for the salesman on the 1997 model, and its only gets better. My wife read about all the new features and knows all about the car. It was pure driving enjoyment to test drive one, and the handling was excellent. One key factor was the grille changes between the 1997 and the 1996 I just love the car and I had to have one. One neat new feature for the 1997 model is in the inside driving box lid there is a tissue holder which i just fabulous because we always keep a box of tissue in the car.

The MSRP is 22,507 with everything except the sunroof. the LXi only has 3 options (1) the radio to be upgraded with the 8 speakers and the upgraded amp, (2) leather seats and (3) the sunroof. Leather is available without he sunroof.

The story continues...

Well, the 97 has finally hit the street last night. The front end is more than just a grille change--its longer and the lower part is different were the fog lights sit. The rear end is totally changed the lights the same. However were the lisence plate was is now the gold round chrysler symbol and the plate is on the rear bumper. The cladding is more defined in that it has two waves or curves in it about 60% from the edge were the cladding begins. Please be advised that viewing this car might lead to trade-in.

[LXiSebring note: Can any "club' members provide assistance or advice? I understand the problem with the cladding, as the plastic clips sometimes do not expand inside the door. They are a bit like those plastic gizmos that hold wood screws in drywall. But the "cure" involves replacing the piece of cladding that is loose rather than just re-fastening it and this requires body shop painting. There is also a band of adhesive sealant that runs along the top of the cladding that seals out water as well.]

Joe Zakszewski writes

I have a 97 Sebring lx I am having problems with the seat belts locking up and not releasing The right one was replaced by my dealer but it did not help. They said they could not fix it. I called Chrysler 2 weeks ago but have not heard from them yet. When my wife puts the belt on the first time she moves it locks up and will not release. Its very uncomfotable,hit a bump and she hurt her shoulder the other day any advice.

[LXiSebring: Anyone else had this problem with the seat belt retractors?]

Carl Walter writes

While some may find the side cladding on Sebrings overdone, Chrysler needs it because the Sebring uses Eclipse/Talon doors. There is a sheetmetal crease in the bottom of the doors that was designed in as part of the Eclipse/Talon styling. It would look out of place on the Sebring, and designing new doors would negate the purpose of a shared platform, so plastic cladding covers it up at minimal design expense.

[LXiSebring: Not only that, Chrysler can change the appearance of the car for trivial expenses relative to what tooling for metal dies would cost!]

Rick Juliana writes

My wife Cyndy and I are proud owners of a '95 Black/Silver "Taupe" interior LXi and think its the greatest!!! We too have lost the battery and have brake work done but are very pleased with the car anyway! I note the "all black" color for '97. That is just what we have planned for ours and too polish or chrome the wheels. I ordered 4 of the nose "emblems" which will fit perfectly on the center wheel "cap" and add a nice detail for the wheels. We're going the club right now!.....Rick

[LXiSebring: Then a Letter comes in like this that somehow makes the frustrations with the less than perfect batteries and seat belt retractors seem unimportant...

LANMAN22 writes...

Thought I'd just drop you a note....Purchased a Black 1997 Sebring LXI with the 24k package and it is AWWSOMME!!!!I've driven many cars and a owned a few, VW GTI, SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible but the Sebring is SWEEET! I firmly believe it is the nicest car on the market.

Keep me posted on news and events, enjoy your homepage.

[LXiSebring: Chrysler needs to put this guy on the payroll soon, before his battery goes belly up! The joys of running a Sebring Web site]

And, from Fairbanks, AK,...
Owner's name: Brad Theurer writes

I just found your Sebring club here on the 'Net... I purchased a 1996 Sebring Lxi in July 1996 and I'm happy to report I LOVE this car! It's got everything - including the leather/power seat package, sunroof and CD player. Color is solid silver. I traded in a Ford Mustang (1994 - the first year of the new ones) and the Sebring is a dream. Everything I wanted in a car for an affordable price. I drive it a lot (over 5000 miles on it already in 3 months) and crank up the stereo and CD which has the best sound I've ever heard in a factory system (heck, I won't even bother with any upgrades!!). The Washington Post (I live in Gaithersburg, Md. by the way) reviewed the new 1997 model several weeks ago - they loved the car except that they thought it didn't have the power and acceleration that matched its looks. That's ridiculous! Yeah, it's true, it doesn't go 0-60 as fast as a 'Vette, but if it did, it wouldn't cost just over 20 grand! The only big problem I've had is that I was careless and caught the low bar that goes across the front on some curbing and pulled it and twisted it some... seems like that front end is lower than usual and easier for this to happen. Has anybody else had that sort of trouble? It'll cost me plenty to get that fixed/replaced.

Anyway, Chrysler has a winner in the Sebring, and I will be keeping this car for a good long time!

Regards, Brad

P.S. I turned the big 4-0 earlier this year.

Scott Blackburn writes

Just thought I would let you know that I had the same problem with my battery failing. Actually, my battery died about six months ago right around 14,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago my second battery said goodnight Gracie at 18,000 miles. After talking to my service rep, he seemed to think that Chrysler was having a problem with their battery manufacturer since the problem is occurring across all platforms. I know the Phoenix sun is hard on batteries, but this is getting ridiculous.

Blaine G Tempest writes

Yesterday I was in a Penske Auto Center having the shocks replaced on my 84 S10 Blazer. They had GoodYear EAGLE P205 / 55 R16 tires in two grades. At first glance the tires looked almost identical. But that's where further similarity ended. The GT+4s were all weather (M+S) and H rated - - retail $160 ea. The GT IIs were not all weather but had almost double the wear resistence factor (harder rubber) - - retail $110 ea.

I won't need new tires on the Sebring for a year or two. Mine get rotation and re balance at 7,250 miles whch seems to extend the life somewhat. Still when I saw the going prices it was a real reality check for me.

From LXiSebring:
A bit more on Sebring tires in 205 55 16 size. There is a company called the Tire Rack that is a mail order operation advertising every month in Motor Trend Magazine. [I haven't bought any tires from this company]

They list the following Goodyears in that size in the November 96 issue.

GT II T Rated $84
GS-D Z Rated $150
GA S Rated $94
Aquartred H Rated $124
RS V Rated $96
GT +4 U rated $94
GT +4 V Rated $104

Pretty good prices compared to what Penske was charging. Of course there is UPS shipping on top of this.

Or in the Michelin Pilot line Z rated $210 They are also available in high performance Pirelli and Bridgestone lines. There are many more manufacturers of that size than just a few months ago, it appears.

John Mingay St. Simons Is., GA John Mingay, St. Simons Is., GA

I own a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXi. Here are the goods:

Silver Mist Pearl Coat
Grey Leather Int.
All factory options incl. sunroof

I first saw a picture of the new Sebring from a friend that works for Chrysler. I was not supposed to see the picture because the car had yet to be introduced to the public. Obviously, this friend shall remain nameless. Anyway, I was intrigued by the car when I first saw it. At the time, I was not in the market for a new car and I figured that a loaded Sebring was going to be priced at least $25,000. So I really didn't pursue the vehicle at that time.

Well, as soon as the Sebring began to reach the roads of the southeast U.S., I was almost ready to purchase a new car. As I began to look at the Sebring, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sticker price was not as high as I had originally anticipated. But I still did not feel that I could afford a fully loaded LXi. So, I was looking for a fairly stripped-down LX. That is when I happened on to the lot at King's Bay Chrysler in Kingsland, GA. I noticed my future Sebring because of the Silver Mist paint. I was impressed!! I looked at the car and noticed that the odometer read 7,000 miles. I learned that this was a "program" car that had been driven but never titled. I was able to get a price that I was satisfied with and on November 15, 1995, I drove my new car home.

The very first thing I did to the new Sebring was get the windows tinted. It gets quite hot here in southern Georgia. I replaced the factory cassette radio with a Clarion CD-player that sounds really remarkable through the factory Infinity speakers. I also hard wired my BEL 745 STi radar detector near the top of the windsheild using the power supply to the sunroof.

The only major problem that I have had with the Sebring was the battery. It was dead within the first 8 months that I owned the car. It was replaced at the dealer with a Mopar replacement battery and I have had no trouble since. I have heard that this may be a common problem in the Sebrings. I am going to have my brakes checked because of a rumor of early failure due to a bad ABS sensor that keeps the brakes very slighly applied while driving, thus leading to excessive wear.

I am very happy with the car. I plan to order the new 1997 woodgrain trim for the plastic around the heater/air conditioning controls. I also plan to buy a sey of 17"x8" OZ Competition Wheels and 235ZR45-17 BF Goodrich Comp T/A tires along with a set of Eibach sport springs. The rep at the Tire Rack swears this will all fit . I hope he is right.... I also might look into the new rear sway bar from the 1997 model. I have many other plans. I really hope that someone starts making some engine goodies for this car. It could really use 40-50 more horsepower.

Kevin McGrath writes...

I have a
1996 Sebring LXi
White with Silver
Grey leather interior
Power glass sunroof
4 wheel ABS brakes
Infinity sound with CD player

I love the car but:
I have the howling wind noise on passenger side. How do you get rid of this. I saw on the Avenger page that they are replacing the windshield to correct this problem. Is it the same on the Sebrings? How do you talk the dealership into doing this?

Also my sunroof makes a annoying squeaking noise when the car is making turns. It seems the molding is making the noise. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to stop it? Any help would be appreciated.

Rob Smith writes...

A quick check of what photos I have of Chrysler Airflows do not show a winged badge on them, or at least as far as I can see. However, the design of that badge on the grille of the '97 Sebring is related directly to that used on the Chrysler LHX show car, and was similar to that used on the Atlantic.

I might add that it is interesting to find a web site dedicated to these cars, as they are still new.

bucky writes

I purchased an LXi Sebring on Feb 9, 1996. It is our fifth Chrysler in a row. We had two Daytonas, one Dodge Lancer and one Plymouth Tourismo. A very pleasurable car to drive, it feels very safe on the road It is black and gray.We had only one annoyance, a ticking sound occurring at 1600-1700 rpm corrected on the third attempt. Usually noticeable on acceleration. Apparently a service bulletin is out on this.

Eric Martin writes

I own a 1995 Sebring. I have been looking up and down for performance parts for it but to no avail. If you know of anywhere I can get parts for it I would apprecitate the Advise, Also the only big problem I have had with mine is the Rear main seal has been replaced 5 times (under warranty) but it is just a big pain in the ass. otherwise I love the car. Thanx.

[LXiSebring: can any of you provide assistance]

Joseph Blattman writes

While living in Reno, NV I had the daily opportunity to inspect a White/Silver Sebring parked in front of my house by a VA worker. Fell in love with it. Moved to Atlanta and bought one. Still love it. White/Silver LXi, leather, CD. We bought it used however, as a "Program" vehicle. What exactly does this mean? p [LXiSebring: Chances are, it was either in a rental fleet or leased to a company motor pool. Less likely, it was in a private lease.]

Manny writes

Just to let you know I own a 96 Sebring (White/Grey) it's an LX fully loaded with every available option except CD Changer. I have had an intermittent problem with the Sunroof, sometimes you have to push the power sunroof switch 2 or 3 times before it decides to close. Have you heard anything about this? If so I would appreciate an E-Mail. The dealer says they have never heard of this and can not find the problem. This is my 3rd of 4th time at your web page. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

[LXiSebring: Haven't heard that one! Have any of you? 1995 Sebring

Dylan Rupe writes

1995 Sebring Lx
Dark Green
Grey Interior
V-6 Mitsubishi Engine

We were hunting for a new car in October of 1995 when we happened to catch a glimpse of an Lxi at a Toyota dealership. We had never heard of the car and immediately thought it was out of our price range. Almost immediately we started researching the car and decided that we would get a '95 since there were still a few left in the Chicago area. We actually got EXACTLY what we were looking for despite buying so late into the model year. The big surprise was being able to get the larger V-6 engine in the Lx model! Most of our friends think the car was in the $22,000 - $23, 000 range. Let me just say that we spent $16,000 on this car!!! It has been great to us so far (knock on wood) and we drive around 24,000 miles a year. We plan on putting an electric sunroof in next summer, any experiences to report on out there??? We'd love to hear them!

Dylan in Chicago....

Dave Urwin writes

wow... a whole pile of sebring owners... very cool.. I have a 95 Sebring with 50,000 km on it and it's still holding up..

it's black and silver, LX... I-4... I've added a K&N filtercharger air filter..(which I recommend to every Sebring owner out there.. it costs about the same as the regular air filter and it's washable so it will last FOREVER!!)

I remember when I took my first Sebring for a drive... I was originally looking at the Avenger, but they only had a Sebring LXi Available for a test drive it was sweet, but I didn't like the fact that Chrysler only had it available with an automatic transmission.. due to cash limitations and the fact that i wanted a standard ( i do A LOT of highway trekking to Toronto and back home regularly about 200km a day.)

This winter I plan to do a few modifications to the car.. I was pleased to see the rear swaybar kit mentioned above.. it will improve the handling greatly.. I plan to tint out the windows.. I have a 15" woofer in a box as well as various mids and tweeters to install for some better sound.. the windows are going to get tinted as well as the tintouts for the headlights.. I'm going to try to make a set of headers for the car with the help of some mechanics.. that should up the horsepower somewhat..

Needless to say the 4 cyl. is got enough guts to embarrass stock 5.0 Mustangs, as well as a barrage of cheap wanna be GM products (like Z22's, 24's, 26's and the Sunfires..) in fact I've raced and beaten the 6cyl Sunfires on a regular basis :)

Just in case anyone was wondering, the engine has a rev limiter at approx 8000 rpm.. and there is NO speed limiter.. i've managed 260KM/H at one time have fun with you cars.. feel free to drop me a line.. also any performance parts (turbos, NOS!!!, suspension) are still needed.. if anyone has any knowledge as to if any of the stuff is available please let me know...I'm 20 years old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I LOVE my Sebring..;)

Debbie Miller writes

Sebring LXi
Gray leather interior
CD/Tape player

I bought my Sebring just this week, after I read the comments at this site. I originally wanted a Sebring Convertible or a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Instead, I got the Coupe.

Using information that I read here, I asked the dealership about different problems. I was told that the company located the batchs numbers of the bad batteries. The problem is in some of the cells; the battery does not recharge properly. Toyota has the same batteries in some of their Paseos.

I really enjoy my new Sebring! I'm 25 and I am in Indianapolis, IN.

[LXiSebring: I'm glad someone got the Paprika one with the sunroof too! Best of luck with your Sebring Debbie. We can all imagine how this must look!}

Note: Please e-mail me any problems you have and the solutions, if any.

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