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This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car. I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.

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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.

Note: Please e-mail me any problems you have and the solutions, if any.

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Sebrings Have High Resale Value

The prices I have been seeing in the internet used car web sites seem close to accurate--about $16000 for a well-equipped 95 LXi in excellent condition. The dealer I purchased mine from has two '95 LXi's for sale. One is listed at $15,375 and the other for $15,689. This is SUBSTANTIALLY higher than most other domestic 95s that sold for the same money new are currently selling for. Treating the 95 as a 3 year old model, (An LXi with sunroof & leather would have rolled off the dealers lot after discounts at about $20,000), I calculate the annual depreciation at only about 7.8 percent over the period.

New Items:

The October 1997 issue of Automobile Magazine and Car and Driver have an advertizement for the 1998 Sebring Coupe and Convertible. The coupe is shown in the new Caffe Latte color that replaces Silver Mist. It is a reddish beige, that, I assume, "travels." I cannot see any other exterior changes.

If you are interested in trade-in values on Sebrings, check out The Kelly Blue Book Site I ran my low mileage 1995 LXi through this program and was pleasantly surprised to find that the trade-in value to the dealer was about $14,500. The new cost to me about 2 years ago was $18,600. I think Sebrings are holding their re-sale value very well, contrary to some comments I've heard.

Ken has sent us a photo of his Custom Char Gold 95 Sebring. Click in the to see a larger photo and learn more about the car.

CharCRON has sent us an illustration of a Rat Finked Sebring

Jaason Burns has sent us a drawing of a customized Sebring. Check this one out!

GMJUNK has sent us a photo of his '96 Spanish Moss LX. Check the Photos Page

Edward has sent photos of his '97 in Indy Red. They are on the Photos Page or you can access them directly from these links

Photo 1

Photo 2

WheatKing is developing a new Sebring Performance Website

Sebring Owners Listed in 1997:

Ray W writes

Dave, nice page. I got my Sebring 30 May 95 and have loved it ever since - I think it is a great car, but lacks power. I have a white over silver LXi, with Borla tips and K&N Filter - runs great and gets 30+ mpg on road trips. My main complaint is the dealer parts - every time I take the car in for service (ie trunk light switch or door lock switch) they have to order the part - total time for repair turns into 3-5 weeks.

Any news on when Borls will come out with an exhaust for it? I have called & asked twice, but have not heard back from them. Same thing with a K&N Filtercharger - when will they have them out.

LXiSebring: Havent heard!

Oh well, keep up the good work - and cross talk with wheatking regarding parts for the Avenger that would fit the Sebring.

Jennifer Cheek writes

I have a beautiful 1997 Sebring LXi. It's sliver with gray leather interior. This is my first new car, I've had a 1964 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, and a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron, and this is the best out of all of them! I've only had it for about five months, but it already has 12,000 miles and I've only had one minor problem with a loose spark plug wire. Besides that is has been a great car, I only hope no problems will pop up.

LXiSebring: The Sebring is a great car--but given a choice, I would take the '64 Caddy. The '64 model was a kind of "high water mark " for Cadillac design in the 60s, where everything somehow came together--especially pleasant to look at after the grotesque '59 and '60 models. Ahhh..even the little "finlets" on the car were beautiful.

Alan Galbraith writes

The wife and I just bought a 1996 Sebring LXi (23k miles) and so far (one day) couldn't be happier. It is Spanish Olive with grey molding (GREAT color, the metallic and pearl really stands out), grey leather int., and sunroof.. Good advice on your page for modifications, and problems others have had. My vehicle seems to have a slight alignment problem in the rear (strange wear pattern in the rear passenger tire), will have the dealer look at it. Will send pictures soon.

Antwan Clinton writes

I thought there might be some readers that would be interested in upgrading their interior to leather? I have a complete leather interior out of an 95 Chrysler Sebring LXI for Sale. Color is grey, includes both seats, Drivers side - power, rear seat, both door panels, and rear side panels.. asking $500. If you have an Avenger or Sebring and would like to go leather, give me a call.

Antwan Clinton
Work: (515) 294-0366
Home: (515) 296-4879

Linda Walston writes

I have a '95 LX. I really love how my car looks. I mean it looks so much more expensive than it was. On the other hand I have had some really annoying problems with it. My problems started 3 months after I bought it. I went out and tried to start it, and nothing. It didn't turn over or anything - totally dead. So of course I had to get it towed. The dealership called me and told me it started up just fine for them! Imagine that! Another time I was driving down the road in stop-and-go 5:00 traffic, and it just decided to die on me. I had to start it 3 different times to finally get it to stay on. It just kept on dying. Now it's happening to me again. It's sitting in front of my house right now waiting to be towed. This time I can get it to start, but it doesn't stay on. It dies when I try to put it in drive.

It's also had minor problems, and a lot of them! My door locks had to be replaced; I had to get a new lid for my cup holder in my console because it fell off; my visor clip broke; I had to get a new dash because this huge bubble appeared; my brake pads have been replaced once, and they're about to be replaced again; I had to get a new battery after 20,000 miles; my solenoid was making a ticking noise, so I got that replaced, but it still makes the noise; and I've also found 4 screws on the inside of my car, and I have no idea where they belong.

I really can't wait to trade this car in. I've just been very fortunate that my warranty has covered everything. Like I said, I love how it looks, but it's not worth all the problems!

The Bruzer (Matthew Bruzek) writes


I was looking through web sites using yahoo and I noticed your site. I too own a Sebring LXi and I am proud of it. I would like to enter your `club' of Sebring owners.

I am particularly interested in after-market products for the Sebring, both from Chrysler and from other manufacturers. I haven't had a chance to look at the Chrysler page yet, which I am sure has some sort of listing. I have just noticed that it is difficult to get anyone to give me a straight answer about aftermarket products for my car.

You wanted info on my car:

1997 Black Chrysler Sebring LXi
Fully loaded with:
-an Infinity Sound System
-tan Leather interior
(which looks very snappy with the black dashboard)
and all the rest that comes with the LXi model

Thanks, I look forward to reading more of your Web pages.

-Matthew Bruzek a.k.a. the Bruzer

Ron Peters writes

It seems brake trouble is a common denominator on several front wheel drive cars. My dads cutlass has rotor trouble, My friends Taurus eats rotors, as do the Eclipses, Galants etc. etc. The problem is that front wheel drive cars have an engine, transmission, motor mounts. wheel wells, brakes and flush mounted wheels all fighting for the same 50" of space. thus everything is smaller and lighter to "fit" . A Very Important aspect is rotor "Brake in period". If you want the life of your rotors to be extended , you have to be extremely Easy On The Brakes.During the first 500 Miles or 300 Miles (City). I got 25 Miles to the gallon on the first tank as a result of easy braking. I found out that you have to Mate the rotor to the New pad , or every time you change Pads....The hard way. I Broke( in half) the rotor on my Harley after Jamming on the brakes after replacing Pads. It almost put me into the Lake ! Cost me $ 136 and I put the new rotor on Myself. Alas, if you still have brake problems " warped rotor". You must buy a Drilled Brake such as a Brembo Rotor. They dissipate heat much easier and faster than a non-drilled rotor. Then you can jam on the brakes to your hearts content. PS if the rotors warped it usually wont help turning them. That's just a cheap way to get you out of the dealership. And brake components aren't generally considered warranty work items because driving habits Differ. Some guys ride their brakes at 60 mph and wonder why they only get 18 MPG and have to change brakes at 16,000. So Have fun, enjoy the ride........

Mark Del Castillo writes:

I wrote couple of times before. I have some questions that your readers may be able to answer.

1. When I first bought my 97 LXi, they made you sign that you can not use tire chain on the car. Would buying a snow tire worth it? or would I be better off buying a small wheel (which size) and get a snow tire?

LXiSebring: I dunno: What you have is an all-weather radial--How much snow do you get?

2. I am looking to get a Bike Rack and Ski Rack for the Car. The Mopar seem expensive. Any recommendation? JC Whitney does not seem to have anything that fit this car.

3. How much of a different would it be use connect a CD changer using an FM modulator? (got the AM/FM/Tape/CD inifinity)

Thanks. I love to have a place to check information about Sebring. I love the car, and I like your WEB Page.

'97 Silver Sebring LXi.

Mike Rogers writes

We recently bought a '98 Sebring coupe LXi fully loaded. I love how the car looks and handles. We had wanted a black one, but after seeing the white with the tan leather interior, we had to have the white car. We looked around for a cafe latte colored car, but no dealer had one. Has anyone seen it? The car in the new ads looks great. We were disappointed to find that Chrysler discontinued the silver wraparound bumper. We think it added a more luxurious look to the car.

Prior to buying the car, I read several comments on the owner's page. I hope the new '98's don't have the same bugs as previous models. I'll keep you posted.

CharCRON writes

Thanks for the connection to other Sebring owners.

I have a relatively trouble free '95 LX Maroon two-tone. I managed to avoid the brake problems. I've put 53,000 miles on so far, and just had new brake pads, and the only problem I've had is the dash vinyl behind the steering cowl is pulling up. It's parked in the sun all day though, and I don't care to bother with the sun visor. Since I've read on the Obscure facts page, that I'm driving a longer,roomier version of my previous car, the Plymouth Laser, I've been peering over at the dashes of newer model Eclipses. And once I saw the same dash bubble on one.

I'm a digital illustrator, and the image is a trumped up version of a scan from a car in the dealer brochure. {SEE RAT FINKED SEBRING ABOVE}

Chris Wilson writes

When I look at the page and read the letters, all i see is problems, problems and more problems with the Sebring. Maybe you should take a poll of all who sent email to your site, and ask them, if they had it over again, would they buy another Sebring? If not, what would they buy?

LXiSebring: Comments to Chris???

Clarence Guidry writes

I've read the letters and see a number of references to backing out of the driveway and then having the car not go into drive right away. I've had this happen to me 4 or 5 times. I've brought it to the dealer but get the infamous "no problem found". Do you have a reason for this problem which I can relay to the dealer? I've also had slight drift to the LEFT twice and had realignments. Sounds like something else is amiss.


LXiSebring: Check the control arms--see letter on the subject... there is a Chrysler bulletin out. I don't think the transmission problem has been diagnosed here as of yet...any others know?

Corey writes

Darn it. I love the styling and enjoy the handling, but this brake thing is really pissing me off. 25,000 miles on the car and I have 4 warped rotors and need new pads. The brakes failed for some ungodly reason and I've had as much of it as I can stand. I would like to see others that have fought Chrysler get together and make them enforce the lemon law. This thing is more sour than those "Lemonheads" I used to enjoy as a kid.

LXiSebring: Any help for Corey???

Ken Kmiec writes

David, I have 7300 on my 1997 Sebring LXI and took it to the dealer about 8 weeks ago to correct a slight vibration in the front end (steering wheel was shaking a bit). The dealer balanced the two front wheels and all was fine for about a week until the outside weights came off. It was another day in the shop for rebalancing, but this time the dealer took the liberty and did all 4 wheels. One week later the weights were off again and I was back at the dealership. With a little QA from me the wheels were rebalanced and the weights looks like they fit better but this time lasted 4 weeks. Unfortunately, the alloy wheels have really taken a toll and looks pretty bad around the edges. Last night I noticed the outer weight on the left front wheels gone. This time I took the tire in (I don't think those mechanics know what it means to torque the wheel lugs at 85lbs as I needed a T wrench, liquid wrench and a 3 foot long piece of pipe to remove the wheel). Hence, one large outer weight that fell off was replaced with 2 smaller ones. Well, the replacement weights did not even last 10 miles before they became part of the Fairfax County Road system.

David, Before I left the dealership, I looked at the weights on the 1998's. The weights on the 1998 LXi's definitely are different from the ones the dealer has attempted to put on mine but he insists that the ones he is using should work. In my opinion, he is using weights that are made for standard steel wheels not the 17 inch alloy ones. OBTW, he called this evening and is suggesting the "stick on weights". Short of taking it in town to a local tire shop or demaining NEW wheels, tires and weights from a new Sebring from teh dealer, do you or anyone reading you URL posting know the correct part number for the weights that are made for the 17 inch Sebring Alloy Wheel?

L Sargent writes

I have a red 1997 Chrysler Sebring I have been really disappointed in. it has been dead in the garage twice since I bought it in April (both times after sitting a few days) i was carless for 2 days the first time while they replaced the battery and then the second time the repair took almost 2 weeks-they said it was the door lock celloid which was draining the battery. Now the CD is skipping and there is no telling how long it will take to replace that. the windows have leaked when the car was washed with a sprayer--do you think I have a lemon or do all new cars have problems? i love how the car looks and it even looks good being towed off but i am a little put out that it has such problems.

LXiSebring: Let's take these one at a time. Sebring Owners suffered through a bad batch of batteries, but yours is the first I'd heard of the door lock problem. The problem with the CD skipping we have heard about here, but these come from an outside supplier. It shouldnt be too difficult to get the whole unit replaced. Cars will not necessarily be absolutely water tight in car washes. They are designed to be water tight-in heavy rains, Rain falls downward but a car wash sprays water sideways and upward and at very high pressures. Some minor leaking in a car wash or with a sprayer does not necessarily mean that you will have a problem in the rain.

Robert writes

I have been reading some of the submissions on your website I was wondering if you think that the 98's will have some of these problems. or do you think that Chrysler has fixed all of these small but pain the the ass problems? I would like to know what you think. Thank you very much.

LXiSebring: Robert, I Think some of hte problems have been fixed while others are still with us. All new cars with non-asbestos brake linings are going through brake pads quickly, but the Sebring problem seems to be more severe than average. I think we pretty well know the fix for the other problems such as the security alarm that comes on unexpectedly and the "ticking sound." The pulling to the right seems to be a bit of a mystery but a recent letter sheds some light on that problem as well. If you are worried about a specific problem you might contact an owner who has had that problem. I had a few problems in the first 12 months of ownership, but the car has been trouble-free since then.

Sam Feagins writes


Well I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi. It is black with tan leather interior with the woodgrain inserts. It also has the Infinity 8 speaker sound system. The only thing I have changed on it is a custom intake to increase HP. It makes quite a difference in power and sound. Amazingly how restrictive the stock is. Next comes a new ignition, plugs, wires and maybe custom exhaust. Has anyone done this? If so give me some hints and ideas.. Thanks

Ron Peters writes

Hi, I live in High Point NC. I am the proud Owner of a 98 sebring LXi. It has 17" wheels, infinity 8 speaker sound, Leather( Free in 98) and a Protection plate under that low nose. All $300 less than the 97' that was parked right next to it ! The car has no rattles, loose trim, paint runs, or misaligned panels. A friend visiting from japan said it was as beautiful as a Porsche 911 , . I agree. I traded in an anniversary Ta that leaked, rattled, Bone jarring suspension, oversteered, and wore out tires ($200 ea) prematurely (even after 2 alignments) . As a professional Aircraft mechanic who remembers the Old American build quality, I'd say its a damn good car( I even crawled underneath to look it over)...As for the folks who want to compare it to a lexus, I respond that I wouldn't compare a lexus to a Mercedes s class 600s. Nuff said. GMJUNK writes

All Chrysler products from the 80's and up have an on-board diagnostic system..It is very easy to check for a problem when an engine light turns on..follow these few steps......

Turn the ignition to .....on (do not start) .....on (and leave on) this quickly !!!

Your engine light will "flash" in a code sequence...FOR EXAMPLE: "flash..flash..flash..pause...flash....flash" is a fault code 32 call your dealer .... if no problems exist the light will flash 5 times pause and 5 times again (code 55) all systems normal ...end of test.

9 times out of 10 your dealer will tell you if the car is ok to drive due to the codes you give him over the phone. I know i did this from a pay phone once..I disclosed the codes to him and he said you can wait a while to bring it in its just an emission sensor. so i kept on driving!! It also leads him to think your pretty smart about your car....try this trick when test driving a used Chrysler. Watch the salesman's face...hehehehe

Eviltwn writes

Both my sister & I have 1996 Sebring coupes. After about three months of having the cars, we both had problems starting the cars. We discussed this problem with our Chrysler dealer. He had told us that they new of the problem and the company was trying to find out the cause of this. We have now had the cars for about 15 months. Both cars continued to have this problem every few months. Sometimes blue smoke would be emitted. We are still waiting to find out the cause. Needless to say, our dealer has not contacted us since we presented him with this problem. Has this happened to you?

Shannon L Carlson writes

Just an update to my Sebring saga.....

A brief overview....I purchased my 1997 Sebring LXI on August 24th, 1997. Shortly after, I noticed the car veered to the extreme right while driving. After my first encounter with the dealership...Pudget Sound Chrysler in Renton, Washington, and the car not being fixed the first time, I decided to speak with the Service Manager Tony. He assured me that he would make sure my car got repaired and put a note in the system to go through him before the car left the shop.

To get to the jest of the story, I actually got my car fixed! However, they kept the car overnight again but paid for a car rental this time.

I've noticed through this experience that the problem lies with the Service Clerk, who hasn't been trained, takes your car in and types up all the information. In my opinion it is his responsibility to make sure one, your car is fixed and two, that you receive receipts and an explanation of what was wrong and the work done on the car. In my case, I had to bypass this guy by going to the Service Manager and then requesting to speak to the mechanic. All of which allowed me to receive the service I deserved.

I had to go through some crap with the Service Desk, but to get to the point here. After the mechanic and I took a spin in my car (at my request), he brought me over to his area with all of the paperwork and went over what and how he aligned the car. He explained the front and rear were out of alignment causing the pulling to the right. He also told me it took him two hours to fix the car however, he only got paid for one hour. This is a major problem and maybe that's why most people walk away with their car not repaired. Mechanics with integrity will fix your car, others will not because they aren't getting paid to do it. Go figure! Also, he mentioned the brake problem is not just with Chrysler. When they banned asbestos in brakes, they've had major problems with warpage due to the heat dissipation.

After the drive, I walked back over to the Service Desk, I explained to the young man Steve (looks fresh out of high school) that it's the little things that bring customer satisfaction and that if he could take a moment to explain things, he wouldn't have dissatisfied customers. He ignored me of course and shortly after that I was on my way.

My car drives great now and I'm happy. I sure hope this is it for my repair stories.

Does everyone agree that Chrysler needs to work on restoring the Quality Assurance in their factory assembly lines? I mean doesn't it seem that most of the core problems in these cars are lack of quality from the line? Chrysler Management needs to do some serious analysis of the caliber of work that's coming out of their factories. I think it starts there! The car would be great otherwise!

Signing off, Happy Camper for now....

Don Cave responds to Shannon Carlson

Shannon, I have owned my 97 Sebring almost 2 months now I had the same pulling problem as you have described. After about 5 trips to the dealer (Approx. 15 days in the shop) and multiple alignments and a complete new set of tires and wheels the problem was still not fixed. Finally it was discovered the car was built with '96 control arms which were on a bulletin as defective. Once the were replaced with the correct 97 parts the problem of pulling has been resolved. Why or how defective parts were installed in the first place is a mystery. I currently have the car back in the shop for a slight vibration which they tell me is balancing. I hope this helps get your problem resolved, your dealer can probably contact my dealer in Nashville (Hansen Chrysler) for details

I am interested in getting information from anybody that has gone though the arbitration process with Chrysler or the Lemon Law process in the State of Tennessee.

Kimberly Clark writes

Hello, Here is a story for you. In October 1995 I bought a 1995 Chrysler Sebring with the Dark silver wrap around bumper.....November 14, 1996 on my way home from work I was hit....My car spun 180 degrees and both airbags deployed...the Sebring saved my life....I had to kick the driver side door I could get out.....My car was Totaled....For the next 5 months while waiting for the insurance company to pay for my car I searched and tested every car imaginable...I tried TA's Mustangs and Grand Prix's....none of them were me....I Ordered A 1997 CHRYSLER SEBRING LXI...I HAVE PICS OF THE 95' SEBRING BEFORE AND AFTER.... I SUSTAINED WHIPLASH AND A BROKEN NOSE...THE POLICE SAID I SHOULD HAVE DIED, i WALKED AWAY.....IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE PICS i'LL SCAN THEM....KIMBERLY CLARK

LXiSebring: Scan them--we would be interested here!!!

Cathy writes

My name is Cathy and I own a 95 Sebring LX. I loved this car from the minute I saw one on the street passing by. (I love cars, read car and driver like other girls read glamour!) So, I looked into it and bought the 95 left over. Even though its an LX it has all of the upgrades except alloy wheels , cd player and power sunroof. I absolutely love the look, even now after seeing the new style. But I have nothing but problems w/it! Mostly cosmetic but very annoying. First the drivers side head rest literally came apart at the seems the inside of the drivers door pulled away from the car, visor broke, horn broke. I took it back and they fixed the horn. Two days later I'm sleeping and heard this blaring noise! ( I don't have an alarm so I looked outside thinking it was a neighbors car) Well, it was my horn stuck on. The only way for me to stop it was pulling the fuse under the hood! I replaced the fuse and it was ok but happened 2 more times before I could get it in for service! They told me it was from normal wear!! Also before I even had 18,000 miles on it my brake light went on and with in a day the brakes were grinding. I was told it was the way I'm driving! It's very interesting what you said about the faulty brake light and I plan on calling the dealer after I'm done writing this! Let me just tell you I am so good to my car, I take very good care of it and I do not driver crazy and I will not believe I'm causing all of this. I think I'm going to sell the car b/c I'm really getting sick of bringing the car in for service every few months with a list of things that are broken! Have you heard from anyone with any of these problems? I'd be really happy if you'd let me know, b/c i'm just about fed up.

Thank you for listening!

Guy Allen writes

I have seen the '98 Sebring. It has two changes. The first is the gray interior is now 2 tone, like the tan. It is black on top, gray on the bottom. Also the Blue Ribbon Badging (that gold round symbol) is on the center of every wheel (ties in the gold of the badging on the car to the wheels). That's all that has changed. Also looking at the price of a '97 and a exactly equipped '98 the '98's price was cheaper! The new convertible now has the Chrysler wings on the grille. Same with the Concorde. Do all the new Chryslers have wings?

LXiSebring: I think so!!!

Wilfried Stoeger writes

Hi, my name is Will and I just purchased a used '95 Sebring. So far I'm very happy with it. The reason I found your site, is that I have been experiencing a squeaking noise from my brakes which disappears upon applying the brakes. I attribute this to the warped rotor syndrome that everybody seems to have. I will have this checked out. I the dealer won't fix this under warranty I will purchase the brembo after market rotors.

In response to "Escobar'96" question on availability of wheels I am addressing this issue to you, so you may share this info with all visitors to this site. Having been in the Import business for Automotive after market parts (including custom alloy rims) I have following info:

Without going into specifics, the reason that there aren't many wheels available to fit specific cars, is that manufacturers generally only mass produce wheels for the most common specs on the market. I haven't yet measured the wheel specs for the Sebring but it appears that it has a very large positive offset. (offset being the distance from the center of the wheel to the mounting pad. Any distance from the center of the wheel to the outside of the car is considered a positive offset and vice versa the distance from the center of the wheel being a negative offset.) Newer cars with ABS generally have large positive offsets to accommodate the braking system (ABS requires more space) This is good in that the braking system is protected by the wheel against damage from rocks etc. Furthermore, the lug pattern varies from make to make. Number of lugs (4 or 5), geometry, bore, etc. Next the center bore (the area where the wheel fits over the hub) varies from make to make. The more common various patterns appear on cars the more variety and availability of products exist.

I have not yet attempted to find after market wheels for the Sebring but can assume that its specifications do not yet warrant the production cost of making a mold ($50000. - $60000. / mold) for this vehicle. However there are always the expensive solutions as in modular wheels (wheels consisting of 2 or 3 parts) that can be custom assembled to fit each vehicle). These are available from manufacturers such as BBS, MSW,OZ and various others. Distributors for these wheels are among others places such as Tire Rack. Check auto magazines for ads from wheels distributors.

Some general rules of thumb when looking in to purchasing wheels:

a) Make sure the wheel is "HUB CENTRIC" (meaning the center bore fits the hub exactly) This ensures a precise fit and smooth ride. Cheaper wheels are "LUG CENTRIC" (centered by the lugs) to accommodate more models with the same wheel. These are generally rough at higher speeds.

b) To ensure that a wheel will not interfere with the wheel-well, one should not vary the offset by more that +/- 5 mm. from the OEM specs. Exceeding these parameters could result in the tire from rubbing against body parts and ultimately in tire damage and/or failure!

c) When increasing wheel size 15" to 16", 17" or 18", remember that the tire profile must become smaller. (this is your second number on the tire i.e. 205/55 R16. Advantages of lower profile tires are, more grip and less slip, and for some people appearance. Disadvantages are harsher ride, more road noise, higher expense per tire.

The tire dimension issue explains one gripe I've read at this site about harsh ride and road noise. You must keep in perspective what you want in the car. I for one welcome the handling advantages of my 16" spec wheels with 205/55 H16 tires over the to me minor irritant of increased road noise. To go to a 17" or even an 18" wheel would be overkill for this car as it is not a true race care and was most likely not meant to be.

I hope this was somewhat informative. should you have further questions, feel free to contact me at

LXiSebring: interesting info!

La Wanda writes

I was looking at the Sebring web page and I really love this car. I was looking for the average price of a Sebring because this is the car I want for my college graduation. I love the two-toned Sebring. Will those ever come back. Please respond when you have a chance.

LXiSebring: Check the Kelly Blue Book site for prices new and used--I doubt the two toning will be back, but you might find a low mileage '95 or '96.

Michael Trojecki writes

Dear sir,

I recently purchased a 1997 Chrysler, Sebring and after the first day of driving the "check Engine Light " came on it was towed back to the dealer and repaired, saying that it was a faulty switch, now after 2000 miles the check engine light came on again and again it was towed to the dealer. He asked a lot questions concerning my driving habits, and then he said that if I were to take a short trip to the store, that I should let the vehicle warm up for 10 minutes! Heck, the I could be there and back again in 10 minutes. I would like your opinion on this 10 minute warm up period or could you direct me to another web site to find out if this is true.

The light went on over the weekend and when I called they gave me an appointment for Wed., I asked if it was all right to drive it until then and they said they wouldn't recommend it and then I asked if it was al right if I should drive it to the dealership and that it was up to me and so I called the emergency number they towed it ( flatbed) and I got the repairs done two days earlier?! The put a drive buddie in the car so that if the check engine light comes on or if the car run abnormally I am supposed to push the button on the drive buddie and it would take a picture of what the problem is/was. It's supposed to be on for two weeks.

LXiSebring: Having a check engine light on is not normal. My Sebring makes many short trips during the day and I have yet to see the light on. Any others out there with this problem?

Sean Griffin writes

I just purchased my Sebring about 1 month ago. It is a 97 Silver LXi. I really like the car, HOWEVER I am getting very upset about the problems that I have been having with it and the dealership. First I want to know if anyone knows an email address at Chrysler to complain to. I have not been able to find one.

My list of complaints start with the dealership. They have yet to get my new plates for the car, tried to give me old remotes for a new car(I still don't understand why the car didn't come with the remotes to begin with since they were on the options list)and a part for the car that I ordered is still not in(they told me just a day or two, it's been a week.). The car also had to be put in the body shop to fix some body panels that were out of alignment( the dealership somehow "missed" the problem). Now I am having to take the car in because my windshield is leaking. I do like the styling on the car, but the workmanship leaves a list a mile long to be desired.

Does anyone have an email address to send the problems I am having too.

LXiSebring: I don't have an e-mail address--does anyone else?

John Cooley writes

I purchased my fully loaded White 97 Sebring LXi about three months ago. Two days later I noticed a paint peel on the driver's side rocker panel. The dealership (Johnson's if Enid) did a wonderful job fixing it. I now have 3,400 miles on it and stumbled across another problem. The dash is making an annoying creaking sound. I am bringing it to the dealership tomorrow knowing that Chrysler will take care of it.

I love this car! It seems to run heads. I guess it is because there are not allot of these gorgeous cars on the road yet. Just the other day a guy in a Jaguar was admiring my car from afar. I was going to purchase a 97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, but I'm glad that I got this beauty instead!

Anyone have information on tweaking the performance on this 2.5 V6 automobile? Please e-mail me if you just want to talk about the Sebring.

Jim writes

I bought my Sebring 8/26/97 and so far enjoy driving it around town. I live in Ohio and I almost never see anyone else who owns a coupe. I have seen a few convertibles around town. Everything was going ok until last week. My wife was dropping off and picking up our kids when the car stalled out three times while she was driving it. I had the car towed in with not yet 1000 miles on it. It took the Chrysler three days to diagnose the problem but luckily the car did stall out when the mechanic took it for a test drive. It turns out that there was some slag near a wire bundle that slowly cut through a wire and caused the stalling problem. The mechanic polished out the slag and replaced the wire. I have had the car back for a week and everything seems to be going fine. So if you develop a stalling problem you may want to have the dealer check for this same thing

Jim from West Chester

Chris Wilson writes

The new Sebring advertisement shows a set of five spoke chrome rims on the Sebring convertible. And, just why did they bounce the ever-popular Silver Mist scheme for the '98 Sebring?

LXiSebring:I dunno...To make room for Caffe Latte?? Chrysler is using that color across all lines in their advertizing, much as they used Silver Mist...But its sad to not be able to buy a Silver Sebring any more.

Dave Urwin writes

Well folks... this email has been sent out too all the webmasters that I know of that have either Dodge Avengers, or Chrysler Sebring Coupe related material on their web page. This works out to about 10 webmasters that I know about. With the current state of the pages on the web, we have varying content, which is great, but it's linked together in a way that makes it difficult for people to find the appropriate page, or pages that contain the data that they require.

What I'm proposing here is a National Club, to promote the cars we all love, and to tie the various web pages into a organized site with appropriate links. With the addition of the Avenger message board, we also now have a basis for a mailing list (which has already been implemented).

For a main site, I had originally taken the initiative to approach the site. But, it seems that they do not feel that even tho are cars are manufactured by Diamond Star Motors, that they would be appropriate for the site.

I currently do not have the space to host a site like out this site.. it's amazing), and I also cannot have CGI scripts etc. I am willing to contribute to HTML and graphics to a site to a site if it's decided that yes, a national site would be welcomed and usable.

With the growing number of people driving these cars, and loving them regardless of the problems, I would like to think that a National Site would be appropriate. And to clarify the term national, this would include Canada and the USA. (if the cars are sold in other countries, I think those people would be welcome also).

Let me know what you think.


LXiSebring: I think this is a great idea! But what do the rest of you think??? I'm sure Dave would love to hear from you!!!

Shannon Carlson writes

Hi David!

I'd like to compliment you on your web page! It's very informative and it's what helped me make my decision to purchase a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. These cars are value packed for the price!

I purchased a 1997 Sebring on August 24th and unfortunately I have had a serious problem with my steering mechanism which I consider a serious safety defect. After the first week of driving the car, I noticed the car pulled to the right extreme. I decided to take the car in and ask the dealership what I should do. The service department told me to wait until I had 400 miles on the car and then bring it back.

I took a trip over to Spokane and by the time I was able to get an appointment with Service, the car had a little over 1000 miles on it. The problem with steering did not magically disappear at this point.

On September 15th I brought the car in. I phoned Service around 4:30 pm and I was told the mechanic was just taking a look. Service ended up keeping my car overnight...why? The mechanic requested to keep the car overnight because he didn't think he had enough time to work on it by closing. On September 16th, I phoned at 2:30 pm and they told me the car was just being looked at again and the mechanic thought it might be the kind of road I drive on that makes the car veer. At that point I asked to speak to the mechanic and I explained to him the different driving conditions and roads did not matter. I told him I am aware that here in Seattle the roads are slanted to rain runoff. I was told at that point that they would run their tests on it and let me know and that I could pick the car up at 4pm.

I arrived at 4:30 and asked to see the computerized printout of the cars alignment problems and the service desk clerk told me they didn't have one. He said if I have any more problems to bring it back. I thought to I have all the time in the world to be jerked around here.

At this point, I don't enjoy driving my new car. The car veers and it's a constant battle with the steering. It's like I'm on constant alert worried that the car will jerk to the right.

I requested another appointment with Chrysler yesterday the 24th and they can see the car on October 2nd.

At this point, knowing how most dealerships deal with problems I'm preparing myself and doing research on the LEMON LAW. This is a serious defect in the car and is a malfunction that impairs my ability to control the car.

The car now has 1500 miles on it. All of which I haven't much enjoyed.

Do you know of anyone who's had any similar problems with their cars? I'm hoping this is an isolated incident and it can be resolved without further inconvenience.

Shannon Carlson
Distributed Network Design - Renton
> 234-9238 / 982-2030
LXiSebring: Shannon--a lot of people have had problems with the cars pulling to one side, but not this severe. A competent dealer should be able to track down the problem. In the meantime if it is as bad as you claim, I wouldn't drive it until they get it fixed.

Jeff Smith writes

12,000 mile update:

Just finished reading a zillion more entries on this page and am amazed at the similar problems it seems everyone is having... Yet everyone still loves the car including myself.

Have learned that backing the car into a parking space is much easier than risking hanging the "mouth" on the curb. Its really easy to back in if you just crack the door open a little and back the tire up against the curb. Besides a hot looking car like this deserves to have its best feature showing.

I also have the annoying black dust on the rear even after a mile of driving after a wash... I don't know that anyone here has analyzed this stuff. Maybe its just dirt that swirls up due to aerodynamics.

Have had a few episodes of sulfur odor after parking

CD player seized up
Rotors beginning to warp
Rubber trim between side windows splitting
So far this is fairly minor stuff though and it sounds like the Dealers, for the most part, fix under warranty. It still gets unbelievable attention... and isn't that why most of us bought it in the first place?

wheatking writes

I have found a place called KVR that makes and sells aftermarket rotors for the Sebring/Avenger. These are cross drilled brembo's that fit... they are $162 for the set... which is a LOT cheaper then what the dealers are asking (about $75-80 each if i remember correctly) I'm going to have the info on my site soon. They also offer a racing brake upgrade for $3250 which includes rotors, calipers etc,etc... If you could create a link to my page, i think this will help decrease the "my rotors are warped what should i do" e-mails a lot... if you want the full letter i received from them, I'll forward it to you.

Dave and Robyn Zweiban write


My wife and I purchased our new 97 Sebring LX from Passport Chrysler in Alexandria, VA in June. We received what I consider to be a great deal, including the 3.9% APR for the term of finance ( up to 60 mo's if you choose!) This is the first Chrysler product I have ever owned in my life. I have always owned GM products from the day I was 16, mainly Camaros, until now at 35. ( Although I still have my 88 RS Camaro that's taking a well deserved rest! )

This car just seems to fit the where I am, and the way I feel at this point in my life. Our Sebring LX is Wildberry w/Gray Cloth Interior, 2.5V-6, 4/Wheel Disc ( NO ABS ), 16" Tires w/5-Slot Alloy Wheels ( Mercedes Benz-like in appearance ), P/W, P/L, Tilt Steering, P/Driver Seat, AM-FM Cassette w/ 6 Speaker System, Remote Dual Mirror Control, Cruise, and a few other minor conveniences. As you can see, not as fancy as an "LXi" ( nor was the price tag! ), but it's all I can really use! Which brings me to my next point...I believe we have one of the VERY few "LX" Coupes ( with the V-6 ) anywhere. My wife and I travel ( fly ) a lot , and everywhere we go, all we ever see are "LXi's". Anyone happen to have ( or know where ) any production numbers are for these two model types? ( with the V-6...just curious )

LXiSebring: I dunno...does anyone else??

We have just over 3200 miles on this car and the only problem is the cassette player. Tapes get jammed in there and refuse to come back out without a lot of coaxing! Need to make an appointment for that. I realize there may not be enough miles on this car for anything major to start acting up, but so far so good. I haven't noticed any of the symptoms I have read about on these pages. This is a great website, and am very thankful for it. Before I went into panic mode about some of the things this car was doing, ie; ratcheting transmission, I was able to read about it here, and follow links to additional information. Keep up the great work, and thank you all who have posted their experience for the benefit of others.

Virginia Reasor writes

I received a Chrysler Sebring one year ago for a graduation present. Since I've had the car it has been placed in the shop a number of times with problems varying from the engine to small things such as the wood grain cracking on the console or everything that acquires hinges breaks even after I've had them fixed twice. My car now won't even start sometimes and the people at the dealership are just waiting for my warranty to wear out which is in four thousand miles. I know Chrysler has made many improvements to the Sebring to make it catchier to the eye but what good is a car if it doesn't run right no matter how good it looks.

LXiSebring: If the starter won't turn over, have the dealer replace the battery--you likely have an intermittent cell in have lots of others...

David Macias writes



Sometime back I wrote you regarding problems I was having with the brakes on my 95 Sebring. You responded that there was a Chrysler bulletin out regarding premature wear of the brakes. I had the car in for service last week and asked the service manager about the bulletin. He said he entered the car's VIN number into there system (for bulletins) and didn't not find a bulletin regarding brake problems for my model car. This was at Capital Chrysler in Lansing. Is there anyone else I can call?

Thanks for your help.

Gueganne & Len Doucet write

--19 Sept 1997 Update from previous correespondence. Returned from a 17000 km trip with no problems with sebring. Travelled to Detroit from New Brunswick crossed into US and drove to Seattle, Wash. via Inter.90. Took ferry to Victoria, B.C. Then drove to Yellowknife, NWT, back to Winnipeg, Manitoba and crossed back into USA at Fargo, ND and back to Canada via Inter. 90 and 94. Nice trip, vehicle handles nicely, comfortable ride. Had brake pads changed upon return at 56000 km. paint on driver`s door bubbled on three small spot. Dealer says it's similar to rock chips and only surface rust, but I don't agree but little to do. I applied touch up paint. Had the rotor replaced one more time, so far so good. The windshield washer warning light came on but container is full will have to get dealer to check on next servicing. Still like the car but did not see many on our trip. Keep up the good work with the page and we both thank you.

Len & Pat Doucet
Shediac, N.B. Canada
. s.v.p. visitez ma page

Please visit my site

Roberto Diaz


My name is Roberto Diaz and I own a Bright Wight '97 Sebring LXi. I haven't had any problems with the brakes yet and I'm already at 16,000 miles!! I love the way the car looks, even when it's just standing still. But looks and problems are two different things. The biggest problem I have with the Sebring is that it has a very rough ride for a luxury car. I understand it has a "race-inspired suspension", but why if it's a luxury car??? I live in Chicago and our roads are not the best. If I hit a bump just right I hear a very loud cracking noise, kinda like plastic breaking. I pointed this out to the dealer service dept, which by the way are less pleasant than a fork in my eye, and they said they could find anything wrong. Back to the brakes. You mentioned that there is a Chrysler service bulletin out on them. How can I get more info on that is this a recall or just a bulletin?? If it's just a bulletin, does that mean that Chrysler is replacing the brakes free of charge???... what exactly does that entail?

Things that have gone wrong with my LXi within 7 months...

1. CD player gave out... still waiting on replacement.
2. Driver-side light switch did stopped working... dealer replaced it for free.
3. Brakes are just barely squeaking, but need to get them looked at.

I consider the problems I've had to be too many for a "top of the line" car like the Sebring LXi. I also consider not fixing the problems that come up unacceptable for a car company like Chrysler. They won a lot of customers over with the design but are losing those same customers with the bad customer service at the dealerships, car problems, and worst of all nowhere to go and complain.

But for some strange, unexplainable reason.... I still LOVE my Sebring!!!

Mary Gibson

Well would you believe I just found your web site.. I just bought a new LXi 97-- We didn't even drive it.. We had driven another one and my husband loved it. We are going to pick it up tomorrow..After reading some of the e-mail you have received I'm getting a little scared..So please cross your fingers..I've been driving a 92 Plymouth Colt GL 5 speed and I loved it.. So this is really going to be a change for me..I'll let you know..We live in South Carolina.. Sure wish I had found this site a lot sooner.. I just hope if I do have problems Chrysler doesn't try to give me the run around..Because I'll call WHISTLE BLOWER..


Daniel O'Brien writes

Just a note: purchased mine in May 97 fully loaded and haven't had any problems, just a slight rattle on the sunroof cover. I think the trick to this and most cars is KEEP it OUT of the dealer. If you have a local mechanic or gas station use them, or do the work yourself don't rely on the warranty...its only as good as the dealers. In Chryslers case that isn't very good, remember during those BAD 70's years you couldn't give away a Chrysler Dealership and Chrysler was happy to have anyone sign up to represent them...and a lot of them are what Ford or GM wouldn't have. Soooooooo what do you think Chysler got? YES, the second string!!!! AND NOW that Chrysler is making some pretty good cars they are stuck with a sorry dealership network. True there are some Good Ones out there, but from the stories and newsgroups they seem to be rare. Just my 2 cents...and I think the Sebring is a good value for the money.

LXiSebring: In my view--Chrysler dealers are more variable than GM dealers. There are some crummy Chrysler dealers, but some excellent ones too. Any other comments of this?

Matt Carter writes

After 13,000 miles I'm still VERY happy with my '97 Sebring LXi. The wildberry pearlcoat shines nicely when clean! It has handled the summer in Atlanta well. One weird problem occurred last week. I noticed one week it seemed as if the car wasn't starting up as quickly and having a problem turning over. Finally one evening it just wouldn't crank at all. So I stuck a battery charger on it over night, drove it to the dealer in the morning and they found nothing wrong. They tested the alternator and battery and all passed. The car hasn't acted up since. I guess it was a fluke, but maybe a bad battery to look out for in the future. One other problem: My brake rotors are starting to warp again. I'll take it in for a 3rd time to have them replaced next week.

Larry Crosby writes

My wife and I purchased our 1995 coupe LXi as a demo with 4000 miles. It is dark green with all available goodies and the V6 engine. I am happy to find this site and relieved I am not the only one experiencing problems. Don't get me wrong, I love the care and for someone over six feet tall, it's very comfortable to drive. I think the handling is very good, but am disappointed with the turning radius. My father-in-law's LHS turns tighter! Here is a list of the problems I have encountered. If you have information or suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.

Problems: I too have the noisy tapping in the engine compartment, which the dealer cannot seem to hear! Any word yet on the cure for this?

LXiSebring: According to one letter below, there is a replacement sensor with a rubber boot that provides greater insulation from the tapping sound. You dealer can check on this. This is annoying but not a problem that gets worse.

Disappointing output from the air conditioner for the 4 months of 100+ degree temps in Phoenix, AZ.

I also replaced the brake pads and turned the rotors at 12000 miles ( Under warranty). Now at 23000, the rotors are warped again. I know the rotors are a Chrysler problem, but does anyone know if they are available from the aftermarket yet and are they better quality?

The exhaust manifold cracked at 14000 miles, but the dealer replaced without any argument. Note: It only took three visits to locate it while having told them each visit there was an exhaust leak! At any rate they replaced the whole exhaust system before they found the manifold. Bonus!!!

Passenger seatbelt has been replaced twice due to locking constantly while not in a breaking mode.

Battery died at 7000 miles - replaced with no problem since. TRANSMISSION- Mine does the same thing as other readers. When backing out of the garage on cold start up it will not engage. I have to shift a few times until it does. Of course the dealer has no clue to the problem since the computer isn't telling them exactly what to do. By the way, why is it that mechanics have no diagnostic skill anymore? If anyone knows the reason for this tranny problem, please e-mail me - thanks!

Okay - enough complaining.

Performance Help: I too am disappointed in the performance of the 2.5 V6 engine ( so much for not complaining anymore). Without going to great expense and modifications the only performance boost I have found is the air intake. For about $45 K&N rechargeable filters are available for the V6 engine. I can feel a noticeable difference in the performance and no drop in the already poor milage (20-22 mpg). I am pleased with the increased horsepower and the reasonable cost of the filter since I won't be paying for paper filters every 6,000 miles. You can order the K&N filter at any auto performance shop such as Loper's or Dick Cepek's. Caution though, Using an oil gauze filter like this does require regular maintenance to insure it does not dry out and allow dirt to get into the engine. It is very simple to oil and only takes about 15 minutes at the most.

Thanks LXiSebring for the excellent site and info!

Rubens Perdomo writes


I own a 95 Sebring LX (5 speed manual) and other than the rotors and some interior plastic parts that are broken I am pretty pleased with it. Maybe you can help me with a couple of questions I have concerning the Sebring.

Is the 2.0 DOHC engine in the Neon the same the Sebring has and if so wouldn't the engine performance parts sold for the Neon fit in the Sebring?

LXiSebring: close!!! some might fit

Can you add a rear anti roll bar to the Sebring LX?

LXiSebring: good question--does anyone know?

Can you add disc brakes to the rear axle of the Sebring LX?

Probably: check your dealer for LXi parts

How realistic is a 200hp Sebring ?

LXiSebring: Due in '99

You have a great page going. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I recently purchased a Probe GT for my wife and although it wouldn't be fair to compare it to the Sebring I would like to say it is impressive (with the stock package) and would recommend this vehicle to anyone as an affordable sports car as long as they don't count on taking more than one passenger.

Phil Gray writes

I purchased my Polo Green LXi in August 1996. It currently has 12K on it and I just got it back from the dealer after taking it in for the first time. I had a slight vibration with the brakes and the dealer didn't even quibble and replaced the rotors, balanced all 4 wheels and rotated the tires. I have found that the 17" wheels are very sensitive to being over tightened. I am now very particular to tightening with a torque wrench. When the vibration first started ( at about 8K miles) I had rotated the wheels 500 miles earlier. Going back and tightening to the correct specs made the problem tolerable and it actually got better over time.

I do have a couple of items I would like to ask about however. I note that in using the "fob" to lock and unlock the doors that all I get is the interior lights flashing once. There is no horn chirp or outside light blink. I thought this strange as you have to be right on top of the car to make sure that it locks. The dealer said that this is normal but if so I think a poor design. Can you confirm this is normal.

LXiSebring: I don't think that is normal--mine on my '95 will unlock the car anywhere within 10-12 feet. These may have changed on newer models, however. Others??

Second item I have is that on hot days (above 85) and speeds above 60 mph I developed a high shrill intermittent sound that is very similar to holding a piece of cellophane stretched between you fingers and blowing on the edge. I think it is one of the body side claddings on the passenger side but can't find it, neither can the dealer. Anyone else report something like this? Now that it is cooling off back here in PA it no longer is making the sound so I will not be able to show the dealer till it warms next year.

LXiSebring: I dunno on this one.

I think your site is great, as is the car. I get 28 mpg consistently and am very happy that I went ahead and purchased the car, my first Chrysler product.

dcliver writes

I am considering purchasing a Chrysler Sebring. In my personal opinion, I feel that the '95 Sebring's "crosshair" designed grill looks better than their latest model's "wing" designed grill. I do though agree with car critic's opinion on how the plastic grill on the '95 Sebring does make the car look cheaper. Is there any models that have a true non-plastic grill but still has the crosshair design? Just curious. Also, if I decide to purchase a used '95 model, what should be the most reasonable price I could get for it for?

Karlynn writes

Hi, just had to comment how much I enjoyed your page! I have a 1996 Polo green Sebring LXi and love it. I just lost my battery and alternator at 21,000 miles but it was all replaced under warranty. I wouldn't trade my car for the world! But those door dingers have still found a way to bang the metal.. argh!

Keep up with the page, it's great!

Kathy writes

Hi -

I have a 95 blue gray Sebring LXi, fully loaded (sunroof, leather, etc),unfortunately, I cannot praise its performance as most that have written to you have.

I bought this program car in January of 96 and have had numerous problems since then. My first headache was the alarm going off sporadically for what seemed to be no cause. That was fixed; however, now when the alarm is set off, putting the key in the driver's side door will not disarm it (nor will using the remote), I found that if you put the key in the trunk, this will disarm it. It took a few pretty embarrassing moments before I figured this out and I am currently waiting for this to be fixed.

Your site also made me realize that I'm not crazy, I was sure I was hearing a tapping sound from the engine, but was assured by the service dept. that this is a normal engine sound. As far as I could tell from your site, this problem has yet to be resolved. Maybe I'll mention it next time I go visit the service dept.

My next encounter with a problem had to do with the battery (?), the car seemed to die and the engine would not turn over, it appeared that something was draining the battery. When I brought it back to the dealer, they replaced the crank angle sensor, but the problem still existed. The service dept. then replaced the battery. Two months later, the same thing occurred and yet again, the dealer was unable to find the cause and simply replaced the battery. It has been about a year now since the last occurrence, but I feel like I'm sitting on a ticking time bomb, knowing that it was never truly fixed. I called the 800 number for Chrysler to air my concerns and frustration with this problem, but was basically told they could do nothing for me.

I had a tire blow out about 8 months after buying the car, I have no idea if this could be related to the car, but it was just another thing I had to deal with. It was at this time that I noticed the vibration in the steering wheel as well as the slight pull to the right. I brought the car back several times to the tire place, thinking the tires were not properly balanced. But based on what I have read on your web-site, its in all likelihood a Sebring problem.

By this time it was about August of 96 (pretty hot here in Texas) and the air conditioning started acting up. On really hot days, it would just cut out for what seemed like an eternity, but was more like 10 minutes. By now I had a job that required constant use of my car and I was unable to bring it in for servicing (so I lived with it for a while). While I'm on the topic of weather, I'll mention that the defrost is quite poor and in the unlikely occurrence of rain or cold weather here in Texas, the defrost has been quite problematic, frosting up the windows more than defrosting them!

I see that others had the same problem with brakes that I had. I replaced them myself, not knowing that this was a Sebring specific problem. Oh well!

Soon after the air conditioning problem, I noticed that when I would back out of my driveway in the morning and shift from reverse into drive, the car reacted as if it was in neutral. I had to put it back into park and then into drive for it to engage, but it was still pretty slow to react. Its a good thing I don't live on a busy street. This happened on several occasions. I believe the dealer fixed this, but.....It was at this visit to the service dept. that I had the air conditioning fixed (seems there was a leak and so far, so good), but the electric locks had stopped working by this time so I brought it back for that which was fixed (temporarily)at that time.

About 3 weeks after this last repair stop the locks stopped working again. By this time, a previously developed whistle in the windshield became unbearable and the driver's side seat belt locked up without cause on several occasions, so I brought it back in! While I was there I threw in the fact that the alarm was not functioning properly (I forgot to tell them about the annoying squeak that has developed in the passenger side seat). My car was in the service dept. for 3 1/2 days last week and the service dept was still waiting delivery of the parts for the most recent set of problems. When I went to pick up my yet to be repaired car, I mentioned the fact that the number of problems keeps escalating and I wanted to talk to someone about this, I was once again given Chrysler's 800 number. I called last week and besides trying to expedite the shipment of the parts, I was basically told there was nothing they would do for me, that I would have to call the dealer. I called the dealer today and they said that's strange, any "investigations" need to be initiated by the 800 number, some program called CARE (?). Well, the customer service individual said she would try to set up an appointment with the Chrysler dealer rep, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. She thought the only possible action would be that they would take it back in a trade-in. But by this time, I feel so gun-shy about Chrysler's I just want them to buy it back from me at market value. She stated that this was an improbability.

Phew -Are you tired from reading yet, I know I'm tired of typing! I must admit I do really like the way the car looks and outside of the aforementioned problems (many though they may be) I have liked the car. I was hoping you might be able to help me with my actions from here. I noticed that one or two writers to your site mentioned some kind of arbitration - do you know what that entails? I was considering pursuing the lemon law, but I would like to see what Chrysler has to offer before I take that route. Any other advice? Thanks so much for your time - hope your Sebring is treating you better than mine!

:) Kathy

LXiSebring: I've responded to Kathy but I'm sure she would appreciate hearing suggestions from you.

David Macias writes

My name is David Macias, and I own a 95 Sebring. It currently has approx. 28500 miles on it. I noticed a scraping noise coming from the tires, so I took it in to Capital Chrysler dealership in Lansing , Michigan. They told me the brakes were bad and By the way, previously, I had taken the car in for service because the brake light had come on. They told me the brake fluid tank was slightly low. They filled it to the rim, and the light turned off. I noticed in your article that there was a problem with the brake light coming on, and premature wear of the brake lining. You also indicated that there was a bulletin on this problem. How can I get a hold of the bulletin to see if the brake problem is the result of the faulty equipment? Any help you could give me with this would be greatly appreciated.

If it's okay, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions. The car doesn't seem to have a great deal of acceleration. I previously had a Grand Prix, and that car had better pick-up and got better milage. Is this a problem with Sebrings in general, or is it just my car? Also, I've had complaints from passengers in my car that the seat belt will tighten on them after they have attached it. It's to the point that the passenger will unhook the seat belt. I previously took it to another dealership (where I purchased the If you've heard of either of these two problems, I would appreciate you letting me know. Again, Thanks for any help you can provide.

David Macias

LXiSebring: Again, I've responded, but feel free to visit with David

Escobar96 writes

I just got a Sebring LX in the ever popular Silver Mist color, and many comment that it bears a resemblance to a Mercedes Benz SL. I got the machined 5 spoke monoblock wheels, but they're only 15 inches, and I'm looking for a larger 17 inch monoblock, but they only seem to be available for Mercedes-Benz. You seem to know more than anybody about Sebrings, so, has anybody done what I'm looking to do, or a good-looking alternative? And why can some wheels only fit a certain brand of car?

LXiSebring: I didn't have an answer on this one. Do any of you?

Allen Mendy writes

I purchased my Polo Green Sebring LXi in August 1996. Since then I have logged over 22,000 trouble free miles. The only thing that it has been in the shop for is regular oil changes (at 1000 and then every 3000 or so after) and installation of an after-market spoiler purchased from my dealership of original purchase, Falore Chrysler/Plymouth & Jeep located in Sunnyvale California. This was my 4th Chrysler product purchase since 1988 which include 2 LeBaron Convertibles (88&91) and a 93 Plymouth Vista Colt Micro Minivan which I still own. I have had great luck with Chrysler products with the only major problem being a bad turbo in my 88 after about 30,000. Although the repair was under warranty I traded it in for the 91 with the V6 and no regrets.

By the way I enjoyed reading your information on the 95,96,& 97 models. One thing before closing, I have never owned a more attention getting car than my Sebring. Maybe it's because I keep it perfectly clean 99% of the time, but I almost always have people stop me at gas stations asking me about my car and telling me how great it looks and this is in California where BMWs seem to be King. I keep hoping that Chrysler decides to come out with a convertible version in the future. This coupe model would be a great brother to the current Sebring Convertible.

Will check your Web site again soon.


Alex Carranza writes

It finally happened to me too. As soon as the car hit 13,000 miles the brakes started to malfunction. The warning light is always on and the brakes themselves are making a pretty awful noise when I press on the pedal. I hope that the dealership replaces and/or repairs them under warranty. I'm taking the car in tomorrow.

Apart from that, the only other problem I've had with the car in the ten months I've driven it is the cap for the windscreen cleaner breaking for no apparent reason.

I have a 5-speed 4-cylinder LX model and I'm very satisfied with the performance. It accelerates faster than a lot of other more powerful cars on the road. The 1st gear is OK, but in 2nd the engine just lets go. I love the look of surprise on my friends' faces when I tell them the car is only a 4 cylinder!

I'm thinking about getting another Sebring when my lease runs out next year. I hope that by then they have a 5-speed manual V-6 engine option available; It would be a shame if they didn't.

Another thing: I checked how many miles between refuelings the other day--I went 368 miles on a single tank of top-grade gasoline!!! I found that pretty impressive.

Alex Carranza,

Harmon Moore writes:

I have a 96 LXi, and I have noticed that in 3rd gear, around 4000 rpm, it drops to like this some "gear within a gear" by the transmission, or is this a problem? Write me if you notice the same kinda have to be flooring it.

Harmon Moore

LXiSebring: Have you all got a clue on this one?

Peter J Cascone writes

My girlfriend has a Sebring and it looks great. if Chrysler works the kinks out it could be a great car. however, we have had so many problems with the car, it has been unbearable. Design flaws include the dashboard not being user friendly, front seat leg room is not enough on both driver and passenger sides, arm rest is too low and window ledge is too high, front spoiler is too low(or my girlfriend just can't park), and their quite a few strange rattles(while accelerating, park to drive). Things needed to be adjusted under warranty were the passenger seat runners, cruise control, suspension tightening. but the worst of all was the rotors. she has 12,000 miles on the car and the rotors have been replaced 4 times. this is unexplainable and unacceptable. I personally think she got a lemon. these are our problems with the sebring. other than that, it's a great car.(yeah right)

David Sacks writes

My CD player is skipping like CRAZY.. Dealer says this is normal.. but we have a 97 Town&Country and it is fine..

Also the brakes realllly suck! The stopping distance is much longer then I would like have. I have LXi 97 so maybe the wider low profile tires are too much for the brake system...

Any comments??

LXiSebring: I would get your dealer to replace the CD player under warranty. I dunno about the stopping distance. Have other owners had this problem?

Nicholas writes

Greetings, fellow Sebring owner and sitemaster. I am formally joining your site as I just bought a 1997 Sebring Coupe LXi. I used every resource on the web, in print, and by word of mouth to determine the car for me over a period of eight weeks. The Sebring was it. I didn't even take it for a test drive... I just signed up and drove away. I love the car.

First off, let me say that your site was very helpful. I think this is an important resource for Sebring owners as well as a very good way to communicate problems and upgrades. I have a few ideas for the site that may help with navigation and information retrieval. I think it would be of benefit to separate the replies/posts into different sections something like:

Chrysler Sebring Coupe Owner's Page

1997 Model year postings
1996 "
1995 "


Just a thought, anyway. I have a lot of trouble determining which posts I have read. Please put the date a message is posted if you could. I will send you some more email soon with the full details of the car as well as a nice .JPG. Thanks!


P.S. You know, I'd like to test out the digital camera. Let me know if you would like me to make you some very excellent GFX icons and such... how much web space does AOL give you on your account? Will you have the space?

LXiSebring: I have a very limited amount of space on my AOL account, and, since I am running several free websites on a volunteer basis, also a limited amount of time to work the site. The owners page was added to the original site as an afterthought, and it is proving to be a lot of work each week just posting the mail. There are links as you describe on the Sebring home page. I have not divided the mail by years because the car is mechanically basically identical for the three years, differing in only minor trim and paint items. You can easily find the owners with a specific problem by searching on, say "rotors".

Jason Morris writes

Glad I found the page. I am a proud new owner of a 1995 Sebring LXi with White and Silver Mist Two tone body. It has about 11000K on the vehicle and is in mint,mint,mint shape.

In regards to known problems with the LXi, My A/C does not work now and car feels like it tries to get away from me at highway speeds. I to have the shimmying on braking at about 110km/hour. Other than those minor little problems, I LOVE THE CAR....We had a 1997 Dodge Stratus, and I wouldn't wish it on my WORST enemy.

Mark Del Castillo writes


Car: Silver Mist Sebring '97 LXi, 8000 Miles, leather, infinity, sunroof.

I recently got the Car tinted. It look even cooler. I still have not see the same color Sebring on the Street here in Los Angeles. I like it that way.

Problem: Brake uneven wear (rings around the rotor) Dealer replaced them. The electrical wires under the hood is expose and was replaced under warranty. (Yesterday).


1. Anyone Knows if you could add a CD Changer to the STOCK radio (tape/CD/FM/AM) Any hint or info would be appreciated.

2. Lowering the car? How low?

3. Bigger Wheel? 225? 235? What's the Maximum size? Could You use tire chain? How do you read the HR? VR? ZR?

4. Anyone Done any other enhancement that worth mentioning? Or recommended? (ie: spoiler..)

5. Any more Additional '98 model info? Weekly Info from Autobytel stated that there won't be any upgraded Engine in 98 (still 2.5 V6).

Your Site is the greatest. The first thing One Monday I do at work is check our your WEB page on other owner feed back. Thank you. I hope this info. has been useful. If you have any further inquiries, please send E-Mail to me at the address below. Best regards


This is part two of my earlier message. Continuing with complaints about the Sebring. I find that the high rear end is really quite an obstacle to deal with. I hate to be in a situation that requires backing up. The turning radius of the car is quite expansive,so tight spots are a no no. This is a big car and it is under powered with it's 2.5 v6. I find that handling is so so. The interior of the car is not owner friendly,example: there is no place to put extra cds or tapes except in the back seat. Example: The ashtray design does not allow the driver to lay a cigarette down, the ashtray placement does not give a passenger easy access.There should be an ashtray on the passenger side. (please, no commentary on smoking and smokers) Access to the cd or cassette players is awkward when the gear shift is in park. The appointments are great,but the placements are not well thought out. As to performance I do have a question. Has anyone noticed a slight "stall or down throttle" when you get to about 40 mph? Another performance note: my mpg is not very good, I'm only getting about 230 miles per fillup. Thanks for your time Wendell A. Wilson Seattle Wash.

Roddy May writes


I am an Sebring fan. I am currently saving up my down payment to purchase a Sebring LXi in September. I have been through hundreds of webpages from edmunds to autobytel to carpoint looking for all the information that I could find on the Sebring. Finally I have stumbled across info on the 98 model line. You can also navigate from the root page

LXiSebring: I checked this out. THe 98 looks very similar to the 97, with no mention of a horsepower upgrade. Silver Mist has been replaced with a color called "Caffe Latta." It appears that the 98 will continue to be built in Normal, Illinois.

Harmon D. Moore writes

I have a 96 sebring LXi...polo green, tan leather, I replaced the black plastic the radio with the woodgrain from the 97s. I also got the 97 side panels with the gold chryster emblems. It came with the infinity system in it, but I added a Pioneer CD Deck, and a Kenwood 10 disc changer in the trunk, also I have 2 Autotek 12"s in the trunk. I LOVE it!

I have a question about my 96 Sebring LXi, around the air-conditioning vents, below the rear window defroster and hazard light buttons, and also by the cold/warm dial, there are two empty "button places"...what are they for? I have searched my manual for the purpose of them!

LXiSebring: The exact dash is used on the Mitsu Eclipse & Eagle Talon. I dont have a sunroof, but I suspect one button controls the sunroof. The other I don't know, but I don't think it serves any function on any Sebring. It does have a function on the Eclipse & Talon. What I don't know, but I'm sure we will hear from someone who knows shortly.

Dan Seigel writes

Thank you for creating your Chrysler Sebring web page. It's been very educating to read from you and other Sebring owners about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this vehicle.

I am very seriously considering the purchase of a 1997 Sebring LXi with the quick order package in Silver with gray cloth interior. I am concerned, though, about some of the problems I'm reading about here, especially the brakes and the vehicle pulling. How serious are these problems? How cooperative is Chrysler in making sure all is right for the customer?

Also, with hard-ball negotiations and an outright cash purchase, what can I realistically expect to pay to drive this car off the lot?

I will appreciate any and all feeback from you personally or from your site's members and visitors.

LXiSebring: Dan, Off-the-lot prices vary by dealer and location. In late July, the Minot Chrysler Center, Minot ND had a new '97 LXi Silver mist sitting on the lot with a tagged price of $17,500. This had cloth & no sunroof. This same dealer also had a base LX 4 cyl, (I think with a manual) for $14,500. I dont think these had any demonstrator miles on them, but I am not absolutely certain about that. Prices vary a lot depending on how fast the cars are moving locally. These are the lowest prices I've seen.


I bought a sebring in may,right off the showroom floor. The car is a real eye catcher. My model is silver mist also. I get plenty of compliments on it and that makes me feel good. I do however have a few complaints and questions. I am 6'2 and barely have enough legroom with the seat al the way back. Headroom is no better. I bought the car in a rush,due to circumstances that do not need to be discussed here. If I had the time to shop around the Sebring LXi probably.would not have been my first choice.

GMJUNK writes

Please let other concerned readers note that these transmissions are "electronically controlled" by an external solenoid pac. The solenoids make a ratchet noise when engaging gears. Chrysler's "Ultra Drive" transmissions have done this for about 8 years now..and there is no problem..

P.S. It helps to wait till this noise stops before moving the car ..this will allow the tranny to fully engage first and you wont get that annoying lunge into gear.

TFOSTER writes

I had the same question as Karen Anderson about the clicking sound when the car is shifting from park or neutral into a drive gear. I took it to the dealer who said that was normal. It is the shifting solenoid and Chrysler could have done a better job insulating it. They even showed me the same noise on a couple of new cars on their lot. My wife and I have put over 2000 miles on our black with tan interior LXI in 3 weeks and fight over who gets to drive it. We've also had the alarm go off like Vinnie and the only way to turn it off is to put the key in the driver's side lock and turn it. Putting it in the ignition won't stop the alarm. My only complaint about the car is that there is no comfortable place to rest you arm when driving. The armrest on the door is too low and the top of the door is too high. No big deal except on long trips. Tim Foster, Atlanta, GA

BJAAS writes

Hi! Just found your site . . . cool! I have a 1995 Chrysler Sebring Lxi, black, with gray leather interior . . . . and . . . YES . . . the leather has perforations. This car actually makes drive to work a pleasure!

Valerie Walker writes


I'm Valerie Walker from Virginia and I purchased a '96 Spanish olive LX, fully loaded except for a moonroof and leather interior in August '96. For the most part, I have enjoyed my Sebring, but I have some electrical problems that are beginning to sour my pleasure. My instrument panel along with my windows, and rear view defroster keeps blowing fuses. I have taken the vehicle at least eight times to two different dealers, and the problem still exists. Although I have had the battery replaced, all the mechanics do now is replace a fuse. The problem surfaced in May '97 and re-occurs about every two weeks. I went through a Chrysler Arbitration and they did not rule in my favor! Right now, the above mentioned things do not operate on my car. I am considering a lawsuit. I am very disappointed with Chrysler, but I still like the Sebring. I guess I should be thankful that I have not had any of the other problems (brakes, shimmying at high speeds, paint, etc.). Anyway, will keep you posted on the outcome and I'm glad you're here!

Bill Caldwell writes

Sir, In October 1996, we purchased our Sebring from Riverside (CA) Chrysler/Plymouth. On the same day our daughter also purchased one from the same dealership. She didn't want the "ol folks" to out style her. Frankly we both really like our cars, "BUT" we have a complaint that other owners must also have. A month ago I parked in a parking lot. No problem. But when I backed out the front bumper cover caught on the tire stop and ripped it loose. $575.00 latter it was fixed. Last night the same exact thing happened to our daughter. I can assure you that there was no negligence involved in either case.

I have been around cars all my life and it appears to me that there is a manufacturing flaw in the front bumper cover that allows it to catch on parking blocks or curbs. I needs to be extended or somehow covered so the bottom edge does not catch causing the damage.

Can you advise or offer us any assistance? I really feel Chrysler should remedy this.

Thanking you in advance.

Bill Caldwell

LXiSebring: A lot of owners are complaining about this. I have been luck--so far You need to be really careful around parking lot barriers and even slightly high curbs can be a problem. I hope Chrysler changes this too--but it doesn't look likely for right now

alan writes

The N.A.D.A. (this is what the dealers use) book value for the 96 Sebring goes like this:

LX 4cyl auto 12500 14700
LX V6 13100 15300
LXi 14400 16700
These prices reflect average miles, and do not include any additions for extra options. Sunroof is worth 500, Leather 350, etc. Edmunds tends to have very different prices than the N.A.D.A. Every dealer I know of uses this source because it determines prices from actual sales and publishes every month. If someone told you $9000, they were really trying to take you for a ride.

Michael Keefe writes

Hey, I bought my 97 Sebring Coupe LX, V6 Black in May 97. 4000 miles.

No question about it; this is a beautiful car. The retro Chrysler look with the aggressive styling is a nice match. It corners quite admirably, and accelerates well especially if you bother to switch into L2 or L1 at lower speeds. Try it. You'll be impressed.


Air conditioning died in the middle of a hot spell. It took the dealer two weeks before the problem was corrected. (2 weeks of 95 plus weather.. yech!)

Annoying squeak coming from behind the driver's side dash. Has anyone else heard of this? It happens whenever the car goes over minor (REALLY minor) bumps in the road. I've heard of a similar problem on Eagle Talons with a loose heat shield.

Nasty groaning noise when I break. Oh no! Are the rotors going already?!?

The tape deck (standard issue) is slowing down after playing tapes for about 15 mins. I'll try running a cleaner through there.

Windows squeak when they're open.

Tom writes

Hi there, Picked up a 96 LXi back in Feb of 97. Got a screaming deal, used to be driven by the dealership owner's wife. Only had 11K on the odometer. I love this car! The ride. The performance. The Style. The one gripe I have is the front brake rotors. My car is in for the fourth time for new rotors. They are keeping it for several days. They finally decided that there is something more wrong than just warped rotors. I overhead the chief tech talking to the manager about spindles or CV joints. Has anyone else had similar problems? I would love to hear from you! Happy Motoring the MOPAR way!

Tom Pellowski
Va Beach, VA

Curtis Saville writes

I recently bought my first new car - the Chrysler 1997 LXi fully loaded, minus ABS, with tan interior and WildBerry exterior. Its a fantastic looking car...reminds me of my Dad's older Lexus. This web site was great while I was choosing what car was right for me. As many have indicated, the V6 isn't very powerful, but so what, I don't have any contracts with the indy series as a pace car...I'm very happy for TWO exceptions. First, the rear view mirror vibrates when travelling over 50 km/30 mph. Is there an easy way to tighten it? Second, there's a high frequency tone or squeal coming from the back end of the car. I called my dealership and heard its the sound of the fuel pump. It sounds like a dog whistle and can be very annoying since I hear it while driving! Has anyone else heard of this problem? Can anything be done to correct, or at least minimize the problem? Feedback would be appreciated!

Greg Shenenberger writes

Thanks for the site. It's very informative. No problems yet. However, resale is poor. I've already looked into trading my '96 for new. My '96 listed at $18,500. Resale at this point - with only 15,000 miles - $9,000. Unbelievable, huh?

That number sounds real low based on the recent Edmunds guides I have looked at. Check the book at the Edmunds website.

Karen L. Anderson writes

Is it possible for you to let some owners of 97 Sebrings know that I have a brand new - used for one week long trip to Colorado - 2 piece bra for the Sebring. I just like looking at the front of my car better without it. There are some pros and cons about the bras, but if someone likes them and wants to spend a little less, I would sell mine for $50.00 and ship them to wherever??? I bought it from my Sebring dealer for $88.00 plus tax. It's easy to put on and take off.

My car took the 2000 mile trip great - got a LOT of looks and compliments and surprisingly enough - no tickets!! Karen Anderson - (515) 253-2122


Can you tell me if these cars all make the little "ratchet type" noise when shifting into and out of gear? I called the dealer and he said it's perfectly normal, but thought I'd check and see.

LXiSebring: I haven't a clue on that one! does anyone else?

Ben writes Maybe we could get some modelmakers to build this beautiful car. The Mustang will always be my favorite but this is as close as it gets. Way to go Chrysler!


Vinnie Lima writes:

I bought a brand new 1997 Sebring LX from my dealer last monday (July 7th). I drove the car 1,000 miles that week, and drove about 270 miles from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, Pa. While in pittsburgh, the factory alarm kept going off for about 5 minutes and would stop. I was not able to turn the alarm off even though i had key in the ignition and was driving the car with the alarm going off.

Well, that ended a little after. The battery light came on. I checked under the hood, and everything seemed fine. A while after i was driving with a friend of mine, and the stereo kept turning on and off by itself. I again pulled over and checked under the hood. Everything was fine.

1 hour later or so, while driving on the highway, my instruments shut off (tachometer, speedometer, etc) and no turn signals were working. My car was running of the alternator!! My car died a few times, but i restarted it by using the gears. I luckily pulled up to my friend's house (which i barely made it there). I went to take a look under the hood, and my battery had MELTED!!! It shorted so much that it actually BURNED A HOLE THROUGH THE HOOD. I got it towed back to Baltimore (NOT by Chrysler Road Support, but by the good ol' AAA - great service Chrysler...way to go!) and cost me 300 bucks. Now I am waiting to see what my dealer has to say. I already demanded a new car because the electronic system of this car is way gone.

I am just waiting to hear what they have to say. One advice to everyone who has a 1997 model: get a new battery. And make sure you have those connectors tighten down. Good luck! I know i'll need it =)

LXiSebring: My hunch is that the positive battery cable was not securely down on the terminal and grounded to the hood Are batteries disconnected before cars are transported to dealers and reconnected on arrival?

John Cochran writes

I am interested in purchasing a Sebring Coupe. When I first thought of buying a car I thought Avenger. Apparently, a friend of mine is not too happy with Dodge's interpretation. He says it rides rough, does not handle well, etc. I then focused more of my attention on the Chrysler version. I like the overall craftsmanship but am a little hesitant about the horsepower. 163. Being an owner, and obviously creating a web page, you must find this car exceptional. This leads me into my questions.

First, knowing that I am interested in buying the Sebring, what features would you say are the most distinguishing? Note: I am interested in performance as well as comfort.

Second, do you know of an excellent dealer in the Arlington/DFW (Dallas, Texas) area that has a large selection of these type of cars (or do you have a list you might be able to send me?). More importantly, what price ranges would I be looking at and would you suggest a used Sebring? I have also found many a good deal on "program cars"--what do you think?

I appreciate your expertise in this area. Thank you for any help you might be able to give me.

LXiSebring: Do Any owners want to answer these questions for John?

Janice M Zook writes

Hi! I was just surfing and found your web site. It's great 'hearing' from others. I'm leasing a 1996 Sebring (Wildberry/Gray) right now. It's fully loaded and has been so much fun to drive. There have been the normal little adjustments, but overall I have no complaints. Actually I'm thinking of purchasing it - my friends love the car but think I'm nuts for considering this.

I got it last August and it performed beautifully in last year's harsh, cold northern Michiana winter. By the way, for those who say there are very few Sebrings in their towns, I know of at several in my area. When I took my car in for its 'checkup' one of the dealership's salesmen said the Sebring is one of their best selling cars right now. I guess its hard to keep a good thing secret (joke).

Please add me to your list and thanks for providing such a great web site.


Alan writes

I've noticed many complaining about their Sebring drifting. Some say left, some say right. I guess I do notice this on some roads, but in the past wrote it off as being a part of the stiff steering at highway speeds. I have been in other cars with tight steering and noticed something similar. Most highways are built at very slight angles (towards berm on each respective side). And if a car is very sensitive to changes in the road, it would feel like the car was out of alignment. One owner said that they replaced the compression lower arm assemblies, and that fixed it. Anyone else have experience with this?

Alan -95 running great at 64,000 miles

Robert Richardson writes

I have a silver 95 LXI, I really love the car, I am from Oakville Ontario, Canada, but I have a problem, I'm hoping one of the readers can help me with. Chrysler dealers here in the Toronto are, are less than helpful. For some reason my alarm will go off, for absolutely no reason, not all the time, but it usually happens when I'm not around, it's driving me nuts. I have read most of the info from folks who also own, and it's been very helpful. I would appreciate it if any one has experienced the same problem, to e-mail me at,


Robert Richardson

LXiSebring: As many of you know I had the same problem with mine early on. The underhood alarm switch likely is not being held down securely by the hood. When the hood warms, especially after sitting after being driven--it warps just enough to release the switch. The switch is midway along the passenger side edge of hood. A small wad of electrical tape placed at the point where the hood presses down on the switch has been a permanent fix of the problem for me.

GMJUNK writes

It has been confirmed a Sebring goes through brakes and rotors every 15,000 miles. I just had my front pads replaced and my rotors cut (on the car pretty neat) the 60 mph vibration disappeared. For those of you looking to permanently fix this problem like I am.....currently I'm looking into replacement drilled rotors. I know they're out for the laser/talon/ they should fit the Sebring too..I'll keep you posted.

MapManiac writes

I read your Web evaluation of the Sebring. I just purchased a '95 with the same silver color as yours. Mine has the leather trim and the Infinity system with CD. It has 19,500 miles on it and I bought it for $13,800. I really like the car, although the power from the V6 leaves something to be desired, (my wife's '97 Taurus blows this thing off the line and down the road). Oh, well. I was wondering what kind of gas mileage I should expect, and whether you thought I got a good bargain. I really like the way the car looks with the sunroof open. I have noticed that there are very few of these in our area. I see a lot of Avengers, but few Sebrings. Hope to hear from you soon....


LXiSebring: My gas mileage has been no great shakes--around 17 mpg in town

Karen P. Shulhan writes

Let me preface my complaints with this statement: I really do like this car! I have a 1995 olive-colored LX with almost 38,000 miles on it. I love the way the car handles (especially in the snow), the styling (I also have received comments that the car looks like a Lexus), and the overall "feel" of the vehicle. However, I have had some very annoying problems with it.

At about 14,000 miles, the car began pulling to the right severely. Living in Michigan, where the roads have to be the worst in the States, I assumed that I needed an alignment, which I had done (twice). The problem persisted. Finally, after numerous trips to the dealer, they determined that the "compression lower arm assemblies" needed to be replaced. This rectified the problem (thankfully). However, then piddly quality-type problems began to occur: one of the ground effects began to pull away from the body, I had my driver's side window fixed four times (the window kept slipping, causing a large gap; the dealer replaced the weather stripping, window switch, window pane itself, and finally something in the door panel) and my passenger side window once (it has subsequently slipped again), my power door locks died, my clear-coat paint job began to rust in "dotted" spots (and it also seemed quite susceptible to scratches), and my windshield cracked (at 19,000 miles). However, this is nothing compared to the problems I've been having with the braking system. As I mentioned, I am at almost 38,000 miles, and I have already had three front-brake jobs and one rear-brake job. It's annoying, but I can live with it. But what concerned me was that the ABS system "brain" blew out at 35,892 miles (thankfully, it happened while still under warranty!). Needless to say, I am somewhat worried about the long-term prognosis of this vehicle!

Karen P. Shulhan

Yacov Jegher writes

My name is Yacov Jegher and I live in Montreal, Quebec. We just got our brand new 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi about 4 weeks ago. Our car is black with a tan leather interior. We also got the Infinity 8 speaker CD/Tape stereo, power moonroof, ABS, remote starter, etc. The 17 inch wheels look great and they grip the road pretty well. We love this car! The ride is smooth and tight. Although the engine may not be the fastest, I still love the throaty rumble that emits when you step on the gas. The styling on this car is great - at first I wasn't sure if I liked it compared to the 1996 model, but now I find that the 1997 look is far superior. I went to a play the other day and the valet parking guy brought the car around - some guy wanted to get into my car because he mistook it for his Lexus SC400! The car has been getting a lot of looks and compliments. I hope I won't encounter any of the bugs you guys have and I will keep you posted.

I have also taken some pictures of the car, and when they are developed I will scan them and email them for you to post.

Ken Kmiec writes

David, I took the plunge and spent a little less than $20,800 (including dealer prep, dealer other fees, tags, title and VA sales tax) and purchased a 1997 polo green Sebring LXi with grey leather interior, upgraded CD, cassette AM/FM radio (8 infinity speakers) and moonroof. After 24 years of driving a 1973 Mercury Capri (2.6 V6) to work, I decided a little change was in order. The car is great and washes and waxes (with duraglow (from J C Whitney)) really good. Had it Ziebarted 2 days after I bought it too. Next on the schedule is an all around window tint. The local auto parts guys recommended L. A. Tint out of Alexandria, VA. Really don't know if its a chain or what. Five years ago I had the Ziebart folks do 4 of the small pop out windows in my full size Dodge Conversion van. They did an OK job, but there are a few air bubbles. What I really want to know is what is the applicable oil filter number(s) that will fit on the LXi for FRAM and AC/DELCO. Believe the parts book lists PH13 (FRAM) and PF16 (AC/DELCO). However, in my opinion these filters are larger in diameter than the original Mitsubishi LFS807. Are the filter walls just thick on the AC/DELCO and FRAM? OBTW the dealer parts man stated that he only recommends factory filter (the Mitsubishi) because Chrysler/Mitsubishi have designed the oil filter system to maintain the oil in the upper part of the engine to aid in lubrication during start up. Anyway, any thoughts on the oil filter number.

LXiSebring: Does anyone know the answer to that one? I don't!

charles s mackie writes

Our names are Gina & Stewart Mackie,and we own a 1996 SebringLXi.It has all the goodies ,Leather,sunroof, CD player. So far have done just over 11,000 miles and no problems. Bought it in Florida but moved to Nantucket Island MA ,and it does not like the rough roads and high curb stones.The spoiler takes a beating. Nice to drive ,like a rocket on rails. Will keep you posted..

Christine Duncan writes

1996 Sebring coupe LXi
Light Autumnwood
11000 miles

My husband and I bought this car at a car dealership that only sells trucks basically and bought it for around $14K with 4000 miles on it back in January. I LOVE this car! It handles like a dream. I have had only two problems with it since January. I had to have the sunroof switch replaced because it kept malfunctioning and sometimes the sunroof wouldn't open or close. I recently had the rotors resurfaced because they were warped. The guy at the dealership told me that it was because I probably got the brakes hot then they somehow got wet- warping them. Kind of like a baking sheet going from a hot oven to water in the sink immediately. I didn't see any bulletins out about this problem, but from what I can gather, a lot of other Sebring owners have this problem. I am a NASCAR fan and I would love to see a customized edition of the Sebring in NASCAR races.

Robert Goubitz writes

Thanks for your informative page. I am seriously looking at the Sebring LXi. Any changes for '98 you might know of such as bigger engine?

LXiSebring: see my note above

Just about the only info I couldn't find on the net is its 0-60 time. I know it is not intended as a race car but what do think about its acceleration? I'll be test driving one this week.

LXiSebring: With the 155 hp V6 its about 9.6 seconds

I think it is by far one of the most gorgeous (American) cars on the road.

Bill Solomon writes

Hi. Great page. Hope it continues to do well My name is Bill and as of 2/23/97 I have owned a '96 Sebring LX in Brite White/Silver Mist two tone. The car has the 2.0 4cyl/4 spd auto trans drivetrain. I too was wooed to this vehicle by its looks, particularly the front end, especially with the two tone paint scheme. A Great tribute to the original "300" grill. Overall, I really love the car. It is extremely comfortable for long drives and actually gets reasonable mileage (I avg 25-26mpg). I was fortunate to find this car. By the time I was ready to buy, most of the dealers either had stripped 96's,(no two tones) or loaded 97's- which I too do not like as much as my 96. I "found" this one by chance and jumped on it. I really wanted the two tone paint, not available on the 97's. I constantly get stares in this car and more than once have received the compliment "looks like a lexus". I daily enjoy a wonderful, CD 5-band EQ Infinity sound system, as well as power seat, and power moonroof. Unfortunately, I have had some of the same troubles as many of the other people here, this includes the steering wheel vibration at 65 mph, and brake vibration on initial brake use. I will take advantage of one of the letters here and have the dealer again check the rotors for warping. Well, I will write again soon and give my new e-mail address. Thanks for a great place to discuss and find out more about my car.

Kristy S. is the owner of a new Sebring

West Newton, PA
1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi 2-Door Coupe
Exterior: Paprika
Interior: Gray Leather
Engine: 2.5 Liter SOHC 24V V6
4 Speed Automatic
As of June 3, 1997 I have been the proud owner of a New 1997 Sebring LXi Coupe. I traded in my 1989 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible (Red w/ Black top) for this new Chrysler Beauty. I have been keeping my eye on the Sebrings since they first came out in 1995 and now at 25 years of age, I figured that it was time to indulge myself in an actual new car.

All I can say is that this car is Beautiful. I feel the New Sebrings are the best looking car on the road! I get a lot of looks from people as I drive in this vehicle. This car has Power Sunroof, Radio- AM/FM Stereo w/ Cassette, CD Player, Graphic Equalizer, Clock & 8 Infinity Speakers in 6 Locations & the Leather Seats smell great when you get in the car!

The total price of the car was $23,147, Base Price $21,020. Expect to pay good money for a superb looking car.

I currently only have 150 miles on the car. I pray I don't have too many problems in the future with it. If any Sebring owners out there have any information I should be aware of, please E-Mail me at I do LOVE this car!! Thanx!

Matt Carter writes

9700 Mile update:

Last time I wrote I was dealing with a problematic driver's side window. It popped every time it would be rolled up or down. The solution was to replace a regulator inside the door. The noise stopped but then the window wouldn't roll down all the way. It peeked over the top of the door buy 1/4 inch. The dealer ordered a new regulator and still the same problem. They replaced the power window motor. Still no fix. After calling Chrysler, the dealer said the original popping noise had been stopped by not allowing the window to roll down all the way. They showed me all the cars on the lot and they do the same thing. Oh well.

My new brake rotors are holding up. It's only been 700 miles though. I still love the car and dread passing the 10000 mile mark in the next 2 weeks.

Wheatking writes

Well.. it's now official.. I have just got my car tinted and i've installed a set of new rims and tires.. just so the young racer types know (myself being one) I managed to fit a ROH 16"x8 rim on with 245x45x16" tires. supposedly you can only go to a 245 and 16"x7.5"rim.. mine however fit rather nicely. The spacing around the tire and the vertical control link (holds the hub) is only about 1/2". i'll let you all know how it wears and if I run into any problems.. the car looks REALLY trick now.. the wheels stick about 1/2" outside of the fender well (i'm gonna make up some fiberglass moldings to fix the sticking out part.. it's illegal to have the tire outside the fender where I live, plus it will help with stones and dirt flying up onto the outside of the car)

I'll send some pictures along soon.. also a person posted a while back about modifying the LX rear suspension to fit an avenger suspension with anti-roll bars.. if you happen to be reading this, or someone else knows, could you e-mail me.. also I need to know if it's possible to add disc brakes to the back of my 95 LX.. I currently have drums, and it looks kinda funny..

Happy trails folks...

Mac writes


I own the exact same car as you do. I was wondering if you have had any problem with right drifting when driving on roads. My car has a tendency to this and it is quite annoying. Also do you have any problems with the front end bottoming out on small inclines or dips. Thanks.


GMJUNK writes

This problem is of a great concern to a lot of Sebring owners. A shimmy at highway speeds...noticed at about 60 mph. After extensive research and a complete inspection of all brake and suspension components by a great mechanic (not a dealer!!) , I was able to narrow it down to wheel balance.It is very critical on a car with lower control arms (like the Sebring) and those big aluminum wheels amplify any weight distribution into a bad shimmy. There is only one way to properly balance an aluminum wheel and u guessed it.. its a technique called "aluminum balance".To give you a run down...its when you do a static/dynamic balance on a wheel. This is done by sticking weight on the inner rim of the wheel and as far to the outside edge(without looking like hell). Not many tire places do this. After 16,000 miles my tires are finally balanced "correctly" and that shimmy is gone totally. Its worth a try and i bet it solves the problem.

ringa writes

We have owned our 1996 Sebring LXi for exactly 13 months and the last six have been nothing but trouble.

First let me say the car has great styling, handling and price.

Okay enough of the praise. In the first six months we only had a problem with the sunroof shade and a noisy rear A-arm bushing. On the Seventh month the problems began with loss of power steering at start up. This became very evident on cold Chicago mornings, where it would take about 3 minutes to work. The dealer we purchased the car from first changed the fluid and subsequently the entire power assist rack.

Six months later we still do not have full power assist and a very loud clatter (when going over bumps) in the front end. The car has been in four times for this noise and had the following replaced:

1.) front A-Arm Bushings
2.) tie rod ends
3.) New lower A-Arms
4.) New upper A-Arms

The dealer vows that the new power assist rack had nothing to do with the front end noise, but I'm not that naive. They did say that the front A-Arms are a common noise problem on these cars. Has anyone else had this problem? Or heard of any Diamond-Star product (Galant, Eclipse, Talon) with such a problem?

I'm at wits end and have started researching the "Lemon Law".

Does anyone out there have any information????

Russell writes

Glad to encounter your wweb on "sebring LXI", as I am a 1996 owner. I live in Anchorage, Alaska.

I have encountered a (MAJOR) problem, which I am curious if you've heard of any other of the same. The problem....I have a {POLO GREEN LXI}.......pearl coat..which since the delivery....has continued to have numerous scratches in the paint.

After taking it in to the dealership on numerous occasions..I took the vehicle to a reputable paint and body shop to be diagnosed with "NOT CURED and hardened clear coat."

The only solution on my new vehicle was to have it totally re-painted with clear coat. I refused to have this done...and I filed with the "Arbitration board" concerning this matter. Believe it or not....I prevailed...and Chrysler has to replace my 1996 with a new one. Of course, I will be getting a new 1997 Sebring LXI.....but am unsure as to what color as of yet. The clear coating has me worried.

Let me know if you've heard of any other problems such as this...or if I can assist with anyone else's problem as far as Arbitration process of paint problem....let me know. Thanks for the web....

Karen L Anderson writes

Hi - I am the proud owner of a brand new 1997 Indy Red Sebring! I love it. I've had it for a little over a month now and I do get a LOT of looks (or it does!). It drives so smooth....the stereo is awesome. The front is a little low, but you just learn to park a little further out than used to. The back is high, again, you adjust your skill and a matter of getting used to it. After reading all the problems people have had, I'm a little worried, hopefully most of those problems have been taken care of since 1995-96.

I shopped and shopped for something that looked different than everybody elses and I found it. Love my car and just ordered license plate - OSOCOOL- Have fun and I'll be back if I encounter any major problems!

Andy writes

I talk to the guy that runs the "Dodge Avenger Web Page" almost daily....about future modifications....problems...etc. He took his page down because he needs another place to put it...or someone else to run and maintain it. But his page didn't have NEAR the volume of people who listed their Avengers as yours has Sebring owners.

Yea...the rotors have been a problem on my car. I had them turned at around 15,000 miles...haven't had them replaced yet. If and when they do warp..I'm going with an aftermarket cross-drilled set that I've already picked out :) You really have a great page going. Keep it up!

GMJUNK writes

I own a 96 Sebring LX it's That Olive green pearl and dark gray.I bought the car as a Demo. The guy who drove it was 64. It needed some small touch up on the bottom but otherwise perfect. I got the car for high 15's what a steal.It's had a few small problems and modifications which ill list for u..

Small buzz at 6,000 rpm....turned out to be the shift cable..i just tightened it under the hood.

sun visor clip broke....I learned to be more gentle with these.

Air bag squeaked against dash...Jammed felt under it and trimmed to fit.

Yep my rotors are warped and it shimmys at 60+

I installed 16" split 5 spoke wheels and BFG 205-55-16 Radials too..

What a looker...Awesome sight but u were hard to find...can't u make it easier

P.S. ILL trade a black heater control facia for a wood grain one.....any takers ??

Scott R Vorpahl writes

We took our 1996 in for service in the end of April for brake shimmy. The dealer said that the brake rotors were warped. The dealer was very accommodating and replaced the rotors with new ones. This was with 11,300 miles on the car. One month later and 500 miles, the rotor seem to be warped again. How can this be? This is a serious problem. After the 12 month, 12,000 mile brake warranty is up, I can not afford to keep putting rotors on the car. The dealer told me that Chrysler has had a lot of problems with their brake rotors in general, not just Sebrings. I hope Chrysler comes up with a fix to this problem.

Scott & Kelly Vorpahl

LXiSebring: My brother claims he had problems with warped rotors on a car he owned. He eventually traced the problem to the use of an air wrench to tighten wheel lug nuts. For those of you who are having inordinate problems with warped rotors, why not ask your dealer to not use an air wrench to reinstall the wheels, but instead use a hand torque wrench, and torque the lug nuts to exactly the spec. in the Chrysler service manual. Wheel removal by poorly trained "technicians" using air wrenches in shops outside the dealership may present a particular potential for rotor damage. Anyway, it's worth a try.

Greg Criniti

Well, I bought one! After a nationwide search I could not find the 5-speed V6 that I wanted. So I bought a four cylinder instead. I think. I haven't actually paid for the car yet, so, I guess it's not a done deal. The local dealer found the car using his locator service somewhere in VA. He sent somebody to get it and Friday I went to pick it up. But, when I drove the car, it would grind every time I shifted into second gear. I took it back and hopefully today (Tuesday) it will be fixed and we can close the deal. Has anybody else had this problem or know anything about it? I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Brian Albury

Hi ya!

My name is Brian Albury, I live in Tampa Florida, and I'm about to buy a new car. I currently own a 92 Saturn Sl2, which I must say is probably the one of the best cars on the road. As much as I love my Saturn, it is time for a new car. Well I just turned 30 and started looking at little sports cars. I was all set to buy a Honda del Sol (the cute 2 seater) based on the "cuteness" of the thing when my best friend stated that for that price ($17,000) I could get a much nicer car that wouldn't be a death trap! So a shopping we went. I looked at Mazda MX6, Dodge Avenger, Mits. Eclipse, and then (just because we were looking) we stopped at Chrysler to look at the Sebring. Now I've been net shopping for a car, so I new what the Sebring looked like, and the pics on the Chrysler web page did make me say " Hey that's a cool looking car...". Then I saw it in person. My friend had to hit me because I kept saying "Oh My God..". I sat down on the tan leather seats of a Wildberry Sebring LXi fully loaded, and that was it. I now have one on order (I don't want a sunroof heheh). Thanks for this page it's very helpful, and I hope you'll post this to help anyone else looking for a new car.

Daniel O'Brien writes

I love this car. Just bought it last week! Its white with the Gold Badging makes it look much more expensive. The sides are kinda plain had gold foil 1/8 pinstriping put on between the Front and rear wheels just above and below the Chrysler name running along the molding edges. It looks great keeps the classy look, but still understated. Went back to the dealer and you could see him keep looking at it, knew something was different, but just couldn't place it. The car runs great, no problems, nice and tight, hope from comments that all the earlier bugs have been worked out. I feel that it could use just a touch of wood graining on the door panels around the control switches to finish it off. Someone mentioned a aftermarket kit, who sells it? I have the gray leather interior and sunroof also. Its a BLAST!!!!

Daniel Cushman writes

I own a 95 coupe, it is also silver mist. I have been having a bit of a problem with my brakes. You see, I have 25,000 miles on the car and my rotors are warping for the second time. The dealer claims it is my driving style that causes this, but I have never had this problem before. Have you ever heard this problem? Let me know.

LXiSebring: see note above Other than the brakes I am very happy with the car, it is unique for a 95, the dealer installed a rear spoiler (avenger type), I have also installed a new set of 225 50 16's giving me a little wider foot print and plan on a new set of aftermarket wheels. I haven't decided on which style yet, I want something sporty that will show off the four wheel disk brakes. Any way it is good to hear of so many happy owners. These are the sharpest cars on the road (95&96 the front end on the 97 is just to much.) especially the silver mist.


WVU69 writes

I am getting fine black soot, which looks the same as candle soot might look on a piece of paper held above the candle, on the rear end of my 97 LXi. I have taken it to the dealer and they can find nothing wrong the car after running the computer check on the engine. Also there is a sulfur odor that surfaces occasionally. They suggested that I change brands of gasoline to solve both problems. It did no good. Anyone with a suggestion please contact me. Unfortunately, the car is Bright White. You can reach me a Other than that, the car is a month old and is doing great.


Hi. I own a '95 Sebring LX 5-sp, pearl silver mist I am really glad I found this page. I Love my Sebring. I bought mine as a demo veh. that had some trunk body work. the dealer didn't put the Sebring decals back on the vehicle and every time I would be at the gas station people would come up to me and ask what type of car I was driving. This page has been very informative.I too have had to get my brakes worked on and I even paid for new pads. now 2 months later I have the same problem. Boy I cant wait to call the dealer tomorrow and let them have it good. My ashtray cover is black while the surrounding area is wood grain.

[LXiSebring: That is correct for a '95!!!]

Steve T. Chandler writes

My name is Steve Chandler and I live in Norton Virginia. I am wanting to purchase a Chrysler Sebring very badly! I am not 15 yet, but, my parents are planning on buying one at the Year End Clearance. Hopefully I can get one. I am in LOVE! I was looking at Kia Sportages, but, when we went to the local dealer, Auto World, I sat in one and hugged the seats! lol! It had leather and just about anything a Lexus would for $23,926 and a $1,000 rebate! I love it! If any of you could please help me get information on it, or if you have any suggestions, please mail me.

[LXiSebring: Lucky 15 year old!!!!!!!!!!}

Greg Crinitiwrites

I am looking to buy a new Sebring as soon as I can find the one I want. I hope you can help. I am looking for a Sebring coupe (black is nice), 5-speed, alloy wheels, V6. I don't think they make one with these options. Please help.

[LXiSebring: Good luck on finding a V6 with a 5 sp. as they don't make those!]

Larry W. and Susie Lohan write

My wife and I ordered a bright white 97 LXi fully loaded except leather. With cloth on an LXi being an oddity around here, the premium cloth that comes standard is very nice. We have had it about three weeks. The car has had no problems other than some carbon exhaust that occasionally appears on the rear of the car. The dealer cannot find out why even after running all diagnostic tests. The Sebring attracts stares and police cars according to my wife. Absolutely the best looking car on the road. We have been very satisfied to this point with the car. I appreciate your owners page since I did a lot of internet research in choosing our new car. Welcome e-mail and conversation re the Sebring.

Craig Chevalierwrites

Chrysler Rules!!! Both my parents have Mopars and I have millions of models. Nice Sebring.

Thanks. All the owners appreciate hearing from you!!!!!

Diahann Ouly writes

I own a 1996 Sebring Coupe Lxi white/gray...I really love my car an have had no problems with it...however due to severe hail damage, I need my hood, front quarter panels and truck replaced, along with repair of my roof.

Right now I am weighing my options of trading in for a 1997... I like the fact that the new ones are all one color, however I'm not too crazy about the new grill ornament design...I will probably lose a lot on my trade...and have really been pondering my options...I know I would get another Sebring (I love mine)

Happy Sebring Owner

Matt Carter writes

Update #3 (9000 miles): One month after having the brakes serviced for the pulsation, the problem developed again. I told them I wanted new front rotors and they said it was not standard procedure, but they did it happily. My part came in for the driver's side window. It no longer makes a popping noise when reversing directions. A new problem that has developed that the dealer "couldn't find". My sunroof squeaks on cooler mornings when going over bumps or when the car body twists while driving normal.

I still love the car, but would trade it for one with a bigger engine. I have noticed an annoying thing though. The inside windows keep fogging/clouding up on a weekly basis. I heard somewhere that it has to do with the gases escaping from the interior plastics.

Reggie Perry writes

Hi just bought a Paprika Sebring LXI with grey leather interior in April. So far so good... I love it.. It drives nice and has a luxury but yet a sporty look to it. It does look like a $30,000 car, but it's far from that price. I would recommend this car to anyone with any taste and class.

"Doog" (Doug Smith) writes Great page... very informative..... I know a lot about the Sebring too but no quite as much as you. I choose a 1997 LXi and I love it! it's Indy Red and the 17" wheels are killers. I like both front end designs of the Sebring; however, I do favor the 97 just a bit more (maybe I'm biased since I own one..... LOL). I do agree with you on the side molding... it is very functional! It saves a ton of dings..... I was recently polled by Popular Mechanics randomly as a new owner... they are going to do an article on the car soon...... what ticks me off is that most articles I have read did little if no testing on the LXi... but rather the LX...... I mean..... that sucks! ... I also do not like the extended woodgrain nor did I like the two tone interior..... I chose the all grey leather interior..... much better....... However, the main improvements I do like are all external.... the front end.... the real spoiler.... the 17" wheels..... and the lack of two- tone sides...... Again, thanks for the page!

Guy Allen writes

Hi, again. I have some more comments about my car (only 2 weeks) I have a loaded '97 polo green LXi. First after having it 3 days, someone keyed my trunk lid and rear quarter panel. After feeling sick for 3 days I had it repainted ($295). Now I've noticed that the plastic on the trunk lid (by the latch) is cracking. Why? The chrysler dealer has ordered a new one for me but this seems strange. Anyone else have that problem? It is on the top of the plastic right above the Chrysler badging up to the join where it meets the rear spoiler. But, other than that still loving the car, 1200 miles in 2 weeks (my warranty is ticking away....)


[LXiSebring: in cleaning up my e-mail I accidently deleted a letter dated May 6. If whoever wrote that letter would resend it I will post it next week.]

Lance Nichols writes

At last! A Sebring website! I have been looking for a site like this for some time now... One that was not a dealer's site or the "official" Chrysler site.

I am looking at getting one of the 1997 LXi models later this year, or maybe a 1998 model when they become available (rumors are flying about a possible swap of the underpowered 2.5L V6). The supposed replacement is the new all aluminum 2.7L Chrysler V6... If this is true, then I am willing to hold off until the 1998s appear.

I tend to agree with you on the side body moldings, the '97s have gone a little to far. However, I do LOVE the new front, with the return to the original "winged badges".

Anyway,I look forward to seeing more on the pages, perhaps a tech page for "modifications"...

Charles F. Proctor Jr. writes

Thanks for managing this site!

My car is:

Good side/Bad side Good side, like the rest, The appearance inside and out is beautiful. Dash layout is easy on eye. Consumer reports rates the 2.5 V6 to do 0 to 60 in 10 seconds. I think the car runs well. The car handles like a 1970 Trans-Am I had-- it could go through the corners well. This Sebring does just as well. Very tight. You feel very secure with its handling. Bad side is about the same as others. My car has 17,000 miles on it now and all the things you guys are posting are happening. The brakes are warped and need work. There is a tic-tic-tic under the hood about 10 minutes after starting. Rather loud. After I get those two fixed I will feel like most everyone else and that is that I have a very nice car for the money. This is probably the nicest car I have ever owned.

Besides, being $5000 cheaper that other cars I like in the same line I can have the brakes looked at a lot of times. Thanks for the post on the buckled dash. Maybe from summer heat on it. Think I will buy one of those cardboard deals for the windshield for this summer. Thanks! Dave, do these comments get forwarded to Chrysler? Or how do they get their feed back?

[LXiSebring: Good question: Is ANYONE from Chrysler paying attention to us here. The Owners would love to hear from you]

Antwan Clintonwrites

I have been following the postings of fellow owners for sometime now. I have a friend who owns a green 96 JXI. after seeing it I decided that I wanted to rebuild one..You see my hobby is buying wrecked cars and rebuilding them. I bought a white 95 LXI in sept along with another one as a parts car. I just finished repainting it and should be on the road in about one week. I am really excited about driving it.. I usually keep my cars about three months and then sell them. I am looking for another wrecked Sebring or Avenger to rebuild. I have a lot of parts (engine, leather interior, stereo, etc) left over from the first parts car and would like to sell them or use them on another one. If anyone comes across one hit in the right side, I would appreciate hearing about it. My 95 is loaded, Infinity CD, Grey leather, 11,000 miles. I decided to have the front grille painted gold. I even have two custom prime 5 star chrome rims from the parts car that I am considering putting on it. Of course I will have to purchase the other two, which I found at Sears for about $350/each. I really appreciate hearing the comments from other owners.. I can't wait to see how mine performs.

Antwan Clinton
Business Manager
University Book Store
Iowa State University
Memorial Union

Keith Lumley writes

To all the owners who have caught the front end on their Sebrings ( and I am one ), before you pay big bucks for a dealer repair, take a close look at the damage.

I caught the front on a wheel stop and twisted the bottom of the spoiler. This weekend I removed the angle bracket which supports the plastic air scoop ( 8 to 10, 10mm screws ) and re-shaped it with a hammer and vice. It is a little tricky to flatten it perfectly but is worth the effort. The scoop is soft enough that the bracket pulls it back into shape and everything looks mint again.

I have seen a couple of posts saying they paid big bucks for the front end repair. Check this out first it may save you your deductible.

cheers, Keith

Woody Thorne writes

I am a Sebring owner in Carbondale, IL. I have a white '96 LX and have +/- 11,000 miles on it. The one thing that I have been concerned about was that when started in the morning the engine has a rhythmic clicking sound that lasts for quite a while. The dealership said this is a trait of all Mitsubishi engines.

Please let me know if other Sebring owners have experienced this as well and do I need to address this further with the dealer. Other that this the car runs great and I have had no problems. I owned a Mercedes prior to the Sebring but got tired of paying a ton of money to maintain it. The one thing I liked about the Benz was that my '89 looked just like the new models up to a year ago. I was hoping that Chrysler would stick with the winning look of the '95/'96 Sebring without making drastic changes.


[LXiSebring Ah, the famous clicking sound! Mine clicks too but only occasionally]

Bryan S. Blank writes

hi there - sorry to bother you, i'm about to purchase a sebring (my first car, yay!), and am wondering if the battery is mounted under the engine, or above ... seems that it would get wet and lead to corrosion if mounted underneath?

... any advice on checking out a used '96 is definitely welcome - i'm very excited about this car!

thanks for your time!

[LXiSebring: I've responded to this one!]

Joe writes

Before we bought our Sebring, I reviewed this site and found much valuable information. I hope some of the following will help others who have either purchased a Sebring or are considering becoming a Sebring owner.

I first noticed the Sebring in late '95 and agree with everyone that it's a real head-turner. My wife and I are solid into middle-age and she was ready to give-up the station wagon for a little more sporty ride so we shopped for an appropriate coupe. The Sebring met all our safety requirements in an incredibly attractive vehicle. My only decision was '97 or leftover '96. I found a silver mist '96 at a dealer 3 miles from our house. The dealer matched Chrysler's $1500 rebate and gave me more than a fair trade. I haven't decided if the '97 is more attractive than the '96, but for me it's a mute point. The grille in each model year is the only issue that Chrysler has yet to resolve to my satisfaction.

My greatest concern is for the reliability of this vehicle. Numerous individuals have indicated similar problems (brakes, engine light, sunroof). Technical Service Bulletins have been issued on all these problems. You may find a listing on Alldata's page at This Link. There is no info on the '97 as yet, but plenty on the '95 & '96.

As to those who think this is an American car, look again. This is a Mitsubishi with Chrysler's name. It's built in the same plant in Normal, Illinois that builds the Galant and Eclipse. Look at the sticker on the driver's side door, "Mfd by Mitsubishi Corp. of America".

For those who would like to see a 5 speed with a 6 cyl, let's not stop there. How about Mitsubishi's 3.0 V6 Twin Turbo used on their 3000 GTVR-4 and a 5-speed. Then this bad boy will SCREAM!!! C'mon Mitsubishi, here's your chance to set the standard in hot luxury coupe's.

Enjoy your ride (I will if I can get the old lady from behind the wheel).

Joe Rausa
Lancaster, PA

Steve writes

I am interested in knowing if anybody owning a 97 sebring LXi is having any vibrations in the steering wheel at 45mph or 65,70,75 mph. The problem we are having are not noticeable during in town driving just on smooth surfaces. We would like every 97 LXi owner to read this and drive your car and pay close attention to the steering wheel. If problem exists we would like as much feedback as posible. We thank you for your time.

Scott R Vorpahl writes

We have a Polo Green 1996 Sebring coupe Lxi with leather interior and power sunroof. It has 10,300 miles on it. We have encountered one problem with our Sebring. A shift linkage cable (2.5 V6 automatic) was defective. This problem would not let the ignition key to turn back to the off position to remove the key. We could not remove the key from the ignition. This was under warranty, but the car was in for 5 days. We are told that the cable had to come from St. Louis. Luckily we had extended Chrysler warranty that forced the dealership to give us a rental. We were stuck with a Neon for a week.

We also have another pending problem. It seems that the front brake discs are warping. The steering wheel shakes a little under light braking. I have not taken the car in for this yet. This does not seem right on a car with only 10,000 miles.

Please let us know if you have heard of any other problems with the 1996s.


Scott & Kelly Vorpahl

Keith Lumley writes

Hi, My name is Keith Lumley. I bought a '97 LX in Silver Mist in December last. I live in Canada, near Toronto, and will never buy a new car just before winter again. The road salt and grit damage is breaking my heart. The dealer repainted the inside of the grille where the matte black paint had been blown away. I wonder if the 95/96 grille protected this because it seems like an obvious issue to miss over 2 years ?

I am installing an after market CD changer this week and expect the standard 6 speaker system to be just fine without any mods.

The front end is so low, but I agree with a lot of the other comments that it is part of the 'look'

This 'club' is a great idea, keep it up.


Bruce Modlin writes

I have a 95 Dark Green LX with the 5 speed,powe, and remote alarm. I have also had problems with the remote alarm, went away when they replaced door and hood sensors. The body side panels didn't fit right, I too was surprised when instead of reglue/attaching them, they ordered new panels. They had to be painted to match.

I have had the engine on line twice, changed computer parts. Loose wire on coil after 2 weeks.

Most of the problems are just dealing with the hassle of the dealer.

I would recommend the 5 speed/4cyl over the V6 any day with the auto. I would love a turbo for this car. Concerns about the 4 not having enough power for the car are groundless.

Am I the only one who breaks the plastic clips off the visor? Mine lasted less than a month. Also the "adjustable steering wheel" is the clumsiest, clunkiest worthless design I have ever seen. Put it in one position and leave it.

22K miles , hoping the stock tires wear out soon so I can upgrade to 16" rims and bigger tires to gain some clearance. I put a bra on the front to try and protect the underside. Scraped but not broke yet. You learn!


Guy Allen writes


I just purchased a new '97 Sebring Coupe LXi, loaded-Sun Roof, gray leather, 8 speaker stereo, in Polo Green. I love everything about it but... where are the storage bins? I traded in my Neon and at least it had a place to put CD's.

Also how much of the seats are Leather? It looks like at almost $700 I got very, very little leather in those seats. Are the back seats vinyl? Also I hate that the Automatic Gear Shifter is in the way of the stereo, and the cup holder is in the way of everything. Does anyone know of an add on for a decent cup holder?

Other than that, I purchased it at the 3.9% financing. Insurance went up a bit ($70) from the Neon but... this is a more expensive car. But... I still like it a lot. Very fun to drive. Has anyone had the problems with the '97 as they had with the '95 and '96?


Guy Allen

[LXiSebring: only the seat surfaces--leather interiors are a "profit center" for the car companies--probably cost no more than cloth!

Keith Brookswrites

We really love our new '97 LXi coupe! Tried to find one with tan leather and a sunroof but none were around Alberta. Settled on a nice black coupe with gray leather. Being 6'3" I think I would have had some close quarters with the sunroof anyway. Overall this is a stunning car for the money. Very much looks like a Lexus coupe except for the rake. Good interior room but I wish there was more adjustment in the tilt steering and a plain plug for the lighter instead of the lighter element itself. I much prefer the look of the side trim this year. We did look at a 95 black coupe but hated the silver trim. Made it look cheap in our view.

Oren Bloom writes


We really want to buy the 97 LXi coupe, but... the acceleration is a bit low for merging in tight traffic and hill climbing (both part of our every day driving). How do all of you happy owners manage it?

We otherwise love the car so much, that we are considering performance modifications. Any ideas on packages that are available, even if they might void the warranty?



Dr. Marvin Silverman

Have you heard of Chrysler dealers offering an alarm for Sebrings called The Silencer. I was wondering what other people have paid dealers for this addition?????


my name is Carolyn Wright, My husband and I own a Black 1997 Sebring LXi. We have a problem with the car shimmying/vibrating in the steering wheel and front end of the car while driving at highway speeds starting at 60mph and it gets worse as speed increases. (on smooth interstate roads). We have taken the car to our dealership 6 times. Each time they balanced the wheels, even spin balanced the tires while on the car and we still have the problem. We have gone through the headache dealing with Chrysler which states it's a "characteristic of the car".

We would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. You may not notice it driving around town but jump on a smooth stretch of road at go about 65-70mph. No doubt this car looks good and turns alot of heads, but the headache we have gone through with Chrysler, we've agreed we would never buy another Chrysler product.


Alan Call writes

Because of the incentives offered on the 97 Sebring's, I decided I would go check out trading in my 95 with 57,000 miles. But after looking at the 97's compared to mine, I think I'll pass. Some of the changes that I just couldn't stand:

The rear bumper looks terrible with the license plate on it. The 95-96 years had a smooth rear bumper that looks great.

Someone must have had a sale on Black interior parts. On the 95-96, the steering wheel and facia's surrounding the vents/remote mirror buttons matched the interior color. Now they are all black. Ugly.

The cigarette lighter no longer looks like it should be surrounded by wood trim (even if fake), but like it should be in the dash of an 83 chevy pickup. (if you think I'm picky, you're right)

The "fins" all down the sides don't look nearly as nice as the one piece trim that was on the 95-96's.

During the test drive I realized how bad my old set of factory tires were. When it's time to change tires, get something different.

The front end change is ho-hum. I think both versions look nice.

So then I decided I would just buy a 97 and replace all the crap I didn't like. What ever I could change that is. But that seemed stupid, especially when I read about all the problems most of you have had with your Sebrings and I've not really had any. I'll just keep mine because I think it was a better bargain in 95. All they have done to the 97's is cheapen up the older versions and charged more for it.

Paul & Pam Bakerwrite

We really like our black Sebring LXi, leather seats, Infinity CD player. We particularly have enjoyed all the great comments from people especially young people, ie: that's the best looking Chrysler I've ever seen; that's one fine looking car; wow! what is that?

As far as problems, we really haven't had any, just the sunroof interior door and track breaking, but no problems getting it fixed.

It rides nice but agree with others no real great pick-up, but ok! I've enjoyed browsing the site and look forward for more. Talk to you again sometime,

P. Baker

Frank Ramirez

I happened upon your site while looking for info on the sebring LXi. I'm considering buying one this year.

I like the grey leather interior, moon roof, etc. Your web site is really cool, do you have any tips/suggestions for buying this car?



Justin Reaves writes

We have a 1996 Sebring LX with most of the options:
power windows/locks/mirrors/steering/brakes/moonroof
four wheel disc ABS
2.5L V6 with automatic
Infinity Audio System
P205/55HR-16 Goodyear Eagle RS-A Radials
Security System
We got the car in Light Autumnwood in June of 1996, and have yet to see another one in that color anywhere.

[LXiSebring I just saw one in this color in Lexington the other day!]

I use Meguiar's Cleaner-Wax on it roughly once a week when the weather is nice, and it just sparkles. I can't believe how uncommon a car this good is. Most people have no idea what it is, and it has been, as other owners have observed, mistaken for a Lexus from time to time.

Overall, it has been a very good car. It has had a few annoying problems though. At 8300 miles (right now it has just over 10,000), its front brake rotors had warped so badly that the dealer had to replace them. The passenger-side front seat belt has been replaced twice because it locks up. The sunroof's interior cover tends to fall off. In fact, the car has been to the dealer five times for problems with the sunroof. Luckily, it has never leaked or anything like that. The car had a dead battery the day we picked it up new from the dealer too. The dealer has been very good about warranty work (Kay Chrysler on Long Island).

I am honestly very surprised at the car's fuel economy. It weighs over 3000 pounds and can get roughly 30 mpg on a long highway drive. I expected less. I suppose that must be because of the small-block 6. It's not much for performance, though. The car does move nicely, but I think a small block (maybe 3.4L or something) V8 would be very nice in this car, as would the Autostick transmission. The 200 hp 2.7L V6 due for 1998 will be very nice.

I agree with other people who have written in and complained about the Sebring's maneuverability in close quarters. Yes, the nose is too low, but it really looks great (1995 and 1996 -- I don't like the 1997's nose) so low down, and I would hate for that to be raised. I also agree that judging exactly where the rear of the car ends is difficult. Parallel parking it is a nightmare because of that and its large turning circle, but once I got used to the car, it's not so bad. I love the way the car handles at speed. I find myself moving over 80 without realizing it at all. I love it. It replaced a 1991 Toyota Camry DX (which was a great car -- I can't complain about it at all).

I love the Sebring and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested. It is by far the nicest car I've ever driven.

Justin Reaves

Mark Del Castillo writes


I have been reading your page for the last 3 months when I was deciding to buy the sebring. It caught my eyes the first time I saw it in 95. I thought what car is this? It's AMERICAN! I couldn't believe it.

I just bought a Silver Mist '97 Sebring LXi Coupe with leather int., fully equip (sun roof, power seats, 8 speaker infinity Stereo). In case, you are looking to buy. I bought mine for 22,870. I was quoted a cheaper price of 22,180, but I couldn't wait. This price may apply only to my area (Los Angeles). This car is rare around this part! I saw around 5 95/96 Coupe (too many convertibles). I only saw 2 other 97 Coupes before I bought mine. I still have not seen one since I bought my 97.

I've only put in 600 Miles on it. I have no complaints (yet!). The stereo is great. I am just wondering where they put the 8 speakers in 6 positions.

[LXiSebring: In one pair, each speaker has two cones & drivers--the tweeter is in the middle)

I personally think that the 97 overall look is better than 96. The 97 did grow on me. I didn't like 97 grille either. Now I like it. The car look expensive. I have notice people who drive Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes, admiring my car. They don't know who made it though. The The new Chrylser logo in the back looks elegant.

So far, I have been getting compliments from my boss to my friends and strangers. Only complain I have from these people is, "why American?" We Asian are not in the American Passenger car, only those vans and Sport Utility.

Overall, I love my car, it runs great. I thought I was cheated by the sales person, but extra $700 is not TOO much. No problem with the car. BTW, another 24 year old Single guy. I'll let you know of any problems in the future for fellow Sebring Owners.


Kathryn Sproul writes

I have a beautiful 1996 Sebring; however, as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. It has less than 10,000 miles, and I am having two problems with it. First, the alarm goes off intermittantly - with no provocation. I have had this happen 4 times. To get the alarm to cease, I must lock the car with my key chain lock and unlock the door manually. Crazy, huh? However, when I called roadside assistance, they knew about it and told me it was not unusual.

Second, my car keeps "flooding out" when I try to crank it. There have been three different times that it did this. The first time it happened to my husband. I called a wrecker, and they picked it up on Monday morning (it still wouldn't crank). Naturally by the time the service department looked at the car, it cranked right up and they couldn't find anything. They told me they believed we had flooded the car. Okay, maybe once! The second time this happened to me. Since it was over the weekend, I just waited to see if it would crank the next day, and it did. Naturally, I have been very careful to place my foot on the brake when cranking. This morning I went to crank the car and the same thing occurred! The car sounds just like it has been flooded. It tries to turn over and make that awful grinding noice. Of course, by the time it reached the dealership, there was no problem. As much as I love my Sebring, if they can't get it repaired, they can keep it.

If you know of anyone else having this peculiar problem or if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.

Cordially yours,


Matt Carter writes

My experience with my '97 LXi since my last submission: I'm up to 7000 miles. I still LOVE the car. The Wildberry Pearl Coat paint shines nicely when polished with Meguiar's polish and wax. The factory stereo was very nice, but I've replaced it with a Pioneer DEH-P825. The speakers handled the extra power without any problems. I still wish for faster engine with 5-speed, but I'm happy with the automatic 2.5l. I've recently had problems judging U-turns. The turning radius could be tighter. I'm very glad I bought it. Most people think it's too expensive of a car for a 24 year old. The car does look more expensive than it is.

One trip to the shop for warranty work fixed the pulsing while braking below 45MPH. Also my drivers side windows needed a new regulator to stop a snapping noise reversing directions up or down. Rumor has it there's a face lift and 200HP engine coming in '99 and a complete redesign in 2000. We'll see!

Joseph D. Price writes


My name is Joseph Price. I work for the Air Force here in South Carolina. My wife and I are just about to leave and go start dealing on a Black, 1997, LXi. We've been doing our homework over the Internet. Your web page was sort of the "icing on the cake". We definitely want to buy this car, but we're always leery about the fact that the car is going to drop around $2000-$3000 as soon as we drive it off the lot. Nonetheless, we love the car!

I have a question. Other than the battery, have you had any difficulties/problems with your coupe? I DEFINITELY would be interested in hearing what other people have experienced as far as maintenance on the vehicle. It's tough when you buy a relatively new vehicle like the Sebring. With only one and a half model years prior to 1997, you can't really get the long term look at how it holds up.

Some info you might be interested in posting to your site: National Highway Safety and Transportation Board rated the 1997 Sebring Coupe for safety and crash protection. The coupe got 5 stars out of a possible five! You can verify that information (and info on earlier models) at Click on cars, and the page allows you to specify the necessary vehicle make, model, and year.

Let me know if you decide to include the information. Take care, and I'll let you know if we decide to buy! Thanks!


Hello my name is Dave Wrolstad,

I bought a 96 in Feb. of 96. It has 30,000 miles of mostly freeway driving and the brakes need to be replaced. The dealer wants to turn both front and rear rotors and replace the front pads. I have seen all of the other brake related problems on the web page, has chrysler done anything about this? They have sure regressed in brake technology. I have also experienced a few of the other common problems, such as, EGR engine noise and doors rattling from the speakers. I still love the car and like the 96 over the new 97. Is Chrysler coming out with a 98?

Thanks for your help,

Dave W.

Betty McGrath writes

I don't have a picture, but I would like to say, that I love my Polo Green Chrysler Sebring. Heads turn when you go by. My lease will be up next year, but I am planning to buy out the lease.

Barbara Moore Baltimore,MD

gsimms writes My Sebring is still awesome. I just wanted to let you and prospective buyers know that with the 1997 side impact standards and dual airbags standard on the '97, it costs me $70 less every six months to insure than a '96 would cost me if I had bought the used one I looked at. That's a savings of 18% for me(30yr old single male with good driving record). As the car is still breaking in, I have gone from 24 mpg in town, to 27 mpg in town in 1700 miles since I bought the car on 02/12/97. I haven't taken a road trip so I don't have a hwy mpg yet. Any one else out there have their mpg figures for their V-6 Sebring? If you do please let me know. I am curious since there are so few in my area. I have seen only three others and have never had the chance to talk to someone else who owns one. Also if you own a Sebring or are looking at buying one in a state that doesn't require front bumper license plates, take the front license plate bracket off if you have one, or tell your salesman not to have one put on your car if buying one. They distract from the cars appearance. Let me know your mpgs!

Jeff Smith writes

I was ready to buy a 96 LXi when one of the dealers showed me an advance promotional brochure for the 97... The picture really turned me off for some reason. However, seeing the 97 in the flesh made me change my mind! Wheels and tires make any car and this is particularly true here. I tried like hell to get a black with tan interior but to no avail. Even though in So. Cal I had many dealers to choose from none kept one on the lot more than a day! Compounding this was my intentions to lease it through a broker. The grey interior did nothing for me so I held out till I found a black and tan interior with white exterior. I've since moved to Portland and am amazed that I've only seen one 97 in 4 months... I love it. Nothings better than seeing 45 year old BMW owners staring at the car. The rims along with the car's raked look is impressive styling for a $22k American car.

For all those complaining about the nose dragging... quit whining and learn to drive! For all those that have experienced mechanical difficulties... better you than me! C'mon its not a BMW. The only minor problems I've had in its first 5K is an engine dummy light (loose gas cap by the required Oregon Gas Station Attendant) and a loose sunroof molding piece. I'm sure there will be more but it's outa here at 3 years. Then its on to a 99 Dodge Dakota v-8 extended cab beef mobile. Gotta mix it up!


TONY writes Email continued . . .

Whichever vehicle we get I want it to be a 5-speed. The new Sebring LXi does not come with a 5-speed option, do you know if Shelby or another aftermarket company produces a 5-speed for Sebring's.

Greg Kuethe writes

Thanks for providing this web page. I drive a 96 LXi and love the car. One thing I noticed that no one has mentioned on your page is how well the Sebring handles in snow and ice. I live in Michigan and drive 90 miles to work and the car has saved me on many miserable mornings. The front wheel drive and ABS brakes work well together to give good traction in slippery conditions. My wife would rather drive the Sebring in bad conditions than her Jeep Cherokee. I have had to replace the battery, and the moonroof didn't work when I first received the car, but I've put 20,000 miles on it in seven months and absolutely love it. I love the new look of the 97 model, especially the front grill and am looking forward to the 98's when I'll be in the market for another car.

Greg Kuethe

Darrell Clark writes

My wife and I have owned a 95 Sebring LXi for about 2 weeks, we love the appearance but the major problem at 20,000km is the loud ticking noise after the car has been running for about 10-15 minutes. This is most embarrassing while idling at stop lights. Our dealer service manager tells us it is the pulse motor for the fuel emission filter. Does anyone know if this can be eliminated or better yet is there any service bulletins on this problem that I can refer to when talking with the dealership Also, more recently, there seems to be a short that occurs in the power booster for the infinity stereo. It sound like it's going to blow up. At quick tap to the booster in the trunk will get rid of it.

Would appreciate any info....

Darrell Clark
Peterborough, Ontario

Carrot Top & Moms writes

we had a big problem with the front end alignment. went to dealer ship and of course it was all our fault. it wore the tires down to the wall in 13.000 miles. we email Chrysler and the email back with an 800 number for us to call that is always busy. it seems that it the way it works. we will never recommend that anyone buy a chrysler after the experience we had. we were told by an independent tire shop that more than likely the car came off the truck out of alignment and of course the dealership here denied this. we have purchased 8 new cars in the last 5 years ours and kids. looks like they would have been interested. but of course they were chevrolet's where our warranty problems were always taken care of.

Allan Gidyk writes

I've decided to buy a Sebring LXi and would like some tips on used values. I'm looking at a 96 LXi stickered at about $20,000cdn. It is loaded except for leather and upgraded stereo. Anyone buy one recently?. If so, what kind of deal did you get? Americans and Canadians respond in your currency. I can do the conversions. Buy the way, I join the protest against the 5sp manual being unavailable on the V6. Hate automatics, but hate 4cyl more.

Thanks from a future Sebring owner,

Edmonton, AB

Tony writes

I'm looking for a parts list so I can install an Avenger rear anti-sway bar on my '96 Sebring. Also would like to know if anyone has found a source for performance parts for the V-6.

I love my Sebring.
Tony Thibodeaux
Baton Rouge, LA
'96 Sebring LXi

Marc A. STALE writes

I have a '95 LX w/4 speed automatic transmission. I recently added a factory spoiler, lowered the car 1.25 in with Eibach springs and added 18" rims (The car already looked great before. It looks even better now) . I am trying to find an upper stress bar that would fit the car. Do you know of any company that might manufacture it? I am also a modeler in my spare time. Is there any model of the Sebring available (metal or plastic, any year or type)?

Mark Yunovich writes

The usual question: I am interested in people's experience with regard to buying an LXi model, preferably with all the options (including sun(moon)roof and leather). Basically, if you could let me know how much you have paid, I would very (VERY) much appreciate this.

Best regards, and I am really (REALLY) looking forward to be a RIGHTFUL member of the club.


Alan Call writes

I would like to buy a set of wheels (15" or 16") for my 95 Sebring. Alloys or with wheel covers, e-mail me with info:

P.S. My Sebring just turned 53000 miles and has not had one problem.


It's interesting reading about the difficulties other Sebring Coupe owners are having. some I recognize, other I don't.

I have a '95 LX w/5 speed manual trans. I always purchase manuals as I feel more like I'm driving the car and not just "riding along". I was very disappointed that it wasn't available in the six until I drove both configurations. No remorse now! I actually had some moron in another Sebring notice my single tail pipe (dead giveaway of a 4 cyl engine) and made me have to challenge him to get in my proper lane at a stop light. He was disappointed (and behind me) when we were done. Anyway, following this is the service history of my Sebring:

1. Dash board replacement. (It got sorta lumpy)
2. Front brake pads at 20,000. (I use the clutch to slow the car when stopping) I had an independent shop replace them and turn
the rotors
3. EGR and several other items to fix an "Engine Light" as well as a
cold idle problem. They had it for a week and it still wasn't working properly. It then "healed thyself" somehow and the trouble hasn't returned"
4. Dead battery...I felt it happened a little soon.
[LXiSebring: Me too!]
5. The cute little Chrysler emblem on the front fell off.
6. Upper radiator hose went bad...only 1 year old...also seemed to happen a little soon.
I don't car for the turning radius on this car. It's like a jet liner or cruise ship. I guess my CV joints will last longer this way.

Other than the above I am very happy with the coupe. Nobody ever seems to know what it is. Why Chrysler doesn't advertise the vehicle more often is beyond me. Everyone likes it. (Except for that moron who wrote on another page of this site)

It's still rare to see this vehicle around. I guess I like that as it adds individuality to the car. I hope Chrysler recognizes that some of us still prefer a stick to automatic and have started to offer "all" the options with it. I had to search to find the electronics package on mine.


I had an opportunity to scan the letters on your owners' page today. Sounds like others' observations on the car's good and bad points match mine: front overhang too long/low, rear visibility limited, striking looks which attract attention. I too am puzzled about the limited number seen on the street - here in Boise, I've seen 3 other 95/96's all year and just 1 1997. (No convertibles.) We took a 2000- mile trip thru Seattle and Portland last spring and didn't see another Sebring the whole trip.

I was a bit put off by the pseudo-grille when I bought the car; but after seeing the '97 with its retro-wing emblem, I think the '96 looks better. Also, the extra creases, tricks, and gold stuff on the '97's tart up the design too much.

I haven't experienced any of the troubles reported by other members; but it's good to have these comments available for future reference. Only problem so far (9000 miles): one of the pins regulating the moonroof travel sheared, leaving me with a partially-open roof for a day. The service folks had a replacement pin FedExed overnight - no problem since.

I'm looking for Sebring promotional materials and items with the Chrysler logo. You know - the stuff you can hang up on the garage wall. Local dealers say these items don't exist; but I'm sure your members have some leads.

My name is Marek Butryn

First I want to tell that your site looks great. I owed Chrysler Sebring for about 13 months. I bought that car on 9/95 as the LX model with V6. I think it is a great car. Best looking, good handling. Unfortunately somebody stole my car on 10/96. I was so mad. I loved that car. The price was good. I paid 17,500 plus tax.

I live in New Jersey so traffic is pretty bad here, but the comfort the car offers is good and you don't fell like you're stuck inside. Especially Infinity system works great. I just loved that car.

I had some problems with it. The EGR valve went down, so the car was making a lot of noise in engine dept. The dashboard got bumps. Brakes went down after 16,000 miles. Fuel door got lost somewhere on the road. All these problems where fixed under the warranty, just brakes I had to replace by myself. But I still love that car. I am looking to buy another one.

Amy L. Mercado

Saturday I had an appointment with Mr. Tim Grey of Salem Chrysler Plymouth Dodge in Dayton, Ohio to test drive a car. I arrived five minutes early for my appointment. Mr. Grey showed up fifteen minutes later. My appointment was to test drive a 1997 Sebring LXi. Mr. Grey didn't know the differences between an LX and an LXi - I had to explain the 17" wheel size and the specs of the V6 engine to him. After insisting that he move other cars so I could try out an LXi, I found there was no gas in it. I told him that we would probably need fuel for the test drive, and he replied, "No, we'll only be taking it around the block." I told him that I wasn't about to spend $20K on a car without seeing how it handled on the highway first. He said "Well, I don't have time for that. We're only going around the block."

Needless to say, I left immediately, and was very angry. Today I called the general manager of Salem Chrysler Plymouth, who said "We had lots of customers in here Saturday and were very busy. Besides, I don't have these cars here for people to drive all around. Typically we don't let people go out on the highway. I don't want to try to sell a car with 100 miles on it."

Why did I bother to make an appointment? What dealership discourages people from test driving their cars? What idiot thinks I would spend that much money on a new car without first driving it? I was very interested in ordering a '97 LXi coupe, with leather and a sunroof, until I dealt with my first Chrysler dealership.

Buy a Chrysler? I don't think so.

Patricia A. Hines writes

We leased our 95 LXiSebring in May of 96 and have been plagued with many problems including electronics, brakes, security system, battery. This is just the short version, I won't bore you with the long one. We have contacted Chrysler Canada thru our dealership here in Nova Scotia, Canada and they have trivialized our problems and told us to be patient. It has been a very frustrating experience and the worst of it is that we still LOVE driving our car!!! Wondering if anyone has had problems installing remote auto-starts. We have had 2 installed and have burned 2 starters out of our car also. This happened within a 2 week period. Not sure if it's the car or if it's the remote auto-start. Love to hear if anyone else has had this problem. We'd love to try again but I don't like being towed.

Bayrat1 writes

I believe the Sebring is one of the best deals going. When companies like Ford are asking In excess of $35,000 for a done over Thunderbird (The Lincoln Mark VIII), with the only advantage (which is certainly debatable) being the V8, one can get a loaded LXi for over $10,000 less, with little sacrafice in my mind. One may also overlook the Acura Integra coupe, which although priced slightly less ($200-500), is really just a worked over $12,000 car-the Honda Civic. I believe in the coming years, Chrysler will gain more respect as a serious luxury automaker, as I hear the will be distinguishing themselves even more from Dodge and other corporation sisters. They are heading in the right direction. P.S. Did you see the new Concorde? I believe it's the best styling an American car has had in years!

Tony T writes Hello David,

Well I couldn't wait. After visiting the dealership several times one came in that "had my name on it". The car was a "Program car" (I think that means "used" plus a few $). It had 12k mi but is in showroom condition. I got a white/silver LXi loaded, including sunroof, leather, Infinity etc. I've had it about two weeks and I love it. I kinda like it when people tell me I must have spent a fortune on the car. It's really a head turner. The Sebring is the most comfortable car I've ridden in. Not as quiet as the Town Car and less acceleration as the SHO I had but a lot more fun to drive. The ABS takes some getting used to, but the mild vibration is not as bad as the SHO. I'm still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 200 HP engine, but this car will be hard to part with. ....Hmmm.....maybe I can have two...... If anyone else in the market for a new car I say get a Sebring now. If you wait you'll miss out on a lot of fun. In fact I think need to take a ride to the store now.


Alex Carranza writes

First of all, thanks so much for the page!! I got my 1996 LX last October and I still can't stop staring at it whenever I get the chance. I think the look of the car is beautiful (which is what made me get one. I originally wanted a VW Jetta but fell in love with the Sebring the minute I saw it). I love the handling and the way it accelerates (I've got a 5-speed manual). I've driven it at 120 Mph going from LA to Las Vegas, and it felt like going 40. Anyway, I could brag about it for hours....

The only complaints I have is that the front is too bloody low (!!) and the back too high. I've already bent permanently out of shape the front of the car. Backing up is a problem sometimes, since you can't really see much out of the back window. As far as engine or technical problems, I've had none. It runs as smoothly as the day I test drove it.

I'm curious, is the car popular in other cities? Here in Vegas, days pass before I see another Sebring Coupe on the road. Most people I talk to either don't know what a Sebring looks like or are only familiar with the convertible one.

Thanks for listening!

Jo Ann Curtiss writes
Jo Ann Curtiss
Kenosha, WI
1995 LXi Sebring

Glad I found this page! I leased my Sebring in March of 95. I fell in love with the car the first time I saw it. My boyfriend also fell in love with it, he's gone but still asks for visitation rights! However, I have also had MANY problems with it, and even MORE problems with the dealership. These are the problems:

Check engine light (twice).
The car died on me within the first week of ownership. I called the dealer when this happened and he actually asked me if the car had gas in it. After I launched on him they came to tow it back it the dealership. Then a week later it happened again after they told me the problem had been fixed. The car died less than 100 feet from the dealership and was towed again.

Check brake light (twice)
The back driver's side panel pulled away from the car.
Ticking Ticking Ticking
Windows rattle.
The alarm system is all messed up. The alarm will go off when a key is used in the driver's side door.
Seatbelts lock.

Gregory Root writes:

First of all, I just love your site; I have been looking for a site like this for months. I just purchased my first new car June 26th 1996, and I looked at almost every new model available and finally decided on the 1996 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LX. Easy choice!

AGE: 30
Year/Model: 1996 Sebring Coupe LX
Color: White/Silver Mist

So far I just love the car, I constantly have people stop me and ask me what kind of Lexus I drive, and they are really surprised it's a Chrysler. The primary problem I have with the vehicle is that the front end is too low, I had the front air dam repaired, since Chrysler would not take responsibility, I talked to the main office, and they stated that the warranty does not cover design only parts and workmanship. So now, I do not take the car into parking lots with speed bumps and deep dips. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and have noticed several Sebring Coupes' with damaged front air dams, anybody else having similar problems and is Chrysler going to have a fix for it? Even though it looks real good from the front.

The only other problem I've had after 13,000 miles is that the check engine light came on at the 11,000 mile mark which was associated with a faulty throttle control sensor. I have on a few occasions had problems with the drivers side seat belt release, not releasing.

I've heard about brake/battery problems but so far, they have been functioning properly. I also do have a problem backing up, the back end is difficult to see over.

I am very much happy with the car, especially with the other $20,000 choices on the other dealer lots. The Sebring is an attractive, well handling vehicle, that my insurance company likes.

Also is there a dealer add on for a rear spoiler, at the local race track, they use a Sebring identical to mine as their Pace Car, except it has a rear spoiler. Just curious.

Greg Root Virginia Beach, Virginia

gsimms writes

I just bought a 97 Indy Racing Red Sebring LX. I love the car. It gets its share of comments and second looks. It is so hard to do the speed limit. I have put 246 miles on it since I bought it 2/12/97. The car is nicely equipped for its price. My options other than the standard equipment are power door locks, power windows, power mirrors, dual lighted visor mirrors, speed control, 4 speed automatic, 2.5L V-6, 16 inch tires and rims, auto day/night mirror, rear disc brakes, upgraded suspension, premium sound system CD & cassette. A lot of car for under $20,000! I had to add an Escort 4600 radar detector. I also think I had the best car salesman in the world. I called the dealer and spoke to a salesman who said they had five on the lot. I went and test drove cars for two hours, then decided on the one I bought. He never talked figures or paperwork while I was looking at them. He just told me about the features and showed me how to work things like the speed control and that the fog lights were not broken, they only worked with low beams. He told me to romp on it and test it out, these cars handle great! I told him I was ready, sell it to me. We went inside and he told me I probably wouldn't beat my banks finance rate, but on a whim, he said Let me see what my guy can do. He beat my banks 7.25% with another banks 7%. The dealer didn't do addendum stickers to jack up the cars price, they gave all details on incentives, and they filled the thing up with gas. The car insurance was cheaper than I expected, I checked that prior to buying one. Edmunds and Chrysler web sites provided good information on incentives and prices. I also have the comments like "THAT'S A CHRYSLER!", ONLY $19000($19217+ TTL&ext. warranty).

George writes

To all Sebring (4 cyl., 5 sp.) Owners, Visited the Sebring Web site and was impressed. I'm a prospective owner. It really is a head-turner. I desperately want a 5 sp. manual trans. but I'm concerned that the 2.0 liter 4 cyl. engine won't be enough to power a 3000 lb. car. The dealer's brochure lists a 2.5 liter 4 cyl. engine as an option on the Sebring LX but I believe that's a misprint and is really the 2.5 liter 6 cyl. engine (and hence an automatic trans). Why doesn't Chrysler offer a 5 sp. manual with the 6 cyl. engine? The Mitsubishi Galant (Sebring's sister) is offered that way. Most people on this web site seem to own the LXi. The handful of messages from 5 sp. LX owners don't seem to consider this 4 cyl. engine a problem but I'm still concerned. My local dealer won't have any 5 sp. LX models to test drive until late Jan. In the meantime, are there any more 5 sp. LX owners out there? I'd appreciate more feedback. Thanks. I'll keep checking back.


Jason Winter writes

I have been looking at Sebrings for quite some time now. I really loved the 1996 model, but I am still in college and it was not financially feasible for me to purchase one. However, I graduate in December and am trying to find a 1996 Sebring Lxi to purchase this summer(I do not like the new 1997's grille). I live in Lubbock, Texas and Sebrings are pretty scarce here. Do you know of any web site or how I can go about locating a 1996 Lxi for sale? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Searching for a Sebring in Texas,

Gueganne & Len Doucet write

Owner: Pat & Len DOUCET, Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.
1995 sebring LX Black/Grey, air, Infinity 8 speakers CD system, ABS, etc...
Purchased from Can-Am Chrysler, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, February 1996, present mileage is 34000 km.
Love the car handles well and very good service from the dealer, all problems have been fixed to our satisfaction to date, eh!!!! Following are the problems we had with the sebring:

1. Front rotors changed, car was shimmying.
2. Vehicle still shimmy after this and then the rear rotors were turned. Fixed the problem, so far.
3. Panel on driver`s door cracked, repaired.
4. Seatbelts on passenger front and the two in rear locked, replaced.
5. Overflow container for the radiator came loose and rubbed on fan belt, same was replaced.
6. Cap for windshield solvent container broke and replaced.
7. Tires (Goodyears) had to be replaced at 34000 KM (20000 Miles). Not impressed with the tires. Replaced with Michelin, my cost.

All the above repairs were done on warranty by the dealer without any hassle.

Sounds like I might be having problem with the EGR valve will be bringing it up with the dealer.

I also found the finishing in the trunk to be very cheap, but then again no one sees it, and we don`t sit there too often,eh!!!!

Like your page, keep up the good work, eh!!!!

William Johnson writes

My Sebring LXi came with the perforations on the leather interior. The Sebring looks much better without the front license plate on but in some states that is not legal.

Eun Kim writes

I have '96 Sebring LXi. I bought it in Feb.1996. I had problem with my sunroof since I bought. It was fixed but sometimes it doesn't work properly still now. That's not really problem, the big problem is "ENGINE". My Sebring had some noise from engine for long time. Today, it was clattering, and "CHECK ENGINE" light was on. I want to contact with my dealer, but my dealer, Park Motors,Lyndhurst,NJ, was moved to somewhere. Do you know how I can reach to my dealer or any Chrysler dealer? Please reply me ASAP, thank you.

Best wishes,
Eun Kim

Chris Pulaskiwrites

Chris Pulaski
Atlanta, GA

Thank you very much for having this home page. I like to do a lot of research before buying a car and the page has helped. I especially like the links to other pages and to the Chrysler home page.

I originally read about the car via the Edmunds car prices home page (I recommend it for anyone researching a car). I then saw it advertised in GQ magazine. The picture impressed me and I had to see it in person. When I did see it in person, I was blown away. I previously had concluded that I was going to have to go with a Acura CL, but I've since thrown that idea out of the window. The Sebring LXi is going to be my car.

I'll be accessing your page again to submit my info about my buying experience and its initial quality. Thanks again for a valuable home page.

Edward J. Oest writes

I mentioned that in late November I ordered an 97" Sebring Coupe LXi and I picked it up 1/22/97. It is in Indy Red with everything. Tan leather, CD, sunroof, and so on. So good. I'm really enjoying it. It drives well and looks really sharp. The wheel change from the 96 models is great. No problems so far... even no rattles (!) Even the sticker mentioned that this vehicle was build especially for"me." It's a change from my 1988 Honda Accord. (As an aside, as I write this the local TV news was reporting how this was the 3rd most stolen car and SHOWING how to break into the Hondas. Can you believe it!)

I noticed that (Juan) was interested in rebates, holdbacks, discounts and the like. No one ever seem to talk "price" since they are not sure if they had the best "deal." This was my first dealing with an auto broker. Including the $1000 rebate my price for the car was $21,184. (plus FL sales Tax and minus a trade). My trade was left at the dealer, but, was handled by another broker. Chrysler was not really involved. Was this a good deal or the best deal? Tell me. It was lower than I was able to do on my own (by a lot) and $460 less than Auto-By-Tel. Less than invoice, no dealer prep fees, transport feed, ad fees. Hope this is helpful and other share some experiences.

Juan writes

Hi David, I don't know if you have seen a new feature on Pontiac (grand prix) which it's called the Eyecue Head-up Display, which projects data for speed, fuel, radio and turn signals onto the windshield for easy viewing.

What I've been wondering is, if Chrysler is gonna come out with anything like this for late this year or next or if I can get this feature from an aftermarket shop.

Pontiac claims this idea it's only their and not an aftermarket equipment.

What do you know about this David? I'll appreciate anything you can add.

Thanks, Juan.

Reuben Martinez writes

Wow Could this be the start of something good. Like Chevys SS, and Mustang GT's. I have a 1996 LXI with rear wing in the Light Autumnwood color. I have had some trouble in that my idle varies when parking after about a 30 min. drive. My engine light went on as the computer had detected a miss. But when I took it in for service, an upgrade to my computers rom was needed. It ran better for a short time but the idle problem has returned. I still love this car. I am always getting looks, ok the car is getting looks.


Ronald Consiglio writes

I remember someone mentioning a bulletin Chrysler put out about a brake light/brake wear problem. Does anyone remember this, and if so, do you know the Chrysler reference number of such a document? My dealer thinks I'm crazy and the Chrysler help line was no help at all!



David Diperstein writes

I have 24,000 miles on my 1995 LXI coupe. I have replaced the brakes twice, once at 12,000 miles and now again at 24,000. This should NOT be. What recourse do I have with Chrysler or the Dealer? Thanks for your help.

David Diperstein

GREEN8CRS writes

It is the Polo Green color. I love the car especially with the sunroof. I Do have a problem with the car stereo. It is the Infinity 8 speaker 6 locations. The doors rattle when mid range noise is hers at a moderate volume. I brought the car in to get it fixed. It still rattles. They said that they put a cloth between the door and the inside door trim. The problem is with the plastic pieces attached to one another; like in the armrest area. Any one else have this problem. I am working on getting a picture to you soon. I think that this club is great!!!

Gueganne & Len Doucetwrite

Owner: Pat & Len DOUCET, Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.
E-Mail address:
1995 sebring LX Black/Grey, air,
Infinity 8 speakers CD system, ABS, etc...
Purchased from Can-Am Chrysler, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, February 1996, present mileage is 34000 km. Love the car handles well and very good service from the dealer, all problems have been fixed to our satisfaction to date, eh!!!! Following are the problems we had with the sebring:

1. Front rotors changed, car was shimmying.
2. Vehicle still shimmy after this and then the rear rotors were turned. Fixed the problem, so far.
3. Panel on driver`s door cracked, repaired.
4. Seatbelts on passenger front and the two in rear locked, replaced.
5. Overflow container for the radiator came loose and rubbed on fan belt, same was replaced.
6. Cap for windshield solvent container broke and replaced.
7. Tires (Goodyears) had to be replaced at 34000 KM (20000 Miles).
Not impressed with the tires. Replaced with Michelin, my cost.

All the above repairs were done on warranty by the dealer without any hassle.

Sounds like I might be having problem with the EGR valve will be bringing it up with the dealer.

I also found the finishing in the trunk to be very cheap, but then again no one sees it, and we don`t sit there too often,eh!!!!

Like your page, keep up the good work, eh!!!!

Teresa Payne writes

We bought our sebring on Nov. 14, 1995. And we love it. For me its practical and for my husband it is racy and attractive. However, we are constantly in the shop. The latest was for the fuel injection system. Before this it was the brakes and the front hub. Before this the leather on the drivers seat was peeling. And the check engine light has been on at least 3 times in the last 5 months. We love the car but we spend too much time in the dealership for repairs. I'm glad we have the extended warranty because we are already up to 30,000 miles. (as you see we love to drive it.) And when ever we go in for repairs it seems as though there are several other sebrings in for the same.

I just hope this pattern will not continue.

G.D. Levine writes

My name is G.D. Levine from Toronto Ontario Canada, I'm 36 and purchased a 1995 Wildberry and Silver Sebring LXi in April 1996. I have all the usual options including power seat except for leather, sunroof, and CD player.

I was looking for a Firebird when I came across the Sebring displayed in the dealership next door. "Nice looking car", I thought, "but it's probably a fortune". To my surprise the car was very reasonable. I test drove it and was surprised at the combination of sport, luxury, and useability. Although low-end torque is somewhat weak, especially compared to the V6 of the firebird, I could actually get something in the trunk and adults could sit in the back seat.

The combination of features and the reasonable price sold me, not to mention the "interesting" good-looks of the car. I spent a couple of hours haggling with the dealer on price after the dealership closed and ended up getting a very good price.

I have enjoyed the car so far, although I have had a few concerns and problems. I have a howling wind noise at the front passenger side pillar at high speed occasionally(very loud and irritating). It seems related to how hard and the direction the wind is blowing that day. The trim guy at the dealership has tried a couple of things to no avail. The side view mirrors fade and constantly need repolishing. The rubber stripping on the hood cowling comes unglued. The driver's window rattles(although the trim guy said tightening it too much can cause leaks). The front rotors were replaced because they were slightly warped.

I would appreciate being updated on any problems, solutions, service bulletins, and recalls.

Happy motoring!

Tony T writes

Hey David,

I just read a newsgroup posting that Chrysler plans to offer a 200hp V-6 for the Sebring. I'm thinking about buying a '96 LXi in the next couple of days, but may wait for a new vehicle with the friskier engine. Heard anything?

Thanks, Tony

. Karen Roberts writes


Just wanted to thank you for the information you are putting out about the Sebring. I nearly bought one last year (1996 model) but didn't like the available colors AND was stuck between the convertible and hardtop (they drive totally different). With the convertible it was 'been there - done that' (I owned a convertible before) - and I wondered about how long it would hold up before it stated making noises (California roads, especially Hwy 17 are the worst)...but couldn't really find any good information, they haven't been out that long. Also I've only seen 1 hardtop in over a year, but tons of convertibles (of course that's more typical in CA anyway) but still makes me wonder about the resale value of the hardtop.

I really, really liked the 1996 grille, in fact that was the thing I like most. Haven't seen a '97 in person yet, but not sure I like it as much.

I am currently driving a Dodge Daytona with the V6 Mitsubishi engine, biggest problem was it's 'get up and go' (throws everything in the back)...when I test drove the '96 Sebring, I found they had solved some of that...(similar problem and difference between my boyfriends 1993 and 1996 Jeep Limited).

Anyway, again I just wanted to thank you for putting some information out there. I most likely will get a Sebring this year so I will remember this site and send back some feedback to you.

Take care, Karen Roberts

UmaniJ writes

I recently traded my '95 Sebring LXi in for the ' 97 model (Wildberry Pearl Coat with tan interior, loaded with all the options). I was hooked when I received the literature in the mail. Everywhere I go people stare, and I am happy to say that I have yet to see anyone else in my neck of the woods with the '97 model! I have had my car for two weeks now and I just love to drive it. I love the way it handles, how it hugs the road, takes the curves. Unlike yourself, I found enough reasons to trade my '95.

JG240z writes

Hello David. I'm seriously thinking about buying a '97 Sebring LXi this year by late June, I have loved this car since it came out in 1995, last weekend I got to test drive it and I liked it even more. David what can you tell me about the price (MSRP, INVOICE, DEALER'S PACK or HOLDBACK, REBATES and INCENTIVES) when do you thing is the best time to buy the car and what will be the right amount to pay for it? what do you consider is a good down payment and how far do you thing I can push the dealer into a low price? I'm a first time buyer and I have no experience at all, I also wanted to know if leasing the car for the first 2 years and then buy it right after is a good idea. David I'll really appreciate any info (tips) you can give to help me save some money and time at the moment of dealing with the salesperson. Thanks, Juan.

{I've responded to this letter, but do others have ideas?]

150dbanup writes

Hello !

This is my 1996 Sebring LXi. The JPG included is from the summer of 96. The car has been modified a lot since I purchased it in may of 96. It has been lowered with Antera 125 series rims put on it as well as 40 series tires. A stereo that you would not believed has replaced the factory original. In addition the factory battery and alternator where replaced with Optima batteries and a Stinger 160 amp alternator. Plenty of power for a voltage hungry stereo system. Anyway. I think that your page is a good way for Sebring owners to stay up to date with questions and problems that the car has had. I myself have had a few problems with mine such as,the seat levers broke off ( Chrysler has told me that all of the 96 models have been doing that and that the replacement parts have been ordered for them.). also the rear brakes of my car have had to be replaced already why I have no idea. the car only has 11,000 miles on it. other than that the car is fine and I love it intensely.Oh yeah do your panels always seem to look dented in certain light ?

Well that's enough about me I hope you enjoy the picture I sent
[LXiSebring: I'm going to try to put the picture up on the photo page]

Donald writes

Hey almost 6000 miles and only one problem. Well not really a problem, I had to develop patience, because everyone wants to stop me and ask me questions about my Coupe 97. So now I leave home a little sooner to allow for questions and comments!

di324 writes

We have a 1995 Sebring Coupe and would like to know if anyone else has had problems with the front end being too low. Our bumper ripped on a wheel stop when pulling out of a parking space and our Chrysler dealer claims that they have not heard of any other people having this problem, and of course this isn't covered under the warranty.

[LXiSebring: That's a common problem, and one fellow wrote to tell me that thre repair cost $800. I've brushed up over some curbs but so far (knock on wood) no damage. The clearance is inadequate if the curb or parking bumper is only fractionally higher than it should be.

Chrysler will undoubtedly claim that his is something that should be covered by the comprehensive portion of your insurance, and it is, but you will still have the deductable to pay.

Interestingly, those who have the 97 model indicate that in the front end redesign, the ground clearance was increased to reduce or eliminate the problem]

Retroboy writes

Do you happen to know if the faux-wood center console is the same color/type for the '97 Sebrings as in the '95s? I have a '95 Sebring and want to change the black plastic dashboard piece with a wood one to match the faux-wood center console. I've looked at the '97s and they seem to be a lighter in color than the '95s but, I'm not sure if that's just the contrast between the wood and the '97 color trim. I've asked the local dealers sales people and parts dept. and they aren't sure if they've changed it. Nothing in the sales or parts literature states anything. It cost about $75 for that piece another $350 to change the center console. I'm kinda apprehensive to pay $450 to change everything because I can go to after-market. They sell the whole package for $300 with trim for the door (area where the window buttons are), A/C vents, the controls next to left the gauges (where the button is to move the outside mirrors) and the strip above the gauges included also. I don't want to drop $75 and find out that they don't match. Any help would be appreciated.


Jim Deltoro writes

I recently purchased a '97 Sebring LXi and I love it! It's Paprika red, with tan leather interior. It loaded with every option; V-6 engine, sun roof, 150 watt CD w/ 8 infinity speakers, 17" wheels, and the "Home Link" system.

The car may not be a quick as other cars in its class, i.e Grand Prix, but the handling and ride is got to be the best in class. Those 225/50R17 tires with the rear sway bar makes the car handle like its on rails.

For those who haven't heard the sound system in this car, you need to. It's the best factory system that I have heard.

Besides opening you garage door opener, the home link system can also be used to turn lights on in your home. You can purchase items that will allow you do this for relatively low cost. A couple of sources that I found is Radio Shack (limited) and via the web; (extensive)

Ronald Consiglio writes

I to love my 96 Lxi, but have had minor problems that the dealer still can't seem to solve. Any suggestions on the following are appreciated:

1. Broken Cup holder- this has been on order for 3 months from my dealer on Long Island. Unfortunately, I've since moved to NJ! Guess I'll reorder through a dealer here.

2. Pull to the left - I swear this is happening, but the dealer realigned the car and says its not! Also, this seems to happen only at higher speeds (+45 mph)

3. Brake wear- I had never heard about the Chrysler warning about the brake light, but I had this problem. The brake light went on so we took it to the dealer who explained "after 17,000 miles brakes can be worn due to the ABS." Sounded funny then, now I know! Anybody know if I can get the dealer to reimburse me the $200+?

4. Carpeting in the trunk doesn't seem secured. Actually, its falling of the walls of the trunk.

Other than that, the car has been fun. Everybody seems shocked its a Chrysler!


Sherrie Connelly writes

David, glad to find the Sebring Owner's site. I stayed up all night doing internet automobile research one night so that I was armed for bear in my purchase negotiation. What an experience. Dealing with the salesman from a middle eastern country was incredibly frustrating but with all the data I had I did a negotiation I feel good about.

I'd seen a photo of the '97 convertible in a popular magazine and went "Whoa, what is that great looking car?!" So looked at new models, then drove a sharp looking green '95 Lxi coupe. The salesman said drive it as long as you want, so I took it for a good drive, then got lost for a second hour in the rain on the DC Virginia highways. Negotiations took nearly a week, since I also had a trade in to cope with, but finally on December 19, 1996, the deal was done and I could crash from the stress of the blank-d-blank negotiation process. I sold my '91 Toyota Camry LE V6 to a friend, and really like the fun smooth feeling of driving my '95 green Sebring LXi V6.....the broken in tan leather bucket seats hug nicely, the radio/CD is spectacular [wish there were a tape deck also], and it is fun when people glance at you with intent curiosity...wondering as I had, what is that great looking car? Only two friends have kidded me that it's my mid-life crisis car. And after a series of previously "white bread" cars, it's about time I had one that is sharp and fun.

There's a possibility that the break is slightly on as I've read about here [what is the service report name, so I can request one?]. I am happy so far, and expect that to continue. Now if Chrysler only knew how to sell more gracefully, and less stressfully, to professional women, I'd be happier still.

David, suppose this is too long and that you edit. I'm willing to receive e-mail at from other owners with advice, or whatever.

Thanks. Sherrie Connelly, Washington, DC, 51 year old management consultant/strategist/career coach.

blair touchard writes

Blair Touchard
Slidell, LA
1996 Sebring LX V6
Black with Grey trim
18,000 miles
Bought in Sept. 1995

This car is always getting stares and people who say "That can't be a Chrysler!" But it is and I love it. I've had a few problems with paint, trim, battery, and driver/passenger doors not closing properly. The biggest thing I don't like about the car is the turning radius. What's up with this. You can barely make a u-turn. Everything else aside it's a great ride!

Keep up the site. I have noticed a problem with my paint job since only having the car approx. 6 months. I first brought it to the dealer who said they were going to repaint it. I picked it up and it looked great for another 4 to 6 months and I started noticing plenty spiderwebs in the paint and a dullness. This car is garage kept and only driven 5 miles to work by my wife. I brought the car back and I argued that the paint job was horrible. The head paint guy said that the car did not have a clear coat and that black didn't come in a clear coat for 96. I noticed on the 97 brochure it said all colors are clear coated. What do you know if anything about this.

I am currently trying to get the zone manager for Chrysler to take a look. Any help would be appreciated.

Dennis writes

The Sebring sounds like a great car however, how dopes the car handle and drive? What is the performance of the LXi like? Dennis

[LXiSebring: I'm sure Dennis would appreciate mail from owners!}

Anthony F Mills writes

On your page, you mentioned that you haven't heard of many problems. Well let me tell you, I am quite disappointed with my '95 LX. I bought it with all the options, except, I kept the 4 cyl and stick, because it is a touch quicker and I like driving a stick. I am at 32,000 miles, and I am on my second clutch, as the first one fell out of the car in pieces, and my FOURTH!!!! Set of rotors. My passenger seat is a rattling monster, and the doors vibrate from my stereo, unless I lower the windows a bit.

You might think that some of these things could be my fault, but I only drive manuals, and have yet to replace a clutch, and the only rotors I have replaced were on a 150,000 mile 280Z.

Just FYI stuff.


[LXiSebring: comments by other owners?]

John writes

Just bought 1997 Sebring coup Lxi. 400+ miles of usage. Stopped at the store and the car wouldn't start. The was no tuning over of the motor. The battery appeared good. After having it towed to the nearest dealer. They said it blew a fuse and replaced the starter. Next driving the car home it died again and was towed less than 100 yards back to the nearest dealer. Suspect electrical problem. Anyone else with such problems?

Backing up. Can't see the road or car behind you to backup safely. Try to parallel park the coup. You have to open the window to see the car behind you. (fyi, I am 6 feet tall and do not sit low in the car)


I found this site to be very interesting, especially since my '95 LX v6 is in the shop once again for annoying problems. I rather like this car. It has useful size, reasonable performance/economy, rides and handles well, and even has good utility. Most of all, it is fine-looking coupe. My satisfaction has been tainted by a number of annoying problems, however. Among them:

*Blistered dash replaced at 18,000 mi.
*Brakes squealing front and rear (both discs)
*Incessant hammering of the percussion valve in the charcoal canister
*Cam belt fluttering/chirping

The ticking sound so often reported in this site is noted in a Chrysler TSB and it the EGR valve. This is not to be confused with the charcoal canister valve, which makes a loud tapping noise, reducing the engine to sound to Vega quality. This too has a TSB and mine was replaced, but changed the noise not a lick.

My car has been back to the dealer four times for the brake problem and cost me $327 so far for pads and rotors. I will be speaking with a Chrysler rep next week. But I plan on keeping the car and overall still like it very much.

If anyone has any information on the anti-pollution valve described above, please e-mail me.

Russ Hazlewood writes Please include me in your list. I own a '95 Silver Sebring LX.

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