The Chrysler Sebring Coupe Owners' Page--1998 Listings

This week's Featured Sebring above is a '98 LX in Wildberry proudly owned by Chris.

This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car. I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.

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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.

Note: Please e-mail me any Coupe problems you have and the solutions, if any.

Those interested in the Avenger-Sebring Owners Group Summer '99 get-together can indicate your interest at This website

New Items:


Phil Schneider writes

A new newsgroup has been created at for discussions about the Chrysler Sebring convertible and coupe. So many of the post at concern the Sebring, it was decided that a separated newsgroup was needed.

The newsgroup was created on Saturday, November 21, 1998. It may take a while before it reaches your servers (possibly a month depending on your ISP).

Charter: This newsgroup,, is intended for the discussion of the merits and disadvantages of the Chrysler Sebring convertible and coupe. This would be a group for owners of these cars to discuss common problems and fixes and also help would be owners in their questions about the Sebring. This group will also discuss the Dodge Avenger, a twin to the Sebring coupe.

Thank you for your support and spread the word.

Technical Service Bulletins

I had the following note from DrawsonCad (aka GMJUNK)

Dave make a link to this site...very very informative. I suggest Sebring owners with repeated problems print corresponding TSB's and take them along when they go in for service as a reference. Service Bulletins Database Search

Also check Safety Problems and Issues.

Click here to visit the Chrysler Central Website Stop in and say hello!!!

The August issue of "Automobile" Magazine (p. 13) has a short discussion on future Sebring/Avenger models. What is interesting is that they indicate that there will be an all new model in 2001--still built in the Diamond Star factory in Normal Illinois, and still having a chassis loosely based on the Galant platform. They indicate that the V6 will definitely be the 200 hp Chrysler 2.7 liter, now used in Intrepid, rather than a derivative of the current Mitsubishi 2.5 liter. I was under the impression that this engine would be available much sooner--for 1999 models. Length will shorten slightly due to new bumpers, and the turning circle will shorten due to a suspension revision. At this point I am convinced that there will be no major sheetmetal changes in the 1999 and 2000 model year--perhaps some cosmetic changes involving the cladding or front and rear fascias. I am still hoping that the 2.7 liter will make an appearance in 1999. With the Camaro and Firebird near extinction, Chrysler obviously has a good deal of confidence in Sebrings and Avengers. As coupes go, they are selling very well--I think because they offer both style and passenger space. I will keep you posted as I learn of further developments for 1999 on. I am really shocked to see the Mitsu tie-in into the 21st century--Could Mercedes be thinking of buying Mitsu as well????

In browsing the internet, I found a threaded message newsgroup/message board for Avenger and Sebring owners.

Contributer GMJUNK has a new e-mail address. it is DRAWSonCAD

Thanks to J. Saye for the following sales data. The 97 restyling has sold better than the 96, and Sebring is outselling Avenger by a small margin. Sebring and Avenger sales are about equal, and the total is similar to Monte Carlo.

Sebring Sales Data in Comparison with other coupes
Sales through the end of November
Model 1997 1996 % change
Honda Prelude 15,691 10,531 50
Hyundai Tiburon 8,689 163 -
Dodge Avenger 30,485 33,911 -10
Chrysler Sebring 33,190 29,664 12
Ford Mustang 107,254 115,461 -7
Chevrolet Corvette 19,868 17,379 14
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 65,253 74,496 -12
Cadillac Eldorado 18,348 19,064 -4
Lincoln Mark VIII 14,891 14,416 3
Toyota Celica 8,885 13,793 -36
Toyota Supra 1,357 789 72
Source: Ward's Automotive Reports

If you are interested in trade-in values on Sebrings, check out The Kelly Blue Book Site I ran my low mileage 1995 LXi through this program and was pleasantly surprised to find that the trade-in value to the dealer was about $14,500. The new cost to me about 2 years ago was $18,600. I think Sebrings are holding their re-sale value very well, contrary to some comments I've heard.

Ken has sent us a photo of his Custom Char Gold 95 Sebring. Click in the to see a larger photo and learn more about the car.

CharCRON has sent us an illustration of a Rat Finked Sebring

Jaason Burns has sent us a drawing of a customized Sebring. Check this one out!

DRAWSonCad has sent us a photo of his '96 Spanish Moss LX. Check the Photos Page

Edward has sent photos of his '97 in Indy Red. They are on the Photos Page or you can access them directly from these links

Photo 1

Photo 2

WheatKing is developing a new Sebring Performance Website

More on The Fogging Problem

Al writes

Keith's post about his windows fogging up is nothing more than his recirculate switch. It should be in the "outside air" position. The only time you should use recirculate is in the summer. Even then, you don't want it on humid days. The Sebrings/Avengers/Neons all have very touchy climate controls when put in this position. Some people will notice it more than others depending on climate. The air conditioner is also excellent to use when you need the defroster on. Even blowing warm air, turn on the A/C. It won't cool the air, it will merely "condition" it and remove the moisture.

Eric (DRAWSonCad) writes

Simply set to defroster...fresh air.....and hit the AIR CONDITIONER BUTTON that's the key.....try a warm setting not hot or cold setting

I do this all the time it de-humidifies the air and keeps your A/C working well all year round!!

LXiSebring: Worth a try!!! I stand corrected!

Sebring Owners Listed in 1998:

Susan Lee Sills writes

Hi -- I have a 95 (!) Sebring, Wildberry, and many things are just fine about it. Two things REALLY get to me, though: 1) it has the turning radius of the Queen Mary -- I have NO maneuverability!?! 2) The lower "lip" of the front scrapes -- right now it's pretty well trashed. Where I live we have lots of 'speed bumps', and there's a big dip at the end of my street (as I turn to go onto the main street). I've learned (painfully) to go to one particular 'sweet spot' that doesn't drag. Between high curbs some of the places I've parked (in front) and lack of care when I first had the car & didn't know better (I can *count* on the bumper catching on any barricade in a parking lot)... well, I'm looking at a $2000 repair of fibreglass -- with no guarantee that it won't continue to get trashed on regular use.

For what it's worth, I'm a pretty vanilla driver -- 53 years old, good driving record:-) This is my first "big" car, I used to drive a Toyota MR2, and a 280ZX prior to that.

Mary Crawford writes

I have a 1996 Sebring LXi (Spanish Olive) that has been in the shop five times now for a no start problem. The dealership claims it is the result of the fuel available in the US these days and how sensitive the 2.5 ltr engine is to fuel. This last time (yesterday) they updated the computer with the "new software" that they claim will fix the problem. The dealership would not do a compression test even though I asked them numerous times to do one.

Is there any other information available about this problem that you know of. I am quite frustrated with this. I purchased a brand new car (in 1996) for reliability and do not feel one bite comfortable with my car. I never know when it is not going to start these days. Is there anything I can do that you know of.

Thank you for your time,

---Best friends with the towing company (Mary Crawford in Dallas, TX)

LXiSebring: A coulple other owners (not many) have had stalling problems. I think there must be a problem with the electronic fuel management system,(the computer that controls the fuel injectors, among other things) so the dealer is on the right track reprogramming the computer but what it specifically is the defect I am not sure. Some of our other owners might know.

Darren Withers writes

I have a 98 LXI and the color is Caffe Latte. While reading some of the posted messages that other Sebring owners have had, I can say that I can relate to only a few of them.

1) The wind noise coming from the front right side of the vehicle. I was advised that this was due to a loose windshield. However, the only time I hear the noise is when it's warmer outside. I guess this would be due to the fact that everything expands when it's warmer. i.e. windshield stripping.

2) The passenger side door molding comes loose. When this happened, it chipped a small peice of the molding away.

If anyone is interesed in what their 98 Sebring Coupe will run, here are the stats. The temp was 60 degrees, 1/3 tank of gas (1 gallon is approx 7 lbs and everyone knows that weight slows you down) One thing can be said, "it's very consistantly slow"

1st Run
2nd Run
3rd Run
             .260 ouch

Bob K writes

HI all, Glad I found this page, but after reading some of these im wondering if I made a mistake. Sounds like there are alot of problems I might have to look for. I do have one question, has anyone had any problems with the radio in the cd/cassette deck not working all the time.. when I turn on the radio I get alot of static as if the antenna is unpluged then all of a sudden it starts working for awhile.. then goes out again.. I didnt puchase the extended warranty and have 34.5k on the car and Im hoping I can get the radio replaced under what warrenty I have left.. Has anyone else had the same problem? Thanks,

Phil Schneider writes

Thanks for the great page; the information here is invaluable. Can I be first on the 1999 page? :) I am now the proud owner of a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXI coupe in Paprika. Nothing was left off this car ABS, sunroof, and the Infinity sound system are the only options available and my Sebring has them all. I've had my car for one-week and have put 500 miles on it and am happy to say no problems at all. I've noticed none of the little fit and finish problems that you come to expect in a new car. I also know that any car can have problems, but I did my research and love this car (I also always get the extended warranty).

The Sebring was not even on the list of cars I was considering, the Chevy Monte Carlo, Toyota Solara, and Oldsmobile Alero were high on that list. My next door neighbor is the Customer Relations Manager for a local Chrysler dealer (5 star dealer, I might add) and when I told her what I was considering she said I had to look at the Sebring. I told her I really didn't like Chrysler, I'm more of a GM guy. So she actually drove the car home from the dealer for a weekend to force me to test drive. And I'm glad she did. What a great looking car, I guess you see so few Sebring coupes (you see the convertibles all the time here in Florida) I never even noticed the car. My wife wanted me to get the Solara and I really was leaning to the Monte Carlo. In the end, the Monte just looked too much like the Lumina and the Solara comparably equipped to the Sebring is $30,000! My wife also likes the fact that the car is really Japanese at heart, her being the staunch Toyota person that she is (long time Corolla driver, now has a '98 Camry). I've already been stopped in parking lots by admires of the car who are amazed when I tell them the price.

OK, I've rambled enough but I do have a few questions. I've never had a sunroof before. What function does the wind deflector serve for them? I don't have one,

It cuts wind noise when the sunroof isopen...some work quite well

I am just thinking about getting one. Is it purely cosmetic? Also, I'm thinking of having the windows tinted (almost a must in Florida). What effect will this have on the autochromatic rear view mirror? Will I lose visibility?

LXiSebring: At night, yes

I send you a picture when I have them developed, and I'll keep you posted on what I expect to be a long and loving relationship. :)


Edward05 writes

To follow up on the autochromatic mirror cost $168 for a non-compass mirror. That is less than I thought. The service dealer said that he had a 1999 LXi coupe with 1000 miles on it that was serviced that morning with the same problem. (yea...right.) The mirror I bought was the one they were going to use. However the 1999 LXi's have an electronic compass in them which the 1997s do not. Since Chrysler (excuses me...Mercedes-Chrysler) had a two day wait I was sent to the shop of a former employee that rebuilt Mustangs and vintage cars. Cost $10 to reinstall mirror. The reaction at that shop to the Red Sebring was sort of "...the mother ship has landed. " They thought it was a $50000 car.

Eric Reyes writes

Hello, It sounds like you're quite happy w/ you car. Unfortunately, I wish I never leased mine! It has been nothing but problems from three weeks after I got it in Jan.96. At this point, It has been to five dealerships over 20 times w/ over 35 problems, amy of which have still not been corrected. I think I just have a lemon. The majority of my problems are cosmetic: melting shifter bezel & hood emblem, cracked inside panels, weatherstripping disintegrating, etc. The one major problem, the car wouldn't start and thru process of elimination, the battery was replaced (@ 15,000mi). However, I've had my sunroof/sunshade repaied six times, the passenger seat won't lock and has been "fixed" three times but still won't work, the windshield seal "whistles" and has been repaired three times, overdrive light shorted out and my list goes on and on. I've had vibrating while driving, loss of power at 40 & 60 mph and a buzzing noise when shifting, and a loud knock at idling from the front passengers side but they tell me it's "normal" or they acan't duplicate the problems. But I feel them all the time. Chrysler gave me an extended warranty w/ a deductible but I just want out of this car!!! The minute my lease is up, the car's going back and I will rush to my nearest Honda dealership. I'm sorry to burden you with all of my woes, I'm just looking to find somebody (-bodies)that have had similar problems. I love the way my car looks, it's just a nightmare as far as reliability goes! If you are able to help, I'd appreciate any info you have.

Curt Notter writes

I'm currently stationed in Germany and am the proud owner of a White/Silver '96 Lxi, gray leather, loaded to the gills. (it was my personal present after returning from Bosnia) I currently have 30,000 miles on the car and have not had any serious problems with the car.

Quirks include the CD player not always ejecting a disk(usually recovers after a few attempts), the headrest covers coming loose at the bottom (a couple of dabs of hot glue fixed that), and the most annoying quirk is that my windsheild washer nozzles keep popping out of their holes. Every couple of months I have to reseat them.

Otherwise I couldn't be more pleased with the automobile. It cruises all day at 110 m.p.h. without so much as a hiccup. (even at these speeds, I'm just now going through my first set of tires and brakes).

The one thing I am on a quest for is that I would like to put a little more pep in my baby's step. Ya know....the ability to strike fear into the hearts of a few snotty BMW drivers. Does anyone know of a performance outlet where a supercharger, exhaust and possibly a 5 speed manual for my 2.5l can be found? The knowledge of any performance upgrades available would be appreciated. Being stationed overseas kinda puts one in the out of touch zone.

Keep up the good work, pics to folow, if there's a newsletter sign me up.

Rob Merritt writes

I Have a 95 LX Sebring white/gray after reading the page I realized a lot of things they were talking about were hapening to me. The brakes, windows leak air, funny sound when puting the car in park and drive, the radio cuts in and out and others. But I don't care it was the car I wanted. I got a few questions if you could help. My car did not come with factory speakers in the dash the circle are there like they just need to be cut out but I dont know if hole in the has to be cut out or if it is just a plug or something. Also is the Sebring Proformance websight still there because when I try to go there from the

link on your page I get a error 404 file not found. My Lx won't go any faster than 110mph and then just won't go any farther, How can I change that ? Nice websight Im glad I have somewhere to go to to get fair advice.

LxiSebring: I thought I had the correct link--you can drop WheatKing a note, as he runs that site

Wayne Chapman writes

Just purchased a 97 Sebring LXI. picked it up last wednesday.(Paprika - but not of the colour on the owners page - we must have different colours in Canada? Who Knows?) Everything except a Sunroof. My dealer in St. Catharines Ontario Canada seems to be doing it right at this point. I am going to a clinic tonight to find out more about my car and the service and associated costs. Some stories about the Sebring seem pretty scarey. But with all cars it is not perfect all the time. I just got rid of my 89 Ford probe ( 248,000 KM or 150,000 miles ) and it just needed routine maint and a new gas tank after 7 years. I was recently in Europe and was with a cousin who has a Porshe 911. Sometimes it doesnt start when it has rained. Even $$$$ sports cars have their bad days!

I am hoping that I will enjoy this car for years to come.

E-mail me if you know of suggested aftermarket products that other owners have found for their cars.

LXiSebring: Since All Sebrings come out of Normall Illinois, I would be somewhat surprised if they set up a separate paint line for those headed to Canada...but you could be right...Try to research this some more...

Bill writes

Hi, Ii just bought a wrecked Sebring Lxi for a meer 3,900 dollars. it only has two thousand dollars worth of damage on it so i feel I'm In the black. I'm only 15 and fell madly in lofe with the 97 sebring model. I am kind of a prep. i was looking in to buying a brand new Saab9'3 convertable as my first car. then I found my car. I love it . It's sleek sporty luxurious and looks more expensive than it really is. Any way my question was do you know of any where that i can buy some used parts for them. My car is black and a 97 with gray leather.. My biggest need I s a hood and a drivers tail light. If you find any thin please mail me at

Oh yeah I found another error in the 98 sale brochure. I don't know if you can call it an error but its a definately a cheap way of getting out of making a new book. If you look carefully at the large caffe' latte. sebring Lxi fold out it is merely the same silver mist Sebring with the same man wearing the same teal shirt as in the 97 book.


LXiSebring: I noticed that the polo green color changed between 1995 and 1996, but htey used the same picture, modifying slightly the green this isn't the first time this has happened.

Ed Oest writes

To: LXiSebring I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Autochromatic Mirror failing in a Sebring LXi?

My 1997 Sebring LXi had a mirror failure October 28. When I returned in the afternoon to the car the mirror looked as if the mirror had pooled up with some oily substance on the inside. Since then the mirror has "drained" (to where?) and looks like an internally dirty plain mirror. There is no day/night adjustment and it is permanently dirty and has a poor view.

I was wondering how much a power mirror would cost to repair out of warranty. Would this be covered as a failure of a Federally mandated DOT safety item?

Ed Oest

LXiSebring: I dunno--does anyone else?

Korey Saunders


My name is Korey Saunders and I bought a 97 Sebring LXi last week with 18k for the price of 15,000$. I don't know if that was a good deal or not, but I am very pleased with the car and thats the only thing that matters. I would like to be apart of your club. My sebring was the show room car that was in the Fort Worth auto show in 97. I am the second owner. I have some pictures being made so i can send them to you if you reply.

I have one question about the car ,I know stated gas milage which is 21-29 but I have not been able to get into the upper twenties on the highway. Is there something that I can do to increase the gas milage? And are there any performance mods that you can do to the car? Your anwers would be a great help to me.

LXiSebring: neiher have I but gas is cheap ---other comments on gas milage?

Jimmy writes

I just recieved my present for my 16th birthday. Guess what. A 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi Coupe. Its sweet. It's the Bright White with Tan Leather interior. Power everything, sunroof, Infiniti Sound. I'll keep in touch on how everything goes.

Lee Van Doren writes


Great web page! I own a 1997 Sebring Coupe LXi, Silver Mist, 39K miles, 22 months old. It was good to read about other owners experiences. I have had trouble finding free access to technical service bulletins. The ones on are not free anymore I see.

Problems I have had (and I see I am not alone):

- CD Player. I learned alot about the prooblems with experimentation. The most common problem is it would not accept inserted CDs. This happens if when the CD is ejecting, you pull it out prior to it completely ejecting. It gets confused and can never take a CD again. After a few days, it magically corrects itself. It tends to fix itself better during the colder season. Weird. It also had trouble reading CDs when it was cold (under 45 degrees F). It also had trouble reading CDs created by non-major labels or created on CD-R, or when getting towards the end of the CD. I suspect it is an alignment problem. Needless to say I had it replaced under warranty. The replacement unit has been perfect.

- Battery: Dead at 36,800 miles... how connvenient! It looks like I lasted longer than most. I'm not surprised, this is my 3rd Chrysler and I never had a Mopar battery last past 45K. Buy a decent replacement battery and never bother with it again. In fact, when I bought the car, I remembered my battery experiences and was almost tempted to replace the battery immediately, lest it dying at an inconvenient time!

- Brakes: Yes, they squeal (the back). AAlso found a groove in one of the rear rotors. An independent repairman told me that the brakes look fine, squeaks can be normal, and the groove shouldn't be any harm. Sounds similar to other advice given to other owners.

- Brake Light: Started coming on around 200K miles. I noticed the fluid was at minimum, refilled it and has been fine since... hasn't appeared to gone down anymore.

- On delivery: Condensation in headlamp. Before I got a chance to bring it in it cleared up (but took a few months!). One of the parking lights was out, an assembler missed a plug (glad it wasn't something important!). Squeak in rear suspension. They replaced the shocks, no change. Its worse when it is cold. Over time it has gotten better but is still there. Steering column squeaks, more when cold.

- Tires: Great! Still have at least anothher 10K it seems. I had Eagle GT+4s on my LeBaron and they were gone at 35K (also had miserable handling). I replaced them with Pirellis which went about 45-50K and had great handling. I think I may buy the RS-A's again if they last that long.

Otherwise a fantastic car! I hope my luck continues!

Nicholas Schell writes

A 1997 Sebring LXi owner speaks again:

A few days ago, I hit a small but deadly 2x4 plank of wood at about 70MPH. This destroyed my left front tire ($110) and bent the wheel to the point of needing repair ($100) or replacement ($160). A potential $270 tire bill does not excite me. I wonder if the dealership will cover this?

I am actually considering selling the other three good wheels and downsizing my wheels from 17" to 15". Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that as long as I increase the size of the tire to compensate for decreasing the wheel size (the tire size would now be 205/60-15" versus 215/50-17") I will lose a little handling in order to gain a more cushy ride. I always thought the ride was a bit jittery, and considering that 17" tires are at least $110 each it looks like an attractive possibility. Besides, the Sebring Coupe isn't really fast enough to get me in trouble. What do you think?

If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Len Doucet writes

2 NOV 98 Finally got the miss fixed after five visits to dealer. Clean, flushed and finally changed injectors but did not fix the problem. A spark plug wire was bad. Car finally works good. 104,000 km. Also had the gas filter changed, dealer did not have one on hand so replaced it with after market filter, only $21.00 (Canadian). Still like the car warranty over at 120,000 km. Keep up the good work with the page.


Well Dave I'm still driving the Sebring...and loving it. Just had the fuel filter replaced "preventative maintence" you know. $60 !!!! I about S*** !! anyhow last trip I got 33 MPG. This is a good increase since installing a "Tornado" a K&N and opening up the air box. The sound is awesome, and slight performance is noticed. I'll keep driving her until someone grabs my offer ..see below..

Stan Julian writes

I'm building a high performance homebuilt airplane. I ran across a car (Sebring) that had a color on it that I really wanted to duplicate on my homebuilt. I found the color to be Silver Mist Pearlcoat and would like to incorporate it into my trim as one of the main colors. Do you have the Mfgs. paint code? There are other Sebring/Chrysler Paints that I would like to use also.. Do you have the paint codes for the following: Shark Blue Pearl Light cypress green pearl Deep Amethyst Pearl

LXiSebring: Does anyone have these codes?

chaskish writes


How's it going? I also have a '95 Sebring coupe. I have read your pages on this car. It's loaded with information. You must have done a lot of research. I was really interested in the mention of the difference in horsepower from '95 to '96. Have you found out anything further why there's a difference? I sure would like know if there is a chip or something that could be installed. An 8 hp increase would be great. Well, thanks for the information and your response. Sincerely, Chuck K.

LXiSebring: Check for performance parts with WheatKing

Jennifer Cheek writes

Hello, I e-mailed you before when I had first got my 97' Sebring Lxi. I have it now for over a year and it has been a great car. I have had no major problems. My tires (which are really expensive) have worn beauifully. I have over 44,000 miles on my car and I don't have one complaint. It has been a great car. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Dion Arnold writes

WONDERFUL!!!! Maybe you can help me understand some things going on with my car. I have a beatiful 1996 Chrysler Sebring LX (couldn't afford LXI) and for the first few months, the car was fine. A year later, my tires are defective. As I have my oil changed every 3,000 miles, a free tire rotation/balance comes with it and they tell me one tire is badly warped??? Brand new factory tires, warped -less than 20,000 miles on it? Called dealership, they sent me to Good Year (tire company). Good Year sends me back to dealership saying its the rims/axel and they aren't responsible. Tired of the run arounds, I purchase one brand new tires from SEARS. A few months later I have a flat ~factory tire. Now I head to dealership to raise HELL!!! Finally, because I'm a female, raising Hell.. single (no man to raise it for me) they ignored me the first time. This time they check my car out and find my rims are eating up my tires from the inside out. They issue me 4 new rims. (Problem #1 taken care of)

Few months later... Brakes queak. After riding the dust off and washing it to make sure its still the brakes, I decide to take it in to have new pads put on. They told me my pads weren't very worn, but the metallic pads, squeak on a regular basis. Prior to the new pads, they test drove it and told me I needed a front end alignment. The car had less than 20,000 miles on it, why do I need a front end aligment so soon? After raising HELL again, they put new pads on explaining to me the brake pads are only meant to last a few years. Cheaper for the customer and more business for the dealership. I believe it! Now that my car is 2 years old, and finally has 36,000 miles on it, my interior light sensor on the driverside is slow/stuck or works whenever it gets ready.

I'm still waiting for that part to come in, but in a few more days, I'll raise HELL again, until they fix it. I have noticed in the summer time, that hot air blows underneath the dash board (leg area) even when the the knob is turned in the off position. Allowing for no air to blow/be blown anywhere. Is that normal? Also, I've had my battery replaced within 2 years of owning the car. Are these problems a common issue that you know of? I'm gone for the day, I'll return in the AM to respond to anything or any advice you have to offer.

LXiSebring: I'veresponded to this letter, but if any of the rest of you can help...

Check out Ben's White 97 Sebring on the Photo Page

Robert E. and Jill Beair write

Sweet website. I have a '95 Sebring LXi, White with Silver Mist Pearl bottom, that I bought for my wife spring of '96. It had 300 miles. I got it for 18,250--the sticker was 19,999.

Since buying it, I have airbrushed the bottom to look like stone. Added a rear wing from NOPI and had the third brake light and trunk lock shaved. Added a JL 10" sub, with the stock Infinity stereo, in the trunk in a wood and glass encloser. The inside of the box is airbrushed stone to match outside. A Clarion amp is recessed into the floor with a Clarion Ungo Alarm, a first-aid kit and maglite. In the side of the trunk a Clarion 12 Disc Changer is recessed in with a fire extinguisher airbrushed stone to match. I bought prime 3-spokes for it right away. Then I bought Niche Runners 16 X 7 and Falken Zeiz Aqau Treads.

My rotors were turned at 18,000 and the starter wire came off it 1 month after I bought it. That is the only trouble we have had. I love the car and everyone else does too. I sold more Sebrings for the dealer b/c of how I customized it. Right when I bought it I pulled off all the tags and put PROTO-TYPE on it, no one knew what it was, only that it was a chrysler. The dealer figured out what people were meaning when they said they wanted a Chrysler Proto-type.

Here are some pics of the car and post the ones you want.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

On the back bumper my wife is holding me by the hair (b/c it's long), and by the airbrush hose. Because she has control (Ha Ha), so she says. I also sprayed on the back bumper under the reverse light "STOCK SUCKS". Just small but everyone seems to find it b/c people just walk around it and touch it and just look at it.

Jeff Ordon writes

Here's one I bet you hadn't heard of:

I have a Black 1998 Sebring LXI. I owned it for about 2 months. Yesterday on my lunch break, I noticed grey spots on my rear spoiler, probably about 20 in various sizes across the entire piece. At first they looked like water spots, but you can clearly see that are in the paint. It doesn't look like anything dripped on the spoiler, and that is the only piece that is affected (I.e. Nothing on the trunk or rear bumper). Now comes the weird part, this morning (7am)I took a look at the spoiler again.

The spots wre nearly gone! You really had to look to see them. Now, at 10am there are back, just about as visable as yesterday. This has to be a paint/workmanship defect, and it seems to be affected by light and/or temperature. I hope my dealership agrees. Anybody have a clue on this?

LXiSebring:I haven't a clue--sounds like a spoiler repaint is needed--I would take the problem up with the dealer

Gary Regan writes

I just wanted to know if you heard about the recalls for the 96 sebring. I just recently bought a used 96 and I love it, but I heard of a recall about a week ago. the problem is that when the car is in park and if it gets bumped or hit it rolls. this could be a srious problem if another car happens to be parked in front of you.

LXiSebring: Let's see, Sebring is built by Mitsubishi in a Japanese-owned plant...hmmm...these problems sound like they can be readily solved.

Dolangirl writes

I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring. It is black with a silver bottom. I have leather interior.

I have not had any problems with the car until recently. About a month ago it strated to run poorly first thing in the morning. The Dodge Service Center said it is something with the EGR valve. So, I have had to order that. The other problem is with the front bumber. The car is so low to the ground that it scrapes when I go down a hill or whatever. Now, the part below the license plate has split in two. WHere should I go to have this repaired.

LXiSebring: I've got my fingers crossed that a body shop can repair without replacing the entire front fascia!!

Michael Flores writes

I came across your webpage because I was looking into purchasing a Sebring. From the looks of your page, you seem to like your vehicle alot. I was wondering if you could answer acouple questions I had. First, did you hear about the recent recall in regards to when the car is parked, it may roll away! Im not sure how this can occur, but I saw it on the news. Secondly, how does yours do on gas mileage? I was looking into purchasing a 97 model. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

LXiSebring: I've responded, but other reader-members may want to write to Michael regarding their own experiences

Chris Beacham writes

Hey, ive got a 98 LX wildberry, and I'm kinda "pimpin" it out...I put a touring wing on the back, a sunroof in, air deflector, and im getting 5 star chrome split rims after winter...wanted to know if you want a pic for your page....nice site too

DrawsonCad writes

I have a 96' Spanish Olive Sebring LX loaded, power windows, mirrors,dr. locks,key-less entry w/alarm,grey cloth,infinity speakers, Prime 16" wheels, 2.0 auto. 45,000 miles. Dave,why am I telling you all this again ??? because its for sale..yes I'm looking at ordering a 99' Avenger shark blue 21c package. Who will offer me $13,000 ? All I'm saying is this car is perfect..and I live in Pittsburgh PA. If anyone is interested, see the car on the photo page---then E-mail me.

LXiSebring: Here it is!!!!

The Spanish Moss '96 LX 2.0:

Nichole Martin writes

Three weeks ago I purchased a 1999 Sebring. Its an LXi (Caffe Latte) with a sunroof, tan leather interior, upgraded stereo w/equalizer and the Caffe Latte wheels. I really enjoy driving my new car but I have a question. Should I hear any noises when I shift from park into drive or reverse? I also hear a similar noise when I am braking to stop the car. I asked the Chrysler dealer about it however I thought I'd also ask Sebring enthusiasts to be certain I don't have a problem that the dealer doesn't want to identify.

Oh yeah, could you include me as a member?

DrawsOnCad responds The solenoids make noise when shifting...this is totally normal. I can assure you your car is just fine. its just sooooo quiet you can hear these small noises.

Benjamin Chambless writes

My name is Ben Chambless and I just bought my first car about two months ago. It was a used 1995 Chrysler Sebring. This car is great! I have the LXi model in silver mist clearcoat just like yours. Only mine has gray leather interior (with the perforations) I have such big plans for this car, I have already gotten the windows tinted with a Titanium Tint, and this compliments the exterior paint job extremely well. I would like to get a 17 inch tire and wheel package next to get away from the stock 15's. I also plan on adding a spoiler and a killer sound system. But this will all be done in good time. As for the problems with the car I have had none, and there were no problems with the previous owner either.I'm glad to see that there are so many Sebring enthusiasts out there, and keep up the good work!

Diane Galante writes

Hi..Just bought a 1999 Sebring LXi, Caffe Latte(?), coupe with sunroof. Absolutely love it! Was in the market for a Honda Accord or Ford Mustang but this caught my eye and it was love at first sight. Drives like a dream and feels decadently luxurious. It's a beauty.

Kelly Akins writes

My parents are buying me a Sebring LXi. I was wondering what are the changes in the 99's. I really don't want them to buy me a 99..98 is fine to me. I was just wondering what are the changes.

LXiSebring: You are very lucky!!! See note above!

Kenny Root writes

Hey, I have a 1997 Sebring LXi (black) and I am in the process of getting it ready for audio competitions. I have 4 Alumapro Alchemy Gold 12" subwoofers for the tire well which will run off of a Precision Power PC2350 amp, Oz Audio 3-way components for the front and 6.5" Oz Audio mid-bass for the back running off a PC275 and a PC450. This is a 1900 watt stereo system :) I'll send you pictures of the finished product. btw, do you know if they've made headlight covers for the 1997 Sebrings yet?

Joe LaRoe writes

I sent you a note last year shortly after my wife purchased a gorgeous white LXi with gray leather. It was by far the most beautiful car she had ever owned. She called it her "mid-life crisis car." She had just turned 40 and decided it was time to get something sporty while she was still young enough to enjoy it and not too old to look out of place in it. Now, a year later, the thrill is gone and so is the Sebring. She had driven a Nissan Maxima for 5 years and 170,000 miles prior to the Sebring and had gotten accustomed to it's reliability. Sebrings are not in the same league. We had paint peeling on the passenger door cladding, rattles from the shade on the sunroof, wind and water leaks around the passenger door window, one bad strut on the rear, a transmission that sometimes took several tries to get into drive, an irritating whine from the differential, a garage door opener that wouldn't, a power window regulator that self destructed and a rear suspension that only hushed it's squeaking when I drenched every bushing with WD-40. She was also tired of having to fall into it and the ride is not exactly plush. I had to take off my cap and put the seat down all the way to sit in it. Our experiences with the two dealerships we took the car to for repairs were not pleasant experiences either. When the first rash of problems cropped up we took it to Randal Noe Ford/Chrysler in Terrell, Texas where we had bought it. They didn't have anyone qualified to work on it at the time and suggested we take it somewhere else. The Service Advisor at Bledsoe Dodge in Dallas was very pleasant to deal with when we took the car in, promising to do anything possible to make us happy with the car. Once they took possession of it the story changed. They rebuilt the transmission to solve the failure to go into gear problem and repainted the cladding. But, they couldn't recreate any of the leak or noise problems. They attempted to adjust the window for a tighter fit just to make us happy. That probably led to the broken regulator. Parts that were available in stock when we took the car in somehow didn't make it to the dealership until the car had been there a week. So, after 12 months of ownership (about four weeks of which were spent in the dealer's service department) and 27,700 miles, the car now resides on the used car lot at Courtesy Nissan in Richardson, Texas. As a parting shot, the battery quit the morning we traded it in and had to be replaced. We held our breath as we drove to the Nissan dealer but now my wife is the proud and very happy owner of a loaded 98 Maxima, one of the best cars I have ever had the pleasure of driving. Upon trade-in, the Sebring's value had dropped from $23,500 to $13,800 in a year's time. The Kelly Bluebook said it should have been worth $14,995 but we were so glad to get rid of it we didn't fight too hard to get more.

As a closing note, that was our first and last Chrysler product .......... or Mitsubishi for that matter. My wife loves to get those satisfaction questionnaires that Chrysler and the dealerships send to us so she can express her disappointment in the car and the company. She just got another one and is looking forward to having one last shot at them. I see lots of letters posted on this page talking about problems with Sebrings and some owners appear to think it's just the price you pay for owning a great looking car. Maybe so, but we think the price is too high. There are other great looking cars out there with a lot better dependability records. Dave, you've performed a valuable service to all those Sebring owners and future owners that found your website. Keep it up. To all those out there still driving Sebrings or thinking about buying one, good luck ......... you may need it.

DRAWSonCad (aka GMJUNK) responds

Joe I think I speak for everyone when i doubt the Maxima is a good car but, "What made you buy the Sebring??" If I knew I didn't fit into a perticular car, I deffinatley wouldnt buy it. Why didn't you buy a loaded...ummm lets see.. CAVALIER for $23,000 instead? I can't name a car that looks, rides, and is as practical as the Sebring for the money. As far as dealerships go...thats your choice. I buy my cars where I get the best deal,but I stick to my reputable service dealer for repairs (1) by the way..45,000 miles. Say ..what did that new Maxima cost again ??

Len Doucet writes

Further to my SEP 14 submission. I had mentioned that I had the plugs and wire changed because the engive was missing. I now find the the engine is still missing when the ac is turned on. The motor acts like it skips a beat. I was at the dealer this AM and they states this is normal. I'm sure it was not doing this before they changed the timing belt. Dealer says the ac takes amperage that causes this skip and nothing can be done. Anyone with similar problem? Anyone with suggestion pls advise. LXI have you heard of this problem.

LXiSebring: I don't buy the dealer's excuse.. Clearly they don't know what is going on.

DRAWSonCad (aka GMJUNK) responds Tell them to put it on the "scanner" and trace the miss while the cars running. Easy to find it that way. Joscelynn writes

Hi. I have a '96 LX with all the features of a LXI. I am glad to hear that so many other people have problems with their cars. I kind of figured that I wasn't the only one. I don't even know where to start and I don't know if I could ever finish! Like many others I fell in love with the looks of this car, I bought it brand new. The problems started from the very beginning....I had the car 4 months when I was on a major road and I went to accelerate and had no power....the dealer had the car for a week and had absolutely no idea what was wrong ...after replacing a computer chip(and finding out that this wasn't the problem) they figured it was the wire harness to my motor. The sunroof and it's cover have been in numerous times and they fineally replaced it.....the windows rattle but there is nothing they can do about that....My drivers door handle has been replaced, the locks still stick(but of course the dealer "can't duplicate problem"). All of this was before 12,000 miles......that is when all the fun started! The brakes and rotors were bad, they got replaced then my distributor went was on back order for over a 18,000 miles the brakes went bad again...the dealer wouldnt replace this point I wrote Chrysler a letter (which they never responded!). Do I need to go on? My radio was in twice cause they thought it was the antenna wire----wrong----it was the now I have a new radio also. My brakes totally went at 31,000 I fought with the dealer, I went to the owner and they fineally got replaced (after a big fight of course). Well this month the rotor has started again barely 7,000 miles since they got turned,but I don't have the patience to fight with the dealer anymore.....It doesn't stop there....I went through a puddle and the service engine light wouldn't turn's been 2 weeks...the dealer fineally takes it and they tell me it is my oxygen sensor, they tried to tell me this wasn't under warranty......wrong! At first I thought all of these problems were minor but now it is getting to be RIDICULOUS I honestly don't know what to do anymore...all I know is that I will NEVER buy another Chrysler product in my life! I paid 21,500 for this car and I do not think I should be having any of these problems, I think many people would agree with me.......If anyone wants to chat about this my e-mail adress only have one word of advise before you buy one.....check out the service dept. at the dealer cause I know mine is not worth the hassle, I would have been better off without the Sebring!!!! Thanks for listening.....


LXiSebring: If you are dissatisfied with the service at dealer A, take you car to dealer B and tell them what Dealer A didn't fix. Dealer service depts vary a lot in technical skill. You are under no obligation to have work done at the dealer where you purchased the car. Any Chrysler dealer will do warranty work, and some problems require a second or even a third opinion to get repaired.

Ben writes

Hi, I just purchased a used 97 Sebring LXi with most of the options if not all w/ 13,000 miles. It was one of those days that almost seemed fated for me to own one. Funny cuz I never heard or seen one before. I originally went to the Chrysler dealer to look at the Cirrus because it was more in my price range. However, the dealer had no Cirrus's in stock new or used. Doug, the salesman helping me out, walked me over to the Plymouth Breeze's, but I couldn't picture myself driving in something called a Breeze. Plus, I wanted something with 6 cylinders. So, he suggested looking at the Sebrings. One look at the LXi prices, and I thought it was just a little too much for me and the LX models just didn't thrill me like the LXi's. Then I asked Doug if he had anything else. He reluctantly admitted that they had a used one in the back lot called a program car with low mileage. So, I suggested we go have a look. As soon as I saw the color and moonroof, I instantly fell in love with the car. I think he noticed the look in my eyes cuz he practically ran back to get the keys for a test drive. After the drive, I was hooked. Didn't take much cuz I was an owner of a Jeep Wrangler that I traded-in for this wonderful car. Talk about totally different rides. 2hours later, I drove off with a practically new fully loaded bright white LXI....After 1 week and almost a 1000 miles, I must say I am really happy w/no regrets about this car. Funny cuz people at work keep thinking I got a major raise or something. This is one eye catching car and I keep wondering why I haven't noticed it before. Also, I seem to be taking the longer wayaround. What a great car. And after reading your website, I'm looking forward to many more years. Thanks for a great site.

Shawn Murphy writes

I wrote several weeks back and never received a response so I'll try again. I recently purchased a '95 Sebring LXI that belonged to a good friend of mine. The car is Chargold and is fully loaded with every conceivable option. The leather interior is perforated and is in mint condition. The seats are prominently stamped with large numbers apparently indicating their order off of the assembly line. The numbers are 54 on the driver seat and 55 on the passenger. If this is right, then that would make this the 27th Sebring to roll off the line in '95. My friend bought this car in april of '95 and waited several weeks for delivery. It was at least 5 or 6 months before I saw another one in our area. I feel that this was one of the first Sebrings manufactured but I don't know that for sure. Do you know of any way to verify this through the VIN number? I would like to establish a value for the car.

I can send photos if you like.

The VIN is 4C3AU52N4SE188710. The date on the white tag indicated APR 1995. Does your '95 have perforated seats? Do you know the significance of the numbers printed in the leather?

LXiSebring: The VIN on mine is 4C3AU52NXSE220799 and the build date is listed as May, 1995. The last few digits indicates the number off the line. I had always presumed that mine was the 799th one built, and that would jive with your 710,but there should be more zeros in front of the number if that is true. Then, the 188 and the 220 could indicate a month and day of build according to some coding system, I don't fully understand--then the 710 and 799 could be the sequence number off the line during a month. Remember, I saw several Green 95 Sebrings in New Orleans La as early as the first week of February, 1995 when they apparently brought in some for dealers to see and drive. The interior of mine is cloth, and I havent a clue on the perforations. Some dealers--including mine-- were actually offering a "dealer-installed" leather option using a local upolstery shop--are you certain you didn't get one of those? If so, the leather would not be listed on the factory sticker. All 95s with factory leather have sunroofs and power seats, as the factory leather was only available as part of a package. If you are missing any of these items, the leather was likely installed at the dealers. Send pics if you want.

Len & Pat write:

14 SEP 98 Update from SEPT 97 and MAY 98 Presently 99000KM Had the head gasket and time belt replaced, Rotors replaced and driver's side front seat belt. Was riding very rough, replaced spark plugs but still doing the same. Brought veh in today and sspark plug wires replaced, now running smooth. All work done on warranty except the plugs. So far I have received excellent service from the dealer, Can-Am Chrysler, Moncton, N.B. Canada. The best service I have ever receive from a dealer. The vehicle was repaired on time and to my expectation. I received follow-up telephone call from the saleman inquiring as to the service received. Very professional dealaership. Had a bit of bad luck. Following a semi-trailer truck and a piece of rubber came flying from under the wheels and hit the hood, windshield and top. Had windshield replace (scratch) and will get the rest repaired. Total $1000.00. The wife is still seeing pieces of black rubber flying in her dream (on her side). Can someone tell me if vented rotor are available in Canada for the Sebring? Pls email me. thanks.


Hello, I am trying to find out if someone makes any exhaust upgrades for my Sebring. I am also looking for aftermarket chips and the possibility of turbocharging the engine.

LXiSebring: Check Wheatking's Sebring Performance Website

Will writes

I bought a 95 Sebring about 2 months ago. Seems the thing is full of little surprises.
-The fuel lever/door is broke (missing sppring)
-ABS indicator has lit up.
Is this the brake problem you mentioned earlier ?? - and a bad battery too.
I don't feel so bad after reading your helpful article.

Too bad people at Norwood Dodge didn't look into these things. I feel the things are springing up a little too quick for buying it 2 months ago at 64,000 mileage. Gettin it fixed. Any suggestions on ABS brakes or the battery ? Thank you. Will What about the timing belt ? any history on those?

LXiSebring: The little spring on the gas lid just clips on and fits in a little indentation on the cover. Take a look at how it fits so if you lose it again you can replace it yourself. Its easy to knock off when you fill gas in especially if the pump end has one of those wide collars to control fumes. I'm surprised the battery didnt fail much earlier-- almost no one has a 95 with its original battery--the entire batch from the supplier was defective I am told--(Does anyone still have an original battery in a '95 out there?) I havent heard any reports of premature timing belt failures-- in fact I've heard of none at all. A few people have had to have work done on the ABS if you check the letter archives.

Kay Paige writes

I to had a wonderful 96' LXi Chysler Sebring. I thought it was the prettiest car I have ever owned.... then September 1st, 1998 my car decided to accelerate on it's own... I had taken my foot off the accelerator and then it took off on it's own... very scary... when I hit the breaks the car just seemed to go faster... it was fighting me all the way... I rear ended a pickup truck... I have a sore neck out of this... but my car has somewhere between $5000 and $6000 in damages... I believe that Chysler should be responsible for this accident because it was the motor and not human error.... anyone having any articles regarding this would be appreciated, this accident should not go against my insurance... because of it not being human error...

I'm not sure if I'm writing the correct people but I could sure use some help PLEASE!!!

Kay Paige
2024 Spring Mills Road
Mesquite, Texas 75181

Kristen writes

I'm very happy that you have had nothing but good luck with your Sebring. All I have had is bad luck. Everything from brakes to transmission problems, and cosmetic. I have been through arbitration, and nothing has been done by Chrysler. Consider yourself very fortunate!!

Dean and Tracy Grand write

I am a second owner of a Sebring LXi. Our first was a 1996 LXi... The color was two tone Burgandy and silver mist with grey leather.

I purchased it for my wife originally, but fell in total lust with the car... She got pregnant and found it difficult to get in and out of it after about six months, so reluctantly, I traded it for a 97' Honda Accord LX... Man I kicked myself for a year and a half, until last week !

I was trading in the proverbial "Mini-Van" when I saw It ! A 1999 Champagne colored Sebring Coupe with color coordinated wheels ! Anyway, I got the fever and when I drove it, I bought it ! When I came home with this beauty, well, it actually improved my marriage...

The official color name for 1999 is, Cafe Latte... It has the calf leather interior and Sun Roof, all of the LXi goodies ! The only thing I ever had go wrong on a Sebring was on my 96' model, the cup holder spring, "sprung", and I had to get it replaced... NO BIGGIE...

I would be interested in joining the Sebring Coupe owners club. Please write back with the details...

LXiSebring: You have joined!!!

Nancy S. Davis writes

As a proud owner of the Sebring Convertible(1997),I would like to say that I have had nothing except PURE FUN, AND ENJOYMENT,from my car. I have never owned a Chrysler before, but everywhere I go I get remarks like, "I LIKE YOUR CAR","BEAUTIFUL".."do you like your car?", "I rented on while on vacation, do you recommend that I buy one?" etc. I have owned it for two years now, and am still excited about driving it. Before this I always drove a General Motors car, but plan on keeping this car for a very long time. I am the church organists, and everyone at church is envious, as I leave church each week. Thanks for the great car, even little kids, comment on my beautiful car.

LXiSebring: We have not followed the convertibles here because, despite cosmetic similarities, the coupe and the convertible are quite different cars. The convertible is derived from the Chrysler "Cloud" or J cars (Cirrus, Stratus, Breeze) and is built on a Chrysler-developed platform in a plant in Mexico. The Coupe is built in the Diamond-Star plant owned by Mitsubishi, under a contract to Chrysler. This plant is located in Normal, Illinois and also builds the Mitsubishi Galant and Eclipse. All three cars (and the Avenger which is built there too) share the Galant platform. The repair records on the coupes and convertibles have been very different since they are quite different cars--and the problems owners have had are different.The repair record on the convertibles is better than the coupes, according to Consumer Reports. The most recent word I get is that Chrysler has signed a contract with Mitsubishi to build the coupes in the Mitsubishi plant in Illinois through 2005, and production of the convertibles will continue to be in Mexico. Styling of the Coupes and convertibles may go in different directions in the next major model change scheduled for the year 2000. The 1999 Coupe remains unchanged except for a couple new paint colors.


I had a similar problem with the battery in my '96 Eclipse GS-T.The car was 2 yrs old and only had 4,700 miles on it when the battery went bad.If I'm not mistaken the battery had the name "JOHNSON CONTROLS"written on it.When I called the dealership about it,they told me they could only "pro rate" the price of a new one.I would have had to pay 60% of the new one;Needless to say I was not to happy.I ended up buying an OPTIMA battery.Cost me a lot more but is a superior battery. Anyway,I ended up on your site because I love Sebrings.I saw beautiful all black(inc.grill)LXi with all gold emblems.It was amazing.The only thing that stopped me from purchasing one,not enough performance.Chrysler Sebring LXi-Turbo(ie.Lebron GTC which i own)I definitely would have bought.Oh well maybe we could talk Chrysler into doing an engine swap. By the way nice car.I like that silver too.


writes Hi, my name is Mohammed and I would love to be a part of the Sebring Club. I feel so left out since I'm not in the club, just kidding. But I can send you a pic of the car too, and I would love to see it on your webpage. By the way, it's a 98 LXi, black/gray interior and it's going to be modified greatly soon. Thanx alot, and I'll be waiting for your response so we can talk some more. Talk to you soon.

Rodecap writes

My wife and I have a love story to tell about us purchasing our first Sebring. It all started about 2 years ago, when my wife and I were looking in Kansas for the "new style" camaro at the local Used Car Lots. We were walking around when we saw a lady in her mid 30's pull in in this beautiful, Black with White cladding 1995 LXi. My wife immediately fell in love with it, and started looking around the parking lot for another, as this was obviously this lady's car. The lady rushed into the salesman's building, and was in there for about 1/2 hour as my wife and I wondered why we hadn't seen any of the car salesmen yet. At first, we were pleasantly surprised that they hadn't come out asking us to "start some paperwork", but after a while, questions about what this lady and the salesman were doing surfaced. The lady came back out when a large Ford pickup pulled in. She rushed over to it, jumped in, leaving the car that my wife had by now inspected and found to be the new Sebring she had heard about. As we were looking at the car, not really knowing what it was, or what it was worth, the salesman came out and asked us if we would like one, or two. I gave him the fake laugh, and said two. He said that the lady had just come to him talking about a business venture that had gone sour and how she had to get rid of her house, and both new cars as soon as possible. We also found out that he would be willing to sell us the 18,000 mile car on consignment for the $11,500 that the lady needed to get back out of it. My wife and I, having been looking for a 93 or 94 Camaro, were expecting to pay around $8500 to $10,000 for it, but we hadn't even given a thought to buying a Sebring, (we really hadn't seen one before) so we had no idea what it was worth. Nonetheless, the idea of being $11,000 in debt at the age of 21 wasn't very exciting to me, but my wife was relentless. She kept pressing on, giving the usual 'subtle' hints that she WANTED the car, and that she wanted it NOW. After almost 3 hours of deliberating with her (with no help from the salesman (thanks John)) I finally pulled her away from the lot, very unhappy, but still with enough money to go to McDonalds. That night I jumped on Kelly Blue Book to see how much the car really was worth, because the way my wife acted all the way home, and through that afternoon, I obviously wasn't going to see the end of the beautiful little black car. The one we looked at that day was almost $6000 under Kelly Blue Book's value that night that I checked it. It had the nice wheels, full leather interior, Infinity CD Stereo system, and sunroof. When I saw this, I planned on going back to the dealer the next day and trying to make a deal with him. I did not tell my wife of my plans, it was going to be a sort of surprise. I returned the following morning, but couldn't locate the car anywhere on the lot. I thought that maybe the dealer was cleaning it or something. I found out that another couple had pulled in 2 hours after we left and, knowing what a great deal it was, bought it on the spot. If my wife had known this, she would have been crushed, which would have meant that we would have had to go all around town looking for another one, and pay the extra $6000 or so. I counted my blessings that morning for not bringing her.

Anyway, that was 2 years ago, My wife and I have developed a keen eye for the Sebrings since then, and understand what they are worth, but we hadn't seen any other Black with White bottom ones, not even on the road, up until about 5 months ago. We were driving north to see her parents, when we took a wrong turn and drove past a little mom-and-pop car dealership. There was a Black and White LXi sitting in the back row between two pickups. It obviously hadn't been there long, as it didn't have the warrantee paperwork in the window, and was still a little dirty from when it was brought in by the original owner. Other than that it was the exact same car we had seen 2 years prior in Kansas. I didn't have to try very hard to convince my wife to stay with the car while I went to find a salesman (it seems we always have a problem giving the salesmen that 'we want to buy' look enough to get them to help us). I saw a young man who looked like he could help, and pulled him over to the car. I asked him if we could drive it, he said sure. As soon as I saw the 30k miles on it, I knew that it had been driven a little much for my taste, but that my wife and I couldn't let it go for another 2 years. As soon as we got back from the test drive, I told the young man I would take it. It ends up that he was a car washer, and just thought that we wanted to see the car. Anyways, my wife and I now have our very first Sebring LXi coupe with full leather, Sunroof and alloy wheels. It took us 2 years, thousands of car dealerships, and giving a wash boy his first commission check to get it, but it was all worth it. We are now trying to find out if we can get the 98 in the Black/White paint scheme. We haven't seen one, but we need one, as only one of us can drive ours at once and we both love the attention it brings cruising through the streets of St Louis. PS if anyone knows of any aftermarket parts for anything on the car are made, or if any mitsubishi parts will work I would appreciate the information. Thanks

Karen L. Anderson writes

Well, I just finished reading about some of the problems with the Sebrings.. Happy to say I have had none except the CD player did just stop taking CDs. They just put in a new unit today and while doing that I had them install the Sebring mud guards. My car is a 97 Indy Red and I have driven it to Colorado and back to Iowa three times now - 25,000 miles went by with no problems...I just really did not like how whatever you drove through splashed so badly...the mud guards that they ordered and put on are very tasteful and just add one more bit of class to a gorgeous car. Everyone loves my car that sees it. My license plates are "OSOCOOL". Great fun and am enjoying a "semi" sports car before going on to something smaller.

Jan DuBois writes

I am currently shopping for a new vehicle. I have looked at the Sebring LXi and really like the body style, size, and the comfortable ride. I would probably purchase one if I could find a white with tan interior. That is, totally tan interior. The contrast with the black is awful. Is there any way possible to get an LXi with the solid (no contrast) tan leather interior? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

LXiSebring: I doubt they would do this, as they wouldnt have the parts to build a tan dash. Check the 99 models--there may be some new interior color options. I haven't seen yet.

Jennifer Holt writes

I have a 1998 Sebring LXi that I purchased in December of 97. Currently, I am having two problems and was hoping you could give me some advice. 1. My sun-roof will not close on the drivers side (it remains up about an inch and a half) when I am driving above 50mph. The dealer has tried to fix the problem three times and according to Chrysler there is a consumer advocate group formed because several people in Illinois are having the problem. Unfortunately, after months of battle with the dealership I have yet to receive a solution or proper service. 2. The hook and spring that keep the hood closed have rusted and have been replaced by the dealership. In addition, there is white salt or limestone or something all over the metal parts of the engine and all of the screws under the hood. It appears as if maybe there was extreme condensation that must have caused this substance to get on everything under the hood. The dealer wants to wait and see what happens however, I already have 16,000 miles on the car since I drive for work and do not have the luxury of waiting another 8 months to see what happens. I was hoping you might have heard of other people having these problems and how they were rectified. If I do not find an acceptable solution soon, I think I will need to trade the car in since I feel like I should bring a cot to the dealership since I am in for repairs so frequently. Thank you for your help and time.

LXiSebring: I havent a clue on either of these. Can anyone help?

Scott Patzwall writes

My name is scott, I recently bought a 98 sebring LXi in caffe latte with tan leather, I've had the car for 2600 miles, runs great. there have only been a few questions I have. there seems to be some kind of film on my windshield, and when i use my wipers, it gets worse, chrysler told me to use bon-ami, even that didn't work. so I tried alot of diffrent cleaners, laquer thinner, mineral spirits, alcohol. nothing seems to get this off. anyone got any clues?

LXiSebring: The plastics & leather in any new car exude volatile substances for a period of time that tend to settle on the windows. This will lessen in time but removal can be difficult. I would try a soft cloth soaked with a bit of WD-40. Follow this with a window cleaner such as Clearview--available in auto parts places. Some of the things you have been trying such as alcohol can be very damaging to plastics--don't use those.

and the transmission, makes the sound like something is still working, they told me that it's the linkage engaging when you shift, or slow down before stopping.

LXiSebring See DRAWSonCAD's response below dealing with the same problem

Another problem I just encountered, is when I got on the onramp to the expressway, i punched it to get ino traffic, the car nearly redlined, i had to take my foot off the pedal, I was afraid it wasn't going to stop, is this a normal function for the transaxle?

LXiSebring: The Electronic Management System of your car is designed to make certain that the car doesnt overrev. If you run a car for a few seconds above red line, the engine will not likely fall out on the ground in a heap. My hunch is it would have downshifted in a second or two had you kept pushing it. There could be something wrong with the Electronics that controls this, but its highly doubtful.

Other than that everyone loves the car, people tell me how classy and refined it looks.

SAM writes

Hi there, I have just bought a 98 Sebring coupe, I had a Toyota Celica before this. I have a few concerns:

1. My air conditions driver side vent blows warmer air if you keep it at a lower temperature. The center and the passenger side vent blow fine, however the driver side blows different temperature. If you cut the air, the center blow just regular air (as it should), however, the driver side blows really warm air, as if your heater is on. I have taken my car to the dealer and they compared it with some other sebrings and they all act like that. Well as we know this is not normal, all vents should blow exactly same temperate air. But, according to Chrysler the air conditioning is working according to Chrysler specification. So, I guess Chrysler does not care if it should work as to customers specification or not, as long as it work for chrysler specification. I might have to take some legal action if Chrysler doesn't do anything about it. I have paid $20,000 for this car and it should have the quality of $20,000 too, at least I would expect.

LXiSebring: I have not noticed a problem like this on the ac of my 95. It sounds to me like the flap inside the duct controlling that opens and closes the drivers side vent is not working properly. The dealer can check this--

2. My driver side molding is already coming out

Have the dealer repair under warranty

3. My air conditioning vents nob (which you slide to make the selection of circulation & vent) does not moves from circulation to vent position properly.

Have the dealer repair under warranty

I have taken my cars already to the dealer for these thing three times in the two weeks. You would think buying a new cars you shouldn't have to go the dealer for these things at least for a while. When I had my Toyota Celica or my BMW 325 the only time I went to dealers is for the servicing.

If you guy's have any advice please let me know.

LXiSebring: In the first few months of ownership I had several small but ultimately resolved problems--for the last 18 months there have been no problems at all--I only fill with gas and change oil. So persevere. The car has had fewer problems than my previous Subaru.

Sonia Espino

Hello David.

My name is sonia and I live in Florida. I am very interested in purchasing a 1998 Sebring LXi and will probably purchase it at the beginning of next month. I am only a bit concern about the performance of the car. Many friends of mine have mentioned that these cars have a serious problem with the air conditioner. I've been told that I will eventually have predicament with the A/C.because of the way is built in the car. The evaporization system of the AC is not of high quality.

What do you have to say about that? Have you heard of anyone that has this type of problems. I own a chevy beretta and to be honest, I have never had any major problems with my car. It is a 1993 model and it still running like new. I wouldn't mind purchasing another chevrolet.

Would you advise me. I am a bit concerned. This will be my second auto purchase and I would not want to be in situation that 2 years down the road the car start given problems.

I would really appriciate your comments. Thanks,


ps. Your car looks very nice. keep it up

LXiSebring: My car has had no problems at all with the AC and it works well. The car weighs over 3000 lbs and the power from the V6 is adequate for that--but its not a high-performance car with bone jarring acceleration. It is in its element in high-speed interstate driving where it really feels rock-solid. Your other coupe choice is Monte Carlo--a slightly larger car but the 3.8 liter V6 gives you considerably more hp. Its a tried & true design.

Gary Knotts writes

I have a 96 LXI that has a few problems that have been fixed as of yet.

1. The ticking under the hood
2. When I come to a stop to put the transmission in park it seems that the torque converter is still turning and it appears to clunk.
3. Brake rotors have been changed 2 times ( they have been nice about changing them) 18000 mi
4. I think the car does not have the power that it should.
5. I notice a high frequency noise,(40 mph and up appears to go away when you lift your foot off of the accel.) if the car had a rear drive line I would say the rear end roars

Common and simple SEBRING problems Response from DRAWSonCAD (Formerly GMJUNK)

1. The ticking under the hood EGR VALVE ..ask your dealer
2. When I come to a stop to put the transmission in park it seems that the torque converter is still turning and it appears to clunk. The solenoids need time to shift into first gear ...wait a second or two before shifting into park.
3. Brake rotors have been changed 2 times ( they have been nice about changing them) 18000 mi Yes a common problem...try using 2nd gear under 50mph going down hills...this helps keeping the brakes cooler, I put 30,000 on my last set.
4. I think the car does not have the power that it should. The car weighs 3,200 lbs. be kind to it :-) ....Use 87 octane gas also
5. I notice a high frequency noise,(40 mph and up appears to go away when you lift your foot off of the accel.) if the car had a rear drive line I would say the rear end roars Your transmission is making noise, its normal..a little annoying but just speed up..or slow down and it goes away

Gautam M Shah writes

Dude! Cool website. I'm glad to see that there are a multitude of other Sebring owners out there, 'cause let me tell you, I love this car!

It seems that several other people have experienced some problems with their batteries (was annoying!) and with their CD players, also annoying. Other than these two, I personally haven't had any problems. The only complaints I have about the car are its lack of power and a fairly large turning radius.

My Sebring:

1997 LXi in SilverMist. Yes it changes color and looks beautiful every time it does
All options except the leather seats

I'm thinking of replacing the "wood-grain" with carbon fiber a'la the newer Eclipses. Any thoughts anyone?

Also, if anyone is interested, check out this URL: it contains all the titles of the safety recalls, customer notices, and technical service bulletins put out on the '97. (95, 96, and 98 also available)

click here

Steve Palubiski writes

I have just bought myself a 1999 Sebring coupe in black with the black/tan leather interior all the options (sunroof, leather, Infinity stereo, ABS). I am on pins and needles until I take delivery of it on the 24th of August. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Once I have a picture of it I will send it to you. If you have any questions about the '99 model year just let me know.

Kerri C.,Peabody, MA writes

Hi: I just purchased a 1998 Sebring LXI (black/gray interior). I wish I found your web page before I purchased the vehicle. I traded in my 1994 Pontiac Formula (I cried). Although I'm used to a fast car, the Sebring gives a much easier ride, and kind of fun to drive. I just hope I don't have any of the problems that I've read about.

WheatKing writes

Just thought i'd let everyone know that there is now a ASOG web server!

What is ASOG you ask?? it stands for the Avenger/Sebring Owners Group. Over the next few months i hope it to become the focal point of the Avenger/Sebring world. Linking together all the pages from all the sites with avenger/sebring related material.

Also available for use is the ASOG IRC server. IRC is a realtime chat program. I have a server running at port 6666 and 6667. Lets see some people on it!

Also i am making available web space for ANY sebring/avenger related material you want posted. If you want to host a webpage contact me at and i will set you up with some space. I currently have 2 gigs of space available, plenty for TONS of pages.. All this is *FREE* and will always be free, no catches, no strings attached! It just has to contain material relevant to avenger/sebrings.

I invite everyone to check out the site.

ASOG Main site => click here

WheatKing Sebring/Avenger Performance Page => New Link--click here

Sebring / Avenger '99 Get-Together Page => Click here

Also check out the Avenger/Sebring Message Board. It's an ongoing message board that has a search engine to check previous posts.. very handy tool. It will also forward new messages to you via email so you can stay on top of the happenings in the ASOG world!

Message board


Everyone have a great summer!

Dave.. AKA WheatKing

Mark Weyer writes

I am the owner of a 1995 LXI and I'm experiencing problems with my battery. I recently replaced it with a battery I bought at a local automotive parts store and now my car won't even start (doesn't turn over). It seems like the car wants to start but something (possibly non-battery related) is preventing it. I checked the computer code which came back as a "12". Is there some hidden switch or something special I'm suppose to do after replacing the battery? On a related note, I tested the anti-theft system; after changing the battery, it now doesn't work either. Are the two connected somehow? I'm really frustrated with this because I can't figure out what the problem is. I haven't had any problems with my car (except the fogging problem) up until now. Got any suggestions?

LXiSebring: Can anyone help? I'm stumped but worried the aftermarket battery is too tall & grounding to the hood

Debbie Miller writes

I have had my Sebring LXi a year and eight months and I still love it! I have not had any problems with my car, although I did notice that the trim is coming lose on the doors.

About a year ago, my car and a deer collided. I was impressed by how well it held-up. Granted the we hit the deer with the front corner, but the car was not totalled. I had to have the hood, front bumper, one head light, and one fender replaced. Even with all this ($2300 in damage), my Sebring still made it the 250 miles home. Boy, were we lucky!

Shawn Murphy writes

I just happened onto your site and thought you might be able to help me out. I just bought a '95 Sebring LXI that belonged to a friend of mine. The car is Char gold with leather everything. The reason I'm writing is that both front seats have numbers stamped prominently into the middle of the leather and can be seen at a distance if you know to look for it. One seat is numbered 54 and the other is 55. The numbers must be at least 3 to 4 inches high and appear slightly lighter than the surrounding leather. They look almost like a shadow but you can actually feel the indention in the seat where they were stamped. Do you have any idea what this is? My friend seemed to think that this indicated the number of the car as it rolled off the assembly line but I have been unable to verify this. Let me know if you can help. I would be happy to send photos if you would like. Please respond to the address below as I am writing from someone else's computer. Thank you.

LXiSebring: I'm stumped! any ideas out there?

Ronald Gordon writes

I own a 1996 Chrysler Sebring Lxi Coupe (purchased new and still under warranty) with just over 34,000 miles on it. Since early April of this year, this car has been to two different Chrysler dealerships a total of eight (8) times to find out what is causing the engine to momentarily rough idle and the "Check Engine" warning light to illuminate. On each attempt, the technicians have replaced numerous items (thought to be defective) yet the problem returned in just a matter of days after the repairs. Thus far, the following repairs have been made:

Dealership #1
04/07/98 Performed Technical Service Bulletin 18-16-97
05/08/98 Replaced No. 2 Spark Plug
06/08/98 Cleaned Combustion Chamber
06/16/98 Replaced No. 1 Spark Plug/Replaced Lower Intake Gasket
06/23/98 Removed Heads, Replaced Bent Valves in #1 Cylinder/
Ground All Other Valves/ Replace Rear Main Seal
Dealership #2
06/29/98 Replaced EGR Valve/Performed Drivability Check
07/07/98 Replaced Distributor/Replaced Coil
07/17/98 Replaced Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, and Fuel Injectors/Flushed Fuel Tank and
Fuel Lines (Suspected bad fuel - Non-warranty item/replaced at my expense)
After this last repair attempt (which cost me over $2000) the light came on again the very next day. I am now waiting on a diagnosis from yet a third Chrysler dealership. I have heard of many other Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger owners having the same problem with many being attributed to faulty EGR valves, O2 sensors or on-board diagnostic computer chips. On numerous occasions I have requested the dealerships contact Chrysler for technical assistance and even given them the codes that flashed the last seven times; yet, here I am facing the same problem for the ninth time. I love this car but I can't continue to deal with this problem on a weekly basis. I would like to know how many others owners have dealt this problem before?... and what was done to correct it? From my experiences with the Chrysler dealerships, it appears that they don't even have a clue.

Please help!

LXiSebring: I'm stumped! anyone got a clue?

Glen Price writes

I have just purchased another Sebring. My last Sebring was a 95 LX 5 speed, Silver. It was the best car that I had ever owned. I had two problems with it both during the second year. The first problem was a door panel that was replaced due to warping and a hood hinge that failed and caused a rattling noise which sounded like a rattle in the dash. Other than that, I dove it around for 45,000 miles put gas in it and it ran like a dream. I bought the car for $17,000 and sold it for $15,000.

I now have a loaded LXI ,Caffe Latte and have e-mailed you a picture of it. Hope it gives me the same pleasure that the last one gave me!

Love your web page, Keep it up!

Vickie Perrywrites

Yesterday, my husband and I ordered a fully loaded 1999 Sebring LXi. Our purchase price is $22,721. Is this a good price?

I read on your site that the 1999 LXi's are supposed to have a larger engine than the 1998's, however our dealer said there had been no announcement from Chrysler on the larger engine. Do you have any further information on that

LXiSebring: The price looks good to me! I'm now convinced there will be no major changes in the 99--engine or otherwise!

Charles writes Hi, I just got my 98 Sebring LXi (see Sebring photo page ), I`ve had it for a week now and I simply love it! It is black with the tan interior and fully loaded. I`ve ordered GTS light covers and a K&N air filter for it. The car handles and rides great. I traded in my 1996 convertible Sebring JXI for it and Im glad I did. PS. I love your web page. It has alot of usefull information regarding the sebring coupe. Keep up the good work.

Reynald Williams writes

I have a 1995 LXI model also. I only had two problems with it so far. The first is a rattling noise when starting off in first gear and it fades away as you pick up speed. I have an automatic transmission . The second is a Compact disc wouldn't eject from the disc player. That really isn't that major but the first one I'm getting looked at today. As I'm pulling off I hear a high pitch sound like something is wrong with the transmission and then comes the rattling noise. I don't speed race in my car actually I drive quite slow all the time, it shouldn't be making these noises. Please let me know whats up. Thanks.

LXiSebring: can anyone help Reynald?

Dan Siegel writes

For all 1998 Sebring owners: Chrysler put out a bulletin July 10th to replace door panel clips on all '98 Sebrings built before June. As has been discussed on this list before, the clips are often not strong enough to hold, causing the plastic lower door panel t come lose and get bent up and/or fall off. This happened to me in early June, two weeks after I bought my '98 LXi.

Dieter E. Helm writes

Hi there,

my wife recently purchased a pristine, fully decked out, '96 coupe after after some idiot ran a stop sign and totalled her mint condition '93 Eclipse. Blessing in disguise....this is the coolest car she ever owned and I'm ready to buy a mate to hers....but what gives with the windshield??? This one, and all others I see on the road and dealer lots have windshields without the typical 6" tinted, shaded segment on the top of the windshield?? Any comments?? It's too bright in the car without the tinted section. Did Chrysler pull one here or is it an option? I won't buy if it's not. Like to get your comments. Thanks

K.P. Shulhan writes

Hi. I am the owner of a '95 Char Gold LX with almost 58,000 miles. I've written in once before with complaints about the braking system, but now I think I may have yet another major problem: I think the struts on the car are bad. Not only is the ride terrible, but every time I hit a bump, it almost feels as if the car is heading "sideways". Also, when I am braking over a bumpy road (all the roads are bumpy here in Michigan, the Land of Potholes), I get a distinct hydroplaning effect. Unfortunately, I've also come to find out that the struts are "dealer install only"; what's up with that?? So far, the cheapest quote I've been able to get out of a dealer is $1000 for four. Does anyone have any insight as to what else this could be, if it's not the struts?? Thanks!

Wheat King writes

Just so everyone knows the ASOG site (Avenger/Sebring Owners Group) is becoming a reality. The site will contain the following servers: Web Server: Space will be made for free for anyone who wants to make a page that is related to ASOG or Avenger/Sebring cars. Also this site will most likely become the central point of ASOG related links. If you have a page with Avenger/Sebring material, please email the address to with the topic as "URL" The Web Server can be found at IRC Server: Yup, we have our own IRC server. Point your favourite IRC client to port 6667. join channel #asog. For those that don't know anything about IRC, it's a realtime chat program. Check out the IRC page link on this following URL: Mail Server: it isn't implemented yet, but soon enough! this will be available as a bonus to those hosting web pages and should be used to administrative purposes only. Also, i'm looking for people to help with the HTML and the administration of the site. I can't do all this alone, and this site is "yours" (although i own the server, it's for everyone to enjoy and use) If your interested in helping out, please email me at the address below..


Dave Urwin

Darren K. Withers writes

I am the new owner of a 98 Sebring LXI with 2300 miles. I absolutely love the car and haven't had anything of great importance go wrong with it. But reading some of the material listed, I now begin to wonder "when is something going to go wrong?"

The only thing that I dislike is that there is wind noise coming from the passenger side door. I usually notice it at about 55 mph. Has anyone had a similar problem.

John & Tracey write

My wife and I just purchased a 1998 pewter blue sebring lx; with 16" alum. wheels, 2.5 L v6 ,power group(h package) cd player and grey interior. We are amazed at how beautiful it both looks and drives. Thanks for providing a great site for us sebring owners. Keep up the good work!!!! From John and Tracey, Ottawa Canada

Keith Lumley writes

I saw an interesting sight at my dealer yesterday. My car was in for a service and they had four 98's on the lot. One of them had an "extra" plastic guard on the bottom of the front spoiler. I asked the Service manager and he told me that they are now getting all new 98 Sebrings off the trailer with this "scuff guard" attached. They remove it during dealer prep. Apparently the dealers were damaging the low front end when taking them off the truck. Anyone else seen this on cars on the lot.

Scott Hendrickson

Hi There, I just bought a '98 Sebring LXi Caffe Latte with every available option. I have only had it 3 weeks but have put over 1,000 miles on it already. No complaints, or problems whatsoever. Very satisfied. In my opinion it is the best car available for under $20,000. The color and styling are absolutely gorgeous. I had the occasion in 1995 to work in the DiamondStar Motors plant in Normal, Ill. for a short while where the Sebrings are now being made and I must say that my exposure to the Q.C. dept. was very positive. In fact, once I found out that the car was being made there, that sealed the deal.

Allan C. Finnical writes

David, Love your web page. I have the same model you have except I have the leather package. Great car! I was wondering if you would be able to tell me where I might be able to get a repair book for my car. I have a few electrical problems that have recently showed up, and I have not had any luck finding a repair manual. The power door locks are not working from my remote and the driver's side power door lock is not working at all. I assume it is a relay that is bad, but I do not have the wiring diagrams to find it. If you could "steer" me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Drive On, Al

LXiSebring: I dunno on this one, but we will see what the other owners know

Mike and Amanda McKee write

My wife bought a 98 Chrysler Sebring LXi Coupe two days ago. My wife and I refer to it as the Batmobile because it kinda has that feel, you know? If you combine the low seats, the long car, the large wheels, the molded engine hood, and the grillwork, you would have something that Bruce Wayne would love. The engine also has a low wo-wo-wo sound that's real sexy. Unfortunately, however, no flames out the back. I found the engine responsive and the handling really impressive with the low, wide frame and the wide wheels. The turning radius is not as good as say, a Civic, so you'll have to give that up. The paint job is good and it really does change colors slightly in the light. I have a wildberry and it goes from red, to red-orange, to purple, to deep purple, depending on the light situation. I think you get more standard features in an LXi Sebring than you do a Honda Accord Coupe or Prelude Coupe, and at a cheaper price. Plus, the engine has more torque and horsepower than the Hondas. I'm so impressed that when my Honda Civic goes off lease--I might buy us another Sebring. I have noted some small problems. The plastic dressing on the sides is tight except near the front of the car door. I think some adhesive should fix that. I take it back on Tuesday to get detailed--I'll mention it then. It's a brand new lease. Another problem is the front seat. I'm 6'5" tall and I found that my head kept bumping the ceiling. I really wished I could lower the seats more, but couldn't. I fixed that by moving the seat back. This helped a great deal, but I have to get used to stretching my legs out more than usual when I reach the pedals. It's much different than my 98 Honda Civic in this respect. Another problem is the cruise control switch--it's really two problems. First, the switch is not visible at night for setting the cruise control speed. Second, the switch is very unusual--not like my old Mazda 626 or my 98 Honda Civic, which made the switch integrated into the steering wheel, instead of as a bar off the steering column. Here's the price that we managed. We traded in a Mazda 626 and got $5,000 back. Then, we had a Sebring sticker price of around $19,000 with the dealer discount and manuf. discount. So, with some haggling and a fantastic credit rating--680 beacon score when a dealership thinks a 700 is a perfect score--we managed a lease for $248 per month for 3 years, 15,000 mile/yr. limit, full warranty with no deductible, and a car worth $12K afterwards.

Michael Keefe writes

I have had my '97 Sebring in for repairs 21 times since I bought it in May 1997. I am curious as to how often other Sebring owners have had to bring in their cars for repair. I don't mean how many things broke on it. I mean how many times did you have to take it to the dealer for repair work (don't count oil changes, or other wear and tear items).

LXiSebring: That's high even by Sebring Standards!

David Morrison writes

I have been looking to upgrade my Avenger in the engine department, but have had relatively dismal results in finding any sort of performance parts specifically for the Dodge Avenger. I'm interested in knowing if you know any specific information on the Mitsubishi engine designation for the Sebring/Avenger V-6. Does Mitsubishi use this in any other of their vehicles that might have a better after-market representation. If you have any information along these lines, it would be appreciated.

-David Morrison

P.S. Don't know if your Sebring Page warrants more than one Avenger page, but if you have a second, take a look at mine at: This location

DUANE MARTIN writes My name is Duane Martin, and I own a 97 Sebring LX. Would brand of oil do you recommend for the Sebring? I'm also thinking of putting new wheels on my car. I am thinking of 18" wheels, what size do you recommend? LXiSebring: why not use a synthetic oil, like Mobil 1 Be careful on the wheels as you have little outside diameter clearance. Probably better to look at 17 inch wheels & the tire size used on the LXi

Cindy E Ferguson writes I'm a sebring owner who is having problems getting service for my Sebring. Maybe you would have some information you could give me. I'm having battery problems, battery won't stay charged. I had a CD player added to my new Sebring at the time of purchase and One Dealers Service Department in Huntington Beach says that I have electrical problems because the Cd player wasn't installed properly. They tell me I have to go back to the Dealer I purchased it from, so I do and the dummies tell me there that there is no electrical problems and that I should just disconnect my battery every night while the car is parked. What the heck I've never heard of such a thing in 58 years of driving. Buy the way that was the Service Manager a Tutle-Click in Tustin, CA who told me this!!! If you can help - Thanks!

Either the battery has a bad cell, or you have a trickle leak somewhere in the electrical system. I suspect the former unless the battery has been changed out. Try another service dept. This dealer has problems and is giving you silly advice.

Kenneth Lelacheur Jr. writes Are there any performance upgrades or any other useless stuff out there to customize. I don't own one but my friend does and he would love to have any type of response on this matter that he could. Thank you, Ken

LXiSebring:You might want to discuss this with WheatKing See note above

Michael Gilreath writes: Hi David: Thanks for the great page! I just bought a new '98 Sebring LXi today and am already in love! I got a black one with grey leather (I finally brought it upon myself to sell my beloved '93 Mustang Cobra). Although it has the Infinity sound system option, I would still like to upgrade. I was thinking of a better amplifier, since I want to keep the stock CD/tape player in the car. I'm also considering a 10" sub or two. Any suggestions? BTW - your Sebring looks great! Keep up the good work on your page - Thanks again!

LXiSebring: I'm not an expert on stereo upgrades but I'm sure someone here can help you. You might try contacting Ken for advice, as he has done a lot of Stereo upgrades on his 95.

Gail Neilson

I am just about to purchase a brand new LXi, Wildberry with leather interior. and sunroof option. It has a 2.5 6 banger. Is this enough horse for this size? It seems to be now but what about after i put 50,000 miles on it....?

LXiSebring:It's ok for me but you will hear varying opinions on this from owners. More hp is part of the 99 upgrades, but the price will likely be up too.

Chris writes

I just HAD to get the sunroof when I bought by '97 Sebring LX. It's a fun feature, but I've had one problem with it for months. When the car gets up between 60 and 70MPH, a whistling noise comes from the roof (maybe from the sunroof, maybe not). Have you heard of this problem? The dealer keeps telling me that there's nothing more he can do to the sunroof.

LXiSebring: Can anyone help Chris on this one?

Mopar Man writes

I have a white 96 Sebring LXi that has every available option on it. I bought it new from Pasadena Chrysler- Plymouth and it has been the best new car I've ever had. The only problem the car has experienced has been a battery which died one year after purchase. The car has 24k miles on it and I still get compliments on it quite frequently. In fact, only my '69 Charger R/T SE gets more comments than the Sebring. My only complaint with the car is the lack of power, especially at the low end. Does anyone know of any performance modifications/parts out there to get more from the 2.5L engine?

Betty writes

Hi! I am glad I found your page. I was out shopping for Sebring coupes today and have pretty much decided I want to get one after owning a Voyager for 9 years (which now goes to the teenager in the family). Any problems, concerns with the 98s? Should I wait for a 99? Am I making a good choice? Give me your opinion. Frankly, after having looked at a number of cars, it appears to be a tremendous bargain in style, comfort, mechanics etc. Let me know your opinion. Thanks! Betty Van Wagenen

LXiSebring:The 99s will have a bunch of changes including a larger engine. But 98s are an excellent buy right now price-wise, with the discounts and all. Most of the problems with the current generation appear to have been resolved. There are usually more problems the first year of a major model change. In terms of your price, the 99s will likely be significantly more expensive. After 4 years with few external changes, the design of the 98 still looks state of the art. I suspect that the 99 will look more nearly like the current Concorde/300M

DRASonCad writes

WhiteOak Chrysler has a 95' Char-Gold 2.0 5-sp Sebring for sale. It has no options and only 37,000 miles. I drove this car when it was new actually, but bought a Stratus instead. The car was only $16,500 brand new 3 years ago. This would be a great means of cheap transportation for all you Sebring lovers. Located in WhiteOak Pa. on Rt. 48 McKeesport.

Michael Keefe writes

Chrysler has done a recall (of sorts) for people with rotor problems with ALL Chrysler vehicles. Their customer service line (800-992-1997) states that if you live within the 11 states listed and have had your rotors replaced for a specific reason, you are entitled to a refund of those repairs.

After hearing of all the trouble and expense people have gone through with their Sebring rotors, I hope this helps!

Christian writes

My sister recently purchased a 98 Sebring LXI. She has had this car for 5 months. She has had to return this car to the dealer 5 times. Her problem is the side moldings on the doors continue to come off. She was advised by the dealer that the pins which hold the moldings on to the door are not durable. Have you heard this complaint from any other owners?

LXiSebring: One of my clips came loose in the first few weeks of ownership. They ended up replacing the entire panel. I Don't think the clips are deteriorating, they simply expand into little holes in the door like a plastic screw anchor for use in drywall. Somehow when the repair person is installing these, they are not expanding inside the door as they should. Also the dealer cannot simply re-use the old panel. there is a bead of sticky caulk that goes along the top of the panel, and this is lost once the panel is removed If the dealer is trying to reinstall the old panel, chances are the water seal has been broken. Since the one problem a few weeks after I received the car, I have had no further difficulty.

Al writes

Just bought a Sebring --- question it came with a "security" alarm and a lock unlock option ---- why the hell when you lock it it blinks me a green light that says security on a dashboard but when you try to tamper with the vehicle it doesn't do anything

LXISebring: Well the horn should blare and the lights flash if you tamper with the vehicle. Try locking the car and getting out, leaving the window rolled down. Then open the car door from the inside. If the security alarm does not start the horn and lights, something is wrong with the system. To turn off the alarm, put the key in the door and turn it.

Ward Wilson writes

i purchased a white 95 sebring two years ago, it has been the best car i have ever driven. many comfortable rides and enjoyable times. awesome!!!

Mike Scroggin writes Here is an update on the garage door opener problem.

I called the Homewatch number in the owners manual for help (it's funny the dealer didn't suggest this). The lady that answered was very helpful and walked me through exactly the same steps I had tried already a few times. It worked! I told her that I had tried the same things myself and she said "she had the magic touch". She said she didn't know why, but this has happened to her many times before. The garage door opener in the visor works fine now and I love the car.

Tim Iseminger writes

My wife & I live in sacramento, ca and since my wife Lynne bought her new sebring we have needed to go to the Reno, nevada twice. Surprise the owners manual says if we have the P195/70HR14 tires we can use "cable chains", but if we have the P205/55HR16 we can't use chains at all. Unfortunately we have "P215/50R17" tires with the spoke wheels. These are stock on the vehicle and nowhere in the manual does it address putting tire chains on this wheel & tire set-up. And guess what the wife is going over the hill in the next 24 hours and we have no clue how she is going to get through the snow that is expected. In the gallery section of the sebring website there is a picture of Doug Smiths "97" sebring (Paprika) with lots of snow in the background I would assume he must use chains of some sort. I would appreciate any info I could get.

Service Dept. Our first (3000 mi) service was just done and the nightmare of dealing with the service department at "Auto West Chrysler" at the auto mall in Roseville, CA is to lengthy to go into right now. I was prepared for the worst since our daughter has a new Town & Country and had it serviced there a few weeks back with even worse problems with the service department.

Its ironic that at this auto mall (lots of dealers) directly across the street we have purchased three vehicles in the past five years (John Sullivan Chevrolet) and i can not think of a single time that we didn't get awesome service in there facility. The problem was not always remedied, but the courteousness and attention to the customer could not be topped. I look forward to the call from the dealer rep at the chrysler to see how my first service experience went.

Jim Sebring

Hi, Great page. My husband and I are looking into buying one in Sept. but I'm leaning towards the convertible. We are going to be the Sebrings driving a Sebring. A co-worker of mine told me that after I get the car we should take a drive to Florida and take a picture of us standing next to the town of Sebring, FL---taking it one step further--- the Sebrings driving a Sebring through Sebring FL.

Anyway,thanks for the great information on the car. It was very insightful.

LXiSebring: Nice name, Jim!!!!

Blaire Fitzgerald writes

Hello! My name is Blaire Fitzgerald and I'm 15 years old, almost 16. My parents bought me a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXi with leather interior, sunroof, CD player, and all of the options. I LOVE MY CAR!!! I was wondering, I really like the 17 inch rims on the 1997 models. Is there any way I could order those rims from Chrysler/Mopar? My car has almost 22K miles on it. So far I have had no trouble with it! Thanks for a cool site. I'm glad I'm not the only one in love with my car. :-D

LXiSebring: LUCKY Blaire!!! Many happy miles in your Sebring!!!

Carmen Andrew Bosco Carmen Andrew Bosco writes

Here is my 1998 Sebring LX 2.0L, 5 speed...Polo Green....Tan\Black Interior. I was going to order this car but local dealer found this car 100 miles away at a dealer in Northern Virginia. It is an LX with no options at all.

My modifications to date;
1]..reversed the front license plate holder..[have to modify angle] .Now you have more visual of your grille..Lower plate may prevent some road debris from entering air scoop.

2]. removed standard ABS silver wheel covers for ABS chrome plated ones...

If anyone isn't to lazy to manually operate ; seat, door locks ,windows ,mirrors , d\n rear-view function, and shift then you have a car that is more spirited, economical, lower rpms at overdrive speeds, and less over maintenance and repairs...Then consider the LX and no options........Order it .!!

LXiSebring: You have a very nice Sebring. Excellent good-looking transportation at low cost. Are there other owners out there with the base model?

Teri writes

Hi! My name is Teri, I just bought a used 1996 white/silver sebring fully loaded. It has quite a few miles on it 56,000, but I fell in love with it and think that I got a fairly good deal buying it. I have one question, once the car hits 50,000 miles do you know of anyone who has noticed any significant problems that I should be looking out for. I know each car is different but any bit of information helps.


LXiSebring: My best advice is to read the letters from the owners at this website. It's a rich record of any problems owners have had

Just Morgan writes

Last Saturday while traveling south on I-295 in southern NJ about 5 miles from Delaware Memorial Bridge I was doing about 55-60mph it felt like I hit a dip in the road the car lost all power. The check engine light flashed on and off a few times but did not come on. I was able to get the car to the side of the road . I shut it off then it would turn over but not start. Had to have it towed to dealer. They cannot figure out what's wrong. The computer is not giving them any error codes. The car has 37,000 miles on it. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. Keep up the good work with this web site. Thanks again.

LXiSebring: I have a theory on this but I'm sure other owners will have other theories. I suspect that on going over the dip, you may have somehow lost electrical power to the fuel injection system. I would check the wiring/connections to the fuel injection system. I'm sure you will hear some other theories as well.

Matt Bruzek writes


I know you may not be able to help me but I was wondering about aftermarket spoilers that would fit entirely on the trunk of my 1997 Sebring coupe. I am not very familiar with aftermarket parts or catalogues for any vehicle and I thought someone who has e-mailed you would know.

I recently had some hail damage and the adjuster said I have to remove my spoiler to fix and repaint the trunk, then re-apply the spoiler (it is not damaged). Since it is going to be off anyway I was wondering if anyone has heard of rear spoilers that I could order to replace my old spoiler.

I have seen the elevated spoilers on the Mitz. Eclipse (which is very much like a Sebring with exception of the hatch-back) they are an eye catcher. I was hoping to find something like that. I have seen many cars with spoilers these days and I was wondering where I could find more info on that sort of stuff.

Any help would be much appreciated.

LXiSebring: Can anyone help Matt out on this one?

Mike Scroggin

We picked up our 98 LXI last night and when I got home I tried to program the garage door opener in the sun visor. I followed the instructions in the book, first clearing out the factory test codes and then holding the garage door opener next to the visor and pressing both transmit buttons. The light on the visor blinks slowly like it is supposed to, but never blinks fast. It goes out after about a minute and the unit is still not programmed. I called the dealer and he said the owners manual says it won't work with garage doors openers that have security codes that are constantly changing. Mine is not one of them. He couldn't offer any more advise.

Can any of you help me?

LXiSebring:How old is your garage door opener? I have my doubts as to whether this option will work with openers installed prior to about 1983, when a series of changes in opener design were mandated by Federal law. Does anyone else know on this problem?

Dan Siegel writes

Add me to the list of proud Sebring owners. I just bought a '98 Sebring LXi in pewter with gray cloth interior on Sunday. MSRP $22,690 -- paid $19,522 including $1,000 rebate. It rides incredibly well, and I'm looking forward to many years of happy driving.

I'm going to buy the Chrysler extended warranty package 7 yr/100,000 mile. Most interesting to me, though, is how the price of the same warranty deal varies from dealer to dealer, a range here in Phoenix of over $600. It doesn't always pay to buy it from the dealer where you got the car -- even if the car was a great deal.

Len & Pat Doucet write

Update from SEPT 97
13 May 1998.
84,000 KM (Canadian).
Had the ABS pump replaced, still on warranty ($720.00)ABS light had come on off and on and finally just stayed on. Heat shield on muffler rattle, fixed but noise back. Problem with rotor again, 3rd time. Appointment next week at dealer, Can-Am Chrysler, Moncton, New Brunswick. Replaced the air filter last tune-up, $47.00, a little steep I thought. The wife agrees that the front end is low!!!! she now backs into parking spots. If any one has a solution to the rotor and brakes problems please let me know, I'm still on warranty but once it's gone, then I'll have to think of something else. Sensor for windshield washer warning light was replaced. Still satisfied with the car. Still like your page and have it bookmarked, keep up the good work.

Joe writes

I have had my car now for one and a half years. Its a 96LX white with silver bottom i have a few questions i was wondering if you could answer for me.

1. do you know of any specialty stores in which you can order from or are in the NY area, cause I am looking to do some work under the hood and add a spoiler? there just doesn't seem to be enough power in the sebring compared to models in the same call Maxima Altima

2.I have had a lot of problems with my shock had the bushings replaced twice and front end repacked ever heard of any problems like this before. See what happens is that there is a lot of squeaking when you hit a bump going slow or round a corner. Thanks a lot for your time. I liked your website and the other links. I hope to hear from you soon. Joe

LXiSebring: Can anyone help Joe with these problems?

Jason Kotch writes

The Sebring is an awesome car. I feel strange looking at them because I'm 22. Most guys my age are into trucks or sports cars. At the time of looking for a new car, Sebring was out of the question because it looks too expensive and mature. After my mother said lets look at this car, I was very impressed at the price of the fully loaded 98'LXi. I am about to sell my 94 Firebird and will get a the 98'LXI. Thanks to everybody for the problems to expect. I think the CD player will be the first to go and then hear rattles from the transmission, these seem like the most common.

O-well that's why they have a warranty..."I hope the car will hold up well"


I just purchased a '95 Chrysler Sebring LXI for my wife. Had to bail on the '89 Maxima after 132,000 miles and she fell in love with the coupe after the L.A. auto show. I felt like a good deal was made as the car had only 12,200 miles on it and is in mint condition. This web page is excellent, as you have eased my concern over suspect trannys mated with the 2.5 ltr. engine. Has anyone experienced any problems with paint matching. We are changing the black over grey to all black and I'd sure like to hear if anyone's had any problems in that area...Last one, a sunroof rattle that disappears if you slightly open it? Neighbors comment upon pulling in the driveway..."cool car".

Eric minchew writes

Hello group, I just thought I would join in the fun and tell you about my baby!! I own a '97 sebring LX model. I have modified it a little bit in adding my own stereo system and I have upgraded the wheel size to 17 with customized rims. I do have some questions though, I read that a few have upgraded from the original four banger to the more powerful 6 cylinder, how much does that cost to do? I like the acceleration that my car has, but I would like a little more power. i would also like to know if there are any superchargers on the market for sebrings and are there any things such as custom exhaust out there anywhere?

The only problems that have occurred with my car are that one of my fog lamps have gone out for mysterious reasons and like the others have mentioned, I have scraping problems with the front of my car. The noise makes me cringe. well, I will begin to keep in touch and keep everyone posted on the upgrades that I will be making to increase my baby's appearance.

Any help that can be given on my question would be much appreciated. Thank you.

edoest writes

I saw that Mark Del Castillo's experience with his car are similar to mine.

Indy Red 1997 LXi at 28,500 miles

-Dead battery at 10 months and replaced byy dealer.

-Trip 1 of 3:CD player will not accept neww inserted CDs. Not in stock. New one ordered. ABS sensor needed. Not in stock. New one ordered.

-Trip 2 of 3:Rear, right ABS sensor replacced. (ABS warning light would come on). New CD player installed. Dead out of box. Another one ordered.

-Trip 3 of 3:New CD installed in 15 minutees. New ashtray lid ordered. I brushed against it and it broke.

All work done under warranty. The dealer (Hollywood Chrysler in Florida) is actually very nice and has never questioned my requests. They seem better then the Honda place 1000 feet up the road and how they handled my Accord )which was not all that bad.)

My costs have been oil changes, new windshield wipers, and a one day car rental. Brakes are still good at 28000 miles.

E Smith writes

I just recently purchased the caffe latte LXi and love driving it. The only annoyances are that the leather driver seat is finally comfortable after weeks of trying different positions (the seat is, however, in need of a right and left side leg "lean" or rest to prevent minor fatigue), rough (but solid) ride, and a lower than normal engine idling.

My experience with the dealer I purchased the car at (Stadium Chrysler in Rutherford, NJ) was a horrible one but I purchased it there because my target price was met.

I am looking forward to years of driving pleasure (if not, you will hear about it!).

Tomas Meszaros writes

I just stumbled onto your website. I must say, you do some excellent work. Only one suggestion would be to put the dates on the comments/questions that people send in so that others don't respond to stuff from '96.

LXiSebring: letters are in reverse order with the most recent first

Now, the details. I am a Canadian who purchased a 1995 Sebring LXi that now has 90,000 kms on it. It has a black pearl coat and comes almost fully equipped (no ABS or CD).

Overall, I must say that I am happy with my purchase but I do have a few regrets. Don't get me wrong, I think it is sleek and one of the most stylish cars on the road, but I feel that a little power is lacking. It is embarrassing sometimes for guys like me who sometimes like to drive a little aggressively. I wonder if there are any aftermarket or dealer parts (short of a supercharger) that could rectify this problem. A few extra horses might be nice.

Gremlin List:

-The high beams did not work properly, andd now they do not work at all (probably a switch).
-The passenger side seat belt tangles at tthe top hinge.
-The factory alarm goes off for no apparennt reason ( This was pointed out to the dealer, but no shorts were found and the problem persists).

LXiSebring: your hood alarm switch is not being held down by the hood, probably. Look along passenger side under hood--very edge--put small wad of electrical tape on underside of hood at that point--I wont guarantee that is your cause but this fix cured my problem permanently.

-The brakes on the car were astounding offf the lot, but after having worn them out at 45,000 kms, they were replaced with factory parts yet there is a substantial reduction in braking efficiency. The metal pads continue to squeal and the dealer insists that this is normal, but every other vehicle from Chrysler comes with the same pads, yet they do not screech like mine.

Now don't get me wrong. I did not sent this letter to bitch. I just want to know if these kinds of problems plague other owners.

Thanks for letting me vent a little,

cord_b writes

I just got my second chrysler Sebring and I love it, I was wondering if there are any chips available to make it go faster, because it shuts off at 130. if so, how much do they cost. also, I would like to know more about the turbo intercooled Sebring.

Mark Del Castillo

I still keep reading your Web Page every week. I have an update for my Sebring.

Silver Mist '97 coupe LXi
Milage: 22000's

Problems so far:

1. Brake with grooves on the discs replaced by dealer (under Warranty) around 10k
2. Battery died
replaced by dealer (under Warranty) around 19k 3. CD Player won't accept CD (*NEW*)
replaced by dealer (under Warranty) around 22k 4. Passenger Side Cladding loose (when closing door on the sidewalk if it's too high) (*NEW*)
replaced by dealer (under Warranty, they said it is not) around 22k 5. Ashtray hinge broken (*NEW*) replaced by dealer (under Warranty) around 22k.

So far, that's all the problem. I am happy with my car. I'll let you guys of any other problem.

Autumn Smith writes

Hello! I was SO excited to find your page, it's wonderful! I just purchased my '96 Sebring LX and I love it! I also looked at the 98's and... beautiful as they are... I find the body style of the earlier model, as well as the grill, much more to my liking. I also find the two-tone Polo Green/Spanish Olive (whichever?) and charcoal grey very attractive and unusual. In fact, I have only seen one other two-tone Sebring where I live. That is a definite plus! It really does attract attention! I must agree with the low front end problem, though. That is my only complaint about the car...parking lots are frightening places now. Hopefully the one time I heard that awful scraping noise will be the last. I do have a silly question for you. My car has a CD player and V-6 engine...I am a little confused about the difference between the LX and the LXi. I thought only the LXi had these options? Apparently not? Thanks for all of the wonderful information I found on your page!

LXiSebring: All of these items were options on the base LX, including the V6. Generally, LX models have 14 inch wheels whereas LXi models have 16 or 17 inch, depending on year. 16 inch wheels are an option on the base LX for 98, I believe.

William Cunningham writes

Thanks for your insights... I have found them to be informative. I have a Pearl white '96 Sebring Lxi. One problem I have had is with the facial front spoiler; I parked to close to a parking curb and ended up ripping the a portion of the face. It is being repaired.

Question: Do you think that the '95 versions of the face can be replaced by the '97's?

LXiSebring:Perhaps but at considerable expense. The bumpers on 97-98 are 5mph designs and are considerably heavier. Its not just the fascia and grille that has changed. Then there are side cladding changes as well as changes to the trunk area.

Carmen Andrew Bosco writes

Just purchased a new 1998 Sebring LX in 2\23\98...It is very interesting..I looked thru many sources..mainly ..and wanted the sebring...the only one I wanted was the completely stock LX with no options...was about to order one when I found one on the internet... It was built sept 97...and delivered 10\97...sat in the dealers in Northern Virginia for about 5+ months with only 34 miles on it....[nobody wants a manual trans Chrysler Sebring...

It gets the most comments of any car I ever owned.... it is Polo Green....with the new Tan\Black interior... You are correct about the color changes with pearlcoats...looks great to be at dawn dusk..lower light... I got no dealer sealants and went with the "sheeting action" products that don't water dura shine..and visions by Turtle wax... The inside I use the new Low Luster Formula 2001 protectant that has "nat'l leather fragrance" smells new every time I put a little on anything inside... Interesting final comment.... the plastic ABS generic wheel covers look quite [well] generic....] I was in K-marts the other day and they had ABS Chrome Plated covers...[on sale no less]...they look like real expensive polished alloy or steel wheels....unbelievable...I have to get a few pictures of them using the polarized lens on my they will flash out the picture.. Thanks for your site..great information...

DRAWSonCad writes

The "RATCHETING BUZZ SOUND" is the transmission solenoid pack...when shifting a faint sound can be heard and is totally normal..Chryslers have been doing this for 10 years...

William Chui writes

I bought the no slip mat for the trunk. I highly recommend this piece of rubber even if it is a bit pricey.

Do you have any pictures of the Sebring coupe with the Mopar Splash Guards?

LxiSebring: I dont, but if anyone does contact William

Keith Lumley writes

I have a '97 Lx and have just noticed a strange issue. Occasionally, when the car has stood overnight, the door/seatbelt chime goes off when I open the door with no key in the ignition. Any ideas?

LXiSebring: I havent a clue--something is messed up though.. anyone else with this problem?

Richard Brizzolara writes

Found your web page and thought I'd add my 2 cents. I have a 1995 Sebring LX. I upgraded the engine to the larger v-6, the suspension and went with the 15" tires. For the most part I love how the car performs. However I have a few concerns with it.

When I go to stick the gear shifter into the Park mode, it doesn't lock into Park. I have to either shift it rather hard into gear or shift it from Park to Drive several time before it locks into place. I hope it will only need to be adjusted the next time I take it in for it's "9000" mile service.

Another problem (or so I think) it that there is a buzzing sound coming from the trans whenever I shift the car. Like going from drive to reverse, it buzzes while going into gear.

Is this normal, or is there something that can be done to stop the buzzing?

LXiSebring: None of this is "normal" and should be checked out

David C. Ricks writes

I like Sebrings, and I'll get one soon (the coupe in Bright White looks great). In the meantime, I like to look at them, and your site is nice!

Speaking of obscure Sebring facts, the Fox network ran a show called Profit about an evil corporate climber named Jim Profit. Profit was abused as a child, he slept naked in a secret room behind his office, and he would destroy a person's life every episode. The show didn't run a full season (although I really enjoyed it).

Anyway, Profit drove a black Sebring (the 1995 model when it was new). Evidently it suited his character. I only saw his car on the show once (maybe it was shown more). The shot I remember was an overhead shot. I had the impression that it didn't have the moon roof (although I could be wrong about that). The "open" quality of the moon roof wouldn't suit his character. The car looking evil did suit his character!

Guy Allen writes


I just washed my car and paid attention to the wheels. I have a '97 LXi and the wheels appear to be losing their silver color. Are they painted? Should I bring it to the dealer and have the wheels repainted? Strange.

LXiSebring: hmmm... no, that should be a plating of some sort. Someone here will know & undoubtedly contact you.

Also about 2 months ago my CD player died, it wouldn't take in CD's at all. But the radio worked. I had it replaced and to my surprise the backlighting is now GREEN! The CD display is still amber as well as the equalizer LEDS. Is this the color of the new interior lights (1998)?

Also about the fogging up thing I've been reading about... When I turn on my defrost (I live in Minnesota and it is on about 9 months of the year) this Sebring automatically turns on the Air Conditioner. Just look at the air conditioner light come on when you turn on defrost!

Just thought I'd add that...(I read this site about once a month, so thank you!)

Nicholas Schell writes

There has been a lot of discussion about the Sebring's dim headlight output and what to do about the problem. I have researched the issue rather heavily and can provide the following useful information: View the excellent article titled "Headlamps 101" at Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central:


In brief, it states quite correctly that if you replace your Sebring factory headlight bulbs with "over-wattage" or "high-wattage" replacement bulbs, you WILL NOT get any improvement in light output. Additionally, you will be risking an electrical hazard, possibly resulting in a fire.

I ordered a pair of "EuroLights" ( to confirm this. They were the Blue/Gold ION type bulbs, "with a 25% increase in brightness". I replaced the right headlight and compared the output with the factory bulb on the left. Guess what? The standard Sylvania brand factory bulb was actually brighter than the EuroLight bulb! Also, the EuroLight bulb was an 80W bulb, clearly exceeding the recommended maximum wattage. I put the factory bulb back in before anything melted down.

In summary, replacing your Sebring's factory headlight bulbs with aftermarket bulbs will not increase the brightness, no matter what the wattage or treatment. If a company claims otherwise, make sure they will back up their claim with a money-back guarantee so that you can return them. Buyer beware!

Yacov Jegher writes

Hi, I thought I would update you guys on the status of my 1997 Black Sebring LXi. The car is great. After a full year of driving we have had absolutely no major problems. The car has only been brought in once to replace a faulty turning signal (the signal wouldn't always flash when pushed). I am most impressed with the handling of this car. I live in Montreal, Canada and drove the Sebring throughout the wild ice storm we had back in January. Tremendous handling - Pathfinders were slipping way more than I was. The car survived the harsh Montreal winter beautifully. I notice a few minor scratches on the paint job, but I guess that is to be expected.

My fears about the front end were confirmed today. I noticed a 6 inch crack on the bottom of the front panel. I have always had problems with the bottom of the car scraping the driveway, but I have been very careful. I am quite upset about it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to talk with my dealer about this? I really do not want to pay for this repair job. Some sort of protective base should be installed at least as an attempt to fix up the ridiculously low front end. I'll keep you posted.

lamia writes

I have a 95' Sebring LXi, it's got about 77,000 KMS on, it's a great car and even out ran a 3.1L Pontiac Grand Prix. But I've had so many problems with it, I've been starting to get acceleration problems right now, it went a away for about a month or so, but it's back now. It seems like it doesn't want to accelerate. The gas is very heavy and the RPM's struggle to get past 3000 RPM. It seems like it doesn't want to shift either. I've also gone through 3 pairs of warped front brake rotors, replaced brake actuaters, replaced front right suspension, replaced battery, replaced bearings, and replaced warped tires.

LXiSebring: Warped tires???? I dunno--you probably ought to have your dealer check your acceleration problem out.

Chris writes

Hi, my name is Chris and I am a recent college graduate who was in search of a car. Preferably a Volvo or Maxima. I will be honest I wasn't even considering purchasing anything else until I stumbled upon my Sebring Lxi 97 Paprika. It had 19,670 miles and was owned by a chrysler sales representative and I am very satisfied with the quality of this vehicle.

DRAWSonCad writes

NO MORE VIBRATION !!!! Attention all Sebring owners...After 32,000 miles I took my Sebring to my mechanic(He builds race cars) and had him balance my wheels AGAIN. I have aftermarket aluminum wheels, 16" and they are about half worn. Not to my surprise, the wheels were off was even off 1.5 ounces. He did an "ALUMINUM" balance, where they use sticky weights on the middle and the inside of the wheel. The best $40 I ever spent. The Sebring, believe it or not, is now the smoothest car I have ever driven,and believe me, I drive a lot of cars. The whole attitude of the car has changed. I believe this is the only way to balance an aluminum wheel..and you won't believe the difference. The car is smooth as glass now even at 120..

LXiSebring It's sad that so many owners have been having vibration/pulling problems with the Sebring. If everything is working properly the Sebring has wonderful handling. My Sebring works well in this dept. I had it out on the interstate the other day, and at speed it feels as if it is glued to the road. Aside from a colleagues 3 series BMW, I have never experienced such a secure feel. I hope this what DRAWSonCad suggests works if you are still having problems with your cars in this dept. Technically I'm convinced that the wheel/tire/suspension combo when everything is working properly is as good on the Sebring as you can find on any car listing under $30,000.

Vicki Houle writes

Hi there, I am just letting you know I viewed your website. I have had a few problems with my car. The battery was replaced after 17,000 miles. It just wouldn't turn over for me, they said it was a defective battery. I have had the CD/tape player replaced--it just cut in and out once and a while. This week I had it in because it would not turn over again. It could not get air into intake for idling (something like that). So they fixed it and the computer system.

LXiSebring: yup, you got one of the batteries with a bad cell---very common.. I love the car, but the "not starting" has got to stop. I had to have it towed 2x in the past month. What's up with that?

LXiSebring: For different reasons tho--Hopefully they have it fixed now

I am also disappointed in the resale value of such a nice and expensive car. Oh well. Thanks, Vicki

LXiSebring: I'm not sure where you are coming from on the resale value thing. The numbers I've looked at for used Sebrings on the Edmunds website look very strong!

Mark Flatley writes

Upon seeing the new Sebring back in '95, the year I graduated from high school, I new I had to get one. After months of test driving them, all years, I found one at a local chrysler dealer and it just so happened that my second cousin was the head sales manager at this dealership. I bought the '95 Sebring LX with the infinity tape deck. I'm wondering if you happen to know what size speakers are in the door and the top of the dash. They are definitely a component type setup but I don't know the exact size. As for the rear speakers they have a mitsubishi amplifier running to them and I'm guessing the size at 5x7. If you happen to know the exact size of these or know where I could find out without ripping the inside of my door off I would appreciate it. Great web site. You have a lot of cool info!!

LXiSebring: I haven't had mine out but I'm sure someone has. Can you guys help Mark here?

Tom writes

Hi there, I bought my '97 Chrysler Sebring in July of 97, and do a lot of highway driving. As of now I have 18,000 km on it and the car is still going strong. I love the car and the looks I get from people are awesome, their first question usually is "What kind of car is that ???".

Anyway, I haven't had any major problems as of yet like other people here have, but a number of small ones had popped up. First one was with the oil pressure gauge, when the car was in idle when cold the pressure would read normal, but once the engine warmed up and the car was in idle the pressure gauge indicated a pressure of 0. When You started driving the car the pressure would go back up into the normal range. The dealer had the car in for 7 days and they couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with it. They changed the oil sending unit, the gauge and check the electrical wires with no help. The mechanic spend 2 days on the phone with Chrysler Engineering and it turns out that they have never heard of this problem. When they tested the oil pressure in the engine they got a reading of 21 lbs which is well above minimal, so the engine is OK. After the dealer looked at other cars they told me that all of the 2.5 l Sebrings do that. Is that true?? Anyone has this happen to them???

LXiSebring: Not on mine it isn't! the oil gauge works fine always

I also have a noise in the back of the car (sounds like it's in the trunk), but the dealer is still unable to locate the problem. When you open both of the doors on the car, the interior lights do not go on, and a scratching noise is coming from the sunroof. As to brakes, well I've got no problems as of now, the car pulled a little to the right, but they rotated the tires and it seems to be ok now.

You have a great web page so keep up the good work. Have You thought about running a mailing list??

Thanks - Tom -

Peace writes

I have a 98 Sebring. The CD player had never worked properly. I have had it replaced twice. I have never been able to play a CD all the way through. What do I do?

LXiSebring: Have your dealer replace or have the player repaired. Its the only option. Chrysler sends them back to the infinity factory which made the unit I believe. Normally they will just swap it out for you.

Alan Currie writes

What do you know about the 99's?

LXiSebring:The new Chrysler-Built V6 engines now available on Concorde and Intrepid will be available. There will be other fairly significant changes--More major than between 96-97..No official word as to whether production will move from the Normal Ill. Plant but I strongly suspect it will move, as the severing of Chrysler ties with Mitsu are nearly complete now, with the new Chrysler-built V6 engines. I expect styling to trend toward the look of the newly announced 300 M but in a two door version obviously.

Pswift writes

I have a sleek black 1997 LXI that I purchased last February. It's a really great car and since I've moved to Sacramento I haven't seen the sebring hardly at all. And everywhere I go people tell me how much they just love my car or they'll look at it trying to figure out what kind of car it is. I haven't had any problems with the car expect for one, there is a noise in the rear of the car when I go over bumps. I took it to the dealer and the twice, the first time they said it was the jack equipment in the trunk but, a-day later I hear the noise again. So, I took everything out of the trunk myself to see if it really was the equipment making the noise. I still heard it the noise. So, I took it back to the dealer and this time they said it is the bushings and suspension arms causing the problem.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? or What could have cause this to happen. The dealer said that it came from the manufacture with bad parts and, they had another incident like this before. I love you homepage.

franklin writes

What a fun car to drive. I can still say this after 75k on the odometer. No mechanical problems, no electrical problems (knock on wood). The car is very elegant yet very sporty. In 75k miles I have modified my car somewhat. The first to go were the ugly stock LXi rims. They were replaced by a set of Sendal 5 spoke alloys (stock size, 16x7). The interior was modified with the addition of the '97 woodgrain facia over the stereo and heat/ac controls. The stock stereo was replaced by an Alpine 3-disc changer w/remote.

Now the fun stuff: The stock rotors were replaced with KVR cross drilled rotors and carbon fiber pads. The stock shocks/struts were replaced with KYB gas adjust units. The stock halogen bulbs have been replaced with hi-wattage Blue-Ion bulbs. Of course the windows were tinted.

The car now handles better, stops shorter and illuminates more.

Does anyone have any engine tuning tricks to extract more power or know of any bolt on toys?

Matt Cowles writes

Well, of any organization I have ever owned, I have never been prouder to be able to join this one. I am a Junior at Michigan State University, and I am the proud new owner of a 1996 Sebring LX.

She's rosewood with gray interior, and has all the bells and whistles. I found it on a whim while looking for a car to replace my 1985 Dodge, and boy did I find a replacement. This is the third Chrysler product I have driven, and there is no way I could possibly be happier. I'm just sorry I didn't find this car years ago!!

Godzilla writes

Have been looking all over to see if the Sebring we rented to go from MI to NC on Thursday is big enough for us. We will have our son, age 4 and a basset hound in the back seat. Coupe's definition is small, right? *smile* How is the room back there? We want roomy for the 700 mile hike. The funny part is that my husband is a DBA at the Chrysler proving grounds and is at this very moment looking at the crumpled Sebrings to try and figure out how big the back seats are. Please let us know if the 'kids' will fit comfortably,

LXiSebring: I dropped a note indicating that the Sebring has a quite large rear seat--larger than many 4 door sedans. I hope the trip went well.

Ken writes

I own a 1996 Sebring LXi. I wanted to know if any people have complained about a whining noise in the transmission at about 55-70 mph. This noise only appears when the accelerator is depressed. Once you let up on the accelerator the noise stops. I have just taken my complaint to the Arbitration Board. I have had the car in the dealer 4 times on the problem with no results.


LXiSebring: Anyone know, drop Ken a note.

Tracy Atkins writes

I Have Been a Sebring Fanatic Since I First Test Drove my 1996 LXi, Its Sleekness and Hidden Power Attracts the Eyes of Everyone In my Small Town. Driving it is Pure Pleasure, And Above All the Feeling Of Freedom I Receive From the Graceful and Smooth Ride it Affords me.

But With all of my Passion Towards Driving my Sebring, The One thing You Don't Realize Until its too late is the Safety it Provides.

The Strength of My Sebring Saved my Life.

I Didn't See the Small White Coupe Speeding Down the Highway when started my Journey to Cross the Dangerous Stretch of Highway.

LOOK-OUT! The Only Words Uttered From the Passenger sitting next to Me, as I Slam the Brakes in the middle of the highway. The Car I didn't See Plows Directly Into My Door At 45 mph! Glass Shatters, and the Moves only 2 Inches inward, Absorbing the Blow, and Crumpling at the Trunk and Front End the Save My Life. Not a Scratch, to Myself, or my Passenger.

Luckily the Lady that Hit me Was Unharmed as well, the Seat belt Saved Her.

I'm Lucky, Damn Lucky...

And my Sebring Didn't Die... 3 Weeks in the Shop, And She's Good as New..

We Drive these Wonderfully Nice Cars, Sporty, and Luxury, Yet We Rarely Ever Think about Just How Tough they Really Are.

Mark Barnett

I recently purchased a 1996 Lxi with 20,000 miles for under $15K. It appears to be in mint condition. It is white over silver and loaded to the max. I've wanted Sebring since they came out. No problems other than I haven't figured out how to program the garage door opener and the memory driver's seat. Any help would be appreciated.

Blaine Tempest writes


Visited your site for the first time in over a year. Glad to see it still operating and going strong. Would you believe only 15,592 miles since June of 95. Having had two major surgeries in the mean time probably contributed to the low mileage. Fifteen hundred of those miles were on a trip late last summer. My 84 S10 Blazer gets most of the local commute runs.

The word 'still' describes my relationship. I'm still impressed, still in love and that white garaged coupe still smells brand new inside.

My only complaints have to do with the word low. Too low in the front end and lower back pain on long trips. The wad of duct tape on the hood lip over the security sensor has worked well, except one time when I had to park on a radically uneven surface. I guess it created enough torsion to change hood clearance several MMs.

I thoroughly enjoyed the long due revisit - - - Keep it up!

Patti Apicelli writes

When the car if off and you push the cd eject button it sounds like it is trying to eject but there is nothing in there. When the car is on the player won't take the cd in. It feels jammed but there is nothing in there. I will be first in line in the A.M. Any ideas before I go? Is the CD/Radio/Tape player all one unit? I noticed in the users manual there is a fuse for the radio but not the other two.


Alan Currie writes

We just bought a 1998 Sebring LXi today. One comment about the 2.5 engine is that the minivan did have a 2.5 Chrysler engine at one time, but it was a 4 cylinder. The V6 engine built by Mitsubishi is a 3.0 L. The 2.5 (Sebring) is a 24 valve engine and the 3.0 (Dodge Caravan) is just a 12 valve engine. If you know of any similarities between the engines let me know. I've had two minivans, first with the 2.6 L 4 cylinder Mitsubishi and the current 1996 model has a 3.0 Mitsubishi engine.

LXiSebring: So far as I know, Chrysler-built engines are engineered by Chrysler and Mitsubishi-built engines are engineered by Mitsubishi. The two companies do not share engineering staffs. If Chrysler uses a Mitsubishi-built engine, that engine is simply delivered to the assembly plant from Mitsu rather than from a Chrysler engine plant. Mitsu-built engines will soon disappear from all Chrysler-built cars, and the Sebring is one of the last uses by Chrysler of a Mitsu-built engine. I doubt that the next generation Sebring due in '99 will be built by Mitsu in Normal, but I have not heard that officially. I have heard that the new Chrysler-built V6s now in the Concorde will also be in the next-generation Sebrings.

nschell writes

Holey moley! I just bought a pair of replacement headlights for my '97 Sebring LXi, and tried to install them over the weekend. It is VERY hard to turn the headlight compartment locks in order to open the bulb chamber. In fact, judging from the lack of work space inside the engine area, it may be impossible to twist them open without some kind of special tool. I spent $40 for a pair of Blue/Gold ion headlights and I can't use them. My near-Herculean-hands aren't up to the job. Anybody else tried to replace a headlight (who isn't either an octopus or a professional weightlifter)?

LXiSebring: Anyone have any info on this?

Eric responds

Simply apply light heat to them with a hair dryer....thats how I got mine off ,when you git in there the lights are held in by clips,.....the clip needs to be un-hooked at the top of the clamp fiddle around with it for a while you'll git it.

Patrick M. Goin writes

My name is Patrick Goin and I am looking at buying a Chrysler Sebring LXi in the near future. The other day I was at a Dodge dealer and sat in an Avenger. I had a hard time getting in because the steering wheel was too low. I tried moving it up but it seemed to not go up any higher. I was wondering if the Sebring is different and if you have had any trouble getting in and out of your Sebring. Can the wheel be moved up further? I would appreciate it if you could write back and let me know. Thanks. LXiSebring: No it can't--some owners have complained about this.

K Frug‚ writes

I'm looking for information on what common problems people are having with the 1996 Sebring Coupe LXi. I bought one in June 1996.

I've experienced several problems with the battery and now I'm hearing a grinding noise, similar to when brake pads need to be replaced but it doesn't seem to be related to the brakes. It seems to happen when the car reaches a speed of about 60 mph. A not-so-pleasant thing when you're headed down the highway!

LXiSebring: Anyone have a clue on this one?

Just curious if 1996 owners are, generally speaking, happy with their purchase. Mine is not yet out of warranty, but I'm beginning to have my doubts about how much time and money I will be putting into this after the warranty expires.

Thanks for any comments you can offer or web sites you can direct me to.

Ron Nial writes

I just recently purchased the LXi and so far very happy. I wonder if you have any comment on the limited amount on the road.

LXiSebring: Actually Sebring sales were up about 15 % in 1997!!!

It seems at least to be that way in Washington state. As far as the grill controversy is concerned, I quite enjoy the looks of mine. Mine is the black with the gold. Thanks.

Joe Bazan writes

David, Hi very nice information on the Sebring. Do you know of any recall on the 96 Sebring coupe (not the LXi). I feel that the air foil was made too low to the ground. I saw numerous Sebrings with damaged air foils, so I just wanted to know if Chrysler did a recall (wishful thinking?). Other than the air foil, very nice car.

LXiSebring: None that I am aware of!!!

Clarence Guidry writes

I have a 1996 Sebring LXi coupe. I recently got the front bumper hung up on one of those yellow front wheel stops common in parking lots. I couldn't get off, it ripped the front bumper, about $1,000 to replace. The body shop says they've done quite of few of these bumper repairs. I'm trying to get round headed screws instead of the squared off protruding hex head bolts that are on the underside of the bumper. Has anyone else done this?

Is there an aftermarket bumper piece that might attach (via the above mentioned bolts) that would curve upward to eliminate the straight cut-off trailing edge of the under-side of the bumper? Or something like that to help the bumper slide up and over the barrier when backing.

LXiSebring: I dunno--Does anyone else know?

Jim Gau writes

I am the proud owner of a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXI with 16,000 miles on the odometer. The car has been great until a couple of months ago when I began experiencing a light throttle valve clatter. If you have a heavy foot on the throttle you never hear the noise.

I took the car back to where I purchased it, Meador Chrysler in Fort Worth, Texas, and explained the problem to them. They kept the car two days and told me to buy a can of injector cleaner from their parts department. I wrote a letter to their service manager the next day explaining my disgust with the way they treated me, and it's been a month now and they have not responded.

I sent a letter to Chrysler headquarters about a week ago and am waiting on a response from them.

I am a Ford Certified Mechanic and make my living working on cars. If I treated my customers the way this dealership treated me I would be fired.

Let me know if anyone else is having low speed light throttle valve clatter in their V-6 engines. I suspect the EGR system as the main suspect. I hate to imagine that I will have to repair my car when it is under warranty, but it looks like I will and any help you can give me is appreciated. Chrysler is also very slow in releasing TSB's on their vehicles. Hardly any published on the 1997 Sebrings.

Todd Moore writes:

We have had our Sebring for over a year and are experiencing problems we think may be with the Transmission. We've had it to the dealer twice and both times they can't find anything wrong. The transmission seems to almost "slip" when coming to a stop and starting situation. Also, it has lost RPM's and speed, even when the accelerator pressure does not change. The transmission has not changed smoothly or at the speed we feel it should change. We also are experiencing rough braking and pulling to the right when brakes are applied. We're very concerned about the reliability of this car. Should we keep it? It is a sharp looking car....but does that out weigh the problems? No! We have to question the reputation of Chrysler Products. Maybe they haven't improved over the years as they claim!

LXiSebring: Your transmission problems are NOT normal. I have had only one or two other letters reporting transmission problems. In fact, I think my transmission shifts extraordinarily smoothly and works just as it should. Do others have ideas here? The pulling to the right could be brake-related, or could be the control arm problem discussed in the 1997 owners page. Check that page.

DRAWSonCad responds

Keep in mind that your transmission is computer controlled..and has an "Adaptive" memory..switching drivers and driving habits, such as different stops and starts tend to confuse these transmissions. I've found that always coming to a complete easy stop will train the transmission to not "slip" into gear as you described.It needs time to downshift into 1st gear. Also letting the transmission run through the gears as it chooses (not lifting your foot to coax a shift) will improve shift quality. There is a set amount of reserve transmissin fluid which is disperessed between shifts...and the computer calculates speed and torque for optimal shift quality. Believe it or not running 87 octane gas is the best thing you could try..the higher grades seem to make the engine stumble around causing poor shift points and destroying shift quality...with a little finesse your transmission will "learn" to shift smoothly again.

Alan Nelson writes:

Dear Sebring owners: I am very close to purchasing a used 1995 Chrysler Sebring. I am looking for any advice on what to look for and anything that I should be aware of. This is not a 'done deal', but I really like the car. If anyone has some pre-purchase advice, please email me back. I will describe the car a bit:

1995 Chrysler Sebring LXi
Overall condition: good to excellent
42,000 miles
Black exterior paint
V-6 2.5l w/auto transmission
Leather interior
Power sun(moon?) roof
Price: $13,500

This car is a company fleet car from my employer. I spoke with the department that handles the sales of the fleet cars and they said that they do price these cars below bluebook value as a added benefit to its employees. Thanks in advance for your time and opinions.

LXiSebring:See letter above--check brakes & see so car tracks straight without pulling to left or right. Many sebrings have damage to the front plastic bumper facade, so check for that esp underneath--Its expensive to repair--about $800 I hear.

Wade Shelton writes

I just purchased my first new car, a '98 Sebring LX. I am very pleased with it. It was the only car on the road that appealed to me, and I hardly ever see any coupes. I got the base model; it was about all that I could afford. I just graduated from college, and I thought I would treat myself since I just started a new job. I am taking it back to the dealer (Prestige in Austin) so they can install a CD player, take a dent out of the driver side door and fix a small scratch on the hood (all were present previous to purchase). Since then, I have noticed that the outside mirror control housing is loose, and the Chrysler medallion is cracked.

The car has great pick up for a four cylinder. I have been driving a V-6 Supra for the past four years, and they are very similar in that respect. I will let you know if I encounter any problems. Oh, and stay away from Preston Chrysler in Dallas- they tried to railroad me into a lousy deal.


Chris Gohlke writes

Great page. I have a 96 Polo Green Lxi with 10,000 miles. No major problems but lots of little ones. Replaced the battery almost one year to the day that I bought it. Check engine light twice for bad oxygen sensors. Car pulled to the right - dealer said that balanced/aligned twice and did not solve the problem - I brought it to Firestone and had the same thing done myself and it fixed the problem. I pulled off the tacky pinstripe that the dealer put on - it was bright red and really did not loook right on the green car. The problems that I have not been able to resolve is a ticking noise from the engine. The dealer said it is the EGR valve and that it is normal for it to make that sound. The second problem is a squeak from the front end when I go over bumps the dealer has repaired it before by realigning the hood; however, the noise returned again after about six months. I think a nice addition to your page might be a list of all of the problems that people have encountered and how to get them fixed.

Thanks Chris

Jay Hayes writes

I have just found your web site and I am the proud owner of a 1997 Sebring LXi. I purchased the car in March of last year and it now has 21,000 miles on it. No problems except the low front end. I have noticed many Sebrings with damaged lower front facias. I never can pull up the cement tire stops in parking lots because the lower part of the front end hits it. Also, it always bottoms out in driveways. Do you know if Chrysler has a solution to this problem or if the front end can be raised slightly. My dealer says no. This is my second Chrysler product. My family had many Chryslers when I was growing up. The most notable being a 1962 300H. We also had a 59 Imperial, 63 Polara, and a 65 New Yorker. My 97 Sebring was a blast driving to Las Vegas last year doing 80 miles an hour just keeping up with traffic. Also do you know how many Sebrings were sold each model year? It was nice seeing your web site.

LXiSebring: No word on the front end problem. Be careful. A new front facia is $800 I hear. I dunno on sales. If anyone has sales data let me know and I will post it. I do know sales in '97 were up 15% over '96

Jeff Poisson writes

Do you know where I can find out what parts of the 97 lxi are on the factory list for known problems? I keep hearing a noise in the right rear under area of my car (audible when you're in the car, can't hear it outside the car, and "goes away" when I'm moving (who knows if it really goes away, I can't hear it anyway))

LXiSebring: can anyone help Jeff out? That noise is new to me.

David Cheeseman writes

I have a 95 sebring LXi fully loaded {to my knowledge} and I have had some of the problems that the other people have had. the brake problem is a bit of a pain but I think the problem is that DSM and Chrysler dealers keep putting metallic pads on them instead of a by-metallic pad. personally i think this would keep those rotors from warping. I just had the car in for brakes {43000 kms} and at 46000kms the rotors are already grooved:( . personally I love the car and the unique look of the car and that being my father is a Chrysler exc. in windsor ont. I have grown up on Mopar cars, even tho I have worked for GM and now Toyota in Cambridge Ont. I would like any info on performance parts for the Sebring\Avenger cars {engine,sus.}. Thanks. keep up the good work

Joe LaRoe writes

You've established quite a web page Dave. It took me hours to read all the letters you have posted but I picked up a lot of good information.

My wife is the Sebring owner and it's a white LXi with grey leather interior. She wasn't even in the market for a new car when she bought it. After all, her 92 Maxima was barely broken in with 166,000 miles on it, but she spotted this car on the local Ford/Chrysler lot while helping her niece find a new car and she fell in love with the looks. I agree that it's a great looking car but I had doubts about it's reliability. I've been hooked on Toyota's since 1981 and she loved her Maxima but we decided to buy the Sebring anyway. We bought it in September and it now has about 7,000 miles on it. They have not been trouble free.

The transmission became reluctant to go into drive, the sunshade on the moonroof rattled, the passenger window had an intermittent wind and water leak, paint was peeling off the cladding on the passenger side door, a clunking noise began to come from somewhere around the right rear strut and the transaxle whined like hell at part throttle. We took it back to the dealer in Terrell, Texas where it was purchased only to find out that they only sold Chryslers, they didn't work on them! They wouldn't even recommend where we should take it. I called Bledsoe Dodge in Dallas and they were very receptive to working on it, no matter where we bought it. We dropped it off on a Saturday and they said we would be first in line come Monday morning. Wrong! By Wednesday they had at least put it in the body shop to fix the paint but it was Friday a week later before they said it was ready. They had completely rebuilt the transmission and touched up the paint but that's all. They couldn't "re-create" any of the other problems. After having an intense conversation with the service writer I located the service manager and convinced him to keep the car until it was fixed and to give us a loaner while they worked on it. He reluctantly agreed but two more days in the shop still didn't accomplish much. They replaced a bad rear strut and messed with the window until it rattles instead of leaks, but the sunshade still rattles and the transaxle still whines. And now you tell me to expect warped brake rotors very soon. Great!!

We're not used to having these kinds of problems with our new cars so I suspect a Nissan dealer will be taking the Sebring in on trade for a new Maxima very soon. Or, there's a possibility our college age daughter will be getting it since she thinks it looks "cool".

The bottom line is this. If we had it to do over again, we would not have bought a Sebring. They look great, but we value reliability over looks any time.

Thanks for letting me express my thoughts.

LXiSebring: Many of the problems you have had have not been reported by other owners. If there are other owners with similar problems, please drop Joe a note.

Keith Brooks writes

Is anyone else but me having one helluva problem with condensation inside the car? Can't keep the windows clear in the winter except if I leave the car parked at idle for an hour! Driving around night or day just fogs the windows horribly, even with the defrost going full tilt and that only keeps the windshield clear - the side windows are only 1/2 cleared at best, the 1/4 windows are iced over and the back window needs the rear defroster left on at all times! Yikes, what the heck goes on here? I have the air source set to recirculate rather than outside air. There must be something I'm doing wrong or someone forgot to tell me the interior doubles as a steam room!

LXiSebring: My diagnosis on this is a small water leak around the windshield or elsewhere that needs to be tracked down by the dealer. Excessive moisture is getting into the car from somewhere. Other ideas?

Cory writes

I ordered my Polo Green '96 LX w/2.5 and the Infinity CD/Cassette in August of '95. The Teamsters were kind enough to go on strike during this period and I finally took possession of my car the end of October. By the way...unions are outdated.

Anyway I made frequent long trips from Northern NY to Eastern MA in my Sebring. I had no mechanical problems with the car, ever, during any of these trips. I did have intense lower back pain after about 3 hours of driving. I don't really blame the Sebring, after all I couldn't afford the LHS or the Caddy.

I tend to abuse my cars and am forced to trade them in for little or no trade value. I got a cool 1K from my '87 Lancer. The Sebring held up very well to excessive speeds, hard braking and childish romping. Of course this abuse has had its toll. The transmission came apart at, whew!!!, 35,500 miles. I've read a couple notes stating tranny problems on the 2.5L V6 models. The dealer also said he had seen at least two Avenger ES's (V6) with badly damaged trannys.

I have had zero brake problems, zero starting problems, one check engine(solenoid) fault.

I really beat this car. It hasn't let me down more than I would or should expect. I do wish Chrysler put more power to these cars.

I switched to Chrysler/Dodge due to rude, arrogant and uninformed Chevrolet dealers. The service I've had at all of the following dealers has been great. State Street Body Works(Watertown, NY), Silver City Dodge(Taunton, MA). The very large dealer in Newport News VA, however, could use some improvement.