The Chrysler Sebring Coupe Owners' Page--1999 Listings

This week's Featured Sebring is a 99 LXi Sebring in Indy Red proudly owned by Tony.

This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car. I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.

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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.


The Sebring Owners' Club welcomes Eric aka Mr Tech who will be serving as our person for answering questions related to technical and mechanical problems with Sebrings. Many of you know Eric already, from his AOL Screen Name. DrawsOnCad. If you have a techncal problem, feel free to e-mail Eric directly, but if the problem is something that would be on general interert to Sebring owners, send me a copy of the e-mail. Eric is a Sebring owner and is volunteering his time to help other owners.

For those of you who are actually looking for the Sebring CONVERTIBLE THERE IS A NEW CONVERTIBLE OWNERS PAGE (we do coupes here) it is at CLICK HERE FOR the CONVERTIBLES

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Note: Please e-mail Eric or me any Coupe problems you have and the solutions, if any.

New Stuff of Interest

Flying cladding

Obviously we have had a number of complaints about cladding coming loose. This seems to have been a problem on 95 models, but 96 models were much better. The problem reappeared when the cladding pieces were redesigned for 1998-2000 models. Sebrings use the same door stamping as Avengers and Last generation Eclipses. THese stampings have a large indentation on the lower third of the door. On Sebrings, this indentation is covered entirely by the plastic cladding. There are holes drilled in the door that accept clips on the cladding. Ther clips fit through the holes like a molly hook, and expand behind the sheet metal of the door.. Along the top of the cladding there is a long strip of a sticky putty-like caulk, keeps water from collecting between the dood metal and the cladding. The cladding panels come from the factory unpainted and the caulk/glue strip is covered with tape. Body shops first spray paint the cladding. Just before the cladding is put into position, the tale is removed and the cladding clips placed through the holes and the caulk strip pressed securely against the door. The problem is, sometimes the clip either breaks off or does not expand properly. The clips are not separate hardware items but are molded into the cladding itself. Basically, if you remove a piece of cladding, a new piece mist be purchased and painted, as the clips and the caulk seal are destroyed during removal. We have incidents where cladding has come completely loose from the car at highwway speed, and flew through the air.

This week I received the following letter.

Danniel Happel writes

I had found the Sebring site several months ago when I was having problems with my door garnish panels falling off the car (outside lower trim). Via your site I searched the NHTSA site only to find that several complaints had been registered for the same problem that I had experienced. I filled out the on-line report in early October. Had my panels replaced at the dealer (no charge). Submitted to Chrysler Arbitration. The results of this effort were less than I expected. Basically this review stated that the panel's mounting clips were a design problem which had yet to be resolved. The mounting clips were being revised.

Well, today, a rep from the NHTSA called me for details concerning my car. From our conversation I got the impression that NHTSA wants input in regard to these faulty panel clips from owners. Apparently, the panels parting from the car at highway speeds, MAY BE considered a highway safety issue. Additionally, they are concerned as most of the complaints are for 96'; 97'; and 98' model coupes.

I have but one request. Get the word out to fellow Sebring owners via your site to register their complaints ASAP. The more information the NHTSA has the better. Especially, if there is documented accidents caused by the panels parting the car. Establishing the fact that the parted panel caused or hampered highway safety. Copies of documents may be requested for review.

I have included the email address of the rep Peter Ong from NHTSA that contacted me. phone: 202-366-0583

If any questions or comments, please advise

, Daniel Happel
w 888-646-8779

If Chrysler is forced into a safety-related recall on this, it could be expensive if it is deemed that all cladding with certain clip designs must be replaced. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out. If you have had problems with cladding coming loose be sure to drop an e-mail to Peter Ong at NHTSA as they are trying to figure out hte extent of the problem as well as what should be done about it.

Replacing batteries in remote keyless entry transmitters

I had an interesting experience when the remote Keyless entry no longer worked on my car. I presumed it was time for battery replacement, My unit is from 1995, and I'm not sure if the design changed significantly in later years or not. Anyway here is what I ran into. I first pried the two sides of the keychain transmitter apart. If you have fairly long fingernails you can actually carefully pry the two sides apart. At that point, one of the two batteries will fall out in your hand. The batteries are quarter-sized number CR2016, and the Energizer replacement is readily available in the jewelery counter at KMart (2.99 each) or in the photography counter at Wal Mart (1.99). Figuring out how the batteries go in is a bit of an issue. They actually fit one on top of the other, with the plus (flatter) side of both of the the batteries toward the springs in the cover section. The slightly rounded negative side of the battery fits against the shiny flat circle on the bottom where the transmitter part actually is. I reassembled and it works (it didn't work with the batteries installed upside down). I would be interested in hearing if any of you have had experience installing batteries in later models and whether these instructions are correct for those models as well.

Technical Service Bulletins

I had the following note from DrawsonCad (aka GMJUNK)

Dave make a link to this site...very very informative. I suggest Sebring owners with repeated problems print corresponding TSB's and take them along when they go in for service as a reference. Service Bulletins Database Search

Also check Safety Problems and Issues.

Click here to visit the Chrysler Central Website Stop in and say hello!!!

THe August, 1999 Issues of Automobile & Car and Driver have full reports on the new Mitsubishi Eclipse--You can bet that some of the equipment listed will show up on the next generation Sebring/Avenger. Hp on the new V6 is rated at 200, torque at 205. The latest word is that the V6 will continue to come from Mitsubishi for Sebring/Avenger.

Thanks to J. Saye for the following sales data. The 97 restyling has sold better than the 96, and Sebring is outselling Avenger by a small margin. Sebring and Avenger sales are about equal, and the total is similar to Monte Carlo.

Sebring Sales Data in Comparison with other coupes
Sales through the end of November
Model 1997 1996 % change
Honda Prelude 15,691 10,531 50
Hyundai Tiburon 8,689 163 -
Dodge Avenger 30,485 33,911 -10
Chrysler Sebring 33,190 29,664 12
Ford Mustang 107,254 115,461 -7
Chevrolet Corvette 19,868 17,379 14
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 65,253 74,496 -12
Cadillac Eldorado 18,348 19,064 -4
Lincoln Mark VIII 14,891 14,416 3
Toyota Celica 8,885 13,793 -36
Toyota Supra 1,357 789 72
Source: Ward's Automotive Reports

If you are interested in trade-in values on Sebrings, check out The Kelly Blue Book Site

For those of you with transmission-realated problems, DrawsonCad provides this list of technical serice bulletins. Find your problem on the list and refer your service manager to the appropriate TSB. The 2.0 DOHC and Sebring/Avenger Transmissions TSB

 The 2.0 DOHC and Sebring/Avenger Transmissions

18-09-97 FEB 97 Vehicle Shudder During Torque Converter EMCC
211196A AUG 96 Shudders During Upshift With No DTC's Present
211695 OCT 95 Hard To Shift Into Reverse
211595 SEP 95 Intermittent Transaxle Control Module
211095 JUN 95 Transaxle Limp-in - Intermittent (Turbine) Speed Sensor
182495 JUN 95 Improved Transmission - Shift Quality
This is for 2.0 95 is 2.5 95 Sebring
21-09-97 MAY 97 41TE/42LE Transmission Service Information
21-05-97 MAR 97 Transaxle Shudder During EMCC Shift
18-09-97 FEB 97 Vehicle Shudder During Torque Converter EMCC
211196A AUG 96 Shudders During Upshift With No DTC's Present
ATRATB346 JAN 96 Lock-Up Control System Changes - DTC 73
211595 SEP 95 Intermittent Transaxle Control Module DTC/s
081595A SEP 95 Interactive Speed Control - 41TE/42LE Transaxle
210695A JUN 95 Shift Quality Poor
211095 JUN 95 Transaxle Limp-in - Intermittent (Turbine) Speed Sensor
182495 JUN 95 Improved Transmission - Shift Quality
081595 APR 95 41TE/42LE Transaxle Down/Upshifting in Cruise Control

Stop by the ASOG site and follow the link there to take a look at the spy photos of the 2001 Avenger and Sebring models.


According to Car and Driver and Motor Trend, the 2000 Sebrings will only be available with the Mitsubishi V6 and only with an automatic transmission. No word yet on the 2001 model, due out early 2000.

The new issues of Car and Driver(Sept, 1999) and Auto Week magazines have some information that will be of interest to Sebring Owners. Car and Driver contains a picture of the 2001 model similar to the one on the main ASOG website (p. 29). The July 26th issue of Auto Week includes a very favorable road test of the 2000 Eclipse, which will again share the chassis with the Sebring/Avenger. The Eclipse chassis is based on the new Galant, also tested in the same issue of Car and Driver. Car and Driver really liked the new Galant Chassis and Mitsu engine, ranking it number one in a comparison test of sedans incuding Toyota Camry(!!!) Honda Accord, as well as other foreign and domestic competitors. This bodes well for the new chassis in Eclipse/Sebring/Avenger applications.

More confusing is the info on engines. Auto Week claims the top engine option in the Eclipse is a 205 hp V6 (Yup the Manual transmission IS available) This engine is no doubt a higher-horsepower derivative of the current Avenger/Sebring V6. A lower-(195 hp) horsepower SOHC version powers the Galant--Car and Driver went bananas over this engine in their Galant sedan test--they loved it! BUT Car and Driver still thinks that the 2001 Avenger/Sebring will use a version of the Chrysler- built 2.7 liter now used in Dodge/Chrysler sedans (see pg 29). Go Figure! Somehow I'm convinced that the engine options on the 2001 Sebring and Avenger will be derivatives of the current Mitsu SOHC V6- -perhaps the 195 hp Galant version as welll as the Eclipse version on the high end. I would be surprised if the V6 was NOT available with the manual on A/S as an option. We might even say good bye to the 4 cyl version entirely.

On a sad note, the new Galant chassis eliminates the Wishbone suspension in favor of a cheaper strut system, and this arrangement is carried to the Eclipse--the cheaper system will probably be used on Avenger/Sebring as well. In my view the Wishbone arrangement is what gives Avenger/Sebring that wonderful BMW-like, glued-to-the-road feel on the highway. Anyway, the Auto Week article claimed that the old system was only marginally better than the new strut design. I await a comparison drive on this one. Expect to see the next generation Sebring and Avenger in early 2000 (Feb maybe) as a 2001 model. Stay tuned.

Sebring Owners Listed in 1999:

James Garfield writes


My name is Jim and I live in Saint John N.B. Canada. I bought my 1997 Lxi used from a local dealer. I have had the vehicle now for approx. 7 months with a couple of problems that I hope someone might be able to help me with, 1st my cd player will not play a cd --- I have it at a repair shop now for 5 months waiting on a part(gear)---must be some part . 2nd before picking up the car the dealer had the engine steamed cleaned, when I picked it up all the sensor lights were on, they told me that they would all go away within a day or two. Well they did ,all but the ABS sensor light. I've had it to two different dealers and they both tell me the same thing code reads electrical fault but they cannot determine where only at $55.00 dollars an hour and to physically tear the car apart until they find it.So I decided to put in a burt out bulb back in the dash until I find somebody with the same problem, I have no ABS though, besides these two problems I love my car very much its white with grey leather usual power everything--just bought new tires for it $900.00, its got approx. 66000 miles on it and not a rattle. Sounds , smells and drives like a new car only mod. black tinted windows and headlight covers.One more question though there seems to be room for two more push buttons up on the dash by the rear defog any idea what they might be for--also i was told this car has heated seats???

Eric's response:

A hood is designed to keep water off the engine, so dont clean it with water or steam. Your brakes are ok without ABS. I would disconnect the battery and see if the light resets. I'm not sure if heated seats were an option but I dont think so.The blanks in the dash are for the sunroof option,and something else used in the Eclipse, maybe a rear hatch release???

Yacov Jegher writes


Here is the most recent update of my car. Thanks for keeping up a great site!

Well, it is December 1999 and my 1997 LXi is about 2.5 years old. Everything was going just great and this was reflected by the previous posts I had placed on this site. Well, my luck has changed and I am starting to become concerned about the safety and reliability of my car. Either that or I am just having some plain old bad luck.

About a month ago, I took the car from my home in Montreal to Toronto for the weekend. About 90km outside of Toronto, the car started to shake slightly to the left and right. There was a lot of construction going on and I thought that it was probably just the rode. 10 seconds later the car started to shake violently and there was such a loud sound that I thought a helicopter was overhead. I pulled onto the shoulder of the highway immediately without a clue as to what happened. I Got out of the car, and low and behold the right-front tire was completely gone. I experienced a blow-out. I was thankful that I was able to get the car safely off the highway. I called CAA and they came to tow my car. I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so it took them about a half hour to reach me. The guy came and he told me that he could not tow my car off the highway because he would damage the low front end of the car. He called for a flatbed truck but the response was the same. They put my spare tire on right then and there (this was quite dangerous as the guy's butt was literally sticking out into oncoming traffic). Once the spare was on, I went out looking to buy a full-size tire because I needed to get back to Montreal 2 days later. I called and called, my roadside assistance company called, I had friends calling. Not a single 17" tire could be found in greater Toronto and the surrounding areas. To make a long story short, a Chrysler dealer managed to get a tire and it arrived the next day. Inconvenient, but hey that's life. Tire changed, all was fine, I went back to Montreal and forgot the whole thing ever happened. When I got back to Montreal I went into my local tire store WHO HAD 13 OF THESE 17" TIRES IN STOCK. I bought one to use as a spare. God only knows why I had so much trouble finding a tire in Toronto.

2 weeks ago, I bought 15" Goodyear winter tires and new 15" rims in order to conquer the harsh Montreal winter. Last week, my brother was driving the car and he completely lost control of it when one of the tires blew. He jumped a median, BLEW A SECOND TIRE and then got back onto the road where he hit another car. $5k in damage, including the suspension and misc. dents and scratches. Thankfully, and most importantly, he walked away without a scratch. It appears that he may have driven over a piece of wood which was lying on the road, but no one is really sure. I am happy that the body structure of the car prevented us from getting hurt in both these incidents.

I am seriously questioning the safety and reliability of my car. I have read other accounts of people blowing tires on this site and on the NHTSA site. Am I to assume this is a normal and common problem, or perhaps I have just hit a streak of bad luck? I would love to hear comments from other owners.

Eric (Mr Tech) Writes

It's a good idea to press your air cond. button while running your windshield defroster. I set mine right in the middle of hot/cold and hit the AC buton. This does two things,it keeps your AC working well during the cold months and also aids in defrosting your windshield. This will draw the moisture out of the air and make the interior very comfortable as well. I also do this when its raining.Also remember to press your AC button off,and turn the fan on high speed about 5 minutes before you shut the car off, this brings the system back to temp. so you wont get that musty smell associated with moisture in the air vents.

Tony writes

hey whats up my name is Tony I have a 99 sebring Lxi. Its indy red it is lowered 2 inches with sprint suspension. It has the full bra with Sebring logo,tinted windows K&N air filter with the iceman cool air system intake. Hyper white blue haeadlight bulbs and fog light bulbs also. I will have more updated pics for the sebring enthusiasts later but my baby is stored as im writing this right now for winter im sorry to say.

Future plans some sweet crome rims it will have a competition system of course borla boomer will be installed spring time any performance parts available for the sebring

Thanx again for letting the world know how much we love these cars

Roger K. Hoover writes

I took delivery of my '97 Sebring LXi in June of '97-80 miles on the odometer. The vehicle seemed pretty sweet and I racked up the miles that summer, but before the summer was over, it was back to the dealer for new front pads and rotors. I also noticed the now familiar to all Sebring coupe owners problems including:

-rattling sunroof (dealer re-aligned, but at 33,000 miles it still rattles, just like new)

-front rotors warped again (actually withiin 8,000 miles of having them replaced)

-The Infinity CD head unit took a crap in May of '99-replaced under warranty (would not accept CD's)

-The Check Engine came on (about 26,000 miiles) and stayed on-dealer said the OBD-II system indicated a bad #2 plug wire, but further testing showed the wire was fine. The car still ran (and continues to run) like a top.

Here is one I bet you have not heard of: when the car had under 3000 miles (we're going back to July of '97 now) the engine (2.5 liter Mitsubishi V6) developed an oil leak. Appeared to come from the oil pressure sending unit-but actually was a cracked oil filter mounting bracket (replaced under warranty after several oil pressure sending units failed to cure the problem) I noticed that on '98 and '99 Mitsubishi V6's, the oil filter mounting bracket is totally different. (I look under a lot of hoods)

The Goodyear Eagle RSA's are due for replacement at 33,000 miles (not a surprise) So who makes a good all season 215/50 -17? (I MEAN GOOD, like a Michelin Pilot MXX3)

I don't know if its pyschosomatic, but the trans is starting to balk (shudders on up-shifts) So I figure it may get a new trans before 2000 is over. (But before that, new trans filter and Type 7176 ATF +3 is going to get installed)

OK, Here's how I fixed the front brakes: KVR carbon fiber pads, Motor Specialties Rotors. So far (1100 miles) so good. Get the original two piece pad shim kit from your friendly Chrysler or Mitsubishi dealer.

And of course it has the K & N filtercharger in the air filter box since August of '99

The good news:

I cannot complain about my local Chrysler dealer, they're doing their best. (but I do ALL of the oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, they only do warranty stuff for me)

The lower door cladding seems like its snapped in pretty good, but the trunk lid cladding (where it says "SEBRING LXi") almost fell off, but I caught it in time.

Robert writes

Just picked up my Sebring 2000 LX, on Friday 12-3-99. Caffe Latte ... I'm adding after market wheels and spoiler

Adam Theis writes

I just bought a White Sebring Coupe 97 Lxi with 35,000 miles. It is a in great condition and I'm getting my stereo installed in the back real soon. I'm looking for magazines for stuff to buy for it. I want to get a bra for the front so I don't chip any paint and I want to find some other accessories.. Can anyone point me in the right direction..??

The only problem I have with the car is the front driver floormat wants to move all around, the little plastic thing that snaps in that hole doesnt stay in there worth a crap. Anyone else ??

LXiSebring: The guys at are the experts on aftermarket parts.

Eric: Are you missing the little black clip that fits in the hole in the floor mat? Mine doesnt ever move on me. The only thing I can suggest is putting the plastic hook part of velcro on the bottom of the mat.

Adam writes Hi my name is Adam and I just bought a 2000 Sebring LXi and I just notice a noise every time I change gears . is that normal ?

Eric Replies:You're hearing the solenoid shifting pack. This is TOTALLY normal for all Chryslers 1989- present. It sounds almost like a ratcheting noise.

Norm Melanson writes

Hi David, Excellent Sebring web site you have here... I am about to buy the fourth car in my life so far, and I think it may be a 1997 Sebring LXi (used). I have read quite a few reviews, and I know that there has been some complaints about the vehicle, but I wanted to know what and if you have heard of anything that I should consider before buying this car... There are only a very few of these vehicles around here (Moncton N.B., Canada) And out of 3 Chrysler dealers I have visited today, there are 2 that have 1-1999 (or 2000) Sebring on the lot.. I am wondering if these are signs??

Joe Nicholson writes

Just like most of the comments I read, I've had the usual:

Low front end
Soft 17" wheels
Moonroof rattle
It's a '97 LXi bought 3/97. Wildberry w/Gray Leather interior. Has all options offered in '97-don't feel the need to list. List @ $23k, and paid $19.1, so you get the point. Fascinating that no one mentioned (don't get me wrong, handles beautifully) the turning radius. Turning radius is worse than my '97 Eddie Bauer Explorer. Try hooking a U even on big Houston boulevards. Two questions I didn't get answers to reading the site, thought you might be helpful:

1. The car has 34,000 on it, and the tires are shot. I don't think I'll keep it much longer, and the thought of paying Goodyear prices kills me. I blew one the other day, and the wheel is being heated and turned now (pot hole). I saw where someone mentioned Cooper Cobras- I'll check them out after this note. Any other suggestions?

2.You'll love this one. When I remove the key from the ignition and open the door, the alarm bell continues until I close the door or lock it. This didn't occur until recently. I was told at the dealership that it was the battery. They replaced it well enough, but the chime continues even with a new one.

I only know enough to get it to the shop, but it seems to me that there is a short in the ignition or in the steering column causing this. Any thoughts?

Please don't misunderstand me, I love the car and have since I bought it. Even the trips to the dealership for repairs has been fairly painless. I'd appreciate a reply, and definitely appreciate the effort you've put into this site. It's already saved in favorites.

LXiSebring:I would check to make sure the underhood security interlock switch is pressing down tightly when the hood closes. It's on the passenger side edge of hood. Stick a wad of electrical tape on the underside of the hood to secure it. They have had a lot of problems with the switch there not closing properly.

Mattboy Slim writes

I can't seem to find a Chrysler or a Sebring front windshield sticker for my Sebring. If you know where I can get one, please email me.

If not, I'm going to the local sign maker, and I'm going to have them make me one. I'm going to put "Sebring LXi" on it with a 70% tinted background. If anybody wants one, email me and I'll go figure out how much it will cost. I will then send it to you. How I'm going to send it, I don't know, but if you have any suggestions, please include that in your email.

LXiSebring: Anyone have any ideas on this?

Curt Milligan writes

Hello, my name is Curt Milligan. I am the proud owner of a 1997 Sebring LXi. My car is bone stock. It has about 45,000 miles on it. It is white with the 17" stock wheels. I have seen a lot of modifications available that I never knew existed. I am very anxious to begin modifying my Sebring. I just have no clue where to start. I want to start with the cheaper modifications and slowly work up from there. Please advise me on the cheaper modifications that produce the best and most drastic changes. I am looking for a little more power out of my 2.5 V-6. Thanks a lot.

Fred A. French

I own a 1997 Sebring Coupe with 35,000 miles, bought new, which has had none of the "common" problems which I have heard of, i.e. battery, wind noise, transmission, etc... However, I am on my second engine due to reoccuring "check engine" light and engine "taps". So far the warranty has covered all of the work and parts, but I am getting close to 36,000 miles and am a bit concerned over the impending conclusion of the warranty.

I have perused your site looking for anyone who has had similar experiences with their vehicles and have yet to see it. Anyone? Any thoughts?

My dealer has been very cooperative, but they now know me by name and voice. I love the ride and handling and and while the vehicle drivetrain may not be to reliable, the warranty is great.

Oh, and the check engine light is back on... The folks at the dealer were thrilled to here from me again....

LXiSebring: Anyone have any ideas on this one? I am lost. THe dealer should easily be able to determine why the light is coming on as it outputs a code that can be read as to specific cause. THe V6 in particular produces assorted tapping noises especially when cold, and all appear to be normal. I notice that OHC engines in general produce more ticks and taps than do pushrod engines.

Travis Nemitz writes

I am a fellow Sebring owner. Could you send me any info. on rims. Thanks.

Myke Ames writes

Hey Man, I have one of the rare 95's. The Thing about them is there was only 100 made. 1 per select dealer. It is the road racing edition and is very quick from factory. the grill you spoke of, the honeycomb was a "what if" thing. It didn't receive rave reviews cause of the mixed air inlet. one under and that one. so they decided to stick with the under. the mods from factory are: 3" exhaust. Dynafluxed intake, Larger throttle body and injectors and oversized valves. I should have pics scanned soon if you want a copy.

Myke Ames St. Louis Mo

LXiSebring: This is the most amazing letter I have received since I started the site as it verifies the existence of a small number of early 95 Sebrings with a Honeycomb functional grille. See the Obscure Facts Page for a further discussion. Further, there are obviously some factory performance parts for the 2.5 liter V6 that were on these cars. This is AMAZING!!! I cant wat to see the pictures...

Bobby Lewis
97 Sebring LXI Mods
2" Intrax Springs
17" Eagle Wheels
Clear Corners with Blue Lamps
Ion Blue Headlights and Foglights
Max Speed Exhaust System

LxiSebring: Bobby I do not have an e-mail address for you that works

Greg Swabowicz writes Hey guys, I am at my wits end, I have a 1996 sebring Lx that I purchases with 23k miles on it. I had my 1000 $plus "matinence" performed on it at 30k miles. Then I had the rpm's bouncing around as well as a engine light on at 38k. when I brought it to the dealer, They said that the engine was mis-firing due to crossed engine wires. They told me that the car needed a "major engine tune up" (920$) and that would work. While they were at it they discovered that the distributor was burned out and that the transmission speed sensor was also not working properly. They replaced the last two things as under warranty items, however the tune up was quite costly. Is it normal to have such a tune up on a car that has less that 40k miles? The day I picked the car up from the dealer it stalled out on me when I came to a stop! I also noticed that the "engine RPM bouncing" was still there! Now the car has a new trick for me. Now the car starts properly 2 out of 3 times. The other time I have to step on the gas pedal while trying to start it! This is completely unacceptable! Tomorrow I will bring the car in (again) to have them look at it. Undoubtedly I will be without a car this weekend. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated, Thanks-- Greg.

Eric says

Check TPS(throttle position sensor) AIS(air idle speed control motor) PCM(powertrain control module) and MAP(manifold air pressure) if this doesnt work they are not trying hard enough. Also always run 87 octane fuel Am aco is a good brand. They can also install the co-pilot to your car. You hit a button when its acting up and it records the cars actions.

Gary Stear writes

well what all do you need to know about my car ,if you need more info let me know and i will tell ya, but for now it is a 1999 Sebring LXi , exterior color is Caffe latte , interior color is dark gray leather , everthing is stock except for an Intrax 2 inch lowering kit , and an Iceman air intake , the stereo system includes 4 Earthquake 12"subs , 4 Earthquake Amps , and Earthquake mids/highs , the headunit is a pioneer premier DEX-P1R , if you need to knwo anything else let me know thanks...

LXiSebring: Send a pic for the photo page!

Mike writes

Hi, my name is Mike, and I partially own a 1995 Sebring LX. Of course, Im only 17, so its my moms car, but I know everything about it, even more than my dad. It has 47,000 on the odometer, its in excellent condition, but I have noticed some flaws. We had to replace the battery at just 20,000 miles, we just replaced the brakes and rotors at 44,000 miles, and we are going to replace all four tires before winter. Not that the tires are flaws, they just need changed. But I have noticed when I start the car up in the morning and plop it into reverse, I hear a popping sound, I dunno what it is, if anybody knows, I would like to hear from you. Also, if my parents turn that car over to me, I would love to make it faster, cause in my opinion, its very slow compared to other cars in its class. And then again, I have no idea how to, partially because there is little or no room in the engine compartment. Also, does anybody else notice that after 5000Rpms, if you dont let off the gas, the engine will push the car to its redline? That seems a bit odd to me, but if I let off the gas, I notice a weird shift into second, but if I slam the pedal again, its fine. I also will have pictures soon.

Wes writes

I have a '96 Chrysler Sebring LX coupe and am on the third battery and it only has 37,000 miles on it. I finally bought a Champion and said screw those Mopar batteries. I also just replaced an oxygen sensor as well. My Sebring is Spanish Olive which I seem to see very few of, do you know how many were this color?

Dwayne Proctor writes

I've pretty much closed the deal on a new 2000 Sebring LXi; the color is Ice Silver Metallic. I've noticed that owners have experienced some pretty horrifying instances with their car. I'm an optimistic guy, so hopefully Chrysler got their act together with the 2000. I would like to become apart of the Sebring club. Where can I get a wind deflector and mirror tints? .

LXiSebring: The guys at asog keep track of aftermarket parts for Sebrings.

Becky Jones writes

Hello! I guess I'm the neophyte in the crowd (owner for 2 days!) I'm the proud mother of a '96 LXi, black/charcoal under, charcoal leather, 17" low profiles,etc. 50k, and get this, it was only $10k. Seems too good to be true, it is mechanically sound, but I was hoping to get some feedback about care and maintenance and any precautions. Unfortunately, the only option I didn't receive with the purchase was the manual. Aesthetically, it is a fierce machine, and already "we" have stopped traffic! I appreciate any and all info that I can get!

LXiSebring: Stop by the Chrysler parts dept and they should be able to get you an owners manual. It will cost you a few dollars, but I'm sure you can get one.It should have a Chrysler part number on it.

Barry writes

Hello, I am a relatively new owner of a 1996 Sebring LXi, black and silver with grey leather interior. I absolutely love the car and am a proud owner.

Of late, I have notice that with the cold Canadian weather approaching I am having difficulty with the transmission or so i think. When I engage the vehicle in reverse I have no problems however I then have difficulty putting it into drive. I hit the gas pedal and nothing happens I am left in the middle of the road. I have to rev the engine a few times (up to 2000 rpms) and then finally it (i assume the transmission catches ) and off I go. This happens at stop signs until the engine or transmission warms up. My mechanic has checked the fluid levels and they are fine- the next is to check the transmission itself. Are you aware of any similar circumstance happening with other Sebring owners- if you have any advice it would be appreciated. The warranty has expired and I am looking at getting it fxed by do not want to spend a fortune. If you have someone I could refer to for on-line help that would also be great.

For info, today I received a recall notice from Chrysler for a "safety recall to inspect the vehicle's ball joint and replace the lower lateral arms if necessary". This applies to the 1995 and 96 sebring coupe, avenger and eagle talon cars.

You may want to pass it along if you weren't aware.

Look forward to hearing from you.

LXiSebring: Unfortunately,transmission problems are almost never simple or inexpensive to fix. I would have this checked out asap.

Marcia Lewis writes

I'm writing to tell you of my nightmare with my 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi..

I leased the car brand new the end of April 1997 from Moothart Chrysler Plymouth in Cerritos, California. The night I went to drive off of the lot they had to jump the battery. They said it had been sitting too long. I had a few problems getting it started after that and then three months later I was out of town at a wedding and the battery totally went. Since it was a Sunday, all Chrysler parts and service were closed. So, since I needed to get back home, I went to Sears for a new battery. Sears told me that the only place you could get those batteries was from the dealership directly...however, they did get one to fit so I could get it home. Upon returning home I called the dealership and told them of my problem and asked to be refunded for the cost of the battery.....they would not refund my money since they had not replaced the battery...furthermore...I had forgotten to bring the old battery back home with me.

LXiSebring responds: They would have given you a new one if you had kept hte old battery. I got caught in the same spot and I keep a extra battery in the garage.

Shortly after that the CD player stopped working and had to be replaced...

LXiSebring: That was a common problem for some problem withthe 1997 units. I believe they are manufactured by Infinity, which is a high-end auto electronics company. But there was a problem with the CD players from the supplier in 97.

then the moon roof started leaking badly and I had to take it in to be fixed.

LXiSebring: My Motto is, never buy a car with a sunroof--they are prone to leaks, rattles & other problems regardless of the vehicle brand.

Then there was some kind of a transmission fluid leak so had to take it back again...which later I found out was never taken care of when they were doing the 30,000 mile service (like they were suppose to). Now the car is two and a half years old and once again the battery has died..

LXiSebring: I've gone thru 2 batteries in 4 years. I am thinking of having the battery replaced as a precaution every two years. Rumor has it that CHrysler now has a $100 battery thats warrantied for 5 years now available. THe one you have been putting in is the $69 model the transmission won't go past third gear!!! It is at the dealership as we speak and they called to say that not only is there a problem with the transmission but they think the hub is broken as well....It is going to cost me $1100.00 just to have it disassembled so they can find the problem....not to mention what the cost of the repair job will be!!! Add to that the fact that I was told the transmission is not under warranty any was for 36,000 miles or three years...I have 41,000 miles on it. And all this from what is suppose to be a high quality product that is only a little over 2 years old!!!!

LXiSebring: You need to have your dealer service talk to the Chrysler regional office. There have been problems with the transmission & Chrysler will often pay for part or all of the repairs particularly on the cars that are just out of warranty. THere have been some Technical Service Bulletins as well. If your dealer is any good, he will act as a go-between between you and the CHrysler regional office. In general Chrysler does not engineer their transmissions to have a major failure at 41,000 miles and will generally try to do right by the customer unless they feel the transmission has been abused for some reason. Be pleasant but firm with the service manager and you will get a lot further along than if you start a big argument with them. Dealers in general will try to do a lot more for customers who are pleasant than ones who are angry. So put on your best manners when you taklk to the service mgr.

I am so disheartend.....I thought I would do the good patriotic thing and get an American car since I usually buy Honda or Toyota....I assumed that I was getting a high quality product...I guess I was mistaken. I really loved the look of the car and was so excited to get it. The dealership I bought it from is no help whatsoever...Every time I have to take the car in because there is a problem I have a hassel with them. I would never do business with them again.....

LXiSebring: It seems to me you should have simply taken the car to another dealership at the point when you became dissatisfied with the service at your dealer.

Sorry to ramble on so but am really upset...wanted to report these problems in case it could help other owners or future owners. If you have an address or phone number for where I can contact Chrysler to about this I would appreciate you sending it to me at:

LXiSebring: I dont have the number, but your service manager will. The service manager should be able to explain exacytly what failed in the transmission & Chrysler will likely make a judgment as to whether it was a failure of a part that should not have broken. Could it be that the leak at 30,000 miles (within the warranty period) led to this problem?

Ben Geisler writes

I have a 1995 Sebring LXi in Wildberry Pearl. It has Z rated 17" tires, tinted windows, and custom silver lateral pinstriping. Strangely enough, it has the black ashtray cover in the woodgrain console. Also, I am looking for information on the factory alarm. The previous owner had a keyless entry system installed, but when you unlock the doors with the keyless entry and then open them, the alarm goes off. Perplexing. One final question, where can I get some information on getting the engine tweaked?


LXiSebring: I havent a clue on this but Eric might know.

Slbc writes

I caught your web page for the Sebring and being an owner I thought I would share my little bit of input. It has 41000 on it now and has been rather trouble free. I did have the check engine light come on and yet nothing showed up on the computer of the car. It did cost $75.00 to get it turned off! We had a whistle noise around the windshield that was fixed. At cold start up it sometimes idles rough. A smog valve makes a knocking noise that the dealer said was to be expected. Other than a little dash squeek, it is a quite car. We put Cooper Cobras on instead of the Goodyear tires and got a quiter ride and just as good handling. We have noticed a little quiver to the steering wheel at times on light breaking, but the rotors checked out fine. Our LX has all but the leather and sun roof and has provided much fun in driving. So much so that I can not talk my wife into getting a new car!

Thomas Renaldo writes

This is my BABE

As you can see it's a 98 LXi Sebring Coupe with couple of mods. It is sporting Italian 18" x 8.5" Alessio Imola's sitting on 225/40 Nitto NT 555 "Extreme ZRs. She sits closer to the ground with Eibach Pro Kit Springs.

The only thing I would like to add is more power!!!! Have you figured out any alternatives?

EDLK27 writes

I've had my Chrysler Sebring since march 1997 and have had many problems. I have already put new brakes on the front and replaced the battery twice. I have 45,000 miles on the car and I now I have put the car in the shop again because it's burning to much gas and it hesitates a lot. Could you send me information on any recalls on this car. I'm very disappointed.

LXiSebring: these are common problems whose solutions have often been discussed here. With additional info we could probably help you out.

The Henrys write

I have a 99 sebring and was in a head on wreck at 45 mph. and my air bags did not go off! they tell me I missed the sensors ? any help on these cars?

Aref writes

hey how much do you think I can get a good lxi sebring for around christmas time? 1996 model.

LXiSebring:check this web site for an exact price quote for age condition milage & location

Chad Sprouse Hey, I have a 1999 Caffe Latte Sebring Lxi. It is a dream to drive and I owned a 1996 before and it was to bland and plain. I love the new bodyside moldings and the new grille, it is luxury, pure luxury!

LXiSebring: The complicated cladding of the new models seems to be either loved or hated. Among GM Cars too: Car and Driver thought the simpler design of the Alero would outsell the more complex cladded look of the Grand Am. But Grand Am sales are far outselling Alero. Big body side cladding seems to be an "in" look

Alexander Virula writes

This is a picture of my 99 Sebring LXi V6 2.5. Modifications include 2 inch drop Clear headlamps, custom upper and lower grill, turn signal black outs hyper white bulbs top and bottom euro style side markers, shaving of all lettering and moldings, Pioneer direct fit head unit 10 Pioneer imps. Thanx a million for showing the world what excellent Driving machines we have!!!!

The Nana writes

In reply to photo page on Sebring owners. I purchased my Sebring LX in the New Orleans area in 95 at the Chrysler Car Dealership. My car is the 95 char gold. When in the shade looks a dark gray. the first year had a problem with the pads, spindle, and the rotors had to be turned. the battery had to be replaced the first year. which was replaced again in 1988. Have had two break jobs. In which now you apply the brakes and hear the squeak. Returned to the dealership for recall on the ball joints Oct. 99. They say all is ok. The front had to have work done, as i had pulled upon a concrete parking base in the parking lot. I am still enjoying the car. I had spent the hold day looking for a car. In the New Orleans area this is a lot of looking and travel miles. The room in the trunk and both sides of the back seats folding down have been a God send. Have had many compliments on the car. The first year people would pull off the interstate to ask me what kind of car I drive. Would like some feed back from you Sebring owners. Continue safe driving with pleasure.

The Nana from N.O. LA.

S. Jedlinsky writes

Hi I was just reading your article. I also have a 1995 silver sebring . I was wondering if you had any of the same problems I have. Does your car jump when it hits a bump in the rode. My husband does not like my car because of the way it handles on freeway driving. It jumps all over the road when you hit a bump making it a little hazardous. You really want to keep both hands on the wheel when you drive the freeways. I also have I think a some bad sensor in the door somewhere because the interior light does not come on when you open the door, it did when i first bought the car two years ago but not know. We never received a manual with our car from the dealer, do you know if one can still be obtained? Thanks for the info.

Braden writes

Hello, I own a 1997 Sebring LX ( purchased 10 - 97 ) it was bought new and I have enjoyed it greatly. Its a basic sebring with a 2.0 liter 16 valve 4 cylinder, it is white with gray interior. The only problem I have had so far is the factory radio, it had to be replace 2 weeks after I bought it. I was worried about the performance of the 4 cylinder model, but I have not been disapointed. The car came with a set of 14" steel wheels with hub caps, not exactly the look I prefer, what I would like to find is a set of '98 10 spoke factory wheels, if you know of any please let me know. I really enjoyed visiting your web site and will return again.

LxiSebring: Drop Braden a note if you have a set of wheels for sale

Catfish writes

Hi, Dave... Have you had your recall 827 performed yet???? The lower lateral control arm ball joints are failing. If the dealer you use does not replace them, they will go bad eventually... here is a hint... before taking your car in make a pinhole leak and push grease out of the boot. this will ensure both sides get replaced...

LXiSebring: I dont recomment puncturing your ball joint boot--had mine checked at the last oil change a few weeks ago

Bbrownin writes

I have a problem that is very irritating---I cannot pump gas into the tank --at times it will only accept 4c worth and then shuts off as if overfilled. The mechanics say that it is a crimp in the hose of the gas tank and they do not know how to fix it. I am under extended warranty and asked about replacing the gas tank and he acted like that was asking too much. I said just go with me and try to pump the gas and he refused. Do you think I should begin the lemon law process....or have you heard this is a consistent problem with Sebrings. I have had about 7 recalls and 2 tows with this car. Love the car, but this is the pits.

LXiSebring: The email address I have for you doesnt work. But If you have an extended warranty the obligation of the dealer service dept is to keep the customer happy no matter what repairs may be required or how costly they are. I suggest taking the car to another dealer, and calmly explain to the service manager what the problem is and that the first dealer is ignoring your legitimate complaint (while flashing your extended warranty card). I'm not quite certain why dealer 1 refused to fix the problem as the dealer will be reimbursed by the warranty company for both labor and parts. Perhaps it was beyond the technicians ability to fix.

Scott Housman writes

I wanted to contact you to see if you can offer any assistance with a wind noise problem we are having with our 1996 sebring coupe. I have had the car back to the dealer several times and they seem unable to fix it if there is no part they can find to change.

About 1 1/2 years after purchase on the way to Florida we began hearing an interior wind noise that seems to be coming from the passenger side front roof pillar/dashboard area. I am good at finding noises, but can not seem to find this one. Neither can the dealer (although my confidence level with them is not high). I have repaired many things they could not. It seems to ocur around 65 to70mph and it sounds like someone blowing a single note on a flute. Have you heard of anything like this? My next move is to request the dealer have the windshield removed and reinstalled with new sealing materials. Can you help? Also, there is a popping noise coming from the driver side front wheel whenever you put the car into drive or reverse. Have you heard of this before? You guessed it, the dealer can not fix that ether. Thanks!

Eric responds

Its a common one, Ive heard that having the windshield replaced will fix this. And my compl iments to the do-it-yourselfer. Sounds like you deal with problems just like i do, by myself. Also i noticed that the air vents will whistle at times, try turning them off or from fresh air to recycle before replacing the windshield.

DeVonee writes

Hi Im DeVonee I live in Albuquerque,New Mexico. Not to long ago I wrecked my prizm and I got a new used 97 Sebring LXi. The color is paprika pearl. It has tan leather interior with a black dash. I have the silver 10 spoke rims, I guess my car is as good as it gets coming from the factory without any of my own alterations. I get so many compliments on it ! I plan to get a brand new on next year. If you could I would like info on how to get a picture of my car on your site, it would be appreciated.

LXiSebring: Just e-mail me a jpeg or gif file of your car pic.If you dont have a scanner, you can get an electronic copy of a pic of your car at any copying shop for a minimal cost.

Connie writes

I've just purchased a 1997 Sebring Coupe. I'd like to be able to participate on your site. Because it's a used vehicle, I have many questions - I think your site is a great idea!

LXiSebring: Ask your questions!!!!That's what we do here.

Sherrie Pence writes

Overall I have LOVED my Chrysler Sebring LXi. I got my '96 model in July '96 and still turn heads as I drive down the road. It drives magnficently, but overall quality-wise, I'm disappointed.

Like you, I had premature wear on my brake shoes, and my battery had to be replaced last year (which I still think is too early for a two-year old car). That was a pain in the butt because of its weird size--I had to spend almost twice what I should have had to pay just to get one that would fit the battery compartment!

Additionally, I am currently having a problem with my key getting stuck in the ignition when I turn the ignition off. I can turn it forward (i.e., to turn on the fan or radio), but I can't turn it backward (to the lock position) so that I can remove the key. It happens frequently and does not seem to be impacted by turning the wheel either slightly or a lot. Ever heard anyone else complain of this?

Thanks. I enjoyed your Web page!

Wendell A. Wilson writes

Hello: I'm a coupe owner. I bought my car in may of 1997 right off the showroom floor. The car is silvermist and fully loaded. I haven't had much trouble it, with the exception of rotors. Things I don't like about it are: place for cd's,/ tapes. 2. only one ashtray. 3. under powered for such a large car. The things I love: 1. the sound system 2. the color.3. the ride. 4.the compliments I still get about the looks and styling. 5. everything else. Append: I hate the dealership I bought from. On a scale of 1-10 they get a minus 10.Whats it going to take to get these dealers to understand that they are more of a problem than the cars, and they need to fix themselves. My car is in the shop as I type this. I took it in at 8:00 am pacific time and haven't heard from them yet. By the way, its in for a check engine warning.( 23200 mi.) I'm from Renton Washington.

Aaron writes

Hello. I have a 1995 Sebring LX. I had to have a relay replaced in the driver's side door. When unlocking the door, the lock would have a tendency to try to keep unlocking. (making a god awful noise). Now, almost a year later, the passenger door is doing the same thing! By the way, I also had to have my brake light switch fixed. What exactly was the problem with the sensor and the brake. Could this be why I'm changing my brakes so often? I would apprieicate your comments.

David writes

I have just written a letter to the Customer Care Center - I have no faith in the Service Dept at the Dealership I purchased from - regarding a possible defect in my roof.

I have a 99 Sebring (purchased 11/98). Whenever I make a turn in a driveway, parking space, street corner, etc. I hear a creaking/cracking like sound from the roof. A friend stated that it isn't coming from the sunroof but caused by the roof being improperly molded to the frame of the vehicle.

Have you heard of any reports such as this from other Sebring Owners? I fear that if I were in an accident, such as a rollover, the roof will completely cave in on my and my passengers. Please let me know if you have heard of other complaints such as mine.

Thanks for your time. How can I be a part of this Car Club you wrote about?

LXiSebring. YOu are Also check out ASOG

Joe writes

I have a black with silver bottom 1996 Chrysler Sebring Lx with 77,000 miles. I bought her used about 4 months ago from a local Chrysler dealer. I love the look, the feel and the drive of this car. Even though she's 3 years old, everyone assumes it's brand new and wants to know how much I paid for her.

Everything has been great except for the following incidents to date:

ONE: The dealer did an "inspection" on the car before I picked it up and informed me that they replaced the worn out front brakes. Within a week I noticed a very disturbing "shudder" coming from the front end when I applied the brakes. I assumed warped rotors and purchased a new pair for $190. It turned out the rotors were OK, but were literally "fused" to the hub assembly and wouldn't "float" with the new pads. After about 2-3 hours of hammering and a can of WD-40, I finally got the old rotors off the car. Just to be sure, I installed the new rotors.

TWO: About 2 weeks ago, while driving down the road, the car just shut off. The engine would crank, crank and crank, but wouldn't start. My local dealer came and towed her in for diagnosis and repairs. It turned out to be a "crankshaft sensor". $210 later, and I was back on the road.

THREE: Yesterday, while driving down the road, the transmission started slipping and eventually wouldn't move. Per the mechanic, the transmission's front seal "popped" and drained all the fluids out in less than 5 miles. I'm scheduled to have my baby back on Monday. (Est. $150-$250)

Like I said in the beginning, I love this car. I just hope these nagging problems don't ruin the relationship.

I will keep everyone posted.

PS: Hey, is it me, or is the front air dam extremely low. My wife literally tried to rip it off the other day pulling into the bank.

Paul Chesia writes

Last week I drove the right side of my Sebring (LXi 1997) through a good size puddle pretty hard. My tire went flat from the pressure exerted by the puddle, I assuming this happened because the rim is slightly dented and the seal was broken (there were no punctures when I filled the tire up with air). Do you have any ideal where Chrysler stands on repairing/replacing these dented rims, my car is under warranty for another 5,000 miles. Thanks and I appreciate the page, I'm a frequent visitor,

Joanne Scott writes

We loved our '98 Sebring, which we bought new, but which, alas, was picture-perfect, but unsound structurally. The right-hand driver's door panel fell off three times during the warranty period (now passed) and again yesterday. We were, in effect, told to "buzz off, it's your problem now" by a rather nasty man named Frank in the service department of Manchester Chrysler-Plymount in Connecticut where we bought the vehicle. We do have a "lemon law" in Connecticut which states that if a new vehicle must be returned more than three times for the same problem, the dealer must make good on it. The world should know how Chrysler treats its customers.

LXiSebring responds:

People have been having lots of problems with those door panels coming off on 98 and 99 models--apparently they redesigned the clips and they arent holding very well. Chrysler surely has a lot of warranty bills for repairing this problem. THe panel on my 95 came loose on one corner, the dealer replaced the panel once, but I have had no further problems. If I were you I would take the car to another Chrysler dealer in your area and tell them that the other dealer attempted to repair the problem several times & wasnt able to fix it. The dealer should have realized that if you have made repeated attempts to get a the exact same problem solved, that the warranty liability does not simply run out the day the day the odometer turns over to 36,000 miles. My dealer volunteered to replace a CV boot on mine after the warranty had exprired because he felt that the part would not have failed unless it were defective. I gladly took him up on the offer !!!! In short, dealers have quite a bit of control over what they can & cant fix under warranty. Try another dealer in your area--be firn but polite in explaining what you have been through with the door panel and the other dealer already & see what happens.

Nicholas writes

I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Lxi. The car runs pretty good. But the RIMS are a nightmare!!! I live in New York, drive and depend on my car alot!!! I have had many problems with my Rims bending alot!!!! I have received 3 flats from bent Rims!!! I have had just about every tires shop that I could find, work on them!!

I have talked to other Sebring owners, and found the same results. When I asked the dealer where I purchased the car, I was told that it was not covered under my warranty.

Can you tell me if Chrysler really covers them, or is there something I can do to get them replaced??? How much would they cost to replace??? Does Chrysler give a discount ???

Eric (Mr Tech) writes

Well Dave I took a trip to the local Mitsu dealer to see how the 2000 Eclipse was equiped. The options i noted are as follows. 2.4 L with automatic or standard and a 3.0 V-6 with "Sportronic" auto trans. I believe the 2.4 is the Chrysler engine and the 3.0 is probably the tried and true base 3000GT engine, with 24 valves. I know that this engine produces 222 H.P. in the 3000. Im speculating that these options will carry through to the new Sebring/Avenger. Also Im pleased to say that Bridgestone Turanza's are the standard equipment on the new Eclipse, as you well know I've been raving about these tires and recomending them to owners for quite a while. Also the interior wont make for a luxury car,so I imagine the Sebring will be somewhat different.

Dan Siegel writes

Bad news. At 18,100 miles, the automatic transmission on my '98 Sebring LXi had to be replaced. I took the car in for, among other things, what I thought a air/wind whistling/whine noise that sounded like it was coming from the drivers' side door area. I figured it was a simple door, window, or moulding adjustment. When they road tested the car, the dealership told me the whine was coming from the transmission and they had to replace it. The parts, labor, and rental car for a week and a half (10 days from initial drop off of vehicle to diagnosis of problem to getting part from Illinois to installation and vehicle pickup) will cost Chrysler something over $2,000 since it's all under warranty. No cost to me. Ever heard of anything like this?

LXiSebring: Anyway your dealer was on top of this. I have a hunch he was looking for the whine based in part on a tech bulletin or some other reason. Dealers normally do not volunteer to tear out transmissions in the absence of an owner complaint. As Eric says, these transmissions are either great or awful. I suspect you will have no further problems with the new unit they installed. THe transmission problems I have heard about here interestiungly have been primarily with low milage not high milage cars, but see Steve Deak's letter, below..

MaryJean writes

My name is MaryJean, if you read a little further down on the Sebring Owners page you'll see that I've written in about my Sebring already. I couldn't believe it when I ready your story about the bad batteries. Two weeks ago I had a similar problem with my car. When I went to start it it just wouldn't turn over. The battery had a charge but something was wrong and it just wouldn't catch. Much to my horror, after realizing that jump start was doing no good at all I had to have it flatbedded to the dealer. They say that hooked it up to a diagnostic machine and that everything checked out ok. They checked the batter, alternator and god knows what else. They told me to come pick it up because it started right up after it was removed from the tow truck. I felt like an idiot because I didn't think they believed that it wouldn't start. They never mentioned that this symptom was a common problem with Sebrings. What do you suggest I do. Should I change the battery even though it hasn't happened again since the first time? OR Should I leave well enough alone? I haven't yet had the fuel filter changed, do you think that has something to do with it?

LXiSebring: Change it! MaryJean later writes that Chrysler has a new 5-year battery for the car ($100) rather than the 3-year unit we are all having problems with. At $100 for the better battery versus 69 for the 3 year unit, I say its a good investment!

WSCW5150 writes

I own an 1998 Lxi, Caffe Latte, Bought new here in Asheville NC on May 7, 1998. I didn't want a sunroof, costing $640, and I didn't want to loose the headroom or structural srength, but everyone I spoke to about it said it is a very desireable option. Besides, every Sebring I've ever seen has one, and it would have taken forever to order one. I also didn't want leather seats, but since most people think they are the ultimate, and it was basically a free option, I caved in. I much prefer a nice cloth seat to any. Never get hot or sticky, and much easier to clean and repair. I really wanted the grey interior, but all my dealer (Skyland) had was the tan. I knew I would quickly ruin that color because of in my job I get pretty dusty, and even with the waterproof seat cover that I got at Advance Auto the seats and stuff would get dirty fast.

LXiSebring: beige cars with gray interiors would be scarce as hen's teeth!

Skyland had to locate my car -after my salesman Michael Burrell (GREAT guy!!) said that the sales manager thought the color combo wouldn't look good (!). Well, they got one from Cary NC, which is near Raleigh, so when I picked my car up she had 243 miles on her. Just the begining.

I named her Nikki, from the Prince song, with "smf" added on. Go find Prince's album "The Hits 2", cut 14 to figure that one out. I have a personalized tag that reads "ROAD CAR".

Been there, done that. Albuquerque NM twice. 1500 miles in 21.5 hours. Detroit MI, 9 hours. Keywest FL 15.5 hours. New Jersey 10 hours. All non-stop. Top observed speed 125 on 75N, just over the FL state line into GA. New 3 lane road surface, no traffic, very late at night. Floored her at 90, unlocked the converter, locked back up at 110, topped out at 4500rpm in top gear. No more room anyway. I wonder if 3rd would have been faster?

As of now, she has just over 34,000 miles on the clock. What resale value?

LXiSebring: check Kelly Blue Book The car will cruise ALL day long at 90+. Just to prove that fact, I was popped in Arkansas doing 94 in a 70. No, he didn't take my license. Yes, I was surprised too. The bill for that little incursion was $109. I got a $10 credit for having my seatbelt on. Yay. He got me with instant on radar. I know because I asked him, and my Valentine one radar detector went into full tilt mode the instant I cleared a little burm in the middle of the highway. I just pulled over. I was stopped by the time he got onto the road.

I have had no problems with my car, save one. On a trip back from Hilton Head SC, the AC froze up, not cooling anymore. The dealership said that is just the way thay are, which sounds like BS to me, but it only happens under long drives in humid conditions, with the AC on for 4 or 5 hours straight. I can live with that. To get it going again, just turn off the AC, open the windows for a while and enjoy the fresh air. I seem to average 28 mpg overall. I change the oil and filter (Who is the moron that put the oxygen sensor right there behind the filter anyway?????) every 5000 miles. The original Goodyear RS-A tires lasted about 27,000 miles, or one year with me. A new set of four from National Tire and Battery cost $493. And that is with knowing someone who cut the price some. He screwed up when ordering tho, and I ended up with z rating instead of v. No blown bulbs. Got hit by a golf ball (HONEST!!!!!) in Charlotte NC, just above the right door, about 6 inches back from the windshield. Then, 2 weeks later, an 18 wheeler passed me and part of the suspension broke. Part of a tire put a small dent just in front on the golf ball one.

The only changes I've done to the car (why mess with perfection?) is to add a 12 volt power point that stays hot all the time. I needed my cell phone to have a constant voltage supply so it wouldn't run the batteries down, and the cigarette lighter turns of when the car is. Besides, the power cord looked stupid sticking up from the console. I tapped into the power seat power supply since it was always hot, and I could stash the phone under my seat, out of the way,

I wired the Valentine One directly into the cigarette lighter, since I did want this to turn on and off with Nikki. I pulled up the console cover, which was very easy, and hid all the wiring, running it under the dash, up the driver side A pillar, across the headliner, underneath it actually, to come out directly with the wires going to the rearview mirror. The radar detector hangs there, just fractionally below the mirror. It is an awesome piece, with full coverage all around. Except, of course, from instant on. I knew that if I ever got popped it would be that way.

The final modification was to add a 6 1/2 inch powered Bazooka subwoofer, and an identical slave. The units fit quite nicely behind the front seats, in the floor board. These things are fantastic!!! I have the optional Infinity CD system, which is arguably the best sounding factory stereo out. All it needed was some low end reinforcement. The Bazooka's do it, and more. I wired the Master unit into the amp under the rear package shelf, which supplied the remote 12 volts to turn on the sub, and the left and right channel info to tell the sub what to play. I also ran a bigger +12v supply from the big white wire under the left dash. The slave is driven completely by the master, which has a built-in 80 watt amp. The beauty of the set up is the when I need to carry someone in the back, all I have to do is disconnect 2 plugs, and the tubes are in the trunk. Of course, I have to turn up the bass on the EQ some, but is all works very well.

Well, thanks for letting me rant. I really enjoy my Sebring. Everyone that sees her comments on her beauty. I couldn't agree more, especially in the Caffe Latte. Easily one of the most beautiful automobiles ever made. I saw my first '97 close up in a paint and body shop, and I thought I was looking at a Lexus SC 400. This one was paprika, with the 17 inch wheels. Those wheels really make the car perfect. I don't like the way the '99s have the wheels on the white on Caffe Latte painted body color. Shoulda' left 'em silver like the rest of the colors. And I really hate the body colored mirrors. Yuck. They are big enough without drawing attention to them. I still wish the engine were stronger, but I didn't buy the car to drag race. Hey, since the Sebring and the Eclipse are the same, whaddya say we get an Eclipse 4wd turbo, extend the rear drive shaft to compensate for the body stretch, drop in that bad motor, and have one sweet ride? It would work, I figure, siiince the two are the same. It would be cool.

Thanx again for the website. I had already figured out most of that stuff on my own, but it is nice to know I was right. I went to ask my dealer about the new Sebring that was sure to come out. Clueless. I knew that with the re- design of the Eclipse and it's daddy the Galant that the basic platform had been changed, the Sebring and Avenger were soon to follow. Car dealers are generallly quite ignorant about their product, aren't they?

Gotta go.

LXiSebring: Dealers usually go to shows just prior to model introduction, but its too early for that yet!

Matt Shelton writes

Hi there, My name is Matt Shelton, and I own a 96 Sebring LXi

I have done numerous modifications to my Sebring. Pioneer deh-55dh head unit, pioneer 6x9's and 5.25 in doors and 1"tweeters in dash I have 2 kicker Competition subs in a custom box to fit flush with the fold down rear seats. I also have a Alpine 5 channel amp. and a California 1200 (the big one) 1 farad stinger capacitor and an mtx crossover, stinger in line fuse for the 4 gauge wire, and a distribution block.

On the outside of the car is not too much except the lowering job. I used a 2" drop from Intrax and a Ingalls camber kit, without the Ingalls camber kit the rear tires wear out real fast. took me one month and the wires were sticking out. I have neon all around the bottom of the car and under the dash. The factory 16 inch wheels were sandblasted and polished to make a chrome look. (Me and my dad did this and the sandblasting was 40 and it took about 2.5 hours on each wheel to polish) The windows are tinted at 18% all the way around.

Can you put a picture of my car on your page? I would like to see it there. also I was looking for a Z-SPEED strut tower bar brace. can't seem to find one anywhere. thanx, and if anyone has any questions please email me.

Steve Deak writes

I've got a 95 Black/Grey Sebring LXi that has had it's share of mechanical problems. I've been reading your owners page and I see I'm not alone. I bought it used 2 years ago with 40k mile on it. Here are the problems I've encountered.

1. At 62k miles I had to replace the tranny.
2. It eats brakes!
3. The battery size is not standard. I had to replace one because of a bad cell.
4. My current problem is driving me nuts! I took it in to a local shop for a tune-up because it was stalling at idle. Granted at 85k it needed a tune-up. They replaced the Throttle control & Idle Air Motor
and although it isn't stalling now, it idles at 400 rpm and is very close to stalling any time I'm stopped on any kind of incline. They said they couldn't figure out what was wrong. So, I'll be bringing it to a dealership this weekend.

The car is fun to drive, when everything is just right.

DI76009 writes

My Sebring has 17x8.5 niche bahn with gold accents, cost $4100. It is equiped with 4 12" Kicker XPL's, 3 Kicker zr120 30x2 amps, Alpine components and head unit, Rockford Fosgate EPX/2 symetry system, alpine CD changer, and 13 volt line driver upgrade. This car is also equipped with two 5" LCD TV screens, VCR and Sony Playstation. There is a rear hydraulic setup with chrome Fenner pump from Low Joe's Hydraulics. Motor modifications include Weapon - R mass air filter and intake arm, MDS Ignition, plugs and plug wires, and Maxspeed Exhaust. Little over $5000 invested in the stereo system, $2000 on the motor, and $1000 in hydraulics.

Eric Howton writes

I am an avid Mopar fan who has just traded in my 100,000+ mile Neon for a '99 Polo Green Sebring LXi. I have everything but the sunroof and ABS. You have a great page here - I've already read some great ideas from "Mr Tech" which I plan to implement soon. BTW, what is that below the designation on your door? I've seen that on two pictures so far? Just wondering.

d.j. konrad writes

David, I just bought a '99 Sebring LLi. Jet black with camel leather-trim interior. I've always been a Chrysler fan, and this just extends the devotion!

Omar Abdul writes

I purchased a 97 Chrysler sebring Lxi on the summer of 1997. The car is GREAT and is probably one of the best looking coupes out there. After viewing the catalogs I realized that my car is missing the Moon-Roof (top window) which would have looked perfect. Can you please inform me about the possibility & cost of installing a Moon-Roof on a 97 Sebring Lxi.

After viewing the catalogs I realized that my car is missing the Moon-Roof (top window) which would have looked perfect. Can you please inform me about the possibility & costs of installing a Moon-Roof on a 97 Sebring Lxi.

Members' response will be appreciated, particularly from anyone who has had an aftermarket moon roof installed in their Sebring.

Keith and Marilyn Brooks write

Could you please add my wife and I to your mailing list for Sebring owners? Our info as follows: Keith & Marilyn Brooks
Calgary, Alberta
Email to:
1997 Sebring LXi coupe, V6 A/T, Leather

LXiSebring (yours truly) writes

I had to have the Sebring towed in from my garage to the dealership a week ago saturday. The motor would turn over ok, but no matter what I tried it would not start. I figured this was a fuel system problem for sure--perhaps a clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump. Guess what? A bad battery cell (again). Weirdly the battery had enough charge to turn the car over, but someehow it wouldn't start. This battery lasted 3 years--the first one, only 9 months. The also cleaned an idle component, but the car started ok for them as soon as the new battery went in. Interestingly it has started fine since I got it back.

An about to go bad battery cell in effect puts a perhaps intermittent gap in the electrical circuit, resulting in some really weird things that can happen, mimicking other kinds of problems. So if your Sebring misbehaves in any way in starting or running, given the history of this car with assorted battery problems,its probably a good idea to stick in a new battery, and search for other problems only if that strategy doesnt work. Anyway the silver Sebring is back home, and has started and run fine since the unscheduled service trip. But, I'm gonna plan to replace the battery every two years even if it seems to be turning the engine over ok.

I dunno: it says Chrysler on the door & V6 24 Valve SOHC on the panel in front of the door

Tom B Brooks writes

My dad bought me a 99 SebringLXI in May,I ahve had so many problems with the exterior passenger side door panel. I have taken it in three times to get fixed. They put a new door panel on it and it fell off again. The body shop manager told me that Chrysler was redesigning something about them to fix the problem. Is there anything I can do to get this fixed, and fixed right? If you could please help me, Thank You

LXiSebring: After seemingly solving the loose claddin problems of the 1995 models, there appears to be another round of this problem on the 1998-99 models. I will be happy to see this design feature go.Have a body shop check the clearance of the cladding as the door is opened. This cured the problem in one case I am aware of.

Darren Withers writes

I have posted threads before on this site but I felt the need to give a little positive testimony as to the integrity of the car.

Over the weekend, I was rear ended by some non watching driver. I was sitting there in traffic minding my own business like I always do and BLAME! The 92 Cavalier was damage to all unbelief. The hood was jarred open and the headlights were hanging by the wires. Looking at their car, I knew my car had to have extensive damage. Wrong! My license plate was dented and I had a little red paint on the bumper.

Ricardo Ospina writes

I just got a new (well for me it's new) 95 Sebring LXi, that is two tone black with gray plastic underside, it's only got 42596 miles one it and is in near perfect condition, it looks like a base LXi (with a dual CD cassette player) and I really really like this car. Perhaps a picture of it will be forthcoming in the near future, I just have get a scanner (which is going to be difficult since the car payments is choking my cash flow:-).

Mike Babichuk writes

From your info it looks like I bought one of the first Sebrings in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (April 15,1995) Overall its been a good car. After 4 years I still get a lot of "stares" and for some reason people most often think its a Mercedes. Everyone loves the color (maroon/gray). I have 81,000 kilometers on it and it still looks showroom. Only option not on it is a sunroof.

Pro's Stylish, handles well, decent gas mileage (about 25city/34hwy per Canadian gallon), few problems after "initial" multitude of irritants. Trunk space adequate. Interior space, comfort, instrumentation okay.

Con's 1. Many initial "warranty " problems. Passenger seat belt sticking, transmission/steering interlock, horn, drivers airbag, AC refrigerant leaks, CD overheating and skipping, PSeat button sticking. 2. Battery died at 3 years (2 cells shorted) 3. Front Brakes - this one makes me real angry as I had it into a dealer for squealing under warranty. They insisted there was nothing wrong. 6 months later I had to replace both calipers as they were sticking and couldn't be repaired. $500 front brake job and Chrysler and the dealer said "tuff luck" Info on the street is that Chrysler knew about this problem in many of their cars but wouldn't acknowledge it.

4. Wrote to Chrysler Marketing about improvements: more power, softer tires, higher console arm rest etc. Never heard back.

I'll probably keep this one but I doubt I'll buy another.

LXiSebring: I've often wondered what happens to letters sent to car manufacturers offering suggestions for product improvements. They appear to go into a black hole, or at best, you receive back a form letter acknowledging that they received the letter--thats about it! This is all quite surprising given that great sums of money are spent by manufacturers trying to design cars that customers want to purchase.

Norith2001 writes

Hi im have been a huge fan of Chrysler Sebrings/Dodge Avengers every since they arrived here in Arkansas, back in '94 '95. I am only 16 years old but my dream car is a 1995 Sebring LX 5 speed with the white and grey two tone!

Kitty writes

To: I'm 44 years old and finally getting my license. I knew I wouldn't do it unless I had incentive - a '99 LXi in Caffe Latte, Camel interior, with sunroof. A beautiful machine. It's a week old, so I still haven't gotten used to people coming up and saying, "Nice car!" "Sharp car!" It's a real head-turner. One question: any way to get that wheel up a little higher (or the power seat farther back)? (see pic at Kitty's car

Elle174 writes

I was wondering if you heard of anyplace that sells a miniature model kit of a 99 sebring lxi coupe that is assembled or that can be made from a kit.

LXiSebring: Nope! I'm looking for one too!

Mary Jean writes

Hi Dave, I stumbled onto your sight by accident and I think it's fantastic. I have a '97 Sebring LX that I bought brand new. It is Wildberry Perl coat with a gray cloth interior. I get lots of stares and compliments on my baby and I absoloutely love her. My only regret is that she doesn't have a sunroof but besides that I'm perfectly happy and intend to keep this head-turner for quite a while. I'd love to send you a picture if you could tell me where to send it. I've had the windows tinted, added a spoiler and replaced the stock 16" wheels with custom Chrome wheels by Detata. It is truly a sight to behold. The only problems I've encountered are brake/rotor related. After six months the rotors were completely shot. I am confident it is not due to harsh or excessive braking. I had the rotors replaced and from that point on I basically had a new set of rotors every 3,000 miles. After 5 new sets the dealer finally gave up and decided to check the brake pedal adjustment which seemed to help for a while but again they wore out. Finally, they used a new machine to cut the rotors while on the car. This has seemed to do the trick and it's been exactly 3,000 miles now since that was done. I guess we'll see how much longer this lasts. Have you heard any similar stories. I'd be interested to know.

Eric responds

The rotors used on the Sebring are Junk, as are the pads. The only way to fix this problem is to replace them with JBR518SL & JBR518SR rotors and 2348401 pads available at Olympic. It will cost you under $200 and any mechanic should be able to do the switch easily. You'll notice a dramatic difference. Remember to easily wear in new pads for about 300 miles.

Mick Petersen writes

My wife had a Chrysler Sebring Coupe and has a problem with the design. The nose of the scrapes on many things. Is there anything we can do to raise the nose about an inch or two. Change tires? Add on lifters accessories? I would appreciate a response because she is becoming disenchanted with this feature. She loves the sportyness and acceleration.

LXiSebring: Not that I am aware of..if you read these pages, its a common problem..steep driveways and concrete parking bumpers with rebar sticking out are the major problem. Be careful! body repairs are about $800 to replace the front fascia.

Jennifer Birchfield writes

Hi! I'm the proud owner of a '97 LXI, I was on my way to purchase a Grand Prix GT (for $375/mo. lease) and saw this little black beauty sitting next up next to road at the car lot. I immediately did a u-turn and took a 2nd, a 3rd, & a 4th look. That was 6 months ago & I haven't regretted it. The best part is my payment - since my fiance' is the finance manager - I paid dealer cost & NO overhead for financing. My car has gray leather, and every option imaginable including the 8-speaker Infinity system w/cassette & CD. It also came with the bra embroidered with SEBRING across the front. I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad) that anyone has to offer!

Chris writes

I thought I might write and tell you about my Sebring, since I drop by at least once a month. I bought my 99 Sebring in January. I had a problem with the sunroof, it wouldn't close, after I took it back four times, it closes again but they have something backwards. It closes when it supposed to be opening. I still love my car. Ive been on a search for performance parts, my findings are slim to none. I took my factory 17" wheels and had them stripped and chromed, I left my center cap silver with the gold emblem. My car has a silver mystique pearl paint job. I get a lot of compliments wherever I go. I will send pics of it later.

Scott Brodie writes

Recently purchased a 98 Sebring LXi with the polo green exterior and tan leather interior with all the available options. I have had it almost a year now without any problems . I do however have a high pitched whistle that comes from the sunroof when on the road and the air or fan on. I have had it into the dealer and they realigned the tracks but it still is present . If any one else has this noise please let me know and if there is a fix for it I would appreciate it greatly. So far I just love this great automobile and Iam glad I bought it .

Karen writes

Hello, I have been checking out your pages ever since I bought my 99 Sebring and I want to be a member of your club. I will e-mail you a picture of the car as soon as I get a good one developed. It is a 99 LXi, Cafe Latte, with leather interior. I've had it since March and I love it. Everywhere I go, I get stares and nods of appreciation. It is the best investment I've made yet and I plan on keeping her around for a while.


Sean R Bracy writes

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sean and I drive a pewter blue 97 lxi. It's basically stock except for the after market cone K&N air filter, eibach lowering springs (1.3"), 18X8 ADR Battle Z's with Nitto 225/40/18 tires. Plus tinted windows and minor personal exterior touches. It's a daily driver and because I'm in the military it's been from coast to coast. Only problem was the throttle position motor at approx. 11000 miles, none since. I'm always getting compliments on how nice it looks. My only wish is more horsepower! Look to hear from you soon.

Tony Gedert

I was reading you page I have 1995 Sebring LXi in the dark metalic green my leather seats have the purferation you comented about just thought I would let you know


Gautam Shah writes

I just had a nasty, nasty experience with my baby that I wanted to share. I have a '97 Sebring LXi with the V6 engine and auto transmission. Right at 41,000 miles my transmission began to shudder and a few days later failed otright and decided it didn't want to find either 3rd or 4th gear (that's drive and overdrive). According to my dealer, the transmission needs to be replaced outright, a rather expensive proposition. I'll post the results of the investigation from the dealer as soon as I find them, BUT keep an eye (or ear) on your car for this problem. Now as to why ANY transmission should fail in 40,000 miles?.........................

I'd appreciate any info you have.

Justine writes

Greetings fellow sebring owners! I am the new owner of a champagne colored 96 chrysler sebring coupe. I bought this car july 3rd, 1999 with 60,000 miles on it. I love this car! That's the good news. The bad news is that on july 11th, just one week and one day after I bought the car, on a rainy afternoon here in south carolina, I was in an accident!! Somebody else decided they just really didn't need to stop for that stoplight, she was just in too big of a hurry. The result: fortunately, no one was hurt but there is $5,000 worth of damage to the front end of my car. One of my major concerns is that this was a front end collision at 35-40 mph and my air bags did not deploy. Wouldn't this be sufficient to cause the air bags to deploy?

It's got me wondering just how bad do they expect an accident to be before these safety features start working? The body shop tells me that it will be the first week of august before I get my car back! How about that? Had the car for over a month, made a payment on it, and only got to drive it for a week! Though I must say that the week I did have it was enough for me to fall in love with it, I've already been shopping around for a new stereo, getting quotes on window tinting, etc. I traded a 93 grand am, came this --><-- close to buying a 99 grand am, I had liked my 93 that much, when I got it into my head that I wanted something a little sportier looking. I did get tired of driving that family-sized sedan. I have sacrificed in performance, going from a v6 to that tiny 4 cyl 2.ol, perhaps in a year or two I'll trade up! I was thrilled to find this page, look forward to reading what all the other owners have to say about their sebrings!

Darren Withers writes

Well, I've read in the past about the problem with th 98 Sebring batteries. I kinda shrugged it off since my car was a little past the "deadly first year" problems. I learned my lesson. I sit here typing you this thread while my car is in the shop. The battery was completely dead. It took about 10 minutes of charging before it would even turn over. It went dead without any warning at all.

Since it's in the shop, I'm having them fix the brake light that's always on. They are also going to order a new passenger door cladding for me. It came loose. (not to be unexpected for a Sebring).

Matt writes

My name is Matt Giarratana and I drive a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXi. I have been looking all over this internet for a Sebring club and was very pleased by your site.

My Sebring is a little "different" from most:

Color: Maroon
Interior: Grey/Napa Red leather
Stereo: Kenwood Cd player
Kenwood 4 channel amp
Pioneer 2 channel amp
MTX crossover
2 Polk Audio 10" subs/ 6 speaker Infinity stock speakers
Performance: I have added an Iceman intake and exhaust system
Suspension: RS*R springs/KYB shock
Tenzo R strut bar
Electronics: Apexi Rev/Speed Meter
Wheels: Just ordered/haven't arrived yet but 18" TSW REVO's w/ 225/40r18
Toyo Proxes
Future: Body Kit
More electronics

I don't have pictures on the inernet but can mail to head of club. If any one in the club lives in Fredericksburg, Va.; I would like to meet them. If you want stories about the car; I got them. If you want problems you may not of come across yet I have experienced them.

Ed Neisch writes

I've been reading this site pretty much ever since I bought my 1997 Sebring Lxi. I love the car, but over the past few months I have been having a problem with the check engine light coming on with a MIL error code 21 (oxygen sensor). Over the past four months I have had the car to the dealer 6 times. they have replaced various oxygen sensons and most recently replaced the PCM, but the light always comes back on within one or two days (Thank God for extended warranty - I haven't had to pay at all for any of this!).

I too have this clicking noise upon initial acceleration and was wondering if you knew the TSB number so I can ask the dealer to check this out. My thinking is that this may be causing the MIL to light. My dealer (tbury Chrysler, Long Island NY) has been really great and is actively trying to fix the problem, and I have developed a good relationship with the mechanic that works on my car (amazingly the same guy always works on my car)and think he would check into this for me if I asked. I also plan on asking him to check to see if the PCM progamming is the latest revision becuase I have heard that this may be a problem (although I am not sure since they just replaced the PCM).

Any info that you could give me on the TSB or any other ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated. I'm hanging in there hoping that this problem can be fixed because I really enjoy the car, but it is getting frustrating always seeing that glaring red Check Engine Light on.

Keep up the great work on a really informitive and useful web page!!!!!

Tetsuos writes

I bought this car used early in 1997, since I had wanted one forever and my '95 Ranger had taken a total crap at 54,000 mi. The car had some problems when I bought it, namely small stuff (i.e. clicking EGR valve, which was replaced and did the same thing about 200 mi later, and some wear spots in the interior) but since then I have had most all of the problems I've read about here in the forum, such as the body cladding falling off, suroof not closing properly, trunk and interior rattles, amongst other small problems. Here are the big ones though that everyone should know about:

At about 55,000 mi. I switched from the stock tires to 255-50 r16's, on stock rims (YOKOHAMA brand tires) and since then have already burned up the right rear wheel bearing and the left one is on it's last legs. Hopefully I will find another one at a salvage yard soon, because the dealership wants too much. This has adversely affected my handling, as the car will swerve (at will, mind you) whenever there is a deviation in the road which may affect the path of the tire. Makes for very interesting driving. I am making a big assumption here, but I think the tires are the culprits in this problem, as going wider made the problem appear. Also, be aware that your wheel bearing assemblies are in good shape with very little play BEFORE you have them aligned. Alignment tech's may not notice that the bearings have play and when they adjust your alignment, it may not come out right when you leave then shop.

Second major problem is that my water pump (?) is really starting to go. It sounds like a power steering pump, but the p.s. fluid has never even gotten low nor have I found any leaks. The sound is in harmony with engine revs and the cooling system is leaking, at a rate of about a gallon every week and a half. Strange thing is, I cannot find the leak, as it won't occur while I'm idling in the driveway. Seems as though it only leaks while I'm on the road. Any advice please e-mail me on this one.

Lisa writes

hi, my name is Lisa....I recently bought a 96 sebring LXi and I dearly love it !! I have always loved cars, but never owned one I love as much as this one. I don't know much about it, and this is why i'm writing you also maybe you could include me in your group....ok here goes my description: i bought it used at a dealership...there it was, not cleaned up or anything, sitting all alone in a corner...I had never heard of a sebring, but the nice man at the dealership assured me it was a GREAT I took it for a drive!! (and fell in love) well, i went back the next day to pick it up and bring it home and I couldn't believe my was freaking awesome looking!!!! (haha) but i hope you can help me learn more about it. its a 96, black and gray at the bottom (kinda 2-toned) it has a sunroof, and on the inside has that wood detail in the center console...CD stereo I think its infinity...but it really jams!! cloth interior (gray) and i have no clue about the engine, all I know is that it looks really hot and I love it .....I just ordered chrome wheels for it (Arelli "vetta") and I cant wait to get them on it.....i bought it used with only 13k on it and I've had it since February and I paid like 13k for it......but THEN someone hit me, and its in the shop now im supposed to be getting it back Friday after bring out 5 weeks (god i hate rental cars) this clown that hit me totaled his 3 day old BMW and caused my baby $7,800. in damages...ugh so thats my story...hope i didnt bore ya !!...please write me back with any info, id really appreciate it. PS love your screen name!!!

Paul Warda writes

I am a 17 year old car lover. My dad owns a '95 Sebring Coupe LX (Metallic Blue Pearl Coat--I think?) with the 24 valve, V-6. I was wondering if you could supply me with the performance statistics i.e. acceleration (0-60,0-100), top speed, horsepower, quarter mile, peak torque @ r.p.m., braking, etc. THE MORE THE BETTER!!!

I checked the Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Motor Trend sites, and none of them had these facts--for my model, at least. I also checked the Chrysler home page. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

LXiSebring responds: So far as I am aware, both Motor Trend and Car & Driver only tested Sebring LX's in 1995 with the I-4 engine. However, they did both test Avenger ES models in the Dec, 1994 issue, with the 2.5 liter V6 and auto. Check your local library, which will likely archive the back issues.

Basically the data for the Car and Driver (CD) test of the 2.5 liter V6 in the Avenger are

0-60 9.1 (CD); 10.0 (Motor Trend)
0-100 26.9 (CD)
quarter mile 17.0 @ 83mph
Top Speed 120
skidpad .80 g
70-0 braking 190 ft
hp 155 @ 6000 rpm
torque 161 lb ft @4800 rpm

Danny Poole writes

David, I am looking to buy a 1996 Sebring with the v6 engine. I heard a rumor that there have been problems with some of the Mitsubishi engines. Have you heard of any problems? thanks Dan Poole

LXiSebring: In general I have heard of almost no problems with the Mitsu V6 in the Sebring, but I'm sure others will write you with their comments

Brenda writes

Dave, I had e-mailed Eric to see if he had ever heard of the following problem:

I have a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi that I purchased last September. In October the lower exterior panel on the driver's door fell off. They put it back on, but it fell off again almost right away. They put it on again, supposedly using a different type of clip. Since then it has stayed on, but last week the same panel on the passenger's door fell off.

Eric said that he had definitely heard of this problem and that if I contacted you that you would be able to send me the letters from the other owners who had had this same problem.

TIA for any assistance.

LXiSebring: I had that problem with one of my door panels. They replaced the entire door panel, but since then I have had no more problems. cfleury wrote me

Guess what! The body shop manager has found that the front fenders are too close to the doors so that every time you open the door it hits the fender (barely) but enough to dislodge the panel and break the metal clips. Thanks for your help!!!

So you might want to check the door clearance.

Bill writes

My name is Bill and my grandparents bought me a 97 Chrysler Sebring Lxi when I was 15 for my first car, I am now approaching 16 and can't wait to drive, I have driven the car a little bit in parking lots and things. The car was wrecked severely and they had it fixed now it looks as good as new. it appears that it hit a guard rail and flipped, crushing the passengers A-pillar and bending the roof, neither airbag deployed, the interior is in perfect condition. Its black with gray leather, moonroof, Infinity, the works. I do have a question though. I really want the 98 wheel centers for my 17 inch wheels. I like the look of the gold much better than that of the void in the silver. If any one has a set they are willing to sell or info on where I can get them it would be appreciated. I love my car, I just hope Chrysler keeps making them. Any info on the next generation? I am looking at mercedes CLK's and SLK's for my 18th birthday. As you can see I am slightly spoiled. But anyway, if they are more powerful, I may stick with the Sebring. thanks please give me a response about the wheels.

Robert L. McCarty writes

Hi, My wife wanted to replace her car with something smaller. But not too small. It needed to be sporty but not impossible for her to get into. You get the picture. She fell in love with the Sebring and decided that it was the answer. At 3500 miles we have had no real problems. With one exception. The "Cladding" on the passenger's side was pulled off on a high curb. Now that we know that it can happen, we avoid that situation. The only other thing I have noticed is that there is a vibration from the vent system when running the A/C. It is only there if the compressor is on. But it seems to come from the vent fan. Is there a seperate fan just for use with A/C? Thanks for the forum, Bob McCarty and Rose (the hot rod).

SwtPea ě writes

I just got a '97 Sebring LXi for my graduation present. I read your article and found it quite interesting. I do have a question for you, is the hard top smaller than the convertible. My friend has a 96 convertible and it seems to me that the inside of her car is quite bigger, There are also many other differences in the two. I know that the door panels are different, the dash (as in the way they are set up. Her cup holders are more towards the floor and the dash is separated as mine is all connected.) I also wanted to know if u know the measurments of the two. Thank You very much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

I dont have the measurements in front of me, but the convertible is built in Mexico on the Chrysler P-Car chassis (Stratus, Cirrus Breeze) whereas the coupe is built on a stretched version of the Mitsubishi Galant/Eclipse chassis. It's not surprising that the P chassis (a domestic sedan) is wider than the Galant Chassis.

Its relatively cheap to add length to a car, but expensive to make cars wider as the wheels have to be moved out and all the suspension/steering geometry changes.

Brant Wyn writes

I found your page very interesting, and bless it's existence (really !). I would like to know if you've had a chance encounter with any of the issues I have experienced:

1. The plastic panel that retains my rear license plate is pealing (%$!^@). I think the apparent DECAY is indicative of a loss of clearcoat, This is the only region of the car that has experienced this decay. With the car still under warranty, I assumed I could trust Chrysler to repair this obvious flaw. I was informed however, that they do not consider this to be a problem indicative of an assembly flaw.

LXiSebring: I would complain to the Chrysler Zone office on this one-- something could have happened in the clearcoat application process. Anyway repainting that panel is not going to be very expensive.

2. A constant clicking (!@$!#@$) can be heard at low speeds, and upon initial acceleration. I have been told the problem is the PCV valve. This component has been replaced once, and the problem returned after ~100 miles. A number of other '95 Chrysler Sebring owners whom I have shared this with report a similar phenomena (i.e., the problem returning after replacement with a supposedly new PCV component).

There is a tech bulletin out on this one with a modified part. I think its a oxygen sensor not the PCV valve. Eric no doubt knows.

3. An unexplainable (according to the two Chrysler dealerships I have been to) hesitation I have discovered in shifting from Park into gear (either Reverse or Drive) in the morning after about 6-7 hours of non-driving (!@$#%@). When I shift initially, the car remains out of gear (in Neutral). Persistent movement of the gears from Park to Drive and so forth does get the car into gear, eventually. I obviously am concerned that this mutating problem could compound and escalate into something worse in the future (i.e., the car falling out of gear while in transit on the highway). Have any of these been noted prior, to your recollection ? If you cannot suggest potential causes for these problems, can you suggest recourse with Chrysler ? I expect these problems will continue, and my warranty extends only another 15,000 miles. I'd like to try and avoid the apparent worst case culmination of these issues, if possible (!!!). Pls let me know your impressions, with/or without your additional assistance. Other than the items noted above, I have been very happy with my Sebring. I think the shape is very sharp, and the Olive color is very appealing. Thanx

LXiSebring: You need to have the transmission problem checked by another dealer

Darren Withers writes

We all know that only a few tire manufacturers produce the 215/50/17? I was told that going to a 45 size will mess with my ABS. Has anyone had this problem?

LXiSebring: I haven't heard that.

Matt Stanzel

I am 19 years old, and working A LOT to afford a Sebring. When I first saw the Sebring from the side, I said "I wonder how much they want for that Lexus?" my surprise, when I pulled up beside the car, it was not a Lexus, but a Chrysler Sebring. Right there I fell in love.

1996 Sebring LXi
Normal stuff.
No power seats though.
Alpine 7830 CD player
35 x 4 W
(subs not hooked up yet)
***I bought the car 3 weeks ago

Charles Nguyen

Hello, my name is Charles and I have a 95 Sebring Lxi with 45K on it. I started getting rattle sound whenever I drive over bumpy roads. The rattle seem to be coming from inside the car where the dashboard and windshield meets. I thought it was the corner speakers (tweeters), took it out, but it seems to be somewhere else. Does anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it or where the rattle might be coming from ?

Darren Withers writes

Can anyone advise if they have a similar problem (s) ? My car rides like any car with a some what stiff suspension. A little rough but expected. My problem is that when I take a fast curve, my car starts this lateral movement that's almost uncontrollable. The rear of the car starts this back and forth motion that progressively gets worse unless you either speed up or slow down. If the turn is smooth with out any humps, it's now problem. However, if the turn has a small bump, it starts. From reading the previous emails, I've come to the conclusion that other Sebring/Avenger owners are fighting the same battle. 1) Has anyone found the solution for fixing the Brake light from staying on? 2) Has anyone found the solution for fixing the wind noise that comes from some unknown place within the vehicle? 3) Does the disconnection of the battery terminals really help assist the shifting patterns?

If anyone could please respond, I would be very appreciative.

Brad haase writes

. I know this isn't really anything to do with me owning a Sebring but I figured maybe you could help me.. I am looking for a set of the 17" multi spoke rims off a LXi. Preferably in the Michigan area. If you can help me I'd appreciate it. If it makes any difference to you, they are not going to be used on a Sebring. Altho I do like Sebrings, I just bought a Talon and I've seen an Eclipse with those Sebring rims on it and it looked tight. Everyone I talk to has to keep them to trade in when the lease is over.. I really don't have money for aftermarket 17's so I figured maybe I could relieve a Sebring owner of the pile of rims and tires cluttering they're space.. If you have someone I can talk to please email me.. Thanx..

Curt B. Schatz writes

Hi, I was wondering... I have a '98 Chrylser Sebring LXi. I had " muscle" cars before this and I was curious if there are any "safe" ways to get a few more horses out of it. Thanks in advance.

Eric responds

Drill holes in intake side of airbox...K&N air filter.....Bosch Platinum spark plugs....very simple,works and doesnt mess with the emissions.

Raymond Gonzalez writes


My name is Raymond Gonzalez and i own a 96 Sebring Lxi. Finally a found a web site for the car. My car is the black with gray color set up. My car sport a various aftermarket mostly custom parts. It has a 2 inch Intrax suspension drop. 18 inch Niche Shocks rims with 225-40 GoodYear GS1 tires. The braking system was swap with Cross drilled disk brakes all around with carbon fiber pads in the front with semi-metallic in the back. The exhaust system was also swap from a 2 inch factory size to 2.5 with a dual DTM style racing muffler. The factory air box was also deleted for a custom aftermarket set up, with a K&N cone filter. Outside of the car i mounted a Supra style wing. Stereo system consist of a Kenwood radio and Cd changer being push by a 440 watts PPI amp and out of two 12 inch JL audio component speakers and a carbon fiber dash kit. Future project consists of upgrading the suspension with KYB'S AGX shocks, all around spoiler kit & a custom paint job. My car has placed 1St, 2nd and 3rd place in car shows.

Jim writes My name is Jim and I bought my Sebring LXi 3 weeks ago. It is white with grey leather interior and the wheels match the body color. It has a 2.4 ltr. v-6. It has power everything. I have really enjoyed the car so far and hope to enjoy it for a long time.

Jessica writes

Hi there! My name is Jessica and I am a 22 yr old from San Antonio Texas. I recently purchased my '99 Chrysler Sebring LXI Coupe in February and love it!!!! It's Indy Red... I haven't seen one like mine in S.A. yet!! Anyway, I searched forever for a website with helpful info and found this site to be really interesting. I'd like to JOIN THE CLUB!!! So I hope to get to meet all the other Sebring Owners....VERY SOON. Thx....all other sebring owners are more than welcom to email me with any questions or comments....thx again!!

JR writes

I Have a 99 Lxi with 17 X 8 Borbet Type E's and 215-45r-17 Bridgestone Potenzas, I Have Suspension Techniques 1.5in Drop, Blue\gold Ion Eurolights and Lamps, Painted Calipers and a 10in Sub in the Trunk. I Have Plenty of Pictures If You're Interested.I Also Have Many Questions.

LXiSebring: Send your questions & pics

Eric (Mr Tech) writes FYI

The NHTSA is a page of complaints that are processed by consumers and filed for general information and record. A recall usually stems from a series of related complaints like these. A Chrysler TSB (tech service bulletin) is something different, check the alldata page for those.Not sure on the leak,however there was a recent complaint about the ABS failing. This is a fairly new issue I've heard about lately and your #3. The ticking underhood is most likley your EGR valve, very common.Best way to find a leak is to pull the trunk carpet out and away from the area in question. Dealers usually don't like to play with that stuff. Binding sunroof is also common and your dealer should be able to fix that one. If they hesitate goto another dealer, don't play around.

Freak writes

I own a 1997 Sebring the color is pewter blue I have had many problems [including wheel problems] with my car . but I love it if you would like to see pictures e-mail me

LXiSebring: Send pics!!!! Eric writes:Have the wheels ALUNINUM balanced. This is where they put weights on the inside and the outside of the rim. This usually solves the problem.If your tires have quite a few miles on them though, they may be worn funny due to misalignment,ect. To really solve the problem buy all new tires,have them ALUMINUM balanced & get an alignment. The Bridgestone Turanza is an excellent tire on the Sebring. available at a good price at the Tire Rack

Betsy Belleville writes

I recently purchased a '97 Lx with 29,800 miles. I now have 32,600 and am having problems starting the car. When I turn the ignition nothing happens the first time. The second time I get some juice and it ususally starts on the third try. Other than that everything runs fine. Does this sound like a battery or starter problem? Do you think somehting could be draining my battery?

Thanks for any advice.

Eric Responds

Thats about new battery milage for a Sebring. Mine didnt show any signs like that, but it does sound like a battery. Go to any major auto parts store(Auto zone, Advance), thay will check it free.

Mary Knapke writes

The car is beautiful and I get a lot of compliments, but I wouldn't recommend the car to anyone, mainly because Chrysler and their dealerships don't stand behind their product.

I have had the door panels fall off six times since I got the car 10/98. First I was told they had never seen the problem before, but the parts to fix it were on national back order. Gee, I wonder how that could happen. Everytime I brought it in, I had to wait five to six weeks for it to be fixed. Meanwhile I was driving the car without the door panels. The joke was on Chrysler, though. I had many, many people ask me what the problem was and I certainly didn't miss the opportunity to tell what it was! I know of at least two sales they lost!

Chrysler sends out a questionnaire everytime it's in the shop, but they don't really care what you think. Once they have your money, they don't care any more. My question is, how can they continue to sell that car when the problem with the door panels still exists? If my husband hadn't come up with a fix-it solution, it would still be happening. Those door panels fall off on interstate and cause accidents. I want to know how they get away with it.

cfleury writes

I recently bought a new Sebring LXI coupe and I am having a continual problem with the right door panel. It keeps falling off and the dealership keeps saying that it must be my fault. They think I have been scraping the door on something and breaking the metal clips that hold it on. Have you ever heard of anyone else with this problem? Do you know where I could find out any further info? Please Help!!!!!!

Thank you,

LXiSebring: The Sebring uses the same doors as the Avenger & Eclipse...the plastic panels cover the large indentations on the other two models. Theere are small holes drilled into Sebring doors at the factory. The panels are held onwith a series of clips that are inserted into the holes in the door. These expand like molly hooks. There is also a bead of a waterproof caulk that rins along the upper edge of the caulk.

A panel on mine came loose and the dealer ended up ordering a new panel (Thankfully under warranty) which had to be painted at the body shop. THe dealer claimed that was the only way to keep the caulk seal secure. The panels come from Chrysler with the caulk bead already in place covered with a strip of tape which is pulled off before the panel is installed. I have had no further problems with the panel coming loose. But, the underying cause of the loose panels is that the clips are not expanding properly when they are inserted in the holes in the door. This was a problem in early 95 models, and it seems to have reappeared on very recent models as well as indicated by the above letters. Perhaps they made some change again with the clips at the factory-- and whatever change they made is not working--the clips could indeed be breaking off and the dealer not wantent to go through the expense or trouble to order a full replacement panel. I have a feeling the clips are actually made as part of the panel itself.

Personally I hope with the next redesign they abandon the large plastic panels. Their size & weight is a contributing factor to the problems.

This same method is used to hold cladding on most cars with cladding, but the panels generally are not as large or heavy.

Eric comments:

If it were my car....Id probably ask a Professional body shop. I think this problem is terrible. But I highly doubt a dealer would know how to , let alone try to fix this one. I just dont know what to say here except talk to a professional on the matter. Then maybe you can get some leverage at the dealer.

Ron writes I'm looking for a company that sells custom seat covers for my car. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks

LXiSebring: I am trying to track this one down WheatKing (Dave Unwin) is the expert on aftermarket pieces. One option: have a local auto upolstery shop design and sew you custom "slipcovers" that could be removed and washed or dry cleaned. Coordinate the color with your exterior color.

Cris fien writes

Have you heard of anyone else having problems with the front end scrapping as you pull in or out of driveways?

LXiSebring: yup! see past letters for various years

Brian Mehlman writes

I found your Sebring page through searching the web. I have a 95 LXi. I seemed to have a lot of mechanical problems with mine.

Recently, My antilock brake like comes on. The dealership has told me it's the hydraulic system for the Antilock brakes (and that it's going to cost $1800 to fix). The car does have high mileage (85K). Now that the warm weather is hear, I just learned that my AC is broken (another $400 to fix). Last year something went wrong in the Electrical system that cost $800. I too had my battery go pretty early on.

Its frustrating because I like the car. It drives great and looks really good (black/silver). I have to decide soon whether to get a new car or dump the money into this one and get it fixed. I called Chrysler about the brake problems (hoping there would be a recall or something)... but no luck. Have you heard of anyone else having an ABS problem? If you have I would love to get into contact with them... maybe 2 reports into Chrysler would be better than one. Your site looks good... Thanks,

LXiSebring: I hope Eric has a solution for you. I would make the following comments. Whenever you have a problem with your car that is going to cost more than a few hundred dollars to fix it is wise to get more than one dealers/mechanics opinion even if it costs you a few dollars to do so. I'm curious as to how an ABS system can cost $1800 to repair when the entire option is at most a $600 or $700 item. If you look in the archive of Sebring letters (Do a search on "ABS") you will discover that there have been a few owners who report problems. None have indicated that the fix cost $1,800, however, and that's why I am suspicious. Pardon me if I am in a down mood with respect to auto mechanics. I spent this past week advising my secretary when a (non-dealer) shop told her that she needed a new transaxle on a '92 Caddy with 54,000 miles. I encouraged her to roll it into the local Caddy dealer, who promptly found a blown fuse caused by a blown AC compressor unit. (I'm still trying to figure out why an AC and a transaxle would be on the same electrical circuit!) The AC unit had been replaced only a year ago by the same shop that claimed the transmission waus bad, but that is another story. Bottom line: get another opinion!

Les Friedman writes

Hi, I have read the comments on your web site from Sebring owners who are basically satisfied. However, there is a dark side also.

My wife had a 96 LXi coupe. She really loved it. It looked great and she was generally happy with it. Then on January 27, 1999, she had a major problem which made her trade it in for an Acura.

On two occasions on the same day, she lost her brakes. The first time she went through a stop sign with no altercations. However, the second time, which was 10 minutes later, she slammed into the car in front of her.

On both occasions, she braked, the car stopped momentarily, and then continued to slide as though she was on a sheet of ice. (There was no ice--it occurred in South Florida.) The brake pedal did not go down all the way to the floor and she was still applying pressure to the brake as she continued forward.

An independent Chrysler investigator checked the car and found no brake problems. After that, Chrysler said there was nothing else they would do. Terrified to get behind the wheel again, she traded the car in, taking whatever loss she had to due to the damages sustained in the crash.

I know the 96 Sebring convertible had a recall on the brakes. I would have thought Chrysler would have been more concerned about this situation but they were not. I wonder if they actually found a problem and fixed it and didn't want to admit it. At any rate, I filed a complaint with NHTSA, and I hope the next owner of this car does not experience the same thing on the highway going at 65 mph.

If you hear of other similar incidents, please let me know.



LXiSebring: Neither Eric or I have a clue as to what might have failed here. It sounds like a problem with the ABS unit, but ABS units should allow you to brake normally if they fail. If anyone else has any ideas, let Les know.

Fred Brox writes

I just found your site. Nice job. Here is some feedback on my 1996 Sebring bought new in april 1996 and now with 42,600 miles on it. Few problems to speak of ....
replaced leaking wheel (yes wheel not tire).
replaced welting between cowl and windshield wiper cover plate.
replaced battery at 2 year point.
replaced brakes at 36,000 miles.
live with loose trunk trim plate (plastic panel over latch).
live with left directional light not cancelling out automatically.
replaced driver side seat lever to flip seat forward (my fault).

Average 22-26 mpg on regular unleaded ... mix of very bad local traffic and not so great interstate traffic every day. I get between 26-30 mpg on trips.

Original Goodyear tires still have good tread at 42,600. I think they will need to be replaced in another 8,000-10,000 miles.

General comments... best car I have ever owned (former cars were mostly Fords and Mercurys). I am glad it is made in USA but by Japanese standards. I would buy another one. I don't like the "grill" on the 1995-96 units. My air damn hits the curbs too often. I love the way it handles and brakes. My dealer is a bozo and I may just buy a Mitubishi next time.

Celso V writes

Hello, I have a 99 Sebring LXi. I'm looking for any information on any of performance muffler that would replace the standard muffler that comes with the Sebring LXi. Also, I would like to add wood paneling to the instrument panel. does anyone know the name of the wood that comes standard with tge Sebring LX1. I have found two types Burlwood and Rosewood. I have to mail order them and would like to get the right one. Thanks

Dennis writes


I'm the proud owner of a 95 Chrysler Sebring its metalic green, with tinted windows, 16 Rims, Pioneer DEH-64 stereo this is a special fit for chrysler, Alpine Amplifier (300 watt) , (2) 12" Pioneer Subwoofers, the question I have is I want to be able to outrun my friends pontiac grand am gt with a current HP= 275 I know its gonna be tough but any suggestions?

Karen L. Anderson writes

I'm having trouble finding the Web pages for the Sebring...I deleted it in my favorites I guess....anyway, I would like to sell my 99 black Sebring because I'm trying to downsize in the finance department. I have a 99 black with black and gray leather interior, awesome, awesome car - all the wonderful things that come on the lxi - in brand new condition, even still smells new...added splash guards...

selling for 18,000. very good deal, but I really want to be debt free..

17,000 miles on - mainly highway to Colorado and back. Hell of a deal if you know someone interested.

JGILL writes

I have a 95 sebring. it is in mint conditoin with only 38,000kms. But I have aproblem my brake light has a mind of its own it never seems to want to turn off but my brakes are fine . I heard there was a recall on the brake senor light.

LXiSebring: Yes there is.

James Cartwright writes

I have a 97 Chrysler Sebring LXi. Not too many mods yet. So far I have tinted the windows and put in a stereo system. No pics yet. I would love to be included in the owners group. I have had a few problems with the car, but still love it. Only major problem was a transmission pin shooting through the tranny casing. Please add me to the group as I would love to find out about mods as they come available.

Nicholas Schell writes

I read about John Fernandez's situation below, and I think I can help. I also bent a rim and mangled a tire after nipping a scrap 2x4 piece of wood on LBJ Freeway at 70MPH. The lowest price I could "un-bend" the rim for was $125, and a replacement would be $250, with a replacement 17" Goodyear tire adding a further $110. Whew! Beware of scrap lumber!

I decided to do something a little creative. I dreaded the thought of paying $110 every time I busted a tire, and I would be really angry if I dented another rim... which now seemed relatively easy to do. I bought four 15" MB Motoring 5-spoke rims and 4 BF Goodrich HR4 Touring tires from and had them shipped to my doorstep for $490. I sold the three good 17 inch rims and tires to a used tire shop for $150... which sucks, but I couldn't find any higher takers. After doing a little arithmetic, my out-of-pocket cost was $340, still below the cost of replacing the broken rim and tire. After I got the new tires and rims on, I noticed that they were actually quite attractive and more sporty looking than the "carriage wheel like" 17's, and the higher-profile tires smoothed out much of the Sebring's jittery suspension. My teeth don't clack together every time I hit a pothole anymore. Also there is less road noise. Handling is still as good as it ever was. Best of all, if I bend a rim in the future (which is very unlikely to happen now), it will only set me back $75 for a new one. New tires are only $45 each. Whee!

After going through this little trial, I believe that Chrysler is definitely crazy to put 17" luxury rims on a car in this price category... especially considering the harsh suspension and lack of wind insulation. The money would be MUCH better spent on dropping the 2.7 liter 200HP V6 under the hood (and who wouldn't take THAT trade? Duh!). In fact, the entire trend of customizing a car by adding oversize rims and smaller, weenie-thin tires is an unintelligent waste of money. The only cars which can actually benefit from the increased rim size are the "big guns" like Ferrari, Corvette, 3000GT, NSX, and the other mid-life crisismobiles that can take advantage of the increased road perception. As you already well know, the Sebring Coupe is not in that category... it is a cruiser, and as such, it should be appointed appropriately. Use Chrysler's foul-up as your gain and DOWNSIZE those puppies. Your teeth, ears, internal organs, eyes, and wallet will all heartily thank you.

Jeffery Cottrell writes

Hey People.. I have a 98 LXi the color is Paprika... I pretty happy with the car as far as looks and handling but I'm pretty disappointed in the Performance of the car. I was wondering if anyone know of any after market bolt on or replace parts the could give my car a little more HP and over all performance. After all the car looks like it should be very fast!!! Thanks in advance!

Pawell116PP writes

I'll send a pic when i buy a bra for the car, if u have any pics of a Chrysler with a bra that u can send i would appreciate it, or with just the hood protector

Jonathan Perlis writes

Hi my name is Jon and I do not own a sebring but will in the near future. I would just like to say that your car rocks and anyone else who owns a Sebring.

Daniel Trottier writes

I HAVE A 96 LXI fully loaded with everything except for cd changer. I put the new 97 up 17" wheels on it and put the woodgrain over the radio and heater outlets also got a K+N air filter for it I love my car I had a 95 sebring lx loaded w v6 but it was stolen and wrecked I guess I made out ok cause this one has everything I still miss my other car but I will get over it. ANY PROBS ON A NOISE FROM THE RR SOUNDS LIKE A WHEEL BEARING AT 65MPH PLUS? no other probs though anyone know if the new 97-99 headlight buckets interchange they are much brighter and would look good on my car thanks for a great website have fun with your cars i sure am!!!! ? HOW HARD IS IT TO INSTALL A SPOILER ON MY 96 SEBRING LXI AND WHAT CAN I USE TO CLEAN THOSE MIRRORS THAT GET CHALKY?

LXiSebring Eric suggests using Mothers Carnuba cleaner/wax for the mirrors.

Lauren writes

Before I bought my Sebring LXi, I found your site. Now that I own my beautiful, bouncing baby, Sebring Coupe, I'd love to blather about it to the world!

As it is my first car, this 1997 LXi coupe is far more than I had ever imagined! I bought her used, but it looks as if she's been loved. Who wouldn't!?!? My sister has named her Penny (for some reason, after the Beatle's "Penny Lane"), and she's a black coupe with gold trim, tan leather seats, a moon roof, a spoiler and - to my pleasure - a CD player (which I understand was standard by '97).

I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful car as my very own and I'll always feel powerful in such a classy car. Everyone in my family wants to drive it. My father loves it as much as his Cadillac and concedes that it's a better car than his Thunderbird ever was.

We Sebring owners are lucky!

Andrea and George Montenes write

We had put a deposit on a Sable and were'nt really thrilled about it but needed a roomy car in our price range. We had spent all day looking and decided to stop one more place. We both loved the car at first sight and bought it right away. it's really a beauty for the price.

Payton Blackwell writes Do you prefer a Sebring over an Avenger? Why or why not? Could you send me some information with all of the colors and accesories of a sebring coupe? It would be greatly appreciated.

LXiSebring: Just pick up a sales brochure for the Sebring from your local Chrysler dealer. In General, the Sebring has more standard equipment especially if you compare the LXi with the ES. With equivalent options, the prices are very similar. The spring rates on the Sebring are slightly softer than on the Avenger. Otherwise its a matter of subtle exterior differences & what dealer you like best or can negotiate the best deal with.

Yacov Jegher writes

Hi, I figured I would update you all on my '97 Sebring LXi since it is now 2 years old! The last update I posted stated that I had absolutely no problems or failures with this car. I am pleased to report that a full year later it is still running like a charm! The only issues we had are minor:

Jan. 99 - Rattling noise when driving over bumps (We live in Montreal and the winter/roads combo is awful). Dealer repaired it under warranty. The dealer was originally supposed to keep the car for 2 days. He called us shortly after we delivered the car to tell me he needed it for 5 days. When I asked him why, he said one of his mechanics zipped out of a parking spot and tore off the front bumper! I was upset, but what can you do. The dealer replaced it at his cost.

I find the suspension on the car could be A LOT better. Granted the quality of our roads is poor due to the snow and ice but compared to other cars I have driven it definitely needs improvement.

I have experienced difficulty playing recordable CDs in the infinity system. Anyone else have this problem?

All in all, I am satisfied with the car. Hopefully it will continue to run as well as it has up to now.

That's it for now!

LXiSebring: Good to hear from you again Yacov. Stop by the Avenger/Sebring Owners Group Website. There are plans for a Canadian Based regional group of Avenger & Sebring owners, with drive-ins and other Avenger and Sebring-related events for owners. I am President of the Midwest subgroup.

Dan Siegel has a beautiful Website devoted to his Sebring. Be sure to stop by and take a look!

Michael Owens writes

David, Please add some links for accessories for the Sebrings. I just bought a '99 Coupe yesterday. I am particualarly looking for some ground effects panels for the side of the car under the door.

LXiSebring: Check out The Avenger/Sebring Owners Group Website (ASOG) for info on aftermarket parts.

Tony writes

Hey David, I own a black '96 LXi and I am curious if you or any other sebring owner have found peformance upgrades for the car. I'm intrested in anything from shocks/struts to moderate engine modifications. Oh and I love my car, but the new models should revert to the two tone paint schemes.

LXiSebring: See above..ASOG, (which I am part o)f is going to handle the stuff related to performance & aftermarket parts

John Fernandez writes

Had a little "mishap" and I was wondering if you can help me out... I have a 98 Caffe Latte Sebring LXi with the standard 17" aluminum wheels. I accidentially jumped a curb and it bent one of my rims a bit. I called my dealership on how much a new rim would cost (about $335+tax). I also called called some local tire repair shops and asked about pounding the rim back in place and they said about $125.00. I was wondering if you have any suggestions or contacts on getting a good price on a new wheel (over the internet or not). I'm not loosing any air pressure or did any other damage. I leave in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Hope to hear from you soon...

LXiSebring.. this might be covered by your auto insurance. $125 seems reasonable to me for straightening a wheel..I would question whether you would want to "low buck" this type of thing.

Joseph Romano writes

Hi David!

I stumbled upon you website while searching for a Chrysler site. I found it very interesting. I really love the way the Sebring LXi looks. It's a very sexy, yet classy looking car, while looking sporty at the same time, (if that's possible). I liked it so much in fact, I recently went to a dealership with my wife and 2 kids and test drove one. It was a disappointment. The car seems like just a poser. Its sporty looks were not backed up by even marginal performance. I drove a V-6 version with that horrible automatic transmission, (unfortunately it's the only tranny option). The engine's meager 163 horsepower really weren't up to the task, and the auto-shifter seemed to hunt around a lot.

So, you may be wondering, what's my point?

In as much as I LOVE how this car looks, I could not live with this dated/weak V-6 and the automatic transmission. Driving enthusiast that I am, I can't understand why this sexy car was not offered with a 5-speed. I would have probably considered buying a Sebring with a "stick" so I could maybe squeeze out a bit more performance.

One of the car magazines I subscribe to mentioned that a new Sebring was coming soon based on the new Galant platform, to include a new 200 HP V-6 with a manual 5-speed transmission!! This got me very interested in maybe replacing my boring Camry. I just hope the new Sebring looks as good or better than the current one, and has all the practicality, (big back seat/trunk).

If you know anything more about this new Sebring, please let me know. It seems from recent Chrysler magazine ads, the current Sebring coupe isn't even pictured. Just the convertible. Anyway, hope to hear from you and take care.

LXiSebring responds: Wait a minute here--The sebring was never really designed for neck-slapping off-line acceleration like say a V8 Camaro--its forte is in high speed interstate travel which it does very well. The hp is competitive with most of the FWD coupe competition from Japan. But remember, the back seat of a Sebring is substantially larger than say a Prelude, and there is correspondingly more weight to push around. The car is around 3200 lbs. BTW I LOVE The Chrysler auto in my'95..mine has been silky smooth & for 3 1/2 years has performed flawlessly. The Avenger ES can be optioned with the V6 and the 5 speed manual. The Chrysler has a more luxury than sporty image, so only the auto is offered on the Chrysler V6 version. The Avenger uses stiffer spring rates as well. Otherwise just wait for the 2000 model which will likely have what you want.


I've had brake problems-warped rotors times two within one year at 10,000miles and again at 14,000 miles pads worn two times within a year calipers replaced!! this is a 98 car???????

Iwsebring writes

Hi Iv'e had my Sebring for a year this month. Its polo green and is fully loaded...After a year Im still in love with it ..It's been a great car, I love to cruse in it with the top open and loud music playing...I have a special spot to go when I want to let her go ...only when there is no one around ! She has been up to 85 and no problems at all...I love the acceleration on it.. Iv'e noticed people looking at her in parking lots...I have it real bad cause when I go into a store or something I turn around and tell my husband "Boy thats a good looking car "! I made a good choice and my car is beautiful, and I'm proud of it . The only thing that hurts is when I accidently hit the undercarrage and it scrapes...I have learned to go off a driveway at an angle, it helps...

Roger Warren writes

David-- I have had my 1995 Sebring LXi since last May. I am very proud of it. It runs great. I did have a few downfalls with buying it used. It was a program car first, then someone else had it, and I bought it with very high miles on it(about 97,000). It now has 110,000 on it and, after replacing a few things on it, it runs great. The only trouble I am having with it is the sunroof does not close properly.

It has gray leather interior with the woodgrain package. I have the Infinity AM/FM/Cassette/CD Player and have added a Punch .55 and three JL Audio 10" subwoofers to the already great soundsystem. I also have a dash mounted Nokia cell phone with the woodgrain cover to match my trim kit. It also has Prime 16"-5 spoke polished aluminum rims on it. I feel my car turns heads anywhere and it definitely caught my eye. I love it and constantly find myself pampering it more than I do my fianc‚.

I would like to send you some pictures to be put on your site. I do not have a scanner to send then to you. I would also like to commend the owner of the 95 Lxi with the marble panels on it--it looks great and looks like he put a lot of time and effort into his car. He should be proud.

Thank you for your time,

Roger Warren
Cairo, Missouri

My name is Joe de Leon. I own a 1996 sebring LX. I love the car. Before this one I owned a Prizm, I crashed it and I needed a car for work. I had some money saved up so I bought the sebring form a winter texan. I modified it alittle. I put 6x9 mid's & hi's in rear factory locations and 5.25" mid's & hi's on front door panels. I have two 12" sub's in custom fit box in the trunk. I power all of this with one 2-channel amp, and one 4-channel amp. All the equipment is rockford fosgate. It took $5500 and 120 man hours to complete intallation. I also added a rear spoiler that ran me over $500. I'm in love with the car. A lot of girl's heads turn when the hear me comming and stare when they see me pass. Oops I amlost forgot, I put som "Konig" custom 17" wheels. They are super cool. They are the "Monsoon" series.

Eric writes Dave, Automobile magazine shows a mule of the new Eclipse. It has two engine options, a Mitsubishi 3.0 and a 2.4(Chrysler?). They mention a total new cabin and the same chassis made a little more rigid. There will be no AWD Eclipse made anymore they dont think. Also the Sebring/Avenger will share these changes as well. Interesting there still gonna be Mitsubishi's and not Mercedes huh?

TeMtAtIoN3 writes

I have a 1998 black Chrysler Sebring LXi. I would like to join the club. I have put in 2 12" jl audio subs with custom seal box powered by alpine amp. For performance I so far got a k&N cone filter which replace factory box. Also, added a Dynomax peformance muffler. I was going to get the borla muffler, but took to long to get so I went with teh Dynomax. I also tinted the windows and added LED's. Kenwood excelon flip mask cd head unit and ken wood changer. Purple reverse light and interior light. also gold sport petals. Extra pair of foglights. i did a lot to my sebring, but that's all I can think of. Soon I'm getting niche 9 spoke chrome rims. I was thinking of lowering it with eibach springs and getting a custom spoiler. I see this page with a really nice picture of a red sebring. it had a body kit , clear turn signals, gold rims, etc. You should check it out. Also i saw another person with a nice white one. he lowered it and nice rims and fullexhaust system i think. the sites are Chrysler Sebring and Jesse Santos' 1996 Chrysler Sebring. I luv my sebring, but there were some problems. For example, the side cladding of my car keeps falling off. also , the brake sensor goes on when there isn't any problem. Also, the brakes always makes funny noise when I apply the brakes, the dealers says because its metaltic brakes.

Another problem, i found is that when i brought the car the paint job wasn't good. it had a lot of swirl marks. at around like 3000 mile i replace most of the brakes in the front. for some reason the brakes won't good around 3000 miles. that's wierd.

Well thanks fo your time. Hope to hear from you soon. bye

Hello my name is Chris Swank and I own a 1995 Sebring LXi and my grey leather seats Do actually have perferations..I know because I spilled a drink on the seat and it dissapeared REAL quick..not good..but clean now. My Sebring has all the bells and whistles including a horrible water leak in the trunk, a clumsy auto-trans, and a confused ABS unit that works when it wants. But all in all I want to be buried in it...(i.e. I LOVE IT!!). The particular model I own is the two tone pw6 bright white and ?? silver. I have custom tail-light covers, headlight covers and projection driving lights in the factory buckets and lenses..vera-nice!! The vehicle will compete in IASCA next year in stereo competition as well as best of show. There are several things that make mine different from any other including the interior with many body matched items,,such as the instrument cluster and radio bezzel not to mention several other things. I am hoping to get some pictures on My web site ...that is mouth full!! When I figure the picture to computer part out. I am not exactly a computer junkie. Well that is pretty much all for now..oh yea! she has 48,300 miles on it..I bought it last year with 38,000 miles. Another thing is I have the V6 option on mine and I don't know if you do or not so my question is does your's also have a very clumsy auto trans? As far as problems with mine I have had a horrible water leak in the trunk and the ABS went out @48,000 miles. The ABS doesn't bother me because I hate it,,but the leak does due to myself using the car in stereo competition. I have several custom touches on mine such as custom tailights,headlights, and projection driving lights in the factory buckets and lenses...not to mention various ather things to numerous to mention. I am starting a website that is about the vehicle.."The Great White Mope!!" The site can be found here right now I don't have any photographs...still trying to figure that part out. I thank you for your time..and good luck!!

Mercedes Kays writes

I am a 14 year old girl who saw a Sebring on a commericial and ever since I am in love with them.. I want a gold one with black interior ........ I think they are the greatest! I really would like a picture of one so if you can find one E mail me!

LXiSebring: The only year for gold Sebrings was 1995. The color closest to gold is a champagne color.

Terianne Garcia writes

HI........I found your website and I found it very informational. Though I have many problems with my '97 Sebring...........I still love it. I love to get all the stares. I would love for it to be included with all of the other picture. The color is metallic silver mist, i think. It has 17 inch chrome rims. Thanks.

LXiSebring : I like your car AND your AOL screen name!

Chris Lydiksen writes

Nice Site!

Samir Tahan "Sammy" writes

I have a 1995 Sebring LXi. I have a problem with the air bag cover, the cover is coming out, and that is on the passenger side, I worry that the air bag might blow up in the passenger any time. I heard about some recalls from Chrysler about different model that have the same problem. Can u please help me, tell me what to do to fix the problem thank u Sincerely Sammy

Shannon L Carlson writes

Todd, I was scanning the Sebring Web Page and came upon your complaint regarding your Sebring. I don't know how long ago you wrote in however I wanted to comment. Among the many problems I've had with my '97 Sebring, here's the latest! The problem you describe with your transmission is exactly what I am experiencing. About a month ago I started noticing what I describe as a delayed response when I press on the accellerator. I press on the accellerator and the wheels respond after the fact "slipping". This creates a jerky motion in the car. I took it to the dealer last week and of course they told me they could not find anything wrong. They then suggested the problem may be my driving style. "a typical dealer response" The car continues to "slip" so I made a phone call to the Service Manager and he passed me off to the original bozo I dealt with originally. Convenience is the main reason I return to this dealer. I am not accepting their solution that this is my driving style and plan to persue this until they fix it. Did your car ever get fixed? If so, what was the problem found? Please let me know.

DrawsonCad Responds

I would have the TCM (trans.control module) software updated. And make sure you change the trans fluid, and use Mopar fluid only. Try this first before they go operating on your car.

Marcus Sharp writes

I have a potential deal on a 96 Sebring LXi, color is called "Grey" (but its not Silver), and 45K miles. After reading all these horror stories, I am a bit frightened. Is this car really that bad in terms of repairs/maint. vs. comparable vehicles?

I loved the really smooth ride, and everything seemed fine. But its not too late for me to back out of the deal yet. I thought the car rated well, but it apparently must have consistent problems with brakes (?), and other things. Are there long term owners who had no major problems, and are they a majority or minority?

LXiSebring: Lots of owners including me have had no serious problems. Problems seem mostly with excessive brake pad wear and an occasional transmission problem. I have had no problem with trim or body parts

GNSLNGR writes

I purchased a 1998 Sebring LXI last year. We love the car, it handles like a little slot car. The car is black with grey leather. It has 11,000 miles on it. Need to sell the car, don't want to though. If anyone is interested, please e-mail

LxiSebring: aaawwwww (sob)

Ernesto Felixwrites

Hi, I just bought a new 1999 Sebring Coupe a week ago. This is my first american car . I have been a devoted Toyota owner , now I'm taking chances hoping my decision is not that bad. By the way do you know of any way I can quiet down the road noise, how about buying those road deadening insulation's and where to apply it.

cen16564 writes

I am a new owner of a 1999 Sebring JXi. I have been completely satisified with it except for the fact that the steering column does not tilt high enough. The steering column is rather low compared to other cars.

LXiSebring: I agree!!!! I hope they change that on the 2000 models Same problem in the Coupes

Tim J. Kramer writes My name is Tim and I own a '96 Sebring LXi. I cannot say enough good things about the car. All of my friends love to take my car for rides because it really gets the looks!! Mine is the Mercedes white and Titanium grey bottom. Looks outstanding. So many times have people asked me what kind of car is that. I have been told 'Nice Mercedes' and 'Nice Lexus'. Mine has the grey leather interior and I actually did go to the dealership and pick up the extended wood grain trim piece. Adds a lot of class to the interior!! And it is around $100.00. I got mine for $40, there was a mix up when I ordered it and the dealership made the mistake so I got lucky!!!!

The only complaint that I might have, and the dealership told me no biggie, is that up towards the right front tire, there seems to be a knocking niose when idling. Then as the accelorator is pressed the knocking gets faster and quieter. The mechanic in the service department says it is just some sort of fluid run off part. My roommate has a '96 Avenger and similarly the engine does the same thing. Her service dept told her the same thing. I am mechanically enclined but that threw me for a loop. Have you heard anything about this from anyone else or does yours do this too?

I wish that I had a picture of mine to send, but I am going to do some work on it. I am debating wether or not to chrome dip the rims that yours and mine have. I say a Mercedes with the same rims (by the way did you know that our rims were patterned after a particular style of Mercedes rims)? style and they were chromed and polished. Sweet looking. I am unsure. I also am thinking about tinting the windows a bit and adding a low profile spoiler to the trunk. Similar to the 99 LXi's. Also, you have seen the black tints for the headlight that some cars have? I am thinking white would be fun for the summer days. Not to mention a moonroof wind dam. What do you think? I know the Sebring is beautiful the way it is, but it would be more of an original than it is now.

Thanks for being such a fan as I am...


Nichole R Martin writes I have a '99 Sebring LXi w/ matching rims. Lately, I've seen some Sebrings with the center wheel covers missing. I belive that they may have been stolen. Is there any locks that can be used to safe guard my rims? I'm not talking about wheel locks, I'm asking about a lock that protect the cover that hides the wheel lugs.

Thanks in advance. Nichole

LXiSebring: I think there are aftermarket locks at auto parts stores but someone here will know for sure & recommend something


My 1997, white Chrysler Sebring LXi can only be described as the Pamala Anderson of autos: I looks great, but there's not much else that can be said. Needless to say, I am very disapointed in my car that has just a bit over 20,000 miles. I bought it the day before Thanksgiving of 1998. It had 17,000. So far, I've made two payments. The Sebring looks great. I get a lot of looks and a lot of people say they wish they had my car. When they tell me that, I feel like someone tells me how lucky I am to be with such a beautiful girl, but deep inside I don't feel so lucky. I traded in my 1992 Oldsmobile Curtlass Supreme with 103,000 miles, also white. I would do anything to get that car back. I kicks the Sebring's ass when it comes to handling the road. It's not so much handling the road, but the bumps. I live near Chicago. In our area, there is a lot of snow, cold and rain, which can lead to potholes. The Sebring is so bumpy. I'm sick of it. I have a 1994 Mercury Cougar which handles the road much better, but because it's rear wheel drive, it sucks to drive on icy roads. Some have told me that the Sebring is a sports car and drives like a sports car. I wish I would have known that back then. I just can't believe that a car that looks so great can drive so bad. I wonder if its the small looking tires. Also, my orange "check engine" light keeps coming on. I had it checked once and they fixed it. But it's on again. There's nothing to indicate that something is wrong with the car, so I'm ignoring it until I have time to go take it in to be fixed. By the way, I'm taking my car to another Dodge dealer since I got into a huge fight with the Chrysler dealer I purchase the car from. It's a long story, but please don't buy anything from Neals-Bohling Chrysler in Hammond, Indiana. If someone is interested in buying this car, I want no less than $15,000. It's white, 21,000 miles, leather interior, CD/Cassette, 8 speaker, moon roof.

I would really like a 1998 white or maroon Dodge Intrepid with low miles. Any takers. Maybe we can switch.

LXiSebring:Bad Handling? Goodness--that's the Sebring's strength! Certainly not the handling of a 92 Olds! Much stiffer--but a much better handling car...Word to the wise: drive before you buy! But I can't get over this. A '92 Olds handing in in the "automotive stone age" compared with a Sebring. Do you have a clue as to what a good handling car is SUPPOSED to feel like? If your standard of comparison is a '92 OLds I see why you are unhappy.

WheatKing here. I saw a post about the turbo kit that Hahn Race Craft is promoting and thought i'd put my 2cents in.

Hahn racecrafts kit, along with a few other kits, namely starperformance, are VERY high quality units.

If you are looking to extract the maximum amount of power outta the 4cyl motor, this is the way to go. The kits include all necessary parts. Although neither are out yet, i've spoken with people about both starperformance and Hahn kits and they are rumoured to be approx $3500 US.

Here's what you get. Turbo manifold, Turbo (I believe both kits use a 16G turbo), wastegates, blow off valve, larger injectors, possibly new fuel regulator, boost controller, boost gauge, intercooler + all the pluming/vacuum hoses.

As for reliability issues, I also think these kits include turbo timers. This allows you to "shut off the car" lock the doors and walk away after long/short trips... When the turbo is cooled, the engine will turn itself off.

The kits start with a base boost level of approx 6psi. This is good for approx 240-280HP at the crank.. which translates to approx 200-250HP at the wheels.. depends on your mods and which kit, and of course whether you have an auto or manual tranny. The 16G turbo is suficcient for increasing the boost levels to approx 25psi (about 400HP) assuming you upgrade all the internals in the engine and upgrade the fuel system to accomidate the extra air entering into the motor.

Any questions, feel free to ask me or post them at the Avenger/Sebring Message Board. (

Avenger/Sebring Owners Group

Sebring/Avenger Performance Page


I just bought a new 99 sebring LXi. I have a question for anybody that might have an answer. my oil pressure gauge when my car is idling seems to go below the normal range. I bought the car into the shop and they replaced the gauge and then checked several other sebrings that were on the lot and told me that this is normal for the car. it just does not sound right for the gauge to be dropping that low. if anybody can help please email me at thank you. by the way my car is shark blue and I love it.

DRAWSonCAD responds

I would definitely use Castrol 10W-30 in your car. I've had a lot of experience with these cars, and the Castrol GTX will deffinitely hold its viscosity better.This contributes to higher oil pressure. Also remember, as long as the oil pressure is in the normal range during driving, your OK. Try to tap the gas pedal at the red light (2000 rpm.) and watch your gauge rise. Doesn't sound like you have a problem. All oil pressure is real low at idle. EZatman (Eric) writes

Hi -- great information on your web site. I am concerned that this great looking car is unreliable. A bargain in price is little comfort when a car is undependable. Can you advise further on a 5 speed stick shift Sebring with a 4 cylinder DOHC?

Do you think It would be wise to purchase a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Coupe 5 speed now, or wait a couple of years for the 2001 model? I'm considered about reliability of the 1998 model which ConsumerReports predicts to be unreliable.

DRAWSonCAD responds

The 2.0 5-speed is a great combination. You will love the car and the gas milage. The 2.0 produces nearly 150 H.P. and with the 5-speed its real useful at about 4,000-5,000 RPM range. My car has been problem free for 53,000 miles and as tight as the day I bought it. The Sebring is a great car by any standards. As far as consumer reports goes...look how they rate the Eclipse and Avenger as compared to the Sebring. THERE THE SAME CAR !!!! wake up COMMUNIST reports.

William M. Antolick writes

Hello fellow LXi owners... my name is Will and I purchased a 1997 Sebring LXi from a local Chrysler dealer and I think it is one of the nicest cars I ever had the pleasure to drive. Options include interior leather seating, cd player , power sunroof, abs brakes, air, power everthing. It currently has 15,000 miles on it because I really don't drive it alot. Gts headlight covers are for the exterior customization. Coor is bright white clear coat with 17 inch aluminum wheels. I get a lot of complements on the car; and it always looks showroom new. By the way great page and a nice way for owners to write and send in pictures of a great car!

Christopher Kaminski writes

I have a 97 Sebring w/ the 2.5 6cyl. I am looking for modifications for it other then exaust and an air intake any sugestions..

Jon Atchison writes


I recently purchased my 96 Sebring and I must say that this is the best thing (automotively) to happen to me ever. I can't help but to turn around and look at it as I walk away. It has 3 Star after-market rims, Spanish Olive (everyone loves this color) with gray trim. Cd/Tape; Moonroof; enough room in the trunk to house all my junk. This is quite a car. It's a looker

Suzzy1777 writes

Hi, I own a 1997 Sebring coupe in silver pearlcoat. I took a lot of time picking this car out and I really love the way it looks, like no other car,BUT, I have been forced to apply for reimbursement through the lemon law . This is due to the fact that we have had a lot of problems with the transmission. Also, there was a big problem with rattling under the car. Did not make the car feel very safe! I was totally shocked at the way the dealerships handled our problems. They were very insensitive and careless in the handling of the car while it was with them. They caused even more damage to the car while it was left with them. Anyway , with all this said , I can't believe that I actually want the same car again! I' ll get the 1999 of course , but befor e I do, I would like to know if anyone else has applied for the lemon law. Also , has anyone else experienced the carelessness, that I received from the dealers? I just hope my next car doesn't have problems! Please let me hear from you!

B !!! writes

I have been a long search for performance parts for sebrings and i came across an ad for a turbo system for the sebring. From what i know it's a 2.0L DOHC turbo engine. I have not got all the details and specs on the engine yet but here's some info if you guys/gals are interested in beefing up your sebring.

Hahn Racecraft 630-801-1417.

i am on a search for the following parts so if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it.

* exhaust/header upgrades
* performance springs
* performance chips
* body kits/spoilers

As i get more information on performance parts i'll keep everyone updated.

LXiSebring: It doesnt surprise me that the turbo on the 4 cyl could be done fairly easily. All Chrysler-built 4-cylinder engines are pretty similar, and, in the late 1980s Chrysler was selling quite a few 4- cylinder engines with turbochargers. This was a cheap way of achieving govt-imposed fuel economy standards while still giving decent acceleration, since the turbo was only in use during acceleration. With modern computer- controlled fuel management systens, the turbo approach is no longer the best way of accomplishing this.

Having said that, the problems that led to the demise of production turbo systems (primarily the delay for the turbo to go in--the so-called "turbo lag" and the problems of keeping bearings oiled to a turbo running at 10 or 20,000 rpm) have not suddenly been solved. (for starters after a long drive at high speed its a good idea to let the engine idle for a while before shutting it off...and an oil change regimen twice as often as for a non-turbo engine would not be a bad idea. Further, turbos do not mesh well with city-style stop-and go-driving in heavy traffic where the engine runs for a few miles without getting a chance to rev and then is shut off. Ten years ago,Subaru used to sell a lot of 4-cyl engines with turbochargers offering only a very mild boost, but I believe they have completely abandoned that route in recent engine designs as well. In general, the heavier the boost, the greater the power, but also the greater the drivability and reliability problems. And of course with enough boost, you can do damage to the block & pistons which were designed with specific power output parameters in mind.

So you probably could get a boost in performance, but with some penalty in drivability and reliability of the turbo parts. GM seems to have solved a lot of these problems with the superchargers they have on many cars from Buick and Pontiac using the 3.8 liter V6. But superchargers are quite different from turbochargers with respect to how they increase power (more expensive too).

I think a better approach would be to consider some of the performance parts designed for the high-output 150 hp Neon engine. Most of them should fit & not cause you other problems.

Karen L Anderson writes

Well, I traded my beautiful, perfect, Indy Red 1997 with 33,000 miles in on a beautiful, perfect, Black 1999 Chrysler Sebring - I love these cars! I am so impressed with the trade in I got on my car that I truly don't see how you could go wrong...Also, the safety features of the Sebrings are such that it would be hard to justify doing anything else. The car is exactly the same except that it has a digital compass built into the rear view mirror and the outside mirrors are the same color as the vehicle, unlike my 97 which had black mirrors that wouldn't wax very well...

Anyway, so far so good...I got 16,800 trade in....I feel great even though I honestly loved the red time I'll go back to that, but for now, the black is sharp when clean and I'm going to get the windows all tinted slightly darker before summer rolls around.

The site is a great source of information and I appreciate it.

I saw a little replica of the Sebring Convertible the other day at a Wal-Mart store, but does anyone know if there is any made of the Sebring Coupe??

LXiSebring: I'm looking for one of those too!

Cliff Mabee writes

In the late summer of 1995 I purchased a '95 Sebring, and just loved the car. For the first six months I had no problems with it, but then it started. The first problem I encountered were the brakes, since I have owned this car which has only (92000km) or 50,000 miles I have had to replace the brakes and rotors 5 times. Fortunately the dealer had replaced them through warranty at no cost to me whatsoever. But I dread when the day comes when that will be no longer done under warranty.

I have also experienced another problem with the cruise control whereas when I tried to engage it it simply will not go on, and it will take several tries before it will finally initiate the cruise. Now I have experienced problems with the high/low beam switch, on the dash it shows that the high beams are on when it fact they are not. The dealership from where I purchased the car said they checked the switch (which they said works perfectly) and all that needed to be replaced were the bulbs stating that was the only problem, and that it works just fine. One day after the trip to the garage the high beams quit working again. Any suggestions?

LXiSebring: I'm becoming convinced that a lot of these repeated brake problems are because dealers are using cheap aftermarket parts. Next time you have the brakes done make sure the dealer uses factory parts.

DrawsonCad writes in response

Well I got some advice for those with brake problems. First I agree with Dave..I just wrote a letter to a young lady telling her how dealers are using junk parts on our Sebrings. I too was a victom of this once. The brakes on the Sebring will give you no problems mine actually lasted 40,000 miles. You gotta be SURE that the pads are MOPAR, settle for no less. Also make sure that they replace the brake hardware too(guides,shims) ,if they look at you funny when you say this, promptly leave. The rotors are another story...When you get new rotors break them in slowly. This means using 2nd gear when slowing from 40mph to 0mph and using 2nd gear down hills rather than riding the brakes. Put a good 500 EASY miles on your brakes when there new and they'll last a long time. Be easy on them through their life, and use 2nd gear as stated above and you'll have no problem. So why do the brakes wear so fast anyhow? your Sebring will go into overdrive above 45Mph usually, and it really takes a lot to slow the car(3,500 lbs.) down....all you have to do is learn to use your gears to help slow down.

Jarrod Ranney writes

The web site said that I should send information about my car, so here I go... It's a '95 Sebring LXi
it has a grey leather interior
It's maroon with silver bottom panels
power moonroof
so far, it also has 60,000 miles ( I drive a lot)

Jeff Taraba writes

Hello, I have a 95 Sebring LXi and it has 102,000km or 63,000 miles on it. The connector running from the battery to the starter corroded. Can you give me any information if this is a common problem in this model. My friend has a 95 Dodge Avenger and he had the same problem and my local Chrysler dealer said this was a problem that occurred alot. Thankyou Jeff Taraba

LXiSebring: Does anyone have a clue on this one?

Douglas Manning writes


I'm experiencing the kind of automatic transmission trouble that is described in the 1996 Sebring recall concerning automatic transmissions. The problem is that Chrysler tells me my vehicle is not part of the recall. Can you tell me what month in 1995 did they start manufacturing Sebrings??

LXiSebring: I saw 7 fully assembled Sebrings in New Orleans La at a dealer show the first week in Feb, 1995. These were probably assembled in January or Late Dec. of the previous year. Avengers had been assembled several months earlier for the start of the 1995 model year Do you have any additional info concerning the transmission recall and what vehicles are affected and why my vehicle in not listed in the recall??

LXiSebring: See DrawsOnCad notes above

Roy Ostermann writes

I own a 1997 LXI Sebring which I purchased new. Currently have 17,000 miles on it. Have only had a door switch go bad and a problem with the factory installed sunroof.The first 16 months that I have had the car, the sunroof closed tightly and did not rattle. Then one day it no longer closed tightly like it use to and rattles slightly. It does not pull down snuggly like it used to. At this time does not leak water. I have taken the vehicle to my dealer to have it fixed numerous times since October 1998, without success. The dealer claims they can't fix it, and that Chrysler does not have any service bulletins out on this and has no fix. The dealer claims to have replaced all of neccesary parts to include the glass. Of course I have had to fight with the service department to try and fix this problem. Since the sunroof glass was replaced it started leaking water, so back it went again for quote, adjustments. The car has actually been in the shop for approximately 30 days trying to fix the problem, which they say they don't know how to fix. Any suggestions for repairing would be welcome. Also does anyone know anyone at Chrysler that seems to care about service for their customers?

LXiSebring:If I were you I would get another dealership to look at have exhausted that dealership's technical skills many tries ago. Dealerships do vary a lot with respect to technical skills of this stuff

Oneyeivory writes

I have an lxi with perforated leather seats

LXiSebring: What year???

Phil Gray writes

I have a 1997 Sebring Lxi that was purchased in September 1996. It was one of the first of the new models in town and as always turned many heads. I have read many of the comments submitted by other owners and find this site very informative and at times entertaining. I have had the usual problems with brakes etc. and I have also had a few others. I had the headliner replaced as it sagged. I have had the transmission replaced as it had a high pitched whine at speeds of 30 to 65. When the dealer replaced the transmission he damaged the rack and pinion and had to replace that as well. I now have 33K on the car and have a couple of questions that I hope someone out there can help answer. After having the work done on the transmission I seem to think that the interior lighting intensity is not as bright as it used to be even though it is still adjustable and turned to its highest level. One time when the technician was using the computer and going through the various adjustable items I thought that I spotted an adjustment to set the interior lighting level at either low or high. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Second I am just starting to intermittently get a high pitched squeal from the right rear brakes even though the pads are fine. This only happens after driving to over 30 minutes and making right hand turns while applying the brakes and then disappears. Any help here? And lastly I have developed an intermittent squeak in the right rear suspension. Doesn't happen all the time and I suspect either the bushings or the shock. Comments? I will be taking the car back to the dealer one last time before warranty runs out and to date they have been great to make repairs. Keep up the good work and informative site. Overall I am very happy with the car but it had been in the shop more often than any of the other new cars I have ever bought. I hope this time will be the last.

DrawsOnCad responds:Your rear suspension squeak is coming from the bottom suspension link. It is a long round bar that connects to the body/chaisis. Usually a good shot of WD-40 will get rid of it.Spray each end, espicially the end that connects to the body/chasis.

LGonz writes

I purchased my 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXI this past August. I have over 7,000 miles on it to date and have thus far encountered no service problems. It is a great handling car and I constantly get compliments on it's looks. However, due to the front end being so low, it tends to scrape the ground when I pull out of driveways and such. Other than that, I am a very proud owner of a flashy car that has great interior amenities.

Salena writes

My Name is Salena, In late 1995 I purchased a used 1995 Blue Chrysler Sebring with only 3,000 miles on it. It started off great I loved my car especially the color. But as soon as it hit 15,000 miles the trouble began. I started having trouble with my brakes. First my brakes started squeeking and pulsating. According Kokomo Chrysler if the brakes squeek they are okay, they will do that? I find that hard to believe because I have several friends that own Sebrings and none of them have this problem! From that time on it has been down hill! My steering wheel started shimming along with the squeeking. I have had nothing but brake trouble since then. It has been in the shop a total of 40 times, 15 times just for the brakes. This last time they finally figured out that it was the brake booster that needed to be replaced. The other times were for small things, fan belt, engine oil leak & electrical problems. I am so upset with this car now! I love my car but when will the problems end. I am now going on 49,000 miles and my warranty is about up ( I bought the extended warranty "thank god") and Now my car seems to be squeeking from the engine. Today I took it to the dealership to have the belt checked out and also an internal check, and they say no need in replacing the belt? When I got in my car after they had just worked on it, guess what it still squeeks! What can I do about this problem? I have had so much trouble with my car I feel it was a lemon when it rolled out of the plant! I want to buy another one but I am afraid of having the same problems. If you can offer another suggestion I would love to hear it. I have talked with the Chrysler 800 people and told them of these problems and I also told them if people outside can hear my car squeeking do you think they will want to buy one? At this time I am totally embarrassed to drive my car. I would rather it sit in my drive way then to drive a very nice car around squeeking like it does!

DrawsonCad responds:Mine squeaks every now and then. You MUST replace the serpentine accessory belt, and make sure they tighten it correctly!!! there is even a TSB out on this.The belt once installed shouldn't be able to twist half its width(a cheap way of checking) Once your belt starts squeaking It becomes glazed,and it will not stop suqeaking. Have it replaced, and you won't have any more problems. Belts are not a warranty item. I have bought 3 belts so far, there only $15.00. Find someone handy and the belts an easy job. Make sure they do it from underneath, its 10 times easier. next...Use only MOPAR pads and good (Wagner) or MOPAR rotors. Squeaking brakes are a result of poor quality parts PERIOD !! Dealers will often use junk parts, I've seen it a thousand times.

LXiSebring: It seems to me that you have several options here. First, your states lemon law goes into effect if a dealer is unable to repair the same problem after repeated tries. But it does not apply if theire are unrelated problems & repairs are successful. States vary with respect to specifics of the law, but in general the vehicle will be repurchased at the price you paid less an allowance for the mileage you put on it. Second, if you are convinced the the car still has problems that will not be resolved when your extended warranty goes out, if I were in your shoes & wanted to keep the car I would negotiate with the dealer for another 25,000 miles or so on the warranty, for free, or at minimum for a significantly reduced cost. Third, trade-in values on 95 Sebrings are still quite good, esp for one with only 49,000 miles on it. Your dealer might be willing to give you an extra good deal on a trade-in for something else that might be more reliable for you. It doesn't hurt to ask!

DRAWSonCAD writes

If you have changed the tire size from the stock size, having your PCM reprogrammed at your local dealer will improve shift quality. I actually found this out by mistake. I had a rough idle condition,and poor shifting in my Sebring 2.0 auto,and the technician updated the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) software, and it helped greatly. Also he reprogrammed the transmission to make up for the 205 55 16 tire upgrade. I suggest anyone with similar changes have this service performed. Oh.. cost was under $40 .

Ronn Gibson writes

I was just reading your article about Sebrings. In particular about the 1995 model year. My wife and I now own a 95 LXi in black. Previous to this we owned a 95 LXi in white however this car declared a total loss in an accident with a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer made an illegal right hand turn over top of the car. I was replaced with the black one. I'll tell you more about the how well the car did verses the tractor trailer later. I point was that you said the Sebring wasn't available until Spring '95. The White Sebring was ordered in January 1995, and delivery was Valentines Day 1995. This was well before the spring of 1995. As a footnote we're Canadian, and therefore the cars were sold by Chrysler Canada. Perhaps the Car was released in Canada earlier than in the US. Anyway I must run, I like your site and will be sending you more information in the future.

Big Ben writes

hey sebring lovers! i have an 1997 silver mist lxi w/ 30,000 on the dot! im looking to upgrade my exhaust and suspension system. i can't seem to find anyone w/ information reguarding parts. Give me a hollar if you know of brands that i can check out. I would like to start a sebring/avenger car club here in california. if anyone is interested get email me. This site rules!!!!!

Scott Brodie writes

Hi there all you Sebring owners my name is Scott Brodie from St. Thomas , Ontario, Canada. I just recently purchased my first '98 Chrysler Sebring LXi . So far it has been a treat to own , loving owning such a wonderfully manufactured car. As soon as I saw it in a local showroom I fell in love. It has the Polo Green exterior paint with the light biege leather interior and has all the available options. I would appreciate it very much if I could be included in your Sebring car club. I was very hesitant at first buying a Chrysler product but all those doubts are gone. Thanking for the time to let me tell you about this great automobile .

Mike Greenwald writes

Hi, My name is Mike Greenwald and I am a proud owner of a 96' PoloGreen Chysler Sebring Lxi. It was a gift from my parents and uncle (who owns Prebul: Chrysler Jeep & Eagle dealership in TN). I am currently enrolled in the University of Georgia. Both the problems listed on the link to this page: , which told of a weak battery and bad brake functions happened to my car. My brake pads wore fast and my battery bit it too. Other than that, my car has run great. I want to join the club.

Stuart Bell writes

I have a 1997 that has been through 5 recalls, one case of intentional dealer damage and several minor breakdowns associated with a dead battery. That said, I like the car, it is fun to drive and comfortable.

One problem has been consistent wind noise when the radio is on and I'm going just about 70 MPH (legal in Florida). The problem seems to be the antenna design - when it is up, it whistles, pops, crackles and otherwise annoys. Seems an easy problem to fix.

If there isn't a Sebring-approved antenna that doesn't emit wind noise, can you suggest an after market antenna to quiet my car. The present one is electric/automatic.

Thanks much.

Ted Franklin writes

This is my second time writing in the club. Now my 96 Lxi coupe has 102000 miles on it and is still going strong. The only problem was a hi-pressure transmission seal started leaking at 70k. The dealer replaced the seal, cost $700.00.

Because my car is used to commute from the CA Central Valley (Modesto area) to the Silicon Valley, my car goes in to the shop every 15k miles for the specified service. Oil changes are every 3k miles. My car has been modified since I bought it new. Here is the list of modifications:

Konig Impact 17" rims shod with Nitto 450 Extreme tires in 225-45-17, grip beyond belief.
KYB gas Adjust shocks on all 4 corners
K&N air cleaner in the stock air box
NR Auto white gage faces (very easy modification)
Hi-power Blue ION bulbs (low & hi beam - better side vision w/reduced glare)
Alpine in dash 3-disc changer
'97 Wood grain facia in place of the stock black that fits around the stereo and AC/Heat controls
KVR cross drilled rotors (all 4 corners) w/carbon pads and braided ss brake hoses (big improvement)
Mopar 1/4 front cover

I got this tip from one of the Avenger performance sites. To get a little more performance check the butterfly valve in the throttle body for full open position when the pedal is depressed to the floor. Mine was partially closed. Removing the slack from the cable put back the lost zip.

I still enjoy driving car and am planning on a computer chip upgrade and free flow exhaust system. If anyone out there knows of a chip upgrade and bolt on exhaust for the V6 please email me. Has anyone modified the V6 exhaust? What was the performance gain and did the modification create excessive noise?


Use only MOPAR ATF PLUS TYPE 7176 in your transmission and power steering, mixing different fluids will cause serious damage. Make sure your mechanic or your dealer knows this before servicing your vehicle !!!!

p.s. I called a local dealer to inquire about this and they argued saying I should only use power steering fluid in the power steering reservoir, then he looked it up in the service manual and promptly appologized and thanked me for the information.

james writes

Hello, my name is James Watkins and i am the proud owner of a new `98 Sebring LXi,...My questions are these:

( 1 ) Is there a company or a distrubitor of aftermarket performance chips ( computer ) for the Sebring??
( 2 ) Does anyone know if K&N makes an air filter for Sebrings??

( 3 ) Are there any relatively inexpensive inprovements/add ons that i can make to my car to boost the performance?? ( ie Flow master mufflers...a complete CAT Back system etc...)

If you have any info about my questions please email me ,....and if not,...any info at all would be greatly appreciated,...about any thing concerning the Sebring. LXiSebring: The guy who keeps up on Sebring performance parts is WheatKing who has a Sebring Performance Website

Dan Siegel writes

Like many others, my '98 Sebring LXi had a vibration. I noticed the problem shortly after buying the car in conjunction with a drift to the right. The dealership re-aligned the front end, which appeared to solve the problem, but the vibration was still there a few thousand miles later. I followed the advice posted here to have tires re-balanced. Discount Tire charged me $6 a tire to balance the tires, and the vibration appears to be nearly gone. You can't really tell until you find a completely smooth road, and those are few and far between. $24 is a cheap fix for a smoother ride. Thanks for the help.