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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well. When you send e-mail to Eric or I, please include "Sebring" in the subject line, My e-mail account on aol has been getting tons of Spam mail recently for some reason, and e-mail where the suject line is blank or something generic like "Hey" will likely get deleted by accident without even being read. I've been in search of more Web space for the Sebring owners and photo pages. AOL will give it to me in exchange for a frame with the "AOL Hometown logo and assorted banner ads" I'm of mixed mind on all of this. By becoming part of AOL Hometown we will potentially get more visitors who will find us through the AOL hometown search engine, but I hate the Hometown frame and banner ads for ATT wireless, WebMD weight loss or whatever. To a certain degree AOL is using my web page content to make ad revenue off of our page, which I don't like at all. If you object to the frame and wish to eliminate the maddening AOL "Hometown frame and Ads," try retyping in the following link for this page and put it in your bookmarks The page appears to come up free of the AOL frame when I type that in my browser. Let me know if this works for you as well.

This week's featured Sebring is a Customized 98 LX owned by Pedro

This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car. I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.


The Sebring Owners' Club welcomes Eric aka Mr Tech who will be serving as our person for answering questions related to technical and mechanical problems with Sebrings. Eric is a Sebring owner and is volunteering his time to help other owners. However, recently Eric has been getting a lot of questions relating to problems that have already been dealt with in detail on the web site. Please use your Browser's edit command to search for words in letters and answers relating to your problem before you fire off another letter to Eric describing a problem to which he has already provided a thoughtful and detailed answer. In particular, If you have one of the following problems with your Sebring, check the letters and responses related to these already on the site before firing off yet another letter to Eric on the subject which is already discussed in depth here.

1. Loose plastic body cladding (we've driven that one into the ground)
2. Premature brake wear and choosing replacement brakes (ditto)
3. Warped rotors
4. Using synthetic oil or not (don't)
6. Security alarm goes off when it shouldnt (usually its the underhood switch but read on for an at-home fix)
7. Programming a remote controled keyless entry device (we don't know how to either)
8. Wheel balance problems
9. Choosing new tires
10. What to do whern the "check engine" light comes on
11. battery replacement in remote keyless entry devices
12 Spark plug replacement on the V6 engine (Don't try this yourself, at home. It's a real pain. This is a good job for your dealer)
13. Car turns over but won't start (try a new battery before you do anything else)
14. When to replace timing belts (These really should be replaced at 60,000 miles unless you enjoy sitting by the side of the road)
15. Aftermarket parts such as performance parts and indiglo gauges (the guys at ASOG are the people who keep track of that stuff.
16: Scraping and tearing up the front facia of your Sebring coupe because you run into/over something like a concrete parking lot bumper

Eric says he deletes e-mail if the subject line blank or something generic like "help." Also, remember that Eric and I just Sebring owners and are not customer service people, and while you might feel good by writing a letter that vents your anger over a problem with your car or your dealer, we are not going to post letters that identify an individual dealer, nor act as your advocates for you in these disputes. My experience has been that most service departments will try hard to deal with a customer complaint, but they too have limits in terms of what they are able to do. Further, if you do not feel that you are getting adequate service at your dealer, get a second opinion ata second dealership, calmly explaining what the problem is and what the first dealer attempted to do that did not repair the problem. Service people are human too and if you go in angry, chances are you won't get their best work on your behalf.

For those of you who are actually looking for the Sebring CONVERTIBLE, and ended up here on the coupe site try This link We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.

Also, check out

The Avenger Sebring Owners Group (ASOG) Website

The MOPAR website

MOPAR Chatroom

MOPAR Auction

Note: Please e-mail Eric or me any Coupe problems you have and the solutions, if any.

Instrument Cluster Repairs (roger yenke) To: For the servicing of the common problems associated with the instrument cluster. If interested please email to Roger Yenke (

Replacing batteries in remote keyless entry transmitters

I had an interesting experience when the remote Keyless entry no longer worked on my car. I presumed it was time for battery replacement, My unit is from 1995, and I'm not sure if the design changed significantly in later years or not. Anyway here is what I ran into. I first pried the two sides of the keychain transmitter apart. If you have fairly long fingernails you can actually carefully pry the two sides apart. At that point, one of the two batteries will fall out in your hand. The batteries are quarter-sized number CR2016, and the Energizer replacement is readily available in the jewelery counter at KMart (2.99 each) or in the photography counter at Wal Mart (1.99). Figuring out how the batteries go in is a bit of an issue. They actually fit one on top of the other, with the plus (flatter) side of both of the the batteries toward the springs in the cover section. The slightly rounded negative side of the battery fits against the shiny flat circle on the bottom where the transmitter part actually is. I reassembled and it works (it didn't work with the batteries installed upside down). I would be interested in hearing if any of you have had experience installing batteries in later models and whether these instructions are correct for those models as well.

Click here to visit the Chrysler Central Website Stop in and say hello!!!

If you are interested in trade-in values on Sebrings, check out The Kelly Blue Book SiteInteresting to note that the Chrysler website now has a link to the Kelly Blue Book site--how times change in the automobile business!

Performance Tips from Eric

I promised you earlier that I would find hard evidence before I recommended any performance parts.I am sick of the hype and the 'magic products.' Here are some options.


For the 4 cylinder NGK recommends the BKR6E-11 set at 0.050".
For the V-6 NGK recommends the PFR5G-11, set at 0.044" - NGK's initial setting,
thus the "-11" or 1.1 mm.
If you like the idea of using Platinum plugs or have questions reguarding them you can Email me (
The NGK engineer for Chrysler applications is (


Want to try the absolutely best car polish system in the World? Zaino Bros. I have used these products for a long time and let me tell you nothing compares. Did I mention the owner Sal is a really nice guy and will answer all your questions?


Here are Eric's recommended part numbers:

Front Axxis Pads........................23-484-01
Front Power Stop rotor/left side......JBR518SL
Front Power Stop rotor/right side....JBR518SR
Rear Axxis Pads.........................23-383-01
Rear Power Stop rotor/left side.......JBR772SL
Rear Power Stop rotor/right side.....JBR772SR

These are slotted rotors that will solve the warping problem so common on Sebrings/Avengers. Contact Ralph at Olympic tell him I sent you. He will set you up with a set of Powerstop SLOTTED rotors and Axxis metal master pads. I'm sure that they are available elsewhere but their prices and service is second to none. When you have them installed make sure that they replace the brake clips (Hardware) and lubricate ALL the contact points of the pad to the calipers. This will fix your problem.

PCM Codes

Click here for PCM codes THere is another link at PCM codes

Use this tool to find & help troubleshoot problems. Your cars computer stores codes "Engine Light" this is how to find out what they mean.

LXiSebrings Show and Shine Trick

Having trouble getting those black plastic outside mirrors to get back to a factory sheen? Try a silicone-based product for blackwalls and black plastic trim. I use Westley's "Black Magic" I bought my bottle some years ago. Check your favorite auto supply store. This restores the dulled and faded plastic part to its original factory sheen, tho you may have to reapply it occasionally. Fading of the mirror plastic appears to particularly be a problem on 95-96 models.

Five Star Dealership

I had my first visit to a five-star dealership. Some things I noticed that were different were, first, the oil change that was $19.95 is now $23.95...A coincidence? On driving up I was met by a mechanic instead of a service manager whose job it was to answer questions. So I asked about whether I should think about changing my brake pads. My car is very low milage, a '95 with just over 19,000 miles--but nearly all of that is stop-and-go driving. The mechanic said I can check your brakes with a flashlight since you have the cast wheels. He did, and declared my pads ok with good life left.

An interesting question is why I am getting better brake life than most owners here are reporting when the type of driving I do should be harder on brakes than the driving most of you do with lots of highway miles. The mechanic and I discussed the role of driving habits, in particular, the use of the brake as the primary device to slow the car from high speed. When people come to the website and complain that they go through pads and rotors every 10,000 miles I don't like to tell them that maybe they should examine how they use the brake pedal in ordinary driving, but sometimes I swallow hard and do. People generally don't like to be told that they never quite learned how to drive, and the engine is the first brake on the car, not the brake pedal. Anyway the mechanic agreed with me that driving habits have a great deal to do with brake pad & rotor life. He then talked me into a $9 tire rotation. All in all, not a bad experience.

Sebring Owners Forum

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Sebring Owners Listed in 2001:

Pedro writes I have a 1998 LX Sebring Coupe/GOLD/HOOD GUARD/HEAD LIGHT COVERS/18" CHROME WHEELS W/40 LOW PROFILES. Also I am looking for an intake, tail light blackout covers, and a body kitt. Would you happen to know where I can find this accessories?

Simon writes

Hi, I found you web-site for Chrysler Sebring Coup owners and wondered if you could help. I have just got a Chrysler Sebring Lxi 98 2.5 v6 with auto transmission, and I have noticed that the transmission is very noisy. It seems to make a whining noise most of the time especially at 30 mph and 60 mph. The car also seems to be quite lethargic and slow to respond. Occasionally when accelerating it will kick down twice unexpectedly resulting in the revs to hit 6,000 but having little acceleration. Are these both normal, or are these indications of bigger transmission problems, and can they be fixed??

Eric says ..... It has a lockup torque converter that simulates 2 shifts. The whine is normal, probably quits when you let off the gas. Check the fluid and use only Mopar ATF 7176 type 3 as your manual states. .....

Qwerty writes

hi, I recently saw your website for Chrysler Sebrings. I have a friend that has a 2000 Sebring LXi coupe. he wanted to get an exhaust system and a body kit or ground effects for his car. if you would, please point me to some places where I can find body kits or anything else to customize a sebring. also please tell me what parts from other cars would fit on the Sebring like the Dodge Avenger, etc..

LXiSebring: Try

Carol writes

My '96 Sebring (63K mi), is needing a 02 sensor replaced for the third time. The dealership will not help in replacing free or even diagnosing free! I understand this is a common problem with the Sebrings. Why isn't Chrysler replacing them at no charge? Has anyone had any luck in reporting Chrysler to an agency? Getting rather tired of my "check engine light" coming on for this and other non-urgent problems every 6 months, and wasting time and money for service! Please advise. Thank you!

Eric says ..... Something else is causing this. Have you had a full tune up done, plugs wires fuel filter? I'd also always run 87 octane gasoline. If your making only short trips and the car stays cold most of the time this wont help either. Oh and were not lawyers. :-] .....

Mark writes

I'm in a frantic search for after market chrome/polished steel grille for my wifes 2001 Sebring. Hoping to give as a xmas present. So far I have had ZERO luck. Got any tips?

Eric says ..... If you could draw it up, or take it off and make a template, a local machine shop could make and polish one from stainless tubing. I bet it would be $300 - $400. Harliss Specialities in Irwin, PAA. Or Hi-Tec in Butler, PA come to mind. .....

LXiSebring: Memo to Chrysler: Next year offer the Second generation Sebring Grille in a shiny Chrome as an option for buyers. The car would look much better and the front would have less of a "toothless smile" look. A brushed chrome grille might look good too.

Julie writes

what would you recomend as an aftermarket cd player for this car. the one that came in the car has been a problem on and off now it does not play at all.

Eric says ..... has some real nice "direct fit" CD players available. No brackets or faceplates needed. .....

Todd writes

My fiance has a 98 Sebring that in the last year has come up with the strangest noise problem. When ever she goes through a car wash the car ends up full of water, but we can't find where it is, we can only hear it swishing around when accelerating, decelerating or turning. I've checked the trunk and the storage area for the spare tire and there is nothing there. Her mechanic heard it the other day and was baffled. It sounds like it is somewhere around the rear tire wells. I think it is leaking onto the rear floor also. Any ideas? Thanks.

Eric says ..... That is the strangest thing I have ever heard. Check all seals and gaskets. If the car was rustproofed, one of the drill hole plugs may have fallen out. ..... LXiSebring: Does the water evenually drain out? My hunch is one of the drain holes is partially clogged, maybe from undercoat.

Carol writes

My boyfriend just purchased one today..the check engine light is coming on alot. Any suggestions? He got this car from a salvage lot in New Hamp. for $6900...good deal eh?

Eric says ..... Toward the top of the site you'll find a section on checking PCM codes. If its in good shape I'd say thats a good deal. .....

LXiSebring: Check engine lights usually come on because of bad sensors related to the fuel system and emissions.

Ken writes

My name is Ken Niemczyk and I own a 95' Sebring of which I am in the middle of tearing apart (huge custom project). A few mods are a 2.5 inch lowered stance which is set off by my 19 inch wheels, shaved doorhandles, replaced taillights (new lights are the little oval ones that come stock on the trunk lid), custom fiberglass mold that houses 3 amps and 4 12 inch subs, custom blue neon lighting inside and out, terminator style wing, and the most noticable thing is the 4.5 inch chop top that I am working on right now which will result in shaving the two small side windows in the back. I just came across this page tonight and I think its awsome. If you could though, I need some help, the "Heavily Customized" Sebring that is featured this month has a body kit on it that I can not find anywhere. I have seen those side skirts on other Brings at shows but I cant find it. I have been looking for almost a year now and I cant find it. If you could either find out where it is from for me, or get me a screen name, or an e-mail address of the owner it would be greatly appreciated. I hope to have my Bring on the page when its done but I would like to find those side skirts. Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me at with a responce as soon as you get a chance. Thank you for your time.

LXiSebring: Danny (see letter below) saw that car at a Califoirnia Custom auto show and supplied the photo. I havent a clue and he hasnt a clue as to where they got it either. You might check to see if the guys at might know.

John writes

I have had several blowouts of the Goodyear tires on my sebring. the dealer says its a tire prob.; the Goodyear dealer says its the rim design, supposedley a Mitsubishi part. what or who is responsible.

Eric says..... Goodyears are just plain junk as far as I'm concerned. The 17" 50 series setup is not so good. I'd buy a set of 205/55/16 rims and Bridgestone Turanzas from the They'll be safe, quiet and long lasting. PS we're not lawyers and wont point fingers. ..... LXiSebring: Do the blowouts occur on the same or on different wheels? If it's always on the same wheel I would replace that wheel.

Eric writes

T I am wondering and i have been looking for a while now, my front speakers in my car door have been blown for a while and i was wondering what size they would be. I have a 1997 Sebring LXI, coupe, leather, and power everything. if you could please tell me the size of those speakers. i have another question also, it looks as though i have an amp mounted in the back of my trunk by my factory infinity speakers, it is also an infinity amplifier. i was wondering if i would need a special piece to hook up subwoofers to my cd player ( anothers words i dont know if i have amp outputs on my cd player). I have a cd cassette player in the car now and plan to keep it that way. if you could get back to me i would greatly appreciate it.

LXiSebring: These are questions that any good custom car stereo shop would be far better prepared to answer, as they modify and upgrade factory setups every day. They have books which tell them exactly what will and wont fit with each car.I would only be guessing. I wouldnt dtry doing this on my own. Any extra cost will be more than offset by the fact that the car stereo people will not mess anything up for you.

Davor writes

thanks for putting up such a great site, about a great car. i own a 96 LX, and i love my car. Its handles well, it looks good, its fast, and most importantly, it is not a civic... so here's a pic, if it's worthy please put it up, if not, thanks anyways,

LXiSebring: See featured Sebring, above, and the owners'photo page

Michael Smith writes

Hello there. I would like to become a member of your club. I have a Wildberry Chrysler Sebring LXI Coupe, 2.5 liter V6. I have about 86,000 miles on her right now. I have driven the car for about 6 months, or 6,000 miles (since i bought it) and it has ran perfectly (other than a dead cell in a battery, which resulted in a replacement). Perhaps i just have not had the car long enough, or maybe it is just all these people reporting problems due to their own abuse of their LXI's :)

Would there be any way of getting me a website with Sebring performance parts? i would greatly appreciate it.

LXiSebring: is your best source of information on performance parts See photo of the Sebring on the owners' photo page.

mgeorge writes

My wife ran into my sons truck in the driveway, and pushed the corner of her rear bumper in, if we could get the bumper off it looks like we could pop it back out. How do we get it off?

Eric says ..... It's all clipped in from the back, plus there is metal under it that is probably damaged. .....

LXiSebring: There is stiff dense styrofoam-like material under the vinyl bumper cover. Once that is dented it probably will be impossible to pop it back out.

Dermot writes

I have a dangerous problem with my 95 Sebring . My car locks up at any given time , I could be doing 100 klm or 120 klm or even 40 klm , the car will appear as if you slammed the brakes on . Could this be a Brake problem or a transmission problem. I am not on the brakes when this happens, basically just maintaining the speed.

The car locks up for approximately 2 to 3 seconds then returns to normal. Please I need help before I take this in to be repaired. I am afraid of being raped by the Dealerships. What are your thoughts?

Eric says..... 1,2,3, or 4 wheels lock ?..front or back? 2 front wheels locking could be transmission. A back wheel is absolutley brakes. 1 front wheel could be a bad caliper. .....

Bethany writes

Hi. My name is Bethany and I recently purchased a 1998 black Sebring LX. The plan is to put new tires and awesome wheels on my car, due to the fact that I live in a huge college/all party town. I was wondering if you knew the largest size wheel I could put on that car. I was thinking 17' x 7.5' Enkei Mo-4's. If you could plese tell me if I can go larger diameter and width and how large I can go I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!!!!!

Eric says ..... 215x50x17 many people have rim bending problems so be careful. Make sure the offset is correct and you use hubcentric adapters, Do not buy wheels off of anyone that doesnt take that into consideration. .....

Michael writes

David - Thank you for making the time to maintain a site for the Chrysler Sebring owners. We have recently purchased a 1998 Sebring Coupe that has come off of lease and back to the dealer (with very low miles). In the last 3 weeks, we have experienced 2 flat tires, and the tire dealer is telling us that the wheels are bent. And, that the Chrysler Sebrings and Eagle Talons are experiencing a high number of tire issues (flats) that are results of bent rims. Neither of our flats have been punctures. Are you aware of any issues with the Chrysler Sebring Coupes that are related to the wheels and a high incident rate of bent rims causing tire flats? Thank you for your quick response!!

LXiSebring: See Eric's note, above. My hunch is the previous owner bent the rim by hitting a curb or similar. You can get alloy wheels straightened, but it's not inexpensive. The narrow tire profile means there is little protection from the tire sidewall when the wheel hits concrete and other obstacles, and this is related to the current big wheel, low tire profile look.

Jennifer writes

I have a 99 Sebring and I need a left rear tail light any ideas of where I could get one cheap. I really can't afford $160.00. Thanks Jennifer

Try your local auto recycling center (junkyard). If they don't have a used one they should be able to find you one with a little effort from a car that has sustained major front end damage.

Michael writes

Just aquired a '98 LXI, 66K on it, one owner Black and Tan, love the car but Just started hearing a High pitch whine at highway speeds. (sounds like coming from the tranny) Can let off on the pedal and seems to go away. The Dealer says typical of this car and along with the whapp...whapp...whappp of the factory Goodyears is just part of the joy of owning a Sebring. Does this sound right or am I 'bout to have some serious problems?

Eric says ..... The whine is normal and Goodyears are noisy. .....

Ken Sciarrino writes

Whats up, I came to your site about my car. I got there accidently because I was looking for ground effects for my 95 Chrysler Sebring LX. You seemed to know a lot about Chrysler Sebrings so I thought my best bet would be to ask you if you knew where i can find ground effects for my car. Please e-mail me back with any info.

LXiSebring: The guys at are the aftermarket parts experts

Premdath writes

I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI with 48000 mi. The car cranks over but won't start. The battery works good. I had the car repaired twice for the same problem. The frist time the dealer changed the fuel pump and relay which lasted three months, and the second time it was repaired the dealer claim that there was lithium grease on the main relay bank. Now, after six weeks, the problem poped up again. Can you find out the solution? Thanks,

Eric says ..... Not much I can do, I would suggest replacing both parts and check wiring involved as well. .....

Andy writes

Well, this email is my last attempt before going to the dealer. I have a '95 Sebring LXI and I need to know how many oxygen sensors are on the car. I'm getting conflicting statements from different automotive stores - some say two, others say four. And if there are four, do you know where they are located? There would have to be two upstream O2 sensors and two downstream O2 sensors. I found one Upstream O2 sensor - right behing the oil filter, but I don't know where the other one is at. Can you help?

Eric says ..... 3, Target, Upstream before cat, and downstream after cat. The target sets the stage for the other two to compensate air/fuel. .....

peter writes

I have a 1995 LXI 6 Cyl Sebring that I love. I have a small hole in the "pre-catalytic converter" "Flexible pipe". The dealer wants 850+ for the part and 2.5 hours labor to install it. I was wondering two things.

1. can I use an exhaust patch kit to repair the hole while I save money for the part.

2. is there any aftermarket exhaust part (maybe high performance) that I could replace this with. Even if it was about the same price, but with added performance.

Any help you can provide would be great.

Eric says.. Does it have to pass a visiual inspection? I would forget about it if its a small hole. You can use the patch kit but thats a flexible hose and it may work loose. Junk yard may be an alternative source. .....

Cornelius writes

I have a 1998 Sebring Coupe, with an Electric Sun Roof. It is Black, has a Gray Interior and is in Excellent Condition with Slightly Tinted windows

Danny writes

Can you find clear or APC tail lights for Sebrings? Can you find any body kits? Im also going to forward some pics of A sebring from a show in CA . Can you find this front End? Its on a 98 Sebring! (see photo page)

Willie writes

I have a 1999 Sebring LXi 2-Door Coupe. My wife picked this car while it was still on the delivery truck that had just pulled into the dealer. Color: Caffe Latte. (One of those girl things) but the car is my baby. I am the only one that drives it so I know what condition it is in. We have not had any problems until now. Mid August this year, I notice a few drops of a black sticky tar like liquid on the inside of the car. I took the car to my local dealer and he said that it looked like the under coat had softened from the hot weather and was leaking from the bottom of the door panels. I had never heard of this happening have you? Anyway I cleaned it off with some Goo Remover (thank goodness it did not hurt the paint). It is now late November and it is leaking again. Should there be some kind of seal at the bottom of the panels to prevent this? Needless to say the warranty is up. Because of garage space I loss a 1990 Ford Mustang Convertible for this car. I hope you can help me out on this.

Eric says..... I have heard of this before. The only thing I can tell you is to seal the crack w/silicone after a throught cleaning with 3m General adhesive remover. Thats a nice looking color on that car by the way. .....

Linda writes

i have a 1998 sebring and the head gasket is shot its a 4cly i was wondering how involed this is to do and how long it will take is there any places on line i can get info and pics on how to do this i know i could buy a chiltons but i thought if there was some thing on line that i could just print out it would be better for me thanks for any help u can give me ken

Eric says ..... I guess your out of warranty? This is a common problem, I think your dealer may help you out being that it is so common on the 4 cyl. Write a letter to Chrysler letting them know about it if your dealer wont help.

John Schall writes

I've enjoyed browsing your website and the information that I've gleaned about the sebrings. I purchased a 2002 chrysler sebring coupe lxi that is fully loaded. I was wondering if there has been any information (I know it just came out), comments, etc that have come out about it. Thanks for your website.

LXiSebring: Nothing on 2002 models yet!!!

Jason writes

Hi, I just bought a 1997 Sebring Lxi a day ago and noticed a couple things. One was that at around 2,300 rpm, the car makes a strange ticking noise, almost right when it's about to shift. It seems to almost go away, or get better after I've started and run the car for about 15 minutes. Secondly, the entire car shakes around 70+ mph. Any information, idea's, and/or comments would be greatly appreciated. One more question I have that I have noticed this past day. Something coming from the front of the car makes a light squealing noise when I let off the gas. This happens from about 1-2 1/2 rpm's, and happens only about 10 minutes after the car has been started and driven. What do you think. Thank you. P.S. Love the web page

Eric says ..... The ticking is the solenoid pack and is normal unless its really loud. Wheel shake is mostly always wheel balance. On the squealing, check the belt tension. .....

Jim Wilkinson writes

Hello All, I have a mint condition '99 Sebring LXI, white with white wheels. Recently my wife had a close encounter with a median and destroyed the front drivers side wheel :(. Alignment is fine. So I checked around for a new wheel. The junk yards in Washington State had nothing. The service center rep. at my local dealer actually laughed when I told him I needed a new wheel. About $400-$500 at the dealer. I laughed too. So I called 1-800-USED-RIM. The rep there found a wheel (that they painted white) for $250 delivered!! I know $250 is still pricey, but you can't find these wheels. After two new tires for the front, my bill was just under $500 at Discount Tire. (Real quick: If you get new tires spend the $12 per tire on lifetime insurance. If anything happens to the tire you get a new one, free.)I have a high deductible because I never use insurance. So that was checked as well. Anything below $500 worth of repairs I just pay for myself. Accumulated points on the insurance policy end up costing alot more than a few repair bills.

Howard writes

I have a 2001 Sebring that recently began making a "clicking" sound in the steering column. It makes the noise while turning either direction, once while turning the wheel and again while letting in return to it's normal position. It doesn't happen every time, but it is rather frequent. Thanks.

Eric says ..... I'd suspect plastic against plastic rubbing somewhere. It could also be in the auto shutoff for the turning signal. This is a new car, talk to the service manager. .....

JMend writes

Hello, I'm considering a crysler sebring. I saw one that asked for a $2,000 down payment on a 95 LX. I feel this is low for such a nice car. Since you have a lot of experience, can you please tell me what is an expectable down payment on a 94, 95, or 96 LX model. If it is out of my range, since I am only a college student with a part-time job I might have to consider a Honda. Truth is, I'd much rather drive a crysler sebring. I have about $1,500 in the bank. I am looking to save over $2,000. If I do purchase a sebring, is it a good or bad idea to add an intake, exhaust system, or other costumizing parts?

The first Sebring came out in early 95 as a 95 model. Kelly blue book can give yyou a good idea of what is a fair price for a Sebring with a specific milage and condition. Down payment requirements will vary from one financing company to another. Be suspicious of deals that offer a low down payment then charge you more than for the car than Kelly Blue Book says it's worth. The best site for aftermarket parts is

Karen Lee writes

Hey! Im in the process of buying a 97 Sebring LXi. It seems immaculate but I dont know a thing about them. As any car, it will have its problems, but what should I expect these to be? The owner already told me that he had trouble with the brakes and sunroof. What should be done to give this thing more pickup and power? I'd appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks Karen

LXiSebring: This website is filled with discussions of problems owners have had and suggested fixes. Both brakes and sunroofs are problem areas. Sebrings are large, heavy cars, and the engines provide adequate if not exceptional power. THere is not a whole lot of power upgrade options.

Chris writes

Hey man, I have a 99 sebring lxi and lookin for some mds what have u done or have and ideas for me? Wondering if this is the same engine as in the eclipse? Or if the mods will fit this car thanks, Chris

LXiSebring: The four cylinder used in Sebrings is made by Chrysler not Mitsubsishi, and is not the same as the Eclipse 4. Chrysler corporation cars using this engine block include the Dodge Neon, the PT Crusier, and Sebring Coupes, Sedans and Convertibles as well as the 4 cyl Dodge Stratus Coupe and Sedan (also the Avenger tho the nameplate disappeared in the 2001 model year.) Many performance parts made for one of these 4 cylinder cars will work on the others--esp parts for the high output 4 cyl engine in the Neon R/T.

The Eclipse and Mitsubishi Galant share a version of a Mitsubishi-built 4 cylinder, which is a different design from the Chrysler-engineered 4 cyl used on Sebring (all body styles)/Stratus/Avenger.

From inception in 1995 to now, the V6 Sebring Coupe has always used a Mitsubishi designed and built engine. THe Convertible and sedans up until the 2001 model year used a slight variant of this engine. In 2001, with the new models, lots of things changed. The Sebring and Stratus coupe continue to use the Mitsubishi-designed V6 in a 200 hp version. This is a 200 hp upgrade to the engine V6 Sebring coupes and Avenger coupes always had. This engine is very similar to the V6 now also used in the redesigned Eclipse and Galant.

But the Sebring/Stratus sedan and Sebring convertible for 2001 and on use Chrysler designed engines that are not the same as the Mitsubishi V6 used in Sebring-Stratus Coupe/Eclipse/Galant. This engine also produces about 200 hp but is a variation on the Chrysler designed V6 that first showed up in the previous generation Intrepid and Concorde. Confused yet?

Hanz writes

I just recently bought a 98 Sebring. And I want to know more on what is possible to do to these cars. Any Ideas or pictures I can see?

LXiSebring: See photos, And Hanz's 98 on the photo page

B writes

Hello I'm B, I drive a 96 lxi Sebring its white and grey, i have 17.5 icw rims on it,a MA audio tv with a kenwood excelon dvd player,playstation2,2 12 inch kicker competition speakers with a 840 power acustic amplifier. AQlso on the inside i have neon string lights that run around my dash and tv.I have pictures of my car but i am in the air force so i don't exactly now have to get them on here any suggestions. hope to hear from you!

If you have an electronic copy, just send photos as an email attachment. Any copy shop can get you an electronic copy at nominal cost. Various photo shops make electronic copies ftom conventional film when the film is developed.

Kevin writes

I see that you are Mr. Tech for Sebrings... :) We just bought a 2002 Sebring LXi Couple. In the showroom they had a 2001 exactly like we wanted but to get the 2.9%, we had them find a 2002. The 2001 had the wood grain on the shifter console and the window controls. We (incorrectly) assumed that the 2002 model would come this way and it did NOT! From what I can tell, they stopped doing this for the 2002 models. Do you have any information on this? We would like to order the parts from Chrysler but don't know how to go about it. My wife was very disappointed when we went and picked up the car when she found it didn't have the wood trim.

Eric says..... Well, I did that on my 96 LX. I bought the Woodgrain "radio/heater Bezel" that was standard on the LXI. You could goto the service dept. and they can look up the part #'s for the 2001 for you. Be ready to dish out the cash. My single piece was $80 back in 96. Orrrrr maybe your friendly local body shop will order them in for you at a discount ?? .....

LXiSebring says K mart carries wood-grained contact paper at a very nominal cost. :-)


I am the owner of a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Lxi -- since buying the car brand new 3 years ago, I've had 13 flat tires. I believe that there is a defect in either the tires on the vehicle or the rims. Have you heard of anybody else with the same type of trouble? I am so annoyed, I'm thinking of trading the vehicle in for this reason, any insight would be helpful.

Eric says ..... Assuming that your not running over nails, or nobody is angry at you and letting the air questions are as follows ..Is it the same tire that always goes flat?,Does it make a difference if you rotate the tires? Find any holes?, Did they try another brand of tire?, What about putting a tube in the tire? If its the same rim reguardless of the tire that goes flat, they should replace the rim, valve stem, and tire PERIOD. Another option is to buy a wheel and tire set from the around $1000 ..... LXiSebring: Read down for another owner with the same problem. Its important to know what the cause of the flat tire was. Were there 13 different causes? It should be straightforward to determine this. I had a flat tire two weeks ago. The cause was an inch-long piece of an 8d rusty nail. I cant blame THAT on Chrysler nor the tire manufacturer.

Occasionally alloy wheels develop leaks in the alloy too--I've heard of that.

Hellsbells writes

Hey man I just bought a '95 LXi and it is so great. I'm only 22 but out of the 12 cars I have had, It is by far the most. Mine is two-tone, white on top of silver, with a gray leather interior. To answer a couple of your questions, Yes the leather is perforated in my car; and the ashtray lid is actually black in the wood grain console. Thanks for an awesome site and keep us updated.

Rivara writes

I have purchased several cars from DaimlerChrysler and have had major problems with every one of them. I have contacted DaimlerChrysler many times about these problems only to be told that it's not their problem. They claim that once a car leaves their factory that they are not responsible if the buyer gets a car that is not assembled properly or if it's got tons of things mechanically or technically wrong with it. I feel sorry for people who buy their products because their getting a piece of junk.GM,Ford,Honda,and Toyota build far superior products. They also stand by their products instead of telling you that whatever is wrong is not their problem it's yours.

..... Check with the NHTSA about crash tests, Tsb's and recalls for the real story. Hey did anyone know that all new Daimler Chrysler products now have a 7yr/100,000 powertrain warranty? This is good news for us long term owners. .....

LXiSebring: If you are so unhappy with Chrysler products, why do you keep buying them. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to. Move on to another make and both you and Chrysler will be better for it. But don't bash owners who like their cars.

LIZn writes

I have found a beautiful black 1998 Sebring LXi w/ 25,000 miles at a local dealership, and the asking price is $13,995. I am very interested in it, but being only 19 I need my father to co-sign my loan. The problem is that he is convinced that all Sebrings are unreliable and as far as manufacturing goes below average. I have been doing internet research and they seem like good cars that "do not fall apart in 6 months." I am writing to ask you (since you seem to be the one who knows) if Sebrings are good cars and are reliable and that the maintance on them is not terrible. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, LIZ

Eric says..... Does you father think that Mitsubishi makes a good car? If so you are in luck because the Sebring is basicialy an Eclipse with a larger back seat. Brakes are the only problem area. The car is easy to do general maintence on except spark plugs (typical v-6). .....

LXiSebring: I am a basically happy Sebring owner since 1995. $13,995 sounds a bit high for a 98--check for a book retail price.I woulda guessed somewhere in the "11s"

Easigion writes

I have a 1997 lx sebring coupe. i was woundering if any one makes euro style tail lights for it. And does any one make body kits.

The guys at will help you track these down.

Mike Roberts writes

I have a 97 Sebring with an electrical short. The fuse under the hood for interior lighting,10A, keeps blowing. The radio,keyless entry system,interior lights, trunk lights and warning buzzers don't work.There is constant voltage across the fuse socket. When the ignition is on the doors won't stay locked, they kick back open when you try to lock them. The locks work as normal when the car is turned off. HELP! Thanks

Eric says ..... If the door is open, key on, the doors will not lock. That is normal. The other problems I suspect are from someone trying to install an alarm/stereo system. Some people also yank all the warning buzzers for some reason. You could always get a new fuse block, or start tracing stuff down with a meter. I assume your car is used??? .....

Don writes

What kind of problems have people talked to you about with the transmission. My Sebring has 35000 miles a 1999. LXi It wouldn't shift out of low gear. Dealer fixed, but now it shifts hard and even slips once in a while. Glad to find you and I hope for more help from you. Thanks Don

Eric says ..... You either have a good one or you dont seems to be the deal. I have 100,000 miles on mine and not a problem. They are delicate though. Complete stops at signs and between gears is the key to longevity. .....

Matt writes

You have a picture titled Joey Hooper's customized 98 LXi Sebring on your photo page. Would you know how to find out where he had his grill done, or where you could order something similar. Any related information on modifications would be great.

Eric says ..... Cool occupation Matt. Ever see an XB-70 ?? Hopefully Joey will see this post and respond himself, or you could dig through old posts and find a link to his e-mail. .....

LXiSebring: THe email address I have for Joey Hooper is

Joanie writes

i've had my Sebring for two years now and haven't had any problems until today. My good mechanic changed my oil as usual and discovered that I'm leaking oil and I need anew head gasket. He said I only have 40,000 miles but this is a common problem with this 4 cyl. model and I should tell the dealer and try to get them to repair it at their cost. He suggested a toll free number but didn't know it . Is this a common problem and is Chrysler doing anything about this problem? Thank you for your time. Joan

I have only put 12,000 miles on the car myself.

Eric says ..... This is very common in the 4 cyl. As you said it causes an oil leak at the rear of the head, causing oil to run dowm the enginr block. Last I heard they released a new gasket to fix the problem. Your car is over 3 yrs. old so having it fixed free may be a hassle. Worth a shot though. .....

NTheZone writes

How you doing? My name is Adam. I recently bought a 97 Silver Sebring LXI w/ all the goodies. I'm working on customizing my car and I have a few questions about where I can find things for it. I recently took out the stock fog lights and put in some hyper white ones. I also want to find clear tail lights and also clear signal lights. I also want a indiglo dash. Do you have any idea where I can find things like this? I've looked everywhere and they seem very hard to find. But I saw photos on your site of a car with the glow dash and another with clear tailights,,so I know they make them. Alright, well thanks for your help and include me in your Sebring Club

LXiSebring: THe ASOG guys keep track of aftermarket parts at

Matt Lloyd writes

Do u know where the indiglo gauges came from and the intake came from for Alex's custom Sebring on the photo page.

LXiSEbring: Alex's email address is, or check with the guys at ASOG, above.

Im writes

Eric was right. While trying to extract the distributor, the dealership found some "additional wiring that was not well documented in their manuals". Turns out it was wiring for a fuel pump relay. They replaced the relay and the car has been starting fine since. Now if I could just figure out why the key-in warning only works some of the time ........ Thanks again.

Eric says..... There is a switch in the ignition, try wiggling the key with the door open, also a shot of (Dave will love this) WD-40 in the Ignition might help. .....

LXiSebring: Mine keeps buzzing sometimes after the key has been removed. Been thinking putting some WD 40 in it, but worried about gunmming up the works further. Gonna ask the service manager about this when I get an oil change in a week or so.

Amy Rowley writes

These are the tires that came on the car. Also on Saturday I stopped one Sebring LXI owner and asked her if she had had any tire problems. She stated that she had had many, many tire and rim problems. She also said that her friend had a Sebring and that she had had many, many tire and rim problems. Now I didn't get her name but she was only the first Sebring owner I have spoken to. She said that it was just the car and that the service people where she bought her car were tired of seeing her car. HELP!

I will begin the process of looking into this matter. We had to have the wheel remanufactured and the company that we took it to said that they see this problem all the time with the Sebring, Eclipse and the Gallant.

LXiSebring: It's crucial to know why the tire failed. I had a flat this morning in the Wal Mart Parking lot. I pumped it up with my battery powered pump, and took it to my handiman service station. It took the guy no time at all to find the source of the leak. Turns out there was about a one inch length of a rusty 8 penny common nail buried deep inside the tire. I wonder where I picked that up! I could have had a blowout too had I been driving at high speed.

izzac writes

I feel sorry for all you Chrysler owners. Those cars are for #$!@ and even if they do last for a year, you won't get ANYTHING for it when you trade it in. BIG mistake, should have bought a Honda. GOOD LUCK!

LXiSebring: I always like to respond to letters like this. First, resale values for used Sebrings have held up very well. If yyou don't believe me check out the Kelly Blue Book site. The fact that there is an active place for owners of Sebrings (two actually, counting ASOG) speaks well for the owners interest in and enthusiasm for their cars. My hunch is that long after all the boring Honda's and Toyotas have been crushed, there will be many Sebring owners actively customizing and restoring their cars to perfection. The Sebring is one of a handful of cars now being built that shows every sign of becoming a classic as it ages--much like the 60s Camaros and Mustangs. Owners love the design, and even the 95 model still turns heads on the street.....I'm sorry, I just dont see this happening with Toyotas and Hondas.

Daniel writes

Hi. Like the website. I'm Danny Mc Ginty, 44 years old, married with 3 kids and love cars. I'm a former Eagle Talon (Mitsubishi) Turbo owner who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and now is the proud owner of a bright red 98 Sebring (Mitsu) LXI. I bought it locally through a Chrysler dealer. It has 50,000 km on it. I've had it one week and am very impressed with the car ! I'd be grateful for any tips/hints/problems related to this vehicle. Thanks.

Eric writes

where do u find the black covering on the taillights i would love to put them on my ride thanks?

LXiSebring: check with the guys at


I bought my Sebring LXi in Shark Blue July 99 and i absolutely love it. It truly is the best car on the planet. The only problem i had was with the cd player .. replaced with no problems under warranty. Ive had the usual rotor problem, again replaced under warranty with no problems. The car has only done 7000 miles so far and ive owned the car almost a year now .. good going eh? I received so many compliments about my car and people stop and stare at it. I work for a car rental company and so many of my customers want to rent it .. absolutely not, i tell them .. you dont have enough money to rent that! Im not so keen on the looks of the new 2001 Sebring .. it looks more like the Concord at the front and im not so sure i will be getting one when the lease-to-purchase option runs out on mine in 2 years. I adore my car and would recommend Sebring Coupes to anybody. Great page by the way, i spent an awful long time here ;)

Dalton writes

I have a 1996 Lxi its white with grey trim. I'm trying to find a new bumper cover for it online but have had no luck. I found it once but can't find it again. I was wondering if you knew of any sites I could find this or other seebring parts for a 1996?

LXiSebring: One option is your Chrysler deaeler. I think J.C. Witney sells them too. THe guys at probably have more ideas too.

Chris writes


My name is Chris. I am 20, from Michigan and I am a Sebirng owner. I was browsing through many websites and found this one. I finally found what I was looking for. A webiste that has other Sebring owners like myself who loves there cars and trades info about them.

I have a White 1997 Sebring LXi with Gray leather seats. It is a beautiful car. I bought it back in July and I just love it. It handles great on turns and it is remarkable. I found that the 17" Goodyear RS-A tires I have on my car are quite expensive. I looked at Michielen tires and they are even more expensive.

I recently started to hear a rattling noise when I acclerate. I was wondering if it is a loose heat shield or something serious? Also, I am wondering if the speaker panels on the door come off or do you have to take the door panel off to get at it? I have the Infinity System in it right now, but I want better speakers, so I am curious??? Other than that, GREAT WEBSITE!!!

LXiSebring: What the sound is depends on where it is coming from (under the car?) and the pitch of the sound. In general high pitched rattling sounds are cheapest to repair. Lower pitched knocking or growling sounds tend to be more expensive. Tough to diagnose without better info on the type of rattle and where it sounds like it is coming from. Could be something on the exhaust system, if from under the car.

Mike writes

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! My wife drives a '97 Sebring Coupe LXi and loves the car. Recently, the car has been having intermittant starting problems. We started with the dealership, which could find nothing wrong, the car started every time for them, so they ran an "extra wire" to the fuel pump relay. The engine cranks fine, but still won't start. I know when the fuel pump does not "hum" when turning the key, the car is not going to start. If I hook up my battery booster, the fuel pump hums and the car starts right up. After reading through the many postings related to this problem on your website, I replaced the battery. No improvement. I checked the PCM codes with the on-off-on-off-on method and got a "12" which tells me I replaced the battery...thanks. Any suggestions?

..... Any code that was there before you replaced the battery will be gone. If the battery booster will kick it over each time then I suspect that the fuel pump may be bad. Or it could be a fuel pump relay. .....

LXiSebring: Agreed--this is a fuel system problem or perhaps the electronics that run the fuel system.

Alex writes

This is alex and I just bought a 97 sebring LX and I've had a couple of problems first my transmission went out as I was going down the the freeway racing a MUstang yes my car is a little bit suped up as you can only do so much to them tbut the transmission i guess is weak it blew out on me lost my last two gears and rode home on the first couple of gears (about 10 miles still not a smart thing to do) but I got a new transmission now and when i turn fairly sharp if i let go of the gas it pops out of gear and when I push on the gas it just revs up and then catches gear making me peel out which is tight, but I know its not good do you think you can tell me whats wrong with it before the dealership charges me up the ____ thanks..

Eric says ..... I assume you have an automatic, It's probably the gear selection or kick down cable. ..... LXiSebring: I would take it back to whoever installed the transmission along with your complaint about what is happening.

Jeannette writes

My husband was loading something in the trunk of our 1995 Chrysler Sebring (LXi) and pushed the item being loaded against the thickly wound wiring that goes to the left speaker. My battery was dead the next morning, and learned from Good Year that the sound system accident pulled my battery down. I took it to the dealership, and they said it will cost $800 to replace. This is too expensive for me. Do you know if I can replace my blown amp with something that is compatible with my factory-installed Infinity system? If so, what and where can I purchase it. Thanks!

Eric says ..... 1-800-4-AIRBAG Sells factory takeout units. You can try a local salvage yard too, most salvage yards can search by computer for parts. .....

LXiSebring: I would visit a good car stereo shop and see what they suggest. The power amp can be replaced separately from the rest of the system I think. People routinely make changes in car stereo power amps.

Amy writes

My car is beautiful but it is only one year old and I have had at least 5 flat tires in that one year. It has the Alloy wheels and Goodyear tires that cost $200 each. Please help we were almost kill this weekend when we had a blowout on the freeway. Thanks,

LXiSebring: What your options are depends on the cause of each flat. If you ran over nails or bent a wheel by striking a curb, you are out of luck, but if your tires are experiencing tread separation (the Explorer problem) then you may talk the manufacturer into reimbursing you for the new tires. If your car goes over roads that have a lot of hazareds (tires, metal) you can get a road hazard warranty on new tires that will cover the cost of replacement should that happen again.

Jean Konrad I burn 89 octane gasoline. Is this a good or bad idea?? I don't want to do anything that will unnecessarily harm the engine, and have "assumed" that the manufacturer recommends 87 octane just to be able to meet some government requirement.

LXiSebring: I run 89 in mine too with good results. Eric would say stick with the recommended 87. I think my enging runs just a tad smoother with marginally less ping to my ears (detonation) on 89. In the new Car and Driver (Nov 2001, pg 133) there is a long article where they experimented with regular and premium gas in cars that the manufacturer had recommended one or the other. In general they concluded that cars where premium was recommended by the manufacurer indeed do better on premium, but there was no advantage to using a higher grade for cars designed to run regular 87 octane. In general the premium gas in these cars did not impair drivability, but it didn't result in any improvement in performance either--so the extra gas cost was a waste of money. The computer in your car is programmed to optimize performance and minimize detonation for a specific grade of gas, but can usually tolerate higher octane without impairing drivability.

Dean writes

My son has a '97 Sebring LXI, he managed to break the passenger side door window. I picked up a new window, began to install it. There seems to be some hardware missing. I have installed quite a few windows over the years, but I haven't encountered one quite like this. It seems all of the mounts are attached to the glass itself, so they were all laying in the bottom of the door. I haven't been able to find a shop manual that shows what the assembly is supposed to look like, so I am just guessing. I have the window in, but it doesn't work properly. Do you know of any manuals that would have an exploded view of the assembly? or a website that might help? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

LXiSebring: I have no idea what this looks like. The only thing I can think of is to talk to a Chrysler dealer. A friendly one might make you a copy of the page and diagram from the shop body manual.

David writes

My daughter recently and unknowingly ran her front fascia on her '99 LXI over concrete curb barriers at the grocery store. When she backed up to leave she tore her front fascia almost off the vehicle. Do you know where can I locate an aftermarket fascia for this vehicle. I tried the largest aftermarket concern that makes fascias in Milan, MI without success. I also tried Jerry's Bumpers in Fayetteville, NC. No deal. Any suggestions other than a dealership service parts inventory? The color of the car is Indy red.

LXiSebring: I know of no aftermarket manufacturer. The only thing I cant think of is to check the auto recyclers to see if anyone has a Sebring that got totaled from the rear.

Doug writes

Good afternoon - I am looking for an air intake (air induction) for the 1997 Sebring 2.5L V6 LXi. I have contact many performance shops and have found "0". They all say that there is no demand so there is nothing produced. Can you help direct me to a source - PLEASE!

LXiSebring: The guys who track aftermarket Sebring parts closely are at

Larry writes

Hello, My Name is Larry and I have a 1999 Sebring LXI in Indy Red. I purchsed the car new and Have Had no Problems of any kind in the 2.5 years I have owned it. I did replace the tires at 17000 miles. The Goodyear Eagle RSA OEM Tires are only rated for 20k Miles. I replaced them with Firestone Firehawk GTA 2 215/50R17 and they are great - ride and handling as good or better then OEM - also they only cost $140.00 at retail even less if you can get them on sale. The best part is that they are 40K Tires.

LXiSebring: That's a great tire option!

Mark Dupoise writes

Hi, I too am a proud owner of a 1998 Pewter Blue LX with all the trimings...But one thing I long for is beef up the performance aspects of this great looking and riding automobile with a few modifications. Unfortunatley the dealer is no help at all. I have found some things like Brembo Cross Drilled Brake rotors and such..but thats about all. Do you know of any company that makes aftermarket equipment for these cars? I noticed in some of the pics that some of the guys had the engine compartment s pretty tricked out?

LXiSebring: THe guys who track aftermarket Sebring parts closely are at

Ryan writes

I have a 2000 sebring and I wondered if you had a cold air intake and if so where on earth did you find it and how much was it?

LXiSebring: The guys who track aftermarket Sebring parts closely are at

Jean Konrad writes

As an owner of a '99 Sebring LXi, I've been following your web site for a couple years. The great majority of the comments are centered around problems and complaints, as is usual< I just get the sense that, if someone were thinking about buying a Sebring, and they'd read the entirety of your site, they'd be sorely discouraged. And in one way, that really doesn't seem fair to the Sebring, or to Chrysler, does it?? I'm not faulting anyone < guess it's just the way it is. . . .

LXiSebring: Aside from the fact that I am now on my 4th Chrysler battery and the batteries keep going out without any prior indication of impending failure--leaving me stranded, I'm pretty happy with mine too. This last time I was lucky enough to get a jump from a fellow customer at a no-service Shell station. I don't do many highway miles and most of my driving is stop and go, so htat may partially explain my frequent battery changes.

For me the Sebring is the best coupe on the market for the money. It's got plenty of space, looks great (my 95 still draws a lot of attention. How many people can say that about their 6-year old cars.), and the rear seat folds down. I often carry home 8 foot lengths of lumber from the Home Depot--with the trunk completely closed! For hauling some kinds of things it's more practical than a friend's Tahoe. I've actually had fewer problems with the car in the last 3 years of ownership than in the first three. AND my original brakes are still in good shape--despite all the stop and go driving. I'm still trying to warm to the new body style--it's fine but I'm not certain it's better looking than the original. Steven writes

Ok I've had the car for a bout 1 yr and 1\2 now and Love it it's an Lx cause I knew i could do more to the motor wit a 4 cyl cause of it being an Eclipse motor. (See Featured Sebring and Photo page for an interior shot) so far I have switched to 9.5mm plug wires,Ngk V-power Plugs,self-made cold air intake,bored out the throttle body to 55mm,Je pistons and rings,Ebach 1.8 springs(soon to be Neuspeed coilovers),17" Primax rims with Kumho 215/40ZR17,green side marker lights,Hyper white headlights,Arospeed muffler wit 2.5"piping from the cat-back,Jsp T2 wing,2 Kicker comp 12's and a 600watt Kicker amp Polk 51\4's in da door 1"tweets over my head Polk 6x9's in the back deck,and i think that's it so far next thing i wanna do is repaint it and add the stage 5 turbo and add me a Zex NOS system and some other small custom things to the inside and some Arospeed Seats. Thanks Steven from Ocean Springs,MS member of Midnight Motorsports

Robert writes

hi, my name is robert and my girlfriend has a 1997 sebring 2 dr coupe. she has taken her vehicle in because her check engine light has come on several times and they reset it and she has been having to buy an 02 downstream and upstream sensor... why cant they adjust the sensor ..why does she have to buy a new one.. this item costs 170 bucks and we wanted to know if other sebring owners have had this problem and how we would be able to alleviate the problem ..could it be the exhaust or fuel injection system?

Eric says ..... An O2 sensor is just a fancy switch that regulates fuel mixture. If both are bad I suggest that you switch to another brand of 87 octane fuel and do a complete tuneup. Your catalytic converter could be bad thats not out of the question and is coverd under the federal emissions warranty act for 80,000 miles I believe. .....

Keith writes

Dearlership can't seem to find out what the problem is with my 97 Sebring Coupe. Have had a complete tune-up, fuel injectors and throttle have been cleaned. She idles rough and when you go to put on the brakes she feels like she's going to stall. The "Check Engine" light came on, cleaned the throttle like the computer stated, light went out but car is still running bad. Mechanic says car is running "rich" and doesn't know why. When asked if I can drive the car (I need it) he said I could burn out the Catalytic Converter. Please help. I've already spent nearly $800 on this matter. My car has 52,500 miles on it.

Eric says ..... AIS motor, TPS sensor, and Oxygen sensors are suspect. More importantly if a spark plug or plug wire is bad it can go undetected. .....

Jason writes

I have been searching web sites to find winter tires in this size and have been unable to do so. Do you know if anyone makes them....if not, does that mean i would need 4 winter tires since only getting two for the front would "unbalance" the car because of the different sizes? Thank you for your time.

Eric says ..... The Tire Rack has a nice set of Blizzak 195/70/14's mounted and balanced for $400 , You should always run 4 winter tires, the days of tire mixing are far gone. $400 is a real good price too. .....

Kathy writes

my 98 Sebring Starter Motor Fuse keeps blowing... do you know why?

Eric says ..... Try cleaning the connections, if that doesnt work your starter is probably about ready to die. .....

Tom writes

Hi, I'm writing about a problem that a freind of mine had with his 97 Sebring JXI. He has 93,000 miles on it. He purchased a used car warranty and shortly thereafter the transmission went out. They fixed it to his satisfaction. Then he had a fender bender and the same dealer fixed that under insurance. A short time later, he was doing about 45 MPH when the lower control arm on the left wheel let go. Totally out of control he barley survived a serious crash. Ultimately the wheel remained on but caused over 2,000 worth of damage. Apparently the bolt broke. There was a recall number 967 which had not been performed on the car until after this recent incident. The dealer covered the recall and paid for the broken bolt and about 10 minutes worth of labor to replace it. They would not cover the damage to the wheel house, steering knuckle tire, wheel etc. as a result of the broken bolt. They told the young kid to turn it in to their insurance. Now this doesn't sound right to me. I'm asking your opinions and suggestions for dealing with the regional representative. All of the damage was caused by parts of the car hitting the car and/or dragging on the ground. There was no collision. The axles had to be removed by the dealership when they replaced the transmission. In my opinion, either the dealership or Chrysler ought to eat this one. The kids insurance is already going through the roof and he was not at fault under this one. What do you or the members think?

Eric says ..... I'm not a lawyer, the recall should have been done a loooooong time ago. Which reminds me....I need to get that done. .....

Blayne writes

Where is the fuel filter located on the 96? I've never changed it on this car before.

Eric says ..... Now this is a good question, Last I remember its on the firewall. My mechanic did mine several years ago and said it wasnt easy. By the way your looking at $60 just for the filter. Have a dealer do the job. They will be most familliar with it. .....

wcsect writes

is it normal for an automatic trans to make a low pitch digital noise when shifting the gear shift.

Eric says ..... The ratcheting sound you hear is the solenoid shifting pack and is normal. .....

Erin writes

Hi. I recently bought a 1999 Sebring Coupe and I was wondering if there was supposed to be a light in the trunk. Sounds like a silly question but mine doesn't have one and it's kinda tough to see in there at night. I looked for where one might go and I found a connector that looks like how a trailer's lights connect to the car. Could you help? Thanks. ~Erin

..... I have no idea, Dave can you help Erin with this one?? .....

LXiSebring. There is a light in the LXi trunk but there might not be in the LX. It is midway under the rear window package shelf. The plastic light is easily knocked out of position and perhaps lost. If the wiring is where I indicated, then your dealer should be able to order you the plastic part that holds the bulb at a niominal cost.

Steve Soby writes

Hi. I just recently purchased a '96 sebring lxi. I am lookin to modify it in EVERY Way possible and was asking for you help. I cant seem to find the right links or addresses to find teh following modifications:

1.) a custom hood...
2.) a ground effects kit (custom)
3.) custom indiglo gauges
4.) any possibly euro-like lights.

LXiSEbring: THe guys at are your best sourse of info on aftermarket parts like these.

Roscoe Grant writes

I have been having problems with my sebring not cranking. I was wandering if you have heard from others that have had the same problem. The solution appears to be that, I replace the starter, in the car, a couple of times a year. If you know of a solution please relay the info. Thanks!

LXiSebring: What does your mechanic say goes wrong with the starter? If a Sebring doesnt crank, usually its the battery not the starter, and we have had tons of problems with Sebring batteries. I am on my 4th battery in 6 years. I've heard of starters going out frequently but usually the problem is tracked to a flywheel that is not right.

Debbie writes

Hi, I read the email from Derrell Wilson on your website and I am experiencing the same alarm problem as he is with my 96 Sebring LXI. Do you know what might be causing the alarm to go off intermittently? I would like to know what I'm dealing with before going to the dealership.

Eric says..... Locate the switch, front passanger side under the hood. Check for current between the leads. Disconnect the leads from the switch and perform the same test. If the result is the same "continuity or no continuity" then the the switch is not doing anything. A friendly Radio Shack manager would be happy to check it for you. I do not know how to disarm the system but a dealer, or local stereo shop might ??

LXisebring:IF your security alarm goes off unexpectedly on a 95 or 96 generally the switches are ok but the hood switch is not being pressed down securely by the hood. Locate the switch--edge of hood, passenger side, midway, and note the indentation on the under side of the hood that supposedly holds the switch down. Stick a little wad of electrical tape in that indentation to press down more securely when the hood is closed and there is a 90% chance that your security alarm will no longer misbehave. This is a common problem esp on 95 and early 96 models

Jon writes

help! about 3 weeks ago i bought a 2000 chrysler sebring LXi which i am absolutley in LOVEEE with.. i already have 38% quantum tints on and a 2000$ system in there.. now i want more parts- i have searched all different companies online and cant find any where were they have other aftermarket parts for my car. i want an intake, altezza lenses ( if they are even made).. any help would be appreciated sooo much thanxxx jOn

XxRyan writes

Yes i would like to know where to get smoked tailight covers for my 95 sebring coupe. I have searched all over the place and have not found them. If you have any info please let me know.

LXiSebring: I don't think these parts exist but if anyone knows the guys at would.

Cedric writes

Hey David, my name is Cedric Vaughn. I first want to tell you that I'm very impressed with web site!! I have been looking at Avengers and Sebrings for a long time now. I am currently trying to buy a used 1999 Sebring LXI. I don't want to hold you up long but, I just had to tell you about your great site, and I also think you vehicle pretty nice! Have a nice day,

LXiSebring: Thank you for your kind note. This is where Sebring owners hang out!

Rich writes

I have purchased a new keyless entry remote and wonder if anyone can program it other than the dealer. It's for a 1997 Sebring 4-button

Eric says I'd have the dealer do it. .....

Chris writes

I want to put a Aftermarket CD player in my 2001 Sebring Coupe. I am scared of cracking to dash. So I haven't even tried to take the dash plate of. Ya have any tip so I won't brake it? Is there any screws or does it just pull off. And I seen that you don't recomend synthetic oil in sebring. I have 3.0L in mine why don't you recomned sythetic oil?

Eric says ..... The dash bezels just pull off, as for synthetics, The manufacturer reccomends petroleum products because the engine was designed to use them. As far as your car is concerned synthetics wont help anything. .....

Caleb writes

My name is Caleb, and I recently purchased a used 1998 Sebring Lxi with 52,000 miles. I really love the car except I have a very unique problem. One day, out of nowhere, when I went to open my door, the handle broke without warning. If you lift the handle you'll see that there are two latches that go into the door. One of these latches just snapped and now I am unable to enter my car from the outside on the drivers side. I would really appreciate any advice you could give me on my problem, I am completely dumbfounded.

LXiSebring: No real choice other than to replace the handle.

Lea Miller writes

Clear Day. I got a 97 Sebring Lxi, and its done me good! had it for 3 years now, and its got 134,000 miles on it! so far, I just need new brakes, probably rotors too because it is shaking when I brake. It's been a good car, although it is "hi-mainenance" meaning I had to get new tires, and they told me the only ones I could get were the stock good-year, also, I recently hit a curb, therefore bending my wheel, and a replacement is $352.00!!! Do you know where to find a new wheel used maybe? Lea Miller Polo Green Sebring Lxi owner!

LXiSebring (yours truly) writes

Well my third battery in 6 years just bit the dust. Car was starting fine--went to service station to fill up. Stopped car. When I tried to restart it, absolutely nothing. Even the radio presets were gone. Got a jump from another guy buying gas. Went home. Took battery out and got my friend to run me out to the dealers to swap out the 3-year old Mopar battery. Car is starting and running fine again now. What gets to me is these batteries fail without any indication they are about to go bad. They just suddenly quit working entirely. Good rule: replace your battery every 3 years whrether you think you need to or not. This one went 3 years and a few months.

Leo Hutchinson writes

Hi My name is Leo, I'm a proud owner of a 1999LX sebring coupe. I found the club by accident, and would love to become a member. I purchased it in may of last year used with 21,000 on it it now has almost 60,000 miles. It's paprika no pictures yet. I have max muscle decals on the side and rear windows. still stock but when it's finished it won't be tented windows all around. will be changing the lights, etc. Any suggestions would help.

Rob writes

I just wanted to show you a photo of my 01 sebring coupe.(LXiSEbring: See featured Sebring and Rob's photo on the photo page) I had done lots of research on cars and this seemed to be my favorite in my price range. I bought it after reading all of your "owner's group" comments and asked many members advice while I waited for the car to be delivered. I didn't know that it was going to have chrome molding on the side and around the windows, but that was about the only disappointment I had when delivered. I pre-ordered a set of mille-miglia spyder rims, 17 inchers, for the car and had them stripped and powdercoated gloss black while waiting delivery. I kept asking owners about 18" rims and most people suggested against it. If I had it to do over again, I would probably get the 18 inchers because the wheel wells seem to be bigger than previous years and I hate to lower the car 'cause I'm not big on slowing down for bumps. Other than that, I had the words removed from the car and had black tape put over the chrome sides. Nobody would "black tape out" the chrome window trim because they say it is too hard to do 'cause of the curvs in it. Also, nobody will paint the chrome because it is really plastic and they say it'll chip and crack with time. I'm gettin' used to it, but if you have any suggestions on how to blacken them, let me know. Also, I tried to order dodge's window trim because it's black but there is a slight variation in the window cutouts rear quarters. It's an LXi fully loaded with gray leather, 200 hp, auto-stick, etc. It has a 4 disc in dash CD player. I got all 5 windows tinted and some High Intensity headlights which are kind of a light blue/white look. I have a handheld gps that I use on trips but I would love it if it came as an option in some newer chryslers. Any suggestions? Cool page, man. Keep up all the good work. This page helped me quite a bit and continues to do so. Thank You for all of your time and effort. Rob

Susan Richardson writes

Please add me to the list : Susan Richardson, 98 LXi, love it! Bought it this month at 34000 + miles.

Paprika.... grey leather.

I love it, except for the air dam problem.... I searched your site extensively, and know you want us to look before asking the dumb questions on this common problem, but find no info about repairs short of replacement. It had a bad repair when I got it. Any leads for me? I think it is ABS, not glass....Would like to stick this thing together for a while before buying a new fascia! The metal frame inside it seems fine -- just would like something more elegant than duct tape on my pretty car! Thanks for your site! Awaiting my asog membership, too -- thanks for the lead!

LXiSebring: I'm not sure if there is a repair short of replacement. Check with several body shops in your area and see if they can suggest anything. Any repair short of replacement probably wont be perfect, but may be an improvement on where you are.

Eric says....... You could try some sheet metal and pop rivets. If done carefully from underneath, you probably wont see it. Then you could fibreglass the cracks, putty and paint. .....

Sarah writes

A friend emailed you about my 1995 sebing's alarm and how it goes off randomly. Every pin works, but we aren't sure about the hood pin because we can't test it. Do you have anything we could try? Or can you tell us how to disarm it completely. Thanks

Eric says..... Locate the switch, front passanger side under the hood. Check for current between the leads. Disconnect the leads from the switch and perform the same test. If the result is the same "continuity or no continuity" then the the switch is not doing anything. A friendly Radio Shack manager would be happy to check it for you. I do not know how to disarm the system but a dealer, or local stereo shop might ??

LXisebring:IF your security alarm goes off unexpectedly on a 95 or 96 generally the switches are ok but the hood switch is not being pressed down securely by the hood. Locate the switch--edge of hood, passenger side, midway, and note the indentation on the under side of the hood that supposedly holds the switch down. Stick a little wad of electrical tape in that indentation to press down more securely when the hood is closed and there is a 90% chance that your security alarm will no longer misbehave. This is a common problem esp on 95 and early 96 models

Louis-Philippe Parent how much is to change my interior to leather and add a sunroof ??

I recall at one point in early 96 a local dealer was offering to have an upholstery shop put leather in a Sebring with cloth sitting on their showroom floor for about the cost of the factory leather option at that time--about $1100.

There are a zillion small shops who will put a sun roof in for you. Choose carefully and remember that in a lot of cases you get what you pay for. You dont want just any idiot cutting a hole in hte roof of your Sebring. As I understand it, sunroofs are installed in Sebrings on the line just like they are in a custom shop. In other words, Sebrings with sunroofs dont have different roofs with a hole in them installed first. The hole is cut for the sunroof after tha car is nearly complete. And the factory uses one of the major aftermarket sunroof suppliers for the part--not sure which one.

Duane Wilson writes

I own a 1999 Black Chrysler Sebring LXI w/chrome 17" rims fully loaded (gray leather,sunroof, CD/tape 3 band eq). I am having the same problems as other members: brake problems, tire (I recently replaced the stock Goodyear Eagle RS-A 215/50/17 HR w/Bridgestone Protenza RE910 215/45/17 TR)), I have a 2 sensors replaced on my Trans, I think I need to have it services as it has started hesitating when shifting from reverse to drive (and has started to sputter then as well) , a wheel bearing replaced on my rear passenger side wheel, a/c compressor replaced, and the little hook that holds the driver-side floor mat broke, just to name a few problems....... But I love the look and feel of my car. Not to mention the compliments.

I have the extended protection and am fast approaching 36,000. I am concerned about other incidental and major problems that I may (of course) encounter that will not be covered now that the original warranty is about up. Also I just recently moved to Pompano Beach, FL from Little Rock, AR. Do you have any recommendations regarding the care & up keep that i need to change now that I am in South Florida?

I am looking for a few items and want to know if you have any suggestions. I need a decent priced tail light for my passenger side. I am also looking for after-market "white" or clear lights for my fog lights. I have checked w/ my dealer in Arkansas on a replacement center cap for my rims (w/o Chrysler emblem like mine or better yet w/emblem) and all they had was the silverish center cap that I will have to spray paint to get chrome (but will it match.) Also my passenger side seat is making a sound like it is loose. When i pull off (with or w/o) passengers you can hear it slide back. I have checked the bolts and also had the dealer check it and eveything seems to be tightened. Is this a common problem? Also the same goes for my sunroof. When I pull off it makes an odd little sound, but again my dealer has checked it and no problem was found.

I commend you on a great website that has several entries from owners like myself. The website is huge. I always spend more time reading letters and responses than I intend to, but no complaint there. Thanks for you time.

LXiSebring: My 95 has had fewer problems in the last couple of years than it had in the foirst few. Dont't panic over every little noise--some of these are just a part of the car's "personality" The only nagging problem I have currently with mine is that the buzzer sometimes tells me the key is still in the ignition when the key has been removed. An annoyance that will likely ciost $300 to fix ROFL. It sounds to me like the mechanism on the seat that locks it into place is not quite latching. Slide the seat back & forth a few times and maybe spray a little WD 40 on the mechanism. THe guys at Asog ( handle hte aftermarket parts or know where they can be obtained.

Greg Mills writes

Changed from Unleaded Supreme to the mid level and the light went and stayed off.

Eric says..... I wish everyone would use 87. It's helped on so many occasions. It's also plastered all over the owners manual. Higher Octane gas changes ignition timing and destroys performance. .....

LXiSebring: Don't tell Eric this but LXiSebring's '95 seems happiest running on 89 (mid-grade) gas.

Dee writes

Hi, My name is Dee. and i have a 97 , Indy Red LXI , with gray leather interior, I bought the car new and LOVE it! I've have pretty much the same problems as everyone else, but i have one problem that is driving my husband nuts. at slow speeds when the car goes over a slight bump, it sounds as if something is loose in the front end. the dealer told me it had something to do with the swaybar bushings and it was annoying but not serious. My husband doesn't believe him. we've checked for anything that could be loose, and can't find anything. Do you have any idea if there is anything else it could be? Thanks, I'm really enjoying the website and have collected some great information. I"m keeping my car! My car is the V-6 automatic 2.5.

ERic says.... He could be right, those bushings would only make noise if under no load just like the scenerio you described. Spray them down w/ WD-40 and see if its gets quieter. .....

LXiSebring: Ahh WD-40--the mechanic in a can!

Ben Klocke writes

hey well i own a 1995 chrysler sebring LXi. Its in PERFECT condtion and im very lucky to have it as a high school car. It gets waxed every week and stays clean. It has 49300 on it right now and the only problem ive been having is the recalls on the front ball joints. It also has a customized INFINTY sounds system in it. IM the only one in school with a car like that and it turns alot of heads and it gets the chicks.

Debbie Self writes

I bought my car 3 mos.ago and it shimmied real bad so I had a alignment, wheels balanced, replaced a bent wheel and this weekend replaced the front drive shafts but nothing seems to work. It still shimmies and I am at a loss.. Took it to the Chrysler dealer who said the motor mounts were broken or the catalytic converter was off balance as they had problems with that. had it checked and neither was the case, any suggestions?It is a 1997 Sebring Coupe with 53,000 miles on it.

Eric says..... Im betting its still wheel balance. Move your tires around and see if the shimme moves around. The wheels have to be "aluminum" balanced, thats both static and dynamic. If not then I'd suspect the control arms or ball joints to be loose. Take it somewhere where they will check it properly. Lastly even though your wheels are "balanced" doesnt mean there round. Have a tire place check your tires with a runout gauge to see if they are true. .....

David Manseau writes

Hello, Do you have any info regarding any chassis changes since the first Sebring in 95? I know they changes the nose and plastic coverings a few times but since 1995, when did they change the actual frame/chassis? Any help would be huge!

LXiSebring The Sebring coupe Chassis design is based on the Mitsubishi Galant, and from 1995-2000 the front suspension was a Wishbone design similar to what Honda uses and no Macpherson Struts. IN 2001 they switched back to a Strut suspension as did the Galant. The strut suspension may be simpler, and cheaper to manufacture and repair, but is not quite the eqial of a Wishbone design in the handling dept.

Bruce Arthur writes

I am having problems with my 1995 Sebring Anti-theft system. It continues to go off randomly at just anytime. should I be trying to reset it. I tried to take out the fuse but it continues to go off. do you have any suggestions??

Eric says ..... Tape all the trip switches down one by one to find the culprit. Usually the one under the hood. .....

LXiSebring: Check letters below for tips on locating the hood switch and a simple repair.

Jennifer writes

Obviously people DO trade in cars because they have problems, although I feel it is the manufacturer's responsibility to stand behind their products. I did take my car to a Chrysler 5 Star dealer who was the one guessing what was wrong with it - mutiple times! I took it in for a second opinion in another city to a Chrysler Dealer and non-5-Star dealer who gave me exceptional service and quality, They were right on the money and got it fixed in a few short hours. Nobody really knew what was wrong with it - (timing belt, map sensor (the one I bought from the 5 Star dealer was bad) and the EGR valves, PLUS they checked and replaced a recall without me even asking) now that's what good service is!!! The 5 Star rating means absolutely nothing in my books.

LXiSebring: Send a kind letter to Chrysler telling them about the sequence of events and that a non 5-star dealer did a lot better work in tracking down the problem than the 5-star dealer.

Jerry writes

I would like to change the oil and filter myself every 3,000 miles. Is the filter readily accessible, or do I need a space-age wrench to remove it?

Eric says ..... The filter is no problem, look around the oil pan you will see it. Thank goodness were not driving GM's.Jerry, a quick lesson on the name Sebring. While it designates both coupe and convertible the cars are totally different. Sedand and convertible chassis is loosley based on the Dodge Stratus while the coupe chassis is based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse. At the Mitsubish plant they can make a Sebring/Avenger by crossing a single Eclipse DNA strand with that of a toad, just like in Jurassic park. .....

Jason writes

I am trying to find out what brand the injection and ignition system is on my 2.5L. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Eric says ..... If its not Mitsubishi like the engine, then I would guess its a Bosch system. .....

Kevin Hardy writes

Hey I also have a Sebring like yours (LX) and I have had to replace the distributor and fuel pump along with O2 sensor and a couple of relay switches. For 78000, do you see this trend with other Sebrings?

LXiSEbring:Relays and O2 sensors have been problems, but distributors and fuel pumps have been fairly trouble free if my mail is any indication.

Cynthia writes

Hi I bought a 1998 Sebring LXI this year and love the car. This week it started loosing body parts, the spoiler came off while I was driving about 70 miles an hour. It was immediately destroyed by a passing truck. Now my side panel on the passenger side is sticking out. Neither Chrysler or the dealership have assumed responsibility for my problem and my warrenty is up. Is it normal for spoiler and panels to come loose on this type of car? Also, do you know who else I can contact to find out how to handle this, especially if this is a route defect?

LXiSebring: Cladding coming loose is very common, but this is the first I've heard of a spoiler taking flight. I'm beginning to wonder if a good body shop couldnt re-attach the cladding using a space age glue or sealant. It would be worth a try, especially on an older vehicle. especially if the cladding is only loose in places and some of the pins are still secure.

Anne Lillie write

My daughter Kim Lillie owns a 2001 Sebring jxi silver coupe with a sunroof and all the extras. When her car was delivered it didn't have any wiring to the rear speakers. I took a week for repairs to be made. When she first compained that the infinity speakers were not working they said they needed to teach her how to use the system. Could this response have come because she is blond? Kim is a school teacher and is no dumb blond.

That IS a weird thing to happen, and shouldnt if quality control and inspection is doing their job at hte plant. Someone supposedly checks each car for just such problems. So in some ways I can see why your dealer was surprised. The 2001 is a completely new model however, and in a few months they should have assembly down at the factory :-))

Eileen Reil writes

Here are a few pictures of my Sebring (see Photo page). It is a '95 that my husband and I purchased. WE have done a few modifications with the stereo and the fog lights are no longer factory. The fog lights are now after-market and there are polished aluminum plates behind them to give a better effect. We have had black and white head-light covers but are not shown in the pictures. The care is mint inside. We have grey leather. Just a small question does anyone else have an engine light on all the time? Mine has been on since the day I purchased it and there is nothing wrong. I test drove a 2001 and the engine light came on just as I started the car!!! Thank you for the chance to share my Sebring with others.

A couple of questions: I was wondering about a ground kit for the sebring? do you know of a site or somewhere to purchase the ground kit? Also is there ever a meeting of Sebring car owners and their cars somewhere that we could maybe join into? One last question: do you know possibly when the pictures of our car will be on the net? Thank you for all your time and help. Hope to hear from you soon!

LXiSebring: You should have a service dept check the check engine light. A code is stored in the computer that tells exactly what is wrong. MOst common is a faulty Oxygen sensor somewhere. THe guys at can help you with ground effects parts and also have shows etc.

LJ Wilson writes

Do you have any information on water pump replacement for the 97 2.5l V-6 (Mitsu Engine 6G73)? A friend of mine has one, and his water pump appears to have failed (leaks heavily). After looking at the engine layout, it appears that the water pump is driven by the timing belt. Is this correct? Also, do you have any insight as to how big a job this is going to be to replace the water pump. One last thing... Is there anything else that you are aware of that would cause a water leak on the passenger side of the engine right below the power steering pump? Thanks for any help you can offer, and I like you website. Thanks,

Eric says......... Im not that intimate with the 2.5. It is a big job yes and is expensive. You could probably check out an exploded view of the assembly at your Chrysler parts dept. .....

Wayne writes

Hello, I have a concern about my 97 LXI Coupe, the problem is this: it seems to be burning a lot of gas for a V6. I just purchased this vehicle a month ago and previously I happen to own a 4 cylinder (which did not use gas at all). Is it possible that I am just not use to driving a V6 or has anyone else complained of fuel usage ? If so, any suggestions ?

Eric says..... You should get about 20 around town I'd suspect, Ask Dave for more exact #'s. I dont use my overdrive unless I'm on the highway that helps. ..... LXiSebring Low fuel consumption around town is not a Sebring V6 virtue. I get more like 17 Mpg around town. Fortunately this improves a lot on the road.

Dan Seigel writes I'm looking to assemble a list of Sebring owners with brake rotor warping problems. I plan to go to Chrysler Corp. and lobby hard for a permanent solution by them to this obvious design flaw. Can I please have your name, address, and phone number, and are you willing to help?

Dan Siegel
7810 N. 14th Pl. #3076
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 298-4543

Eric says ..... They have plenty of complaints, the car meets the govt. requirements and stops rather well. I have seen the same problem on T-Birds ect. The whole problem is the pads are "non asbestos", heck my 77' chrysler had the original pads and rotors at 60k. There is a solution posted at the top portion of the page. Besides mine has 95k on it now so I wouldnt be of much help. Good luck to you if you wish to pursue. .....

LXiSebring: The rotors and brakes on the Sebring 1995-2000 are marginal in size given the weight of the car. You can drastically increase pad life and reduce warping if you are kind to your brakes and not slam them on to stop from speed. Only a few panic stops can warp a rotor, given the weight of the car. I have had NO problems with rotors on my 95 and my pads are still fine too. Further I do entirely stop & go city driving. The key to improved brake life is to maximize the use of engine braking to slow and stop the car, anticipate traffic conditions around you, and slam on the brakes only in real emergency situations. Sure the brake system is undersized for the size & weight of the car. the 2001 and on models should have sturdier rotors tho. But you CAN learn to drive a little differently and get even the Chrysler brakes to hold up ok.

Mike writes

Hi, I am currently looking at a 1995 Sebring LXI with a 2.5 V6 in it.... I wondering what this motor was like, is it reliable?

Eric says:..... Yes its plenty reliable. 95' was the first year so be careful and look for one with lower miles obviously. .....

LXiSebring:Like any car not all owners' experiences are alike. The engine itself seems to be prettyu trouble free tho there have been problems with the fuel injection system and the computer control modules. Sebrings seem more prone to transmission problems than engine problems, however. Several owners have reported entire transmission replacements. I don't recall a letter where an entire engine had to be replaced.

George writes

I have a question about my car and I hope you can tell me what causing the noise. I hope nothing serious is wrong with it and if it is I want to fix it before it gets worse. When the car is on and it's on Park I move the shift to Reverse and it makes a creeking noise. It also makes that creeking noise when I slow down to stop and when I take off again that's the only time I hear it. I hope you can tell me what's causing it and how I can fix the problem if possible. Thanks for any help you can give.

ERic says..... Your transmission shifts electromechanicially thats what your hearing. A slight ratcheting noise is totally normal. .....

Pat writes

The lower bar of the air dam on my Sebring coupe scrapes against the ground when entering or leaving a steep driveway. (Of course, I earlierly learned quickly that I must park a foot in front of any concrete bar in any parking lot.) This seems to be a design flaw. (What price aerodynamic sexiness, huh?) After five years, the entire nose (everything below the headlights but including the faux grille) is ready to fall off. To your knowledge, has anyone, including Chrysler, modified--beyond mere cosmetics--the nose of this model? I like my Chrysler, but I'm tired of avoiding manhole covers that are a sixteenth of an inch too high.

Eric..... Its like I've said in the past, Corvettes and Porsches are lower. It is a pain tailoring your driving habits to your car thought isnt it? The 97' Sebring has a slightly higher angle of attack and the 2001 model is totally different. Remember if its higher that a soda can.....dont run it over. ..... LXiSEbring: We know, we know! THere are dozens of letters on this topic on the website here.

Sahar writes

Please help me. The speed output sensor on my car is faulty. Please tell me where this thing is!!!

Eric says..... I believe its in the transmission, Which reminds me I think thats whats making my cruise act up, ask a local Chrysler dealer. .....

Paul writes

Is there a manual that will tell you the locations of the 4 oxygen sensor location on the 2.5 V6? I get a code that is telling me that the o2 sensor BANK 1 SENSOR 1 is bad.

The 02 sensors are labeled as follows:


I think looking at the engine from the front of the car, the 3 cylinders closest to the front of the car is considered BANK 2 and the 3 cylinders by the firewall are BANK 1. Now the sensor 1 is most likely closest to the engine on either bank? I'm just trying to use logic here, any help would be appreciated.

Eric says ... Your question relates to the 2.5 (which I dont have) but I'll tell you what I know about O2's. First of all you should have what they call a target O2 sensor(s) ( in the manifold) this sensor kind of sets the bar for the upstream and downstream sensors (one before the cat one after the cat). Now the us and ds sensors switch constantly to try and match the target O2 sensors reading for optimal combustion. If the target O2 or O2's are bad than that would explain your problem. I am assuming bank 1 and bank 2 is refering to the O2 mounted in the exhaust manifold associated with those cylinders

Joe writes

My son has a 1996 Sebring LXi. I've been driving it while my Fiero is undergoing a major rebuild, and I notice that it idles poorly and/or stalls on idle. Also, sometimes while accelerating, the engine starts to "surge", causing the car to buck; easing off on the pedal stops the problem, and it's usually possible to continue without any more trouble.

So, my question is twofold: what could cause the problem, and, (what brought me to this site) why is there no aftermarket shop manual for this car? Having bought Chrysler factory manuals before, I shudder to think of having to shell out the big bucks again. Do you know of an aftermarket manual? This car has the Mitsubishi V6.

Eric says..... Plugs, dirty throttle body, bad AIS control motor, bad gas, dirty fuel filter, old plug wires... See if it has any stored codes. You didnt indicate milage but if above 50k, plugs and wires are a must. can get you an Avenger manual which will work for your Sebring. .....

Jerry writes

Hello! A terrific web site! Please add me to your list. Just bought my first ragtop - - - 2001 LXi Inferno Red! One sweet ride! Even in the inferno known as Tampa in August!

Jason Siembida writes

I am Jason Siembida, Buffalo NY. I have a 97 Chrysler Sebring. I would like to tell other members that I just got the deal of the century. Those 17in tires will ware quickly. Do not get the stock Goodyear (Eagles) They are not worth the $134.00 a piece. I went to Yokohama's....$86.00!!!! No one in this world can beat that price. Try me!!!!! My stock wheels are bent. Why go to a store and spent $1300 for rims and another 400 on tires. Whalen tires got me a set of 4 tires and 4 rims, awesome rims, silver clearcoated for under $700!!! Try finding one cheaper. Tirerack and Whalen have a great tire and wheel special, where they will mount and balance and send them right to your door in 5 day or less. Oh and by the way, I only got 22k out of my Goodyear Eagles, I am now over 43k with the Yokohama's They are guaranteed for 60k!!!!! What a deal!!!

Eric says .... What can I say, great minds shop alike. I opted for the Bridgestone touring tires though. I like a little softer ride. Good comments. ..... ,

Tracy Beck writes

Hi what's up, finally found a worthy page on the internet. We'll i have purchase a 97 sebring and started hooking it up. I take my car to car shows and it has won 4 out of 6 trophies in it's class. The car is white and has albano house of color flakes in the paint. Then i went for the lowrider style and put 14x7 all gold center wire wheels made by luxor. Then i put two rockfard fosgates power 15'' in the truck, but when you fold the back seat down you then see two huge chrome magnets and a 1000bd watt rockfard fosgate amp pushing the woofers too the extreme. Now i'm looking for 17" chrome wire wheels and looking for some ideas about adding performance parts to the beast.

Eric says... Some people have considered a blown Hemi and drag slicks, but fatter tires on the front look silly. You could try a K&N stock replacement filter and run 87 octane gasoline. That little breath of air makes a noticable difference. .....

Jennifer Toyne writes

Hello, I hope one of you guys can help me out. I bought my '97 LXI in May of this year as a college graduation gift to myself. I thought the car was beautiful and seemed to run great at the time. I was a little leary of getting anything other than Pontiacs (which I have had EXCEPTIONAL luck with), but thought I'd give it a try. It had 72K on it, which was a little high, but was owned in Kansas City, MO, and is a very big commuter town, so I didn't hesitate about the mileage. The day after I bought the car it was leaking transmission fluid like a banshee. My dealer took it to the transmission shop and had the hoses repaired at no cost to me. I can handle the little maintenance problems. About a month later the brakes went out, so my husband replaced those. Then, about a month ago, about 77K, I was driving down my road, coasting at about 25 mph, when it suddenly died. I had my husband look at it and he decided to do a tune up on it, replacing the plugs, cap & rotor, fuel filter...By now, the car is STILL dying whenever I take my foot off the gas. Because of this problem (whatever it is) it is causing other problems, some which are safety issues that I feel are unwarranted! When accelerating to around 4K, the car starts to shudder and a couple of times, the RPM's were stuck there and I couldn't go over 50 or 60 mph, until they kicked back down by themselves. When it is idling rough like it does, when I take off from a light or intersection, it stutters and takes a second for it to kick in and go. I'm afraid that I could get hit by this stuttering, or if it stalls when I'm pulling out of an intersection that someone will hit me. The biggest concern in all this is, when the car starts to die, I unexpectedly lose my power brakes and power steering. Which of course, is NOT SAFE!! I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, and somone would have a serious lawsuit if she became injured because of faulty parts in this car. There have been at least 3 instances when I unexpectedly lost the brakes due to the car getting ready to die. My only option to this is to keep my foot on the gas and brakes at the same time, which is obviously just as dangerous. Besides the (expensive!!) parts my husband changed, we pulled the codes of the computer and it said the MAP sensor was bad. We replaced that at $85 and still no change. I took it to our local 5-Star dealer and they told me it was the MAP sensor, my husband told them he just replaced it the night before and they wanted to know where we got it, which was from the same place, so they starting guessing on something else. They thought it was something to do with the computer not communicating with the parts, so they replaced the whole computer, again with no change. Luckily the computer was covered by the emission control warranty deal, so no charge. Again, for the next day in the shop, they somehow came up with the Cam Sensor is not right, so they'll have to replace the whole distributor, at a cost of $732 for the part ALONE! Frankly, I don't have the money for their trial and error guesses on this piece of junk car. I have seen many dissatisfied customers with Sebrings and I'm probably the biggest one. I'm very disappointed in this car and Chrysler has lost me as a customer forever. I was really hoping to move up to a 300M in a few years, but I will never own a Chrysler/Dodge/Mitsubishi/Eagle again. Do you have any ideas on what could be the cause of these problems? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I would love to get this car fixed and traded in ASAP before I injure myself, my family, or someone else with this car. I'm calling today to take it to another 5 Star dealer in a different town for a second opinion. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

LXiSebring: Its a good idea to have another dealer look at it. However, you should not have to pay for $700 "experiments" as the dealer replaces one part after another via trial and error. See if the 2nd dealer can correctly diagnose the problem. Once fixed ask for a refund of the $732 from the first dealer for the repair job that was not on the mark. Thats what a 5-star dealership is supposedly all about--getting the diagnosis right the first time. From your description this does sound like a computer module problem related to the fuel injection system. Your dealer is close to where I would be in the diagnosis, but that's no help if the car still doesn't run right. He at least has the car and can see exactly what is happening whereas I don't.

These kinds of problems are pretty common in all current cars with electronic computers that control fuel injection systems and transmissions, and I don't know that Sebrings are necessarily more prone to these kinds of problems than, say Pontiacs.

Eric says.... People usually trade cars in because they DONT want them anymore for just such reasons. You bought someone elses problems from a dealer that didnt stand behind the car they sold you. Thats beside the point. I would have a Chrysler dealer use a CHRYSLER scan tool to diagnose the car properly and go from there. The diagnosis will be about $40. Sounds like the AIS motor could be bad if its an idling, RPM, stalling issue. ..... Chris writes

Hello. I am not sure if you can help me or not....I have a situation that i could use a little advise. I am currently driving a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXI and it is not my car, it's my Mothers! And i scratched up the paint underneath the nose piece because of the car being low profile and i wasn't used to it at first. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I can't really express this to my family, need to get some touch up paint asap and i have looked all over the car, including inside the door jam for the exact color specifications. It's a cherry red-maroon color and i don't know how i can reference to find the exact color otherwise. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks for your time

LXiSebring:Go to your auto paint supply store and tell them the make, year and color (Wildberry in your case) THey will make you up a little spray can with an exact color match. Be carefull when you apply-- remove any wax and be sure you work outdoors when you spray as automotive paints are bad news in that dept. You wont get a perfect jub but any signicant scatches will look better.

Matt writes

I am 16 years old, just about to turn 17 in about 2 weeks and my parents just gave me their 1998 Sebring LXi. I am very excited having been given a virtually new car for nothing (34,800 miles). Now this is a present for my 17 birthday and for the fact that I got a full ride to college and my parents do not have to pay for me. I was reading the comments made earlier about problems had by other owners and I can say I have not had a single one yet. My dad has driven the car for 2 years (bought right off the lot) before he gave it to me and it has been running flawlessly. I love the car and it looks great not to mention that it really gets the attention of the girls at my highschool. Now that the girls are taken car of I need to also impress the boys. That is why I was wondering if anyone knows of a website or place that does engine modifications, such as superchargers or various things to the Sebring. I am also looking for kits and wings for the car as well. If you have any info please email me. Thank you for the help and i hope to be a part of your club "Enjoy your cars everyone!!!"

thats the dept

Joe Runzo writes

Whats up? This is Joe from Cleveland, OH, I own a maroon 97 sebring coupe lxi . But what makes mine different is that vie done major customizing to my car. Vie have 4 12inch Rockford hx2 subs , 8 diamond speaker and 2 tweeters, alpine 60x4 headunit , 2 extra batteries to help power the 2 bd1000 watts amps for the subs and the 4x400 watt amp I have for my mid's and hi's . It all was professionally installed by audio visions witch also sponsors my out of Strongsville Ohio, I also do stereo competitions for them to. I also have a 3/4 drop in the car, with white neon lights in the undercarriage, clear euro lights with red LED lights installed in all 4 lights, blue halogen lights installed in the normal front bulbs, 50% tint all around the car. also in a bout a month I ll be receiving my 18inch niche bella rims with low profile tires. I have an alarm for the car that talks, has a warning pager and has remote start with remote capabilities to turn on and use the stereo and the windows. I started all of this work to the car when I bought it, last November, besides that it has 77,000 miles on it and I just replaced the transmission on it but besides that no other work has been needed. I am also part of a car club called lake affects out of Cleveland. Not bad for a 17 yr. old kid...take care

Brian writes I just bought a 98 Sebring lxi, and was wanting to know it you know of any web sites that sell accessories for styling or dress up. thanks..

LXiSebring: As I have said many times before, the experts on aftermarket parts are at

Michael writes

What's up again? I have a question about my headlights. The plastic outside cover looks likes its fogged up at all times. Someone told me it might be from the sun? I went to the Chrysler dealership to see about ordering new ones but they said I'd have to buy whole new headlights because the parts are not interchangeable and the price they gave me was 300 dollars per headlight. How can I make my headlights clear again?

Eric says ..... There is a coating that wears off of the lights. I found that plastic polish works "ok" someting good like Mothers or Plexus. .....

Wells writes

I am looking into purchasing a '96 sebring coupe for my first car. I was wondering if $7200 is a good price for a coupe with 85k and in great condition. It has pretty much all leather, and a cd player.

Eric says ..... General rule of thumb is start negotiating $1000 less than the asking price so look at it as $6200....not bad but a person can destroy a car way before 85k so use good judgement. You should be able to get that car for $6000 easy. .....

DDDan writes

do you know what kind of lug setting I have for a 1996 lxi coupe, I want to put chrome rims on it but idont know the right pattern. also do you know of any indiglo gauges i can buy?

Eric says ..... go to and for what you need .....

German writes

Hello I have a 1998 Black LXI Sebring with about 40k miles on it, I love the car but I recently took it in to get serviced and I have a couple of questions:

1) I replaced the pad and rotors about 11 months ago and I recently got a brake inspection and the dealer told me that 90% of the pad is wasted, it hasn't been a year and I paid the dealer about $300 for them to replace it initially and now they want to charge me another $200, I don't trust the dealer at all and I'm looking for an alternative and (hopefully) long term solution. By the way isn't their some type of warranty on the brake pads?

2) I read that you do not recommend to use synthetic oil, well I have been since I got the car (used 20K miles), I also live in Miami, FL and use the A/C allot and am a heavy stop and go driver. I am wondering if a switch to normal oil would be ok, I use 10W30 "mobile 1" now.

3) I also was putting the most expensive gas in my car and read somewhere that it is not necessary, what grade of gas would you recommend.

4) My tires are wearing out and I am wondering what the "best but affordable" tires are, I currently have the stock 17" rims.

Thanks for your time and great site!

Eric says.... Read the site more thouroughly starting at the top, you will see the answers to all your questions. .....

LXiSebring: Good point eric. We've answered all these questions on many different occasions here. But you dont have to read everything on the site to find the answers. Just use your windows Edit command to Find a key word from your question for example gas or brakes or tires. You can quickly locate just the letters, discussion and answers that pertain to your question. Try that first before you fire off e-mail to us. And remember you can also search archives of letters going all the way back to 1995 from the web links above.

Sunny writes

I think you may be able to solve my problem. I bought used one, and it doesn't have keyless remote. But the car equipped the keyless entry electronic system. (only mission the remote control) So I got the remote through the E-bay and asked to the dealer to reprogram it to my car. Then the dealer charges me 45 dollars for 5-6 minutes-work. So I dont wanna pay that much. It's pretty big money for college student like me~ I wonder you know how to reprogram the remote control to my car. The P/N of my remote is 04602260 AA. The maker is TRW. And the MODEL/FCC ID is GQ43VTI7T.

Eric says ..... No Idea, keeping checking back, someone may see this and reply. ..... LXiSebring: It may be if the dealer wants $45 there is more than 5 minutes work involved. Check with another dealer.

TMINOR writes

hey people good news, ive found a place that will make us a body kit. and i have a guy that is designing it for us.the cost you say.1000.00 each and if i get five people.i have a 2001 indy red sebring lx with rims .i have alot of things performance wise i have found for our cars. if you are interested in the body kit email me at email me if you want the body kit made now and your input on how it looks is welome.if you have any questions ill send you a pic I'm getting my car on coilovers today and rims today , my name is thomas from va ,,i like the web site,

Jason Mills writes

Here is my 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi, in the Light Autumnwwood color. I just saw your request for pics of my "unusual color" as you put it so I figured why not contribute!!!

Nima writes

I am sorry for bothering you, looks like you have too much experience on dodge avenger, i want to get a used one, but I heard the only dodge avengers that come with mitsubishi engine are 1995 and 96, is that true? Or all of them from 95, to 98 they all come with mitsubishi engine?

LXiSebring: The V6 Engines in all Sebring Coupes, Avengers and Stratus Coupes are made by Mitsubishi. The 4 Cylinders are made by Chrysler. Sebring Convertible V6 engines are Mitsubisi. Stratus sedan and Sebring Sedan V6 Engines are a Chrysler designed and built engine. Confusing, huh?

Tami writes

Hi. My name is Tami. I have a 99 Sebring LXi that has tar like stuff leaking from both doors. I've seen this mentioned a few times by others on the list and wondered if anyone has figured out what this is and how to stop it. I took it to the dealer a few weeks ago and they wanted to charge me in excess of $300 to fix it... of course the doors are still leaking. Thanks for any help.

This iis a little excess door sealant oozing out. It's hard to remove with water based cleaners as it is solvent-based. Try some "bug and tar remover" on a soft rag from your auto parts supply store. Alternately charcoal lighter is a similar product. Just make sure you dispose of the rags safely as both products are flammable tho not like gasoline.

Jessie writes

Hi, its me again. I just wanted to ask if you wouldn't happen to know the specs, or the torque lb. on a 96 sebring lug nuts. The wheels are aluminum alloys stocks. Please write back and let me know. Thank you

Eric says....90 ftlb. and hats off to you for torquing your wheels, There would be a lot less warped rotors out there if everyone took the extra 5 minutes to do that. Nice going and great question. .....

Dennis writes

I have a 1996 Sebring with 61,300 miles. I do not have an owner's manual as there wasn't one with the vehicle when I purchased it used. I understand that the serpentine belt is changed at 60K miles. Is this true? Thanks for taking the time to review my question.

Eric says ..... Thats a precautionary measure and a good idea. More importantly you should change your timing belt at about 80k.It is expensive so be prepared. .....

Nancy writes

I own a '95 Sebring coup LX with 107,810km. I love my car however recently my car has had starting problems. I was hoping that you could help me! When I go to start the car, sometimes it will start but it starts to shake and dies. It almost seems like the gas isn't running through the engine properly. Other times the car won't even turnover. After a couple of tries the car will start and drive normally, on both occasions. Also on two occasions the car has stalled for no apparent reason. I have taken the car in to the dealership but they can't find the problem. They say that no error codes are stored and that they can't do anything until it happens there at the shop. If you have any suggestions they would be very much appreciated.

Eric says..... Your situation sounds like the bad battery problem. Replace it. You should ditch that original battery anyhow they are trouble. .....

Darius writes

Recently I had my car Sebring LXI '97 serviced for air condition cooling fluid. They checked the pressure and replaced the fluid. Theoretically everything should be fine but the car never cooled well either b4 the service nor after it. It takes about 30 minutes to feel the cold air during really hot days. In my previous cars I could make winter in few minutes but now it is warm fall @ its best. Is it normal? Is there something I can do to improve the performance of the cooling system? Another thing is that when I turn the mode selector knob into foot/defroster position or just defroster position the air conditioner starts automatically as indicated by green light (no matter if the switch is pressed in or out). I tried to figure it out with the manual but without success. Thanks in advance for your help.

Eric says ..... There is a lever under your fan speed that will let you select recirculated or fresh air. The recirculate arrow makes a loop. In this mode the air will cycle through the car getting colder and colder. Also you can shut the vents in the doors off to concentrate the colder air towards the center. There is a knob by the center console vents, make sure its turned to blue, this operates all vents for max A/C. The defroster mode should run the A/C in order to take moisture out of the air. My 96 doesnt do that but I always push the AC button when the defroster mode is selected. .....

LXiSebring: I think there is still something wrong with your AC unit. Your dealer can determine for sure by checking the temp drop out of the vents relative to the ambient air. The new AC freon doesn't get quite the temp drop that the old environmentally unfriendly Freon did, but the air still should feel cold after 5 minutes or less, not 30 minutes.

Fludge writes

any ideas on why this came on after 70,000 miles. EGR value or transducer selonoid? Oxygen sensor. 1996 LXi 2.5 liter sohc Thanks

Eric says ..... Only thing I can think of is one is acting on the other. 70,000 is good for an O2 sensor. .....

Jim writes

I wanted to forward this letter to you that I received from DaimlerChrysler. I was upset about the common brake problem on Sebrings. I baby my '99 Sebring LXI Coupe and the brakes were gone in just over a year and a half. They responded very quickly, although it wasn't the response that I wanted. Oh well, now we know.

Also, I received the layout below for the perfect brakes from your site and just wanted to verify that these will do the job of correcting the squeak.

Here is their letter..........


Thank you for contacting DaimlerChrysler. We appreciate your inquiry.

The warranty for your brakes is 12 months or 12,000 miles- whichever comes first. This warranty is an industry standard. Your vehicle's pads and rotors are wearable items - this is why they have a shorter warranty period then the rest of your automobile.

If you are having a problem with your brakes, then I would recommend you contact a DaimlerChrysler dealership for further assistance.

Thank you for contacting DaimlerChrysler.

Michael Fairo
Senior Staff Representative
DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance Center
That was the original letter. Here is the parts list I got from your site, please verify when you have a moment.

LXiSebring: That's what Eric is recommending, yes.

Eric says .... That response was right on cue. Yes the brakes wear quickly, as do the rotors, The aftermarket stuff should fix you up. Last I checked the #'s were correct, ask when you call Olympic to order if you like. .....

Michael Lewis writes

My car is a 95 LXI and on both sides of my doors the word Chrysler is indented in each side. I thought I saw gold letters one time on a newer model Sebring where on mine its indented. I was wondering if you know of any place that makes letters in silver or chrome that would fit in those places?

LXiSebring: I'm not aware of any, but the letters could be painted with a gold enamel paint pen available in auto paint stores of craft/model stores.

Richard writes

I own a 1996 Sebring coupe. it has 190,000km I have no serious problem with my car, except that my car makes a lot of noise while I'm driving because of the wheel bearings. They seem to go out pretty fast...I try to replace them, but as you know the parts on a Sebring are ludicrous... anyway my question to u is. putting in sentic oil, moble one, good for that car and transmission fluid when should one change it, because some people say don't touch the transmission it ant broke. Also, the timing belt is original when should I change them....

LXiSebring: You are WAY overdue for a timing belt and transmission fluid change. You are better off wiht a non-synthetic oil.

MADAT writes

The toggle for cruise control is floating and unoperable. Is this a difficult item to replace? If it can be done where would one obtain directions as to how to dismantle?

Eric says ..... I'd ask the Parts guy to print you off an exploded view of the assembly. .....

RF writes

I have a 1995 sebring lxi and i want to hook it up to show people that in can and will be done do you have any sites i could go to. I would help me out .

THe guys that do the Sebring shows are at

Randy Dean writes

Hi guys - I've been a faithful reader of the site since I got my '97 Sebring LXi nearly two years ago. I've had the same basic problems as everyone else, a banged up rim, brakes that are a headache, etc., but overall I've loved the car. Now just lately I have been experiencing a new problem. The driver's side power window controls have been very tempermental, I can rarely open the passenger side window from the control now (the passenger side control works fine) and the other day on a toll road, the driver's side window wouldn't lower. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I'm fearful it's something costly... Thanks :)

Eric says .... This isnt he first I've heard of this problem, Most have been switch problems. The switches get wet when the door opens in the rain etc. .....

Glen King writes

Hi: Just dropped by looking for a site that can give me information on modifying my new 2K1 LXI coupe. Am specifically interested in hig flow cat exhausts..Anyway I'll check asog. My site has a full description and pictures of my vehicle. Click here

Jeff MacFawn writes

Can anyone email a picture from a manual of the front wheel bearing assembly and instructions on replacing them to me please. I have 60,000 miles and my car sounds like a jeep with mud tires on it. Thanks

Eric says ......... Your local Chrysler/Dodge service dept has all the exploded views on file. .....

Aric writes

I just had a simple question to ask, I will be very appreciative if you would answer it. My water pump went out on my 97 chrysler sebring and I got it fixed for 385.00. I was just wondering if I got ripped off or if that was a conservative price. And also any idea what causes such a fault. The mechanic didn't mention any defects in the pump itself. And finally, what about that thurmostat? I replaced it with one that I bought from O'Reiles, should I leave it on now that I know that the thurmostat was not the problem? Anyway thanks for all of your help in advance. Aric

Eric says ..... How many miles ?? 4 0r V-6 ?? Thats about right, most dealers charge a flat fee reguardless of the time it takes. Its all in the computer under job codes. Leave the stat in place if its working perfectly. .....

Alan writes

I just bought a new 01 sebring lxi coupe fully loaded with the crome package i wold never trade it in for another car the main reason i love it is b/c it a 5spd with gives it so much power and what im looking for is some poformance items for it interior and exterior

Forrest Moore writes

First of all, please add me to your list. I have a 2001 Sebring LX, V-6. The reason why we bought it was because of its safety rating, and that I think it's the best car in its class for the money (and we got a super deal on it). It drives like a car that costs $5000 more! And while we like it, we have run into a few problems with just 6000 miles.

First, after the first 5000 miles, it began to idle rough. Cold starting by itself, and sometimes only after putting it into gear made it feel as if it was going to stall out. Most of the time while idling hot, it acted the same way. It idled very rough, and sputtered when stepping on the gas. After about another 1000 miles, the check engine light came on. When I took it to the dealer to check the problems, they replaced one spark plug which was the cause of the engine light. However, the rough idling still happened. I was a bit surprised to see that all they did was fix the plug without following up to check the rough idle (I'm sure the mechanic assumed it was the cause of the problem). I complained to the manager (about this and a couple of other service related problems) and he was more than accommodating and went out with me on a test drive this morning. He admitted that there was a real problem, and assured me that he would fix it.

The other issue, to which I mailed Eric about separately is an apparent wind noise. At higher speeds (65 - 75), we occasionally get a noise from the front of the car that sounds like you're blowing over a half empty soda bottle. It's very intermittent, but very loud and annoying. Have you heard of any wind related noises like this? The service manager doesn't have a clue, because he can't reproduce the problem.

We bought a 2001 Sebring LX (V-6) about 4 months ago. We really like it, although it's had a couple of mechanical problems which our 5 star dealer is looking into. The problem that we are unsure about is the cause of a noise that we have when driving at higher speeds (55-75). Very intermittently, we will get a low pitched "whistle" that is coming from somewhere in the front of the car. It sounds kind a cello stringing one continuous note, or blowing over a soda bottle when it's about half full. It's not a vibration. It lasts about 2 or 3 seconds, and then stops. Then starts again a few seconds later, and the cycle repeats (sometimes). The conditions have to be just right, although I haven't pinpointed all of those conditions yet. The only consistencies I've noticed are the speed and the fact that it's a constant maintained speed on a flat stretch of highway. At first I thought one of the breaks was stuck and squeaking, or something caught underneath, but that turned out not to be the case. And as I said, it doesn't always happen under those conditions.

Have you heard of any unusual noises like this under these conditions? The service manager has no idea, and of course, if they can't reproduce it, they don't know what to fix. Which will be really frustrating for me.

Eric says ....... Yes, I would have them try another set of tires that are a different tread pattern. You may find that changing tire pressure could even help. It could be 1 defective tire. You may also have them check to see if all wheel bearings are properly packed w/ grease. .....

Henry Honrales writes

Hi my name is Henry Honrales.. and i owned a 1998 Sebring LXi.. i wanna ask you if you know of any sites or places we could go for our cars accessories likes indiglo gauges and other stuff..

LXiSebring: try

Jessie writes

Hi my name is Jessie, and my question is do you think a 97 or a 98 front bumper and grille would fit on a 96? And I also wanted to know if the side panels would fit on the same car. The reason is because my bumper and side panels are falling apart. Please write back and let me know. Thank you!

LXiSebring:95-96-97 have the same front and rear bumpers but they are different from 98-2000 models. The latter are rated at 5 mph.

Manuel writes

I own a '97 Sebring. I want to make the fog lights independent from the head lighst, but I'm not quite sure of which cables would be the ones to look for. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks.

ERic says ..... The only safe way is to clip the wires at the fog lamps under the front air dam, and rewire them directly just like your headlights. It is illegal. .....

Lisa writes

Hi! I just found the Sebring Owners' Page, and I hope you can help. I bought a 1997 Sebring Coupe 2 days ago. Today, while on my way to work, the "Check Engine" light came on. The temperature gauge remained steady, right in the middle. The oil gauge was right at the top of the little oil can (sounds silly, I know, but I don't know how else to describe it!!) The engine sounded the same as it has every time I have driven the unusual noises or knocks or anything like that. No unusual smells, either. Do you have any idea why this light might have come on? I know I probably need to take it to a garage and have it hooked up to their computer. But I'm worried and upset about it, especially since I've had the car for only 48 hours or so. Any advice you can give would be appreciated!!!

Eric says ..... Lisa, just read the section on the web site titled "PCM codes" that will show you haw to see what the light means and you can determine if its serious. If you have trouble call a Chrysler dealer and speak to a service manager ask him "How do I use the ignition key to check for engine light codes"? they should help you if there honest. .....

Bill writes

I've got a "buzz" feeling in my steering wheel at slow speeds on my Sebring LXi Coupe. Could this be the result of a bent rim, out of balance wheel, tire pressure, or what? Seems to only do it in the mornings when I first start out.

Eric says ..... Buzzing is usually caused by an engine frequency, probably a belt or a belt guard. Try revving in neutral when it happens (going the same speed) and see if it goes away. .....

John writes

my name is John...I am from south New jersey......I am 17 and just bought a 1996 sebring coupe Lxi...I would like to be part of ur owners club

Mark S Russell writes

Hello, purchased my 1995 Sebring LXi last month,(featured photo and on photo page) already put 4,000 Miles on it.. So far I love it! Had a few problems with the Molding on the Windshield coming off but the dealer fixed that for me. Only thing I didn't like is that it only had a Tape player, but I just picked a used CD / Tape Player from ASOG (I'm a member of ASOG NE). How hard is it to change from Tape to CD, should be the same harness, right? Also, does the molding around the Stereo just "Pop off". Anyway, attached is a picture of my car, I'm glad to be a Sebring owner!

David Daniels writes

I bought a 2001 sebring lxi and so far love it . I am interested in installing a spoiler can you give me any information on cost. thanks david

LxiSebring: Contact Randy, below who just installed one

Pat T writes

- Hey there to ya! I am the owner of a 97 Slate Grey LXi and i love the car....but..have run into a few problems i can't seem to get clear answers on. It has 33,000 miles and i was lucky enough to buy an extended warranty..i think.

1. The brakes (i assume) squeak even when the brakes are not applied, (just driving along) then when they are applied..they REALLY squeak!! Should i just replace the parts with the ones from Olympic? Or is it a problem with the calipers? The dealer says its condensation on the pads when its sitting (yeah right)

2. The Check Engine Light came on..i did the 3x turn key thing and got a 65 PCM code..which is suppose to be the Power Steering Sensor/Switch. The dealer says no..its the brake sensor switch, which is located behind the brake pedal, and sorry..not covered under did i get an erroneous code? And have you heard of this part giving out? What does it do?

3. Has anyone claimed of leaking trunks? It has happened to me twice and i can't pinpoint where it came from..any suggestions on where to look?

4. And some info for any other 97 owners..the people at Chrysler who gave me my warranty informed me of a MAY 00 recall on them for the LOWER LATERAL ARM BALL JOINT, RECALL NUMBER 967. Hope that helps some people so they can get it fixed...only thing is...i didn't receive a notice because i wasn't the owner at the time. Is there anywhere people who don't know the recalls, can go check online? I have had some trouble finding the current ones.

All in all a good car, as good as any new design is...i am happy with it..despite the troubles. Thanks for the very informative has helped me with a bunch of other questions, hope you can help me with these more specific ones, THANKS AGAIN!!!

Hey there again! Just thought i would write and seeing as i forgot to ask you to ad me to the Sebring owners list..i will do that now..please add me. :) hopefully you can give me some specific advice on my problems..especially with the PCM code deal. As i wrote before i have a 1997 LXi, I wanted to add a note for other readers....i notice the car..looks, styling and all..except for the, what i consider, design flaws. Even with them everyone comments that they STILL love it. Here's what i plan to do and have done in part, and suggest to others if they have patience and extra money now and then, is to replace the parts they are having problems with, using after market parts. As most everyone has read or experienced, the brakes just replaced the whole setup with parts from Brembo..entirely...i know i, factory, warranties..i understand this..but as most of you have's just not getting you did the only option left..replaced it on my own...calipers, rotors, pads and lines...and it works like a friggen DREAM now. Next, i replaced the battery as a per can find them that fit..or replace the holder with some modifications...if anyone wants specifics..just email lowered the rear end 1 inch...had a race shop do it..seeing as i am not as knowledgeable it that part..doing this evened up the ratio from front to rear, everyone has noticed that the car sits like a While i was at it i replaced struts and shocks all the way around...the factory ones have been known to be poor quality, many might not know that, but the struts and shocks wear quickly and although not noticeable..put a beating on your rims and tires and that weird knocking in your rear end at low you know the rims with aftermarkets, same size..just better quality and close to the same design..this cured my tire wearing problem..(which i more attribute to the brakes than rims) but i had my share of dents and bends in the rims and this has fixed that. i run Yokohama 215/50/R17 tires on mine..even with the old rims i had superior tire life than with the goodyears using these tires. Next i replaced the factory sound system, the tweeters in the dash, get rid of them..they just pry out, i got covers from Chrysler and closed them off then had the new tweeters remounted in my doors along with the other replacement speakers. The factory system was tricky but i had it pulled and a very good shop replaced the whole system AND stereo wiring which i recommend. I had heard not to use the factory ground wires and such so i took no chances. I know all of this sounds expensive, and it can be if you do it all at once..but we have to do what we can with what we have. I now feel i have the car i paid for...even though it took money from my pocket i looked at it like this..The Sebring has great re-sale value..if anyone who knows their cars wants to buy it and brings up the problems they have had, i have all the work i have done to back it up. The car is now worth what i would ask for it. For now though...i will keep it and keep on cruising :) thanks for the space to write all this..i hope this helps some people out!! Anyone wants to email me about the stuff i talked about just write to Thanks again for letting me become part of the group Pat T 97 LXi owner

Eric says.... 1) I would check the calipers if the brakes are dragging like that. 2) Clear the codes and check again in a few days. 3)Yes its the gasket, probably needs replacing. 4) 5)You really pay attention to details, glad we could help. .....

Paull Bell writes

Hi, I live in the Atlanta area. I have a 2001 Indy Red LXi Coupe. Not a lot of mods yet because I'm still looking for body kits. I've put a K&N drop in filtercharger, and a DynoMax SuperTurbo Muffler put on. Took both the main resignator off of the exhaust pipes (directy under the cockpit of the car) to louden it more, but I did not get the sound that I was looking for so I'm going to redo it. I don't really notice too much difference in performance either. My plans are to put an Eclipse spoiler on and then redo (again) the exhaust. I will probably go with a straight thru import muffler or something like that. Flowmaster was recommended by friends, but not enough air flow to louden it. Next is a High Flow Cold Ram Air intake system. Hopefully I can run across some one who does body kit's for the 2001. Any help with that? After the intake comes a turbo charger with intercooler and last but not least Nitrous Oxide System. Looking forward to reading more of your page and any help you can provide with "bolt-on's" and body kits. Thanks

April writes

I am interested ina 95 sebring with 100,000 miles on it and i was wondering how many miles will it run up too and how long it will last?

Eric says ..... Thats a very very touchy aera. Are they all highway miles? Was the car mantained properly? If so its just broken in. If not its just broken. .....

Greg Mills writes

Thanks for the response to my oxygen sensor. Do you know if there is a fourth oxygen sensor in addition to the one in the manifold and the two in the exhaust. Possibly by the transmission.

Eric says ..... As far as I know its Target(manifold) Upstream(before cat) Downstream(after Cat) .....

Cokomo writes

are you able to add ground effects to the '97 sebring coupe? and what kind of a spoiler do you recommend adding or any good choices that you know of, thanks

LXiSebring: The guys at are the experts on aftermarket parts

Pedro Lebron writes

Hello, My name is Pedro Lebron. I live in Orlando, FL. I wonder if you can help me. I have been trying to locate somebody who sells or makes (Tail Light Black Out Covers) for the Sebring. I haven't been successful. Can you help me? Do you by any chance no of anybody who would have these available? I've seen some pictures of sebrings on this page with the tail light covers. I included one of the pictures from your web site so that you have an idea of what I am talking about. I really appreaciate your help. I have been going crazy trying to find these.Thanks for your time and help,

LXiSebring: The guys at are the experts on aftermarket parts

Shane writes

Hey dude whats going on? I just recently bought my very first Sebring LX just last week....9 July actually. Its a 1998 Red LX Coupe. Wanna know something? For about 4 years I have been searching for a 2nd Generation Eclipse GSX right? Its ironic that the Sebring is based on the same platform as the Eclipse. In a way, I actually have the Eclipse I have been searching just in a few different ways. The interior is the same in both cars with a few differences...but the concept is the same. Its a small fact that amazes me. LOL sorry man. Anyway though, my name is Shane and the day I saw my Sebring at Perkins Dodge in CS Colorado, I fell in love all over again...just with a car...;-) I have around 5 good shots of my Sebring handy out of 45 pictures. But I lack a scanner. But I will keep in contact with you until I get the pics scanned and I'll send them to you so you can post them. I'll continue to check out the site. Hey do you need a copy of my license or car info or whatever? Just let me know and I'll get it to ya. BTW I should have those pics scanned within a week. Talk with ya later man.

Check hte Photo Page to see Shane's 98 Red LX

Randy writes

Hi, would like to include my 2001 Sebring LXI on your mailing list. Note the Eclipse wing on the back. I tried to format the picture to fit your page. The car is totally stock and the only modifications planned are tint for the windows. The car is in Ruby Red (Which I think looks a lot like a candy-apple red.). See featured Sebring and the Photo page.

Eric Powell writes

See the photo page for a pic of my black 2000

Anna writes

Hi there. I was very surprised to find your page about Sebrings, very informative. I was wondering if you have had or if you have heard of any other owners having problems with the front bumper catching on parking curbs, or scraping the ground on even a slight decline or incline in the pavement. I have had to replace my bumper three times in three years, even after being very conscious of the problem, it only takes a couple oops to completely destroy it. And if someone else drives your car, forget it! I absolutely LOVE my car, but this cosmetic defect is really ugly. If you know how this problem can be reduced, or if Chrysler offers replacement parts because of the frequency of damage, I would be delighted to know. Thanks for your help!

Eric says.... Hi Anna, I find it helps to keep in mind that if its higher than a soda can, dont run it over. I back mine into spots of question and enter and exit at an angle. When in doubt rear end first. On a side note Corvettes and Porches are much lower, you have to become accostomed to it. You should be able to order the cover from Chrysler. .....

LXiSebring: As Our regulars know, this is a common Sebring problem. Repairs should be covered under comprehensive insurance. Chrysler's position isd the car meets minimum ground clearance Fed Regs. Other cars ie Corvette are prone to thistoo. I think the revised 2001 models havefewer problems in this regard tho I am waiting to hear from owners of the new model on this issue.

Swiss writes

Hello my name is Swiss. I have just recently bought a used 98 sebring Lxi and am looking to supe it up. I was wondering if you knew of any proformance chips that chylser makes to get more horse. I also have one more question for you. I was wondering if you can take a automatic and replace it with a automatic/manual "quick shift." Thanks for the help.

Eric Says.......... There are no chips available from Chrysler and the trans swap is not possible. ..........

Brian writes

Hello, I am writing you to join the Sebring web club and to ask a question. My car is a '96 Sebring Lxi, pretty much loaded. I'ts Maroonish-Brown with gray lower trim. The question I have is this : is the 3.0 liter Mitsubishi engine the same block as the 2.5 found in my car? Are the parts interchangable like the parts of a 305 are with the chevy 350? I ask because I have the opportunity to get a TT 3.0 out of a stealth and was wondering if the parts were compatable. I''m just in the planning stage for hot rodding it now, probably be building the motor for a couple years until the one in my sebring is too tired. I'm in the process of learning more about the available Motech engine mgt. system as well. As for exhaust, it will probably be all custom as well. I will be recieving my Mechanical Engineering degree in Dec and plan on designing aftermarket specialty parts.

I have installed headlight covers on my 96 sebring and can run all the time with my brights on, the problem is that the lower fog lights shut off when the brights are on. Aside from rewiring the solenoids myself, do you know of any available product that will keep them on?

Eric says......... Well I'd be more inclined to put that 3.0 tt in a Daytona or a Shadow because it will fit nicely. is your place for 3.0 stuff. Running on brights with fog lamps on is illegal, You'll have to wire it yourself. .........

MADAT writes

Excellent car given but today I want to blow it up. Backed out of my driveway and applied the brake and shifted the marker to park. Wanted to shift to drive and the shift lever is locked in park. Tried turning car off and reinserting the key and jiggling the steering wheel and shift. Didn't work. Tomorrow is the fourth of July and my car is parked an improper distance from the curb.....but I can't get it out of park....any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Eric says ....... Tow truck can lift the car by the front end. There was a recall on the Park pin. .......

Ray writes

i am ashamed to say I cant set the clock on my 1997 sebring help!

Eric says .......... If there is an H and an M on the face it should be self explanatory if not you will have to check your Manual or Dealer ..........

Jim writes

Hi, I went out to change the coolant in my 1996 Sebring and could not find a valve on the radiator. Can you tell me where it is? Thanks in advance, Jim.

Eric says ........ There is a clear plastic tube that hangs down under the car left side looking at the front of the car. Valve is above that tube. ........

JoJo writes

I have a 1995 Chrslyer Sebring lx...I just moved from Florida to SC and I had 65k miles on my car and I as recommended had a Chrysler Dealer in SC put on a timing belt due to the recommendation in the dealers book. I would never have done this (if this particular car did not have anythng to do with Mitsubushi, which I previously owned an Eclipse and lost a motor due to a timing belt). Well, now that the timing belt is on (about 3 weeks now) I notice the car is running very hard, very loud, - I do a lot of traveling and that is one of the reasons I put on the belt (did not need a problem on the road. It just seems that the noise is coming from the front of the car and it sounds like (it is hard to explain) the usual motor noise as it is running is loud & hard! Is this something to do with the timing belt. I am going to call the dealer, whom I am not real happy with - but I guess I have no choice. I was wondering if you could give me a clue, after a timing belt i sput on a car does anything have to be "timed"...? Clueless in SC

Eric says ......... Well either its rubbing the cover or its over tightened. Id suspect that they could have got the cams out of time as well. .........

Chris writes

Hello My name is Chris I'm from Longview, Tx, I was curious to find out if you can in fact spice your cars looks up by adding after market ground effects and spoilers, I was told that nothing was made for the Sebring because they are an old persons car, when in fact I have researched it and even though the Avenger doesnt say Sebring in alot of ways its the same car and more kids then adults drive the Avenger. My Question is where can I go on the web to find special order parts for my Sebring.

LXiSebring: CHeck with the guys at for aftermarket parts

Mario writes

Hi what's up My name is Mario and i recently bought a 99 sebring. I wanna say that the website is really cool. Checking out your website gave me more info. And gave me some ideas

Dawn writes

My son owns a 1996 Sebring coupe and is having problems with the alarm going off at all times of the night and day. Sometimes even opening the door and pulling the fuse won't stop when it does go off. We took it to our local Chrysler dealer and he kept it for 2 days. It went off once during that time but they got out there too late, before it turned itself off. They said it can't be disconnected because it was installed at the factory. They said the only thing they could do would be to replace the 2 doors and the hood and trunk latches because one of them may have a short. This could be expensive and they weren't even sure that would work. My son is in the Marines and is returning from a year in Japan. He plans on taking the car to his new base in California but is concerned if the security system doesn't work. Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eric says ..... Try Taping them down 1 by 1 or you could go to Radio Shack and make yourself some jumpers. ..... LXiSebring says: I'm virtually certain its the switch for the hood that causes the problem on 95-96 alarms to go off unexpectedly. The security alarm switch for the hood.which is along the edge of the hood passenger side. Just put a wad of electrical tape in the hood indentation above the switch for a permanent fix. The switch is ok but the hood gets a bit out of adjustment. Mine did this frequently when new but the wad of tape fix has solved the problem.

Dawn responds Thanks for your help. We could not get any help until I read your e-mail. It seems to be working. Thanks again.

Ron writes

My 2001 Sebring LXi is coming up for it's first oil change: I am considering switching to a synthetic. Which brand do you recommend?

Also, I am considering installing a cold air induction unit: A) Will this void my warrantee?

B) What performance advantages can I expect?

C) Will it harm the engine in any way?

Thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

Eric says..... Dont use synthetic, All it will do is make your car leak. The AEM induction kit is the best. It wont fly at the dealer so make sure you can swap it out quickly. Me, I'd buy some pvc and make a down tube out of the stock box, and use the K&N Stock replacement. You will notice a slight difference.

Ron replies

Thank you for the response, I appreciate it. Based on what you are saying I will stay with Castroil. I really like 20W50 since it more heat resistant and I live in Florida, but the owner's manual says to use 10W30. Any thoughts?? I saw the AEM and like it so that is what I will end up with. I had a feeling it would raise "flags" at the dealer.

This is the best car I have owned, it seems to perform nicely and does what I want.

Thanks again, keep up the good work, I know it is time consuming but it is informative and I guess like everyone else I enjoy reading what other owners are experiencing with their Sebrings and seeing what they have done to their cars.

Thanks again. .....

Diondre writes

I think its great your helping us with our Sebring issues. I have a 97 sebring coupe LXi. I love the car but I'm due for a tune up (60,000) and everywhere I take it to get an estimate they quote me over $200. Thats just to replace the plugs. they all say that the plugs are located in a very difficult location and labor is going to be through the roof. Is this accurate? should I try at a Chrysler dealer or are they going to be even higher? or maybe a mitsubishi repair place since its their engine. $200 for a tune up is a bit out of my ballpark especially since my "check engine" light is on, who knows how much that little light will cost me under the hood. Thank for you insight.

Eric says.... If you have the v-6 the plugs in the back are hard to reach. The labor is the major cost. You could defintely try a Mitsubishi dealer. You light could be an O2 sensor $80 well spent. Read about checking your PCM codes at the top of the page.

LXiSebring: Spark plug replacement on a V6 Sebring is a job for a 5-star Chrysler dealer. There is something to be said for Mechanics who do this job on Mitsu V6 engines every day. .....

Armand writes

I am Planning to Buy A Sebring With 120,000 Miles I was told they are mostly Highway Miles. Should I Buy a Sebring With that MAny Miles, If so How REliable will it be and How ioften can an older Sebring Become troublesome Please Help,

Eric says ..... Mines trouble free at 93,000. I wouldnt pay more than $3500 for the car if I were you. Lets face it your talking to a guy who wont by a car from a smoker if it had 35 miles on it. So miles are irrelevant if the car was cared for. Look for leaks and service records. Was the timing belt changed? thats $400. .....

Kenneth writes

Got your link form the web and was wondering if you could help me. I have to replace the rear struts on my 95 Sebring. Where are the top bolts located? Also, is it necessary to have the car realigned? Is there another source for the top strut bushings besides the dealer?

Eric says..... The bolts are under the rear deck inside the car.Your dealer can show you (Print for you ??) an exploded view of the setup on his computer. I would have a 4 wheel alignment done. Try NAPA for the bushings. .....

Greg writes

I own a 1997 LXI coupe. We love the car except for the depreciation.My engine light keeps coming up with oxygen sensor problems. My mechanic has replaced the three oxygen sensors and yet the light still continues to go on.Any experience with this problem.

Eric says ..... Your CAT could be clogged or maybe a fouled injector. ? .....

Chris writes

Where is the thermostat on my 95?

Eric says .... Look for the radiator cap. Follow the upper hose that leads to the engine, it should be connected to the engine block with a bexel. Your stat is inside that bezel. Buy a ROBERTSHAW replacement or dealer ONLY. Also you will need the gasket. .....

Dan writes

I have a 98 Sebring LXI. do you know where a can purchase a bra for the front end? Thanks,

LXiSebring: Just try your local Chrysler dealer!!

Josh writes

Hi my name is Josh and I just purchased a 98 Chrysler Sebring lx. It's black, and has a 5 speed v6 motor, gray cloth interior, wood grain console, sun roof, and custom rims. I just wanted to ask about a problem I've been having with my emergency brake light not going off in the dash board when I release the brake. Is that a manufacturing defect? Should I have my dealership fix it right away? Will it cause any major damage? Your resonse will be very helpful.

LXiSebring:Chances are there is a problem withthe switch that activates the light--its sticking.


My car is on the photo page. I need to know where I can get a nice red bra like the red sebring on the photo page has.

LXiSebring: Check your local Chrysler dealer or the parts suppliers on

99 sebring writes

I have a 99 White Sebring LXI with 25k miles, 4pioneer 12s, jensen amp, K&N, 5% tint all around,Led Washer Nozzels, Custom Eyebrows

Eric Powell writes

I'm really glad to see there is a forum for Sebring owners. We bought a black 2000 LXi Coupe yesterday. I must say this is a truly sexy car. I was surprised to see this vehicle is manufactured by Mitsubishi, but I have no complaints about that. We also have a '97 Eclipse Spyder convertible which we love. I have to mention that along with the obvious attractions, the Infinity sound system is as nice, if not nicer, than the Pioneer aftermarket I put in my last car ('94 VW Passat GLX). I fully expected to have to replace the stereo, but with CD and cassette and enuf power to rock the neighborhood...I'll keep the Infinity!

Unfortunately, I am a little concerned about our Sebring. I've done alot of research about the various model years and there seem to be some common problems. I realize this is probably the case with any car, you just don't know until you get involved with lots of others who own them. What I've gathered from my reading is as follows:

1. owners of this car seem to either love it or hate it. I haven't seen any comments from anyone that was on the fence. Luckily, I've seen more love than hate.

2. Replace the Goodyears as soon as possible. They may contribute to bending the 17" rims.

3. For better performance, replace the air filter (can you tell me which one to get, please?) and use lower octane gas. I don't really understand the gas comment though. I thought higher octane was directly proportional to performance. I am SO willing to be educated. Can you explain this and advise as to which will be better, 87 or 89?

4. The rotors have a tendency to warp. Which replacements solve this problem?

See anything in there that's more fiction than fact?

I have also noticed the gas gauge doesn't go all the way to Full. I'll mention this to the dealer.

Well, I don't want to take up too much time...I just want to say I'm looking forward to falling more deeply in love with this car!

LXiSebring: The only way you could get better performance from higher octane gas is for the engine to be set up to use it with a higher compression ratio. High octane gas actually burns slower than low octane gas and can actually reduce performance on cars with a low compression ratio set up for regular (87) gas. My 95 V6 seems happiest running 89 octane (mid-test) gas, however.

Susan Pruitt writes

I am using someone else's computer so I can be a part of your web site. I recently purchased a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi Coupe. I love it! Right now it is all stock, but within 6 months it will be fixed up very nice. I plan to put the new 2001 Pacer Sunburst Chrome 18" rims with Z rated tires and a complete Sony XPlod system including two 15" subwoofers and a 800 watt amplifier. The windows are already are black as they can get without being illegal.

Michael Lewis writes The light under my automatic gearshift went out and I was wondering how to fix it?

Eric says..... Remove the radio/heater bezel. It just clips in. Then remove the shifter bezel, it is also held by clips. The light bulb just snaps into the bottof of the gear indicator.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ..... LXiSEbring: Anything involving the disassembly of expensive and easily broken plastic parts I take to the dealer. Let the dealer pay for what he breaks getting in there. This falls in that category. LXiSebring is scared of plastic parts held on by clips!

Pondra Walker writes

Hello. I would like to join the Chrysler Sebring Coupe Owner's Page. I just purchased a 1999 Champagne colored Sebring Lxi.

Debbie Self writes

I am looking for center caps with the gold Chrysler emblem in the center for the 17" wheel. Thought some of your members might have changed their wheels and would sell theirs. I will gladly pay the shipping and handling cost as well as a reasonable price for them. Let me know if you can locate any. I'm trying to avoid going through a dealer. Do you know anywhere else I might look on the internet? Thanks.

Jeff Plum writes

hey this is Jeff, i have a 95 sebring LXi , wildberry (see Photo page) I also have two questions... 1. do you know if the front fender of a 95 sebring is inter changeable with a 95-96 eclipse? two may i get a e-mailing list of all the sebring owners so i may find out if any one is interested in contacting companies about making body kits, lights, and engine componets for us?... thanks..... jeff

The Doors of the 95 Eclipse/Talon are interchangeable with the 95 Sebring, but not the front fender as the lights on the Sebring and the fender cutout are shaped differently. The guys at have a lot of connections to the parts people.

Daniel writes

Hi my name is Daniel Luporini, and I own a Chrysler Sebring LXi also with 55,000 miles on it. The reason why I am writting this is to let you all know that, I totally advise you people out there that if you are interested in buying a Chrysler Sebring like mine, don't do it at all, because I have had several problems with it. For example, it probably have been in the dealer at least around 8 times to get it repaired, its gone in, for oxygen problem, I've never had a car in my life having an oxygen problem, in which it cost me around $450 to get it fixed, then it went in again for the same reason, its gone in for another 3 times for the check engine light in which I don't remenber exactly what the problem was, because its broken too many times to keep track of it, I have replaced my brake pads 4 times now, I believe that was because of the recall problem they had on it, the same reason I think I had my tires replaced about 4 times also, my fog lights are both burned out, only half of my brake light in the back works, electrical driver seat has burned out before, 1 speaker is blown, left back speaker doens't work, sunroof broke with the first like 10,000 miles it had on the car, and chrysler didn't cover it because they said it wasn't under warranty. Well for the last, now my car has this throttle problem, something to do with my fuel injection, and its doing the same thing that I have read that happened to a couple of people on this site also, I am at a light and I am about to go and it just dies on me. So for once more I have taken to the dealer to get it checked out and they want to charge me almost $600 dollars for it, in which that is pathetic, and so what I have decided, is I am sick of wasting money in this car, and I really want to get rid of it, and its going to be really hard, because it has also been hit before at the right door by a motorcycle (no engine damage) in which that is no big deal, but the biggest deal is everything doens't work on it, who is going to be the one that will want that car, nobody. So finalizing this, what I am going to do, is look for a lawyer, and since the manufacturer won't take care of my car from this last problem, and I have taken care on my own of all the others, is I am going to take care of it in court!

LxiSebring: Why dont you just trade the car in at a dealers for something you like and not waste the money on the lawyers? If you are eligible for your state's lemon law, you might convince the dealer who sold it to you to buy it back from you for what you paid less a deduction forthe miles you have on it. But even if that did happen, after you paid the legal fees you will probably be in about the same situation as if you had just traded it in. I wouldnt encourage anyone to keep a car that has a lot of problems. You didnt indicate the model year, but any Sebring with only 55,000 miles is still worth quite a bit of money even as a trade-in--perhaps enough to get you a car you are happy with.

Punnyc writes

do you make any clear lights for the back of a 97 sebring coupe and also the piece on the bottom between the front lights how much is it to get rebuild.

LXiSebring: If these parts are out there, we havent found them

Nicholas Schell writes

Just got this from Peter... you might want to delete his info from the page. Do you know if the cladding can be re-installed, or do I need to buy another slab o' plastic to be put on? I'm dreading the potential cost of the latter... :(

Peter from NTHSA now writes on the Flying Cladding issue

I've not worked on this issue in over 18 months. After my review/analysis, this issue was fwd. to our investigative group and they opened an investigation (PE00-007) to see if this could really be a safety issue. By last year of this time, we determined that this plastic part, though large, does not pose an unacceptable safety risk to motorist. Chrysler issued a service bulletin Oct of '00 addressing this issue. This issue is considered closed by NHTSA. You can get info on our website on this issue and look up "investigation" and "TSB" on the vehicle. Please inform you Sebring Coupe Owner's Page that I'm no longer the "guy"


LXiSebring: The panel and the clips that are inserted into the holes in the car door are all made in one piece, so when the panel comes loose the clips have likely broken or failed, necessitating the new piece that has to be painted at the body shop.

Since Peter indicates there is a CHrysler Service bulletin on this one option would be to see if the dealer can convince Chrysler to cover at least part of the repair cost. Chrysler MUST have procedures for dealing with flyuing cladding complaints by now.

I'm not sure if the panel can be removed once in place without breaking off the clips which supposedly hold the panel on like plastic molly hooks. A body shop would be able to tell you. If the clips don't have to be cut to remove the panel, a body shop might attempt to reglue the panel at the broken/failed clip using a high-tech automotive glue. There are no guarantees whether this would work or not. I do know that in addition to the clips there is a sealing caulk along the edge of the panel which keeps water from collecting between the panel and the door. This sealiant I believe is already in place when the panels come from Chrysler but covered with tape. Once the panel is painted the body man removes tape covering the line of sticky sealant, just before inserting the clips into the door holes. I had one panel replaced on mine just after I got the car in 95. (it was loose on delivery day) and have had no further problems. It seems to me the 98-99 models have had more problems not fewer in part because the panels are thicker with ridges.

Jayson writes

hello. my name is jayson. i just bought a new 2001 sebring LXi. it is silver with chrome rims. automatic. u get the idea for the options. i was just looking for a online club to get into with my car. if u could e-mail me back with a little info I would surely appreciate it.

LXiSebring: also check out

Norm Jackson writes

Was keyless entry standard or optional on 1996 Sebring LXi's? Thanks...

LXiSebring: Standard on LXi models, optional on LX

Brian writes

Hello, I am writing you to join the Sebring web club and to ask a question. My car is a '96 Sebring Lxi, pretty much loaded. I'ts Maroonish-Brown with gray lower trim. The question I have is this : is the 3.0 liter Mitsubishi engine the same block as the 2.5 found in my car? Are the parts interchangable like the parts of a 305 are with the chevy 350? I ask because I have the opportunity to get a TT 3.0 out of a stealth and was wondering if the parts were compatable. I''m just in the planning stage for hot rodding it now, probably be building the motor for a couple years until the one in my sebring is too tired. I'm in the process of learning more about the available Motech engine mgt. system as well. As for exhaust, it will probably be all custom as well. I will be recieving my Mechanical Engineering degree in Dec and plan on designing aftermarket specialty parts.

I have installed headlight covers on my 96 sebring and can run all the time with my brights on, the problem is that the lower fog lights shut off when the brights are on. Aside from rewiring the solenoids myself, do you know of any available product that will keep them on?

LXiSebring: Eric is looking into your questions.

Samantha writes

I have had my 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi for almost two years with no significant problems. Then last week I was driving at about 40 mph when my accelerator seemed to become stuck. I was unable to stop and applying the brakes only served to keep the car from extreme acceleration. I went through a red light and was involved in a three-car collision which resulted in about $6,000 worth of damage to my car. I have called Chrysler regarding this problem, and they are sending out a special investigator to look at my car. Oddly enough, they seemed to suspect my car was a '96... I have found some documentation on the NHTSA of similar complaints, but those listings are hard to understand. I bought my car used, and it is obviously completely out of warranty with 79,000 miles. Is there any chance Chrysler will do anything about it? Have you heard of this sort of problem? If anyone else has had a similar experience, please e-mail me. I would like to document this as much as possible. I received two tickets for the accident, which was completely unavoidable, and my insurance will be sky high if I am unable to prove this happened. By the way, I completely love my car, and I hate to think of getting rid of it. It is Polo Green with the more stylish body style of the 95-96's. But I am beginning to wonder if it's safe... I have also experienced several other apparently common problems listed on this site including the power locks sticking, the alarm randomly activating and having to unlock the door with the key to shut it off, the front piece dragging (had to have it replaced and now I am so careful), paint peeling off around the driver side door frame, the battery randomly dying in perfectly warm weather, and the radio coming in only part of the time. Please please please e-mail me though if you have knowledge or experience with the problem of the accelerator sticking.

Eric says:.... I cant offer any help when it comes to whos liable. I would have the car looked at to see if there is any detectable defects. Otherwise if its a problem car (Lemon) I'd trade it in. .....

LXiSebring: You need to contact the Chrysler regional or zone office and explain what happened. If there is a history of a part failure that leads to a stuck accelerator there is a chance they would do something on your behalf. The problem is that I have had no other letters in 5 years of running the site indicating any other car witrh a similar problem, though you may hear from other owners. YOU have a cell going bad in your battery and if you havent replaced it already you should.

Antonio writes

please put this on your page!

LXiSebring: See this week's featured Sebring or the Photo Page

Kevin writes

Hi... My name is Kevin Perod. I own a 1996 Sebring Coupe. It is black with gray lining on the bottom. I've put chrome wheels and a system in it and i'm very proud of this car.

Nick writes

My name is nick simpson, and I bought a 97' Lxi Sebring. I love the car, the only thing it lacks is a little get up and go.....Anyone have any ideas???

Debbie writes

I just purchased my 1997 Sebring a month ago. It is Saronne Red which is a Mitsubishi color. It has 51,000 miles on it and was a one owner vehicle. I love it!! It is fully loaded with a gray leather interior and woodgrain console. The only problem I have had so far is I had to get a new wheel this week and the car pulls to the right pretty bad even after an alignment. The 17" aluminum wheel was bent and I found out it had been replaced already by the previous owners. I went to get my son a new car and traded my show truck for this car. It seemed to shout my name!!!! I love your website, keep up the good work and add me to your members list!

LXiSebring: See photo on the photo page.

Catherine writes

I jwas just on your website and realized if anyone knows this car, it is you! I need some guidance on the best possible way to go about handling this major problem. Besides driving around with half my door in my trunk which is making me angry (I love my car!), I get the feeling most dealerships care about anyone. I am not sure how to deal with this problem but it sounds like you may have any idea. I already posted on the Chrysler website but I don't have much faith that they will respond. Basically, the bottom line is how this dealership has treated me and my problem with the recalls on this particular model - the door molding/garnishings being the biggest problem at this time. I am sheduled for next Thursday at a new dealership, however I think I may have to wait for this PART again. I didn't get thatfar with the first dealership - I told them their service was inadequate and didn't plan on going back. Not that it made much difference going there in the first place! Here is a copy of my letter . Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Tks. I wish to file a complaint against my dealer(a copy will be sent to the Better Business Bureau as well). It is with much regret that I write this e-mail. I have recently purchased my leased 1998 Sebring Coupe with much headache and distress. Chase has been wonderful however,I will advise everyone that I know to NOT EVER BUY OR DEAL with anyone from this particular dealership again. My letter to the BBB will give specific dates and all pertinent information. One particular incident that may have had very serious consequences was regarding maintenance that was scheduled for my car and not carried out. I even had the serviceman tell me that I was repeatedly notified of the recall. Yes, I was and I had my car sent into the shop on numerous occasions. NOTHING WAS EVER DONE! My car sat in this shop all day and not one of their personnel serviced the vehicle. However, they did test the door for the recall, which resulted in my door molding/garnishing falling off 2 weeks later because they did not place it back on properly. For 3 years, I have had this car and the door molding/garnishing did not fall off. I specifically scheduled to have the car serviced for this recall in which the part was orderd at least FOUR MONTHS AGO and to this day, not one thing has been done to my car. In conclusion, all I can say is that once they have your money, you are just another number. Specifics will follow and I will post this message on every board there is.

LXiSebring: I Think you did the proper thnig to go to a different dealer. However, remember that the new dealer was not the cause of you problem. THe best way to get your problem resolved is to be veryy polite at your new dealer'service dept. Only if THEIR service is inadequate should you get angry. Just because one dealer's service dept is inept is not evidence that they all are, so it's best to calm down.

With respect to the repair, the lower facia and clips are all made in one piece, and unfortunately if the clips break the whole part must be replaced. I've been through that on my '95, but the new part has not been a problem.

Jeremy writes

Hello my name is Jeremy. I just purchased my 98 Sebring Lxi about a month ago. I am wondering what I can do to get more horse out of it. I already know about the air filter. I was wondering if you knew if there were any other things I can do to my car. One more thing. I have a automatic in my car right now. I was wondering if it was possible to change it out and put the new auto shift in it that Chrysler makes. Thanks very much.

LXiSebring: See the pic of Jeremy and his Sebring on the Photo page. THe autostick swap is a remote possibility but it wouldnt be cheap to do (As in several thousand $ Further, the transmission computer for hte Autostick is set up for the higher output 3.0 liter engine.

Spring898 writes

Hi there...I am interested in getting on the sebring page. I own a 99 Indy Red sebring and am having a relatively nice laundry list of problems. Should I write to you about them or do it on the actual web page?? I am actually having a hard time navigating the page. Is there a way to search the problems/comments people have by the year of the vehicle?? Any help you can provide would be great.

I am going to give you the run down of problems I am having and see what you can do to help me :)

1 -my most recent problem is that my battery cables melted on the highway going around 60 mph or course that was my fault and I am still not sure why (something about the 'idea' that I put 'tape' on them.) The service guy stated on the paperwork that the cables were loose causing high resistance and loss of power...WHATEVER!

2- There are times (many) that my car will NOT go into drive. It just won't do it. I have to go from park to drive and back again until the car decides it wants to go. By the way this was attributed to the battery cable problem (see 1) however, this has happened again since the battery repair

3- Two times the vehicle has 'stuttered' when proceeding from a red kinda does not want to go.

4- I have had numerous problems with my dash and the electrical components. Once the whole panel went dead and two times the defroster switch has broke

5- the trunk floor...this is acually has split down the center 3 times and on the 3rd time being repaired I was told that I needed to rearrange my cargo (of which is a BACKPACK of books) and that they would no longer replace under warranty

6- There is this continuous GUNK that drips from my door panels and of course the dealer can get it off but it keeps coming is GROSS!

7- The spedometer also delays in registering the speed

Okay that is what I remember for now....any help/suggestions would be appreciated

Eric says.......... 2) that has nothing to do with the battery cables. I would suspect a poorly adjusted trans cable. 4) Check all the fuses in the car and under the hood. 5) put a support under that thin cardboard. You could cut a piece of masonite or something. 5) Thats why I dont get a car rustproofed. Was your car bought used?? ..........

RGrosse writes

We have a 95 Sebring lxi with 80,000 miles the brake pads and rotors were replaced when we bought the car with 40,000 miles. now when you use the brakes the car chatters,not a smooth stop, could this be the ABS Sensor or the rotors and pads need to be replaced again?

Eric says .......... Your rotors are warped. You can test the back ones by carefully dragging the parking brake at 10 mph. Ususlly the front ones warp more severly. Also at that milage check your calipers as well. A sticky caliper will warp a rotor quickly. ..........

Brandon writes

My 2000 LXI brake light stays on evertime i start my car in the morning. What do i do about this problem?

Eric says... ....... Check your brake fluid first, Your Parking brake may need adjusted or your brake switch on the master cylinder. ..........

Cindy McHugh writes

I was just enjoying a visit to your Sebring Owners Page and thought I'd drop you a note. I'm new to the world of Sebrings, so I'm finding the site quite informative - thanks! that I'm sold on these beauties, I have to find one! I was wondering if you're aware of any sites/message boards specializing in Sebring sales. I've searched several of the online classified sites, but have been unable to find what I'm looking for. Autotrader seems to have some likely matches, but every time I try to view an ad, the program "performs an illegal operation" and shuts down. I was just wondering if you had any ideas of where to look. (I'm seeking a 1995-1997 white/silver - preferably LXi.)

If any owner has a 95-97 for sale, contact Cindy above.

Richard writes

I have a minor problem regarding my trunk light. It doesn't work. The bulb has continuity and is a 12v 5a. Is there a fuse just for the trunk light that is not listed in the owners manual or do I just have an open connection? Also I can't seem to locate the on/off switch that activates the light with the opening of the trunk.

Rich Eric says .......... I have no idea. Some trunk lights are activated by a mercury level switch. The socket has no power your saying?? I'd start at the socket and trace the wires. ..........

Michael Lynch writes

My wife owns a 96 Sebring, nice car but she carelusly ran into a curb stop and broke the bottom cross piece of the air dam. Many of the Sebring's I see have the same problem. Any reccomondations for a fix or supplier? Mike

Eric says .......... If its not too bad you could remove all the small bolts underneath and bend the sheet metal back into shape then replace the bolts. Otherwisw $800 at the dealer. Most dealers cant paint the black fake grille right either. ..........

Matthew Crawford writes

After reading some of the entries from other enthusiasts regarding their love for the Sebring LXi, I thought that I would add my experience.

I bought my 1996 Sebring LXi completely on a whim. In fact, I had never even seen the coupe in person. I ventured to the Chrysler dealership in Wichita Falls, TX with one thing on my mind...How can I get rid of this brand new Plymouth Grand Voyager van?? I eyed the ragtop and admired its styling but, never was the convertible type and asked if it came in a hardtop. The answer was yes but, they didn't have any on the lot. I asked to see the brochure and I loved the car at first sight. We spec'd my order out (White/Grey LXi with every bell and whistle) and they went looking for the car. After searching throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, a trade was initiated with a dealer in Papillion, Nebraska! A week later I received the call that my car was in and I bolted to check it out. One word...SEXY!! The car was something else. I would not advise anyone to buy a car from the dealer brochure without even seeing or test driving the car. I simply got lucky!! I have had nothing but joy driving my '96. So much that I recently bought a 2001 (Satin Pearl White) and kept the 96 to boot. I am now the proud owner of not one, but two Sebring LXi's.

Joseph Maple writes

Hi, I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer for me. I have had my 97 sebring coupe for a little over 1 year now and I want more from it. what can I do to it to give it a faster response time and more power. I live in Webster, ma. and I am not sure if anyone around does any customizing of this sort around here. my coupe is the LX model it has a V6 24 valve engine. also is it possible to a have governor taken off? just a question. please let me know thank you

Eric says......... You can buy a K&N replacement air filter, run low octane gasoline. Dont mess with chips or so called hopups it will only through off the emissions and burn the cat. ........

Ken Kmiec writes

I purchased a new 1997 LXI in May 1997 and am ready to replace my brake pads and rotors with the Olympic parts Eric recommends. I have installed the front rotor and pads and so far so good. I am ready to replace the rear rotors and pads, but need some guidance on how to do that - especially with the so called special tool needed to turn down the caliber piston since the emergency /parking brake are integrated into the caliber....

Eric says......... Your dealer, A NAPA store or even P;ympic maight carry that piston tool. You should crack the bleader if your going to do that job. It will allow the old fluid to push out of the calipers. You dont want it going back throught the system. ..........

Eternity writes

Hi there, I am planing to buy 1995 lxi Sebring,and i would really appreciate your opinion,as an expert, about this deal. I want to find out if the price i am going to pay is considered reasonable. The car is in a good condition and its black Coupe. Its price is Around 8500 Canadian dollars( around 6000 US dollar), please give me a rough and approximate estimate from you own experience. Many thanks for your valuable assistance.

LXiSebring: Your best source for pricing is the Kelly Blue Book site. You can enter age, mileage condition and location and get a price estimate specific to your particular situation.

Magic writes

ONE of my bottom fog lights wont come on unless i get out and knock the cover of the light. after i turn off the lights and turn them back on i have to do the same thing. what could be wrong with my fog lights?

Eric says .......... Either the bulb is bad (H3-55w) or the connecter is loose. You can reach the connector by jacking the front end up and reaching from underneath. The connector is beside the lamp casing. ..........

John writes

I would appreciate if you could tell me about anything you know about problems with cracking of the cylinder head in 97 Sebrings.

My story:

During a routine oil check earlier this year, I discovered no oil in the engine! The car had been running fine and the oil level had been fine during the previous fill up. I filled it with oil and drove to Pep Boys (I didn't go to the Chrysler dealer as my car was out of warranty and I assummed a >relatively minor problem). Pep Boys called back to say I had a cracked cylinder head. They subcontracted the work out to a cylinder head specialist here in Orlando, FL. It cost $1600 dollars to repair. The Pep Boys manager mentioned to me that when he described the problem over the phone to the mechanic at the cylinder head shop, he said "let me guess... 1997 Sebring." He went on to say that the cylinder mechanic said the problem was common to the 97 Sebring due to a poor quality surface coating that pitted easily and led to eventual cracking. I phoned Chrysler customer service and also questioned several other mechanics (some Chrysler, some not), all have said they had not heard of this problem. Now just last week, while driving to Atlanta, my car overheated. I had it towed to the Chrysler dealer, the tow truck driver looked under the hood and said there was oil in the radiator... meaning probably a ruptured head gasket. I have not yet heard from the Chrysler dealer definitively if this is the problem. Have you heard of this problem? Is there any recourse for me with the car out of warranty? Would you recommend my getting rid of the car? Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate any information you could give me.

Eric says .......... I have heard of no cylinder head problems. If the head gasket was blown it would crack the head though. Regardless you have a bad head gasket and only a Chrysler Dealer should fix that. ..........

Patrick writes

Saw your Sebring Owners' Page. I'm thinking about buying a 2001 Sebring Coupe LXi. The thing is the dealers no longer carry it. They are all waiting for 2002s, but they can't tell me anything about the 2002s -- how they look, any changes/improvements. Do you know where I can find previews of 2002 Sebrings?

LXiSebring: I expect no changes at all in 2002 models--save a couple color changes as there was a major revision for 2001 which will be around thru 2003 possibly longer

Jon writes I am looking at purchasing a 1995 Sebring LXi from a friend of mine. Your site has been very helpful! I had some problems however when i was trying to view some of the pictures on your site. The ones i really wanted to see of course. (hows that for luck) I work in a stereo store and i was wondering about trunk space, how hard it is to do a custom install on one, din size, etc. Im not the car installer so thats one reason i dont know these things. Our installer is a condescending prick so i have no interest in asking him. anyway any input from you or any of your sites visitors would be greatly appreciated.

LXiSebring: The only problem I've heard about is that the speakers in the doors are difficult to replace with aftermarket speakers because of space limitations (see letter on speakers below)

Cherryann Boyce writes

I am a new owner of a 1995 Chrysler Sebring and I have some questions. First, how often do I need to replace the brakes and what are the signs that tell me that my brakes (or brake pads) need to be replaced. Also, the lock on the drivers side recently fell in and I will have to have that fixed but, i know from the previous owner (my boyfriend who I have been with since he bought the car) that this has happened on the passenger side as well. Is this a common problem? The car drives great, the only thing I notice is that when I am really pressing on the gas pedal, it seems as if the car is dragging. Any other time, it accelerates beautifully and I really enjoy driving it on the highway. This is my first car and I would love some tips on what to look out for on this car(or any car for that matter). If you know of a site for inexperienced car owners, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help. Cherryann P.S. Since I know a little about this car because I have known the previos owner since he bought it, let me tell you that there have been no major problems (knock on wood) with the engine or anything like that and it has only been serviced by Chrysler dealerships since 1998. One other thing. What is up with the rattling windows. It drives me up the wall!!! I am going to take it in to the dealer and see if they can fix it for me because I fear that if I slam the door the windo will break (which happened back in 1998 but I was angry and I slammed it REALLY hard). Hope I haven't taken too much of your time. Have a great day.

If you have an LXi with the aluminum wheels you can check hte condition and thickness of the brake pads with a flashlight. Generally they will squeel when you apply the brakes if they are about to go bad. Brake life really depends on how your boyfriend drove the car. If He tends to apply the brakes hard at speed to stop the car in traffic, brake life is seriously reduced. Anticipating stops and gentle brake application using the mostly the engine to slow the car instead of the brakes will greatly enhance brake pad life and reduce your prblems with warped rotors. Only a few high speed panic stops can greatly mess up brakes.

Denise Ottaviano writes

Hello, my name is Denise and I am the proud owner of a sweet 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi. I would like to join your homepage. What type of information do you need from me and what can you tell me about your page?

LXiSebring: Tell us some more about your car--color, options etc

Sam Popa writes

Id like to start out by saying that i really enjoy your website and find it very helpfull! I currently own a white 98 chrysler sebring coupe. The car is awesome, leather, sunroof, 17 in. rims! Looks real sharp.  I purchased it as a salvage car and had a buddy of mine that does body work on cars repair it. It had minimal damage and the repairs were done properly. The air bags were out but I chose not to replace them at this time since I lack the neccesary funding. Only one problem with it. The car doesnt start. Everything in the car is functional (power windows, radio, power locks, lights..etc). The engine doesnt turn over, I cannot even hear the starter turning. I noticed that whoever had the car before me had an alarm system in it and that they obviously removed it , leaving only some wiring and a sensor before getting rid of it. I found a wire going from the alarm system to the computer. Im not sure if this may be the problem. I speculated that the alarm system might have shut something off in the computer, not allowing it to start but im not sure. I even removed the anit-theft system fuse for the fuse box to see if that might do the trick but once again it didnt work. I also tried to see if I could re-set the the fuel pump to see if that might do the trick but unfortunatly I dont know where the reset button is and the Chrysler dealer closest to me refuses to help me. I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions to my dilemma. Im pretty sure that I will eventually take it to a dealer but I would have liked to see if there was something else that I might try to get this car runnin. Thanks a lot for your time!

Eric says

......... I'd hotwire the starter or take it off and get it tested first. That alarm could very well have a shutdown circuit. Ask the alarm manufacturer if you can. ..........


My name is Michael O'Brien and I would like to have my car added to the Sebring Coupe owner's page. My car is a dark green '95 and I have a picture for the gallery page(see pic on Owners Photo page, link above) Also, if anyone is interested, my wheels are for sale and my e-mail address is

Colleen writes

Hello, I have 1996 Sebring, love it! But have a concern about cooling system, overheating. Is this typical? Colleen Smith

Eric says ..... Replace your thermostat, if that doesnt help, It could be a head gasket. If your really worried have the dealer scan the car to see if it's ok. .....

Kenn and Kathy Bell write

We bought the car used last year, and enjoy it very much. It was purchase for my wife as it has all the options, including an efficient but not too powerful V6 engine. At 57, she needs help with the transmission, windows, etc, and I love the sound system. It now has 73M on the engine. I am sure we should be thinking about having it serviced. So far, it runs great, with one exception. Currently, the transmission is stuck in first gear and we are getting ready to take it in for repairs. Any ideas off the top of your head. Oh, once, the driver door panel fell off, but it hasn't been a problem since. And, I'd like some way of cutting down on road noise...maybe different tires? Thanks for the web site. I will be visiting it more often. Help: Last night, while driving to a local restaurant in Eugene, Oregon, a warning light came on the dash board, something about the engine needing servicing. Then, at the same time, the transmission refused to shift out of first gear. I haven't found any suggestions as to a fix on the Sebring User's Web page, but there is some discussion about changing the fluids, disconnecting the battery, etc. It's Sunday, June 10, 2001, and I am wondering if there is anything I can try prior to taking it to the dealer. Thanks

Eric Says ............ Disconnect and reconnect your battery. ............ Kenn Continues

You suggested that I disconnect the battery. I did it the same day I emailed you. For some reason, I thought that might be a possible solution, something I am sure I read about on the web page for some other problem. Was worth a try, but it didn't fix the problem. Anyway, I knew it was the sensor after I had emailed a guy on your website who had experienced the same thing. He emailed me back same day. Next day, I took it to the dealer and they told me what I already found out. It was a sensor, they said so professionally! They were able to fix it same day. However, much to my chagrin, when they called me at work to tell me, they said the transmission oil looked like it needed changing due to the problem. So what's a little oil change in my transmission, I thought. Well, the bill was for $299 they told me. No problem, I thought, since a transmission repair might have cost so much more. Only to find out that the labor and part for the sensor was only $106. The rest was the oil change, the gasket, the transmission filter. $193 worth of work, that if I had know it, I wouldn't have ordered it. My god, what I thought was a little transmission oil changed cost me almost $200! So, you live an learn. Next time I will get the charges explained up front. My only suggestion for your website would be to order in alpha the problems people have had and the solutions they have found. It takes forever to sift through the site to find what you need. But thanks for putting it together and helping people find solutions. That's what I do every day as a board member for the local Family Relief Nursery. Giving back to your community is number one with me.

Eric says ........ The reason the transmission service is so much is because you MUST use Mopar ATF 7176 III fluid and its at least $5 a quart. It was a good idea to have it done. ........

LXiSebring: I have discovered no practical way to categoruize letters by problem My suggestion is that you pick a key word for whatever your problem is (ie "transmission" and simply use your edit search command to locate all letters that talk about a transmission. That will greatly speed your search.

Allen writes

My alarm (HORN) keeps going off every time I open the door. And then resets. Any ideas, ThanX Allen

Eric says.......... For now, ALWAYS unlock the car door with your key. Dave can help you find a better solution. .........

LXiSebring The usual suspect switch is the security alarm switch for the hood. which is along the edge of the hood passenger side. Your symptom is a bit different than ohters whose alarm goes off unexpectedly. One of the door switches could be involved.

Ryan writes

I own a 2000 Sebring LXI coupe (22k miles) and have been having major problems ever since I got my car almost two years ago. I have already had my brake rotors replaced once after only 7,000 miles. My main problem has been with the so called "PREMIUM" aluminum alloy 17" wheels. I had one bend after a few thousand miles. After many long arguments with the service manager, they finally paid for half of a replacement. Last week, I went in for the ball joint recall and had to have the parts replaced. I informed them that my car was still vibrating when driven over 55 miles an hour. Sure enough two more wheels were bent. They have refused to cover the replacement and their regional factory rep informed the dealership that the rejection was because these cars do not have a history of wheel bending problems. Your site sure seems to show a history of these problems. I drive under normal highway conditions (interstate 95 about 80% of the time) and have not hit any pot holes. Plus, I would think that hitting a pothole hard enough to cause a bent wheel would cause some other damage to the car (at least knock the front end out of alignment). The dealership was unable to find any other damage to my car indicative of bad or hazardous driving. A few questions for you: 1) Have you heard of any recalls for the wheels since everyone seems to agree that the wheels are very low-quality and susceptible to bending?

Eric says.... Save yourself the trouble and buy new 205/55/16's. For under $800 you will have much better luck. 50 series tires, GOODYEARS at that are not a good idea.) 2) Have you heard of many cases in which Chrysler is replacing the bad wheels for free?

Eric says .... No, The wheels are fine. The selection of tire for the car is what I believe is poor.

3) Is there any possibility that the recall issue would have impacted on the bent wheels? Possibly made the wheels more susceptible to bending or conditions that could cause them to bend? They replaced the parts on my front ball joints and all of my bent wheels have been on the front of the car. Is this a coincidence?

ERic says .... NO, the front is heavier and takes the impact

4) Can you recommend a quality replacement brand and size of wheel? I'm assuming that I should look into changing to steel wheels.

Eric says...You could use steel whels. I know the 2000 Dodge Avenger came stock with 205/55/16's in steel. I reccomend the Bridgestone or Michellin lines only.

This whole situation has left me very frustrated with Chrysler and I doubt that I will ever purchase another Chrysler again. I love the look of my car but it's just not worth the aggravation. Plus, I'm assuming that I'll have to replace my Eagle tires soon given what I've read so far on this board.

Eric says... Goodyears are nothing but an expensive headache

Interesting link on Chrysler warranty coverage from 1996 ( ml). Article is a bit old but I still see some similarities in my situation (cover half of cost of replacement as "goodwill" (exactly how my dealer described the situation), and my favorite "ASSUME THE CUSTOMER IS GUILTY OF CAUSING WHAT WOULD BE A WARRANTABLE DEFECT UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVEN.")

ERic says... Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Write to NHTSA and forward a copy of your letter Any advise you can give is greatly appreciated as I'm trying to determine what my next step should be. I'm considering trying a consumer advocacy group that does exposes on a local news show.

LXiSebring: For a variety of reasons I think the 17 and 18 inch wheels are problematic. I've hade no problems with my 16 inch wheels on Goodyears, and am not as down on Goodyear tires as Eric is. I agree with Eric that your solution is to find a nice set of 16 inch wheels and you will eliminate a lot of your problems.

Michael Schultze writes

Hey David, I am a proud owner of a '96 black and grey LXi. I am in a delema. My problem is whether to trim the car with red or blue acessories. I need all the modification information that you or anyone else could give me. THe ticking noise in my engine, could you tell me what that is. I want it fixed. Any help would be greatly apprieciated.

The Guys at will be able to give you advice on your customizing. The ticking sound just means that your 96 is operating normally. Chrysler has a replacement part that is a bit quieter but it doesnt eliminate hte noise so why bother? Seach the logs of owners for "ticking" and you will find tons of discussion on the cause of the ticking sound.

Drak writes

I have been having problems with my sebring. The Check engine light turns on every once and a while and when it does the car starts to drive weird when acceleration is happening do you have any tips for this problem?

When the check engine light came on it stored a code as to what the problem is. Your dealer can read out the code & diagnose the problem. Usually it's a sensor somehow related to emissions.

Jeanine writes

I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring Coupe that seems to be having intermittent starting malfunctions. I took it to the dealer who checked it all out for three days and gave it back to me saying nothing was wrong and they could not duplicate the problem. Again, as of yesterday, the car will not start up until it is good and ready to. (I had the car back probably a month with no problem until yesterday.) It takes me up to 10 tries before it finally kicks in. Then, the next time you try to start it, it may or may not, just start right up.

Eric says .......... A new battery. Be careful some replacements are too high and will hit the hood. ..........

Alice writes

I have had this checked out at the dealership and they say there is no problem, but there is one. My car blows a fuse when it gets hot, and it stops the car from starting..replace the fuse and its you know of any problem like this with any of the others, and if so, what is the fix for it...

Eric says .......... If you know which fuse blows then you know what circuit has the problem. You need to tell the dealer what fuse is blowing so they can trace for a short or something. Any good dealership should be able to diagnose a small electrical problem using a wiring schematic. ..........

Matt Crawford writes

I recently purchased a 2001 Sebring LXi. The only thing that I have a problem with is the front license plate holder. Mine seems to sit too high!! I just noticed that your featured 2001 LXi's (Cheryl Bourdon's) has the plate flush with the intake opening. Mine sits approx three inches higher. Is there something wrong here????

LXiSEbring: I dunno--can another 2001 owner help Matt out? I'm wondering if the dealer installed the wrong License plate holder--maybe one for another Chrysler product

Wale Fanu writes

I'm having the high RPM and engine reving followed stalling. I just changed the spark plugs in my 98 Sebring lxi to a Bosch Platinum 4+ spark plugs. Can the problem be attributed to this spark plugs. I had changed the 3 front spark plugs without problem days and it took me hours to get to the ones under the manifold. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks for creating this forum

LXiSebring: doesnt sound like a spark plug problem to me unless you messed up the wiring when you installed the plugs.

DB writes

This is DB. I recently bought a '96 White/Grey Chrysler Sebring with 70K miles on it. It's a great car with absolutely very few problems. I would like to say that your site is very useful and the best Sebring site around. I do have one problem and that is a short in the left turn signal. When I use the left turn signal at night, my internal lights go out until the signal is turned off again. Do you have any suggestions besides going to the dealer? Please include me in the club.

LXiSEbring: Nope--that's really weird

Marc writes

Hi My name is Marc, I own a 1996 Sebring LXI with the infinity sound system. My right side dashboard speaker blew.But They are some type of custom speakers and ya cant get one in just any store,So i have found out! Do you know of any place i can get one or a set of them besides the dealer? Thanks for any help!

LXiSEbring: you tell me you have visited several car stereo shops with no luck. The only alternative is to order one from the dealer.

Jorhelj writes

Hey Whats up Mr. Tech I'm E-mailing you to ask you were cand I find the folloing items for my 98 Sebring LXi, wich I plan to customize, Clear turn signals, clear parking lights, and white face guages. any info you have will be greatly appreciated.

LXiSebring: AS I've indiocated many times, The guys at are the experts on aftermarket parts

Justin Kopp writes

hello. my name is justin kopp and i have been searching for a suitable avenger or sebring for the past month inmy hometown of fargo, north dakota. i have come across several cars of both models, but i have a quick question about one of the sebrings i came across. it is a 96 LX model. it is in excellent exterior condition except for a couple minor (easily repairable) scratches on the left-bottom part of the hood. it has relatively high miles (80,000) that are mostly highway miles. my question is that there is a slight rattling type sound that doesn't seem to be normal coming from the engine. i can only hear it when i open the hood. the car seems to be running in excellent condition and with the 4 cyl. 1 valve that it has, i can get it moving pretty good since it is a 5 speed. i plan on taking it in to get a diagnostic done, but i thought i would run it by you first since you seem to know an awful lot about sebrings. i would aprreciate any time you put towards writing me back letting me know if this is a problem you have heard of before with sebrings, or if it is just a normal problem on any car with high miles. thanks.

LXiSEbring: Nope I havent heard of that one but a mechanic should be able to tell you if its serious. All early Sebrings have a regular "ticking" sound which has been discussed at length here

David writes

I recently purchased a '98 sebring Coupe. Its a fantastic car. It rides wonderfully. Yet, it has the sporty feel that all guys need from time to time. The enterior is gorgeous to say the least. Chrysler has found a new fan in me.

XX writes does the new sebring have electrical problems like the old one has ?

LXiSebring: No reports yet

Stan writes

hey i just picked up a 97 lxi and ive got big plans for it and i was wondering if u new of any places that sell performance parts for this model my friend that ownes a performance shop out in jersey told me that i can use alot of mitsubishi parts for this car i just wanted to know if u new of any places if u could email me at ill tell u what i got planned hope u can send me in the right direction

LXiSebring: THe guys at are the aftermarket parts experts

Rosemary Belo writes

Hi, I have a 1999 Sebring LXI. I drive a lot, so the miles are up to 54,000 miles. I love my car, but have obviously heard of the problems with it. I'm afraid that something major will happen to it soon. Any info on how long these car's last??? I want to drive it as long as possible, but don't want to get into trouble with it. Thanks

LXiSEbring: YOu should get lots of miles if you maintain the car well. And even if something major eventually breaks iots worth fixing.

Shawn writes

Hey whats Sebring enthusiasts, well my name's Shawn and I live in Oklahoma, ohh ya and I own a black 99' Sebring LXi Coupe. I love my car and have really pimped it out... but not excessively (or so i think- 380 W Sound System, underbody neon, lightning neon, windshield neon, but no true engine mods- approx- 285 h.p.) I got it shortly after my 16th b-day and now I'm bout to turn 18 and my car's served me well, although we've been through a couple hard spots. I've been in about 3 wrecks (ok stop laughing) but nothing major. #1- spun out in water... hit a curb.. destroyed a rim. #2- rear ended some old lady in a p.o.s. minivan #3-- got nailed in the parking lot @ school. Well most of the damage has been under $1 G luckily, but more recently I've had a lot of trouble with the damn tires (Eagle RS-A 215/50/17). They're just so crappy, only after two years. I've had one (not including the spin out) shift steel belts and destroy the tire and bend the rim. I just hate 'em. I'm looking @ almost $400 a tire. I've heard from the local Chrysler dealer he's had more than one prob with these tires. I was hoping someone had some advice. Thanx for anything you can do.

LXiSebring: Mail order tire stores such as the Tire Rack offer a number of alternatives to your current tire in that size. Eric Loves the Bridgestones I hear. There are several other Goodyear Tires that will fit as well. Check with your local Goodyear dealer.The Tire Rack advertizes every month in magazines such as Car & Driver & Motor Trend

shannon landrywrites

My car is a 95 model lxi, metallic green color. I thought it was polo green but after seeing a true polo green I don't think mine is. I have 'Sebring Lxi' written in Japanese on the back and the sides have 'Shae' in Japanese. (that's my nickname :) I have an infiniti deck with a Pioneer six disk cd changer I put in. I have Xeon Blue headlight bulbs, but i'm looking for legal green ones. My plans are to tint the windows and change stock to Assasyn rims soon. I will send pics soon! Shae

LXiSebring: Your color was called Deep Green Metallic, a true dark green which was only available in the short 1995 model run, In 1996 the color became Polo Green which has a deep teal bluish tinge to it

Kenny Jarels writes

I purchased my 2000 Chrysler Sebring in July of last year and have had nothing but problems. I had a defective peice of molding that took the dealership 3 times before they got it right, than next came break problems with the replacement of pads and the turning of the rotors, one recall of ball joints and now I have a seat problem that has been looked at by two dealerships and neither one knows what too do since they say the bolts and nuts are all tight. It makes a popping noise when there is someone sitting the passenger seat and come too a stop and when you accelerate. I have written and called Chrysler and have told them I am going too contact a lawyer to persue the Virginia lemon law for this car. Oh yeah get this, I took the car back too the dealership I purchased the car from to do the recall which they said they completed and when I took the car to the other dealership for the seat problem, they said the recall had NOT been performed yet on my car. What would you do about this and are there any Sebring owners that have filed under the lemon law act and won, especially in Va. Thanks!!

LXiSebring: Lemon laws vary by state but in general they all require that the dealer make several unsuccessful attempts to repair the exact same problem. They in general do not apply in situations where an owner has had a number of unrelated problems that were each successfully repaired by the dealer.

Lonny White writes

I recently noticed that the foglights can be switched on at the same time that the brights are on in my 2000 LXI - is this normal? I thought that the fogs were supposed to switch off automatically when the brights are switched on. Maybe a wire is crossed perhaps?

LXiSebring: So far as I know the fog lights can be switched on no matter if the healights are on bright or dim on all Sebrings. Thats how my 95 works, and I don't think there have been any changes on newer models. The headlights must be on for the fog lights to work however.

Cree Crawford writes

Have you heard of after-market zenon light bulbs that you can use to replace other present bulbs?

LXiSEbring: Check with the guys at

Andrew Morris writes

Hey! I just bought a 2001 Sebring Coupe LXI. God! This thing is better than sex! (you can quote me.) Black, grey leather; hard to clean, looks good when I do. Anyways, if you have a listproc or something like that, sign me up!

Adis T writes

Hi, I have a question about my Sebring. I have an 96 LX Coupe. And my questions is about my brake's. The other day I avoided this big accident, where I had to hit my brakes pretty hard, and now when ever I brake or push on the brake's harder, the BRAKE light comes on, and when I let go of the brake pedal, the light goes OFF. I was wondering is it maybe time to change my rear and front brakes or is it some more serious problem. So if you know answer to my question, if you would please let me know I'd appriciate it.

LXiSebring: Have your brakes checked pronto at a dealer. You may be low on fluid and you could have a fluid leak. Nothing to mess around with.

Steve W writes

I had a question ! I just purchased a new 2001 Sebring, and was wondering why Chrysler states that the LX is 4 cylinder, and the LXi is 6 cylinder. Funny.. but mine is a 6 cylinder, and shows the LX on the Rear panel. Is this "normal." Also after doing some inspection, can I replace the spark plugs in the future myself??? The 3 plugs in the rear seem to have no access with out some major problem! Any comment??? Thanks, Steve W.

Eric says.............. The 4 cylinder is STANDARD, your 6 was optional. Most dealers dont order 4's because people like v-6 automatic cars. The 6 is only $800. Your right about the plugs, If you cant see them, you cant reach them. Lots of work is involved. Consider changing at 60k. ..............

Chris writes

I have had my '97 Sebring coupe LX but with all the features of a LXi just no leather, for about 2 years. I love it but I was wondering if you knew of a way to get the trunk to pop from a keyless entry system. I currently have a code alarm and I am having a SureStart Lx from code alarms installed. If you can help it would be appreciated. Thanks Chris

Eric Says................. All I know is that the trunk is sprung to open automatically, If they could hook an actuator to the release cable it would work. .................

Bob writes

How many oxygen sensors are there on a Sebring coupe and what is their average longevity? I own a 1997 LX with 45,000 miles on it and have had a variety of problems with it. Six months ago, I had an oxygen sensor replaced (the check engine light had come on and the dealership told me that that was the problem). Two days ago, the check engine light again came on, and the dealership is telling me that three more sensors (2 oxygen sensors & 1 related to the transmission) need to be replaced (at a cost of $700). I know very little about cars, but wanted to verify that what I'm being told is believable/likely. Thank you,

Eric says ................. There are 3 to my knowledge, Target,Upstream and Downstream. They say to change them at 60k but I have 90k on mine. If all your sensors are bad, then there is another problem. I think that there throwing parts at it. Get another opinion.Go to a 5 star dealer with a Chrysler scan tool. .................

Scott writes

I own a 2000 sebring coupe, and saw your email from the sebring coupe owner's club page. Do you have any idea where there is a web site where I could get technical data on the sebring and other cars? I'm interested specifically in the turning radius of the Sebring and would like to compare this specification with other manufacturer's offerings.

Eric says.......... Vehix or carfax. com Also check the Brochures and back issues of R&T and C&D. .......... Todd writes

I left my lights on last night and ran the battery down to dead nothin'. I charged it with my 6 amp charger for 4 hours. Now it turns over well enough, starts for about 1 second and then sounds like it loses spark. It just dies. Any thoughts?

Eric says ....... I would just get a new battery, be careful some of the so called direct replacements are too high and hit the hood. ....... LXiSebring: Modern Batteries often do not recover after being completely and totally discharged Don't ask me why. Sebrings are unhappy campers in terms of starting if the battery isnt 100%. Mine turned over well but would not start.I had it towed in. The problem was a battery with 1 bad cell

Marshall writes

We just purchased a 2001 LXi sedan (900 miles), and I have noticed something a little odd. It seems like the car shudders when downshifting to a stop. In addition, if I am stopped in drive, the car will again shudder when shifted into neutral. This shudder is really noticeable, not the normal movement you would fell when shifting. It will also shudder when traveling at highway sppeds after letting up on the accelerator. There is no problem on the upshifts (we don't have the atuostick option). This problem has been present since we have had the car. My guess is that there is something in the transmission that was not properly lubricated at the factory (I had a similar problem on a 98 Ranger pickup). I am taking into the dealer on the 8th, but I was wondering if you knew of anything I should mention.

Eric says ......... You obviously checked the transmission fluid, Its not too low or too full. Disconnecting the battery and reconnecting should set the TCM back to default. You could try that for a day or too. I would have the Dealer flash the TCM to be safe. Could just be a manufacturing flaw as well. Dont forget to drive another new exact car ot compare. ........

Steven J. Wolfe writes I just purchase a new 2001 Sebring Coupe! So far I love it. But... with 170 miles, who wouldn't...... I have one question at this time though. Can I change the spark plugs on this animal myself in the future. Looks pretty tight, on the V6. Another question I have is, how can I have a V6, that is an LX.... According to Chrysler the V6 should be shown as the LXi, and the 4 clyinder would be LX.... No problem, just curious!

LXiSebring: The plugs are a pain--have your dealer do them. THe V6 is standard on the LXi, optional on LX...Thats been true all along.

Jeremy writes

i see you have this webpage up for sebring owners, i just purchased, 2 weeks ago, a 2001 deep indigo blue sebring lx, and i was wondering if you or anyone you know, knows where to find custom parts for them? i've been looking all around but haven't had much luck.

Check out the site

William Fisher writes

T I buying a new 2001 LXi Coupe. After reading some of the stuff on this site about problems (brakes, bent wheels, tires, & electrics) with earlier models I'm beginning to wonder if I made a BIG MISTAKE. Question: Were there any major changes and/or up-grades to the model year I'm buying?

LXiSebring: 2001 ushered in not only a bigger V6 engine, but that was made available with manual and autostick transmission. There are major changes also in the new model front suspention design, in which the wishbone suspension used from 1995-2000 was replaced by a simpler and cheaper (but perhaps less trouble prone) macpherson strut design. There is quite a bit of debate over whether the suspension changes have made the car handle less well, but obviously the increased horsepower is a plus. The large cladded panels used on the 1995-2000 design were prone to falling off an inopportune times and expensive to repair, as was the repair costs of the low front fascia. These problems have been almost resolved with the 2001 model, and supposedly the brakes on the new model are less repair prone as well.

Peter Yackel writes

This [1996 model] has to be arguably the best looking front-end of any vehichle out there to date. When they changed from the faux "cross" grille in the 97 year I was dissapointed. Although I still like the overall styling of the newer Sebrings, I still favor the 95-96 styling. It has more of a newer "concept vehichle" appearance. I have 100,000 miles on mine (White & Silver LX) and the only thing that had to be replaced was a driver side electric window switch and the battery. I keep it in absolute showroom condition. It doesn't have one scratch or dent! Well, yesterday I went out to go somewhere and the car wouldn't turn over. I am hoping it is just the battery and not the starter. At 100,000 miles though I am guessing the starter is suspect. We'll see as I am going to check it out today.

Matt V writes

hi, im actually looing at getting a 96 lxi in silver mist and i was jsut wondering if youve had any big things go wrong with yours. with 82000 miles do you think 6700 is a good price. thank you

LXiSebring: Mine's been solid except for the batteries and a $280 door lock solenoid, but then I have fewer miles, Check pricing at

Christopher Ross writes

My first car was a 1987 Plymouth Duster, in Powder Puff Blue. Second car: 1995 Plymouth Neon 4-door in Strawberry Red. My current car is a 1995 Crysler Sebring LXI. Black with grey. Grey leather inside. I love this car, although my neon had more pep off the line. The only problem I have had with this car so far was a stinking relay switch that would not tell it to start (cause for a nice afternoon on the side of the road, on a Saturday no less). I really want to customize my car. Go for the "Import Racer" look, but I can't seem to find any body kits. There are plenty for the Noen and Eclipse, but why not the Sebring? Is it not in the same family? I may just change the rims and tires, and drop the rear a little. the front end is low enough already. I can't pull in all the way when I park or it will scrape. Now that is a bone numbing sound. Anyway, enough chatter, I am a member of the few, the proud, the Sebring owners (no convertibles, they call that a Sebring?) LOL.

LXiSebring: I think most convertible owners will regret not having bought the coupe instead (ok then order it with a sunroof. If anyone knowes about body kits, the guys at would.

Joan Vrooman writes

About 6 -7 mos. ago I recieved a recall notice on the doors of my car. I didn't do anything about it and now I have lost the recall notice. Can you tell me what it was about and is there anything I can do about it now? Eric says..................... Im betting that your dealer will have the recall information. Please let me know what it is related to. Im wondering if it's the switch mechanism. ......................... LXiSebring: Your dealer will have a list of the so-called "open recalls" for your specific VIN that they will call up on their computer. As I recall this one had to do with the door latch.> Save Address - Block Sender To: Save Address Subject: Sebring question Kathi writes

Hi there! Saw your name on the Sebring owner's website, and you seem to be the guy to ask: I have a 95, V6 coupe (love it!!!) and we're wondering if anyone knows how much it can TOW (just bought a tent trailer). I called our local dealership and they didn't have a clue. Any ideas?

Eric says .......................... I think the manual says 1000 lbs. I'd hesitate towing anything but people though. The transmission is electronic and the load and extra heat will not be good for it at all. The last I'd do with a Sebring is tow anything. ..........................

LXiSebring: Please don't tow anything with your Sebring. You risk a $2500 transmission repair. Far better to rent a tow vehicle.

Charles Barber writes

Thanks for any time you can spare on this one. I have a 2001 Sebring Coupe LXI w/ automatic that I bought new on March 2, and it currently has 3,000 and change on the odometer.

About two weeks ago, it began making a loud, disturbing hissing noise that becomes more pronounced with increased engine rotation speed. The best way to describe it is like the sucking of a vacuum.

I took it to the dealer (CarMax CPJ of Orlando, FL), and like standard practice they tried to claim nothing was wrong until I made them take a ride in another LXI coupe w/ automatic that of course didn't make any kind of similar noise. The mechanic checked for loose vacuum tubing or air cleaner parts, but found none, and they didn't have the card for the scan tool (some "Five Star" dealer). They gave me a laundry list of BS excuses and said they needed another one with 3K miles on it to compare to (yeah, right).

Anyway, do you have any idea what that might me? It's louder on the driver's side if that helps. I don't know if the vent controls are electric or vacuum, but they work fine, and there hasn't been any problems with the power assist on the brakes.

Eric says .................... DEALERSHIP: "Uhhh..yeah thats normal" what a line of BS. Either talk to the service manager or go elswhere. Check the airbox and around the throttle body for vacuum lines. You could also check the car for codes. NO engine light? usually any serious vacuum leak will trip the MIL lamp. ....................

jean konrad writes

Do you know where I can find a history of the Sebring car? What was its first year, etc., and how its looks evolved over time . . . ? Thanks!

LXiSebring: Well, one source is the web page here which I wrote. Sebrings first showed up in dealers in April of 1995, tho I saw some at a dealer showing in New Orleans in Feb 1995, that were probably built in late Dec 94 or Jan 1995.. The 2001 revision is the most major since the car was introduced. THe 1995-97 models differ only slightly in option details and some color changes. Changes in govt regs requiring the old 5 mph bumpers again necessitated a 1998 redesign of the front fascia, grill and bumper as well as the rear bumper and trunk lid, increasing the car's overall length slightly. Whether the design change was an improvement or not is a much debated topic among Sebring owners, with some preferring the simpler 1995-97 design. The horizontal ribs in the cladding also first appeared in the 1998 revision. The changes between 1998 and 2000 were minimal. But 2001 ushered in not only a bigger V6 engine, but that was made available with manual and autostick transmission. There are major changes also in the new model front suspention design, in which the wishbone suspension used from 1995-2000 was replaced by a simpler and cheaper (but perhaps less trouble prone) macpherson strut design. There is quite a bit of debate over whether the suspension changes have made the car handle less well, but obviously the increased horsepower is a plus. The large cladded panels used on the 1995-2000 design were prone to falling off an inopportune times and expensive to repair, as was the repair costs of the low front fascia. These problems have been almost resolved with the 2001 model, and supposedly the brakes on the new model are less repair prone as well. But many of us miss the clean styling of the earliest models which will undoubtedly become much sought after and valuable collector cars in a few years.

Jason writes

I caught your VERY informative webpage about Sebrings, and decided to write to you with a question I have... I recently purchased a 97 LXi - Black, with Grey Cloth, Hardtop, 17" Wheels - only 9000miles & minty! I researched several sites about the LXi, and noted the "standard" features versus available "options". I ran my Vin# with a local dealer, got a print-out of the options included in my car - to my surprise, no anti-lock braking system!

It's listing for brakes was 4 wheel disk. Was ABS infact an option for '97 LXi's?? I figured in 1997, ABS would be standard on most all vehicles. I also figured my recent purchase was only missing leather and a moonroof as the "only-options"... I looked under the hood, in the fuse box on the driver's side - no fuse in the ABS position, fuses everywhere else..... Also, no ABS warning lamp on the guage cluster, other than the E-Brake ((*)) symbol, SRS, CRUISE, ETC... Lacking ABS - won't really bother me, I am just miffed here - I love the car!!! Would the lack of ABS on this car make it a "rarer" build? Any idea on production #'s for '97 LXi's?? Knowing what you know about LXi's - can you shed some light on all of this for me? Thanks for your input here.

LXiSebring: Antilock brakes were standard on 95 and 96 LXi MOdels but became optional (about $700) on 97 models and on. In 97 dealers ordered many LXi models without antilock. I think if I were you I would count my blessings. THe antilock unity has had a lot of breakdowns, and repairs can be over $2000. Besides the jury is still out as to whether cars with antilock are safer. One study found that cars with antilock get into fewer front end collisions but have a higher incidence of rear-end pileups. Not surprising in that a car with antilock stops a little faster than is the norm for cars in heavy traffic.

BIZCAP writes

1998 Sebring... when warm and sometimes cold the motor will turn over but not start. The dealer cannot get codes and had it for three days. It happened once while on the tarmack but did not happen again so a technician could check it out. Got any ideas?

LXiSEbring: Yes. Interestingly, mine would turn over but not start. I ended up towing it into the dealership. A new battery fixed the problem. This is apparently a symptom of one bad cell in the battery. Interestingly the battery has enough power to turn the engine over reasonably well but it still won't start There is also a gizmo on the fuel injection system that the dealer cleaned. Frankly I thought the battery replacement idea was a bit silly and I didnt think the dealer had tracked down the problem, but three years of starts later and I have not even had any hesitation at starting since then. I do figure I should replace the battery again as a precautionary measurre this summer as Sebring batteries seem to last only 2-3 years. I'm on my third battery in 6 years.

Ryan Duell writes

I am buying a Sebring Coupe within the next 6 months. and I was wondering if there are any websites for like custom parts to, Ya know how they have the custom parts for lke the hondas and so on . please let me know thanks

LXiSEbring: The guys who keep track of aftermarket parts all hang out at

paul henry writes

I don't own a Sebring, but do own a '65 Corvair. I saw your web page (like it) and figured you would be the person that would have the information I need. I want to upgrade the front seats in the Corvair to the ones I have seen in the Sebring with the built-in shoulder belts. Did only the convertibles feature this setup? Where do you think I could find an inexpensive used set- such as out of a wrecked car, etc.? Thanks for any info.

LXiSebring: THe convertibles but not the coupes use that design because there is no place on a canvas roof to mount the shoulder hasrnasses. THe good auto recycling companies (junkyards) are networked nowadays via computer. They may be able to locate you a pair of buckets from a wrecked convertible fairly easily.

MBrick writes

I recently replaced the brake pads (front) on my 1995 Sebring and noted that the Two (2) elongated "bolts" which secure the caliper assembly in place are slightly different from one another.

One appears as an elongated bolt with major portion turned down to a smaller diameter and unthreaded. The other looks identical but has a short "insert" pressed onto or into the end (about the last 3/8").

I've done this brake job before and was careful to note where the "plain" and "insert" bolts were located (Top or Bottom). This time I didn't pay attention when re-assembling the passenger side and am unsure if I put the bolts in the correct location. The brakes seem to work fine but I'm concerned that under hard braking conditions, maybe they will not work properly. Can you give me guidance on which bolt goes where (depending on which side of the car is being worked on) ?

Eric says ..... The bolt heads are labled L and G. The suspension is also labled L and G. You will have to look pretty hard to find it but they are labled. .....

Mark Patton writes

I just purchased a 2001 Sebring LXI. The exterior paint is bright silver metallic. It is a very nice car, but in bright sunlight there is a heavy metallic "shadow" in the hood. In the garage or out of the bright sun you recall don't notice it, but in the bright sunlight it is almost like peaks and valleys that move around the hood as you look at it. Have you heard of this and is it a known problem with the Sebring's paint? Thanks,

LXiSebring: Not that I'm aware of but whenever there is a major model changover there is always a few months of shakedown an the plant before they get various production kinks worked out. Your dealer can tell you whether the hood was painted correctly. Some paint colors travel,(check the Obscure facts page--link at top of page) and create light and shadow patterns as lighting conditions change--they are designed to do that by putting reflective materials in the paint. But there shouldnt be dark spots in the paint that stay in the same place

Banky writes

Hey, I've been trying to find rear black-outs for my 1995 Sebring Coupe LX. it's black/grey two-toned, with window flares, tinted windows, and front black-outs.. but i can't seem to find any for the rear. I noticed that "Alexander" has them, although his is a 97+. Any idea where I could order them from, or who I could talk to and have them custom made? I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks! :)

Alexander's tail light treatment on the photo page continues to attract a lot of attention. I think Alex can still be reached at

Michele writes

I just purchased, from a private party, a 1995 Sebring LXi that has 87,000 miles on it. I took it into a dealership to have it looked over and it was suggested that I have the timing belt changed (has the original on it.) Any thoughts on the subject?

LXiSebring: Yup you are overdue for a timing belt change. The recommended interval is 60,000 miles. Lots of bad stuff can happen if your timing belt breaks when the engine is running so its a good idea to follow the manufacturer-recommended interval.

L.J.D. writes

Hi sebring, I just purchased a used 1999 sebring lxi, and I love it. You have a great web site. I spent a few hours checking out comments and suggestions from other owners. Very helpful. One problem that I do have with my sebring is tar dripping from under both door bottoms. I read a safety warning on the NHTS site about this, but did not find anyone in the forum stating it. I was just wondering if it was common on the 99, and what others have done to fix it. Anyway, thanks for a great Sebring site. Lou

LXiSebring: I havent heard of this one. Probably a bit of excess body sealant used to water-seal the doors--unless it was an attempted re-glue-on of the cladding. Does the cladding seem attached well or is that also a problem?

dwerner writes

Someone told me one time that a person should never say never, but, I will never buy a Chrysler Sebring again! I love the look of the car and how it handles on the road, but the maintenance related issues are draining me.

The car 1999 white LXi and is currently pushing 40,700 miles.

The problems I've experienced include the side panels (cladding?) coming off, the transmission refusing to shift out of first gear, the controls for side view mirrors failed and had to be replaced and the sunroof became misaligned and had to be fixed. I think the thing that irritates me the most is the fact that the brakes prematurely wore out. With only 40,000 miles on the vehicle, I've replaced all the brakes twice. I've also replaced the totally worn-out tires at 19,000 miles at a cost of $950. I contacted Chrysler directly to raise my concerns. They agreed that the brake wear seemed abnormal, but were unwilling to assist with the replacement cost. Their actual definition of abnormal was 11,000 to 13,000 miles. I asked if "this was the best I could expect from a Sebring" and they said, "not at all." What should I expect? Well, it's back to the Mustang! I owned two before the Sebring, drove both approximately 70,000 miles, and never had to replace any brakes. And how great it was to get 45,000 miles out of a set if tires.

I have 23000 miles on my Sebring and the brakes checked out fine recently according to the dealer. Part of the brake wear problem is driving-habit related I've said this before, but its not a good idea to not anticipate stops so that you end up slamming on the brakes to slow the car from speed. That is really fatal to brakes. Sebrings need to be driven especially conservatively in this regard. The inadequacies of the 95-2000 brake design have been discussed at length here. The Sebring is a heavy car, and, the brakes are essentially the Mitsubishi Galant setup--a much lighter car. But Conservative brake use can greatly enhance their life andalso limit the other problems like warped rotors. Every time you brake hard at speed you grind of some of the non-asbestos pad (which are less wear resistant than the old pads) as well, and create a heat buildup situations. You keep doing this every day and you are soon a candidate for new pads and rotors. That's why Chrysler is unwilling to cover brake repair costs--Having said that the brakes are marginal in size for such a comparatively heavy car, and this has also been a contributing factor in the problems people are having with them.

Ctlogs writes HELP! I have a 1999 Sebring LXI, In the past 6 months every tire has either gone flat or shredded. I also have several bent rims. Chrysler says that it is a combination of the 50r17 low-profile tires and the alloy wheels. I live in the Midwest and we have more pot-holes than trees here, but I can't keep replacing these tires at $170 a pop. Do I have any alternative?? The tire guy says they don't make steel rims for the 17" tires. Can I get something different for this car without losing the looks?? Maybe Mags and some smaller tires??? Thanks!

Eric Says ..... the has nice set ups, go with the 205/55/16. You can even buy steel w/hub caps as a cheap alternative. I run the Bridgestone Turanza T tires. .....

LXiSebring: THis is interesting: Eric cant stomach Firestone tires but loves Bridgestones. Memo To Bridgestone: The Firestone name is so tainted at this point because of defective tires it may make sense to market all your tires as Bridgestones. This could confuse people like Eric enough for a little while so that the output from the Firestone plant could still be sold...Naw just kidding Eric:

Karen writes

Hi. Can you help me? When the power doors on my 95 Lxi stopped working, I checked the fuse and found out it needed to be replaced. When I did this, the doors worked ONCE. The new fuse is not broken but it no longer works. Every time I replace it, the same thing happens. I don't know what to do. Thanks,

Eric says..... The fuse is the weak link in the system and should blow. But only a bad switch/wiring could cause this to happen. I'd check that out first. .....

Bobby writes

Hello, i'm a frequent visitor on your page thank you for it. And i plan to be on here soon but not till i'm done with my ride. My questions is where can i get the light covers seen on the White/Gray sebring under title "Two Views of a custom 95 LXI with leather proudly owned by Chris." I really like these light cause there different and have it's own style, but I want mine in black, not white. Thank you.

Eric says ..... GTS probably makes them. .....

Don Lilly writes

I own a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXI. I am want to install a 12' sub in the back, but some reason I am having problems taking my radio out. Before I spend money on a amplifier I need to know if the standard radio that came with my car, has AC outputs. If you know anything on this please write back. Thank you

Eric says ..... I dont know about jacks, The different radios have different connections. Infinity just released a "plug and play" amp/sub for factory systems. Check it out. .....

Michael DiPaola writes

I own a 1996 Sebring LXi. I love the car. I bought it used and never got an owner's manual. Are there any available online? I don't know how to program the garage door opener. Also, how did that owner rig his Sebring for a cell over the ash tray? I would like to do that too. I found that "V" rated Kumho tires are excellent for my car. It calls for "H" rated tires, but the Kumho's grip well and get great mileage. They are also less expensive and look great. I can send you a pic of my car if you would like. Am I the only one that prefers the older body style? Are the new ones getting a bit less sporty and more yuppy???????

LXiSebring: You should be able to order an owners manual at your dealership parts dept. Contact the owner that did the cell phone thing. He will have a message and e-mail address somewhere in the 2000 postings if you search on cell phone. I have a feeling that 20 years from now when Sebrings are actively sought out by collectors (they will be I'm sure), it will be the original 95-97 models htat will bring the most money because of the clean design.

Eric says.... I'd go to the dealer to order the manual,I love the older body sytle, especially the color combinations. They had solid colors as well as the two tone layouts. 97' is when they did away with all of that good stuff. The new one is more refined and yes les sporty. Like its Brother the Eclipse which is getting itself away from the sport class. .....

Barba Tangel writes

To: LXiSebring I just purchased a Chrysler Town and Country and 8 days later had it recalled. I'm looking for information about the recall and found this site about the Sebring Coupe. I have no complaints about it. I owned 2 Camaros before I bought the 97 Sebring, and the comfort between the cars is very similar. I bought the Sebring since it was just a little larger, and I thought that size might protect me in an accident, if ever so slight. I purchased the basic LX model, with 4 cylinder engine, 5 speed transmission, and roll-up windows. My theory was, the less on the car, the less something breaks. So far, I replaced the battery last June after 3 1/2 years and ~40,000 miles. The breaks needed to be replaced, that too at ~40,000 miles. The car is now at 55,000 miles and hasn't given me a bit of trouble since last June. I hope you can use this information.

Stan Harrison writes

Greetings, I used to have a 96 sebring in Polo green. It was an LX with the V6. I was posseded by the shape and lines of the car but after purchasing it , I hated it. The susepnsion was too soft and bouncy for me and it was too slow. No excelleration. When my foot was off the gas it felt like the brakes were on. This sounds like one of the problems on your web page , and my Battery also went dead around 10,000 miles. also I thought that the highly touted rear leg room was highly exaggerated, It was false leg room. since the rear seats were higher, you had to put the tops of the front seats between your knees. But I never have anyone in the back so thats not an issue. Also the front end was too low, I'd bang it up just driving out of gas stations.

When I got my 30,000 mile service, there was a 97 Pontiac Grand prix on the Brandwine Chrysler lot and I traded the sebring right there. I liked the Grand Prix much more than the Sebring. I never disliked a car as much as that Sebring. I wrote Chrysler a leter saying that it needs more power, possibly a 3 liter V6 and it would be nice with a Stick shift and a stiffer suspension.

Well , on Sept 29, 2000 I traded my Grand Prix for a 2001 Stratus R/T coupe . It's like chrysler answered my letter. The Stratus R/T is the same size and basic shape as the sebring/avengers, it has a 200 hp 3.0 liter V6 with a 5 speed manual and MacPherson Struts on the front and multilink rear suspension. I love my Status, it is quick, looks great and handles well, (Although the turning radius is still a little wide) I like it better than the Grand Prix and its fun to drive.

I think that chrysler did a good job replacing the old Avengers and Sebrings with the 2001 Sebrings and Stratus.

Dallas Wilson writes

I read your page, and found that you had some very usful information on the Sebring. I would like to inform you of some issues that I have found with my 95' LXI coupe. a.. I had several cases where I would be driving down the freeway at 60+ mph, and the car would appear to brake without the driver appling the brakes. I actually hit my chest on the steering wheel while changing the radio station. After it had happened three times, I could focus on wat the car was doing, other than making sure that I didn't hit any one, and no one hit me. The car had appeared to shut down the engine and the RPS's shot up to 5,000+. I took the car in to be looked at by the dealer and they found nothing wrong. I'll try to make this short. After another 2 occurences in three month period, I knew it had to be an electrical problem. I relaced the the battery connections and the problem ceased. This issue was a major pain to find and was very dangerous when it occured. Please pasthis information along...The stock Sebring battery connections are terrible! In addition, if they become loose, the CPU will shut down the car causing a drastic and abrupt decrease in speed. I was fortunate that this didn't result in an accident.

LXiSebring: While you were at it I think a battery replacement was in order too!

Nick writes

I have a 95 Sebring LXi automatic. I really enjoy the car and runs great. I like the way it looks but the grille is what I don't like. I was e-mailing you asking if you knew if a different grille would fit on a 95 instead of the fake looking one. If you know of a website please e-mail me back.

LXiSebring: The grille on the 95 is molded into the $800 front fascia. Since the part is expensive I hesitate to suggest that you cut into it with a shears. I dont think anything you put in as a replacement would look at all right and it would be extremely difficult to do it in a neat manner.

Kirndeep writes

The whistling sound does change pitch as the gears change. It occurs all the time, and not just when the car goes up or down a steep curve. Is this sound normal? As the car approached higher rpms, the pitch goes higher, and when the car downshifts, the pitch goes lower. I have a 4speed automatic.

Let me know if this is ok, or if you can bounce this email to some people that might know. I appreciate the help.

Eric says ..... Time to take it to the dealer, that doesnt sound normal to me at all. .....

Darren Brown writes

I own a 95 Lxi coupe. I'm wondering about the lower control arms for the front suspension on this model. I've replaced them both with u- pull parts and they need replaced again. The dealer wants $276 each, too costly for me, any suggestions? Thank You!!!

Eric says ... Only use the standard parts. I bet that the NHTSA has this on report as a "safety" hazard, should be no cost to you. .....

John writes

i was wondering if there is a reason why the 98 sebrings cd players will not play burnt cds

Eric says ..... I havent heard of this before, are you "closing" your cd's ?? write protecting them ?? .....

LXiSebring: Someone else wrote with this problem. We never did firure it out. The only suggestion I could give was to transfer the burnt CD to a cassette tape. I have a feeling that the CD player is looking for a copyright "key" that would not be present on a burnt CD but would be on a CD purchased at a music store, but that is only a theory.

Ceceil Rufo writes

I just purchased this vehicle, a week ago and here are my issues. First being it was a 2000 the dealership was 'required' to tell me what, if any problems the car may have had, of course there were no problems just that this car had been a Rental. Well after two days the front drivers side tire went flat, it has non-stock rims and I didn't have a lug wrench to fix, thank goodness for good Samaritans. Anyway, turns our there was a slice in the tire so $166.00 later I have a new tire, after a couple of days driving I notice a 'thumping' sound as if a flat, I checked the air in the new tire and it is low so I fill it. However, the thumping sound has not disappeared. My gut feel is that it may be related to the brakes, they are squealing and when I mentioned this to the dealer he was giving me a 'horse and pony' show about Chrysler's brake systems. So, before I call them to make an appointment I would like to know, what else I can check to see what the thumping is (breaks? Alignment?) Thanks for any help or insight you can give.

Eric says ..... Sounds like your rotors are shot. He's right the brake systems are lousy.Also check to make sure it's not a wheel bearing, also a common problem. Rental cars typically ARENT taken care of well at all. .....

Doug writes

Well I purchased this champagne color sebring with special 16 inch rims on it. Of course a donut was in the trunk. For the past few months I have been trying to locate a 16 inch rim to use a spare in lieu of the donut. The dealer could not locate a 16 inch wheel but his books did list a 15 inch. Do you have any insight on this matter? How about a suggestion?

Eric says ..... Try a junk yard. Any Avenger/Sebring wheel should work. Chrysler used 16" steel wheels w/hubcaps on the lower model 2000 & 2001 Avenger and Sebrings. They have to be in the computer somewhere. .....

Aaron writes

Is there anybody that is making the clear altezza lights for the sebring coupes.???

Eric says ..... Not that I'm aware of. try

Martin writes

I have a 1995 sebring LX. Tire recommendation is a P195/75R14. I would like to go to a wider tire without loosing tire height or changing rims if possible. Is this going to be a hassle?

Eric says ..... What your proposing is impossable, but you could go with a 205/60or70/14, I dont think thats such a good idea though. The transmissions in these cars are calibrated to wheel size. You best bet is to go with a 205/55/16 equivilent tire height but much wider and lower profile. ..... .

Charles Nagy writes

I have a 2001 Indy Red Sebring LXI (see above and photo page). Ive had it for over a month now and I just love it. This is my 3rd sebring, My 1st was a 96 convertible jxi in Forest Green. My 2nd was a 98 LXI in Black. I really like the extra power in the new coupe. Mine is Fully loaded with the automatic with autostick. By the way, I love your website. It is really informative. Keep up the good work

Joshua D Miller writes

Hey, I have had my 2000 Sebring for about 8 months and I love it!!!!! (See pic of Joshua's Car on the Photo page or Cl ick here

The only thing that bothers me is that I don't feel the 163hp that the car puts out is enough...I was wondering if anyone knew any tips to improve the horsepower to about 220-230hp. Besides that I love the car especially the handling, I always feel in total control of the car.

Chris Eckels writes

Hey i have a 96 sebring i just got it its a nice car for me since i am 17. I am looking for parts for it like for the lights, and for the inside of the car. I just got a air intake, windows tinted, muffler system, and i am getting some rims soon. If you have any info that could help me please let me know. I am looking to pput a pic of my car in, in a month or so. Please write back thanks for your time bye.

Michael writes

Hello there. My 98 Sebring has been towed 4 times since February 2 because of a blown ignition system fuse, and the service department has given up trying to find the problem. My next step is arbitration. Have you received any other similar reports?

Kris writes

Hi. My name is Kris. I recently discovered your web page on Sebrings and have found it very informative. I have searched high and low, but haven't seen any site with the info that you provide. Here's a picture of my 99 Lxi that I have owned for exactly two years! Its modifications are 19-inch Pirelli wheels with a JSP Terminator spoiler and PIAA 9006 and 9005 Superwhites. Please post my pic for all Sebring lovers to see! Thanks.

LXiSebring See Above

Ashlee writes

Hello, I have a 1997 sebring chrysler I would like to be a part of this. I have a few more quetions about sebrings and I hope you can help me with. Thank you!! Please write back beacause I think this is great! AShlee.

LXiSebring: Send your questions

BRION writes

Can't the [Cafe Latte ]color be a little less yuppie?? I would prefer maybe "Champagne Sand" or the likes there of. Regardless I own a '96 LXI with grey interior, and all the bells and whistles. I have had the car for about 14 months now and I love it. I have always owned old Volkswagens due to low cost of repair (home mechanic, you have to be) the last of which was a '56 "Oval" window "Ragtop" bug. This is the first "Real" car I have ever owned, and I have not regretted my purchase yet. I bought it used (perfect condition) with 31,000 miles on it. I now have 48,000 and have had no problems with it other than having the alternator belt replaced due to cracking (better safe than sorry), oh and the battery, but I don't see that as unusual or a problem. I have had no brake problems and have plenty of pad left at all four corners, and I push this car when ever possible, so I use the brakes hard at times. I agree that driving style and technique have a lot to due with the braking problems others have written about. I also agree that the front end is too low to the ground, but I will install 1.3" Drop Eibach springs regardless. You as the owner know that it is there and should know how to avoid damaging it I.E....... (Don't pull up to the parking blocks so closely, leave yourself some breathing room, and take driveways at an angle not straight on, just think first!). Well sorry for the book but i really like your site at the fact that you offer us this forum in which to communicate with eachother about the cars we so dearly love, or severly hate.

David Yates writes

I have a 96' White/Grey Sebring Coupe an i have on 15" subwoofer in it with a black light in the custome made box with a plexiglass winow in te back....later this year i plan to put sum 17" Limited Custom Wheels on my car and also lower it 3" and put a neon underbody kit and eventualy woodgrain the whole inside and make it extremely custom.............hopefully itll be done in a about a year so in the future i'll get some pic.. peace

Monica Taylor writes

Hi, I am the proud owner of a 95' Sebring LXI, it is a beautiful steel blue with grey interior, I havent done any modifications on it but it is still in showroom condition, and I bought it brand new in 95'....I would love to join the club! I have included a pic of my sebring, thanks! (See featured Sebring, above)

Rosemarie writes

My name is Rosemarie Holloway and I own a 1997 Sebring LX. I enjoy your Web Site very much and would like to become a club member.

Rolland Rahr writes

This is a great idea. Actually, I am considering the purchase of a 2001 Sebring or Stratus Coupe. My reason for writing is that I have to special order either of these because I only drive manual transmission cars, and none of the dealers in the Chicago area have them available to drive in manual form. I am hoping to be in contact with someone who has one to get impressions. It's a long-shot, I know. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Kirndeep writes

Hey man how are you? I am a proud owner of a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi w/ 35000 miles. It is Black/Grey w/ Grey Leather Interior. I bought it new fully loaded w/ 24K package... Homelink, Moonroof, Pwr. drivers seat. I opted for the AM/FM/CD/CASS player. I have done many modificatons to it including: Chrome Concept Neeper Syncro Wheels, Dunlop SPSPORT 8000 Tires, Red Exterior Lighting, Xenon Headlamps (HID Kit), Sebring Splash Guards, Spoiler, 35% Tinted Windows All Around, NGK Spark Plugs, NGK Ignition Wires, K&N Filtercharger, Custom Antenna, Phone Antenna, Custom Lisence Plate Cover, Front End Bra, GTS Blackouts, Varad Interior Scanner, McGard Chrome Locks/Lugs more...

I have noticed a potential problem. When I accelerate, I notice a very faint whining sound from the engine that changes pitch as the car accelerates. It is like a small whistling sound that goes from high to low as RPMs change. What could this be? My extended warranty expires in June, so if it as problem, I want it checked out. Please get back to me about this soon.

Also, will I be listed on the site?

LXiSebring: Not sure what the noise is. But, Eric says .....I bet that it's the transmission. It should change pitch due to load not speed. Pay close attention when going up or down slight grades staying at the same speed. Mine has always done this and I'm at 85k.

Pplamonica writes

Front bumper has begun to peel like wallpaper. Fighting with dealer to get it repainted. Have gone into internet and discovered we are not alone. Very dissappointing as we love the car (97LXI like yours) but leather. Have you heard anything else about peeling paint on the sebrings. This is ironic because when we first got married about 30 years also we bought a sebring whose hood peeled and they took care of it. I think it was a 78. THanks.

Jeff Plum writes

hello, I would like to submit pictures of me 95 sebring lxi to ur site. I would also like a e-mail listing if u have on. because im contacking companies to make custom engine parts and custom parts for looks as well.. please respond asap.... thanx Jeff Plum aka Bring 95 <--aol screen name

those r pics of my (jeff aka Bring 95's) 95 sebring LXi

Kevin Smith writes

How are you doing? My name is Kevin. I'm 26 and I live in Maryland and I am a very proud owner of a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi. The directions of the club was to email you with some information and interest in joining. It was a very informative page with some great links, photos and information. Like I said I have a 97 Sebring, I have done some mild personalization to it. ie. tinted windows, new wheels. I have several photos of my car. If you need to know anything else just let me know. Thank you and drive safely.

Petrina Latiker writes

My name is Petrina and I owned a white Chrysler Sebring LX. I would like to be included in the club.

Trudy Boudreau writes

HI. I am thinking of the Sebring LXI. How do you like it? It's pro's and con's. I am anxious to hear your comments. I am also comparing the 2000-2001 Honda Accord and the Dodge Stratus which is bascially the same body as the Sebring. Thanks for your input

Bryant Shaw writes

I'd like to join your Sebring club, as I have just purchased a 2001 Sebring Coupe LXi. It is Ice Silver, with leather and moonroof, just like the one pictured on your website but with the silver wheels instead of chrome. It is the most beautiful car I have ever owned (glad my Honda del Sol can't read!). I am most impressed with its acceleration and handling, although I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting to the seat height after driving the del Sol for 6 years. They look great sitting side by side in my driveway!

James Barbieri writes

Hi there, I recently purchased a '99 Sebring LXi (Indy red baby!). I've been searching around on the web to see if anyone sells a performance chip for the computer (or any performance parts for that matter). Do you know of anyone who sells this stuff?

LXiSebring: The guys at keep close track of aftermarket parts for Sebrings

John Nelson writes

Hi I own a 1998 sebring Lx, I thought your page my like pictures of it because its unique in that it contains 6 jl audio 12 woofers, and 3 rockford amps. I have pictures if you would be interested. Also would you be able to tell me where I could buy a power chip for a sebring. I have looked everywhere and have had no luck.

Len Whitney writes

I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LX and I'd like to join your club. Len Whitney

Juan Jose Lazarini writes

I am a owener from a deep green sebring, but in mexico thjis car is called Cirrus coupe LXI, for reason of goberment stuf. I would be part of this club, beacuse i think this is a cool club. an i would like to share information from this car and onMexico we have problems for locate spare parts for this car and I need your help for get this parts, on this moment is not possible locate tires for be special wheels. please contact me, and tell me who to contact to buy spare parts.

LXiSebring: I dont't know if places like the Tire Rack, a Mail Order tire & wheel place export to Mexico or not. It might be woth a check. Since Chrysler has abandoned the Cirris name in the US (4-Doors are now Sebrings too) I wonder if htey have done the same in Mexico. I alsp wonder if there are trim differences--send an e-pic if you can

Chadwick Gee writes

Hi. My name is Chadwick Gee and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I purchased a 95 Sebring LXI in the fall of 2000, very similar to yours except for it being Chargold. The car only had 86,000 kms when purchased. On February 7th of this year, the transmission failed without any warning or indication what-so-ever. I did not purchase any extended warranty on the vehicle. Is there anything that you would suggest I could do? It doesn't seem right for a vehicle with now 106,000 kms to completly ruin a transmission, don't you think? Was there a defect or some malfunction with this particular year? Would Chrylser or Mitsubishi stand behind this in any way? I appreciate your help in this matter, because to this day, my car is still sitting at a dealership, due to the drastic amount for a new tranni. I look forward to hearing from you. I'll send you a picture of it.

LXiSebring: Always check with your Chrysler Zone office if you have an expensive repair on oa low milage car. They mihgt be at least willing to cover part of the repair cost.

Machelle writes

Hi...I found your website really interesting. I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI. It has the Spanish Olive pearl coat paint job and it is sharp.  Looks wise anyway.  I notes from two different people who had a couple of the problems that I have. One whose alarm goes off for no reason and he had to stick the key in the door to turn it off. The other was the one with the paint job like mine and the coating peeling on the plastic part of the trunk by the license plate. Other problems that I have with mine are as follows:
Sometimes my cruise works and sometimes it doesnt..and when it does it just gets faster and faster.
There is a rattle in the dash that sounds horrible.
My windshield wipers are so noisy on even the slowest speed that it drives me insane.
My windshield on the inside, drivers side is peeling or something..there is flaky stuff coming off of it.
>Other than those problems though...I love my car. It runs good and rides smooth.  If you have any solutions to my problems I would love to hear back from you. Machelle

Glenn A. Calabrese writes

1995 Sebring LX Owner: I thoroughly enjoyed reading comments from the other Sebring owners. Finding your web site could not have come at a better time. First, thank you for answering my questions in advance. Your service (Web Site) I feel greatly benefits people- It already has for me. I have the usual problems associated with my Sebring over the past five years (recently, fronts pads for the third time and rear bearings on both sides), but now after 90,000 miles I am considering selling or trading it in before repair costs mount too high. I would like your opinion on some concerns before I make my final decision. 1.) Two years ago my head gasket was changed, and now the car burns (passes) about a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. After changing the plugs, there was some oil around the base of one of the old plugs. And after an inspection by a mechanic, he found no external leaks and the new plugs were dry. (Changing the PCV did not really help). Is this a prelude to a major engine problem? I have not seen this problem anywhere on your Site. 2.) According to the mechanic, there is a minor clicking sound coming from the transmission. However, it changes gears fine and I do not hear this clicking sound. Are transmission problems common on 1995 Sebrings. 3.) Why are replacement parts so expensive on 1995 Sebrings.

SUMMATION: I love how the interior and external of the car looks. Nothing compares to it. That is why I bought it new in 1995. I would like to keep the car until the end of its functional life. I can accept above "reasonable amounts" of repair costs to keep the car. But I do not want to hold onto the car if I will likely have to incur costs resulting from a new engine and transmission, or any other common Sebring major repairs ($1,500-$2,000). Your opinion would be greatly appreciated---

Eric says ...... ...If the car has/had a good track record and it was paid off I'd consider keeping it. If it's using that much oil, thats not a good sign. I bet the valve cover is leaking. An oil leak is not a real big deal. The trannys are a bit touchy in the Sebrings and tend to go at much lower milage. That clicking sound between gear changing is the solenoid shift pack and is normal. Any good mechanic should know what that sound is. I look at it like this, $2000 a year in repairs is still cheaper than a new car. Any car with 100,000 miles isn't worth much as a trade in.

Michael Carlotta writes

I (still) have 45,000 miles on my 1998 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LXi. The car looks good, handles reasonable, but I am unhappy about a culmination of things. I can tell you I will never buy another Chrysler again as they generally have poor quality. Complaints - not in any particular order:

1) went through 2 front grills - they are designed too close to the ground and get easily damaged on standard curb stops in parking lots.

2) the door locks are counter intuitive.... is it up to lock?, or unlock after 3 years, I still don't know and get it wrong every time.

3) Even with the engine totally warmed up, the defroster clears a foggy window only after about 2-3 minutes.

4) The infinity stereo got a mind of its own, changing stations on its own and finally degrading to t he point where the station can not be changed. The CD will not play.. nothing.

5) I drive normal. I am on my 3rd set of 17" 50 series Goodyears at around $160 a pop.

6) The windows rattle and make a horrible noise when they detach from the rubber seal.

7) The compass stopped working along time ago.

8) The screws from both visor clips landed on our laps.

9) The sunroof leaks occasionally.

10) The car puffs a small cloud of smoke when it starts (changed oil and maintained flawlessly).

11) The cover on the ash tray broke off (not a smoker and don't use it except to store change)

12) I never know when the alarm has been activated unless I am 3 feet from the door and can listen to the locks click, I have been told that the dealer can change this to beep upon activation - but they never told me that when I bought it and I don't have time to bring it in.

13) The flexible 3 foot long, external lower door panels fell off several times (causing the thing to look like crap). I put them back on several times and then finally decided to pay a dealer to repair it. They said it was a recall with no charge, but I never was notified and had to find out by myself.

14) The fake wood grain is peeling on the center dash.

15) It seems that I can never adjust the air conditioning (or the heater) to achieve a comfortable temperature.

The value drops so fast with these that it is very difficult to sell without losing a lot!!! But I will sell it by the end of this summer.

thanks for the opportunity to share,

Shelley writes

BOY am I glad to have found your site! Take a seat.....this will be a long one! :)

I purchased my 97 LXi used with 32,000 miles on it in Nov 99. The day after I took delivery of this hunk of junk, I got in it to go to work and the power windows wouldn't function at all. I thought, "ok, no problem, I have the sun roof to open for ventilation". After about 30 minutes, *VOILA* like magic the windows function. Before the warranty could expire on this jewel, I took it to the dealer to complain about the problem with the windows. I was told the previous owner had had the vehicle in, left it for 4 days, and they couldn't duplicate the problem so they also couldn't fix it. When I asked what they recommended, they looked at me like I was stupid and said "Well, I guess all you can do is wait til the windows stop working altogether and bring it back then".

In addition to the sometimes functioning power windows, I have the standard brake problem I have seen mentioned on your site (I've had them repaired once and am now searching for a place to take it in for additional service). I also have the driver's door light connection malfuctioning. This one has been replaced once, but is again on the blink, less than a year later.

Needless to say, I am NOT among the crowd of folks that still love the Sebring despite it's problems. I can't wait to get rid of this car and will NEVER own another Chrysler product again, EVER. This was my first Chrysler and will be my last.

Good luck to all the rest of you that own this problematic car!!

Ron writes

You still have your sebring. i own one Exactly like yours. I have had alot of problems. Trans, brakes, ect. Currently I am having trouble with the Factory Alarm system. I set the alarm with the remote (It locks the doors) and some time later the alarm just goes off and I can NOT turn it off with the remote. I must put the key in the driver door and turn the key. Have you ever heard of anything like this? I am looking to disable the factory alarm. Any ideas on how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

LXiSebring: Chances are the underhood alarm switch is not being held securely--a common problem with 95-96 models. The fix is simple & you can do it yourself. Check the 1995-96 owners club postings

Intrigue writes

Well here goes some of my contributes to the club which I hope will help out some. Actually, member name Brandon wrote about where to get body kits for the Sebring; though I haven't been able to find anything online yet, I do know that there is a company called Aero Duo which makes such body kits. Maybe some local motorsports retailer in your area would have better idea of how to get some visuals, specs, and prices. If I do find a website with such info, I will definately shoot it out for everyone who is interested. Good Luck!!!

I have the Infinity AM/FM CD with 6 speakers and some Infinity component mounted to the bottom of my rear deck in the trunk compartment. My question is in regards to this unit, what is it? Is it an amplifier? Or should I even worry about it? I am asking in regards to this only because I am looking to upgrade the sound system. By the give you a better idea of my situation, I plan on putting in a non-powered head unit and a 4- channel amplifier. Any answers, ideas, or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

LXiSebring: The black box is the stereo power amplifier of course.

Jon Maloney writes

Hey man! Just checked out your site--very interesting! Well I own a 95 Sebring LXi loaded with leather and every option. I love the look of the car, the interior of the car, but most definitely not the engine or mechanics of the car. I bought mine off a Chrysler Corporation owner thinking, ya it would be good to me...not like a previous Dodge shadow (haha) which was horrible to me! Once again bought the car for 14,000 and 5 months later I have repairs worth $3,000 I was just wondering what problems you have had or others. My ABS just went this week---$2,000 + labour for the hydraulic pump, plus wheel bearing, and alignment.

Lots of little electrical problems too. The surprise to me is that there hasnt been a single recall --atleast thats what the dealership said---thats why Im on here looking up sebring recalls and came across your page. I love my car but I hate my car---my impression now is that they are lemons -atleast the 95's. Any feedback let me know--I would appreciate any assistance you could give me. A disgruntled Sebring owner

LXiSebring: I've had good luck with mine--a couple batteries--and one door lock repair is about it outside of warranty ($260). The ABS fix is not a must do repair. THe LX models dont have ABS nor do most of hte LXi's from about 98 on when ABS became optional on LXi models. THe brakes work like normal Non ABS brakes if the ABS unit goes out. I wouldnt have bothered at $2000.

Nicole Padfield writes

I luv the site. I own a '95 Sebring Coup LXi, white with silver metallic trim. I love the look of the car both in and out- although the leather is not realy that comfortable, I've tinted the windows and installed the phone antenna, the car looks amazing, but the machanics and engineering on this year is not at all "great". I have 120,000 KMs on it, and the abs light just went on the fritz-a $2000 part, plus a bearing, the cylinder and sensor for the alarm $200, CD player lights not working, winshield wiper motor repaired, a sever grinding noise in the front left tire-also due to abs problem.. My dealer said that there has not been a single recall for this vehicle---is this true? How expensive to remove the ABS, i dont like it anyways! Chrysler better give their heads a shake and take care of these problems that are occuring with a number of the 95 and 96's once they reach the 100,000 KM mark. This is the last Chrysler product I will ever buy--the engines are still crap as well, The worst part is I bought it off the Chrysler Corporation after a lease, which was last driven by an executive of the company. Ironic it went up for sale at this KM mark? HMMMMMM

LXiSebring: See my note above on the ABS repair. What goes under a recall and what Chrysler might pay for if you complain loud enough are two differrent things. I know there is a recall on the front wheel bearing/cv joint boots, for one.

Teri writes

T Good morning. I have a 1996 Sebring Coupe which is Spanish Olive Pearl coat. She's a beauty and has been babied since birth. My problem is with the part of the trunk that holds the license plate. The "coating" is peeling! This is very visable, does not appear to be scratched-just peeling. Is this something covered under a warranty or perhaps a recall? I am truly sick about this as I am very proud of my Sebring. If there is any information you can share or leads for me to get repaired I would appreciate. Thanking you in advance,

LXiSebring: That part is plastic not metal. It could be it was slightly damaged in dealers lot and repainted. Obviously you have a primer failure on the plastic. You can order a new plastic part and have the body shop shoot new paint & primer for a permanent fix. Mine was replaced and repainted after an unfortunate mishap at hte dealers during an oil change. As body work goes this one is modest as the part just attaches with screws to the deck lid & can be painted off the car.

Lonny White writtes

I'm experiencing a confounding problem with my 2000 Sebring LXI - it seems that every so often, the keyless entry system doesn't want to work. I'm sure that it's not the battery in the key fob, because I've got two sets of transmitters and sometimes the car won't unlock from either of them.

Unfortunately, the problem seems to ALWAYS occur at the worst possible times - on a date, business meetings, out of towwn travel, etc.

Is my car possessed, or is it a problem with the receiver unit?

LXiSebring: The dealer should replace the door lock receiver unit or perhaps the actuator under warranty on a 2000 model.

Keith Newson writes

What's up, My name is Keith. I purchased a Sebring about a year ago, and the only problem is I need new wheels. Do you know what website I can go hit up to find some nice looking rims for this model car? Let me know if you can. Thanks in advance.

LXiSebring:The guys at keep track of this stuff

Bobby Kelly writes

I have really enjoyed browsing your website. Please include me in your list for update notifications (if you have one).

The Sebring Coupe has been the 'apple of my eye' since it's introduction. When I saw the TV advertisements for the 2001 model, I knew temptation would overcome reason, so I began dealing over the internet.

As I had dealt for my previous 5 cars in person, I faced a new experience. I couldn't very well flash some cash and depart in a huff and a dash if the deal wasn't going my way.

To make an already too long a story short, I was lured to the dealer's physical site by an offer of $19,700 for an Indy Red coupe. They didn't tell me it had the 4 cylinder engine. WOW was I ticked when I made the long trip over there and found out! Before I could re-stash the fifty $100 bills I'd brought as my down payment 'lure', another deal was offered:

Let's take the Sebring 'demo' for a spin...

She was an 'Ice Silver Pearl Coat' Coupe with the leather package, 6-cylinder engine and a 'Spoiler' on the deck lid, only 2,537 miles on the ODO.

Needless to say, I was sold...Brought her home for $22,400. (Sticker price with dealer add-ons - [anti-theft window etching, leather protect, paint sealant, ScotchGuard carpet] was $26,875 Question to other owners, compared to your experience... Did I get a 'good deal'?

Quality problems: The spoiler on my Sebring appears to be an 'add-on'. The trunk lid is underbalanced and falls upon the slightest breeze when in it's must upright position. It's 'bonked' my wife on the head twice when retrieving groceries, and me once as well. The dealer, in response to my complaint is going to replace the torsion bar with one from a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I've gone over the car with my literal fine toothed comb. She is virtually flawless, other than the aforementioned deck lid problem. I've named her....CHRYSTYNE.

Brandon writes

My name Is Brandon owner of a 96 Sebring coupe 2.0 I was wondering of any performance bolt on parts and body kits. I would apreciate any info you have Thanks

LXiSebring: THe guys at keep track of this better htan I do but as I understand it most of the high output parts for the high hp Neon of that era will bolt right on the 2 liter. There is much more available for the 4 than the V6.

Brandon writes

First off i love the page! Well I just went out and bought a 1995 hunter green sebring LX. I love this car, i have recentaly put in an Alpine CD player along with two 12 inch JL Audio Subwoofers. In about a week or two im going to order some 18inch rims and some low provile tires, and if i can get either drop springs or coil overs. Im realy looking into buying a body kit, but i seem not to be able to find any. Spoilers have been no problem finding but i cann't find body kits for my car anywhere. I was wondering if you could help me out?

LXiSebring The guys at should be able to help you there.

Brenda Foger writes

Hi, I am a fellow Sebring Lxi (95) owner with a transmission that "slips". Have you had any luck finding out the cause. My transmission may slip at 20mph or up to 70mph. I've tried to determine a pattern, such as acceleration or braking, to no avail. If I stop, turn off the engine, I can usually get to my destination without incident. But this is happening more frequently.

I've had the car in the shop 3 times. Two were supposed to be transmission specialist. They said they could not recreate the problem. Finally a friend drove it for a day and experienced the same problem. I would appreciate any information or suggestions.

LXiSebring: I'm curious as to whether Eric will suggest a bad electronic transmission control module on this one.

PGA writes

Hello, I am a new proud owner of a maroon 96' Sebring LXi, and am currently looking for some rims, preferrably 16", to enhance the look of it. It already looks spectacular, although it has a lot of miles, I think the rims would add the perfect touch. The problem for me however is that I am a college student, and finding cheap rims for the style want is hard to come by. I would appreciate anything you can do for me. On there now are steel factory rims with low-profile tires. I'd like to keep low-profile tires on it, but those need changing soon though, too.

LXiSebring: The guys at might have some leads for you. Anyone here got a set of Used rims for sale?

Kimberly Cook writes

I own a 1997 Sebring (Black exterior/Gray interior). I am in dire need of hubcaps. The hubcaps that came with the vehicle were damaged by a curb and I purchased replacements that are terribly ill fitting. Can you suggest a place where I might purchase ones that would fit my car better?

LXiSebring: You can order these at the dealer parts dept. They are pricey, but will look & fit right

Intrigue writes Hey first of all.....thanks alot for giving me the chance to share questions and ideas with you and all the members here. You definately got a good thing going here. I do have another question or idea for you or any other members in here. As I had said before, I own a 95 Sebring LXi in the Silver color ( exactly like the yours in the picture ), needless to say I really like the cars exterior looks. However.... my question or idea is in regards to the front "non"-grill. Has anyone actually cut out the dark simulated grill area, and put in a homemade fishnet mesh grill? If anyone has or hasn't, what or how would could I use to cut that type of plastic material with out any rough edges? Or what kind of shop would know how to do such a thing? Any ideas or comments would definately be appreciated. Thanks.

LXiSebring: I would be more than a little scared to try this. You are chopping into an $800 body part, and once you start cutting there is no turning back. If this were an inexpensive part you were cutting into I would think otherwise. At minimum, have a top-notch custom body shop give you an assessment before you take the shears to your fascia.

Rose writes

I love my Chrysler Sebring. It is 1997 I have 24,000 miles on it. I bought it used. I would never buy another make car. I saved my down payment to buy this car. I am 50 and all these years I never drove such a wonderful car. I work in a small plant just making a little money, but I would do it all over again if I had too, because I never had so many compliments on my beautiful car. And also Hillview motors in Greensburgh is just great to deal with. I called and asked questions about my car after I bought it and they always was very polite and helped me.

I'm pleased you are pleased with your car. What color is it? Looks like you found a gem!

Intrigue writes

Im interested in becoming a member to your "club". I own a 95 Sebring LXi, and have questions, ideas, and answers I would like to share with you and other members of your club. Please let me know how or where I can become a member. Thank You.

LXiSebring: You are a member now!

Babie writes

I have a question ..... in the picture on the web site of your car .. what kind of rims are on it ?? Where could I find some? Please send me some info

LXiSebring: I have the original 95 LXi Factory rims. Your Chrysler dealer can order you a set but you might be put off by the price

Jacob Werline writes

Hello my name is Jacob Werline. I am 18 and I own a 1999 Sebring LXI. I have customize it to be the only one like it. I have pictures of it and I would like to see it on the owners page, but I need your address for I can send them to you. To see pictures of my car just visit and click members list then click on Jacob "JW" Werline. Thank you and keep up the great work on the owners page.

LXiSebring: just send me a link to a photo on your page and like magic I will make it appear on the Sebring owners club photo page. The Internet is truly amazing !

Alan writes

Factory security alarm going off can be reset by using the ignition key to lock and unlock the outside doors. There is no info in the owners manual. We called Chrysler one evening central time after everyone was closed, and they patched us through to a dealer in Hawaii that was still open to tell us how to turn it off.

My gas guage has now quit completely. For a while, it showed about 1/4 tank less than it should. Now it is always showing below E. Any suggestions on how to approach dealer to get it looked at? Is the fuel guage part of the fuel pump assembly in the tank? Of course I just went past 3 years this week.

My brake light is coming on periodically especially when cold. Took it to dealer and they said it needed new pads all around with only 20K miles. I have put more fluid in, and that solves brake light problem for a while at least.

Do you have any tire suggestions for the 17 inch 215/50 tires. With 23K miles, they will have to be replaced later this year. They are pretty soft compared to other tires I have on other vehicles. Thanks!

Eric says ................. The brake light problem is documented and is adjustable, however sounds like your fliud was just low.,The gas gauge problem can be ignored if you use the tripometer. Refill every 250 miles. I bet that is expensive to fix. I'd call the Tire Rack for tire info or visit them on the web. ..................

Millie writes

At what speed are the airbags in a 98 Sebring LXI supposed to deploy?

Eric says .............. 35 ?? I remember reading that somewhere. ..............

Bill writes

Hi, This may be a stupid question for a "backyard" mechanic to ask, but how do you adjust the parking braking. I have a "95" Sebring LXI. Thanks,

Eric says ................ I'm pretty sure its under the bezel by the handle itself. Either that or under the car where it y's into 2 connections.I cant remember if it's sealed on that one or not. ...............

Frank Camper writes

I recently leased two Sebrings, a "satin white" 2001 LXi coupe for me, and a "stone white" 2001 LX Sedan with the V6 option for my wife. I'm well versed in cars, having raced sports cars professionally, and been in my time line mechanic, private shop owner, and service advisor for VW and BMW dealerships. I picked the Sebrings because of their engineering and features.

The LXi coupe is all Mitsubishi (I also have a 2001 Eclipse for my kids), which is not a bad thing. We gave up a leased Chrysler Concorde for the LX sedan. I am not disappointed. The Sebring sedan is fast, comfortable, and in many ways, a faster, smaller, and easier to handle version of the beautiful Concorde.

Gripes so far are few. The leather seats in the LXi coupe are not extremely supportive, and the sedan came with a loose battery ground that caused some puzzling charging light errors. The second dealer found the problem. The first kept trying to reset computer codes to fix it.

One of my employees also leased the very same type Sebring sedan as I was getting my two Sebrings, and he hasn't had a moments trouble.

Ed Casillas writes

I know that you probably were not wanting to receive these type of emails. However, I have searched the web for this info to no avail. Can you please help me? I have just bought a nice used Chrysler Sebring. It is a '96 with only 28K miles. I am very happy with my purchase but there is the constant "beep" that I hear like every 45 seconds or so. I can not find the source. It appears to come from the steering column somewhere. I have found some documentation which leads me to believe that it is in valet mode. I have a little device on the keychain called "MAGIC" it is supposed to be used to turn on and off the valet mode. Sorry to go on and on but would you possibly have an idea of the location of the sensor I am supposed to place the device near to disengage the valet mode or actually just stop the constant beep? I have exhausted every avenue and have resorted to contacting a complete stranger for help. So if you could help me in anyway it would be much appreciated....

Thank you very much for you time.

LXiSebring: I havent a clue on this one. Does anyone else?

Mike Floyd writes

Hi my name is Mike currently stationed overseas. My wife has a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI and we are having a problem with the car. The car has 46,300 miles on it and we have the extended warranty coverage. The problem: as we driving the car and come to a semi or complete stop the car jerks forward a little bit. It happens at least 3 or 4 times a week. Do you have any solutions to this problem, and am I still covered under my extended warranty by Chrysler for this? We will be back in the states in a couple of months should we take it to a dealership there? Had a problem with the sunroof leaking, but all of the sudden it has stopped, maybe a problem with the seal? Any ideas how much it would cost to fix a small hole about 1/4 inch diamater in the leather seats?

LXiSebring: small holes in Leather seats can be readily repaired with a vinyl patch kit. Any auto upholstery shop should be able to do it for $20 or so. Does anyone have an answer to the other questions?

Eric says............... I bet the jerking forward is the transmission, comming to slow complete easy stops should retrain your transmission. Or you could take the negative terminal off the battery for ten minutes. ............

Cindee writes

Hi there! I just bought a 2001 black Sebring LXI in October. I love it, with it's leather seats, sunroof, infiniti sound system etc. I want to customize it a bit, perhaps tint the windows, or put a bra on the front to protect it from bugs and rocks. I have also been thinking of adding a spoiler to it. Any suggestions on where to find accessories? Thank you

LXiSebring: Try the guys at

Dave Shemanski writes

I'm the jazzed owner of a 2001 Black Sebring Lxi coupe, with grey leather interior, 5sp man. tranny, sunroof, 17" chrome wheels, soon to be AEM Cold-air induction unit. Picked it up 1 week ago with 7 mi. on the odo, already have 500 mi. Just lovin' it all the way.

D.J Konrad writes

I own a '99 Sebring LXi, and I love it dearly. However, I have one question regarding its handling. (My previous car was a '91 Chrysler New Yorker, so you'll understand the difference I've experienced.)

I don't mind indeed, I even like its stiffness and sports car handling, but this "jumping" when it hits a bump troubles me. It's as though I'm in a child's wagon when I hit even a minor bump!

I saw where one other owner questioned this also on the Sebring Web site. Is this "jumping" a flaw, or is it supposed to be part of the "sports car handling" experience???

Thank you very much for your feedback.

LXiSebring: Your tires COULD be overinflated--inflate them to 32 lb max--28 for a softer, more "New Yorker-like" ride. Anyway I would start there.

You could also have a bad rear shock.

Eric says Check tire pressure. I bet it's due to the 215/50/17 tires. I dont have that problem with the 205/55/16. Funny thing is I run 195/70/14 in the winter time and it's soft like the New Yorker. ...........

Julien Preuss writes

Hi, listen...I was just wondering, since you have probably seen tons of chrysler sebring coupes, are there any exterior modifications I can make to my 96 coupe. I would really like to know. I already have a sweet sound system but i want to do some stuff to the outside. Please write back, and give me some ideas! thx

LXiSebring: Check the Owners photo page (link at top of this page) for ideas on what others have done.

KenLan writes

Thank you for your information. I am interested in purchasing a Sebring in about 6 months. I travel a total of 60 miles a day to work. I really love the style of this car and interested in making it my next vehicle. Can you give me your hones opinion? I personally, do not like the new model; I prefer the body of the 1998 - 1999 look. Let me know your thoughts.

LXiSebring: The 2001 model has more power and many other improvements but I kinda like the old body work better too. I guess I'm not fond of the wide grille and really like the grille on the 95-97 model. In my view the suspension on the new model is less sophisticated than the double wishbone strut-free arrangement on the 95-00. But the 2001 has a much nicer V6, so there are tradeoffs. My bet is the original 95-97 Sebring models will be a hot item among car collectors as soon as 10 years from now. The fact that there are so many people modifying them even now indicates an interest that will not likely go away. If you really want the old design, some dealer somewhere probably still has a brand new 00 model for sale. Call some dealers and see what they can find.

John Wagner writes

I liked the page on the Sebring you put together. I have a couple of questions on the Sebring. I am putting a new engine/transmission in my 1986 Dodge Colt. I am on a BBS which deals with this car (also known as a Mitsubishi Mirage). The common engine replacement is the 4 cylinder out of an Eclipse. I am going to put in either a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder. My questions are:

What is the engine configuration of the Sebring in regards to left/right placement. In all Mitsubishi's, the front of the engine (pulley side) is on the drivers side while the transmission is on the passengers side. All of the Chrysler's I've seen, such as my minivan, have the engine/transmission reversed.

LXiSebring: On the Sebring Coupe, the pully-side is on the Passenger side.

It appears as though the later Sebring's engine has grown to 3.0 liters. Is this basically the same engine that is in my minivan with slightly different heads. My 3.0 liter is a SOHC with two valves per cylinder where the Sebring's 3.0 has a SOHC 24V setup much like the base model 3000GT Mitsubishi.

LXiSebring: No doubt these engines are close relatives with basically the same block.. But then the 2.5 liter is a close relative too.

Does the Sebring use the same manual transmission as the Eclipse?

LXiSebring:I believe so, as the Eclipse now comes with a V6 too. Does it have the same bellhousing as the Stealth/3000GT in the 6 cylinder version when hooked to a five speed?

LXiSebring: Having never looked at a Stealth closely, I havent a clue.

Johnathan Brown writes

My Sebring is a 96 and when I back up and turn at the same time there is a popping or thumping noise coming from the front of the car. Do you know what may be causing this?

LXiSebring: I havent heard of that one.

have another problem to ask about also. The problem is I was browsing consumer at the recall section and it said that 95-97 Sebring's had a recall. It had something to do with the shifter in automatic's something called "SHIFT INTERLOCK" it said that it would cause a stuck key in the ignition. I was having this problem at the time. I took it to the dealer and they said that recall didn't apply to my car. They said my problem was caused by something that was spilt down in the shifter. So I had to pay to have that repaired and had to pay. I still think that it was the problem that the recall had stated. Do you know of anyone that this has happened to before?

LXiSebring:Nope. Unless the dealer is dishonest, he must have found something like a sugared soft drink when he disassembled the shifter.

Eric says Its like this, the 95+ Chrysler Sebring coupe/Dodge Avenger/Mitsubishi Eclipse (EXCLUDING TURBO) 2.0 DOHC auto and manual are all CHRYSLER.You can find the SOHC version in the base Neon. The accessories on the Chrysler 4 are on the passenger side. The 2001 Sebring 4 and 3.0-6 are Mitsubishi but I think its been changed from the old 3.0L were used to seeing in CHRYSLERS. I think the Mitsu. SOHC 3.0 was used up to this year in Caravans only. The 2000- Sebring Convertible used the 2.5L-6 Mitsubishi also available in the Avenger/Sebring coupe. Hope this helps. .........

Joseph writes

Can you help I'm getting different answers. I have a 95 Sebring LXI with , would you believe the original 205x55x16 tires , I'd like to go to 215, or even 225 x 55 x 16. What is the largest footprint I can use without changing the suspension or getting hard ride?. Would 225x50x16 give the same ride as a 205x55x16. Any recommendations, I'm not a performance nut, just think the car would look sharper. I just thought or something would a lower profile cause even more scraping of the front bumper. THXS

Eric says ..................... The stock size is perfect going lower and wider = bent rims, just talk to the 215/50/17 owners on here. ....................

Mike writes

Im working on a 96 sebring, I am installing a Stereo, and I put new Pos. and Negwe, Terminals on tha Battery..... Now the car Sometimes Starts, Or It trys and then Dies, already put a New battery in the car, Can you tell me What's WRONG!

Eric says ....................... My bet is you may have surged something. Ditch the new terminals and try again at stock configuration. make sure your battery is not draining due to a constant load. ......................

Ed writes

I know that you probably were not wanting to receive these type of emails. However, I have searched the web for this info to no avail. Can you please help me? I have just bought a nice used Chrysler Sebring. It is a '96 with only 28K miles. I am very happy with my purchase but there is the constant "beep" that I hear like every 45 seconds or so. I can not find the source. It appears to come from the steering column somewhere. I have found some documentation which leads me to believe that it is in valet mode. I have a little device on the keychain called "MAGIC" it is supposed to be used to turn on and off the valet mode. Sorry to go on and on but would you possibly have an idea of the location of the sensor I am supposed to place the device near to disengage the valet mode or actually just stop the constant beep? I have exhausted every avenue and have resorted to contacting a complete stranger for help. So if you could help me in anyway it would be much appreciated....

Eric says ........................ Is it a Chrysler alarm? Sounds aftermarket to me. I'd yank the fuse that drives the alarm and forget about it. Or you could look under the hood for the "alarm" and see if the manufacturer is printed on it. ........................

nathanial writes

Hi, My Sebring's "Service Engine Soon" light recently came on. Is this an oil change light? If so, I changed the oil and how do I reset the light? I owned a Ford Probe and an advisory light came on every 3000 miles. The procedure to reset the Probe's light was quite simple. Please advise. Thanks

Eric says ............... No, that light usually trips when a sensor has malfunctioned 3 times. You could pull the fuse under the hood marked "ENGINE" and replace, this will reset the light. Disconnecting the battery works also but you will loose your radio stations. ...............

Rachel writes

Is the 2000 Chrysler Sebring Lxi, front wheel drive?

Eric says ....................... Yes, all 2001 Chryslers are front wheel drive. goto for more info. .......................

Scott F writes

Well Hello again, I have to compliment you on your website and Tech staff, I've gotten alot of good information that I couldn't get anywhere else. I work at a local Five star Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Dealership in south Texas, I have to agree with you on the brakes and driving habits, I love to drive my car, and yes I like to drive fast. The brakes were replaced at 30,000 miles by the first owner, since then I have placed 11,000 miles on it and have seen very little brake wear (and just like you I do ALOT of city stops and starts) Those who are complaining about the cost and the need to replace their brakes every 11,000 miles need to re-evaluate their driving habits, they might find it ALOT cheaper in the long run. To recap on the past letter, I recently purchased a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi that was a trade in (the Lady purchased a base model 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee) It had 34,000 on it and now has 41,000 (what can I say I love to drive that thing lol) A while back I wrote you about my Sebring LXi. I thought I'd write again and tell you the Mods I made. I placed a 2 chamber Flowmaster exhaust on it and a rectangular corvette exhaust tip (there were too many twin exhaust tips out there and wanted something different) It offered a deeper richer sound in idle and acceleration. I chose Flowmaster over a Turbo muffler because to be honest, I hate cars that sound like a hamster in heat, a supercharged lawnmower or a pissed off bumblebee. there's also a slight noticeable increase in HP. I also installed a K&N Air filter, to which I have heard conflicting reports. One was stating that though it does offer increased airflow, it also lets dirt partials in that will damage the engine. Have you heard any similar remarks? The other reason I'm writing is because I really can't find any after market part or dress-up kits for my car (maybe because I'm not putting in the right search parameters, I don't know) If you have any sites or info I would love to know.

Vanessa Boehm writes

I would like to be included. I have a 98 Sebring Coup LXi in black. I have not done much - just added a system, tinted the window, put on nice low profile tires. I love it!!!!

Sean writes

Hello my name is Sean and I am a 21 year old college student from Indiana. I bought a 1995 Sebring in February of 2000. A little over a month after I bought the car from a local Dodge Dealership I noticed that the anti-lock brake light was coming on and a slight shutter when I would push in the brake pedal. I took it to a local dealer and they told me that there was a motor that controled the anti-lock brake system and that it was no longer good and the shuttering was probably a warped rotor, but they did not check for that. They said the part would cost $1200 and I would have to bring it back in to have the shuttering problem looked at. Now I have a problem with the emergency brake light staying on, and at times the shuttering getting worse. I received a notice about the front suspension ball joint going bad and I heard that there was a recall at some point on the brakes. I was wondering if this information was true. If true would the dealership have records of recall service, or do I just call them and they should have some information on hand? I am concerned for the safety of other drivers and the safety of myself if my brakes should go out. Thank you for your time, and I would appreciate a response as soon as possible.

LXiSebring: Your car will operate fine and is safe to drive even if the ABS is not operational. The shuddering should have nothing to do with whether or not the ABS is working. THe problem is, the ABS module replacement is about $1200, . I'd get the rotor fixed and not bother trying to get the ABS to work, if it were my car. ABS was standard on Sebring LXi models in 95-97 I believe, but LXs and later models it was optional, so most Sebrings don't have ABS. The Ball joint thing is a separate issue- Chrysler will repair those for free or refund your repair costs, as there has been a recall on the boots.

Eric says ......... ABS doesnt need to work it's supplemental, If your "brake" light is on you need to get that checked out pronto, could be low fluid or out of adjustment. There was a TSB out on that adjustment procedure and a Chrysler/Dodge dealer could help you there. ..........

Darrell Salone writes

I have been having promblems with my rims there are bending i have had one bent back into shape but one i can not seem to fix i have glued it and got it bent back but still a slow leak maybe you can let me know where I can get a used rim or something cheaper than 300 without tires

The Kelley's write

Mr. Debertin, You must be the only owner of a Sebring coupe that is satisfied. Although my Sebring looks good, I'd rather have it trouble free and be secure in knowing that I was not"taken to the shop." Within 2,000 miles I had airconditioning problems (3times) and hav e had nothing but headaches since acquiring this car. All ball joints needed to be replaced,my air conditioning is still not functioning normally, my motor for the wipers has gone (have you checked the price of that repair?, my locks never open, and presently the trunk won't either. There have been so many things wrong with this car that I feel that I have literally rebuilt it. There are three Sebring Coupes in this area and surprising all three have had the SAME problems and the same repairs done before 45,000miles. My advice. Stay away from the Sebring. Looks aren't everything.

Different owners have had diofferent experiences based on luck and how the cars are driven and maintained. If you complain to your dealer you might discover that Chrysler will cover some of the repair costs. It doesnt hurt to ask about TSB problems. THe only out of warranty repair I have ad is the electric door lock actuator--about $250 But my car is low milage (currently 22,000 miles on a '95) driven mostly in the city. My previous Subaru had a lot more problems at this age than my Sebring has.

Bobby writes

I hope you can help. I have a 96 Sebring that continue to stall in traffic. I have changed fuel I have taken it to the Chrysler and the mitsu mechanics. I was told that carbon was causing the problem They clean it up and two weeks later the same problem was happening . They cleaned it up again( the carbon) and it ran well for two more weeks I use 89 octane. Today it stalled on me while turning on to the highway. I heard that there was a recall about to announced . do you have any info on that?

The stalling problem is often linked to the gizmo that controls the amount of fuel the car receives at idle. I forget exactly what the part is called--something like an idle speed actuator or controller. Tell the dealer to check and clean that.

Darrell writes

I have been having promblems with my rims there are bending i have had one bent back into shape but one i can not seem to fix i have glued it and got it bent back but still a slow leak maybe you can let me know where i can get a used rim or something cheaper than 300 without tires Eric says......... I would by all new 16" from the Tire Rack. 205/55/16 as for a replacement you could try a salvage yard search engine on the web. ..........

Lindell writes

I think I read somewhere that I shouldn't use snow chains in my Chrysler Sebring Coupe LXi 2000, but something else to drive in winter. I have original tyres and will be going to Mammouth Mountin for a week, and I wuld not like to spend money for another set of tyres? Can you help?

Eric says .......... You can get two snow tires for less than a set of chains, or Wal Mart sells those portable sets that won't harm the car. ..........

Willy writes

My wife and I own a '98 sebring LXi and we have this annoying rattle in the dash or in the engine compartment just behind the fire wall. We've taken it to the dealer and they put some foam under a plastic piece that covers the cowl plate area and it didn't do anything. They said they had one other Sebring with this problem and it turns out they didn't fix that one either. It seems it's worse the colder the weather is. Can you help?

Eric says .......... I have that same rattle, if you get it fixed let me know. mine only shows up when it's cold. ..........

Mike writes

I just received my new 2001 Sebring. I was curious where I could order a spoiler for it. It's a Sebring LXi Coupe. Thanks. I'd also like to email a picture of it to add to the webpage.

Eric says .......... Any spoiler that fits an Avenger should work with slight modification.E-mail picture to LXISEBRING@AOL.COM (webmaster) ..........

LXiSebring says your Chrysler dealer stocks Bras for Sebrings

Perez writes

i have a 1996 sebring coupe lxi..i need to get a new front bumper because the previous owner drove it up over some things and ruined it.d o you know where i could find it for sale..i was thinking i have to go through mopar but i don't know how..this guy at work has an avenger which is similar to the sebring...but i don't know if his kit will fit my car..any suggestions?

LXiSebring: Any reputable body shop can order you one and paint it for you. Figure $800 at least. Its a regular Chrysler part. The Avenger & Sebring bumpers & fascia are different from each other.

Wes writes

I have a '96 Chrysler Sebring that has an oil leak. I have very few miles on the car (46,000) and was wondering where the oil might be coming from. It is leaking from just behind the front air dam. Is this a common problem and where might the oil be coming from? I thought perhaps the pan gasket, valve cover, or oil pump gasket. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas on how much do get fixed? Thanks. Wes

Eric says .......... Well if it's a 2.0 95% chance its the head gasket. I've also not seen a 2.0 that hasn't had a valve cover gasket leak yet. I'd take a good look at the engine to determine if it's a Top end or bottom end leak. Get back to me when you have that info. ..........

Steve writes

hi my name is steven and ive been looking so hard for the indiglow guages to fit my sebring and i saw a black costumized sebring with the guages in your photo gallery. i would be very thankful if u could find out how they managed to get them.please e-mail me back at

Eric says .......... I always go here for that kind of stuff try ..........

otero writes

I own a 96 Sebring lxi. I'm putting in a new stereo and was wondering about the amps in the factory system. The infinity stereo ,does it have high level outputs.if not does the amp have a high to low converter? Does the amp have low level input (rca) jacks. Or even easier does anyone other than the manufacturer make a tech. manual with complete electrical drawings.

thank you

Eric says .......... I think the deck is passive and I'm not sure about the amp jacks, check one out at the dealer, or you could try under 1000 questions about DSM cars. ..........

Cynthia writes

Eric, I am the proud owner of a 1999 Sebring LXi (shark blue). About two months after I bought the car, I bent two rims on a minor road bump. Now that two years have passed, I need new tires. I'd like to replace these rims first, though. I am wondering if Chrysler has a recall on these? It seems as if many people have bent their rims. Do you know where I can get cheap replacements? The rims are 17" and the tire size is 215/50/17. I'd appreciate any help you could give me.

Thanks, Cindy Ball

Eric says .......... I'll be honest with you 50 series tires on 17" Rims are bad news period. I have the 205/55/16 and I have bent a rim before. If I were you I would check the tire rack for a nice 205/55/16 setup. Thats what they ran on the 1995-1995 Sebrings. Often times they have nice package deals. The Bridgestone Turanza is the best tire for the $ by the way. ..........

Mike writes

HI, My names Mike and I own a "95 Sebring LX. For quite some time I have had a bad hub bearing and my anti lock light has been on. I think their related, but not possitive. Anyway, I recently replaced the bad hub assembly, but the light did not go out. Do I need to reset my computer? If so, how do I do that? I found something on the owners group site that told me how, but I can't find it again now that I need it. Could you please help me. Thanks, Mike B. (proud owner)

Eric says .......... Pull the "engine" fuse under the hood, replace after 5 minutes. If that doesnt work disconnect the negative battery terminal and reconnect after 10 minutes. ..........

Greg writes

Hello, I was hoping you could help me with a problem with the factory radio. It started when the buttons stopped working correctly, such as the eject button had to be hit several times to get the cassette out, seek and scan stopped working. Then the volume knob would adjust up and down regardless of which direction being turned. Now the radio cuts in and out. I took it over to a local car audio shop, they said there is nothing they can do to that type (one manufactured by Mitsubitshi). I have brought the radio to the Chrysler dealership and another shop before, and no one has been able to do anything. Is this place just trying to sell me a new radio or are they telling the truth? Has there been a lot of problems with this particular radio? Thanks for any help you can offer. Greg ..........

Eric says YES there are lots of problems with the radios. If you want a new one you can try 1-800-4airbag ..........

William writes

You know what I have seen on many of these Sebring sites that I really like is clear corners, but how do you get them or are they made and I just havent found out about them yet or what's the deal. If you know where or how I can pick myself up a pair of these that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot man...

Eric says .......... That requires either splitting the clear lens from the reflector for removal, or cutting the back out and removing it that way. .......... Jgjdmbiacan writes

First I wouyld like to sa that Sebrings are Cool cars.. I love the body design. Well Mr. Tech, I own a 96' Sebring LXi (burgundy color w/ gray bottom) there has been some electrical probablems with the car.. The sun roof use to work.. once in awhile it would work... the muffler has been making a rough noise.. like i had a 4 inch muffler. wich i dont by the way.. but soon i will .. is there anything i could check to see what is causing these problems??? by the way once in a while my meters dont work.. (tach meter, speedometer, etc.) what can cause these problems??? another thing i like the sebring club pics.. how can i get in the club.. i have futur plans for my sebring... here are some mods that i plan to have by the summer: 17 inch american racing rims, double stack GTR spoiler, tint (back,all four sides) , racing decals, intake, headers , down pipe, exhaust stytem, racing seats, hyper white lights, side makers, blue fog lights , two more fog lights(yellow or white), 2 channel legacy 600 amp,legacy 600 amp woofers, i also plan to have under seats subs.. others mods would be nitriuos system.. and miscellanous things.. by the way where can i find a car a turbo kit and a super charger for a sebring..?? thank you for taking the time owner of a sebring john by the way you can email me at

Eric says .......... As far as the electrical problems go I'd pull and replace all the fuses, make sure the contacts look clean. Now please dont put that spoiler on the back of a Sebring, It's made to look like a Mercedes not a Pro Stock drag car. Ken Belle, Hanns, Star all make turbo or Super charger kits. Check ..........

Phyllis Smith writes

Do you have any information on LXi Sebrings that have rolled with the low profile on wet highways and any other problems with seat belts or air bags. I would apprectiate any web sites that you might know about. This would be for 1997 and 1998 models.

LXiSebring: Sebrings with hteir low center of gravity and fairly long wheelbase are not prone to roll. Did you somehow roll yours?

Munchpunk writes

if u know where I can get indiglow gauges to fit my car or costomize my car with please e-mail me at

LXiSebring:check the guys at Can anyone help out here?

Dozer writes

Hi i was looking at you site and saw the picture af alexs sevring with the indy glo gauges..i heard somewhere that you can get gauges like that from a mitsubishi this true? if so what year and model fit the sebring? also do you have an email address for might make it easier if i went to him to ask where he got the gauges..Thx in advance for your help.

LXiSebring You might drop Alex a note. His address is

jrankin writes

Every couple of weeks my 97 will not turn over, the fuel pump was replaced and I still have the problem. The dealer cannot find anything wrong. Any suggestions?

LXiSebring: I'm not clear. Is the starter not turning the engine over or is the engine not starting even tho the battery seems ok. Sebring batteries are squirrely & someimes even if the battery seems to have enough juice to turn the engine over it still wont start. Try a new battery as a starting point.

T. Bradley Farris writes

i have a 1997 sebring lx that is paprika red. some of the "extras" ive got on it:

-gts smoke headlight covers
-pioneer 2000 head unit
-pioneer 6 disc changer
-pioner 3-way 6x9's on the back deck
-sylvania cool blue hyper-white zenon low beams
ill send ya some pics once the weather gets nicer

Michelle Johnson writes

Hi...I had my car featured here once...97' LXI champagne, power everything, etc.. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some parts to personalize my car. I have to start inexpesively. email me.. Thanks...Michelle Johnson

Chip writes

Hello my name is Rolland Schmidt, I own a 1996 Sebring coupe. I have owned this car since may of 1999. For the most part it has been a very reliable car. I use this car for work and have put over 52,000 miles on it.(37,800 when purchased-90,200 now.) recently I have had a number of electrical problems. Power windows quit, stereo quit, interior lighting quit, and my headlights will not shut off with the switch. I hear a funny clicking sound from under the dash while driving the car, but not when it is not moving. I am on a limited budget and taking it to a dealer is out of the question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dan writes

For starters, Great site. My car is also a 1995 Sebring LXI that is solid silver mist w/grey int.. I have a factory spoiler and the same rims you do. I had the Infiniti CD player, but recently installed a pioneer model#5200 in it and replaced my speakers for Cerwin Vegas. From my understanding from the dealership where I purchased the car, the Infiniti CD player didn't come factory w/ my car,but was special ordered by the original owner. Since I just recently bought the car I unfortunatly have yet to do much to it, but in time hope to do so.

So, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. I am thinking maybe switching the front bumper for either the other sebring bumper style(I believe it is the "honeycomb" style you talked about?) or an Avenger front bumper. Also I hope to maybe get the 10 spoke design. Once again your suggestions would be great!!!! Hope to talk to you soon. Thanks- Dan

Menux writes

T hey anyone can answer this question but im trying to put inda-glo bule lights in my car it the white gauge faces that glow blue at night. i seen a sebring with some on so i know they fit. if you know please e mail me at

Gerry writes

David, I would like to compliment you on your Web-site . As an owner of a 1997 Sebring , I think it's great to be able to share experiences with other owners. I would like to ask if anyone else has experienced the following problem with their 1997 Sebring : - a constant knocking from the engine afteer the car has been driven for a few minutes. - the dealership informs me that it's sourrce is an EGR valve and replacing it would only be a short term solution as it eventually re-occurs . My vehicle is still under warranty. This knocking is very annoying but the car performs wonderfully. Any suggestions short of contacting Mitsubishi USA ??? Thanks in advance .

LXiSebring: The noisy EGR valve knocking has been a part of Sebrings since the beginning. It's not fatal, but a unique Sebring "feature"!

Dano writes

To: LXiSebring hello, I have an 98 Indy Red. Where, if possible, should I look for factory rims (Lxi) , spoiler, and tires. Also, what is the difference in rim size between the standard Lx rim and the aluminum rim of the Lxi. Ive also noticed some people have also lowered the suspension. Other than cosmetics, what and how does that effect the car. I seem to scrape the front end continuously as it is now. How many inches is 'safe' to lower the car without having to replace/ repaint the ground effects. I' ve also had to have my side fiberglass door panels replaced. Is it possible to just color match my mirrors when I get a rear (stock) spoiler. (how much should a rear spoiler cost me as well?) I know I asked many questions. Hopefully you can help me out. Thank you muchly. - Dano

LXiSebring: any ideas on these questions?

Yvette Villarreal writes

Hello, I own a 98 sebring LXI coupe and I want to fix it up but I don't know where to look for accessories or what to do to change it. Have any ideas?

LXiSebring: Try the guys at

Otis writes I have a 1997 Chrysler sebring LXi and I wanted to know if you could send me any information on where to find performance parts such as headers, air intakes, exhausts, etc.. Thanks, Otis Alexander

LXiSebring: Try the guys at

Jeff Plum writes

My sebring features Apex exsults and eibach springs.. also was the first sebring in ths aere to be "fixed up" i have tasteful decals displaying the manufacturers of the preformance parts on the front finder.. i alos am displaying the the logo of the shop that did the work to it on the hood and rear window..

Jacob writes

Hello, my name is Jacob Werline of Tollesboro Kentucky. I am 18 and I own a 1999 Sebring LXi. I have a spolier that sets 12 inches off of my trunk and I have a custom made hood. I would like to hear from you and if you like the way my car sounds, I will send a picture of it if you want me to. I could go all day about my car because I have done so much to it. You won't see another one like it.

mark paolillo writes

hello i'm a owner of a indy red 99 bring---what a girl catcher---well can anyone give me a good alterative for some sharp tires for my ride on the stock size 17" wheels......

Julio writes

Hey how's it going? Well I just want to comment on your page. I think is very neat that you have such a page cause sebrings are really classy cars, I own a 97 lx myself and i love it, I want to customize it but I can't find places where I can buy accesories for it. So if you know of any on line stores let me know... well thanks for your time

Tracy writes

Hello, my name is Tracy i am happy to be a part of the Chrysler family.......i just bought a 98' Sebring (paprika) tan interior.bad azz. If anyone could tell me about the transmission and if they have experienced any problems with that or the overdrive let me know. In the meanwhile i'll get my roll on..peace

Kelly says

Just wanted to say Thanks! I was lurking on the Sebring Owners page and recently found myself in need of a new tire for my 97 Lxi coupe. I got one from TireRack much cheaper than anywhere else and they had it in stock. The Goodyear place told me that they could only get me a V rated tire not an H so I'd have to get two new ones. Thanks Again!

Joann writes

My keyless remote broke (the plastic loop) at the place it hooks on to the keyring. Otherwise, the remote is fine. Any ideas for fixing this as I think $81 to the dealer to replace it is horrible. I've looked at after market and can't find anything. Any ideas?

Eric says ............... Im a fan of 5 minute Epoxy myself, just glue the ring right to the unit. ...............

Connie writes

Do you like the car and would you recommend it to anyone. Thanks C

Eric says............... They just released a new model 2001 based on a stiffer chassis, I think it's STILL the nicest ride for the $$$ ...............

Ben writes I have a 1995 Sebring LXi, I was wondering what the wheel bolt pattern is on that particular year. I think that it's 5x100 but I would like to know for sure. Thanks B

Eric says................ Search the web for the tire rack, they have all the info you could want ................

Jim writes

I have a 1995 Sebring, from new, now with 150,000 kms., and would pass on the following info, as well well as a request for answers. The car handles well, doesn't have a lot of road noise, I've put on Cooper tyres, perhaps that's why.

Problems, now onto my third battery, I purchased the car in January 1996, so that's five years ago, and Chrysler have been less than co-operative about their dealer purchased batteries.

ABS warning light constantly on, since I reached 90,000 kms, way not be distance related, but is the system working, the dealer suggests no, and requires a whole new system, around $1400 US plus labour. Is there a simple way to check that system is working ?, and the problem is an electrical fault ?, any help would be appreciated. One other owner, that I know, also has this same problem, his is a 1996 model lxi.

Like others, both door actuators have had to be replaced, just after the warranty ran out ?, co-incidence ?, although Chrysler did pick up the tab for one, but not the labour to install.

A small heat shield came off the exhaust system, it is not sold individually, you have to purchase a complete sub-assembly for $640 US, plus labour to install.

Like other owners, who have written on these pages, it would appear this is a fine car but very expensive to repair.

Thanks for your help, Jim

Eric says ............. Go buy a battery from Sears or something, problem solved,ABS is supplemental and not necessary, The ABS will self test on the first startup of the day in REVERSE when you aply the brake (Start the car tomorrow morning, back down the driveway slowly, apply the brakes gently, you should hear and feel the test cycle) .............

David writes

I bought my sebring a little over 2 years ago, 97 w/only 15,000. Now approaching 50,000. LXI, 2 door, w/v6. I've had alot of trouble with the on board computer (dealership finally replaced it-car would not start). Since then, have replaced 2 oxgyn sensors, engine light continues to come on and off while accelerating or passing, car jumps and feels like it is lurching. Could this be the EGR valve, if so, can I bypass it? Part is a bit expensive, but if ness, believe I can replace myself w/o another trip to the dealership. Thanks in advance. David Barbour

Eric says ............. If the light is or was on there are codes stored in the PCM, check the link at the top of the page for PCM CODES and how to read the engine light. You need to goto another dealer.Take your codes with you. .............

andy writes

I hope you can help me out In the past year I have been having an issue with the engine light. After a gas fill up, if the cap is not properly closed the engine light would come on. I took it to the dealer and they said it was a gas line presure fault which turned on the engine light. They would reset the fault and everything was fine untill the next time when the gas cap was not tightened properly. Now the dealer wants to charge me a service cost so followed the idea's I read from other owners. I pulled the engine fuse for ten minutes but the engine light came back on after about two hours of driving. Then I pulled the negitive cable off the battery for ten minutes. This turned the engine light off again for two hours. I then tried using the PCM codes test and it showed 12 which is the battery input disconnected. Will the engine light shut off after 50 key on cycles or will I have to go to the dealer and pay to have them shut off the light? Everything else seems to run fine. Thank-you for your help

Eric says ................. Looks like you need a new gas cap, Seriously I'd check other "leaking" possibilities and have ANOTHER dealership check for "soft" codes in the computer. A soft code trip should go out after 3 consecutive warm up and cool down cycles. Don't be so quick on pulling that fuse, let the car fix itself the next time. .................

Nick writes

How ya doing, my name is Nick. I own a 98 chyrsler sebring LXi, lowered w/ 1.9" eibach springs, black w/ tan leather and limo tinted windows all the way around. I have a couple of questions. First off, i saw a picture of a sebring on the page and i noticed that on the headlights, the corners were did he do that????? Also..i wanted to know if anything is available for the turn signals to be clear. Another question i have is for a sebring, from your knowledge....what type of enclosure and type of speakers sound the best in my car??? ANy information would be greatly appreaciated..thank you much

Eric says .............. The clear signal lens is a modification thar requires either spliting the lens from the bucket or cutting the back of the headlight unit and removing the orange lens. Infinity Kappa stock replacements are the best bet, check Crutchfield for application tips. ..............

Iris writes

My Service Engine Light comes on and remains on until the sensor is reset. Have you heard of anyone else having this problem? Many Thanks

Eric says ............. Pull the fuse marked ENGINE or MOTOR under the hood, wait 5 minutes and replace. The light will be off. .............

ac writes

Hello, I have a 1995 Sebring Coupe LXi. The problem I have is how do I turn off the alarm system? I cannot open my passenger side door, using the key or remote. When I do the alarm goes off. I have read the manual and it does not state on how to disengage it permanently. Please advise as how to do this, my email is Thanks very much

Eric says................ I havent found any way to disconnect the alarm, if you find an Alarm fuse you could pull that out. I bet the door switch for the alarm is bad. ................

jmg writes

My 99 Indy Red Sebring coupe is the best looking car on the road in my opinion. But -- I've had one problem after another. First, my sunroof came off the tracks. They had to take out the whole headliner to repair it. Then the mechanical clips on the side moldings broke and I had to have the whole molding replaced. That took 3 days to replace it. Then my sunroof leaked & had to be resealed. When I got my car back, the shade was torn apart & had to be replaced. Another trip to the dealer. I have had my Sebring to the dealer 4 times because my trunk leaks and they have not been able to find the cause. My steering wheel was making a funny squeak whenever you turn the wheel. The dealer has now received a bulletin about it and I need to make another appointment to have those parts replaced. My trunk is still leaking, not just a little. It gets so wet, I can't put anything in the trunk and I really don't want to be loading suitcases, etc. on my leather seats.Maybe the fifth time will be the charm. My car may look great but it spends way too much time at the dealership.

... Eric says................ LOUSY DEALERSHIP !!! either the car was hit in the rear and the trunk is misaligned, or the gasket is bad, I'd put Vaseline on the gasket, slam the trunk and see if it comes off on the trunk lid. The sunroof deal is just plain bad workmanship, there are lots of documents out on this problem. I'd DEMAND that they replace the trunk carpeting and the spare tire compartment cover if saturated. It will get moldy. ...................

Joey Hooper writes

What's up man ? My name is Joey Hooper and I own a custom 98 sebring LXi . I have been looking for a owners group or webring for the sebring for a long time and I just happened to find your's . you have some smooth rides on your site . I am sending a pic of my sebring it has been lowered 6 inches in the front and 5 inches in the back. I have done a lot of customising to my ride. To much to list in a e-mail if you want to you can check out my website the address is Here . Thanks for your time any comment's would be appreciated.

Ray Patterson writes

have a 1996 Polo Green LXi with every option except leather. The car is great. It has lots of style. It needs a little more power, but that has been addressed with the arrival of the 2001 LXi.

Jesse writes

David- Please help my name is Jessie & I have a 97 Sebring Lxi. I just got the car maybe 2 months ago and I noticed that the part under neath my grill (please forgive me if I don't know what it's called) that hangs down is broken off on the drivers side & is hanging down, bent, & catching on everything are they going to have to replace my whole front bumper? & do you know how much that's going to cost to repair, or what other options I have to go about fixing it? If you could email me back with some tips that would be great, thank you.

Dave Hommes writes

My name is David Hommes. I own a 1998 LXi with 70,000 miles. It is Paprika with tan leather interior. I've owned it since May and I love it. Parts are a tad high, though. Please add me to your list. Thanks.

Frank Stinson writes

The mitsubishi V6 used in late 80's/early 90's minivans was a 3.0L engine. It is completely unrelated to the 2.5L motor used in the Sebrings.

LXiSebring: I expect the two engines are very close relatives with respect to the basic block, but someone here might know more than I do.

Jeff Trone writes

Please tell me where I can get accessories like fitted car covers and bras for my 2000 Sebring LXI.

LXiSebring: Your local Chrysler parts dept has bras ski and bike racks and other similar stuff

Shaggs writes

Hi, my name is Mike, I wrote to you once before about my 1995 Sebring LX. Its my moms car now, but I have been driving it this week and have noticed a bit of trouble. Whenever i accelerate the steering wheel seems to jiggle from side to side, im clueless on what it is. I did notice that the car is overdue for its 3month/3000mile service(my mom doesnt care about the car much). Also, the passenger side speaker on the door seems to rattle a bit when i turn the volume up sometimes, I eliminate it by putting all the sound to the back...any idea what causes this? Power locks have been out of commission for about a couple years now, parents are not wanting to repair them. Other than that and my dad puttin cheapo tires on the car, Im happy with it. I just wish my parents werent so cheap when it comes to maintaining a big investment like a vehicle. Thanks, Mike

LXiSebring: Dont be too hard on your parents for spending money on you rather than on high performance tires.

Brian writes

To: Thanks for the help! I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future. I'm a senior in the Mechanical Engineering program and have to do a mechanical system design for my final class. If there is any design flaw or option that might be useful for the Sebring, let me know. I don't start this until June, but am shopping for ideas now. I want to design something I can use rather than the goofy projects the teachers assign. For my thermal design we designed a heat exchanger for the exhaust on a 88 LeBaron to rapidly defrost the windows. Thanks for your help! P.S. I'm also looking for the wood grain dash plate that goes around the radio/heater controls if you happen to know of one or any parts cars.

LXiSebring: The only things that come to mind are the too-low front fascia, and, of course the iffy brakes.

braden writes

T Anyone had problems with road noise from their Sebring, the 95 I have makes excessive road noise inside, it is actually quieter on the outside, last year I had to change both rear stub axle assemblies, now the driver's side is worn out again and I have to change it again before the wheel falls off and causes more problems, also had to change the battery two years ago, and the starter and a power steering line on the rack last month, to say the least I am not impressed, the word lemon comes to mind and I can't wait to unload it on the first fool that will buy it, and yes the abs light will not go off, and I have had to change the brake shoes far too often, you shouldn't have to buy aftermarket parts that are superior to factory parts, this car has been very poorly engineered and or Chrysler must be using the cheapest materials it can find to slap them together, the car has 150,000 miles on it, a pittance by today's standards, the Ford I also own is two years older has 50,000 more miles on it, and is trouble free, good luck with your so called cars, a good piece of advice would be to unload the POS while you can, you want a reliable Chrysler.... buy a K-Car ha ha. My problems will soon be over, hello auction, hello sucker, goodbye heap...... Seriously, good luck, you're gonna need it! P.S. I must have the R/T version of the Sebring.... requires towing.

LXiSebring: You got 150,000 miles on the car & you are complaining? Goodness!

Rick writes

I have a 1999 Sebring LXi. I really enjoy my car except for the continual brake problem. I have read that the rotors are too under sized for these 17" wheels. I have also been told by the service writer at my dealer,. that the metal used in the rotor is cheap and therefor over heats quickly causing it to warp. I read here some place about a permanent fix, by purchasing different brake pads and rotors from an outside source. I was also wondering if the people who have downsized to a 16" wheel have seen an improvement in there brakes. I know 17" tires are hard to find and expensive as well. What do you think? your help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

JSCrash writes

I have just purchased a new 2001 Ice Silver Sebring LXi Sports Coupe. 5 speed, moon roof, custom wheels (SLR 142) Car should be delivered this week and wheels put on that day. What a ride, had to order from the factory, couldn't find one in this color with no ABS or Polished wheels, which were two options I didn't want. Can't wait and interested in your club.

tom in huntsville writes

The 1996 Sebring is a hot, stylish car. But beware of it's lower front end. It will not only 1) Scrub on deep parts of the roadway, but most importantly 2) the lower front will also yield to a quick reaction to turning or maneuvering. It's a smooth riding car, just don't turn it quickly.

Alex Stone writes

Hey whats up? Im Alex Stone and I own a 1998 Chrysler sebring Lxi (caffe latte), I got my license in August and this is my first car. I bought the Sebring at a Dodge dealership in July, with a little help from my father. The car is in mint condition, it has 41,000 miles on it and it runs like the wind. I have quickly learned how to back out of driveways with the minimal ground clearance of the car. Most of my friends have "pocket rockets" but they still are in awe when they see the Sebring. Take it Easy

Justin writes

Yes, i'm pertaining to the quote you made about you hearing of little to no serious problems with the chrysler. I think not! My sister, who graduated the class of 97' had one. My parents went and bought her a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXI. Paprika red with grey interior.And from day one she had nothing but problems with it. The brake thing, and the way it ran, and the ground clearance of the front end sucked! Her radio speakers were always bad and she just had a lot of problems with the engine a lot. So In other words all your doing when you buy the chrysler sebring is just buying a car that looks nice not a car with good reliabilty like the mustangs.

Bryan Etten writes

I have a 97 sebring that have p215 50 r17 rims. There are 3 of us at Creative Automation in Hillside IL with the same issue. All of us had bent rims due to minor bumps in the road. The rims are made of a very cheap alloy and cannot be repaired. The cost is very high -- $305 per rims plus $130 per tire. Help if you can , the test enginneers have egg on there face to miss this huge problem.

Michael writes

Hi, my name is Michael. I am from Branson Missouri. I purchased a '98 sebring last year. I would like to showcase it on your site. What's special about mine is that I have made some modifications to it. Some including: ground effects (neon underbody), assorted neon lights inside (all of which are purple), strobe light, new stereo system (kenwood Minidisc player, MTX subwoofers in trunk). Soon to add new 18" chrome wheels. Those are on order. All in all I am hoping to make the best looking Sebring anyone has ever seen. By the way, its black with tan leather interior. Once finished, I would love to have a picture on your website. Thank you.

CRIS writes

Sir; do you have any info on engine power upgrades? I have seen Mitsubishi engine turbo upgrades for Chrysler/Mitsubishi products such as talons, eclipses etc.

Carl Wingert writes

hi, I have a 97 Sebring and have had considerable trouble with the 3 years i have drove it...I have replavced the Speed-ometer, the driver side window controls, Twice and the CD player..this was all under warantee...after the warantee...i have replaced the water pump for 875.00..the front whell bearings for 975.00 and the spark plugs for 675.00..I have 155,000 KM's on the vehicle and now the struts are making noise..just figured i would pass this along..other than that she is a graceful car...if only the repairs were not so much..

Josh writes

i have a 1995 sebring lxi with brown perforated leather..just thought id let ya know...any ?? i can send pics... Josh

LXiSebring: Brown? In 95 some dealers were doing dealer installed leather trim options using locally available upholstery shops. It was less expensive than the factory version and many more colors. I havent run into this in recent years.

Dino Esposito writes

Happy New Year! I am having a problem with the power locks on my 95 sebrink lxi. The passenger door works but the drivers door does not, at first it just appeared to be sticky and would work intermitently but not the driver door power lock does not work at all. Thx Dino PS Are you employed by Chrysler?

LXiSebring: Nope--I'm just an interested owner. The cure for the door lock problem is a new actuator--will cost about $260 total. $165 for the part. I just did that.

POGI415 writes

Hello there I own a 96 LXi........I've added custom rims to it...........I will be sending you pics soon.........but the reason I emailed you is to ask you if you know where I can get those clear headlight covers like "alex's sebring" he also has smoke you know where he got those??? If so please respond..........thanks a lot man....... The newest sebring owner

Alyson writes

Hi, my name is alyson paul and i own a 97 sebring lxi. I currently have the original tires and have been told by the dealership where i purchased the car that they need to be replaced. I have done some calling around to local tire stores in the area and they have all told me that there is only one type of tire that will fit on my current rims, the goodyear eagle 215/50R17, which are the tires i have now. I do not wish to put these exact same tires on my car because of many complaints i have read and certainly do not want to spend the money on tires i will be less than happy with. I have also begun to consider purchasing smaller rims. Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Eric says .................... I would consult the tire rack. Look them up on the Web. .....................

Hank writes

Hi, I just bought a 98 Sebring LXI, my question is what is the little antenna on the roof go to and what is the 3 key pad on the drivers sunvisor. The car did not have a handbook, how could I get one? Your help will be appreicated, Hank Burnley Eric says ..................... The 3 key pad is for an electric garage door opener, the antenna could be cell phone or security?? .....................

Dick writes

I am having recurrent problems with the fuse designated for the starter ( #8 slot) blowing out when I try to start the vehicle. No other systems are on and at times it will start and other times I will go through two or three fuses before it starts. Vehicle currently at the dealers....What do you think is the Px: I have not driven the vehicle through water nor has any (other that normal) amounts of water sprayed into the engine compartment. I have had the vehicle for over 6 months and the problem stated, started just a few days ago. Thanks

Eric says ................ Could be that the starter is shorting out for some reason, I'd have that checked first. ................

Twala writes

I have a 97 Sebring LXi. What are your recommendations for platinum spark plugs? Is it better to use them than any others? Also, I need new tires again. I have 73K worth of miles. What is your recommendation? I am going to buy 1 at a time starting today but if there is a better model than the Eagles please let me know. Thanks.

Eric says.......................... I would contact the tire rack for the tires, they are very helpful. Also check your manual for the correct spark plugs. Also listed under the hood. ..........................

belmore writes

Upon reading this member's site I saw your email address as a technical reference for Sebrings. I'm looking for a few replacement parts for my 1997 Sebring LXi. I lost the wheel cover (the part that covers the lugnuts for the wheel itself) off my front right wheel. Also, one of my fog lamps is out: where is the best place to get a high quality lamp bulb (Mopar?) Do the dealers offer these replacements parts? If so, do you have a website that offers these replcaements? Price lists? Any help would be much appreciated.

Eric says................................... The dealer is the place to go for the hubcap. The foglamp takes an H3 bulb available at any auto parts store. This will require removing the lamp ,unplugging the wires,and removing the rear twist off cover to access the bulb. You may want to have the dealer do that if your not confortable with it. ...................................

Jerry writes

As you are apparently the Sebring guru, I would like to ask a couple of questions. My Sebring has about 15,600 miles and I was just informed that I need a front brake job. Does this not seem a bit premature? Also, I continue to have a very whiney transaxle.....especially when decelerating. Chrysler put a new transaxle at 5K, but it continues to whine........Any thoughts, or is this "normal"? Thanks,

Eric says ................. Nothing abnormal at all, 15k is right on scedule and the trannys just seem to whine a little bit. . .......................