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The "Last" 2004-05 Sebring Coupe

Below is the 2001-02 model for comparison.

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For those of you who are actually looking for the Sebring CONVERTIBLE, to my knowledge no one currently maintains a similar site for convertible owners. We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well. Information and photos of your car should be sent to the site operator at I have only a limited amout of mechanical knowledge. Further, I know very little about aftermarket parts. The people who keep track of aftermarket parts are at

LXiSebring's '95 LXi

The '97 "Green Goblin" is featured this week

Eric (Mr. Tech) is Back!!

Eric has rejoined the board and is willing to continue to answer a limited number of technical questions related to Sebrings. He has indicated to me that he feels most comfortable dealing with technical questions relating to the 1st gen (95-96) and 2nd Gen (97-2000) Sebrings. He says that the older, out of warranty car owners are the ones that he can help out the most. His new e-mail address is

News: A Sad Day

Chrysler has recently announced that the next gen Sebring coupe will only be available as a sedan and convertible but sadly, not as a coupe. There is all sorts of weird info on the Web about the Sebring coupe, with one place indicating that the Sebring coupe is already discontinued and another indicating there will be a coupe through 2006 so I'm not exactly certain for how long the coupe you will continue. The official Chrysler Web Site makes no mention of any of this.

Here are some of the complexities--Mitsu has been doing engineering work for everything Chrysler/Dodge passenger car smaller than the 300. That includes Stratus, Sebring sedan & convertible, PT Cruiser and Neon. Also the 4 door Charger is floating around somewhere in all of this. Apparently these engineers are now all but employed by Daimler Chrysler as Daimler had allowed their small car engineering staff of their own to disappear--Mitsu was to have done all that engineering work. There was a big fight at Daimer whereby Jurgen Schrempp, the CEO, wanted to keep funding Mitsu and the Board wanted to quit giving them money. THe Board won. But that still left the problem of what to do with the cars under development by Mitsu engineers. This past week Mitsu announced they were trying to sell their North American operations, which largely consists of Diamond-Star Motors in Normal Illinois, where Sebring/Stratus coupes are built as well as Eclipses and Galants which used the same underpinnings. Meanwhile, all the current Sebring Converts and Stratus Sebring Sedans come off of what was known as the Chrysler P (think "cloud cars") car chassis assembled in Hermosillo Mexico-- a short distance across the Texas border where Chrysler has a big assembly plant. No doubt it's a lot cheaper to build cars in Hermosillo than in Normal and the Normal factory never was anywhere near running full production as Mitsu cars never did sell well. But you see how the coupes got lost in all of this. Meanwhile coupes arent exactly rising in sales relative to the other models and only a few soldier on--I'm not sure how long even Solara or Accord coupe are for this world. The Solara is built right here in Lexington, Kentucky, but I dont think it has sold very well either--the styling looks, well, "Asian". The previous model, more Sebring-like, looked better.

I'm not sure who would be inyterested in buying the Mitsu US assembly plant as the world isn't exactly short of production capacity and thats a relatively high cost operation compared with a Mexican site. This has turned into a Royal mess.

Chrysler COULD come up with a fold down hardtop version of the convertible. Convertibles that avoid the Canvas are all the rage and it wouldn't seem to me to be difficult to design a hardtop that is made of plastic not canvas and folds down. The really weird part is Chrysler now has the next generation coupe body all ready for production, except that it has had its top chopped off. Maybe one of those aftermarket places would make me a permanent top for a fee. As these kinds of remodeling things go it shouldn't be impossible or outrlandishly costly...surely easier than removing a top. It would certainly catch the attention of Sebring Coupe owners everywhere.

I also suspect there might be a Chrysler logo version of the Dodge Charger eventually, but more likely with 4 doors than 2 Yuck. By the way that was a big fight inside Dodge and in the end they came up with a design that has 4 doors but you have trouble seeing where the rear doors are. The purists wanted 2 but the bean counters said 2 wouldnt sell.

Older News: Daimler Chrysler pulls the plug on Mitsubishi

Daimler Chrysler announced that they are pulling the plug on their financial investment in MItsubishi. Whether this is the end of Mitsubishi is unclear. Chrysler is writing off their investment (which was about a third of the stock of the company) unless a buyer can be found. What's weird is that this had been the corporate strategy into the mid-priced Asiam market.

This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car. I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.


I am not a customer service representative for you, and while you might feel good by writing a letter that vents your anger over a problem with your car or your dealer, we are not going to post letters that identify an individual dealer, nor act as your advocates for you in these disputes. My experience has been that most service departments will try hard to deal with a customer complaint, but they too have limits in terms of what they are able to do. Further, if you do not feel that you are getting adequate service at your dealer, get a second opinion ata second dealership, calmly explaining what the problem is and what the first dealer attempted to do that did not repair the problem. Service people are human too and if you go in angry, chances are you won't get their best work on your behalf.

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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.

Also, check out

The Avenger Sebring Owners Group (ASOG) Website

The MOPAR website

MOPAR Chatroom

MOPAR Auction

Note: Please e-mail Eric or me any Coupe problems you have and the solutions, if any.

The Official Chrysler web site

I hadn't stopped by the Official Chrysler Website ( for quite awhile. I was amazed to see the many things that were available. What caught my eye was that you can order owner's manuals and factory service manuals directly off of a site button. I checked the price for an owner's manual for my '95, and it was a very reasonable $6. So if you need an owner's manual or serbvice manual for your Sebring that is the place to go!

Also interesting was the fact that you could get a price quote on any Chrysler Corp vehicle. I gather this works somewhat like and undoubtedly there is a connect to dealers in your area. This may not work out to be the final deal, but these sorts of things certainly help limit the search (and the pain of negotiating with greasy sales managers over a few dollars).

On a side note, a local dealer (Lexington KY) is advertizing new 2002 Sebring LXi coupes that have a sticker of 25K+ for 19,700. I gather this is one with all the regular LXi features, V6, and auto, but without the ABS, leather or the sun roof.

Aftermarket parts

LXiSebring: I had this note relative to body parts for convertibles, but maybe the same company would be interested in doing coupe parts as well.

Leu writes

Hello and thank you for your time. I am a proud owner of a 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible but as you might already know there are not many after marker Accessory for our car's. i would like to put a hood scoop or a spoiler around the fender's. they make these parts for just about any car but the Sebring Convertible, i finally found a company that will start to make the parts for our car's, but only if i can get 15 or more other Sebring Convertible owner's to contact them in support of this. The more the better but I would like your help in this if you would. Please let me know what you think of this. here is the company information that you will need to contact them.

Pakfeifer Canada Products Chrysler Body Kits E-mail Address is

Here is there Web site

Or just go to a search engine and type in Pakfeifer Canada Products Chrysler Body Kits

again thank you for your time

A V6 owner wrote

here is a link to the supercharger kit for the 2.5 liter v-6. it gave me about 80 extra horsepower at the wheels but i had to add a transmission oil cooler. it was a pretty difficult installation. it worth the 4000 dollars. it comes with Blow-Off Valve, FMU fuel control, inline fuel pump, boost and a/f meter, silicone hoses, and SC to throttle body pipes. I used a k&n air filter.


you will need a custom exhaust. i made a cat back 2.5 in with a high flow cat and dual chrome plated mufflers. the charger is really hard on the transmission.

So there is a supercharger out there but I wouldnt expect Chrysler to do warranty work on a vehicle so modified. and your transmission may quickly end up as a heap of oil and metal filings on your garage floor! There are a limited number of aftermarket parts available. No, I dont know of any ground effects kits or clear taillights. THe guys at keep closer track of this stuff than I do. This is what I know so don't expect to learn any more by writing me.

If you want a custom spoiler painted in your body color they are about $245 at

If you want custom gauges the kits in various colors are about $107 at, but only for 95-2000 models (yet)

I have not purchased anything from any of these companies so this is not an endorsement of any of these but is just information for you.

Instrument Cluster Repairs (roger yenke) To: For the servicing of the common problems associated with the instrument cluster. If interested please email to Roger Yenke (

Replacing batteries in remote keyless entry transmitters

I had an interesting experience when the remote Keyless entry no longer worked on my car. I presumed it was time for battery replacement, My unit is from 1995, and I'm not sure if the design changed significantly in later years or not. Anyway here is what I ran into. I first pried the two sides of the keychain transmitter apart. If you have fairly long fingernails you can actually carefully pry the two sides apart. At that point, one of the two batteries will fall out in your hand. The batteries are quarter-sized number CR2016, and the Energizer replacement is readily available in the jewelry counter at KMart (2.99 each) or in the photography counter at Wal Mart (1.99). Figuring out how the batteries go in is a bit of an issue. They actually fit one on top of the other, with the plus (flatter) side of both of the the batteries toward the springs in the cover section. The slightly rounded negative side of the battery fits against the shiny flat circle on the bottom where the transmitter part actually is. I reassembled and it works (it didn't work with the batteries installed upside down). I would be interested in hearing if any of you have had experience installing batteries in later models and whether these instructions are correct for those models as well.

Click here to visit the Chrysler Central Website Stop in and say hello!!!

If you are interested in trade-in values on Sebrings, check out The Kelly Blue Book SiteInteresting to note that the Chrysler website now has a link to the Kelly Blue Book site--how times change in the automobile business!

Performance Tips from Eric

I promised you earlier that I would find hard evidence before I recommended any performance parts.I am sick of the hype and the 'magic products.' Here are some options.


For the 4 cylinder NGK recommends the BKR6E-11 set at 0.050".
For the V-6 NGK recommends the PFR5G-11, set at 0.044" - NGK's initial setting,
thus the "-11" or 1.1 mm.
If you like the idea of using Platinum plugs or have questions reguarding them you can Email me (
The NGK engineer for Chrysler applications is (


Want to try the absolutely best car polish system in the World? Zaino Bros. I have used these products for a long time and let me tell you nothing compares. Did I mention the owner Sal is a really nice guy and will answer all your questions?


THESE PART NUMBERS FIT 1995-2000 Sebrings. Eric is in the process of getting the correct numbers for 2001-2002 Sebrings. Stay tuned. Here are Eric's recommended part numbers:

Front Axxis Pads........................23-484-01
Front Power Stop rotor/left side......JBR518SL
Front Power Stop rotor/right side....JBR518SR
Rear Axxis Pads.........................23-383-01
Rear Power Stop rotor/left side.......JBR772SL
Rear Power Stop rotor/right side.....JBR772SR

These are slotted rotors that will solve the warping problem so common on Sebrings/Avengers. Contact Ralph at Olympic tell him I sent you. He will set you up with a set of Powerstop SLOTTED rotors and Axxis metal master pads. I'm sure that they are available elsewhere but their prices and service is second to none. When you have them installed make sure that they replace the brake clips (Hardware) and lubricate ALL the contact points of the pad to the calipers. This will fix your problem.

LXiSebring's Shine and Show Trick

Having trouble getting those black plastic outside mirrors to get back to a factory sheen? Try a silicone-based product for blackwalls and black plastic trim. I use Westley's "Black Magic" I bought my bottle some years ago. Check your favorite auto supply store. This restores the dulled and faded plastic part to its original factory sheen, tho you may have to reapply it occasionally. Fading of the mirror plastic appears to particularly be a problem on 95-96 models.

Rambling Commentary on DaimlerChrysler and its future products by LXiSebring

The Sebring coupes are quite different cars from the sedans and convertibles. The 4 dr and convertible Sebrings are Chrysler-made and based on the Chrysler engineered "P" chassis--I believe some if not all are built in a Mexican plant which is just over the Texas Border where Chrysler has a big plant. 4-door owners check your build tag on your driver's side B pillar and tell me what it says. If you remember the Plymouth Acclaim, that was an early version of the "P" car chassis. The Sebring coupe is built in Normal Illinois by Mitsubishi workers in the Diamond Star Motors (DSM) plant, and is based on the completely different Mitsubishi Galant chassis. The V6 in the sedan is a version of the Chrysler-designed V6 that first showed up in the Intrepid, but the coupe V6 is a Mitsubishi design. Both coupe and sedan use the same Chrysler-designed 4 cyl, which is a variant of the 4 cyl also used in the Neon and PT-Cruiser.

It is helpful to think of the Eclipse as being built on a shortened Galant chassis rather than the Sebring coupe as a stretched Eclipse.

Chrysler, after almost completely severing ties with Mitsubishi just before the Damlier merger (The Sebring Coupe was the only really shared product by about '98 and Chrysler had non Mitsubishi-based V6s in their then-new sedans) now is very cozy with them again. Daimler Chrysler doesn't truly own Mitsubishi, but as I understand it, they have about 1/3 of the shares. Thats enough so Mitsubishi doesn't do anything now without checking first with DC headquarters in Germany. The DC/Mitsubishi partnership is similar to what GM has going on with Subaru and now GM used a bunch of Subaru parts in the new Pontiac Solstace--Bob Lutz's pet project at GM.

In the future I expect to see a new DC chassis common to both the P cars and the Galant derivatives and perhaps even eventually derivatives of the Mercedes C class--since all three are so similar in size and layout. Also, dont tell Mercedes owners, but there are cheaper Mercedes coming out that will share lots of parts and engineering with Chrysler & Mitsubishi, and Mercedes parts will be showing up on Chrysler and MItsubishi cars too. Expect luxury Chrysler cars to pull more and more engineering from Mercedes just as the new Lincoln model shares underpinnings with the S-Type Jaguar. Meanwhile, everyone knows that the new Jaguar X-Type is built on as Ford chassis widely used in Europe, but appearing in the US as the now-defunct Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique. This isn't all glued together yet, but thats what will happen. If Mercedes engineers a good new front suspension, why reinvent it and have to pay for additional engineering work at Chrysler or Mitsubishi, espcially if all the cars it could be used in have similar size and weight.

Plus, Mercedes is really looking to expand into the under $30,000 market world-wide, which means the "Not engineered in Germany" opposition will end up being muted and Germans will be happily buying cars that are mostly Chryslers & Mitsubishis but with the three-pointed star on the grille. The new Mercedes little hatchback just came out (Compressor) with (gasp!) cloth upholstery and in the mid 20s! I think the short wheelbase and hatchback design wont do very well in the US, however--the design is just too European for us. Hatchback cars have never been popular in the US regardless of who makes them. But a new Mercedes Coupe built with the overall size and other design parameters of a Sebring coupe and under $30,000. That is quite buildable out of the existing Mercedes/Chrysler/Mitsu parts bin and it could happen!

parts locator Link

Check with Mike Havent ttried this company so have no recommendation on Sebring parts

Xenon Bulb Study

Eric says he is going to do an independent study on these fancy new "HID" look replacement bulbs. It looks to me like they have figured out how to color correuct Halogen bulbs by tinting them and using new gas mixes inside. I have contacted some manufactures and they are sending samples.

LXiSebring: According to the newspaper, the new bulbs on expensive cars are "high-theft" items.

Computer resetting

The best way to reset is to disconnect the battery and reconnect.

Reprogramming remote keyless entry units

Not sure how much of this applies to the Sebring coupe, but Click here

John Tells me that he has a Web site called Auto Makes and Models and he has a link to our site here. Stop by and say hello.

From LXiSebring

In case you guys haven't realized iyt, I love muy car. It's a '95 and going on it's 11th year It has 38,000 miles on it and still looks like nerw inside and out. I recently replaced the front brake pads, and got new tires. I've done the usual maintenance and replaced the battery about 5 times. Other than that I have had no major problems. My car starts well and it runs smoothy. There isn't anything in new vehicles that I can see myself in. I suppose if something major breaks I will have to make some quick decisions, which might involve trading. But not for now!


Sebring Coupe Owners Listed in 2006:

Pedro writes

Hi My name is Pedro as you see on the lower sign.

Actually my car is at the workshop, is a Sebring 99 Coupe, here in Mexico were called Cirrus LXI Coupe, but I am trying to get the fog lights,and parking light(its located between the headlight and fog light,passengers side) and the back head light also passenger sida.

If you know a website or a workshop when I can buy this pieces I will appreciate a lot.

LXiSebring: Does anyone hav a Web link for Sebring lights? If so, contact Pedro, above.

Jon writes

Hello, my name is Jon and I own a 2004 sebring limited platinum coupe with a 5 speed trans.Recently my car placed second at the AllChrysler Nationals in Carlisle PA. I have spent alot of time trying to find production numbers on this car,and am unable to find any info.I was hoping you could help me. Thanks

LXiSebring: I'm looking for these too. How about a photo of your car for the photo page?

Brennan writes

My car is stuck in 2nd gear it will only go 45mph at 4000rpm's. I bought this car at a auction can you give me any ideas to solve the problem. Can you recomend any websites for this problem. Thanks, Brennan

Eric says...Yes, That is called limp mode. Disconnect and reconnect the battery and hope for the best.

MIck writes

My daughter owns a 97 Sebring w/ 2.5 V-6. I have read several articles that recommend changing the timing belt on these cars. As a matter of fact, a friend from work had a Sebring and the belt went costing him $1,500.00 to repair valves etc. Question is: Am a fairly competent mechanic and have replaced timing belts on other models of cars. Chrysler wants $450 to do it. Is this something that I could tackle myself and if so can you recommend a site or a book that is fairly accurate in how to get it accomplished? By the way....Find your website interesting. Also having problems with lower control arms and brakes.

Thanks for taking the time


LXiSebring: You need the Chrysler service manual for your car. I think that has a regular part number over the Chrysler parts dept counter..

Tom Binney writes

Just an update; Yes I still have it! See the 1996 archive. I bought it very early, had it in February of 1995. It is now pushing 159,000 miles. 1 rebuilt transmission, 1 replaced flex pipe joint on the exhaust pipe, three sets of tires and 3 sets of rotors. This doesn't count the air emission problem (putt, putt at stop signs), a new ABS system and broken front driver's seat frame covered under warranty. I guess I'm not too displeased with it! Did I mention original dark green metallic paint? The color still changes in different lighting. I rebuilt the front chin about 5 times, catching driveway ramps on it does a nice number. Remove and rebend the sheet metal and you can (almost) make it lookoriginal.

Still having warped rotor problems on the front. About every 20,000 miles or so it starts. I'm going with some after market rotors this time and ceramic pads. Hopefully the warped rotors will be a thing of the past. Damnannoying!; I'm not sure I want to pay the price for the slotted version.

Just so you know I'm back to using it full time for work again, which includes a lot of 500+ mile days. I took it back from my wife, got tired of hearing how difficult it was to put my Granddaughter's child seat in the back seat. She's got my Pontiac Grand Prix 4 door sedan with only 100,000 miles on it. I get the best part of the deal because it still gets me 28 to 30 mpg in the mostly highway driving I do. Semi synthetic oil seems to have done the job on the motor. Filter and oil change every 7,000 miles (Yes it does say that in the manual for highway driving!) I regularly tell the guys at the oil change place to stuff it about 3,000 mile changes. Hell, the computer in the Grand Prix TOLD me to change it at 7,000 and it didn't know I was runningsemi-synthetic!

The remote door lock stopped working, mainly because it would set off the alarm! I need to work on that. Right hand door has power (by arm strong) door lock now. Needs the panel pulled to see what's dragging. I think the solenoid is still good, just doesn't pop the lock.

I still have the perforated leather interior, still in pretty good shape except for a pinhole in a non perforated portion of the driver's seat (I suspect that's compliments of having to roll down the window for all the toll booths in Illinois...)

Eric says...They slip off, yours are probably rusted. You can spray some PB blaster penetrating oil around the center and hope for the best while beating them off with a hammer. Also there are threaded holes that will allow you to use a puller. Most Auto Parts stores will let you borrow a puller if you need one.

Nick writes

I'm very glad to have found a site like this and I really hope you can help me. I am the owner of 2 different 2002 Chrysler coupoe Lxi hard tops. One car has the 2 rear (interior reading bulbs) burnt out. I have looked in my manual and it says the bulb is an 8w, I for the life of me can not finfd this bulb anywhere.....auot parts stores, online, etc....I hope its not some switch that controls wether they come on or not when door is opened and on off switch does not work. I know some dome lights are like that. Do you have any clue where to find this.

P.s. If you have extra time to answer another. My car features the autostick (auot/manual for the 3.0 engine) what are some of the best performance parts available for this to increase acceleration and Horsepower.

Thanks A Mil,

Happy Lxi owner...Nick

LXiSEbringh: not much out there for performance oparts nowadays because a lot would mess up the car computer, emissions or some combination of the two. About all I can suggest is a K&N air filter and maybe a performance muffler.

ronnie largo writes

Hello i came across your site looking up 2004 chrysler sebring coupe because i am trying to find a rear bumper for my coupe. After reading for awhile i figured that you knew quite a bit about coupes. So if you could help me in any way i would appreciate it. Thank you coupe with no rear bumper

LXiSebring:The Place to start looking is at the Internet connected auto recylcling centers that we used to call Junk yards.

Pat Porowski writes

Is there a trick to get the metal loop into the plastic. We got it in but not good enough. Lasted about 2 months. Thanks,

LXiSebring: I haven't dug into this but perhaps someone here has and will drop uou a note.

shannon wade writes

thanks for your excellent site, i've found it quite helpful. We have a 2002 sebring lx and the damn front bumper cover has been caught on more curbs than i can count. Dealer fix was wire ties =) greatttt. Anyways the front bottom is torn now in a couple places underneath from grabbing the curbs and i dont think i can tie it anymore. Do you know if 2003+ bumper covers will fit or should i stick with a 2002?

thanks! this has driven me nuts. - shannon

LXiSebring: That's one any body shop with parts manuals should be able to answer. Sometimes body parts that look like they should fit wont. Other times parts that don't look like they would fit do.

My brother made an 87 Celebrity into an 86 once. After an encounter with a deer, 87 junk yard front ends were not available but 86 front ends were available. Turns out the 86 grille and headlights look different but fit the space exactly.

Tom writes

We have a 1997 Sebring. Recently we had to replace our transmission. The car had just over 100,000 miles on it. After replacement with Chrysler rebuilt tranny. The same condition happened which required the transmission job. Dealer told us it was the crank sensor at a mere cost of 450.00 verse the 3,000 for the transmission. Has anyone else gotten scammed like this?

Thanks Tom Tweet please add us to your owners list

Anthony, Sherri & Jaden writes

To: Hi there,

I am the owner of a beautiful 1997 black sebring. I have a problem with it though. The seatbelts will lock by themselves, either while I am driving, and when I take it off, it will not come back out, or when I get it, it is already locked and I cant wear it. It is driving me crazy, since the dealership that I bought it from tell me that there is nothing wrong with it. It is scary to be driving a convertible without seatbelts, and sometimes it is two days before the seat belts release and I can wear it again! Anyone with the same problem or a solution would be greatly appreciated!

Anthony, Sherri & Jaden

Navire writes

I recently purchased a 2003 Chrysler Sebring Coupe (2 DR) and upon purchasing it, there were no remotes, i obtained a remote from a local dealer, but was wanting to know if you could let me know how to program it. Its not the same as a sedan remote, its basically a Mitsubiti remote since everything on this car is Mitsu...LOL....But I really wanna do it myself, and i shall await a response from ya! Thanks a lot.

LXiSebring: Anyone know how to do this? I think it requires a trip to the dealer.

Gwenn writes


Do u know where I can find a new or high quality motor for 1995 Sebring Lxi coupe ( 2.5 Liter)?

I love the car & it is loaded, but the motor cooked in 30 seconds at 119,000 mile. I'm in NY just north of NYC. My car is on Long Island in NY. Any ideas would be great!!

Thank you,


Eric says... About $4000 will get you a new motor installed and warranted for a few years. How long do you want to keep the car? Is it worth doing?

Christina writes

Hi my name is Christina,

I went through the pictures of all the different owner's of the Sebring's. I really liked this one that is from Jorhelj's. It's a beautiful blue color...I was just wondering if you can contact him or know where he got his Headlight Housing Lights from and the corner ones too!! I have a 97' Sebring as well and I also wanted to fix mine up ( Just lighting fictured wise). If you can get any information for me I would really appreciate it.. The page looks really kool....I never saw any of the same cars like that on a web site like that...I really was amazed by it..keep up the good work :) Thanks,

LXiSebring:Do a search of each year's archilve files for "Jorhelj" An email address should pop up. Not sure if it is current tho.

Paige writes

Hi my name is Paige and I recenlty purchased a 2003 Sebring coupe earlier this summer. I discovered your web site before buying it and I'm glad to see a web site just for Sebring coupe owners. Let me know if you are still adding people and if you have a new club members' gallery page or something since I do have photos. I would love to learn more about my car from people who are very familiar with this Chrylser product. Thank you for reading.

LXiSebring: YOU are in the club!

Rico writes

Thanks for answering my question in my previous e-mail. I have another question, this question is regarding the lower control arm. I wnet on the NHTSB website to see if there were anymore recalls on the control armand I notice there were three recalls on the lower contril arms, the latest being in 2001. I notice that the car does squek when I get into it or makes a clanky-type noise when it goes over a hard bump. Chrysler inspected the aforementioned part back in 1999 when they sent out the first letter on this part and said nothing was wrong with it. Question. Would Chrysler still honor these previous recalls? Thank you for your time.

Eric says....If the car was inspected then probably not, Mine had quite a few miles on it when the checked it and they replaced both sides. Call Chrysler and ask or email the NHTSA.

Scott writes

I have a question that I hope you can answer. Where is the Auto Shutdown Relay located on a 1996 Sebring Lxi 2.5 V6? The dealer says they don't show a location and it is not labled in the engine area fuse block. I have a code 42 stored in the ECM which points to the ASR, fuse link, or fuel pump relay. The code won't go away reseting. The engine starts and runs ok, but has died twice at stop lights (probably due to bad gas and high heat in Texas). The service engine light does not come on.

I'm a fan of the Sebring website. I've fixed my O2 sensors (all 4 of them) with help from the site.

Eric says...I would disconnect and reconnect the battery and try to trip that code again. Seems strange.

Dacid writes

I read on a message board that you are a buff on Sebring's and you are willing to give limited technical help. Well I have been searching on google for a while with no luck so here goes. I have a water leak that is coming from the water pump so I need to replace it (on a 2.5l v6 24 valve engine). I am trying to set the number 1 cylinder TDC, but none of the cylinders are listed, I have the Chiltons guide and I looked everywhere in it and I can't find the numbering system. Normally the wires or the caps are numbered, but neither one is on my car, can you help me out? Basically I am just trying to determine which cylinder is the number one.

Eric says...firing order is counterclockwise 123456 cylinder one is against the firewall on the passenger side. Chilton page 2-9

Kenny writes

I would like to join your car club, how do i do that? Also i am having a problem with my car getting in to gear i just changed the clutch master cylinder. I bleed the clutch slave and the pedal got firm but it still wouldn't go in to gear unless i force it and it is extremely difficult. Do you think that it could be the clutch slave? i have had my car since 2000 and i love it i think i will keep it to give to my first child. I guess i should introduce myself

Eric says...Not many standards out there, is that all gears?

PATDOR writes

Hi, I own a Sebring. 1997 LXI with all the goods. I hope I'm not wasting your time on something like this but I need help on the stereo's wiring harness. Honestly, my boyfriend does, and I would like to listen to my stereo again. Sure beats listening to the kids cry. Haha! So, I'm just keeping my fingers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- crossed that someone out there can help. I need to know where to go, or anything on the subject would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks, and awesome obscure facts.

Eric says...Not much to go on here, there were different dtereo options. Try they would have a plug in adapter labled properly.

Julia writes

Hi, My son just purchased a 1997 sebring lxi. It has 84,00 miles on it. He noticed the temperture light going to hot and the coolant fluid being lost a quick pace.It seemed to happen when the ac was on. The mechanic replaced a fan that was broke that was associated with the ac. Do you think this will fix the coolant problem? The mechanic found no leaks..thanks Julia

Eric says....The A/C should have it's own fan and should run when the A/C is on. You may want to have the coolant system pressure checked along with your temp sensors.

Kenny writes

I would like to join your car club, how do i do that? Also i am having a problem with my car getting in to gear i just changed the clutch master cylinder. I bleed the clutch slave and the pedal got firm but it still wouldn't go in to gear unless i force it and it is extremely difficult. Do you think that it could be the clutch slave? i have had my car since 2000 and i love it i think i will keep it to give to my first child. I guess i should introduce myself my name is Kenny Arredondo i am 28 and a proud owner of a 97 Sebring coupe. I will be looking forward to hear from you.

LXiSebring: You are in the club...Eric is looking at your problem.

Pat writes

To: LXiSebring Hi, I own a Sebring. 1997 LXI with all the goods. I hope I'm not wasting your time on something like this but I need help on the stereo's wiring harness. Honestly, my boyfriend does, and I would like to listen to my stereo again. Sure beats listening to the kids cry. Haha! So, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that someone out there can help. I need to know where to go, or anything on the subject would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks, and awesome obscure facts.

LXiSebring: ERic is looking at your problem.

Julia Morales writes

Hi, My son just purchased a 1997 sebring lxi. It has 84,000 miles on it. He noticed the temperture light going to hot and the coolant fluid being lost a quick pace.It seemed to happen when the ac was on. The mechanic replaced a fan that was broke that was associated with the ac. Do you think this will fix the coolant problem? The mechanic found no leaks..thanks Julia

LXiSebring: Possibly, but coolant loss w/o a leak on the ground is often a symptom of a blown head gasket as well.

Freddie writes

Hi, i was on blog site for sebring owners.. and i saw ur e-mail addy saying to email u, qith any questions on sebrings and all.. well, i have a 1996 sebring Lxi, V6-2.5L and the engine light comes on and it dies on me while driving, but starts back on.. i checked it, the code came out as (po300) multiple misfiring, (po340) camshaft sensor).. ok. then i did a tune up on it, changed all the plugs, filters, and even bought tha camshaft drove well for about 2days, then the engine light starts to blink again, and after a while while driving the engine went off, but did not totally went off, it was pulsating, gas would not work, steering still works, then after a while it totally dies off..then after waiting for tow truck, i just decided to start it and it starts.. but after driving for let say 20-25km, tha problem comes up again... i scanned tha code, it says multiple misfires.. please please please, what could be causing this problem? is it the MAP sensor, fuel pump, powertrain module, ignition distributor or wat.. please help me.. i love this and i would love for it to be running good..thx.

Eric says ...I dont know, it could be the distributor cap rotor etc. When things are sparatic like that you need a Chrysler scan tool. Rico writes

I own a 1995 Sebring LX Coupe. I have two questions regarding the factory sound equipment. 1) The AM radio on my car works fine; however, the FM radio comes in and out when it wants to. Is there a fuse that I have to replace to make the FM radio work? How do I solve that problem? 2) The CD player works when it wants to. It usually doesn't want to work until later in the day. I've used multiple CD cleaners to try and solve the problem but to no avail. What can I do to rectify the issue. Thank you for you time.



Eric says... They just seem to get like that after 10 years. Replace it. Pioneer makes a drop in unit.

TW writes

Hey David, I've just traded my 93' Ford for a 01' Sebring -2d -v6 - love it - anyhow my problem is about 4 days after we bought it we were washing it aand the sunroof does not leak it pours! Is this a frequent problem with the Sebrings and any know problems about where the leak is? Thanks:tw

LXiSebring: You need to get this to a sunroof installation place that knows what they are doing.

Buddy Hicks writes

Hicks Eric, How do you know which of the three O2 sensors are bad, and where are they located. Also, this does not explain the oil pressure problem. Do you know if there is any way to clean, or blow out the oil screen on this make and model vehicle. Still baffled about the cause of low oil pressure reading. The automobile will run for 30 minutes of greater with out locking up.

Your help as always is greatly appreciated.


Buddy Hicks

Eric says... 21 is an O2 sensor, there are 3 of them though.

Paul Mcara writes

Su I own a 1998 Sebring Lxi coupe i put on two tabulators and it has accel 300plus wires.exhaust bosh double platiumspark plugs and i am getting tinted headlight covers and it is pewter color .I also put pioneer speakers in the Sebring PM

TERESA writes I need to know what the first 3 buttons on my rear a view mirror are for?

And how do I program them?

Thanks in advance

Teresa collins

LXiSEbring: I think htey are for that universal garage door opener system. I don't know how to program them. You need to get an owners manual from your dealer parts dept which should have the info.

Sweet writes

do you have any idea where i could get a set of headers for a 3.0l v6 in a 2002 sebring?

LXiSebring: NO but someone here might.

Rosanne writes

Hi, I'm sorry to be a pain, but do you know of a club for owners of convertible Sebring's ? Thanks, Rosanne Lyden-Brown.

LXiSebring: there is info and a link for a new convertible club on the top of the page.

Josh writes

Hi my name is Josh Pacheco and I'm from New Bedford, MA. I previously owned a customized 94 cavalier but I was violently rear ended in a thunderstorm. After much deliberation, my insurance decided to give me 2000 for my car. I recently stumbled upon a lot near my house and fell in love with a champagne colored 98 sebring lxi 2 door. I bought it for 2400 with 130k on it, however its fully loaded. The car seems like its going to be sweet to drive. I was wondering if I could become a member on this site.


LXiSebring: Yup, you are in!

kare kurtz writes

T I still have my 98, purchased in February of 1998. It has 77,000 original miles. We're on our 3rd full set of tires, too. We have sunk quite a bit of money in excess of original warranties into this car and will probably try to sell her on the open market. Original price for the LXi was just under 19,000. Between 17" tires, rim repairs, brakes, body repairs (flimsy door panels) and actual wear and tear (driver door handle snapped off, interior roof fabric is sagging, console damage, etc.--all to be repaired) I almost feel guilty selling it. I wonder if anyone can guesstimate what this lady should list for?

LXiSebring: Believe it or not, I've seen late 90s Sebrings in the paper with asking prices around $7000. Thats quite a bit more than book for sure, but with a low-milage car you might get it. THese cars have more than standard used car value and are getting a degree of collectibility value, just as I suspected.

XXCrazy writtes

Ahhh help!!!!!!!! My 97 Sebring is being a pain in my pocket. I just had to pay $967.00 to get "some" rewiring done and sensors replaced. They said they found that the cam sensor and crank sensor were shorted, loss of signal, replaced wiring and pigtails to the sensors and repaired other wiring as needed. So hafter all this they gave me back my car just they way I had taking it to them. It's not running. I mean it turns on and all but once I strat to drive off the car just stars to give up on me like it's dieing like if it were running out of fuel but it's has fuel. The only thing they said that I had to have the wiring harrness replaced because it's all worn out which to them it's is the reason why my car dies because of the vibration of the engin the harness starts moving around, so they said I have to wiggle it around to get it goning again. I was like u have to be kidding me right, I mean after almost a grand of repairs and they tell me I have to pop the hood and wiggle the damn harness around ahhh u a-holes I must of have walked into that dealership with the word idiot on my forhead or somthing because I spent all that money for nada. They could have just told look we cant repair the main problem that is making ur car die on you because mopar dosn't have a wirng harness for ur car (they don't make them anymore) no instead they just kept replacing things that wouldn't make a differance on my cars preformance. So all they could tell me is that I was going to have to look for an aftermarket one myself. So I need some help bad I already put alot of money into my car to dump it at this point I used to get alot of props for it mainley cuz the coler, neon green, I mean who has 97 sebring lx that color? No one lol. I would have people on the streets ask what kind of car it was. I love this car and I have to save it from the junk yard so please some one help I already sent an e-mail to asog but I don't know if thet can help I dont even now the part number to the wiring harness all I know it's the big one that goes to the computer lol . I included a pic of my green goblin a.k.a money taker lol sot the best pic of my car but it's the bet I can do for now. Hey also make me a member.

Harry Keith writes


I found your site while trying to find a convertible site. You commented in your home page that, to your knowledge, there is not a simmilar site for convertibles. If you want to update your information, there is a terrific site for the convertible at:

I know they are different cars, but due to the name and lable similarity, you probably get a lot of people looking for the "other" car.



kate jones writes

Dear Sir;

Over the weekend ignition coil pack went, so drove home on 2 cyliders,backed the car into parking space, when i got out noticed steam or smoke coming out from under the hood, by driver side, nearest to top end or windshield/steering wheel location. replaced ignition coil pack and car started up and sounded like it ran smoothly. the problem is now the car will not shift out of park. The question is, how do i get on the right track to solving this problem? Have spent the entire day online trying to figure it. have read it could be the saftey siloniod switch, or brake sensor switch or some cable. would greatly appreciate some help.

thank you Kate

Alvin Veniegas writes

Hi, My name is Alvin and I own a black 2002 Sebring Coupe Lxi. I've had my car since July 2002 and the paint on the roof is turning white. I don't have a garage so it's out in the open for four years but I clean and wax my car a few times a year. I know a few friends that own a car older than mine and their paint job still looks good. Is their somebody out there with the same problem as me. Please help, I don't know if the paint job is cover under warranty.

Master Trey Lee III writes

I have a popping sound when I turn the wheel. I have no idea what it is. Do you know?

michael casey writes

I have been looking for a drive axle for passenger side of my car , the parts are very hard to find, and very expensive.can you give me a address to buy these parts?

Mergel Laura writes Hi There, I have a quick question for you - Am I the only one that has a year-round Sebring Convertible LXi??? People say it's only a summer car. Is this correct?? I don't have a garage so I have to have this as my year-round car. I think the durable top can handle snow and ice. Is this true? Thank you. Laura

LXiSebring: YOu might ask this at the Convertible site (link above).

Mary Brown writes

Engine cuts off while driving. Early in the am I drive it to work w/o problems. On the return home it cuts off while driving?

Mary L. Brown

Lori writes

Hi, my name is Lorie and I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI 2D Coupe. The car is stunning..however I have recently started to have problems, I would appreciate any advice you could give. The car was running fine and then I went to start it and it started and would only stay on if the gas pedal was depressed..would die as soon as you let off. My husband said that it was the alternator... I'm questionable on that. My husband put another battery on to see if it did the same thing and it did...He left and I researched and tried a couple of things- I replaced the #8 fuse in the box in the engine w/ 20amp and after that the car now starts up and stays on without the pedal depressed. It did hesitate some when turned it on but it didn't die.. All the electrical in the car seems to be working dim lights or anything. Now, when you drive the car it shifts really hard going from 1st to 2nd. Also when coming to a stop it feels like its going to die but doesn't. Guess it could need a fuel pump/filter as well..Do you it could be the crank shaft sensor ?? Do I need to re-program anything since the battery was taken off the car? I don't have an owner's manual but will buy one soon. I am taking it in to have the transmission fluid, gasket, and filter changed tomorrow..maybe this will help it just seems strange that it all happened at once. Well I love your web-site and would appreciate any advice you have. Lorie

Eric says... I'm thinking the shifting problem is related to the engine not running quite right. Try the fuel filter first.

Charge440six writes

Love my new car and your site too. Its a 2001 LX coupe, loaded with everything.... Quiet 3.0 V6 with a cute little "growl" from the engine above 3000 or so.

37k miles, and no probs except the power sunroof likes a little "nudge" to fully open after the first click of the switch......Oh and a little usual front bumper facia scrapes.....

I've been driving a 440-6 car for the last 4 years....and I can say this sebring is a neat little ride! Styling, handling, luxury, stability, and a 200 hp kick under that hood.....all wrapped up in a neat shell for us single guys who refuse 4 doors, minivans and suv's at any and all costs.

For me this car seems to ease the terrible agony of the new Charger, which is an ugly 4 door mess and should have been called something else. The Sebring coupe I bought is a slam dunk winner body style!! Makes most newer cars look bland and ugly by comparison.

Disappointing to not see this model in 06. In the future I'd love to see this car again....maybe with a crossfire front! .......(or one with a few more inches of ground clearance)......

As for the "uninformed" who insist chrysler and associated companies build nothing but junk.....I would welcome their debate with pleasure. You see....I've sold auto parts for about 20 years and a person learns a thing or two. Everyone at our store owns chryslers. Could it be we just might know something?

Again, great site!

LXiSebring: Thank you!

harley writes

Hey how are you my name is harley and all of my life ive had race cars and muscles cars. I finally went out and bought a 97' sebring and I love it, it is forest green v6 24 valve manumatic all leather with everything. Right now I am a marine and I am getting my new baby sponsored by the best and im going to post pics up soon. I saw te page and had to join because I have respect for my skilled machine wich within months will be in magazines and turning heads, thank you,

Kyle writes

I own a 2003 light blue chrysler sebring coupe and have absolutely adored it since I got it. I also wonder what will become of the coupe version, which is by far my favorite among the Sebring lineup, and your website was the first I came across to also voice that concern. I'm very anxious to see what will become of it, or if it will exist at all. Joining this owner's website I think would be really cool. Thanks,

LXiSebring: You are in! So long as I keep my Sebring, a '95 with 42,000 miles, I have no plans to shut down the Website. I notice we get fewer letters than we used to, but that is to be expected.

daisy writes

Hey I had a question I hoping you may be able to answer about the sebring. I need to replace a wheel bearing and I went in to purchase the partand they said they have it listed under convertable or under coupe. Do you have the owners manual to your car? Maybe you'd be able to tell me what I'm looking for. I have a 98 Chrysler Sebring LXI, 2.5 L, 2 door. I don't know if you can help me at all, but seeing as though you have the same car I thought you might be able to.

Eric says .... Ahh... another wheel bearing. You have to buy the whole hub. Tell them you have a Dodge Avenger and eliminate the problem. Stupid that they made 3 different cars and called them all Sebring. Get ready for a big bill.

Tricia writes

I have a 1996 White and Gray Sebring lxi that bought used. I saw a picture of it on a national used car dealer site and fell in love. My car currently has 83000 miles on it. I have a problem with the fuel pump and fuel sensors, replaced the battery and currently my engine light is on....hopefully nothing serious. I love my car. I am hoping she will last a few more years for me. I love how she handles, looks, she has the power when I need it. She is just great.

I am not as impressed with the newer model Sebring and will be very sad when the day comes and I have to trade her in for a new car.

Donna writes

Can you tell me what problems anyone has had with the bank of O2 Sensors? I can not pass the emission test in my state (WA) because it shows no activity. Have had one sensor replaced and now 2 are out. I own a 97 Sebring Coupe LX. Donna

Wendy writes

HI! I just purchased a 2001 Chrysler Sebring coupe today---saw it yesterday at the dealer's & just had to have it. Runs beautifully & has just under 53,000 miles on it.

Here's my concern: After reading your website, I'm beginning to think I made a big-ass mistake in purchasing this vehicle---I can't get-over all the problems & complaints other Sebring owners seem to have with their vehicles. I believed (when I was purchasing the car) that as it was a "Chrysler", that it was near the very top of the line of American autos & that I was purchasing not only a very attractive auto but also one that would be well made & extremely dependable---especially as it had rather low mileage. I have noticed that all Sebrings for sale in the Tucson, AZ area are low mileage regardless of their year. Could this be because the original owners have indications of very serious problems in the near future & "get rid" of their vehicles while they are still running??? I was so happy regarding my purchase just a few hours ago & now I have a sinking feeling that I am going to regret it in the very near future. The more I think of it, I can honestly say that I have never been so disappointed & sorry for purchasing a vehicle in my entire life---& then only owning it for less than 12 hours! Oh well, I guess that's what I get for not doing my "homework" before I fell in love with it & purchased it. I'll just have to have some sort of faith in the vehicle & hope for the best. I do have a very good mechanic (he's kept my 1991 Ford Bronco running for me for a very long time with reasonable repair costs & excellent workmanship---I'll just have to hope that he can do the same with my Sebring).

Thanks (I guess) for the website. Although I'm extremely disappointed & upset over this revelation, it's good to know that I most likely will have a lot of problems with the car & that I can expect a lot of expenses in trying to keep the car on the road (I will have to keep this in mind when I budget my money (numerous & expensive repair bills) ---& I still have the Ford Bronco (it will most likely be referred to as "Old Dependable" in the weeks & months & years --- if the Sebring lasts "years" --- to come).

LXiSebring: like any car some owners have had excellent results, others not-so good. Myt 11 y/o '95 is still running strong.

Cathy writes

David, I just purchased my 16 year old son a 1996 Sebring I am trying to figure out the universal door opener in the visor, do you have any information that will help me program it with our garage door. Anything you can tell me will be helpful. His is the silver color with Grey interior just like yours. Nice looking car.

Thank you in advance for your help!

LXiSebring: I've never worked with one of these. If you have a company that maintains your garage door opener, that may be the place to start checking. I fear that these are about as tough to get to work sometimes as a universal remote for electronics gear.

Matt writes

Found your site after googling a few things about the Chrysler Sebring. The question I have is an important one. I purchased a nice 2000 Chrsyler Sebring LXi on March 28th. Since then, I have had multiple problems with the car starting. It will act as if it wants to start, and attempts to turn the engine, but the car will not start. If I keep trying, eventually it will work. Sometimes it just takes anywhere from three to fifteen tries for it to start. I took it into the place where I purchased it, and they wrote it off as a starter disable feature. I cannot seem to find existance of such a feature in my owners manaul and was curious if you could give some insight to if it even exists in the LXi model, or any for that reason.

I have 9 more days of warranty, and my dealership has screwed me over time and time again regarding multiple different things and I know they are going to continue to deny that the car has any fault using this as a cop out. Any insight you can give, would be most beneficial. Chances are there that this will end up in a potential lawsuit (they lied about car, did not perform paperwork correctly (lied on paperwork), refused to fix a leak under warranty (warranty covered transmission leaks, but they claim they discounted car with knowledge of this preexisting condition - warranty contract said nothing of the sort), etc. etc. I have gathered a lot of evidence proving their lies on the chances that a court case will happen.

Anyway, thanks for your time and your help.

Eric says... If starting fluid helps its a fuel problem otherwise a crank or cam sensor maybe. Used cars are a nightmare.

Robert White writes

I purchased the vehicle new and it's been an excellent car however now at about 112.000 mi. its having transmission problems leaking from front of trany possible seal problem or transmission line as well as it needs water pump and belt due to be changed again . car has been best vehicle I've owned better than GM'S THAT I USED TO BUY now own a Honda and am also pleased with this car . all in all can't beat the sebring. Any ideas about the transmission would like to hear them have a good one.

LXiSebring: A High-milage car that isn't working properly is not worth much. You need to get an estimate of the repair cost, and then decide whether you can sell the car for enough to more than cover the marginal cost of the repairs

Matthew writes

Hey, I just bought a 300C SRT8, but I'm not the sort who takes what dealers offer in now I'm prepping my 98 sebring Lxi for sale. My new door handle (you're surprised, right?) is on the way, the only other thing I really need to do is replace the speakers in the doors. I really don't want to tear them open to find out what I, can someone tell me what to buy? Thanks!

LXiSebring: As I understand it this is not that easy a repair for an owner to do. You may need your dealer.

Jesse Torres writes

hey i hacve a 2002 sebering coup lxi with a 2,000 ddolar paint job.... it is black and from the molding on the door down it is gary sortof like a two tone but in between those two colores it has desighns that are backwards theu are gray and from the molding down they are black. i have a 2,000 dolar sound system and plan on getting the black rims with the chrome lip to mach the pain. unfortunatly i dont have a digitla camara but plan on getting one soon so i will send in pic,s

Laura writes

Hi There, I just bought a certified Burgundy 2001 LXi Sebring for $10,700 including tax with 36,000 miles on it. I have warranty until 80,000 miles. Did I do well? I'm stressing over one thing. Will I ever have problems with the top? Will the motor ever break? That is what I'm so worried about. It's working great now, but what happens in a year or 2 years from now? Will it still work excellent??? I need your opinions.....Thank you. Laura

Chris writes

hey my name is chris im 23 from port huron MI and i have a 1998 Sebring lxi ... eibach springs give the Sebring a new look all though the nose of your car will take a beating.

LXiSebring: See featured photo.

Matt writes


Found your site after googling a few things about the Chrysler Sebring. The question I have is an important one. I purchased a nice 2000 Chrsyler Sebring LXi on March 28th. Since then, I have had multiple problems with the car starting. It will act as if it wants to start, and attempts to turn the engine, but the car will not start. If I keep trying, eventually it will work. Sometimes it just takes anywhere from three to fifteen tries for it to start. I took it into the place where I purchased it, and they wrote it off as a starter disable feature. I cannot seem to find existance of such a feature in my owners manaul and was curious if you could give some insight to if it even exists in the LXi model, or any for that reason.

I have 9 more days of warranty, and my dealership has screwed me over time and time again regarding multiple different things and I know they are going to continue to deny that the car has any fault using this as a cop out. Any insight you can give, would be most beneficial. Chances are there that this will end up in a potential lawsuit (they lied about car, did not perform paperwork correctly (lied on paperwork), refused to fix a leak under warranty (warranty covered transmission leaks, but they claim they discounted car with knowledge of this preexisting condition - warranty contract said nothing of the sort), etc. etc. I have gathered a lot of evidence proving their lies on the chances that a court case will happen. Small claims yes, but I plan on taking them as far as I can.

Anyway, thanks for your time and your help.

LXiSebring: I haven't a clue but Eric is looking into this.

Nicole writes

I resently bought a 96 Crysler Sebring and I wanted to know if you knew anyone who is selling parts from there car...I need factory alloy rim because mine is bent! Let me know if you know anyone??

Nicole Boykin


Grant writes

I just bought a shark blue '99 sebring lxi coupe and really like it. However, the transmission will not shift into overdrive. The overdrive light will not even come on. Therefore, I run at about 3600 rpms at 65 mph. Any help or thoughts? Thanks for a great web page with lots of tips.

Eric says.... The switch is probably bad. Take the shift handle apart and investigate. You can jump the wires and see what happens.

David writes

I remember there being an answer on how to "temporarily" disable the Check engine light on the 97 Sebring but I cannot find that answer on the sight anymore. Is there a way that you know of? Basically, I have to get a smog check and if the light is on the check will automatically fail. I have had it checked and the computer indicates an O2 sensor is malfunctioning in position 2, but I cannot afford to replace it right now. Besides, there is no indication as to where position 2 is located on the car. (There are 3 sensors that I know of). If you can tell me that too I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.

Eric says... Well, you can disconnect the battery but that will just turn the light off and may not erase the code. You have to start the car 50 times for that to happen. Daryl writes

I will have to send a picture of my car. I bought a 97 Sebring Coupe LXi 3 years ago. What I want to do is find someone who makes clear brake lights. Do you know of anyone or can we all get together and start pushing for someone to do it?

LXiSebring: Not offhand but maybe someone who reads this will know.

ariel ramirez writes

I need some advice , i have a 2001 sebring lxi, my fuel pump is broken , and i know is very expensive, so i need your advice of how or where to buy this. I need also some especification of my car, have a 3.0 engine , but dont know anything else.

LXiSebring: I would liocate a pump by calling around to the various auto parts stores. But you really need a service manual for your car if you are going to try doing this yourself, which I think you can order over your dealer parts counter. The problem is, that may run $75, well on your way to the installation cost of the pump.

gerald kolva writes

Two years ago I purchased a used 1997 Sebring LX-- I've had a huge headache ever since. Within one monthboth exterior door handles broke off in my hand. The replacement cost was not that high, but still a pain. However, the brakes were expensive. It doesn't use a lot of oil, but when you start it in the cold you would swear it is out of oil. There is a clicking noise to sugeest metal is rubbing together. Anyway, other Sebring owners I have spoke with have had very few problems. I cannot truthfully say that. Perhaps only a few models were built with absolutely no effort.

Tim Pifer writes

Man oh man what a beauty. I like the car in red and the bra sets it off very nicely

I've got one just like that but in gold. Unfortunately, I lost my drivers side exterior door panel (some call it a moulding) and haven't been able to find one. Do you happen to know of a good source that can get me just the panel? The salvage yards will only sell me the entire door.

If you know of anyone I've got a gold 1999 LXI with gold lettering as accents.

Please reply to my email address

Thank you

Antoine Bass writes

Maybe you can help me with this. I own a 2000 Sebring Lxi and recently while driving the engine turned off without warning. There was no "check engine" light or anything. All of the vehicles electronics continued working (fans, radio, etc.). I pulled the vehicle to the side of the road and attempted to restart the car, but no luck. The starter turns and the vehicle generally seems as though it wants to start, but does not. This is the second time that this has happened. I don't want this vehicle shutting down while in motion and I consider this unsafe, especially at highway speeds. Do you have any suggestions ?

LXiSebring: I haven't a clue. Eric is looking into this.

Eric says... I've seen this before and it usually is the computer or computer connection. Start there.

T Rivers writes

Hi I am the new owner of a very gently used 1997 Chrylser Sebring LXI- black w/ grey leather interior..Only 60,000 miles when I took it off the lot!!! I'm interested in joining your page.

LXiSebring:You are in!

Edin Kozic writes

hey i was just wondering if you could tell me a site or something to find a grille for my 00 Sebring Coupe. i looked everywhere online and just wanted to see if you know any place that might have them before i go to the chrysler dealership and order it form them. if you know of any custom grilles that fit the car, that would be great too. thnx and hope to hear from u soon.

LXiSebring: The alternative here is an auto recycler aka junkyard.

Gordon & Judy write


My Wife was just given a 1998 Sebring Coupe by her Son. That's all I know at this time -- exept, she really loves it and will be driving it home soon. It would be nice to join a community of affinity focused on our new ar. Please put us on the list.

Gordon & Judy

LXiSebring: You are on the list!

Chris Simms writes

The car is a V6 2.5 automatic, when driving it seems that it is stick in 2 gear. when going about 35mph it will run approx. 4000rpms. it also will shift hard even when taking off slow. what do you think the problem is. could it be the trasmission or maybe the overdrive button is stuck. for a while when driving the car and it would be running at a high rpm the car would be shut off and turned back on and it would kick into the correct gear.

Thank you for your help, Chris

LXiSebring: Eric is looking into this one!

Richard writes

My daughter has a Sebring LXI 2.5 V6 Coupe 1995 model. The winker unit has quit & she cannot find the location of the unit to fit the one she bought. Garages have been approached but they too can't locate the unit. Chrysler were approached but they asked $300 + to do the job. She can't afford that sum. Can you help ?

LXiSebring: Eric is checking on this.

Bob writes

Could you tell me where I could view a photo or diagram of the belt and pully system for a 2001 Sebring 3.0? My tensioner is shot or has come loose and the diagram in my owners manual looks nothing like what is on my car...

Eric says...The dealer service department computer. They will probably print it for you.

David Coolness writes

Hey I have a 1997 Sebring Lxi Coupe. I have been upgrading everything. The sound system has been completely re done. I have 2 kicker solobarics in the back with a strong kicker amp. Got the optima red top battery, custom cold air intake, jdm racing muffler with dual carbon fiber tips, angel eye foglights, rapid velocity engine chip.....the only thing left to do to it is a headliner. I need one bad, and have no idea where to get one. It seems that nobody knows where I can get one. I figured you might be able to tell me, I would be interested in posting my car after the headliner is installed.

LXiSebring: Practically any decent auto upholstery shop should be able to get the proper headliner. THese can be tricky to install. I would let someone who does this work regularly install it.

Ryan writes

Hey whats up my name is Ryan Hoffman have purchased a beautiful White LXI about 2 minths ago and have nothing but problems. The service engine soon light wont go off and after about 20 mins of driving the car runs real slow, trouble excellerating and the weirdest high pitched, sounds like a siren is under my hood, after about 45 miles an hour the sound weakens but is still there. I already had to put money into it and hoping i wasnt sold a lemon

LXiSebring: I sent this alont to Eric to analyze.

Eric says...What about where you bought it? Sounds like someone sold you their problem.

Alejandro writes

Thanks in advance and I am writing this email asking your help, if you could have and please send me, the procedure (or link) and if possible a diagram for the replacing of my timing belt of my 2.5L V6 Sebring 99. Before taking off my belt, I set the engine wit both camshaft marks aligned and make a mark on the plastic cover of the belts for the position of the crankshaft. But when I cleaned up the plastic cover of the belt I saw original marks "20 1 "arrow" of the crankshaft pulley was not aligned with any of this "original" marks on the plastic cover. It was before the T (clockwise). Is this normal? Does the mark of the crankshaft pulley HAS to match specifically with any of this marks BTDC (20 10 T)?

LXiSebriung: You clearly need a Service manual that would provide the detailed instructions for this. I sent your question along to Eric.

Eric says...Get yourself a manual. That is one heck of a job.

David writes

I recently purchased an '01 Sebring and after three months am being told that I have to pay for the solenoid to be replaced. My question is: Could this be the ERG valve and not the solenoid or both and if the warranty covers the engine, transmission, and drivetrain, then why is this procedure not covered? Your opinion on this issue would be appreciated.

Chances are the computer diagnosis code says the solenoid not the other parts are bad. The reason the procedure is not covered is because these go bad fairly regularly and the fine print of the warranty undoubtedly excludes them. Its a cost-saving scheme on the part of Chrysler whereby they advertive a major powertrain warranty andthen nickel and dime their customers with a host of items the warranty doesnt cover. I had one of the supposedly covers everything service contracts on my previous Subaru. The horn quit working entirely. When I asked to get it fixed (a $200 cost that involved removing the front bumper in order to access) the comment was that the fine printin your warranty excludes horns!

Eric says...If it's emissions related it may be covered. I am not a Chrysler warranty fan and will bite my tongue. I spent 2 years in court with those folks before I got any help. It cost them more to fight with me than to help me in the first place.

zz writes Hi... COuld you tell me where I could view a photo or diagram of the belt and pully system for a 2001 Sebring 3.0? My tensioner is shot or has come loose and the diagram in my owners manual looks nothing like what is on my car...

That Will be in the service manual which the dealer has. THe dealer should be able to print you a copy of the page of the manual that shows this.

Scott writes

I hope you had a great New Years day....ok here's my situation I have a 95 Sebring coupe since I've gotten it used at 57K I have put in batteries before they have gone passed the Warranty My car has a mind of it's own It also used to smell of fuel but now it doesn't now it smells of rotten egg and stalls sometimes. I'm located in Az and I was told to use Full Mobil One full (which I'm currently using)what do you think? It 's losing it's get up and go is there anything I can do with that....I now have 134k miles I love my car .

Eric says...It sounds like a classic catalytic converter problem. I would guess that the insides are loose and it has clogged itself. Check your Oxygen sensors also. If it is not running the correct fuel mixture that could mess up the catalytic converter and make it smell. That is sulfur that makes that odor.

Ron writes

My name is Ron Johnston, from San diego, CA. I have a really nice 2000, Sebring coupe with about 80k miles on it. Just changed the timing belt and brakes. I lost a remote keyless entry fob and bought a new one. To program it into the system, I need to ground a pin in the DLC. My instructions say pin 1, but another website says pin 4. Which is right? Also, I am not sure which or where is the Data Link connector. It is not attached to the bottom of the dash but it does appear that there is a connector (black and a white one) under the dash and behind it on the far left. Is that it? Thank you, Ron Johnston

LXiSebring: Eric is looking at this.

Eric says... Isnt there a page on the site or a link that shows how to do this? I'm sure the dealer would know.

Ron writes

Hi Dave,

We have the exact same make and model of Chrysler Sebring. Unfortunately I got into an accident that cause mine to need some body work. What I want to know is, the exterior front end of the 1995 Sebring Convertible universal with our 1995's. I found 1996 exterior and am planning to purchase it to repair my 1995. The lights are different in the front end and I'm hoping this won't cause a problem. And hey, that's one great looking Sebring ya got there.

LXiSebring: I don't think these will fit bercause the Convertible is a Chrysler J body and the Coupe is Mitsu Galant/Eclipse, but a body shop will know for sure.

JONATHAN Hoehne writes

Hi there,

Great site, didn't know there were so many Sebring owners out there. People often ask me if I've "done something" to my 2002 LXi Coupe, some actually asked if I put a custom hard top on myself, however, I just smile and tell them its all factory.

The car has performed very well mechanically since I have owned, with no major problems (except for the dreaded warped rotors), but I have two questions for you.

The problems I have run into include the rims and the paint. I know that automakers are notorious for not standing behind paint problems, including delamination, which I am currently experiencing in the roof.

Has anyone had any success in getting this resolved by Chrsyler? Also, the more serious problem, the chrome/aluminum alloy of my one of my wheels has recently started to peel and separate from the rim, leaving nasty little metal bits inside the tire. I found out because my tire kept going flat and now its a total loss. I noticed that there are quite a number of complaints ot the NHTSA regarding Eclipse rims, but they aren't quite my problem. My mechanic, who I find to be the trustworthy sort, say that they can try and re-polish the rim, but that's no guarantee it won't happen again. I'm not looking for to the prospect of replacing more tires.

Any recommendations?


Jon Hoehne

Eric says....That falls under a quality issue. You can try your dealer then arbitration then a lemon law attorney. It took me 2 years but I finally broke even with them.

Dave writes

hey, how's it going? i just replaced a motor in a 02 sebring' and now it has no spark. it's a 2.7 motor. the flywheel looked good when we put it in and we replaced crank sensors with the old motor. the new motor is an 03 model and we had to change a few sensors but we used the original harness and what sensors weren't the same we swapped with the other motor's. so everything is like it was and the motor was running that was in it. we ran the codes on our computer and it came up with nothing. our computer is also limited to some newer models so we can't check some of the things we want to. we've tried everything except swapping out computers. but like i said we used the old harness and the old sensors. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eric says...There is no way I can help on this one. No spark? check the sensors using the diaganostic troubleshooting guide in the Chrysler manual. Cam or crank sensor probably. Sounds like a headache to me. Make sure the PCM is getting power.