The Sebring Coupe Owners Photo Page

Marshall's 2001 Sebring with custom wheels. Right now, Its stock except for the 20's wrapped with 225-30-20's.

Shawn's 1999 black and gold sebring

Josh P's custom '98 It has 35% tint with 20% in the rear, ADR SOKUDO DTM 17'' wheels (only 10 sets ever made) and he installed 8000k High Intensity Discharge Lights.

Pedro in Mexico sent me this photo of what I believe is a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus Coupe

A Photo of a 1997 Sebring called the Green Goblin

A Photo of a 1998 Sebring owned by Chris

Photos of Carlos' beautiful '98 Sebring Carlos tells me he purchased this on ebay after seeing it and checking it out at a dealer

Photo of Robert's 2001 Sebring

Photos of Rita's new silver 2004 LX

A "Before" Photo of A.J.'s 2002 LXi

Photos of Will's custom '96 Sebring

A photo of Bob's red 2000 LXi 2.5 l

A photo of John's 95 Green LXi

A Photo of Rissa's '99 LXi

Photos of Rob's custom '97 Sebring

A photo of Ted's 1997 Dark Red coupe

Photos of Jim Wells' 2003 Sebring with Taupe Interior

A photo of Kimmy's 1997 Red LXi

Photos of Jim Wells' 2003 Sebring with Taupe Interior

Photos of Reddragon's '99. This '99 has a special factory-installed turbocharger on on the V6, and only 55 were originally built. There are other custom features as well Sebring

A Photo Nathan's '98 LXi

Photos of Frank's Iris '95 Sebring

A Photo of a custom '95 Sebring owned by firman Davis

A Photo of a '04 Sebring owned by Andy

A Photo of Bill's '04 Limited Platinum Edition Sebring

Photos of Roberto's 98 Sebring

A Photo of Jason's '97 LX Sebring

Photos of Javier's '97 Rally-Ready Sebring

Photos of Ben's Sebring

A Photo of shauntario's '95 Silver V6 Sebring

A Photo of Hector's Sebring

A Photo of ssj's custom '97 Sebring Sebring

Photos of Jorhelj's Custom Smooth Sebring

Photos of Scott's '01 Sebring

A Photo of Rick's '96 Sebring Sebring

A Photo of Jimmy K's '00 Sebring Sebring

A Photo of Fasterthanyou's custom Sebring Sebring

A Photo of Sean's 98 Sebring

Photos of Stig Mork's custom Sebring From Tromso in Norway Sebring

A Photo of Joe DeTray's tricked out 96 Sebring

A Photo of Jason's LXi Sebring

A Photo of Jimmy's custom '95 LX

see more photos at

Photos of Paul's '96

A Photo of Leo's '99 LXi

Photos of Shawn's '97

A photo of Tjon's '97 Sebring coupe

A photo of Albert's 98 LXi

Photos of Lee's modified '97

Photos of Aston's custom '99 he has been working on

A photo of Richard's lowered '00

Two photos of Dan's '97 he has been working on

Two photos of Stig Mork's Sebring located in Tromso in Norway.

Two photos of Thomas' custom '99--note that paint job

A photo of Breanne's '99 in Shark Blue

Three photos of Jason's custom '95

Joshua's Sebring

Randy's 96 Sebring with custom tires and wheels

Sam's white 97 Sebring he has owned since new

A white 95 Sebring LXi with custom touches owned by David in Kansas City

The new Sebring owned by Ricky and his wife

This 97 is owned by Enrique

Michael's Wildberry Sebring LXi

Pedro's Customized gold 98 LX Sebring

Davor's 96 LX Sebring

A heavily customized 98 Sebring from a show in CA

A 98 Sebring owned by Hanz

Interior and Exterior Shots of Steven's Customized Sebring

A black '01 Sebring owned by Rob

A 95 Sebring owned by Eileen

An Indy Red 2001 Sebring owned by Thomas

Jason's 96 Sebring in the rare Light Autumnwood Metallic

Mark's red 95 Sebring LXi

Shane's red 98 Sebring

Eric's Black 2000 Sebring

Randy's custom Ruby Red 2001 Sebring (Eclipse spoiler)

Miguel's white Sebring

Jeff Plum's'95 95 Sebring in Wildberry

Antonio's '95 Sebring

Debbie Self's Saronne Red 97 Sebring

Jeremy's '98 Sebring LXi

Michael O'Brian's '95 Sebring in Dark Green

Steve's 2001 Sebring

Cheryl Bourdon's black 2001 Sebring

Charles Nagy's red 2001 Sebring

Joshua Miller's 2000 Sebring

Kris's 99 LXi

Monica Taylor's blue 97 LXi

Joey Hooper's customized 98 LXi Sebring

Shane's Sebring

Ed's 98 Sebring LXi

Griff's Sebring

Wayne & Kaysi's 98 Sebring

RRemboldjr's 99 Sebring LXi

Anthony's Customized Sebring

Scott's 98 LXi

Mike's 97 LX

Kenny's 97 LX

Maurick's 95 LXi

A Photo of Stephen Parker's Polo Green 98 LXi

Some new Photos of Alex's custom Sebring

Justin Zimmerman's modifications for a Cell phone

A Photo of Lusifer's '98 LXi

A Photo of Tony Mireles' '96 LXi

Photos of Michelle Johnson's '97 test painted at the factory in Champagne.

Two Photos of Carlos' custom '96 with custom sound system

Some Photos of TC's customized 1997 LX

Before and After Photos of Chad's Customized LXi

Two Photos of Jeff Clem's red'99 LXi

T Dubb's Sebring

Sandy's '99 Shark Blue Sebring

Mike Goble's Sebring

Chad Ollila's '99 Cafe Latte LXi

Yarek's Indy Red Sebring with custom Racing Stripes

Bob Martin's '99

Darren's 98 LXi

Adam's '95 LXi

A black '97 owned by Eric

A black '98 owned by Christian

A Customized '99 LXi owned by Tony

A Customized '97 owned by Bobby Lewis

Two views of Renaldo's Customized 98 LXi

Four views of Alexander's Black Sebring

Two views of Matt's 96 Sebring LXi

Mary Jean's Sebring

The 1999 Sebring owned by Chris

The Sebring owned by D176009

Kitty's 99 Sebring

Sean Bracy's pewter blue '97 LXi Sebring

Photos of Straight-P's Sebring

Emit's 98 Caffe Latte LXi Sebring

Dan Seigel's '98

Nikolai's Sebring

Two views of a custom 95 LXi with leather proudly owned by Chris

A '97 in Silver Mist owned by Terianne

A 98 in Wildberry owned by Chris

Ben's '97 Sebring

Three views of the Beair's customized white '95 with a marbelized lower panel.

Glen's 98 Sebring LXi

Charles' 98 Sebring LXi

Carmen Andrew Bosco' 98 Sebring LX in Polo Green

Pswift's 97 LXi in black

Jennifer Cheek's 97 in Siver Mist with leather

Ken Cramer's Custom Char Gold '95 LX

Ken tells me his car has been heavily modified, with the following

Damped from front to back
Tinted Windows
Keyless Entry & Security Alarm
Remote Starter
Competition gold & platinum cables, RCA's,distribution & fuse blocks
1 two channel & 2 four channel amplifiers in trunk behind rear wheel well
1 Ten inch sub woofer in acrylic enclosure in trunk
Silk Tweeters & 2 pr. 6.5 inch midbass drivers in factory locations
Sound system required 100 hours labor & cost $5000

Eric's Spanish Moss '96 LX 2.0:

Eric wants you all to note the custum 16" Prime wheels, BFG 205-55-16 tires and Mud Flaps!

Two photos of Donald's 97 Sebring LXi in White Pearl Coat:

Eric Allard's 97 Sebring. The color is Wildberry Pearl Coat

Doug Smith's '97 in Paprika

Edward's '97 in Indy Red

Mohammed's 98 LXi

LXiSebring's '95 Sebring LXi in Silver Mist