Shadeland East Maps and Aerial Photographs

Census Block Group 3 of which Shadeland East is a Part

Shadeland East Map showing Original Boundaries

An aerial photo of the Census block group 3, shown in the map above

A view of Ecton park, a city park near the Shadeland East Center, with homes on all sides

The North Half of Shadeland East

The South Half of Shadeland East

Putting both maps together


Here is an aerial photo of Lexington as it was as of June 18th, 1952, long before Shadeland East was developed. Shadeland East was developed on the on the farm on the lower left hand corner of the photo. You can also see what later became Ecton park, including some of the large old trees.




Here is a map of Lexington dated 1972, just before the start of the Shadeland East development. Shadeland East was developed on the land here labeled as Lakewood. The yellow areas indicates land that was originally part of the urban services area, whereas the white area is outside urban services. Notice that the properties along Chinoe directly east of Shadeland East and courts off of Chinoe were not part of Urban Services nor were the properties along parts of Lakewood drive. In general, properties that were part of Urban Services were connected to city sewer, and had city rather than private garbage pickup, street lights etc.



Here is a 1973 map, with the streets for parts of Shadeland East. Note what sections of Turkey Foot were developed first. How Turkey Foot got its odd name is the subject of some discussion. I have always believed that at this stage in the development, with Turkey foot, Tally and Teak Wood unconnected by strawberry, the street layout looked a lot like (you guessed it) a Turkey Foot!!! Centennial, Summershade, Wishbone, Galaxie, Autumn Turf and Sweet Bay were all developed between 1974 and 1980. Note that the whole area is yellow, indicating that the subdivision was originally part of urban services.