Maple Dining Room Furniture

Christine Serley writes.... I live in Columbia, TN. I am a transplant from the Syracuse, NY area. In 1987, my husband and I purchased a dinette set from our NY neighbor, consisting of a table with built-in/slide-out leaves (not a dropleaf), 6 chairs (2 captains), a buffet/highboy, and butlers table. The table has a gold sticker, with "A Consider H. Willett Product", lady in gown, and "Mfgrs of Fine Furniture" on it. Some, not all, of the chairs have a burned version of the gold sticker on the bottom, also stating "Solid Hard Maple (Sugar Tree)". The same gold label is inside the drawers of the buffet/highboy. I feel that the butlers table may be a different manufacturer altogether, though it was part of the set, and looked similar in materials and color.

The reason for me writing is, after viewing your website, I realize that what I have sounds nothing like what you describe, or what I see in the photos. Our set is heavy and bulky, much more simplistic, and the chair handle/cutouts in the backrest are almost crescent moon shaped...nothing ornate at all. I guess you could say that the legs are spindled, but not delicate spindles. There are "pegs" at some junctions on the chairs, and the top of the buffet/highboy. As far as the age of this set, when we bought the furniture, we were told that it was approximately 40 to 45 years old. We have no way of confirming this information any longer, as the original owner is now deceased, but if true, this would mean our set was built in the mid to late 1940's.

Chris says that she would be willing to sell these pieces as pictured below. She says they have been subjected to everyday use and are in good tho not pristine condition.She has had them since 1987. You may contact her at


Detail of credenza/highboy knobs

This is a Golden Beryl Dinette table and chairs owned by Jackie Whitney (see note above)

This photo is a close-up of how a chair is constructed.

Lancaster County Maple Pieces

All of these pieces are Willett Maple, from the "Lancaster County" Collection. These photos are courtesy For Sale Feb 2002 by Marion Tavernaris (click on the link to e-mail)

If these photos do not show up here, Click here for another set


Kathy Thompson also has some Maple Willett pieces for sale as of March, 2002. These are also from the Lancaster County collection. There is a chest with a wide single drawer at the top

The top drawer of this chest has the brown Willett marking

Another part of the collection is a double dresser

The following photos show the bed headboard and footboard. Note the "button" turnings similar to those on Sue Hayes' cherry pieces.

The back of the headboard has the red ink Willett Lancaster County marking.

More Maple Pieces

Here is a golden Beryl maple cabinet for sale on ebay.

Here is a maple coffee table for sale on ebay.

Here is a maple dinette set for sale on ebay