Bedroom Furniture

This is a photo of a bed that was auctioned by Columbus Antique warehouse November 2001. It sold for $1225. Note the rope motif on the horizontal rail on the footboard (photo courtesy Columbus Antique Warehouse.)

This is a Willett bedroom set for sale on e-bay January, 2002. The set is similar to others illustrated here, tho the footboard on the bed is slightly different from the bed illustrated above.

This photo shows the rope detail on same bed. Note that on the bed, the rope motif has a slight taper.

This is the detail on the headboard of a Willett bed owned by Rebecca Beatty. Rebecca has now verified from catalog information that this was headboard was from the "Marblehead" collection, and is quite different in design from the rope motif beds. (photo courtesy Rebecca Beatty)

This is a tall bedroom chest owned by Rebecca Beatty. Note the Rope Motif. (photo courtesy Rebecca Beatty)

This is a horizontal dresser owned by Rebecca Beatty. Again this has the rope motif similar to the buffet. (photo courtesy Rebecca Beatty)

This is a similar Wildwood chest that was sold on the Internet with the rope Motif. This chest was part of a set that included the vanity and night stand.

This is a Willett Vanity. I suspect this piece was made somewhat earlier than many of those pictured heres, as this type of furniture was popular before World War II. This may date from the late 30s and early 40s. Note that the rope motif appears in many different places. Along either side of both banks of drawers, on the supports for the oval mirror, and even the long center horizontal brace of the upholstered bench.

This is a Willett nightstand that was also part of the set. Note the rope legs on this nightstand.

Here is a Willett chest with oval mirror Rebecca B. spotted at the Louisville Antiques Mall.

This is a Willett Chest Rebecca B saw at the Louisville Antiques Mall. Note the odd curved shape of the top drawers.

These are two views of another Willett nightstand (photo courtesy Rebecca Beatty).

This is a Twin bed Rebecca Beatty spotted at the Louisville Antiques Mall. It has the same unique trim that Sue Hayes' dining furniture had. I am told that this is sometimes called the "button" design as the trim looks like stacked, wooden buttons.

Here are some additional Twin bed photos

Golden Beryl Maple Bedroom Pieces

This Golden Beryl bedroom set was in an e-bay auction January, 2002. There is a vanity dresser with round mirror, a tall chest, headboard, footboard, and a small bench.