The Chrysler Sebring Coupe Owners' Page--2002 Listings

The 2003 Sebring Coupe

Note the revised grille with chrome bars. There are changes in the rear fascia too. New are side air bags. Below is the 2001-02 model for comparison.

This Web site is devoted to providing information about Chrysler Sebring COUPE (NOT Convertible or Sedan owners). Information and photos of your car should be sent to the site operator at I have only a limited amout of mechanical knowledge. Further, I know very little about aftermarket parts. The people who keep track of aftermarket parts are at

Eric, a fellow owner, has graciously agreed to answer a limited number of e-mails relating to mechanical problems you might be having with your COUPE. ERIC HAS ASKED THAT YOU CAREFULLY SEARCH THE SITE AND THE ARCHIVES BEFORE YOU FIRE OFF A LETTER TO HIM RELATING TO A MECHANICAL PROBLEM. We have answered tons of letters related to ticking sounds, bad brakes, transmission noises, blown tweeters, alarms that go off unexpectedly, batteries that go bad annually, remotes and numerous others. If you are about to fire off a letter on any of these please use your edit command and do a search of the site to see if the problem has already been discussed in detail.

Please do not send us e-mail relating to convertibles or sedans. Theyt are different cars built on a different chassis in a different factory, and we know nothing about them. Before you send us e-mail relating to a problem When you send e-mail to Eric or I, please include "Sebring" in the subject line, My e-mail account on aol has been getting tons of Spam mail recently for some reason, and e-mail where the suject line is blank or something generic like "Hey" will likely get deleted by accident without even being read. I've been in search of more Web space for the Sebring owners and photo pages. AOL will give it to me in exchange for a frame with the "AOL Hometown logo and assorted banner ads" I'm of mixed mind on all of this. By becoming part of AOL Hometown we will potentially get more visitors who will find us through the AOL hometown search engine, but I hate the Hometown frame and banner ads for ATT wireless, WebMD weight loss or whatever. To a certain degree AOL is using my web page content to make ad revenue off of our page, which I don't like at all. If you object to the frame and wish to eliminate the maddening AOL "Hometown frame and Ads," try retyping in the following link for this page and put it in your bookmarks The page appears to come up free of the AOL frame when I type that in my browser. Let me know if this works for you as well.

This week's featured Sebring is an LXi owned by Jason

This is the opportunity for owners of Chrysler Sebring Coupes to tell everyone about their cars. To be included in the Chrysler Sebring Owners' Page and be a part of the internet "club," simply e-mail me with information about your car. I've changed the format a bit so that the newest owners now appear at the top of the file.


The Sebring Owners' Club welcomes Eric aka Mr Tech who will be serving as our person for answering questions related to technical and mechanical problems with Sebrings.

Eric is a Sebring owner and is volunteering his time to help other owners. However, recently Eric has been getting a lot of questions relating to problems that have already been dealt with in detail on the web site. Please use your Browser's edit command to search for words in letters and answers relating to your problem before you fire off another letter to Eric describing a problem to which he has already provided a thoughtful and detailed answer. In particular, If you have one of the following problems with your Sebring, check the letters and responses related to these already on the site before firing off yet another letter to Eric on the subject which is already discussed in depth here.

1. Loose plastic body cladding (we've driven that one into the ground)
2. Premature brake wear and choosing replacement brakes (ditto)
3. Warped rotors
4. Using synthetic oil or not (don't)
6. Security alarm goes off when it shouldnt (usually its the underhood switch but read on for an at-home fix)
7. Programming a remote controled keyless entry device. here are the instructions for the 95-97 models Click here for a PDF file
8. Wheel balance problems
9. Choosing new tires
10. What to do whern the "check engine" light comes on
11. battery replacement in remote keyless entry devices
12 Spark plug replacement on the V6 engine (Don't try this yourself, at home. It's a real pain. This is a good job for your dealer)
13. Car turns over but won't start (try a new battery before you do anything else)
14. When to replace timing belts (These really should be replaced at 60,000 miles unless you enjoy sitting by the side of the road)
15. Aftermarket parts such as performance parts and indiglo gauges (the guys at ASOG are the people who keep track of that stuff.
16: Scraping and tearing up the front facia of your Sebring coupe because you run into/over something like a concrete parking lot bumper

Eric says he deletes e-mail if the subject line blank or something generic like "help." Also, remember that Eric and I just Sebring owners and are not customer service people, and while you might feel good by writing a letter that vents your anger over a problem with your car or your dealer, we are not going to post letters that identify an individual dealer, nor act as your advocates for you in these disputes. My experience has been that most service departments will try hard to deal with a customer complaint, but they too have limits in terms of what they are able to do. Further, if you do not feel that you are getting adequate service at your dealer, get a second opinion ata second dealership, calmly explaining what the problem is and what the first dealer attempted to do that did not repair the problem. Service people are human too and if you go in angry, chances are you won't get their best work on your behalf.

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We don't deal with Sebring Convertibles or Sedans here because they are different cars built on different chasses in an entirely different plant. Sebring coupes are built by Mitsubishi employees based loosely on the Galant/Eclipse chassis (these cars are also built there). The Convertibles and Sedans are built on a Chrysler-designed "P" car chassis and assembled by Chrysler employees in Chrysler plants. Even the V6 used in the Coupe is different from the one used in sedans and convertibles. The 200 hp coupe engine in the 2001 is a high output 3.0 Mitsubishi V6. The 200 hp V6 used in the sedans andconvertibles is an all-Chrysler engine first used a couple years ago in the Intrigue/Concorde redesign. The coupe engine is used on the Eclipse and Galant as well.

Also, check out

The Avenger Sebring Owners Group (ASOG) Website

The MOPAR website

MOPAR Chatroom

MOPAR Auction

Note: Please e-mail Eric or me any Coupe problems you have and the solutions, if any.

The Official Chrysler web site

I hadn't stopped by the Official Chrysler Website ( for quite awhile. I was amazed to see the many things that were available. What caught my eye was that you can order owner's manuals and factory service manuals directly off of a site button. I checked the price for an owner's manual for my '95, and it was a very reasonable $6. So if you need an owner's manual or serbvice manual for your Sebring that is the place to go!

Also interesting was the fact that you could get a price quote on any Chrysler Corp vehicle. I gather this works somewhat like and undoubtedly there is a connect to dealers in your area. This may not work out to be the final deal, but these sorts of things certainly help limit the search (and the pain of negotiating with greasy sales managers over a few dollars).

On a side note, a local dealer (Lexington KY) is advertizing new 2002 Sebring LXi coupes that have a sticker of 25K+ for 19,700. I gather this is one with all the regular LXi features, V6, and auto, but without the ABS, leather or the sun roof.

Aftermarket parts

A V6 owner wrote

here is a link to the supercharger kit for the 2.5 liter v-6. it gave me about 80 extra horsepower at the wheels but i had to add a transmission oil cooler. it was a pretty difficult installation. it worth the 4000 dollars. it comes with Blow-Off Valve, FMU fuel control, inline fuel pump, boost and a/f meter, silicone hoses, and SC to throttle body pipes. I used a k&n air filter.


you will need a custom exhaust. i made a cat back 2.5 in with a high flow cat and dual chrome plated mufflers. the charger is really hard on the transmission.

So there is a supercharger out there but I wouldnt expect Chrysler to do warranty work on a vehicle so modified. and your transmission may quickly end up as a heap of oil and metal filings on your garage floor! There are a limited number of aftermarket parts available. No, I dont know of any ground effects kits or clear taillights. THe guys at keep closer track of this stuff than I do. This is what I know so don't expect to learn any more by writing me.

If you want a custom spoiler painted in your body color they are about $245 at

If you want custom gauges the kits in various colors are about $107 at, but only for 95-2000 models (yet)

The clearcorners web site has side maerker and fog lights in clear but no tail lights. If enough people wanted tail lights (25 owners or so) you might talk them into making you some.

I have not purchased anything from any of these companies so this is not an endorsement of any of these but is just information for you.

Instrument Cluster Repairs (roger yenke) To: For the servicing of the common problems associated with the instrument cluster. If interested please email to Roger Yenke (

Replacing batteries in remote keyless entry transmitters

I had an interesting experience when the remote Keyless entry no longer worked on my car. I presumed it was time for battery replacement, My unit is from 1995, and I'm not sure if the design changed significantly in later years or not. Anyway here is what I ran into. I first pried the two sides of the keychain transmitter apart. If you have fairly long fingernails you can actually carefully pry the two sides apart. At that point, one of the two batteries will fall out in your hand. The batteries are quarter-sized number CR2016, and the Energizer replacement is readily available in the jewelery counter at KMart (2.99 each) or in the photography counter at Wal Mart (1.99). Figuring out how the batteries go in is a bit of an issue. They actually fit one on top of the other, with the plus (flatter) side of both of the the batteries toward the springs in the cover section. The slightly rounded negative side of the battery fits against the shiny flat circle on the bottom where the transmitter part actually is. I reassembled and it works (it didn't work with the batteries installed upside down). I would be interested in hearing if any of you have had experience installing batteries in later models and whether these instructions are correct for those models as well.

Click here to visit the Chrysler Central Website Stop in and say hello!!!

If you are interested in trade-in values on Sebrings, check out The Kelly Blue Book SiteInteresting to note that the Chrysler website now has a link to the Kelly Blue Book site--how times change in the automobile business!

Performance Tips from Eric

I promised you earlier that I would find hard evidence before I recommended any performance parts.I am sick of the hype and the 'magic products.' Here are some options.


For the 4 cylinder NGK recommends the BKR6E-11 set at 0.050".
For the V-6 NGK recommends the PFR5G-11, set at 0.044" - NGK's initial setting,
thus the "-11" or 1.1 mm.
If you like the idea of using Platinum plugs or have questions reguarding them you can Email me (
The NGK engineer for Chrysler applications is (


Want to try the absolutely best car polish system in the World? Zaino Bros. I have used these products for a long time and let me tell you nothing compares. Did I mention the owner Sal is a really nice guy and will answer all your questions?


THESE PART NUMBERS FIT 1995-2000 Sebrings. Eric is in the process of getting the correct numbers for 2001-2002 Sebrings. Stay tuned. Here are Eric's recommended part numbers:

Front Axxis Pads........................23-484-01
Front Power Stop rotor/left side......JBR518SL
Front Power Stop rotor/right side....JBR518SR
Rear Axxis Pads.........................23-383-01
Rear Power Stop rotor/left side.......JBR772SL
Rear Power Stop rotor/right side.....JBR772SR

These are slotted rotors that will solve the warping problem so common on Sebrings/Avengers. Contact Ralph at Olympic tell him I sent you. He will set you up with a set of Powerstop SLOTTED rotors and Axxis metal master pads. I'm sure that they are available elsewhere but their prices and service is second to none. When you have them installed make sure that they replace the brake clips (Hardware) and lubricate ALL the contact points of the pad to the calipers. This will fix your problem.

PCM Codes

Click here for PCM codes THere is another link at PCM codes

Use this tool to find & help troubleshoot problems. Your cars computer stores codes "Engine Light" this is how to find out what they mean.

LXiSebring's Shine and Show Trick

Having trouble getting those black plastic outside mirrors to get back to a factory sheen? Try a silicone-based product for blackwalls and black plastic trim. I use Westley's "Black Magic" I bought my bottle some years ago. Check your favorite auto supply store. This restores the dulled and faded plastic part to its original factory sheen, tho you may have to reapply it occasionally. Fading of the mirror plastic appears to particularly be a problem on 95-96 models.

Rambling Commentary on DaimlerChrysler and its future products by LXiSebring

The Sebring coupes are quite different cars from the sedans and convertibles. The 4 dr and convertible Sebrings are Chrysler-made and based on the Chrysler engineered "P" chassis--I believe some if not all are built in a Mexican plant which is just over the Texas Border where Chrysler has a big plant. 4-door owners check your build tag on your driver's side B pillar and tell me what it says. If you remember the Plymouth Acclaim, that was an early version of the "P" car chassis. The Sebring coupe is built in Normal Illinois by Mitsubishi workers in the Diamond Star Motors (DSM) plant, and is based on the completely different Mitsubishi Galant chassis. The V6 in the sedan is a version of the Chrysler-designed V6 that first showed up in the Intrepid, but the coupe V6 is a Mitsubishi design. Both coupe and sedan use the same Chrysler-designed 4 cyl, which is a variant of the 4 cyl also used in the Neon and PT-Cruiser.

It is helpful to think of the Eclipse as being built on a shortened Galant chassis rather than the Sebring coupe as a stretched Eclipse.

Chrysler, after almost completely severing ties with Mitsubishi just before the Damlier merger (The Sebring Coupe was the only really shared product by about '98 and Chrysler had non Mitsubishi-based V6s in their then-new sedans) now is very cozy with them again. Daimler Chrysler doesn't truly own Mitsubishi, but as I understand it, they have about 1/3 of the shares. Thats enough so Mitsubishi doesn't do anything now without checking first with DC headquarters in Germany. The DC/Mitsubishi partnership is similar to what GM has going on with Subaru and now GM used a bunch of Subaru parts in the new Pontiac Solstace--Bob Lutz's pet project at GM.

In the future I expect to see a new DC chassis common to both the P cars and the Galant derivatives and perhaps even eventually derivatives of the Mercedes C class--since all three are so similar in size and layout. Also, dont tell Mercedes owners, but there are cheaper Mercedes coming out that will share lots of parts and engineering with Chrysler & Mitsubishi, and Mercedes parts will be showing up on Chrysler and MItsubishi cars too. Expect luxury Chrysler cars to pull more and more engineering from Mercedes just as the new Lincoln model shares underpinnings with the S-Type Jaguar. Meanwhile, everyone knows that the new Jaguar X-Type is built on as Ford chassis widely used in Europe, but appearing in the US as the now-defunct Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique. This isn't all glued together yet, but thats what will happen. If Mercedes engineers a good new front suspension, why reinvent it and have to pay for additional engineering work at Chrysler or Mitsubishi, espcially if all the cars it could be used in have similar size and weight.

Plus, Mercedes is really looking to expand into the under $30,000 market world-wide, which means the "Not engineered in Germany" opposition will end up being muted and Germans will be happily buying cars that are mostly Chryslers & Mitsubishis but with the three-pointed star on the grille. The new Mercedes little hatchback just came out (Compressor) with (gasp!) cloth upholstery and in the mid 20s! I think the short wheelbase and hatchback design wont do very well in the US, however--the design is just too European for us. Hatchback cars have never been popular in the US regardless of who makes them. But a new Mercedes Coupe built with the overall size and other design parameters of a Sebring coupe and under $30,000. That is quite buildable out of the existing Mercedes/Chrysler/Mitsu parts bin and it could happen!

parts locator Link

Check with Mike Havent ttried this company so have no recommendation on Sebring parts

Xenon Bulb Study

Eric says he is going to do an independent study on these fancy new "HID" look replacement bulbs. It looks to me like they have figured out how to color correct Halogen bulbs by tinting them and using new gas mixes inside. I have contacted some manufactures and they are sending samples.

LXiSebring: According to the newspaper, the new bulbs on expensive cars are "high-theft" items.

Computer resetting

Eric says..The best way to reset is to disconnect the battery and reconnect.

Sebring Coupe Owners Listed in 2002:

Tom Binney writes

It now has 137,000+ on it. My wife drives it most of the time now. Had to have the transmission rebuilt at 108,000 (typical Chrysler!) but have had very little other problems except for having to replace the rear wheel bearing/hub units today - anybody know what the torque settings are? Maybe I should buy a manual some time!

I did change the plugs at 100,000 miles myself. It's not REAL difficult, but go to the library and get a copy of the instructions. One thing they don't tell you is there are some gaskets on a metal emissions tube behind the motor that you WON'T SEE. I had this miss in the motor after the plug change. The tech checked it out and knew right away what the problem was.

I'm planning to keep it after I get my wife a new car. I put new Bridgestone RE 910's on it which really cut down on the noise over the factory Goodyear's, plus they are much better on water. The body is in great shape. Original paint except for on fender where I had to have a dent fixed. And hey! This is Wisconsin people! Home of snow and salt about 6 months a year!

I still have the original rear rotors on the car, but replaced the fronts at about 130,000. I've gone through 4 sets of pads. The ABS unit was replaced at about 30,000 miles with an improved design (I'll say! 100,000 miles later its still working fine!)

Two more minor problems I did have were:

1) I have removed, straightened and replaced the metal strip under the front chin about 5 times. I don't know how many times more I'll get away doing that. The threaded holes in the strip are getting fairly rusty.

2) One day at about 103,000 miles I was doing 70 mph out on the interstate when I suddenly found myself laying on the back seat looking up at the sunroof! The seat back broke. I jammed my briefcase behind the seat to keep it upright and drove the 150+ miles home. I pulled the seat cover off to see what happened (no a thing the faint of heart wants to try!) and found that the welding robot at the factory had not penetrated sufficiently to weld a bracket to a tube (it's called a cold weld.) I took 45 minutes of screaming at Chrysler Customer Care to get them to fix it. It was their defect but it took until the 103,000 mile mark to fail, just past my 100,000 warranty. They set it up with the dealer who took the cover off and rewelded the joint.

3) The security system/remote door lock system has started to act up in the last 5 or 6,000 miles. If you lock the doors with the remote, the alarm will go off on it's own. Several times it happened in the garage! Does anyone know how to disable the alarm system and still use the remote locks??????

LXiSebring: I say the underhood alarm switch is not being held down secrurely along the passengers side. Its a common problem, fixable with a wad of electrical tape attached to the underside of the hood to press the switch securely down again.

I was reading the 2001 section and noticed "Using synthetic oil or not (don't)" Well, I've been using Valvoline Durablend semi-synthetic in the car since new. The inside of the motor's been untouched for 137,000 miles. I changed the oil at 7-7500 mile intervals because I do mostly highway driving much to the dismay of the oil change outlets. At about 7,000 miles I'll be down about 1/2 a quart of oil so I know I'm close to an oil change. I've only had to add oil to the motor once outside of an oil change. That was during the winter when I had a long trip to make and had a oil change outlet change the oil and they didn't tighten the filter down right. Yes, I do check the oil level at every gas refill despite not expecting to have to add any.

I know full synthetics are a problem because they tend to ways to weep through the gaskets, but the semi-synthetics don't do that and give you some of the low wear characteristics of full synthetics.

LXiSebring: You will have to take this one up with Eric. I'm not as down on the fancy oils as he is.

Marilyn writes

Hi I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring and I would like to know what could cause smoke to come from under the hood of the car. this happened all of a sudden --no signs (lights,etc). When I press thee accelerator, there is a rattling sound.........

Eric says... .... Smoke or steam? Steam is from the cooling system, where smoke would probably be oil leaking and reaching the exhaust somehow. Different color "smokes" mean different things also. .....

Joe DeTray writes

Hey what's up people this is me again Joe DeTray! I noticed that I spelled DOHC DOCH!! Stay away from paint thinner!! HAHAHA I'm putting this input in as just a reminder that you all can have a bad ass Bring also! there you can get a carbon fiber hood and 2 different styles of front bumper's and the same plain ol side skirts like I have. I think I have answered like 50 emails concerning where to get this phat kit! It's only 750.00 but I paid around 1000.00. So you all are very lucky! haha.. Oh yea and about my turbo I was going to add? I said screw it and I added a Vortec Supercharger and added 100 h.p to the wheels. My dyno came back at 355 h.p at the wheels.. I almost defecated my pants! But it was a few 4 hrs just putting it on and changing around everything. I'm glad Iv got my intercooler hooked up. But the sad thing about it is there was only 6 bolts for the supercharger to be put on. You all should try it! Remember when using a supercharger.. HANG ON TO YOUR NIPPS! HAHAHA.. Well Its time for that season to put away the good ol Sebring and bust out my beat 93 327 S-10! YAHOO.. Have fun with the Tricking! Lata.. Joe DeTray!

LaDarryl writes

Hello my name is LaDarryl Hollingsworth and I have a 95 Sebring Lx (4 cylinder, 5 speed). I drove it to work last thursday night and the next morning it would not crank. That was four days ago. I bought a brand new battery, but no luck. It is trying to crank, but it's not turning over. I checked to make sure it is getting fire from the plugs by holding the distrubutor end of the spark plug wire off of the distributor and having a friend try to start it. It's getting fire. I even replaced to spark plugs...just for the hell of it. Still no turnover. Next I checked to see if it is getting any fuel. There is a valve on the fuel rod (where fuel is collected to be that reminds you of a valve stem on a bike tire. I opened it, then pressed it, and gas skeeted out. I held the valve until no more gas came out, tried to start the car, and went back to the valve. Gas trickled out this time. My question is, "Is there a way to tell by how pressurized the gas coming from that valve is whether or not the fuel pump is working properly?" or "could it be something else causing my car not to start?"

Eric says ... You have done the obvious. Could be a fuel pump problem. Can you hear it when you hit the key before trying to start it? .....

Kris Knutsen writes

Like others I love the way the Sebring looks. Just been reading bad feedback and most website consumers ratings are 5.5 out of 10. This is bad. Especially because in two days I wanna buy this Red one, a V6 LX only has 11 thousand something miles on it and is a 2000. They are asking 14,888 and it has a 80,000 mile warranty on it, sunroof and cd player. Should I get it? Should I try to lower the price? Is it going to be worth my money assuming it has no problems now. Please help me save. Keep in mind I am only 21 and don't wanna be spending my life savings on a car that ends up having too many probs. Thanks, Kristen

Sebrings take a bit of extra TLC relative to a Honda or Accord--but most of the owners seem to think they are worth the extra effort. If you want to treat you car as a kitchen appliance, buy a Honda or Accord--but if you want really neat wheels that stand out in a crowd, go Sebring! Most Sebring owners are very fond of their cars qand would not trade them for something else.

Dawn Westbrook writes

Well, as luck would have it, I ran over a huge freakin tree limb in the road and messed up my grille. The only damage was a few pieces knocked out and it cracked the silver ring that goes around the grille. I was just wondering if you know how much this may end up costing me. I am just looking to replace the grille entirely. Thanks, Dawn

Well I hope you have comprehensive ins. as it will be covered by that. This is not cheap--I've heard numbers in the $800 range.

SeSt writes

I need some help on locating the three remaining sparkplugs on my 1997 dodge avenger i know that this is a sebring owners page but it is from my understanding from my own research that the avenger and the sebring are the same car. i could be wrong but thats what i understood.

Eric says .. The engine is symetrical. If you see the front 3 the back 3 are in the exact opposite mirror placement, under all that other stuff. .....

RKelly writes

I could only find two references to wheel bearings in searching the owner's site. So I'm writing to ask if anyone else has experienced recurring wheel bearing problems on their 2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupes? Mine had a bad left front outer bearing replaced at 14K miles and another on the right rear at 19K miles. Now with just 20,697 miles on the odo' I'm getting the same droning noise and vibration I've become so familiar with. I've got another appointment with my local 5 Star dealer and I'm sure I'll be told once again that this is "a rare problem". What's the truth? Any advice from anyone will be appreciated.

Eric says .... It's been a problem since 95' and the dealer cost is absurd. Also I dare you to try to find one aftermarket. .....

Bryant writes

Hi, Eric - do you know of any source of replacement euroclear taillights for a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXi Coupe? None of the online sources I've tried offer anything but Altezza's for PT Cruisers. I'm pissed off about the changes to the 2003 coupe model and want to find a way to update the look of my car a bit so it doesn't look so much like "last year's model." Any suggestions?

.... I would check ASOG for that junk. I don't think they are available. Look into the LED tailight bulbs from They are very high quality,designed for reflectors, and will give you that difference you desire. Only a few cars today are made with LED tail lamps. Also check ous Sylvania SilverStar headlight bulbs. Good Stuff. .....

tmeister writes

Can you tell me where a fuel filter is located for a 1999 Sebring coupe thanks

Eric says... .... Under the rear seat, In the tank, look for the fuel lines. .....

Kmtw writes

hi i have a 95 sebring lxi with a sun or moon roof whatever they call them well i have a rattle in the head liner when idling and when you press your hand against it quits it is really annoying and i have no clue on how to fix it the only thing is i think it might have something to do with the sunshade please email me back with any possible solution

Eric says ..... Yep, that's common and there is a procedure for fixing this at the dealer. .....

John writes

I have a question that you may be able to help me out with. I'm working on my wifes 98 Sebring V6. She had a check engine light occurence and after dealer diagnosis (problem with cylinder #4) I replaced the spark plugs and wires all around. I also unplugged the battery to reset the computer. This fault code is gone and apparently, cylinder 4 is no longer an issue. However, driving the car the next day has resulted in more check engine light trouble. Sometimes the light blinks, sometimes it stays on solid, sometimes it goes out all together. The odd thing is there isn't a code stored in the system now. I did the on-off-on-off-on routine and also had a man at Auto Zone plug it up to a diagnostic meter, neither method produced any code. The car is running a little rough and the problem is more noticeable at slower speeds/rpm ranges. Any ideas for me?

Eric says .. You changed all the plugs and wires with Mopar stuff (Don't use generic wires) and there is still a problem? If your light is blinking you have a serious glitch and the dealer needs to look at it right away. .....

John writes

hi I have a 97 sebring and I hear what sounds to be water behind my seat when I stop or when I take off, also I have a puddle of water when I am stationary for more than a minute or two coming from the body of my car, i have looked and cannot find where the water is coming from, by the way if you havent guessed it only does it when it rains, well it has been raining alot in georgia recently so it sounds like I have a gallon or two back there. If you have any insite to my delima then it would be greatly appreciated, also it happens to sebring convertibles too, I worked at a quick oil change place and I saw a sebring conv. come in and it was doing the same thing.

Eric says .... It's a very common convertible problem, not sure but I think its due to rust proofing the cars where the goop fills the drain holes. If your dealer rustproofed the car I'd see them about it. I'm sure that there has to be a TSB written on this issue by now. .....

Kyle writes

Hi, my name is Kyle Stethem. I am a 19 year old who owns a 97 white seabring coupe. I have put 18 inch arelli assasins on my sebring. i have a killer sound system in it also. i just replaced the transmission and the engine within one week. i have the lx version. The 2.0 engine is a joke for that heavy of a car. i will soon be putting a body kit on it. In plain words the Chrysler Sebring is a nice looking car. It however isint a nice car. My car only had 73000 miles on it when i replaced the engine and the tranie. I dont abuse it either, how could i with a friggen dodge neon , mits eclipse, and eagle talon enginge in it? sorry that this letter isint very nicely written , im in a hurry. got to go fix something on my car.

LXiSebring: We hear about very few problems with either the 4 or 6 cyl Sebring engine--somewhat more tranny problems--and of course batteries and brakes. rkhoover writes

So you say your Sebring stalls when you take your foot off the gas and doesn't idle properly. BEFORE you get carried away replacing throttle position sensors, idle speed motors, MAP sensors and Crank angle sensors, Check the EGR Valve!!!!!

My '97 V6 Sebring has 116k miles on it and had a complete tune-up at 96k miles. (Note: a complete tune-up not only includes new plugs, plug wires and fuel filter, but should also include all four oxygen sensors) I cheaped out and replaced the oxygen sensors one at a time as they wore out (they set a 21 code on the OBDII "Check Engine" system)

BUT, I should've replaced all the O2 sensors at the same time! Apparently running with just ONE bad O2 sensor was enough to foul my EGR system, causing a rough idle and stalling below 1000 rpm. You don't even want to know what it did to my gas mileage!!!!!

I replaced the two downstream O2 sensors with Genuine Chrysler parts at around 100 dollars a piece. Then I found that Advanced Auto Parts stores sells Bosch 15704 upstream sensors for 50 dollars apiece. Sweet!

Don't make my mistake, replace all the O2 sensors at one time. Sure it costs more, but its saves a lot of aggravation, fuel mileage and busted knuckles.

When I finally traced the idle/stalling problem to the EGR valve, it was too late. I had to replace the valve (Genuine Chrysler parts, made in Canada for this Mitsubishi V6) OK, maybe the valve was worn out. The MicroAnalysis lab at my employer owes me a full report on that one.

I'm guessing that the over-rich condition caused by the worn out O2 sensors (they fail 'lean" causing the engine computer to make the mixture too rich) caused the tiny back pressure port and EGR transducer to block off with carbonaceous crud, thus keeping the actual EGR valve open, even during idle when its supposed to be closed.

The good news is that the New EGR valve cured the idle problem and the car no longer stalls at traffic lights. The fuel mileage is right back up to around 29 to 31 highway mpg.

LXiSebring: These are excellent tips: Thank you very much!!!

Chris Champion writes

Hello I own a 1998 Chrysler Sebring and have 89,000 miles on it. I have a lot of brake problems out of it, but the most recent problem I am having in the light blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when you accelerate. I was wondering if you still own one? Have you had any of the same problems? Thanks

LXiSebring: Not me...Anyone?

Russell Nazareth writes

I have paid a lot for this... But wanted to be sure I have brought the right car.... Regards

LXiSEbring: The 2001 model is a very nice car..send a pic!!! Charie from Texas writes

Yes I am 18 yrs of age and there are somethings that i would like to do to my 1996 Chrystler Sebring Lxi; like putting on more power by putting on a turbocharger but I do not know where to find them. So I just need some help in that area and I will be just fine. So I do appreciate you. and I would love to be a member and my name is charlie from texas. thanks...

Kmtm writes

To: LXiSebring I have owned my Sebring since feb. of 2002 I bought it after a car accident I had in feb. i had a honda and went the the sebring big step up but I would not trade it for the world I love my sebring it is a lxi with every option avail. except a few little ones. she is medium metallic gray with stock rims and headlight blackouts I have not have much to do in repairs fortunately I have only had to replace the water pump and timing belt which only cost 300.00 lucky I thought that was a good deal and it was the original waterpump and the car has 101k miles but the time belt had been changed and I need to have it checked due to the engine light coming on occasionally but it does not make the car run any different any idea what it may be would be appreciated and I have this god awful rattle in the headliner when it is idling it goes away when I press my hand on it but start back up if I let go I think it is to do with the sunshade but I dont know how to fix it any suggestions would be appreciated also email me with them oh and the front bumper is pretty rough due to ho wthe car sits low in the front and you drag it on everything since I live in a rural part it gets scraped often

dcf writes

I own a 1997 Sebring LXI Coupe. I'm in the process of buying a new set of tires. I've had 2 sets of the Goodyear 17 " tires, and didn't like the noise factor & the bumpy ride. Is there an alternative to the Goodyear tire that will give a smoother & quieter ride at a reasonable price. The local tire dealer recommended Yokohama. Thanks

Eric says .... Michelin Pilots are your best bet. 2nd choice would be Bridgestones. .....

Jimmy writes Eric; I have a question concerning my recent purchase of a used '00 Sebring LXI. If I'm correct, I remember reading something about this car having speed sensitive steering. Now in my opinion, this car's steering response is a little lighter than the steering that I experienced in my '00 Chrysler Cirrus. So light in fact, that I feel a little uneasy when passing or driving at higher speeds. How is "speed sensitive steering" supposed to feel? At very slow speeds, like turning out of my driveway, the steering seems very tight, but not at higher speed. Is it possible that something isn't working properly? Thanks for your help.

Eric says...... The steering assist should change, become less as speed increases. You should really not notice a difference in effort. .....

Jason Kelly writes

Hi there I am a happy owner of an LXi sebring. My name is Jason Kelly I live up north in Canada. British Columbia to be more technical. I like to drive the highway alot. I think the car has some great power! I have replaced alot of little things with stuff like Bosch Plus 4 plugs, K&N Airfilter, some Infinity Perfect Speakers to replace the stock ones, I added a Viper Starter greatest thing to have up north! It can even unlock the doors and trunk has got alot of failsafes :) I love the car the leather I try to treat all the time with mothers but still cracks can anyone help me with some suggestions??? and the engine I believe is developing a knock :*( I don't know how to fix that. Believe me it isn't the evaporation purge solenoid! I heard lots about that thing in the passengers' front bumper area, hehe. Anyhoo here is a Photo of me and the car on a highway trip! Chat at ya laterz.

Chris writes

Hey what's up I own a 98 sebring with about 90,000 miles on it. It is starting to use some oil. I was wondering if you might have had some problems with your pcv valve clogging up,or getting a bad one. I have the mitsubishi 2.5 in it. I have had a lot of problems with the rotors. Just about give up on that anyways any info will help

LXiSebring: I've not heard about any problems with PCV clogging, at least not recently. Psychosexy writes

i test drove some sebrings the other day and instantly fell in love...i'm intersted in buying one (probably a 97 or so). what i would like to know about is the relibilty of it...such as typical problems and the such...i would appreciate the help...thanks

LXiSebring: Problem areas are brakes, batteries and the occasional bad transmission. CHeck for damage to underside of front fascia as these are easily cut up by curbs and expensive to repair.

Weggie writes

hey we own a 98 sbring and the only problem we seem to be having is a squeekie belt having had it replaced twice was wondering if you could give me some other way of fixing this noise it does drive us crazy

LXiSebring: I believe there are some aftermarket products out there that quiet belts, but I worry a drive pully may be bent or out of line.

Ernestine Mitchell writes

I have a fabulous 1998 Sebring LXI and other than the usual problems everyone else talks about (tires, etc.), I am very pleased.

However, I recently had an alignment done and the mechanic said I needed a "cam kit" to complete the alignment. After that, I have had a loud noise in the upper left side of the car which sounds like a bed with bad springs. When I took the car back to the mechanic, one of the other mechanics said that a "bolt" had been broken during installation of the cam kit. What does that mean? What could that noise be?

Eric says... ..... Front alignment consists of only toe adjustment. If caster or camber need adjusted you have to "shim" the suspension. Somebody must have buggered something up. .....

Norma writes

Greetings, I recently purchased a 1999 Sebring. I am having a problem with the automatic cruise control. When the cruise control is set on a level highway driving there is no problem, but when I go up a steep grade or hill, the transmission does not geer down to the lower geer to sustain the speed selected on the normal road. i.e. When I set the cruise at 90 K's per hour, the vehicle does not keep the speed set during the climb of the embankment or hill. It tends to fall down to approximately 50 to 60 K's per hour. Chrysler has told me that they cannot fix this problem. Is this correct? Should I get a second opinion. Any information you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Norma

Eric says ..... Try a new speed sensor. .....

Latetoday writes

Hi, I have a major problem, water somehow gets in the tail light, (lots of water, about 2inches). It shorts out the brake light and turn signals. I am a college student and afraid to get a huge bill from a dealership. Any ideas how to find the water leak? My Mom searched for a leak, and tried to caulk around the top, inside the trunk. Thanks for any help.

Eric says ..... Probably the light itself. Try a salvage yard. For now a hole at the bottom for drainage will get you by. .....

Joe DeTray writes

Hey My name is Joe DeTray and I am out of Toledo, OH. and here is a pic of my 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi. It's not ur average sebring tho! Its kinda tricked out.. This car is done with a AEM full cold-air intake, Ebetchi 2 inch. drop, Duel Apex-i full 2 1/2 high flow stain-less steel exhaust with a high flow cat and a DTM duel tip muffler, This lil' 2.5L 24V DOCH is pushing over 250 HP. Blitz body kit, spical silver metallic PPG paint, 17 inch. Konig spyder rims wrapped with some BFG Potenza rubber, after-market cam's, after-market fuel manigment system, after-market header's, after-market trans, after-market clear turn singnals, white-faced gauges, Sparco racing seat's, Sparco 5 pt. harness both sides, stripped back seat, stipped spare tire, Pioneer sound system with same stock amp mounted under truck deck, Pioneer DVD/CD/CD-R player, 3 Pioneer 9 inch TV's, spical ordered stainless steel dress up kit for all the take out dash/door panels, carbon-fiber face plate for the gauges, diamond plated steel floor mats, and finally spical CBRNGIT plates! This summer adding a Turbo if I can find one..!!So for all you Sebring People out there BRNG IT!

LXiSebring: See Featured Sebring above and on Photo page! Joey, expect a lot of mail on where you got the body parts!!!

Theresa Sendejas writes

My right turn signal works fine, but the left will not move up to position for left blinker to go on. Do u think it's the fuse? or is it a major problem.

Nope--there is something wrong inside the turn signal switch. A fuse wouldnt knock out just one side. Unfortunately this will likely not be inexpensive as lots of labor is involved.

Jim writes

Hey guys/gals! Love the site, and VERY informative. Actually so informative, if I'd found this site first, I might have reconsidered buying my 2000 Sebring coupe simply because of the pending legitation against Chrysler and Mitsibishi involving the rims issue. After seeing that site concerning the rims problem, I went out and check my recent purchase, and I've currently got a bent rim too. But so far no air leakage. I've contacted the dealership where I bought the car, and they're refusing to discuss the issue with me. So that sort of pisses me off since I've had the car only a week and a half.

Anyway, my Sebring that I bought is a '00 model. Bought with only 9800 miles on the odometer! And the car's in such good shape, I bought it as a Certified Chrylser. 8 year, 80k mile warranty. That covers all the big stuff. I opted to pay more and get "almost" bumper to bumper coverage for 8years.

The car drives great! But takes a little getting used to. I'm 6'1", so the steering column is a pain in my legs! (I'm used to a little larger car!) But otherwise, I love my Sebring. And even though it's over two years'd never know it. I've gotten lot's of good comment's concerning the car.

Thanks for all the info!

LXiSebring: if the rim got bent as a result of a road hazard (and rims dont just bend on their own) it MIGHT be covered under your vehicle complehensive insurance. Check with your insurance agent. Bent rims are a problem with ultra low profile tires, as the tire provides no protection from the curb. Jimmy writes

Hey what's up? My name is Jimmy and I have a green 95' Sebring LX. I am also from ASOG. My mods include a Dreamspeed CAI, Bullen Exhaust with 2.5' pipe from the cat back, 2' drop with Sprint springs, Secialty camber kits with KYB GR-2 struts, 18' Enkei CDR9's with 225/40 Yokohama Paradas, RaceConcepts (Brembo) rotors, and a TX Bodykit from Ground Dynamics. See featured Sebring above Here is a link to some more pics.

Brenda writes

I have a 1998 Lxi It is black with gray leather Int. It's loaded,AcPs,Pw Keyless entry CD player. Power seats Sun roof. I love my car. Its my baby. I don't think I would trade it for a new one. I like the body style of the 98. I had a small crash in it last week and busted the front up a bit. It goes in the body shop the 21st. 15oo to fix it. It got the front clip, fog light and shifted the hood a bit. but It will be fixed soon. I love the site on the Sebring's. Would love to be a member. I have a few pictures if you would like to see my baby. Thanks a bunch

LXiSebring: send a picture


Hi - I have a 1997Sebring Coupe LX Auto 6.... When at highway speeds - especially around 55-65mph, there is a loud wine sound inside the passenger cabin - it decreases significantly at 65mph or better - transmission? Any help on this matter... Thanks!

Eric says ..... If its a whine then it's the transmission. Should go away with speed or RPM change. .....

Craig writes

I have been told that my rear O2 upstream sensor is shorted. I tried to take it out but it is very difficult. Can I leave it in and put the output from another O2 sensor in parallel with where the rear sensor plugs in?

Also, there are two white wires, a gray wire and a black wire coming from the sensor. Which one is the sensor output? The black wire is the only one that seems to change in voltage as the engine warms up. It goes from 0 volts to a maximum of 0.3 volts. The chrysler dealer mechanic said that the sensor was shorted out, but that would mean the voltage would always be zero, no?

Can you shed a little light on the topic? (How the heck is that rear sensor removed?) You can't even put a socket on it because of the 4 wires coming off of it.


Eric says ..... They make sockets just for this job. .....

Duane writes

What years parts are interchangable with the 1999 Coupe LXI? I have extensive front end damage and came to find out that the full coverage that I thought I have I didn't.

I am looking to find used parts for the repairs and can not remember the other models years parts that will work. I think it is 1998 - 2001. I would appreciate any help also on finding a good source for parts.

Thanks in advance.

LXiSebring: Many dealers & body shops will actively search out used parts on request from auto recyclers, and auto recyclers are getting connected on a computerized network so who has which parts no longer involves a lot of legwork. I suggest that you let the body shop do the looking for used parts for you. Its a lot easier and faster.

Michael writes

I have been having an odd problem with my Sebring (2000 LXi with 33,000 miles) and thought you might be able to help. I've searched the site and I don't think anyone else has mentioned this.

When I am sitting in gear at idle, I hear an intermittent and relatively loud squeaking sound that seems to be coming from the left side of the engine compartment. The noise sounds very much like a bad belt noise, except in short one-second squeaks instead of constant. This is my second Sebring, so I'm familiar with all of the "normal" transmission and ticking solenoid noises that the Sebring makes, and this is far more obnoxious than any of those.

Along with each squeak, the idle becomes erratic, dropping down to 200 rpm like it will stall, but it has never actually stalled. This only occurs when the engine is well-warmed and gets worse the longer and harder it has been driven. The noise has never appeared other than when I am at a complete stop and has never appeared when in park, although it does happen in any other gear, including neutral.

I took the car in to a Five-Star Chrysler dealer near me and they had my car for *TWO WEEKS*. At first they said they couldn't duplicate the problem (which is entirely possible if they never really got it warmed up as I had instructed them). After three days, I went over to take a test drive with the tech, who observed the problem. Three more days later, they still said they didn't know what it was. Finally, they concluded that it was a glazed serpentine belt. They replaced the belt under warranty, but the problem remains. If you have heard of this problem or have any clue as to what this might be so I can give a (different) dealership a good lead (or maybe even address it myself), I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Eric says ....... Simple, set the parking brake,block the wheels,put into drive, pop the hood and watch. I bet it's an accessory. Try with the A/C running, wheels fully turned etc. .....

Steven writes

Hey whats up my name is steven, I have a 1997 sebring lxi. i was just wondering where did u get your body kit for your car. I have looked all over and cant find one. im in connecticut. can u email me back with some advice on where to obtain body kits for my car? thanks

LXiSebring: I dont have a body kit. You will need to contact the posters who do. Or check at

Josh Pratt writes

Hey, My name is Josh and I have a hooked up Black/metallic blue Bring' which I will send you pics of once I get a digital camera. Yet, I was wondering if you have any tips on how to increase my HP, its about 210-215 right now, and hits 115 in 3rd. I have a venom power chip, a weapon R intake, and custom dual exhaust. Do you know of any turbochargers or anything that has came out yet for the V6, or any engine swaps?? E-mail me at, and I will try to hurry up and get my pics and all the car info to you. Thanks so much,

Jennifer writes

Hi, I have a 97 sebirng LX coupe. I just bought it about 3 months ago with 80,000 miles on it for $4,200. So far i have had some problems with it...My brake lights went out b/c of a bad brake light switch, the trim on outter side of the lower half of the front door has came loose and is scratching the paint off, and my check engine light came on then went off after about a week...have any suggestions oh and my front headlight cover has fogged over an dmy hubcap fell off the other day too anyhow have u had problems with your brake lights etc?? Have any recomendations on where to find a headlight cover w./out going to the dealership? Thank ya,

LXiSebring: Check your local auto recycler (junk yard)

Heather writes

Hi, I hope this gets to you from the Sebring's owner page. I have a problem with my car and the dealership and others cannot figure it out. It has hard starts. no check engine, no hesitation once started, etc. I can try and start it 5,6,7 times and come back 5 minutes later and it will start right up. Sometimes it starts all day for days. Somestimes it won't start for days. This has been going on for 3 months. I'm extra frustrated because I'm trying to sell it. If you can give me any advise I'd greatly appreciate it.

Eric says..... Fuel pump or relay, could be the filter also but I doubt it. .....

Tracy writes

I came across your site and wondered if you could answer a question for me. My brother just bought a new 2002 Sebring Coupe LXi. One day after taking delivery the dealership informed him that they needed the car back because they needed to replace the right front fender. They said it was delivered from the factory with an Avenger fender! Upon inspection it was apparent that the two fenders did not match. We also noticed other areas where the car parts did not seem to fit correctly. The dealership stated that Sebrings and Avengers are made on the same line and that is why there was a mistake. I find it hard to believe that this is an error and do not trust the dealer at all. They did not want to have to tell us about it - but the sales woman (who was new) told us any way (not till after it was paid for). Have you ever heard of this happening and is it true that the Sebring and Avenger are made on the same line? I would appreciate any information you may have.

Eric says.... Yes, They WERE built in the same place but they didnt make Avengers in 2002. I have heard about cars with wrong badges ect. but this car you bought could have been damaged and fixed before it was sold.Tell them to hold up your contacting your lawyer and the truth should come out. Or request a "new" car like the one you are intitled to. They can locate one just like yours with their computer. Tell them to put the "wrong" car on the floor for everyone else to see. .....

LXiSebring: Eric, if it's a 2002 it likely would have been a Stratus coupe fender not an Avenger fender. Some dealers still think of Stratus coupes as Avengers, despite the name change. This very well COULD have happened on the line, given that both Sebrings and Stratus coupes I believe are built on the same line in no particular order.

Tom Wyatt writes

Hi Eric - first, I'd like to thank you for your informative page. I did some searches and didn't find my exact problem, so I'd like to inquire directly. I have a 99 Sebring jxi w/ the auto transmission. I've already had the starter replaced (at 30,000 miles) and the transmission speed sensor replaced at around 25,000 miles (I'm at 48,000 now). The current symptoms do not match those of the previous problem however. I do not have the extended warranty (though now I am kicking myself for this).

On cold starts, the car REFUSES to go into drive. When I do get it into drive, it pops back into neutral (with the transmission control in (D))whenever I stop. Reverse works fine, but none of the forward gears work without a lot of effort on my part. What I have to do is put it back in park, then into drive (sometimes multiple times. Each time I do this, I wait and listen for the familiar Chrysler tranny sound... but sometimes it doesn't take). Every stop sign necessitates this until it is warmed up (about 3 minutes of driving). I originally thought that this might be low tranny fluid, but the level looks fine. (how do you add tranny fluid anyway, I can't find a fill location)?

Secondly, there are times when it downshifts HARD after I am at a complete stop. I've been driving this car for a few years, so I know how to keep the tranny happy (gradual slowdowns, complete stops) but even when I do this, there are times when I am at a complete stop, and then all of a sudden BAM (to quote the famous chef) it goes into first. This happens much less frequently than the above problem with not going into gear.

Also, there are times after the car is warm that it seems to want to shift after I am at a light, and it is already in first (I hear it downshift at the stop). The transmission starts making the shifting noises, though I don't have my foot on the gas, I'm at a complete stop, and it is in first gear.

This car has been good otherwise, and I'd like to keep it around, but I need reliable transportation... not questionable transportation.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Eric says .... Sounds like the solenoid shift pack is acting up, but it could be a bad signal from the TCM. Have it read on a Chrysler Scan tool. You add ONLY MOPAR 7176 Fluid through the transmission dip stick hole. Follow the owners manual carefully for procedure..must be hot to check. .....

Asha writes

hi there i have a 95 as well its green. i have bought it used and now it have about 107,000 miles. I have been having a problem with it when it rains or when its cold or damn outside. I live in oregon...end of story. it stalls when i am at a stop or light. then i have to put it in park and start it up again..then when i apply the brake i have to push harder and then it may stop again or go. have you heard of anything like this . some advice is..spark plugs but i have gotten new ones abouty 4 months ago..then mositure in the distrubitor cap ? put some sealer on around that..and the idle is off? let me know

LXiSebring: Eric is looking into this.

PETER writes

To: LXiSebring Hi - I have a 1997Sebring Coupe LX Auto 6.... When at highway speeds - especially around 55-65mph, there is a loud wine sound inside the passenger cabin - it decreases significantly at 65mph or better - transmission? Any help on this matter... Thanks!

LXiSebring: my first thought is tires or wheel bearings. But is the sound coming from the transmission area? Eric is looking into this.

Randy writes

hi, i read on your web site that you say NOT to use synthetic oil. i was just wondering why you shouldn't. any information you could pass on to me would be greatly appreicated. also, i was wondering if you knew what company makes the indi-glo gauges. thanks for your help.

Eric says .... Without getting into another debate, your engine was designed to use the oil specified in the owners manual. NRgauges or NRauto ?? search for nr gauges and you will find them. .....

LXiSebring: If more expensive oil leads neither to improved performance or increased engine life, you are throwing your money away.

Shak writes

I've got a black 98 sebring LX. I have had problems with the front brakes in the beginning they replace the rotors like 3 times, the dealer said it had warped. My solution is find a good outside mechanic other than a chrysler dealer. The techs at the dealer don't seem to be too bright, I don't know maybe it's jus me. Since I have started using a diff mechanic I have had very little problems (knock on wood). I seem to be hearing a whistling sound from my stereo when I'm driving, do you know what it could be. I also want to replace the air intake system with a cool air intake, I jus need to know is it easy enough that I can do it or do I need a tech to do it. Like your site I been on it for over an hour now. thanks, Shak

LXiSebring: I dont have a clue on the stereo noise. Someone here who has done a cool air intake might be able to give you some tips on that. Eric says..... Adjust your rear brake drums, This will set things straight and improve the effectiveness of your parking brake as well. .....

2774 writes

hi i own a 98 sebring and i want to make it look good....if it helps you any i came out of a 99 honda civic.......(too common)

LXiSebring: The guys at are the experts on aftermarket body parts. What I know is listed above. jerry ealey writes

Hello my name is Jerry and my Sebring is will not move . I put the gear in reverse the car does not move. Then in drive I have to press down on the gas padel , basicly reving then until the car moves. At this time the car moves slowly as if its pulling something very heavy. The wheels bearling turnig then it moves on very slowly.By me forcing the car to move forward I notice the temp gauge for coolent level is rising near the hot zone, because of the enormous strain on the egine to move the car forward. does this sound like a transmission problem to you.

LXiSebring: You got that right. Eric may have other ideas but the symptoms to me appear to be consistent with a bad torque converter. That performs the functions of the clutch on an automatic. Whats happening is that engine power is no longer being transferred to the transmission, and on to the wheels. The only option is a complete transmission checkup--could also be in computer module or electronics that control the transmission.

Frank writes

i just bought a 2002 sebring coupe lx 2 months ago, and I was looking around for blackouts for the front headlights and back lights, and can't find them anywhere. Can you tell me if they make them for the 2002 model? Thank you very much!

LXiSebring:I'm not aware of any source but someone here might know.

Tracy writes

Hello! I came across your site and wondered if you could answer a question for me. My brother just bought a new 2002 Sebring Coupe LXi. One day after taking delivery the dealership informed him that they needed the car back because they needed to replace the right front fender. They said it was delivered from the factory with an Avenger fender! Upon inspection it was apparent that the two fenders did not match. We also noticed other areas where the car parts did not seem to fit correctly. The dealership stated that Sebrings and Avengers are made on the same line and that is why there was a mistake. I find it hard to believe that this is an error and do not trust the dealer at all. They did not want to have to tell us about it - but the sales woman (who was new) told us any way (not till after it was paid for). Have you ever heard of this happening and is it true that the Sebring and Avenger are made on the same line? I would appreciate any information you may have.

The dealer was right. The two cars are made on the same line and probably alternate depending on demand. So a worker could be building a Sebring one minute and an Avenger the next. Or the piles of fenders could have gotten mixed up, as they would be stamping both types on any given day. Anyway what likely happened is that the factory discovered a series that had gotten messed up, and tracked yours down via the VIN number through the dealer who sold it. Strange things often happen in auto assembly plants. There are a bunch of people who do nothing but double check the work of others, but occasionally they mess up too. Ordinarily, they don't get out of the factory, and end up getting rerun down the line for repairs, but obviously yours was one that got away. A quality control inspector may have lost a job on that one.

EYEMAN2 asks

Can an engine fail on its own?

Eric says.....Sure it can sieze or break internally. This usually does not happen.....

LaDarryl writes

Hello my name is LaDarryl Hollingsworth. I am wrtting to ask about the cooling fans on the 95' Sebring (4 cylinder, DOHC). I have recently noticed that If I turn on the lights the right fan will come on. I don't think that is normal. The other (left) fan never seems to come on. Today I played with the left fan and it spun for a minute and then stopped. Could it have a short in it somewhere? Last night my temperature gauge started rising, but dropped back down to normal after I turned off the lights for a few minutes. It is confusing the hell out of me. I' m going to replace the thermostat first to see if that will help stop the over heating. If you can lend any informatoin I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Eric says.....Check the cooling fan relays and the headlight relays under the hood. If you run the A/C the other fan should come on, this will help keep things cool until you figure it out. .....

Vanessa writes

I need to find some body parts for my 98 sebring, I've been searching aimlessly there has to be a better way to find this stuff. If you have some time get back to me.

The guys at do a better job of keeping track of aftermarket parts of all kinds. THe list on the top of the site is what I know about.

John writes

2 questions:

1) My low fuel light has never worked. The light bulb has been replaced. What and how do I proceed?

2) My car is unreliable. Sometimes when I turn the key it will turn over (and start). Other times it will not turn over. Everything appears to be normal, lights come on and operate. Battery is new and jumping the battery still does not make the starter crank. However if you keep turning the key trying to start it .. it will eventually turn over and start. It's very intermittent. It seems that it will 'decide' to crank over most of the time but then it decided it wont crank over.. and then it does this for about 50 tries on the key. I have tried shifting in to neautral with no luck, back to Park with no luck.

My mechanic doesn't know what to look at and the 2nd Mechanic hasn't had it quit starting to try and troubleshoot :( SIGH.

Any ideas?

Eric says ..... Starter relay (solenoid) or Starter in that order. The fuel light usually turns on at about two gallons left. If your putting in more that 14 galons at the pump it should be working. Check the socket for voltage with a meter when you are at -14 gallons (16 gallon tank)Personally I wouldnt worry about it, assuming the gauge works right. .....

Barbara writes

Hello, I found your website and would like to be a part of your owner's club. I have a 2000 Sebring Coupe LXi.

I found the website by doing a "" search for information on bent aluminum rims. I want to share some information with other Sebring owners that I found at this website:

LXiSebring: Apparently there is moreto this rim problem than I realized.

Michael writes

Hello, my name is Michael Klein and I have a 1997 Sebring coupe (real happy with it!). I have been following your web site and have not seen this problem posted regarding cycling a/c compressor and am wondering if you have seen or heard of it. I am hoping you can help me with this, as I hate to bring the car in for service. All maintenance is done at home, by me. It has 110,000 miles and runs/looks great (oil pressure a little low though). In short, the compressor and cooling fans run for about 30 seconds and then cycle off for 15 seconds. This is continuous cycling, regardless of outside temp. I am located in Central FL, so under hood temps typically run 100 deg+. I have not checked a/c output air temp when compressor is on, but the a/c blows nice and cool. The low side pressure is at 44. Any thoughts on this?? Thanks in advance and any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Eric says... .....I work with Mechanical Desktop. I used to be an instructor at the local Autodesk dealer. Now I use the software full time designing consumer products. I'd look at your condenser first. Also you can have the whole system dyed and leak tested anywhere. It sounds to me like she's slow leaking. .....

LXiSebring: Agreed--that's a symptom of undercharging--you've lost some freon for some reason.

Alan writes

I have a dash noise coming from the passenger side;is this a documented problem and can you point me in the right direction to correct this.This is the only complaint I have with this awesome car!!!!!

Eric says ..... Need some more info. Could be just about anything. Gremlins in the glove box maybe? .....

Mike writes

Hello, I have a '95 Sebring Lx and seem to be having another problem. I wrote to you before and i think this is a great site. Here's the problem, I HAVE VERY LITTLE HEAT. That's it the only problem besides the timing bel that i've had. I have had the THERMOSTAT replaced but that seems to have been a waste of money. I'm not sure if it is in the control panel anywhere. The temperature knob used to be tight but it is now loose. Even when it was tight I still have little heat, I THINK. Anyways if you have heard of anyone else with the problem or u can help me out and let me know what it is, i would be happy.

Eric says ..... Heater control valve or cable. .....

Holly Mitton-Cowan writes

Have you had any problems with the engine light coming on? Thanks!

LXiSebring: Mine came on right after I had the cooling system drained and refilled. The service, manager claimed it was a coincidence. I don't think it was. After awhile it went off and hasnt been on since. Check engine lights usually come on because of a emissions control sensor issue. In general they are a problem only if they don't go off again. In which case they will have stored a diagnostic code in the car's computer. You can find info here on how to pull the code out, and the web location for the list of codes, or the dealer will do it for you. Repairs related to proper functioning of the emissions system in general are covered by a longer than the standard 3-year warranty.

Jameson writes

I'm not yet a member of you page because i'm not sure how to join, but i'm very inpressed by what you guys have on here and how much you know. I own a '95 Chrysler Sebring LXi. V-6 2.5L

My question is:

On my passenger side air bag the cover is warped from the sun really baddly. I'm not sure if i can get it replaced or not. Can I? Also i read that there was a recall with the passenger side air bag of the '95. Would this get the cover replaced? Or does it even apply? Do you have any ideas on what I can do about this problem.

Thank you Very Much for you time and Help,

I have one more question if you don't mined answering it. Do you know what the paint numbers are for a '95 Chrysler Sebring LXi with the Stock Black and Grey Paintjob. Dad wanted me to ask because we can't seem to find the number's anywhere.

Eric says ..... This was a major problem on the 95-6 models. Depending on how bad it is I wouldnt mess with it. Otherwise have the dealer look up the TSB on this problem and see what the procedure is to fix it. It may not be covered under warranty because it should have been fixed long ago. ....Look at the VIN number... Example PW7 is white. Also the dealer would have that information at the body shop. ..... .....

LXiSebring: I think there is a recall of some sort on right now relating to warpage on the passenger side air bag. If anyone knows for sure let us know. I would check with your dealer

On the paint issue..try a store that sells automotive paints to body shops. They should be able to tell you in short notice, and make you up a touch-up pen or jar.

Roger writes

I could see why you like your car so much because I love mine. When I first layed eyes on it I had to have it Love the body on it. looks strong like if nobody want to mess with it because of the way it looks and performs also it sure gets the ladies attention Satisfaction Garanteed!!!! but the thing is that just recently my car got drained out from the battery all in half a day all of a sutten and I want to know if you know what could of caused it to do that Note: first thing that came to my mind is that that battery was dead it got drained out of energy but what could possibly make it drain of energy. Hopefull im not bothering you with these kinds of questions hopefully you can tell me something use full to put my car back on the road or at least how to fix it.

LXiSebring:A cell in the battery suddenly went bad...sadly, they do that, and sometimes work least a 95 % probability there is nothing else is wrong..get a new battery. Sebring owners should replace their batteries every two years whether they think they need a new one or not.

Deborah Mahoney writes

I have found a 1999 Sebring lxi with 54,000 miles one owner all leather, electric, sunroof and the wood grain V-6 white with gold pin stripping. They are asking 11,277.00 is this good deal. The car is in perfect condition. Please give me some points.Thanks for any help. Deborah

LXiSebring: Check Sebring pricing at the Kelly site

Mark Chandler writes

Hi, my name is Mark and I am 15 years old and looking around for my first car. I have changed my mind over and over for the past year of what I want, I wanted a Montero Sport for a good while, up until I got my eye on the Chrystler Sebring, which I have to say is to me the sharpest car on the road. It has just the right amount of sportiness with the nice touch of luxury, all at a good price, which looks much more expensive then it is. Then I came across this site all about my very favorite car, and Now I feel so relieved to have most of my questions answered about the Sebring.

Now to my question, I have been looking on, and I have came across some great prices for some great looking Sebrings. One that I am eying right now is at a meer 5,950 and is a 98 w/ leather interior, and the exterior and interior looks and sounds great through the pictures and descriptions. My only fear is that at this low price I am thinking that there may be alot of problems with it that have been posted on the site. For it being at this low price, does that necessarily more then likely mean that there is a good list of defects on the car? Has anyone that has bought a Sebring at this price range and year found many problems? Is it safe to buy at this price? Thanks.

Ps. This is a great site and im so glad that I found it, this is the best resourceful Sebring site I have come across in my search.

evaruzsa writes

I have a 95 Sebring coupe with 94000 miles on it and none of my brake lights seems to work. I changed all the bulbs and checked all the fuses. For some reason the tail lights work but not the break lights. My uncle told me that there is a break switch trigger somewhere on the break pedal assembly, to replace it. My question is, has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions? I really don't want to take it to the dealer because they probably spend hours checking it and come up with no answer.

thanks in advance

Eric says ..... I disagree, the parts dept will be able to tell you where it is on there exploded view on the computer. .....

LXiSebring: It sounds to me like the problem is with the underdash switch that turns on the brake lights that is actuated when the brake pedal is pressed. THis should be simple to fix.

JenLLang writes

You have a very nice website, but I am sorry to say I do not think the Sebring is a quality vehicle. After owning my 2001 Lxi for only 4 months it was plagued with problems. My compass did not display the proper direction, I also encountered difficulty with sparkplugs and my sunroof was a complete piece of junk. Not only was the dealer not able to fix my car's sunroof but they damaged it. The roof had to be stripped and repainted at only 4 MONTHS OLD. Since then it has been damaged and repaired 3 additional times. I have made several complaints to Chrysler with the same response, "Refer to your local dealer for service." Obviously my local dealer does not know how to resolve the problem. I have dealt with Chrysler for the first and last time in my car buying ventures. This is really loss to Chrysler because I buy a new vehicle every single year. Over a life time of car buying this would add up to over $700,000. I am now resorting to my state's Lemon Law to take care of this problem. If it is not taken care of to my satisfaction they will be battling this out in court with a well known attorney who is capable of bringing them to their knees. They are completely in the wrong for the way I have been treated. They should be trying to quickly resolve this instead of dilly-dallying around because the law is on my side and they are just costing themselves more money in the long run. If you have any advice regarding 2001 models or dealing with Chrysler I would be very interested in hearing it. Thanks.

Chrysler gets sunroofs from an aftermarket supplier and they are installed at the factory in much the same way you would have one installed in a local shop. That is, they cut a hole in the roof of the car that is already basically together. Things can go wrong, just as they can with an aftermarket installation,..and obviously here they did. I have never been fond of sunroofs because they can be fraught with problems of this sort.

W. R. Covey writes

I have had 12 tire deflations on my 1997 2-door Sebring. Dealer and Chrysler say this is an anomaly, that it happened only to me. Car has only 15,000 miles as I will not drive it on freeways or out of town for fear of losing a tire. AAA service trucks who serviced me 9 times said the problem is the rim. They see it all the tinme, they say. Chrysler Customer Service people provide no help, no assurance. Spoke with them 6 times. The Internet at the NHTSA site carries several message like mine. Can you help? Ask others who had problem to report this so we can find out how many Sebring owners have suffered? Thank you.

LXiSebring? All on the same wheel? If so, you either have a bad (bent rim) rim or a void in the casting that allows air to slowly leak out. THe repair is a new wheel. If on different wheels, the problem is more complex? Are you hitting your tires/rims against the curb? The 17 inch wheels and low profile tires would be more prone to this. A permanent fix for this would be to go to a 15 inch wheel/tire combo that would be tougher to damage . Low profile tires and big wheels, however nice they are to look at, are prone to this kind of problem.

greeneck writes

I own a 97 2.5v6. I seem to have a power steering leak. I have fluid on the underside of the trans and the oil pan. I have crawled all over the car and cannot find the origin of the leak. Any suggestions would be great.

Eric says ..... I assume you know its power steering? Check the lines from the pump itself.

bkoger writes

I too have had problems with My 1997 Sebring. Brakes Every 15,000 Miles, Driver Window problems, New Starter, Battery. But in all that's about it, I now have 128,000 miles on the car and it still runs great! The Horse Power is much to be desired, But with the Auto stick Trans. I'm able to greatly compensate for it well! I too am looking into Racing Rotors and Calipers The Cross Drilled & Cut type As all of us Seabring Owners know this is a Manufacture's defect that has not been addressed. I solved my starter & battery problem by not using the Dealers parts, Instead I just went to the local Auto parts store and replaced them both and I have not had that problem since. As for the Drivers door window coming of the track, My I suggest not closing the door by using the window. This causes the window to loosen in the rail, and there are no Lock Washers & Nuts on the back of the bolts their for causing them to strip out. "Fix for this" Is to put them on, You can get them from any Auto parts store the bolt that goes through the rail is long enough to accommodate Lock Washer & nut! Paul Murray writes


I too am a big fan of the Sebring!! I own a 1996 lx

mods a whole lot!

Its a 2.0 with forged pistons and connecting rods
Hahn racecraft turbosystem
MSD dis 2 ignition
AEM true adjustable timing gears
AFX bored throttle body
AFX under drive pulley
AFX solid motor mount
Really just too darn much to list.. see pics on photo page Thanks!!

Robert Dier writes

David, just bought a '95 myself. Green with gray leather interior, 75k miles in great shape. I am however looking for suggested service intervals on such things like timing belt, fuel filter, etc.....Any list of service recalls wold be great also...

LXiSebring: The service intervals are all in the owners manual. If you dont have one you can get the owners manual for $6 off the web site. THe major service recall involves the rubber CV boots which they will replace for free if torn or punctured. probably time for a timing belt on yours if it has 75 K.

LHuffman writes

Hello! I realize that you are not at fault for my Sebring, but I feel the need to let other unsuspecting potential buyers know that mine is junk. I wish someone would have told me about all of the problems associated with these cars before I had bought it. Do not get me wrong even now when I see it sitting in my drive way right after I have waxed it, I love to look at it. It looks awesome even on the back of a tow truck, which is a familar sight. It spends almost as much time in the shop as on the road. I have had it for two years and I can not keep track of how many times it has been in the shop or even all of the things that they have "fixed". I put "fixed" in quotation marks because most of the problems I have they do not seem to know what they are or how to fix them. My check engine light comes on and it will not start if you start it and move it a short distance and turn off. That cost me $186 for spark plugs and I got an "I don't know why it did that or if that will fix it". My ABS light is on they don't know why. Of all the times it has been at the dealers I think they may have known what was wrong with it three times, but everyother one it has been "I don't know". I love the way my car looks and I love the way it performs, if it runs, but to pay so much for a car and then it breaks down all of the time. Worst of all they can never seem to fix it. Oh and by the way I am presently waiting for my transmision to go completely out so I can finally get that fixed, hopefully before my warrenty is up! I would have been better off to keep the nasty little Ford Escort that I hated than to have bought an expense, beautiful car that I am afraid to drive because it continually breaks down. I just want to save other people from my pain. I will NEVER buy a Chrylser again. No matter how good they look. Thank you, I feel better.

LXiSebring: OK, I'm glad you got to take a load off your mind.

Terry writes

Hi, I have a '97 Sebring with the 2.5 V-6. Short of building one from scratch, any ideas where I can get a cold air intake kit? Any ideas where I can get a short one? Thanks.

Eric says ..... Short ones are useless. I'd go with AEM or ICEMAN .....

sjarvis writes

Like to change the upstream O2 sensor 1997 4 cyl LIX sebring. It's located in the maniflod but can't see where. Looking for a picture or diagram so I could do the job myself (was told it was buried in the manifold) . Do you know where I could download a picture???


..... Manifold is on the front of the engine under a heat shroud, look for the grey and black wires coming fron the exhaust manifold. .....

Rishi writes

Hi, I am the owner of a 2001 Honda Accord V6 sedan, in Firepepper Red (I think it's a knock off of CHRYSLER's Candy Apple Red/Ruby Red).

Sorry to bother you on this topic but, how do you find the new Mitsubishi-based Sebring Coupe to be compared to the Accord, please be as honest as possible. I really really really love how the Sebrings look, they look sooo fabulous, I just would hope that Chrysler can get its quality up to par. I am a great fan of scheduled maintenance (severe schedule in Canada-NYC weather where I live) but we have had the misery of a nice Chrysler product fail on us.

Please inspire me, I really would like to know how these cars live up toward Toyota/Honda, whom I regard as the reliability benchmarks in the industry.

Again, regular scheduled maintenance will be performed however, I expect any car I own to live up to the best I've owned, and so far this Honda Accord does well but, it's a HONDA.

Thanks, and hope that you understand my interest in the Sebring coupe and your site.

Eric says .... A Honda is what it is, reliable and EXTREMELY conservative. The Sebring has been Mitsubishi based since 95'. It kills me when magazines rate the Eclipse high and the Sebring low. The Eclipse is even Chrysler powered. All of that aside, The new Sebring is even better than the old. For the money you can't find better engineering,styling in an automobile. It is the only affordable American luxury coupe on the market. I like the 4 cylinder manual version for servicability, but the 6 cylinder with autostick is a blast to drive. You can buy what everyone else has or save some cash and go with a Sebring or Dodge Stratus coupe. Besides look at the warranty they offer. If a lexus coupe was $20,000 I'd say look at one, although the new Benz coupe is $25,0000 and in the running. ..... Leo writes

I would like to submit my car to be put on your website. [see photo above or on photo page] The car is a 1999 Sebring LXI Coupe. All Leather, All options, 2.5 V6 Engine. I love the car and would like to show it off to others. If you would like any other information, please write me. Rick Atkinson writes

I am the owner of a Ruby Red '02 LXi. The car is great. But, I do have a few complaints, With less than 7000 total miles and having read your website, I am a little concerned. The car seems to have very "scratchable" paint anf I waxed it 5 times to get a good protection coat on it. Also, the car bogs down when accelerating onto a highway. It appears it first hesitates while it tries to downshift, then downshifts normally and everything perfroms normally again. Also, I have a gray leather interior that has a blck spot where one of the horizontal seams is on the driver's seat. And, finally, the console has been scratched where I fasten the seatbelt by "my college ring" and the driver's door plastic panel has similar m,arks made when I take the seatbelt off. The dealer has agreed to try and fix the downshift/hesitation problem and the paint, has tried unsuccessfully to fit the seat, and has denied repairing the door and console panel. I feel all of these are quality related problems and am concerned that I may have purchased a "hangar queen" which is an airplane that never flies. I can't believe I'm the only one who has experienced the problems with the paint and scartching on the console near the seat belt attachment and on the door where the seat belt mars the surface. I'd like to hear if others have experienced similar problems and if there have been fixes identified for them.


Eric says .... Sounds like the seat needs replaced, Maybe the clearcoat is a little soft, but any car scratches especially if run through a car wash. Try using a clean white 100% cotton hand towel to hand wash your car (Use at least a 5 gallon bucket). Using either the same or a good quality chamois (real or synthetic) to dry. I like 3m's Imperial hand glaze and Show car wax to finish up with. You will never see the existing or another scratch again. As far as scratching with the ring, what can I say, You scratched it. A little WD-40 will hide it though. .....

Jason writes

, I have a 95 Sebring coupe, V6, 2.5L, automatic. I have had a loud noise within engine part, the technician of dealer told me it's maybe the lifter, need replacement. But it's expensive to let them done it. What can I do? Is it a serious problem? Does it damage my engine? Can I replace it my self? Someone told me "Warm up the engine. With the engine in neutral, gently rev it from idle to 3000rpm over a period of exactly 15 seconds. Your goal is a constant gradual increase to 3000rpm. At the 15 second mark, drop the throttle (foot off the gas) to idle. Now let it idle for 15 seconds to complete one 30 second cycle. Repeat the 30 second cycle in #2 from 10 to 30 times." Is it right? Your reply will be very appreciated.

Eric says ..... Never rev a cold engine. That will help pump up the hydraulic lifter yes, but never when the engine is first started. Lifters arent that hard to replace. Get yourself a manual. .....

Daniel writes

Hi Eric it's Dan once again and I am just writing this e-mail because I seem to notice that people don't read all of the messages on the board. I have said before and I will say it again if you have any questions about the stereo's in the Sebring go to a aftermarket installer and they can help you out best. If there are no stereo shops around I would be pleased to answer any questions pertaining to the audio equipment in the car. My e-mail address is and like I said it is no problem at all to answer and give advice. I personally thought that was part of the reason along with braggin in which we all love to do. Untill next time take care.

Dan 97 Lxi

Eric says... .. Yes your right. Like Dave says use the edit command and search for keywords "speakers" etc. He even spent the time to write a disclaimer on the subject. People are people and I guess thats what makes the world go round. Thanks for the appreciation and the help. And for the last time .....

LXiSebring: actually if you are looking for a replacement tweeter, Crutchfield is not the place. I have a feeling that one of the tiny Audax tweeers sold by madisound might fit the space and sound fine too, but since I have not dug into my tweeters (which work fine) I cant be sure. If you have a bad tweeter out and can take physical measurements, you might check for availability of a similar one at

Larry writes

My name is Larry Kostyniak I have a 1999 Sebring LXi with 54,000 miles - dark red - beautiful car I have a pesky problem with my car that I have been trying to isolate of and I wonder if you have heard of this problem. I intermittently hear a low volume "squeak" in the car when I travel over sharp bumps at low speeds. I think it is coming from the outside. I can hear it when I jerk the wheel from side to side also and it seems to be the result of side-to-side motion rather than up-and-down motion. It is irritating because it sounds like a chirping bird . I hear it when I am below 30 mph. Any faster and I think the road noise is too loud to hear it. Any time I try to let a mechanic hear the sound , it won't happen, naturally. I have not been able to isolate why it occurs sometimes and not others. Have you heard of anyone else with this problem? Thanks.

LXiSebring: Nope, but Eric might know something,

Raven writes

Hi! I have a 1997 Sebring LXI with the alloy wheels, when I went to get my oil changed he noticed my rims was bent. What would be the best thing to do try to knock it out or buy a new one, and if so do you know a place that sales factory tires cheap? Thanx

Eric says ..... Getting it fixed will be around $150. Buying a new one is fine but they are $400. Try a salvage yard or buy a whole new set and go with 16" I have Primes on mine, they are fairly cheap at $100 a piece. .....

LXiSebring: Check to see if your auto comprehensive will cover part of the cost, as this is a road hazard problem something like a cracked windshield.

Jerry Ealey writes

The front clip on my 1995 Sebring is damaged underneth what is your suggestion on repairing it. Should I get it replaced, if so where or how I go about getting the part. New or Used does not matter to me.

LXiSebring: Check several body shops. One might be able to find you a used part from an auto recycler or even suggest sme type of repair to your part. New parts are readily available but this is not cheap to do. My guess is $800-$1000 using new parts.

Amanda writes

Hi. My name is Amanda and I recently got a chrysler sebring. Same color and everything. I want to "hook" up my car and I was just wondering if you know of any websites that sell spoilers, body kits, anything to make my car off the hook. Please contact me ASAP. Thank You!

LXiSebring: what I know is at the top of the Web site. Otherwise check

Zach Newman writes

Im zach from Burlington Iowa and I recently bought a 1999 Sebring LXi coupe and I would customize it but I really dont know what to do to it besides tint, i would like to put in some clear tail lights but I cannot find any, LXiSebring: see my note in response to the letter above. Eric Brock writes

I just got my 2002 Sebring LXI Coupe 2 days ago and found your page via an internet search. I would like to join with you. My Sebring is obviously stock and I don't really plan to do much to it other than add a wing and maybe wheels (although the stock 17-inch chrome rims are pretty nice!)

I don't know if you need any specific info about me or my car, so I'll just put the basics here for you. 2002 LXI Coupe
Ice Silver
3.0 V6 - automatic
Leather, moonroof

Eric Brock
West Chester, Ohio

I got your email off of the Sebring Owners web page and have a question you may be able to help with. If not, no problem...I just thought I'd ask! Do you know what size lug nuts my 2002 Coupe would use? I have the chrome 17" rims and want to put anodized red lug nuts on them but I see that they come in different sizes and didn't want to order $100 worth of lug nuts to get the wrong size! I know that is a rather wierd question and if you don't know, it's really not a big deal.

Eric says... ..... Try .....

Mtupe writes

Last night I took a trip out of town and returned without incident.

This morning my speedo doesn't work and the car stays in second gear. The service engine light came on but after I dis and reconnected the battery the light went out but the other problems persist.

Eric says ..... Speed sensor probably. .....

Mike writes

Hello, I have a '97 Lxi Coupe. In a small accident, I broke off my grille and the license plate holder. I feel as though it is something that I can fix myself. In looking on the internet, I have not be able to find a grille to replace it with, though I have seen more convertable grilles than I can shake a stick at. Are they the same creature? Is there any difference that won't allow me to use it for my application?

Eric says.... As you read in the first few paragraphs, they are two totally different cars. You should be able to find one using a salvage yard database. .....

Mike writes

I own a 1995 chrysler sebring coupe and i seem to be having a problem. My car starts fine. After 5 or 10 seconds it starts to idle rough and then eventually dies. When trying to drive the car it funs really rough and has no go as it used to. It has been everywhere and no one knows what is wrong with it. It is at the second chrysleer dealership and they think they know what is wrong. Please help.

Eric says ..... What can I tell you? I don't have any idea. Is it temperature related? Did someone put sugar in the tank? It takes a scanner to figure this kind of stuff out these days.Let us know if you have any luck. .....

jason han writes

hi, I'm Jason. I have a 95 sebring LXi. I want to be a member of this exciting group. Thanks.

Erik writes

I have a 1999 sebring coupe. It has the 2 tweeters in the dash and then then speakers in the side doors. Could you tell me how I can remove the grill over the tweeters in the dash so I can replace them? Could you also tell me how to remove the door panels? I want to add a set of MB quartz to the car. Thanks Erik

LXiSebring: THere are no simple tweeter swaps that fit for Sebrings that I am aware of. If they are working I wouldnt touch them. If you want to improve bass performance consider a trunk mounted sub-woofer.

Jorge Zu¤iga Meza writes

To whom it may concern: I would like to be a member. I recently got a nice 1997 Sebring Coupe LXi. For the moment I didn't take a picture, next time I'll be glad to send it. Yours truely George Zuniga, El Monte Calif.

Mike writes

Hey Dave, i myself also own a Sebring LXi 1997. I always had a passion for Customizing a Car and unfortunally i got stuck with a Sebring. It was my parents but they bought a new mini van and gave this car to me on my 16 Birthday. I Noticed the heavily Customized Sebrings at the CA show, do u know who i could contact about products for a Sebring? Also Would you happen to know Aston's, Lee's, and Mike Goble's e-mail or the intake there using for there sebring? Thanks Mike

Other than the pic, which a member took at a show, we know nothing about the custom CA car.

Christopher writes

Hi I am Chris Garrett email I was wondering if any one knows where to get a car cover for the sebring

LXiSebring: I don't know of a custom source, but many generic covers would fit fine.

Yosi writes

To: LXiSebring hi, nice page! do you know how many gallons the fuel tank is on a 97 sebring lxi? thanks

LXiSebring In Owners manual..95 is 16.9 gallons--I think the 97 is the same.

Shawn Massecar writes

I stumbled upon your page, very nice, there are some sweet rides on that page. Anyways, I bought my 97 sebring in May, these pics are from when I first got it [see photo page] It got tinted last week, and I'm throwing Lorenzo LO1 rims and Air Ride on it soon. I'll be sure to send more pics once the work is done.

Shak .M writes

hi, I have a 98 sebring and I want to change the gage lights do you know where i can get step by step instructions for doing this.

LXiSebring: Nope--I don't but someone here might.

Mark writes

I recently noticed a "rumbling" from the rear end of our 1995 Sebring Coupe. It started almost unnoticed but became louder and louder over the course of four weeks. The frequency of the rumble increases as the car goes faster and decreases as you slow down. It is clearly independent of transmission gear and engine RPM and for this reason I assume it is a rear wheel bearing.

NAPA , PepBoys, International Auto Parts, and the dealer have told me that the bearing can be replaced only as an assembly which includes the Hub and Studs. The parts which I obtained from NAPA and IAP did not match the Hub assembly on the car and did not even match the bolt pattern. I returned each to find that they can't help me. They even tried the part for the convertible, but it matches the one listed for the Coupe ( and it is not correct ).

The part they have listed for the car has a slightly smaller bolt pattern and the center of the hub is open for a snap on cap ( much like the cap on the front wheel bearing of an old rear drive car ). The Hub which is on the car has the cap cast into the housing and doesn't look replaceable.

The dealer wants $198.00 for the correct hub assembly. NAPA and the others wanted $98.00 for the part ( if only they could have gotten it right!!).

Do you know anything about this and can you suggest an alternative to the dealer!!

Eric says.... .... Been there, done that, what you said is correct..It has been pulled from the books. Even if they say it's listed don't believe it. Also the replacement procedure requires removing the ABS sender and sensor. Unless you are confident and have a press don't mess with it. Anyhow, $300 at the Chrysler dealer, make sure they match the part to the build date of your car (Inside drivers door) Very important. .....

Mikepatkin writes

Oh my god so many more people with my problems. Check out my Sebrig Story at So people love them mine has been awful.

JS writes

My son bought the above from a dealer in Alexandria, Va., in December. He purchased the extended warranty on the car. Since then, has had to take off the door cladding - the dealer initially refused to do the recall work - in order to prevent it coming off while he was driving. Now that my son made a big fuss at the dealership, they will do that work (another dealer claimed to have done the work but actually only glued the original cladding back in place), but the lower hinge on the driver's door is caving in and has to be repaired first. The dealer where he is now (Kentucky) says the damage is due to abuse and that the rust there came after the door was "abused" and isn't covered by the warranty.

What is known about problems with the hinges? I have seen another post about this, but no other information anywhere else on the web. Of course, you won't even find the existing TSB's on Chrysler's site.

Eric says.... .... A big door on small hinges must be treated kindly, The GM F bodys (Camaro) had a real problem in the eightys, You couldnt park the converts on a twist if you wanted to open the doors. Thats just the way it is. .....

Vicki Thomas writes

Hi, I have recently purchased a 1996 LXI Coupe. Would like to join. Thanks, During the time I have owned it, the battery light has managed to come on three times. It then goes off, and stays off, until the battery is dead. First two times this happened, I ended up having the alternator replaced, but three alternators in 4 months seems a little extreme. Any suggestions?

Eric says... What's putting the extra load on the alternator? A bad battery, or some stereo equipment, maybe a messed up auto alarm. .....

Brandon Crandall writes

I've had problems with overheating in my 95 lxi 2.5 sebring. I bought the only book I could find for it to help in doing it myself since dealers charge WAY too much. I can't get the f-ing crank bolt off so I can get the pulley off to get the crank sprocket cover off so I can get the timing belt off and another pulley and then the water pump finally. I need some advice please I'm a very amatuer mechanic but I learn fast. Any comments would be loved and appreciated thanks brandon

Eric says... .... Sorry man, I'd let the dealer do this one, after all you wouldnt be a guinea pig then. Look on eBay for the Chrysler repair manuals. .....

Nick H. Mitchell writes

Hello, do you know where I can find interior pics of a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi? My dad is thinking of buying one, we've seen a lot of exterior pictures, but interior shots seem to be of a rare commodity. Do you know where we can find some?

LXiSebring: in the 1998 sales brochure, of course!

phillip anderson writes

I have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring LX coupe and I have a question about rim sizes. I recently changed my brakes and noticed a bar behind the tires. A lot of websites suggest that I can put 18" rims on my car but I'm concerned that they might rub against that bar and wear out my tires extremely fast. I'd rather put 18's than 17s but I would like to know which is best. Thanks

Enrique Perez writes

Do you know of anyone that has attempted or has 20" rims on a 1995-2000 chrysler sebring? I saw some rims i'm planning to get in a few weeks but only if they can fit on the car. The wheel wells look large enough.

Eric says.... You can go 24", but only without tires. Don't do it unless you like bent rims and expensive tires. Stay with 205/55/16 or 215/50/17. You shouldnt mess with tire bias due to electronic transmission and suspension settings. It's way more technical that it seems. Not to mention offset, which will eat your wheel bearings, and you will need hubcentric spacers, and and and... .....

Jay writes

I have a '95 Sebring LXi and am having problems finding my fuel pump relay. There are two boxes, one next to the motor and the other in the car, but it's hard to identify the fuel pump relay. Can you help me please?

LXiSebring: I think I would leave this one to the dealer to figure out.

Gunnar Karason writes

I'm about to take over payments (the last $10,000) on a '96 Chrysler Sebring. Its JET black and has a gray interior.. I think leather... and is in near perfect condition, with almost 50,000 miles on it. Well, I just want some information from a variety of sources on this car. Its the coupe, with a sunroof, and its BEAUTIFUL. If you have any info for trouble shooting or things to know about other people might not know, please, could ya send it my way?

Well, thank you for the time, and I sure hope I'm making a wise investment....

Paul writes

Hi. I found your email address off of the Sebring Owners web page. I was hoping that you might be able to provide me with some information regarding the radiator fan. Could you give me the dimensions of the radiator fan (just the dimensions of the area which blows on the radiator it self. It does not need to include the mounting provisions and such? I have gotten some rough dimensions (26"W x 15"H) through some other sources, but am looking to find out if this is correct or if it actually smaller or larger. Any info you could provide would be much appreciated. I am trying to fit this into another Chrysler vehicle to replace the mechanical fan in case you are wondering. Thanks in advance.


Eric says ..... The 4 and 6 could be different, Also the Sebrings came with air so there are two fans. I'd go to a junk yard, or better yet check out summit racing or .....

Matt Loomis writes

I was wondering if u used a camber kit when lowering our car? if so, did u have any problems like the upper control arm in the front hitting the top of the wheel well w/the slightest bump? well mine is, if I go 2 miles an hour and hit a bump the upper control arm slams the wheel well hard. what should I do?

LXiSebring: I don't know but someone might.

Dariusz Bronisz writes

I have heard about CD player problem with Chrysler but recently I had a chance to experience it myself. I went to Chrysler dealer in hope to fix it but these people are highly specialized in replacing parts not fixing them, so I went to a local "radio fix" shop and had the CD player repaired. When I played it everyday it seemed to work OK but when I had forgetten using it for a month or so there was no way I could have used it anymore. I fixed the problem a couple of times and recently I gave up. I use MP3 player with a cassete adapter. It is located in glove compartment- simply a pain on the neck. Can someone recommend a different radio that would fit well in place of the junky one? Thanks in advance.

LXiSebring: has an excellent locator for finding an exact replacement.

Ec writes

hey, Im an owner of a 98 sebring myself and i love it except a few things which happen to be some pretty major problems like a transmission that compleatly died at 76,000 miles and cost me $1,500 to have rebuilt. i understand that im not the only sebring owner that had the same problem at the same milage i know of 3 others other than that tires are killer to replace a decent pair costs anywhere from $160 to an outrageous $300 a peice. other than that my car is awsome better handling than my '86 stang and a whole lot of power considering its small 2.5 liter engine. ive only done minor mods to it. ive got k$n cold air and a 2 chamber flowmaster. i hadde my noise reducers removed for less restriction and more sound it sounds great it doesnt sound like a weed eater but more like a performace 6 cyl. Ive removed the stock stereo with a jvc head unit, rockford components with cross-overs and tweets and a 500watt clarion sub powered by a 300watt kicker amp, sounds really good. I just want to know where i can find more performance parts and a body kit for my wanna be racer so if you can help please do later racer x wanna be

Ed writes

I own a 1997 chrysler sebring Lxi. I was wondering if you knew if the diagnostics were odb II compatible. There is a 16 pin connector under the hood (which is usually the odb connector) but there is also a twelve pin connector below it, which I am unfamiliar with. The reason I am asking is I was thinking of getting a ODBII code scanner that connects to a palm handheld to diagnose a check engine light problem (I get a code 21 - oxygen sensor) but I would like to get the exact code to find out which sensor and the exact problem. The unit I saw was from and looked really cool. The site says it works on all cars after 1996, but does not have actual compatiblity. The connector and software go for around $215.00 Any info you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Eric says .... 96 and up is OBD2. The plug should be under the dash. I would just take it to a local Autozone store, they are reading codes now, or your dealer charges $40. If its not an actual scantool forget it. .....

LaDarryl Hollingsworth writes

What's up fellow car enthusiasts. My name is LaDarryl "L.A." Hollingsworth from ATL,Ga. and Iike so many others I stumbled onto your website via a search engine ( . I am a 22 year old recent grad (Graphics and Multi-Media Major) and wanted a car to get me to and from work. I only wanted to spend like $2000.oo on a new whip. Fortunately I ran across this Russian guy who was moving and was selling his Sebring. It was bought yesterday (8/05/02) for $1800.oo. I used the other two $200.oo to buy new tires for her. She is a 95' Lx 4.0 Liter DOHC with pw, 5spd, pl, sun roof, cloth interior, no radio (yet), and 121,000 miles. I, naturally, ran all kinds of tests and did all kinds of research on her (including thouroughly reading your web site and getting a car fax report). Everything is cool. There is however a low frequency somewhat grinding type noise coming from the back right wheel area and the "Check Ingine Light" is on, but that's just the O2 sensor (it's $75.oo). I'll check on that wheel. So far it a beautiful find and a cool ass car. No expensive problems what so ever. (I'm knocking on wood)

P.S. I am usually into imports like my Z's (91'Nissan 300zx) and my '74 260 z (a work in progress) and I can really feel the difference in horse power between the Z car and the Chrystler, but I never expected to find such a cool ass car for my purpose and price range. The Sebring is just plan cool and almost as fun to drive as my Z (which is a very good thing). Holla.

Angie Brawner writes

I'm a 43 yr old lady in San Antonio, TX. I have a 97 Sebring LX (black) which I bought new in June of that year. I paid it off recently and would like to have it painted to freshen it you have any idea what I might expect to pay? I don't have to have the supreme top of the line job..just a fresh paint coat to brighten it up. I plan on driving it at least 2 more years. It has 135,000 miles but I've had almost no problems with it in the 5 yrs I've owned it. Thanks in advance.....Angie in TX

LXiSebring: If you just want an inexpensive paint job, check your phone directory for Earl Scheib outlets. Otherwise any body shop will give you a free estimate. Check with several. In paint jobs you get what you pay for as a good job is labor intensive. Prices for allover paint jobs tend to run from $400 (no surface prep) to $2000.

Jim Wilkinson writes

Hello All, I just wanted to tell you all the problem I had with my transmission 500 miles after the warranty was up! Yesterday I put my 1999 Sebring LXI Coupe into reverse and it jerked backward. I thought that was weird and kept backing up until I put it into drive. It jerked forward. Driving down the road it would jerk forward everytime it automatically shifted. After 10 minutes the check engine light came on. So I took it in and dropped it off at my local dealership. Cory said he would check it out. He called me today telling me it was the "speed sensor". He also told me to not worry about the warranty being up, he would take care of it. So have faith in your service department personnel. From what I can see they are willing to work with you if you have trouble and you are kind. Jim W.

Phil Doss writes

Hello, I have spent over an hour on the Net trying to find a Road Test with facts and figures on the performance of a 1998 Sebring LXi. Can you direct me to one or at least tell me what is the top speed that this car is capable of? I love the car, the handling with the 17 inch wheels is very impressive. Thank-You for any info.

I think Motor Trend & Car & Driver both did mini tests of the 97 model but I would have to do some digging to find the exact issues--probably in fall of 1996. Check your library. The numbers didnt change between 97 and 98 as the cars are identical mechanically.

Gunny writes

2 questions: 1) The wife has a 96 Seebring LXI V6 (68000mi). Recently she complained of sluggish starts. Of course not knowing what that meant I took it for a drive. From a dead stop there seems to be a slight lag when pressing the accelerator pedal but I hear no missing etc;. I noticed that at a cold start the vehicle would not idle until I reved it up a few times. On the road it just does not seem to have the accelerator response I remembered it to have. I am a backyard mechanic at heart and have decided to replace the fuel filter for a start. Do You agree? Or what other possible things may I be looking at. 2) I presume the filter is located somewhere on the frame rail?

Eric says ..... 87 Octane fuel would be my first step. Then I'd do plugs and wires. It wouldn't hurt to drive it around in low for a while and let it tach up real good, don't worry it will shift at red line. Sometimes the best thing for a car is just to RUN it and I mean really run it. If the car stinks like sulfur then you know your doing it some good. .....

Gerik Grant writes

I just purchased a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi Coupe in Caffe Latte. It has 53,000 miles on it. I'll let you know how it goes.

LXiSebring: OK Mike writes

Just found your Sebring Web page and enjoyed all the info.My girlfriend just bout a 96 LXI with 70,000 mi and in very nice shape,the dealer called it tan but after looking thru your pic section i believe it is the Autumnwood Metallic it looks sorta tan but with a pinkish tint?I am Mopar fan from way back in the sixties and so far this car has kept my faith in Chrysler.I have a question, her sebring seems to have a big turning radius is that common to this type of car?also I was curious if the front facia from a 97 with the real grille is interchangeable with the 96? How can I check to see if the control arm recall you mention in your site has been performed on her car,and if not will chrysler honor it even though she is not the original owner? I bookmarked your webpage and will be checking back often to see if there is any new info and to scope out the pics to get some ideas for improvements for hers.

LXiSebring: The turning radius is on the long side, and liked to the high-performance, wishbone suspension. The grilles/fascia are not interchangeable as the whole bumper design is different as they went to 5 mph bumpers in 97. Your dealer can tell you if your car has had the recall work don as its logged into hteir computer under your VIN number if it was.

Tjon writes

Here is a picture of my sebring, [See above '97 and Photo page] its my baby and I love my car I have done a little bit to the car and plan on trying to do some more and I work at Precision Tune Auto Care so I have the tools to do the work I have had the "bring" for about 9-10 months and i wouldn't get rid of it for anything, I have installed a "sports bra" (but not in the picture), and tinted the windows and done minor alterations to the stereo but thats about it. well I love your page and hope to see my car on there sometime (to gloat) well anyway time to go.

ggef writes

I was given a great Father's Day gift last month, a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi. A gorgeous car, black with tan leather, sunroof, spoiler. It drives very well, hugs the road during turns but not bumps. It does ride a bit hard for a luxury car. I have noticed a noise in the transmission. It is like a "racheting" sound when the car is put into gear. The noise can also be heard as the transmission shifts. The dealer says that it is the sound of the electrical transmission. What? I imagine that a car manufacturer would not create a car to make sounds while driving. I have scoured your Sebring owners website but haven't seen any other email with this problem. I would think that if this was common other people would have mentioned it, too. The car only had 25,000 miles at purchase and I've already had the dealer change the front brakes, common, and the power mirrors motor, not so common. Any advice about the transmission noise would be great!! Thanks.

P.S. The gas mileage is pretty poor. 2/3 of my driving is highway and I still can't get above 25mpg. I don't think I drive that bad.

LXiSebring: I think your transmission noise is normal--Eric has discussed that a number of times. Your gas milage figures are typical for the V6--The Sebring is a rather heavy car at over 3000 lbs.

mike writes

I've noticed that some of the moters on the photo page have what to appear to be, performance intakes. were or how can i purchace or make one? any ideas will be apprecheated!! I just installed a jet performance computer from summit on my 98 LXI and it runs great.

thanks m

Eric says..... AEM,ICEMAN, lots of options..or you could stick a K&N cone on the end of your stock tube to replace the airbox. ....., Richard writes

Eric, We have a 1996 Sebring that dies when decelerating. Do you have any ideas on how to deal with this problem?

Eric says ..... I need a little more info than that, be specific, like how are the planets in alignment at the time? etc. .....


Hi there, I was looking for a place to help me with my 1998 Sebring LXi. I too loved my car, but I have become almost embarrassed to drive it, because the paint is so bad. (several people have told me it is not the paint, but the clearcoat). It is black, but the top , hood, and trunk, looks like it's molding! I have not had much mechanical problems, but the door panels have come loose 3 times. (this has finally been fixed) I HAVE talked to the dealer several times, but he said the paint is no longer covered. I got the car into the dealer(s) within the 2 years I had it, but it had been driven as a saleman's car for several months, so they say May was when the 2 years started, not November when I bought it. I realize you are not a complaint dept., but was wondering if you have any suggestions. I would love to have my car looking nice again, but I certainly can't afford to have it painted the way it should be. I live in Norwalk, Calif. if that helps any. Thanks for any help,

You need to get a body job estimate to repaint...then contact Chrysler regional office. Sometimes there are unwritten warranties on such things if the factory goofed in materials or application.

Nick writes

Hey....I am wanting to purchase this 99 Sebring and the dealer is a good friend so he let me take it for the night after driving it around a little bit underneath the dash became very warm and u could feel the warmth on your legs I was just wondering what this would be and if I should continue to be serious about this car. Thank You for your time.

Eric says ..... Who knows, maybe some gremlins are building small fires? Without tons more info I have no idea what that could be. .....

Ben Klocke writes

Hey i have written to you a couple of times now....I have a '95 Sebring LXi with 58k miles. My tranny has been slippen a lil bit lately and so i changed my filter and oil b/c my dealer sed its worse. Is there a problem with tranny's on these cars or is there somthing i can do b/c i dont wanna sell a car like mine...plz help...thanx alot...

Eric says ..... and I hope he used Mopar ATF 7176. .....

Scott writes

Hi, I have a black 95 Sebring coupe..and my moon roof wont close all the you know how I can fix this?

LXiSebring: I would have a top-notch aftermarket sunroof shop look at the mechanism. THey might know more than the dealer. Albert writes

Well I have a 98 Sebring LXi and I just finished paying for it, so now I have money to customizing it and I was just wondering what type of things I could do to it to give a better look or even improve the engine. Well this a picture of my car (see photo page), if you have time write back please.

Jake Houtop writes

I just bought a 1998 Sebring LX I and would like to find out about the problem that you ran into the ground like loose cladding, brake rotors etc. You claim I should read them before firing of a letter to that regard, however where do I find them or do you mean I should go trough all the comments and letters. Could you please let me know. Jake in the best country in the world. Canada. (just my opinion)

LXiSebring: THere is a ton of info on all those problems in the archives organized by year. Just use your Windows edit find command to locate info on any part of interest ie rotors or cladding. You will quickly pull up all the letters referring to whatever you are looking for.

J7 writes

So, while there may be a blower alone that would work with the 3.0 L V6 in '01 Sebring LXi's, there are no kits to install it? That's almost disheartening. =) I checked K&N online because I read a lot of things that suggest their products- they do make an oil and air filter for the car, but not an actual intake. It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot out there for this car as far as aftermarket goes. I've already applied at, maybe they know something. What do you think of engine modifications (like performance chips (if they're even made for it), air filters and/or intakes, ...) on a Sebring, anyway?

(second letter) I wasn't sure how chips would affect new car warranties. So, I guess it would be smart to either leave it alone, or stick to more external (and rather slight) things, like the air system. Thanks for letting me know about all of that. Thanks again.

LXiSebring:Chrysler themselves turbocharged 4 cylinder engines some time back, and there is an aftermarket parts base for the Chrysler 4 cyl growing out of the high output modifications Chrysler used on the Neon R/T. Since this 4 is also used in the PT/Cruiser, there will be an assortment of performance parts available over the next several years probably as Chrysler and others think about getting more output there as well. There has been no such uses in other cars such as these of the Mitsu V6, which is viewed as a touring engine not a racing engine, and no aftermarket parts have evolved.

Bucketness writes

Hello David I am a owner of a 1997 chrysler sebring lxi I was wondering if you know if other sebring owners had a problem shiftting into drive. My car goes into reveres good but when i put it into drive it takes at least 10 to 15 sec and throws the gear hard in drive. My car has 83,000. If you happen to know anything about it i would appreciate if you let me know about it. Thank You

Eric says ..... 2 things to check, The car shifts via an electronic solenoid device. Listen real close(windows down) or have a friend stand outside when you put it into drive. You should immediatley hear a soft ratcheting noise and it should engage (maybe 2 seconds) If the ratcheting noise is delayed, look into a new solenoid pack. If the engagement is delayed it may be mechanical. Check the transmission fluid (hot) as shown in your manual, and never ever add andything other than Mopar type 7176. .....

Kate writes

Hi, I just bought a 1995 Sebring off of E bay for $ 3,500.00. It has 126000 on her an a few problems. One is I cannont find an owners manual for it. Another major issue is at 1100 rpm and 35 mph she picks up a real shudder and gos away after I speed up or let off of the gas. Do these cars have a transmission issue that I maybe looking at or possibly just a low speed miss. Do these cars come with keyless entrys. Thnaks JohnGet more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

Eric says..... Order a manual, give it a complete tune-up including fuel and transmission filter change. Do the obvious first. Please use only Mopar fluid in the transmission. ......

Don writes

I have a 1997 Sebring LXI. Whenever my car sits in the sun for an extended period of time, the keyless entry will not unlock the doors. The panic button works ok. Once I open the door manually & insert the key in the ignition , the power door locks operate as designed. The dealer replaced the Receiver for the keyless entry , but still have the same problem. The fact that it is an intermittent heat related problem makes it hard for the dealer to diagnose. I'm the original owner & have had this problem from day one. Any suggestions on possible cause would be greatly appreciated.

Eric says..... What happens if you unlock twice? will the other door unlock like it should? I'm wondering if its electrical or mechanical. Geez the dealer should be able to figure that out. .....

William Bossaert writes

Hello, I own a 2002 sebring lxi coupe, with the v6 motor. I'm looking for a performance chip for the car. Do you know of any makers? Thanks

Eric says ..... Nope, besides that motor is under warranty, I wouldn't mess with it. .....

Matthew writes

iIwas wondering if you could help me.... here are some of the items in my $725 tune-up estimate and price mind you i have 110k on my car NGK laser Platinum plugs $26.25 a piece............ distributor cap $100 are these reasonable his work is $70 per hour

Eric says ..... Absolutley not. .....

Daniel Latendresse writes

Hi all it's Dan again. I was just reading some of the letters in here and I have to write in response to them they are in concern of speakers. As I have stated before I have a 97 Lxi and i have done a few things to the stereo system. I have a new Alpine Head Unit, new Alpine Type "R" Series component up front with cross-overs, and I am putting in the new Alpine Type "R" series rears. I also have 2 Alpine Amps in the trunk, 1 for the front and rears and the other for the 15 inch Cerwin Vega sub, along with 2 one farat caps. But the jist of this letter is to say if you want to upgrade your stereo's just go to a stereo shop and get prices and get there advice. Thats what I did and now I have something even better. If anyone has questions pertaining to the stereo's in there sebrings drop me a line at and I will try to help you the best that I can.

NoseDive writes

In my 1996 Sebring Lxi, the dome light does not work at all. I changed the light bulbs and the fuse in the engine compartment. It still will not work. What is wrong, and what should I do. Also the radio that came with it, which is the original radio, has a malfunction where the buttons do not work. What should I do with that also? Please help me, I am soo lost. Thank you

Eric says ..... The dome light is triggered by the door switches, check those, also it may have been turned off at the light itself. The radio should have been fixed by chrysler, if its too late for that, has some direct fits or 18004airbag has factory radios for 1/2 price. .....

SJMiniz writes

Are the replacement part for the rotors (Powerstop) and pads (Axxis) for the 2001 LXI? I bought these and the front pad is the wrong size. It's smaller than stock. The rotors are also approx 1/4" smaller in diameter. Thanks!

Eric says ..... Your right, thats a whole different car. I'd call Olympic to see if they list a new part number for the new body styled cars. Thanks for bringing this to our attn. And Dave, please make a note of this on the site under the Brake parts section. .....

Enrique Perez writes

I e-mailed u a low res pic of my sebring a few months ago and i submitted it to a while back. Here's a link to the picture of my car and the modifications i've done to it i'll be taking pictures of the interior soon and some pictures of the car at night so the blacklight can be viewed on the pic.

Click here for Pic

Bucketness writes

Hello David I am a owner of a 1997 chrysler sebring lxi I was wondering if you know if other sebring owners had a problem shiftting into drive. My car goes into reveres good but when i put it into drive it takes at least 10 to 15 sec and throws the gear hard in drive. My car has 83,000. If you happen to know anything about it i would appreciate if you let me know about it. Thank You

LXiSebring: I'm checking with Eric for ideas

Ashwand writes

HELP!!! We just purchused a 97 sebring about 6 months ago and are haveing problems. We can not get it started. It will not even try to turn over. We took it to get it repaired and we were told that they have no idea what the problem is. I guess they are looking for some big $$$ because they want to keep it over night and try to figure it out. Any help would greatly be appreciated

LXiSebring: Have you replaced the battery yet?

Eric says... ..... Could be anything, Someone left a light on and killed the battery,A car alarm not being disarmed,maybe the battery cracked and all the acid ran out????? I need more infomation...Starter relay or wiring could be bad, starter could be bad, maybe someone stole the starter??? Check all the obvious stuff first. .....

Hanz writes

I have a serious problem. I hope you remember me. I have been an ASOG member for about a year now. I have an electrical problem with my 98 Sebring LXi V-6 I was driving the car on the highway on my sister inlaws wedding day. It was rainy and I put my head lights on and flickered my High beams at the limo in front. As I did that I I noticed the radio shut off for a second. Ever since then as I step on the brakes the power surges in the whole car. The Mirror compass is not giving the right N S E and W readings. If I rev the engine and step on the brakes it sometimes surges so much it shuts off for a second then turns back on right away. Three weeks later it is still having the same problem. I had the transmission rebuilt a week ago and they told me my battery was bad. So I changed the battery and the car is still doing the same thing. I looked at the battery today and Noticed the smoke coming from the positive terminal cause I rinsed the engine down with water. As I looked to inspect it more closely I noticed the melted Lead on the battery. The Terminal is melting on the wires. Literally dripping on the battery. What could have happened. The car has not been wrecked or any stereo changes. All factory equip. I have been searching the ASOG web site for any clues for 4 hours now and have not found anything related to this. Please help me buddy. Hanz AKA 1stSeBring on asog.

LXiSebring: You likely have an intermittent short somewhere--impossible to diagnose via e-mail. Are you sure the battery isnt grounding intermittently to the hood?

Eric says... ... Is the car under warranty first of all? Secondly there is a short somewhere. Maybe the headlight wiring (+) has rubbed against the body (-) The lights are one of those items that are always hot (powered up)even if the ignition is off. Disconnect the battery if its smoking. Rinsing an engine with water is a BAD BAD BAD idea, that's why theres a hood on top of it. Fuses are supposed to protect against shorts, but any good direct short can fry a battery. Also your now wet alternator can also be shorting, sending lots of surging power to the battery. You can take the wires off the alternator and run the car, It wont run long before killing the battery, maybe 10 minutes, but long enough to check the system. Also any autoparts can check the alternator for you if it's out of the car. ..... M. Dunn writes

Hello, I bought my car feb. 13, 2002 at an auction (as is no warranty. It had 101, 300 miles on it when I purchased it. Now it has 107, 450. The biggest problem I have is with the oil.. the chrysler dealership in this area tells me that I need a new motor. But I feel so bad because within the first three weeks I had the car I spent 600.00 getting the head gaskets redone. Everyone tells me to get a second opinion. The car smokes real bad once the engine gets hot. So, when I get the oil changd they put some stop smoke in there.i don't have the money for a new motor..what to do? I am a single 19 year old mother who is in nursing school. I need my car to go back and forth to the hospital for clinical which is like 1 hour away. I need help..

LXiSebring: Have you talked to the people who did the head gasket work? Did this problem show up right AFTER The gaskets were replaced. OFTEN cars that need engine overhauls smoke the worst when the engine is cold which is what makes me wonder whether the head gasket work was done right.

The basic problem you have is you went for a car with relatively high milage that holds its value pretty well-- auctions also can be very problematic in this regard as they are oftem a means people use to dispose of cars that have serious but non-obvious problems.

Otherwise trade it quick for a smaller and much less sought after car with far fewer miles on it. What comes to mind is a 2-3 year old Dodge Neon with less than 50,000 miles. That will get you back & forth to work and likely have far fewer mechanical problems than a high-milage Sebring. In this case we need reliable transportation, not a high-style ride!

TOGOOD writes

Hi, I have just purchased a 2001 Lxi Sebring coupe in December 2001. The car is excellent and I recommend it to everyone.

papi writes

hi, i appreciate the help on reading the PCM codes. My car wont turn over, so i checked the codes and it gave me a EGR system failure also the EGR solenoid circuit. I dont have access to any literature on where this EGR system is located and what parts are involved.. If you can help me locate some the potential faulty components i would appreciate it very much.... Thank You.

Eric says .... The EGR system may have faulted due to another problem. There is an EGR system diagram under the hood. Your dealer is probably the only person with the equipment to diagnose. Besides if they make a mistake it's on them. Some of that junk may be covered under the federal emmisions warranty, so check your book. .....

eklaus writes

I don't know if you regularly post this sort of thing; but if anyone is interested in purchasing a 1997 Sebring LXI in the Detroit area, I have one for sale. It is black, beautiful, and loaded--well-maintained with no modifications. I can be contacted at if anyone is interested

Charles Miller writes

Since you appear to be the technical guru on the Sebring owners page, I'm wondering if you can share any insight on the difficulty of replacing a rear wheel bearing on a 1996 Dodge Avenger? I believe it is the same platform as the Sebring? I've priced the bearing assembly at $180 from the local Dodge dealer; doesn't seem to be available at the chain car parts stores. If its an easy install, its worth the money, but if difficult, I'd pay the service dealer's price of $300 to have it replaced. Any advice on the replacement process?

Eric says ..... Trust me it's not available aftermarket. You need to give the build date of your car (inside the drivers door) to the parts guy when ordering. If you have ABS, the sending unit sprocket will have to be pulled and pressed back on. Otherwise the Hub/Bearing assembly is a 4 bolt job. If you have a friendly local mechanic he could get it for $98, but that's a long shot. .....

Shak writes

I have a 98 sebring Lx, I want to change the factory speakers in the doors an the dash do you know of an easy way to removw those speakers. my email address is Thanks alot, Shak

LXiSebring: There arent really any good tweeter replacements. The door speakers can be swapped, (see for options) but a better idea might be to install a sub-woofer in the trunk and leave the system inside alone. Lee Thomas Wasson writes

Hey man! Just wanted to pass along some pics. it is a '97 LXi with everything modded.Lowered and beefed suspension and tie/strut bars top and bottom, brembo cross drilled rotors with KVR Carbon Fiber pads, Iceman, ICON Timing advance module, Magnecor wires and NGK plugs, Trans-go shift kit and oversized tranny cooler, Levoc shifter with o/d button and levoc pedels. White gueages, custom dash with 7" wide screen TFT/LCD display, DVD, 9 speakers running from 4 amps and crossover, XM radio, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Maybe someday you can make my car the "ride of the month" or something. {LxiSEbring: sdee above] I have a love/hate relationship with this car. When it runs, it RUNS. But it only starts when it wants to. Replaced Fuel Pump, Filter, Relay, Distributor, Crank Sensor, and now we're up to the PCM. Still won't start. Not getting current from the PCM to the distributor at times. Sometimes it starts like nothing was wrong; sometimes I crank for 30 minutes and nothing happens. Anyhow, just some pics. You might like the custom dash work I did. That alone is worth it for me!

Jean Konrad writes

I've been perusing this web site for three years now since I bought my '99 LXi new. It's been a great car, and has not given me 10 seconds of concern. I am a firm believer in taking excellent care (including UNDER the hood) of my "trusty horse."

You said something in one of your replies that I found very intriguing and informative. Someone with 100K miles on her Sebring had asked you how many miles she could expect to get out of her Sebring, and you rightfully responded that it ALL depends on how the car's been taken of and handled. Then you concluded with:

"Was the car maintained properly? If so it's just broken in. ..... "

My question, or perhaps a request for confirmation < is the Mitsubishi engine in my '99 Sebring intrinsically a good, long-lasting engine << all other good car-care practices being givens???

LXiSebring: I look at a lot of Sebring E-mail every week. And we see all sorts of different problems. we see the occasional failed transmission, but aside from one or two blown head gaskets and an occasional fuel injection problem, I remember very few problems with the basic engine itself. I would expect that if people were having major problems with engine parts, I would be hearing it,...loudly.

Eric says... ..... All I can say is yes. 100,000 miles is very common these days. Changing Coolant, oil, and regular maint. will ensure a long life. If there is any problem stop driving and have it serviced right away. Also remember the first 30 seconds of startup are the worst, give her a minute to warm up and drive off slowly until the temp. gauge rises to normal. 113,000 and going strong. The Sebring weighs about 3500 lbs. Probably a little more than that old Duster. Back in the day it was all about steel, now more electronics,safety and noise dampening materials. Being that vehicles are computer designed these days the suspension and body are more structurally sound and the car is proportioned better. Heavy is a relative statement, it is heavier than some cars it's size. .....

BMC writes

I am the proud owner of a 99 LXI. My sons tell me the car is a "babe magnet," it worth its weight in gold as my sons will do whatever it takes to get me, to let them use it on a date. I have almost every option available on it. the only problem I have encountered is my daughter broke the sliding cover of the moon roof this caused the motorized glass to jam. It will no longer close and no dealer in Spokane will repair it. The best quote I have had is $300 to inspect it no guarantee of repair. Does any one know were to have this done at?

My dealer will give me an estimate on any repair for $30. I'd ask another shop to look at it. This may be one area where the aftermarket people would have a better chance at a fix than the dealer. I've forgotten who the supplier is of the sunroofs for Sebrings, but I think it's a company well known in the aftermarket business. Maybe someone else recalls.

Colin writes

I noticed on your web page that it says don't use synthetic oil in the Sebring. Is there any particular reason why not? I thought synthetic oil helped reduce friction and increase gas mileage? I have the v6. Thanks

Eric says... .... Whats the manual say? The engine seals,and parts are designed to function with regular oil. If you feel better using synthetics fine but use them from the start, You can't go mixing, matching and changing oils. Parts "seat" and become accustomed to fluids. Set your cruise control if you want to increase gas milage. .....

Rick writes

I am a proud owner of a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi coupe, I recently purchased the front clear turn signals from, I am writing in regard of the front clear sidemarkers. I saw the whole head light assemblies with the clear sidemarker on is there a way I could get rid of the orange lenses out of the headlight assemblies? or do I have to purchase the whole assembly that includes the clear lens?

Eric says ..... The only way that I know of is to break the seal and remove the orange lens. Send me the link where you saw the whole clear headlamp assembly. Also Avenger headlamps look really nice in the Sebring, You will notice the black accents around the reflectors, where the Sebring is all "chrome" .....

Aston Liyanarchi writes

, My 1999 LXI with 18in kmc gnomes, 5in tv, ps2, obx cai, arospeed exhaust Soon: maxspeed coilovers with kyb adjustables, cf hood and body graphics (see photo page)

Mike writes

I have a few questions and would appreciate if you would answer them. I have a 1995 Chrysler Sebring Lx coupe. Currently from being so low in the front it scrapes off everything. As a result of this, it has bent the center cross piece at the very bottom. Is there any way to bend this back?? Also, on the truck around where the license plate is, there is a piece broken off. It would be the piece that conceals the light for the license plate. Where could I get a replacement and how much would it cost me??

LXiSebring: You need to talk to the body shop. The part around the license plate is a plastic piece that can be ordered, but it has to be painted. I think I'd get a body shop to take a look at the bent piece under the front fascia and see if there is a way it can be bent, you will have a better shot at it with people who work on this stuff every day that for you to try it on your own. And if it can be bent back, all you would be paying for is a little labor.

David Emch writes

i have another question could i turbo charge my car. also who's a good name for it. thanks alot

LXiSebring: The V6 no, the four possibly.

Shak writes

I have had problems with the front rotors when i first had my car they were replaced 3 times, techs say they were warped. Also the arm rest i had to replace 3 times it cracks in the middle. Right now its cracked but my warranty is up so I'll have to pay for it but it can wait. I am also hearing a whistling sound from my stero when i'm driving do you know what that is. Right know i am going to an outside mechanic, I have had very little problems (knock on wood) for now. I am thinking of replacing the stock air system with a cool air intake. Is it easy enough that i can do it or do i need to take it to the shop, and what parts do need. I like your site very informative. thanks, shak

Eric says ..... The whistling noise is probably from the charging system, I'm guessing it's aftermarket. Look into a noise suppressor. AEM makes cold air systems for the Avenger that will work. .....

Aaron writes

I want to buy new speakers for my 98 Chrysler Sebring LXi but have no idea what is already in there. I know they are Infinity speakers but not what model, amp, or most importantly size they are. I have a tweeters in the dash and speakers in the door and rear. Could you please tell me what I have or how to go about getting to the speakers in the dash and door. Thank you for your time.

Eric says.... The speakers in your car are excellent, and designed for the amp and head unit. If you insist on changing them, contact .....

LXiSebring: The easiest/best/least invasive way to make improvements is to leave the main system alone and just put a separate powered sub-woofer in the trunk. The interior speakers are as good as you are gonna likely find in that application. YOu can take the subwoofer with you when you sell the car.

Will writes

My check engine light came on and I need to know how to get the error code . Turning the ignition on,off,on,off,on does not work. Any help would be appreciated.

Eric says .... This needs to be done rather quickly, Do not start the car, just one click to on,off,on,off,on... will work. .....

Ben Klocke writes

Hey well i have a 1995 sebring LXi. It has 57,000 miles on it and my timing belts and waterpump was changed at 55,000 on my own opinion b/c i didnt want bad problems.I just hooked up 2 subs on friday..may 24th My engine check light comes on after 20 min of driving and my security alarm that came in it (which i didnt know it had) has been goin off lately. if u have ne info i will greatly appreciate it and so will my high school lol thanx alot Plz send response to if its not any the sight...ill send my pic in soon Thanx alot ben klocke

Eric says ..... Pull the codes. I'm thinking that you're stressing the charging system with all that stereo junk. It's easy to check if the battery is charging with a meter. .....

Belal writes

Hi my name is Belal and I really liked your page I found it searching on my car.I drive a 98 sebring LX coupe 2.5L and i would like to fix it up.I live in canada and was wondering if you know a site that has high performance parts for this vehicle that deals to canada.I was lookin under the hood and notice it had a mitsubishi engine or something lke that.I dont really no much about cars but would like to find more info on it and like if i suppose to look at mitsubishi car performance parts. Also i am very satisfied with the car.

LXiSEbring: I dont but one of our readers/visitors might

Aaron writes

Hello, I am Canadian. And I am 18 and I just purchased a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi (Indy Red) I live up in Saskatchewan, where aftermarket parts are scarce. As it seems like this is as follows on the internet, few to find. I found myself to be very interested in that you have displayed here. And saw "My Sebring" You, having put up this site?... Must have a love for your car. As I do mine. If you have any info on speeding my car up with a timing retarding chip, or exhaust, body kits, interior modification kits, or anything! Please, Contact me at or on icq: 15822572.

LXiSebring: THe two of you above need to contact each other!!!

Richard Lizama writes

Hey this is my 2000 Sebring LXi (see photo page). Converted dual pipe lowered about 4 inches in the front and five in the back and soon to be having suspension airbags.

CHRIS writes

Hi I am the owner of a 1996 Sebring LX 6 cylnder. My question for you is; My engine light came on and code 21 came up as the problem, when I got to the oxygen sensor I found that there are 3 sensors. I don't know which one is faulty, could you tell me how to find out which one is bad? Thanks for your help,

Eric says... .. Good question, something I've run across before as well. You have to hook up the OBD2 scan tool to find out. Any good mechanic should have a scan tool. .....

David Emch writes

i have been looking all over and i can't find a way to up the performance with my 1996 Sebring LXI i want to turbo charge it but i dont know what are the good brands, and supercharging ito i heard hurts the engine. also i looked at performance chips they said they dont make them for my car. got any suggestions. anything will be very much welcomed.

LXiSebring: I wouldn't try this with the V6...the four, possibly.

Shelly Brashear writes

I am the proud owner of a 1995 Sebring LX coupe- 4 cylinder standard. This car has 138,500 miles on it and is still going strong. I bought the car after seeing the advertisements. I have the bright white with gray cladding. I can't say enough about the comfort and reliability. I have had the head gasket replaced and am having a bearing assembly replaced next week. Not bad for that mileage. I too found that after test driving the V6 that the 4 had much more spunk and I've owned standard transmissions in the past so I opted for the 4. I have never been sorry. I would buy another one, but probably not until this one dies. I enjoy my no payment status too much. If you'd like any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Shak .M writes

I have had problems with the front rotors when i first had my car they were replaced 3 times, techs say they were warped. Also the arm rest i had to replace 3 times it cracks in the middle. Right now its cracked but my warranty is up so I'll have to pay for it but it can wait. I am also hearing a whistling sound from my stero when i'm driving do you know what that is. Right know i am going to an outside mechanic, I have had very little problems (knock on wood) for now. I am thinking of replacing the stock air system with a cool air intake. Is it easy enough that i can do it or do i need to take it to the shop, and what parts do need.

I like your site very informative.

Ndaruff writes

I'm a '96 Sebring owner, I just stumbled on this site and find it quite informative. I will be a regular visitor of the site, and I'll forward a photo of My Sebring at a later date. Hello to all other Sebring owners.

Rob writes

My Professor in college has a 1997 chrysler sebring, I think it is a coupe. What I would like to know is whether or not you can change the oil pan gasket without any complications like having to drop supension parts to get it off the motor, or any thing else of that nature. Thanks,

LXiSebring: Good question. Eric probably knows.

Down 4Mine writes

I just need to now wich front clip fits my chrysler sebring 97 lx, couse im customizing it and the front broke and i want to get the avenger front clip does it fit? I have a 2 inch drop 18 inch rimz, and installing air cylenders next week, will send pictures as soon as i get the front clip if it fits. Please answer back .

LXiSebring: I'm not absolutely certain but any body shop should be able to tell you.

Rick Hall writes

Hello. I spent about an hour scrolling through your message board and unfortunately must have overlooked some of the repetitive topics you would rather not be bothered with.

Could you please give me a "heads up" on the following items? * Loose plastic body cladding (we've driven that one into the ground)

* Premature brake wear and choosing replacement brakes (ditto)

* Warped rotors

* Wheel balance problems

* What to do whern the "check engine" light comes on

* Scraping and tearing up the front facia of your Sebring coupe because you run into/over something like a concrete parking lot bumper

I have had mine for four years and only wish I stumbled across your site much earlier.

Thanks for your time.

Eric says.....'m not sure I understand what your asking. Those topics are all covered throughout the website. You might want to search the archive pages. If you have specific questions please ask.

LXiSebring: Check the archives for the other years.. THese topics have all been driven in to the ground in the 1995-2000 archives. Simply use your edit find command to locate letters containing kkey words such as warped fascia etc.


Hi I have a 96 Chrysler Sebring LXi with 88000 miles and I love my car but in the last copuple of weeks things have been falling apart on me! first both sides of my door molding came loose from the car and when I opened the doors the cracked so I called crysler and they told me that there was a recall on the 97's door molding which is the same as the 96's but untell more 96's owners made complains then they could not fix this obvious defect. then my driver side window stoped going down. sometimes when i start my car to warm up and go back in the house i come back out and the doors lock them self. and last my cup holder in the plastic woodgrain has broke 2 times. if you have any ideas about any of my problems please let me know! thank you for the great site

David writes

I am in need of a wire diagram for my 1995 chysler sebring lxi. I have the infinity sound system. I want to incorporate the amp with my new sound system.

Eric says.... I will look in my book to see if it is in there. If I find it I'll let you know. .....

Dan writes

Hi all it is Dan once again and I now have a couple of pics of my car. I am in the process of getting some rims and rubber along with a 4 piece body kit and neon tubes for the undercarriage. I will post some more pic's of the car once I get the above items. Just so you know I had the car completly re-painted because some idoit backed into my front bumper. But if amybody can shed somelight for me in concern to the 4 piece body kits and where i can get them i would really apprecaite it.

Jeffrey writes

I have a 98 LXi and I was wondering. Who made the engine? Mitsubishi? Is it a twin of another car? Reason being, I am looking (seemingly in vain) for performance parts for this car and no one has parts listed under "Chrysler Sebring", but I am wondering if parts made for other mitsubishi's will work. Or if you just know of any sites that I can get some parts for my car such as but not limited to: air intake, exhaust, etc, etc....any help you can give would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

LXiSebring:Depends on if you have a 6 or 4. Chrysler makes the 4, Mitsubishi the 6. Performance equipment for the high-output Neon engine in general fits the Sebring 4. Not much available for the 6.

Denis writes

One follow up on the brake parts for my LXI, I have ABS on my 98 Sebring, and was wondering if you would attempt the brake job your self, after ordering the parts from olympic or take them to a mechanic to have them installed ( I have heard that if you do not relaese the presure in the ABS modulator befor attempting to remove the pads, you could screw the whole system up, which I have no clue how to even attempt). I have installed pads and rotors on a non-ABS vehicle before with no problem. Second question, I have noticed that my Oil pressure gauge will fall below the normal line at idle when stopping the car after an extended trip (20-30 miles Hwy). Is this normal or is this something I should have checked out. PS. while driving the oil pressure indicator is well above the normal line but does not reach the danger level. Thanks Again!!!

Eric says .... ABS is supplementry, it has nothing to do with the calipers on the vehicle, unless I hear differently I'd assume its just like a normal brake job. I've done mine a dozen times and never had a problem. Do you run 10w30 in your car? I swear by Castrol non synthetic. Also check your oil level when the car is hot, and after it has set LEVEL for 1/2 hour. .....

Rolltide writes

hows it going? i am 18 from oswego illinois and i own a 1995 chrysler sebring white and silver. i just got rims for it. now i am going to tint my windows and do some neon lighting and get a spoiler and maybe ground effects. but i am trying to find tail light covers for it. i cant find them anywhere. i noticed that a guy on here had some. the pictures are under alexanders black sebring. i really want those. and if you know where i can get those or can contact that guy for me it would be great i would really appreciate it. i am going to send in my pictures when im done i cant wait hopefully by the end of the summer. and if you heard anything about that company making the alteeza lights that would be great too. hope to hear from you soon thank you. please wite back at once again thank you.

LXiSebring The last address I have for Alex ie Not sure if that still works.

Patrick writes

I have a 97 Sebring LXi and I have a LOT of plans on modifying my car. 1. I want to know if there are any Euro Taillights available for Sebring 97's and if there are, can I just go to my local Pep Boys and order it through them. 2. My air-dam (of course that air-dam complaint of almost all Sebring 97 owners) is too low and kinda funky looking so I want to have the whole bumper replaced. I need to know if a Dodge Avenger bumper would fit in a Sebring because those Avenger bumpers look pretty cool. And if ever I get a Sebring bumper, I want one of those with the straight airdam (not the airdam that loops down). Where can I get these bumpers aside from my Chrysler dealer? And, if it's possible to get these kinds of bumpers with under $500. That's all thanks for the help =) Patrick

LXiSebring:Check your local body shop for bumper interchangability info. I've posted everything I know about taillights in the aftermarket parts section above.

Michael writes

Hi Dave, I am a proud owner of a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi that I had purchased new. It is performing wonderfully, and I cannot be more happy with my purchase. I am also very meticulous with it and treat it with great care... which brings me to a question that I hope you could help me with: A couple months ago, I notices that the passenger side tweeter speaker (the one above the airbag in the dashboard) had blow out. I'm trying to replace it, however, I'm having trouble getting to it. I looked online for a Hayne's Auto manual, but they haven't been published yet for the Sebrings... so I was wondering if you could give me some advice in this regards. I also wanted to say that I love the websitel; keep up the good work!

LXiSbring: THe tweeters are hard to find. THere are numerous letters on the topic below.

Marc writes

Hi, great site! 2 days ago, I purchased a brand-new 2002 Sebring LXi coupe off the lot of a local dealer. 3.0 V6, 5-speed, Ice-Silver, 17" chrome wheels, leather package, sunroof for $21400 (the sticker was $24795, did i get a good deal?).

I'm having a blast cruising in this cool ride! I love the handling and body styling especially.

One thing is bothering me. I hope this isn't too trivial to trouble you with, but I don't expect anything to go wrong with a new car. On the driver's side door, there is a thin strip of rubber that lies between the flat part of the window and the rest of the body. It's loose, flapping around, and not staying in it's "tucked in" position like it's supposed to. It looks bad and is annoying me. Has anyone else seen this problem? Should I go back to the dealer and demand that they fix it?

LXiSebring: Yes, have your dealer reinstall the trim correctly.

Kristy writes

I won a 99 sebring LXi, and am constantly wiping off the sticky black tar like crap that is dripping out of my doors onto the plastic door rails when its hot out...its impossible to get it all off. I have brought it too the dealer numerous times but they say its the undercoating and there is nothing they can do for anyone else having this issue, what do you use or do to get rid of it! Any suggestions would be looks horrible when you open up the door and see that . thanks!!

Eric says .... I think that this is an isolated problem related to dealers insisting on undercoating new vehicles so they can charge you for it. I assure you, there is nothing under that cover but the door itself. I would try WD-40. A light spray, let it dissolve and wipe clean. .....

djrob writes

I have a 97' Sebring LXI V6, 2.5L. Should I use platinum spark plugs? Bosch single platinum, double platinum, or quadruple platinum, or none at all? What do you reccomend? Thanks in advance....

..... All of that info is on the page. It's a money issue really. I don't recommend doing this job unless you're familiar with it. .....

Evie writes

, I own a 1999 Sebring LXi coupe and i cannot read the instrument panel very well as the color combination is red on black. Is there any way this can be changed to yellow or orange on black. I thank you for your attention to this request..

LXiSebring check for what you need. THe kits are $108 I think.

Cindy writes Hi, We're having a lot of problems w/ our car and came across your website in doing some research. Have you heard of any problems with the coolant having a buildup of aluminum oxide and corroding all parts in its path-- aluminum, steel, etc? This has happened 3 times to us in the past 18 months. We only have 50,000 miles on ours, but are ready to get rid of it due to the this problem.

LXiSebring: That one is new to me. Try switching brands of coolant.

Stig Reidar Mork writes

Hello,my name is Stig Mork from Tromso in Norway. My car is imported from USA,you can`t buy a Sebring in Norway because the car where never sold here.

I own a 1995 Sebring and i like the car very much. After the photos where taken the car have got loweringsprings from Eibach and shockabsorbers from Koni.

I am thinking about getting new Wheels and tires. Is there any problem to install 8x18 Wheels with 225x40x18 tires on the Sebring??

On my car i have a problem with the brakesystem,the Anti lock light is on.Have you heard about this problem before??

Breanne Boccia writes

My name is Breanne and I just bought my 1999 Sebring Coupe LXI in Shark Blue in November. I just absolutely LOVE it!!! (see Pic on Photo page)

Thomas Watts writes

I bought this 99 Sebring,on Jan 1, has a after market paint job...(it changes colors) had only 15,000 miles on it and bought it for 14,000 bucks.....the paint job has to be worth half that....any way I'm in northern calif, and would like to join ur club..... Thomas

(See pics and that paint job on the photo page!!!)

Eric says, check tp:// tems&userid=lorieandjeff for Sebring service manuals for sale on ebay.

Mike writes

Do you know if there are any rally's coming up? Also, do you have any good websites or contacts for performance parts and accessoires? I have a 98 sebring coupe, I plan on sending you a picture and joining the club as soon as i complete a few modifications i've been working on! Thanks. Mike

LXiSebring: THe only sites I know for parts are listed at the top of the site. If anyone has ohters I should post, send them to me.

The guys at would be into the rally thing, if anyone is. But see letter below.

Rob writes

I've had a miserable time trying to find the upstream O2 sensor for a 1997 Sebring LXI Coupe. The connector harness is a male, round connector. Obviously it needs a female, round connector to replace it. All of the part stores around town, as well as Bosch USA come up with a male, square for the replacement. Male round and male square don't connect. I went to the dealership and they said that the part is special order and it was $136.99 just for this kind of sensor. The downstream sensor is in fact square, but I don't understand why this round female sensor is impossible to find. I've cross referenced it with the Avenger and Eclipse and they too come up with a male, square replacement. Help!

Who do you reccomend for cheap, new rims for Sebrings? I have gone to and found some pretty nice ones for $115 each. If a dealer is going to charge me $350 for 1 rim, I'd rather spend $500 for 4 new, different ones if you know what I mean. Any websites that you'd reccomend would be great. Thanks for your time once again. Oh, before I forget. My 1997 Sebring LXI has a very high pitched noise coming from the engine. It almost sounds like the high pitched noise a go-cart makes, or real high end sportscars. I've had the transmission checked and there's nothing wrong there. It starts to happen at around 45mph. A Chrysler dealership told me it's an "inherited characteristic of the Sebring's once they are older." I have 94K miles on it now. Baffled.

Eric says .....The vendor probably made a change, forcing Chrysler to comply. Prime sells cheaper Aluminum wheels. Make sure to get the hubcentric spacers as well. .....

Patrick Howdeshell writes

Hi I came across your site and It has been very helpfull to me in understanding my car better. Thanks very much.I just purchased a 96 lxi fully loaded in wildberry and I love it. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in participating in a get together or rally this summer from mullholland drive in hollywood to pacific coast highway in malibu? thanks again for your great site .

LXisebring:You and Mike, above, need to talk.

Bamadan writes

I am from oswego illinois and i am 18 i would like to know where i can find black outs for the tail lights. i have a 1995 chrysler sebring. i am getting rims right now and i am going to add more stuff and hopefully join this club/web site and send some pictures in a little later if you have any reccomendations for me to do to my car it would be appreciated. you can e-mail me at thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Sean writes

Great site, Thanks for all the hard work! You have lots of good info. Just got my 2001 sebring and I love it! ,I will send pics as soon as I get some. Thanks

Scott McIntyre writes

My son is thinking about buying a 1997 Sebring LXi Coupe. What do you recommend looking for to be sure he get a good car? Are there any problems with these cars that he should be aware of?

LXiSebring:Read the letters on the web site for detailed answers.I couldn't summarize them in a few sentences.

Pplamonica writes

I own a 97 Sebring LXI. However, the 17 inch tires have "exploded" twice (literally) Has anyone else had this problem. My tire dealer says its because the tires have very narrow walls and don't stand up as well as 16 inchers. Is this true" If so, what if I change the wheels and tires to 16 inchs. Will that work. Will I ruin the look/ride. Thanks

LXiSebring I give your dealer an A for a creative but really dumb answer to a question. With narrow tires you need to be extra careful not to damage sidewalls or rim edges on curbs, but 16 inch tires are only marginally better in that regard. IT would be VERY expensive to buy all-new 16 inch wheels and tires (as in $1600 +) Are you due for a tire change anyway ? Eric like's Bridgestone Turenza's

Joshua writes

We should try to get nopi or a side product of some sort to manufacture a euro tail light for the sebring coupe.95'- 99'... thanks, Joshua of Smyrna Georgia. p.s., thats what my Sebring looks like

the label on the engine of my sebring says mitsubishi...does this mean that this is the same motor in , say an eclipse for chance...meaning that anything done to an eclipse as far as exaust or engine work , i would have to by mitsubishi parts? can you clear this up for me, thanks,

Eric says ..... Pretty much, the orientation may be different. Just look for v-6 Avenger stuff and you will be fine .....

MDFlores writes

i just purchased a used 99 chrysler sebring, car is in great condition except one thing, the front right tweeter on the dash is blown, has an awful crackling noise, i finally got tired of hearing it and disconnected the wires to that particular speaker, what i was wondering, do you know if i could purchase a single tweeter from chrysler or even the tweeter set to replace blown speaker? any help you can give would be grealy appreciated.... thanks!

Eric says ..... Do a search on our page, (edit-find on this page) 2 or 3 people have commented on this recently. .....

LXiSebring: These ARE Hard to find. Crutchfield doesnt carry them If anyone has run into an aftermarket source that fits let me know.

amills writes

I saw the 13. Car turns over but won't start (try a new battery before you do anything else) but is this for a chronic problem, mine seem so intermittent that a battery does not seem like the problem. Sometime it will start then die start then die 7 or 8 times, then runs fine. It had also quit no me on the highway twice, but I put it neutral and it started right away. The majority of the time it starts fine this just started two weeks ago. Any help would dbe appreciated

Eric says..... Fuel pump,fuel pump relay,or clogged filter .....

Paul writes

Hello All: I purchased a 98 Sebring Lxi right at a month ago. The car is beautiful and has 65,000mi. The car has a high pitched noise that appears right around 55mph and seems to disappear at 70 mph. It seems to be loudest at 61-62 miles per hour. I took it to the dealership, (covered under 3mon/3,000mi warranty). They replaced the transmission and it still makes the noise. They are attempting repair again. Is this a common problem. Any idea what it is? Any further info would be excellent.

Eric says ..... Mine turned out to be the shifter cable, I adjusted it at he transmission to put more tension on it and its fine. They all seem to "whine" a bit normally. .....

Jason Yesensky writes Jason's Sebring LX thought that you would like to post them on your site if you could please send me and modifications that you may no about or if none please let me know LXiSebring: See photos above & on photo page

Joe DeTray writes

Hi, my name is Joe DeTray and I am out of Toledo, OH. and I have a few comments to make on my Black/Silver 95 Sebring LXi. I just wanted everyone to know that I dont like my car plain. I dont know of anything to do to make my car my own and make it look like its mine not mommy's n daddy's. By the way in 17. Well any ways. Iv looked and looked and all I could find for my car is rims, a spoiler, a bug deflector, and head light covers. And I really dont think thats enougph. On your web page of pics i seen two cars that I'm in love with! The Gold one thats slammed and the one with the white face gauges. Where can you get them? And I also want to know what I can do to break over 200 h.p. I wanted to know if anyone has had these problems. #1 Driver side Door hinges about to break off and door about to fall off. #2 A loud hummin comming from both rear tires. Iv got Z rated tires so everyone tells me its the tread but its not. Its the bearings. #3. A transmission leak where the pump is located in front of trans. #4 in the back middle of my ceiling by the window my ceiling is starting to come un glued. #5. How do I take the dash off to change my highs and how do I convert my stock amp to work off anyonther kind of radio? Well If any one can help me you will all be a big help with me in Project Sebring.. Thanks Joe

LXiSebring: See parts sites listed above

Ray writes

Hi all, I have a 2000 LX that is caf‚ lattee (also know as champaigne) color with 56000 miles on it. Unfortunately I have to sell the car. My wife and I have a little one on the way and it is just not a practical car to have. I am about to put it on the market, so I figured why not let fans of this type of car have first crack at it. I have been checking this site off and on recently and found it very helpful. So if anyone is interested in adopting my Sebring for the appropriate price drop me a line, we live in NH and work in MA.

Todd Noeth writes

My name is Todd Noeth, a recent owner of a '97 Sebring LXi. I was looking through your site and found it quite interesting. Now, i was wondering if you could help me out here. I'm trying to do a little "accessorizing" to my Sebring, and I was wondering if you know any information as to where I should look (online catalogs or web sites, etc,). I'm not looking for anything major or anything in particular, just looking...

I would also like your opinion on wheels... I'm looking into buying Mopar factory Dodge Stratus R\T Sedan optional wheels. that will make more sense if you could look at a catalog for the 4 door Dodge Stratus R\T. I think it is avalible at check it out and tell me what you think.

CGrant writes

I have a 1999 sebring the service engine light came on and then the transmission stop shift like it should want would this problem be, it has 51,000 on it..

LXiSebring: Impossible to diagnose without getting ar readout of the code stored in the cars computer when the light came on. Your dealer can do this for you.

Ray Stone writes

I've just purchased a 1999 Sebring Coupe and I tell you I just love this car's looks, inside and out. I wish I knew about this car earlier....just found this site tonite, so I'll go check it out...will email back later...Ray

Denis writes

Hi Eric, just spoke to Ralph over at Olympic regarding Sebring brake parts, firstly I own a 98 lxi and it seems as if the rotors are starting to warp, (brake pedal starts to vibrate on steep downhill), was wondering what price you were quoted for the setup listed on the Sebring owner's page and also Ralph mentioned that a lot of his customers buy Powerstop crossdrilled rotors which he prefers, rather slotted as you mention. I trust your opinion and would like to know if you could explain to me if you are OK with me going with the crossdrilled or if you have a specific reason for using the slotted rotors. Thanks for your help.

Eric says .... Good question, easy answer, Braking power is all about surface area, drill holes,remove area. Its like putting smaller rotors on your car. If the rotors were larger, then holes would be fine. .....

Robert writes

My name is Robert McVeigh and I have recently purchased a 1997 Sebring LXI, indy red in color. My front passenger rim has two major dents in it. I'm looking for a new rim for my model and the local Chrysler dealers here in San Antonio want $350. Any info concerning purchasing of a new rim for a 1997 Sebring LXI would be helpful, either locally or nationally. I think $350 is a little much, don't you? Thanks for your time.

Eric says .... There are places that can fix bent aluminum rims now. I have just bought a cheap set of Primes. Problem solved. There are also national salvage yard search engines on the web. Good luck to you. .....

Curtis writes

My name is Curtis now in San Jose CA and I own a 98 Caffe Latte LXi.

I recently returned from Germany and found this site and wanted to share some information after 3 1/2 years of driving on the German Autobahns. First, the Sebring is equiped with an electronic governor that will stop power to the transmission at 135mph and will not re-engage until 115mph (DO NOT TRY IS IN AMERICA, YOU RUN GREAT RISK OF KILLING YOURSELF AND TAKING OTHERS WITH YOU). Second, at high speeds (100+) the front end will begin to rise. Control is still acceptable, but not something I would want on a road with turns or wet. Third and more realisticly, I have found that I get my best gas milage at the 80-85mph range and the car LOVES the 75-85mph range (in handling/cabin noise/fuel economy).

Now my problems: Plastic door molding has be replaced and the new ones have the paint chipping off; Brakes are going bad now (42,000 miles), the Goodyear RS-A's SUCK (second set).

I see the web site says that these problems have been played out, but I didn't see any tire recommendations other than the LS's that were mentioned in a customized car part listing.

Last item: Took my car to Chrysler a couple of weeks ago and found out that I had an outstanding RECALL for the control arm. Chrysler never sent an announcement to me. Folks should have their local dealer do a free VIN check on their cars to ensure nothing is wrong with their car!

Eric loves 205/55/16 Bridgestone Turanzas. You got a Sebring up to 135 MPH on the Autobahn????

Amber writes

You are the answer to my prayers! lol I am 16 and just got my 95 Sebring about two months ago. The car makes this ticking sound. It doesn't start immediately though. I have to let it run a few minutes and it starts right when the fan clicks on. It never gets louder and the speed never changes even when I gas on it. I know it's not a head gasket or anything (been there and done that with my Grand Am). The ticking is not coming from the head or anything. It is coming from the left of it. I couldn't figure it out. The dealer I got it from told me it was the belt tensioner. I ordered one and replaced it myself. I started the engine and a few minutes later the familiar tick tick tick started. I took it to another Chrysler dealership and he said it was the air compressor clutch. He told me that if I take the belt off of the air compressor and it stops ticking then that is what it is. He said if it still ticked then it could be a vacum line or something. I have a warranty, but if it is something small I don't want to pay the 100 dollar deductble to get it fixed. What do you think??

Eric says.... I bet its the EGR valve. Payment is a pic of you two together to put on the site. He He.. Get it checked out, very common. .....

John Amato writes

Hi, I have a 97 Sebring LXi and I am looking for performance parts. where do you recomend looking. I would like to find a good cai system. thanks

Oddy Carter writes

i have a 2002 sebring coupe LXi,color=Cafe Latte,sunroof,fully loaded, love the car,its too cool. ...thank you

Stephanie Miller writes

Hi ....I just wanted to say that I have been shopping for a Sebring for a couple of weeks now. I came acroos your website one night doing reasearch. I love is such an awsome sight. Keep up the good work. I am having trouble getting financing, but as soon as I get the Sebring I want...I will be checking this website weekly..thanks......

wglendenning writes

Eric, I have a 99 sebring. I has an automatic but it also has the feature where you can manually shift through the gears by pressing the shift lever from to the left or right to upshift or downshift. The other day it went into 2nd gear and stayed there It will no shift, with one exception. If you turn the engine off and then on, it will go back into first before it shifts quickly into 2nd. Also, if you turn the engine off and then on, you can also use the manual shift proceed I mentioned about to shift through the gears, but without moving the care. When you do this there is a funny clicking noise the trans make with each shift, especially going from 2nd to 1st. This is all happening without moving the car, but with it running. One other thing is that the speedometer and odometer stopped working and the engine light is on. Of course I have to get this repaired but I wanted to see if anyone reported this problem to you in case they say I need the entire trans rebuilt. I don't want to get ripped off. The car only has 29K miles on it.

Eric says ..... I think it's your speed sensor thats causing this, tip off is the speedo isnt working. You can safely limp it to the dealer. GO SLOW under 50!! That clicking sound is normal btw. .....

response... Eric, you were absolutely correct. It was the speed sensor. I did bring it to a shot that I trust. Actually I had it towed because I didn't want to take the chance that I could damage something else and I had to go about 15 miles. It is amazing that you know what it was. Good job and thanks.

Sara writes

I don't know if it's related but I just got the grill replaced on my 98 Sebring Lxi and now the "door ajar" light will not turn off. I tried replacing the fuse because the "room lights" were also non functional and turning the engine off and on. It is on while I drive and actually shut off when I opened the door for a short period (now doesn't make a difference if the door is open or closed). Is there something that needs to be reset with the ignition switch or a fuse somewhere? thanks,

Eric says ..... This makes no sense. Sounds like a short to me. Someone may have yanked a wire or something. .....

D. McDonagh writes

I was reading where you said in the pics of the 1995 Sebrings it has perforations but the ones that had seen did not. I own a 1995 Sebring LXI that does have them and I find that having them in the seats keeps you from sticking to them in the warm weather. I also know that these are the same seats that are in the 1997 Stratus EX as i have one of them as well. I hope this helps you out.

LXiSebring: Interesting,....yes it does.

Gary writes

I am considering purchasing a 97 sebring coupe LX. The "check engine" light is on and I have no owners manual to tell me what the problem may be. I've disconnected the battery and reset the light. I would think like other cars, the fault remains in the computer memory so a tech can recall the fault. Can you tell me what the light means?

Can you tell me what the original Mfrs warrenty is? Thanks

LXiSebring:Generally its a bad sensor related to emissions controls. Sometimes nothing. You need to read out the code stored in the computer or your dealer can do it for you. The original warranty was 36,000 miles and 3 years.

Liz Klaus writes

Wow, great web page. It's nice to see what other owners had to say about their cars. Ours is a love story complete with multiple tragedies We found the car in August 1999 at a local dealership. The next day we traded our 1993 Mustang convertible for my very first (last?) Chrysler. One drive sold us, and the car is GORGEOUS. Mine is black with NO body damage and all the toys. Love at first sight.... However, there was a weird whisting "stereo" noise, like speaker feedback. Having done the same thing to the mustang, we assumed that the factory stereo had been reinstalled (incorrectly) when the vehicle traded in, thus the noise. WRONG At 39,000 mi, my car was in need of a new TRANSMISSION Luckily, replaced by the dealership as we had owned the car 3 days. We should have cut our losses, but love is blind. They also reassured us that our high-performance optional tires were just low profile, not low tread. Wrong again. One new $700+ set of high performance goodyear eagles and the factory recall on the tire arms later, we thought we were all set for a while. Now the check engine light is on (O2 sensor), which I found the reason for during a very expensive tune-up job. But the real trouble is it is SPRAYING gas from near the rear passenger wheel. Our first "dry" day in Michigan was yesterday so I saw the puddle and stuck my hand in it and sure enough, gas. It looks like it's coming from a connector on the line. Could this have happened during the tune up? I'm going to take it in today, but any advice you have would be appreciated.

LXiSebring: Probably not a big problem...maybe a the connection from the filler pipe to the tank, since the gas filler is on that side of the car?

Mark writes

Hi, my name is Mark and about 3 months ago I purchased my Sebring. After racking up about 5,000 miles on it it decided to stop running. At a speed of about 50 mph i hit the gas accelerated to about 70 mph and the transmission disengaged. I immediatley pulled over and put it in park. I then turned off the overdrive and attempted to go back on the highway. At 40 miles per hour the car went to shift and disenaged again. The check engine light came on at some point I am not sure when. My bessed guess is it is in limp mode he reason why i can not figure out. I checked all myfluids and they are ok. It has ben suggested that while washing my car (not the engine) one of my solenoids may have gotten wet and shorted. Aside from getting the computer read out, which I plan on doing as soon as i can, what should I check?

Eric says ..... Thats a dealer computer diagnosis only problem. .....

Julio Garcia writes I have a Sebring , I had the tranmission rebuilt, the brakes repaired, a new alternator, battery, egr valve,and the computer, and it still doesnt want to start, Can anyone help me about this problem? It has kept me on the road quite a few times.

The starter turns but it doesnt start, sometimes it does, only when u disconnect the battery terminals, but then it dies on me and nothing, it just grinds on the starter and it wont start.

No check engine is on, and its in a first rate dealership, but it stared when i got the transmission rebuilt, so i dunno what to do any more, it has been at the dealer 5 times in the month.

LXiSebring: If the dealer cant figure this one out, I am at a real loss.

Gary writes

I have a 97 LX (2dr coupe) it has 14 inch wheels. I am looking to put bigger tires and rims on it. Can I go 16? Can I go 17? (inch tires) If so can you give me the spec's ie: (195 70 16) Thanks

Eric says..... 205/55/16 I run Bridgestone Turanza's with Aluminum wheels .....

Kathleen writes

I need to replace an 02 sensor & idle control motor in '96 Sebring xli. I got the parts but can't find where to put them & how to replace the parts. If you could send some instuctions with pictures it would be greatly appreciated. Please send to Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kathleen

Eric says..... There are 3 O2 sensors, as for the AIC motor, its located on the Air plennum by the throttle plate. Your dealer has all the schematics on computer, they can print them out for you. .....

Darrell Campbell writes

I have a 98 chrysler sebring and I am in the process of modifiying it. I have 18 inch rims, a customized spoiler. Full custom muffler system and my engine is a little modified. I am looking for a indiglo dash for my car. It is an lxi. I was just wondering if there is anyone who knows where I can get one especially for my car. I dont care if it is online, or a business. Also would you be able to find out the email adress for the customized gold sebring that you have on this page. The one at the car show, with the alunimum diamond plated floormats, the custom silver dash...etc. Thanks a lot

Matt writes

Hey there, I have a quick question for you. I have a '96 Sebring and I want to install interior neons. How should i wire them so that they turn on when I turn on my headlights? I am new at this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

LXiSebring: whoever sells you hte lighting should be able to give you ideas on this.

Sixpac writes

I just recently bought a 97' sebring LXi and I love it. I too chose the silver mist pearl and it is sweet. Another great aspect about the car is one the ladies love it and a lot of people don't have Sebrings so when they see them they wonder what it is. If you know of any web sites that show you what upgrades you can make on the sebrings feel free to send it to me I have looked for awhile but my luck isn't going well. Have fun with the sebring that is if you still have. I don't know how old this site is so if it is really old sorry about buggin you.

LXiSebring: has spoilers ($240 painted to your color) and wood-grain dash kits I discovered. For some strange reason they claim the dash kits are only for 1997 and on models.

Edgar writes

Hi, that's a nice web site you have there. I like the fact that you have a lot of pics and a lot of info in about the car. But, I'm interested in knowing how can I get ground effects in my car and stuff for it. I have a black Sebring LXI 1997 with 18" KMC rims and Falken tires. All the magazines that I read have stuff for Eclipse and Honda, but never for Sebrings. Am I suppose to think that because the Eclipse and the Sebring are made in the same place, I should by stuff for the Eclipse and assume that they'll fit in the Sebring. Please right back, and if you don't know the answer could you direct me to a website where I can find stuff for my car. Thank you Did you notice that instead of awsog you have asog in the website, the problem is that asog is a porn site, you might want to change that. Thank you very much for helping

LXiSebring: There is only a limited amount of stuff available for Sebrings. The guys at know whats out there if anyone does. It's not

Christa Rimmer writes

I just purchased a 95 Chrysler Sebring from my brother. THis car had many problems with the brakes as was mentioned in your article. In the time that I had replaced the brakes once in my car, my brother had replaced them four times in the Chrysler. We were able to lessen this problem, but are now having a new problem. Have you heard from anyone who has a Sebring and the engine just shuts off while driving? We have replaced the alternator, regulator etc. but the problem persists. The car will sometimes restart after 10 minutes or so. Someone mentioned the coil problem in your article. Is this very common? Thanks for the input.

Eric says .... Ask the dealer to scan the computer for codes. You may have luck with our PCM codes section as well. .....

LXiSebring: I seem to recall a discussion relating to coils several years ago.

Billy Ruby writes

Hello, I have a 97 LXI, 17" rims, 10 spoke, w/plain centers. Where can I purchase the 98 centers, w/the gold Chrysler medallion , aftermarket, and are they a simple swap as far as fit? Thank you

LXiSebring: I don't think these are out there. You might be able to find medallions at your dealer and superglue them to your plain centers.

Lee writes

Figured I'd give you a try and see if you might have a possible explanation... problem is ('97 V6 LXi): Car sometimes starts like nothing is wrong; other times it cranks for a while but nothing "grabs". Most of the time it fires right up in my garage, but when I park it somewhere, sometimes it fires right up, sometimes it take 2-3 tries, and sometimes it will drain the battery to almost 9-10V ( I have a voltmeter in a pillar gauge pod) before firing. And when it finally starts, it's as if nothing was ever wrong. No hesitation... nothing. Just fires right up. I'd had almost the same problem less than 15,000 miles ago, and replaced the fuel pump and that fixed it. Hard for me to believe that it's the same thing again. In your experience of hearing everyone's problems, have you come across anything else it may be? The ASOG guys say it could also possibly be the EGR valve. What's your thought? Thanks in advance,

Eric says ..... Try turning the key on, counting to this about 5 times, then start it. The fuel pump will run and hopefully "prime" the system each time. Could be the pump,the relay, or a clogged filter. .....

LXiSebring: This sounds a lot like the problem Julio above is having.

Kenneth writes

I have a Chrysler Sebring with a body kit and have lights under my car green and have a cold air intake and have 17 rims on it it is a LXi 97 black.

LXiSebring: Nice... Send us an "at dusk" picture with the green lights on.

David writes

I have a 2001 Sebring LXi - It has the V6 with the 5-speed and all the features. I recently have been having a few problems that have since been fixed but existing owners need to be aware of them.

The first problem is a popping sound in the suspension when I accelerate quickly or brake aggressively. This has turned out to be a problem with the factory bushings. The dealership [after 6 months of testing] finally fixed the problem by replacing the bushings with new stabilizer bushings [factory recommended repair]

The second problem is with the power sunroof - these come from the factory with the two motors out of sync. This causes the sunroof to skitter back and not open smoothly. Beware of the dealership fixing this. They repaired the sunroof but had to repaint the entire top section of the car when they scratched the top pulling the sunroof out. They are also replacing the 4-disc changer they scratched up when they were working on the sunroof; sometimes I wonder how they keep their 5-star rating.

Even with the few problems with the car and service I absolutely love my 2001 Sebring.

eric velazquez writes

Do you know what the wheels bolt pattern is on a 97 V6 sebring? Is it 5-100 or 5-114.3?

Eric says ..... Check the .....

Sharon writes

We are owners of a new 2001 lxi (automatic v6, 3.0 engine)sebring coupe. We are already having problems and the dealership said that can't fix the problem until it happens all the time. The first problem: It just all of a sudden the car shakes; huge vibration in the steering wheel, passenger seat is vibrated, if you place your hand on the dashboard - vibration. It's like sitting in a massage chair. It will then go away.

The second problem: All of a sudden the car has a drag on it. It acts as if I should have a stick shift and should be shifting the car. When this doesn't happen, it drives great. It shifts about 3rpms. When the problem starts, the rpms go up to 4 and 5 and it has trouble deciding to shift. I am also trying to give it more gas (for acceleration) and sometimes it goes into overdrive (I think that's what it is called). I had trouble getting above 50 mph trying to merge onto the highway today because of this shifting problem. It only has about 350 miles on the car.

Do you have any ideas of what may be wrong? I would like to give the dealer some ideas. At this point, I really don't want to drive the car because I never know when the problem is going to occur and may put me in an unsafe situation.

Thanks for your help.

Eric says

..... Have them put the co-pilot computer in. .....

Leo writes

Hi. I have a possible solution for the problems that plague owners of the cars you feature on your webring. Sell that ill-engineered, hastily put-together car and buy one that "Consumer Reports" magazine likes and have a happy life. Signed, "Please Don't Hate Me For Being Informed".

Eric writes ..... Funny Communist Reports seems to like the Eclipse, They share most of their parts with the Sebring. Maybe just because It's Japanese? Whatever.. Keep driving your Honda Accord. How's that warranty by the way? Oh its Over.. Go by another one then. Hey Communist Reports probably likes the Citation, the Pinto the Gremlin and the Pacer too... Gems to say the least. I'm not going to trust a company that rates the Cadillac Escalade better than the Chevy Avalanche. You're very uninformed. .....

evol writes

i found your page in a google search. this is going to sound stupid, but i'm trying to change headlights in my 96' LXI, and can't even get the damn covers off. do you know of any online diagrams or something that i could use to cure my stupidity?

Eric says ..... Thats easy, they just screw off like a lid on a jar. The only other trick is the clip that keeps pressure on the bulb itself. Just squeeze from both sides and it will rotate from its cradle and out away from the bulb. Thats it. Don't touch the new bulb!!! .....

TeenB writes

I jusst bought a 98 LXi and would like to know where to find body kits, spoilers, & tail light cover blackouts. Thanks Mike Eric says..... ASOG You might try too. .....

Ray writes

Hey my name is Ray and I just got a 96 sebring lxi a few months has been great.....a lot better than my last car. I only have two complaints...1. my transmission seems to make a noise when changing to first gear...2. after my car runs for 10-15 minutes it begins to make a noise as if the engine is knocking....but there is plenty of oil......i had it checked out and the mechanic said it was a fuel censor or something.....i can't stopped for a few days and then started again.....i used fuel system cleaner and I only put premium gas in it.....any suggestions...

LXiSebring: The knocking sound you hear is normal on a 96 and has been discussed at length here over the years. The transmission sound I'm not sure about.

Ron writes

Hello, I was wondering if you can a question for me. i have just purchased a 96 sebring lxi. I have no owners manual yet, I think I found out the hard way it had an alarm. On the drivers visor is a panel with three buttons and three red lights. Is this the alarm control?, and is there a special sequence set by the previous owner or a default one.

I would appreciate any help the can be given.

Thank you,


LXiSebring: The only thing I can think of is that the device on the drivers visor you describe is the universal garage door opener that came on the 96 LXi. If so, it has nothing to do with the security alarm. The security alarm has door switches, a trunk switch and an underhood switch. The underhood switch in the engine compartment along the edge of the passenger side is the one that usually causes problems, as the hood doesnt hold it down securely. If your alarm goes off a few minutes after the car is parked, that switch is usually to blame. You can fix the problem permanently by sticking a wad of electrical tape on the hood just above the switch so it is held down more securely. You can always shut off the alarm by putting the key in the drawer and turning it.

At any rate, your dealer can order you an owners manual.

Inder Paul writes

I have a Chrysler Sebring 1997. I have a damaged rim on it. I have a tough time in finding out from where to buy it. I do not even have even a manual. If U have some suggestions for where should I but it , please let me know. I would appreciate If U know the rim size and write it to me.

LXiSebring: Check your local auto recycling center

Craig writes

Hi my name is Craig Maleta I have a sebring with tinted windows, green street glow neons under the car and wiring inside and speakers. I was wanting to know if you knew of any custom parts for sebrings like new grills or racing gas caps or any other custom parts sites like that. Thanks a lot for you time.

LXiSebring: You might try

Joe writes

First off, great site! Since my 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXI started giving me problems I think I have read through every email that you have posted here. I bought my car almost a year ago and let me first say, I will not be buying another one. My last car was a '96 Mitsubishi Eclipse which didn't cost me a dime for the 5 years I had it. The problem I have been having recently is the car will not start. I started having problems about 9 days ago. It would not stay running one morning until my third or fourth try. The engine would kick over, idle really low and then stop. I didn't have any problems for a few days until yesterday it did the same thing, only this time it took me 5 or 6 attempts to keep the engine running. Finally, today, it would not turn over at all. My first thought, after looking at some of your emails, was maybe the battery is bad. I purchased a battery tester and all 6 cells are at 100%. I then did some research looking through the Chilton manual and it gave me a few ideas. It could be a problem with the fuel injectors, fuel filter, fuel lines, or fuel pump. I knew if it was any of these things I would need a tow and a mechanic, this car was really ruining my weekend. I then thought the one thing I could do myself was to check the fuel pump relay and connector. I pulled this off and it was quite dusty. I took a good breath and blew it clean best I could. I reattached it and low and behold, my car turned over on the next try. This could just be a fluke but I wanted to let you and other Sebring owners with starting problems (not related to the battery) know that this is something easy to try before forking over a few hundred dollars to the mechanic. Take care and keep up the great site!

Eric says..... The Eclipse and Sebring are close siblings. I have discussed this same problem before and that relay is usually the fix. .....

Brian Coyne writes

Hi My name is Brian Coyne. I am from Kitchener Ont. Canada. I bought my 95 Sebring Lx when it was a year old. The car is red and silver and loaded. Power windows & locks, power mirrors, power seat, power steering and brakes. It came with the 16" tires and the 2.5l v6. I love the car its great (knock on wood I have not had many problems with it). I drive it every where. I have 220,000 km on it.

Rod writes

I have read your web page and thank you for the time to put it together I have a 1996 Sebring coupe with a 2.0 duel OHC. I am being told the pistons and cylinders are warped and I need a new engine. I am told Chrysler dose not make a replacement. what other Chrysler have the same engine that I may swap or do you have some advice.

Eric says..... Any 95-99 Eclipse,Talon,Avenger,Sebring 2.0 non turbo will work. .....

Dan Latendresse writes

Hi there its Dan again and I was just reading some of the letters. As for a recall on the '95 sebring lower control arms there never was one but as for the '97 like mine there was a recall. If you have a shaking feeling coming from your front tires then I would get them checked out. It could just be a wheel alignment but it is better to be safe then sorry. I hope that helped.

LXiSebring: Thanks, does.

Sean writes

I have a 1996 sebring LXI coupe I have replaced the 12volt outlet 4 times and I was wondering if u know how to rewire it because there is power going to the fuse box but not from the fuse box to the outlet. Is there a way I can get the diagrams to wire it becaue I tried to do it myself and my hands were to big to get behind the dash.

Eric says..... Dealer may have a diagram. .....

Amy writes

I found your site online and wondered if you could offer some advice. Yesterday I drove to work just fine, but when I came out at the end of the day my Sebring refused to start. The lights had not been left on, and they shine brightly when they are turned on. The 3beepı signaling the door is open also works strongly. However, the radio will not turn on at all. When I turn the ignition the engine does not make a sound, not even a clicking. Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I1m a single young woman and very wary of taking it in for repair without having a basic knowledge of possible issues. I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Eric says..... Sounds like an alarm problem. Unlock the doors with the key, I'm not sure. .....

Elena writes

My brakes are fairly new however my brake sensor light stays on....need replacement and what is the approximate cost. Where can I purchase the part on my own and bring to my service station. Thanks Elena

Eric says..... There was a recall on that. Check your brake fluid first. .....

Wes Wood writes

I have a '96 Chrysler Sebring with 49,000 miles on it, I have had some air conditioner problems (not cooling at all) so I took it to my local dealership. The dealership quoted me a price of $2,998 to fix the problem, which includes a new compressor and evaporator. They want to charge me over a $1000 in labor alone.

I took it to a local a/c repair shop and they agreed that both the compressor and evaporator were leaking and should be replaced, their quote $2,300. This quote as well as the quote from the dealer included brand new compressor which sells for $1100. I asked about remanufactured compressors they tell me that the cost of a remanufactured one is only $480 (a huge difference). Is it smart to use these "remanufactured" parts? Everyone I have spoken to at the repair shop insists that this would be a mistake. The new and remanufactured both come with a 12,000 mile/12 month warranty. I'm thinking my pocket book would like the remanufactured a lot better!

Is this normal for Sebrings a/c to quit working so soon?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Eric says..... A wise man once asked, Are you gonna keep it for a few more years? Your call. .....

LXiSebring: The AC on my '95 is working fine (knock on wood). I agree with Eric

Jim writes

I have a 1996 chrysler sebring Lxi for sale. It's black with a gray bottom, it comes with every possilbe option available and custom exhaust that I recently installed, Pioneer 4000 cd player and 2 bazooka subs (not tubes). It has 94,000 miles currently and running very strong, no mechanical problems at all was preivously owened by a mechanic/friend of mine.He has kept this car in ggggggggreat shape including oil changes ever 2,500 miles. The body of the car is immaculate nothing wrong at all, no scratches or dings. I dont have any pictures yet but hope to get them soon you can e-mail me at and in the subject put sebring. I would like to get atleast 9,000 for this. I paid over 10,000 3 months ago without the exhasut and stereo. I live in St.Paul, Minnesota.Thanks

Missy writes

My name is Missy and I recently (1 month ago) bought a 1996 Chrysler Seabring. All has been well until today, when I noticed my "check engine" light on. I had my Dad look at it but he didn't see any reason why it would be on. I just turned over 80,000 miles last week. It is not running hot and all of the fluids seem o.k. Do you have any suggestions???

LXiSebring: When the check engine light comes on a code is recorded in the car's computer as to what part failed. Usually its something dumb like an oxygen sensor related to emissions, and nothing fatal or even terribly expensive to fix. Your dealer can read out the code and tell exactly what needs to be done.

Ron Peled writes

I have been watching your page since I have bought my sebring a year ago. I think you are doing a great job!

I want to sell my car since I am in need for a 4D car and does not feel comfortable with the Sebring (2D) any longer.

I was wondering if you know the best place to post a sebring LXi sell add, on the web?


Ron Peled
(415) 531-3113

LXiSebring: I don't need a fee! Here is you letter and anyone who wants can contact you. Have you considered the new 4-door Sebring as a replacement?

Thomas R. LaBrie writes

I just bought a used '98 Chrysler Sebring LX. I love the car and everything about it. My name is Tom LaBrie and i am 19 years old. I saw my first Sebring in 1996 and fell in love with the car then. I was in the market for a new car just 4 weeks ago and didn't even consider the sebring because i didn't think i could afford one. I went to a local dealer that my brother new and there sat my now new car. It is the "wildberry" color and comes fully loaded with 55k miles. I bought it for $9,100 after tax, title and registration. There are only one thing i dont like about the car, the power. One of my co-workers owns a 1994 Mazda MX-6 with a 2.0L 4cyl. and he dusted me all the way down the airfield. My car has the 2.5L mitsubishi motor. Could you tell me some performance parts that could make me look better at the track. Maybe a ram air kit, or a supercharger or something. I didn't buy this car to race it is just a local club that me and my friends have going. I would also like some specs on my specific car like: hp rating, and torque. If i am asking too much i understand, but i am just really excited about my new car. It is wonderful it has absolutely no problems besides a little shutter when you hit the breaks lightly. I read how to solve that problem though. Please email me back with as much info as possible if you would be so kind. My address is It will be appreciated greatly. Can I be on the 1998 page. I will send pick as soon as i can scan some. Thanks a million.

LXiSebring: The letters are posted in the year they are received, not based on the year of the car. MOST of the aftermarket 4 Cyl parts used on the 4 cyl Neon R/T will fit the Sebring 4 as well, as the engines are basically the same.

Joe Powell writes Hello, My name is Joe I am 18 and I have recently bought a 98 Sebring lxi. I am totally i love with this car and I have a lot of plans for it. I have already started on my interior. planning to do a total makeover. I would like to get info about ground effect, wings, etc. from other members and to shoe off my pride and joy! thank you very much.

LXiSebring: In addition to, I just saw an ad for a company called in Car and Driver. The address must be I havent had a chance to check them out as to what Sebring Coupe parts they have but you might want to take a look and report back on what you find.

JP writes

Hello, my name is Jesse Peterson and I own a 1996 chrysler sebring lx 2.0 dohc 5 spd. i will e-mail you again with all of the modifications that are done to it but for now I was wondering if you could tell me if you know or where I can find out how many 1996 5 spd sebrings were made compared to how many were totaly produced in 1996. I contacted chrysler but they said they can't find that "book" with that info in it. thank you for your help

LXiSebring: I've seen numbers like these for a lot of collector cars, and I'm surprised if Chrysler doesnt have them somewhere. Eric hasn't seen them either, but if anyone has these let us know, My GUESS would be that the 4 Cylinder was maybe 40% of total Sebring production of around 30,000 in '96 which would be about 12,000. My further guess would be that perhaps about 30% of those were 5 speeds, since the 5 speed was available only with the 4-cyl in 96. That would mean that there are about 3,500-4,000 5-speed Sebrings running around. But these numbers are only a rough guess but a reasonable guess.

Figuch writes

I recently purchased a set of headlights for my neon and i can't install them on that car so i was wondering if they would be compatable with my new sebring. they are 9007, if you could answer this for me, i would appreciate it.

thank you,

a very very very satisfied sebring owner. (this car kicks ass)

Eric says..... Nope... 9005,9006,H3 Check your manual .....

Kent writes

I have the upgraded Infiniti CD sound system in my car and recently the display light has burned out. (so I cannot see what station I am on, cd track etc). Any chance I can fix it? Any tips how to go about it? I really do not want to buy a new stereo or pay someone $100 to fix it.

Have you heard others complain that the buttons on the stereo have a mind of their own? Meaning if you hit a preset you routinely get the station for the preset on the next button. Or if I hit the Scan to go one track forward it many times goes one track back. It seems the pressure points must be too close to each other. This is a nuisance I have lived with since I got the car but it has gotten worse.

Thanks a million in advance,

Eric says..... Probably a fuse, These radios are trouble. offers 4 direct fit units. .....

Paul writes

I'd like to try to straighten something out once and for all. Was there or was there not a recall on the lower control arms on the '95 coupe?

Mine needs replacing and the dealer says NO!

Eric says..... I really don't know, it matters when yours was built. Open the drivers door and look at the build date sticker. Call and ask another dealer. .....

LXiSebring: Mine, built early at the start oif the model run in May 95, had a CV boot recall but not the Lower control arms.

Joshua writes <

i was wondering if you knew if any replacement front grilles were available, maybe chrome or something. The gray plastic is fading a little and it looks bad. Thanks, Josh Eric says..... A little pledge should fix that problem. No aftermarkets. .....

LXiSebring: THe LXiSebring show and shine trick above should work well on grilles too.

Jeanie Coleman writes

I just found your website when browsing for help on the above subject. My husband and I bought a used 1996 Sebring in 1998. We've received all the recall notices and took the car to the local Chrysler dealer with each recall. Finally, in November 2001, according to the repair order, they replaced the right and left control arms. (I'm assuming lower.)

In late December, we sold the car to our son. Last week, it started making a loud popping noise in the right front end. We took it to a local mechanic to just take a look and asked him not to do anything to it if the problem pertained to the control arms. When we stopped in today to see what he found, he said all he did was look at it and he found the mount for the upper control arm was pulled through the frame on the car. He said he couldn't fix it and he advised us not to drive the car very far.

We took it straight to the Chrysler dealer who worked on it in November and told them what was found. The service manager said they were extremely busy and wouldn't be able to even look at it until Wednesday (3/13).

My question . . . in your opinion, could this problem be related to the original recall problem, or their repair of the recall problem? It's strange to me that we hadn't had any such problem until they "fixed" it.

I'd appreciate any info you can give me! ..... It's probably not related. Was the car wrecked, it was used. Hows the other side look? Check for collision damage evidence. .....

Leonard writes

I bought a 98 sebring and it only came with one key. I went to the dealer to get one made and was shocked to find the keys were $43.00 ea and programming was another $78.00. Have you found any other way to get keys made at a resonable cost?

Eric says ..... If all you want is the key try the local hardware store. ..... LXiSebring: Programming of the KEY??? Eric, Doesnt the 98 have one of those anti-theft code deals? In which case, this owner may be stuck.

Josh writes

Hello my name is josh russell and i have a 95 sebring LXi and i have been looking for body kits and all i am able to find is a dodge avenger kit and i still have to cut and mold for it to fit is there any other alternative?? if you can email me if you know i would apreciate it my email is thank you,

Eric says..... Why ruin a nice looking car? It's not a Honda styled in Boringville. Can't help ya out with this one. .....

LXisebring: I agree with Eric, Like wet-look vinyl roofs, avocado shag carpeting in the den, and harest gold refrigerators, the heavily cladded ground-effects look is a look that has peaked and is winding down fast. Car manufacturers are scampering right now to remove the heavily cladded look that was so popular from 1995-2000 from the newest designs. Note that the 2001-2 Sebring threw the cladding in the trash heap.

Randy writes

My name is Randy and this is my 96 lxi sebring with Kosei Seneka RG rims and kumho performance tires on it.

Alan Morris writes

You web site descriptions of the Sebring coupe doe not mention the seatbelts. I note that in Sebring convertibles the driver's and passenger's seatbelts are integrated into the seats themselves, starting with the first 1995 models.

In such case, the seats would have to be strengthened to take the test pulls of the seat belts as required by the belt standards. Do you know if the seat backs in the convertible tilt forward to allow the rear passengers to get into and out of the car? Or, do the seatbacks not hinge, and the entire seat must be slid far forward to allow the rear passengers to get out?

With the belts integrated in the Sebring convertible's seats, then there is no tripping potential for the passengers getting into and out of the rear seat.

Now, what about the Sebring coupe? Are the driver and passenger belts of the coupe integrated with the seats? If so, in what model years of the coupe?

LXiSebring:well, without a metal roof, anchoring to the roof is not possible. So the seat belt anchors need to be of a different design than the coupe.

Morris responds

hanks for your reply. We will go look at a convertible to check the seats. When the first K car "cut-off-roof" Chrysler convertibles came out, about 1980, the company made the shoulder belt play out of the well for the top, way too low to come over the shoulder of the driver, and about worthless as a restraint in a car which:

a) folded up into a "V" on frontal impact, which
b) drove the heads of the front occupants hard into the unprotected bolting area of the header, ensuring death or at least brain injury

The reason you don't see these V effects in a crashed K convertible is that the V-ing is transient, and the car relaxes back to near straight.

Eric says... .... The coupe is a hard top only built on a mitsubishi chassis with regular seatbelts. The convert. has integrated seatbelts built into the sides of the seats. The seats do tilt forward. .....

Christina Telin Hey there webmaster (lol) had a few hard to figure out questions.

With all the recent interest in turbo cars lately i had been doing a little checking around. For the most part it seems as if our engines are used in many different car applications (i.e.- Chrysler, dodge, Mitsubishi) So one would wonder (hence my question) I am aware the 2.0 is the same as the neon. Is the 2.0 from the eclipse the SAME motor??

LXiSebring: Nope--the Eclipse uses a Mitsubishi Engineered 4 and the Neon/Sebring 4 is Chrysler Engineered and built. The two engines are NOT interchangeable. Would it be possible to put it in my car? Many have said the Mitsubishi parts are interchangeable and only the exhaust and suspension setup is different, is that also true? Is the 2.5 from the LXi ( i have a 97 LXi) the SAME motor from the Galant of the same year?

LXiSEbring: I'm not sure they are EXACTLY the same as each car often requires some small changes to fit the overall design and the engine bay. BUT the two engines are very close. THere may be some differencesd in the computer software as the Galant is marketed as a family sedan whereas the Sebring coupe is a sporty vehicle. What would be the motive for doing the Sebring/Galant engine swap? I dont think the hp ratings on the Galant V6 engine were significantly different from the Sebring. Really wondering because if that is true, engine swapping would actually be possible, correct? Can't seem to get any answers to this question, from ANYONE. But i am aware of a company that makes turbos for the 2.0 Sebring engine, and have read about others turbo charging the Avenger. But this whole engine size, different company, parts fit, don't fit thing is confusing the heck out of me. Specifically, what engines are interchangeable with the Sebrings? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated

Keep up the great site!!!!!!!!!!!

(Proud owner of a highly modified 97 LXi and proud member of this site and ASOG) LXiSebring: MOST of the 4 cyl power parts made for the Neon R/T would fit the Sebring/Avenger 4 as well as the engines blocks are the same, but they would not fit the Mitsu block used in the Galant/Eclipse. The Chrysler-designed 4 (Neon/Sebring/Avenger) has good power but is a bit noisy and buzzy. Its my impression that the Mitsu 4 used in Eclipse/Galant is smoother running but doesnt quite have the pep of the Chrysler engine.

Because of simple physics, 4 Cyl engines inherently have noise and vibration and the fact that some manufacturers can get them to run very smooth (both Toyota and Honda) by using shafts with counterwights that counteract the vibration is a tribute to their engineering prowess. Mitsu does ok in this dept but are not up to Honda/Toyota standards in this dept--Chrysler less well.

Traditional V8 engines are inherently balanced and require none of this. V6 engines can be balanced if the engine banks are narrowed from 90 degrees. But 90 degree V6 engines require the same counterweight shaft treatment. In-line 6 engines are well balanced too, but most won't fit in a modern FWD car.

Jenny Bakewell A 2002 sebring was bought by my sister, in Peace River Alberta. The cay after they bought it the alternator went and had to be replaced. A couple of weeks later the trannie went so they took it in again and the trannie was taken apart and put back together, wrong! so it went in again, that is where it is now. They have been driving a courtesy vehicle more then their brand new sebring. The doors, all four were also put on wrong, as they are out of line, and the car shakes and vibrates a lot. They are trying to get a new car without any luck what-so-ever. that is all I have to say.

LXiSebring: The 4 door Sebring is a derivative of a Chrysler "P" car design, built by UAW workers in a Chrysler plant. The two door Sebring is based on the Mitsubishi Galant, built in a Mitsubishi plant by Mitsu employees in Normal Illinois. The two cars share almost nothing other than their name (actually they do share engines and transaxles) but they are very different cars. Daimler Chrysler now has controlling interest in Mitsu. Its not surprising to me that the coupe problems are very different from the sedan problems as they are built in different factories using different engineering.

Matthew Karnes writes

Hello. I am 16 and I am looking to buy a 96 Chrysler Sebring Coupe. My parents have a 2001 Sebring Sedan and I am in love with it. Well, I'll get to the point. I am on a limited budget and I have searched almost everywhere I can think of on the internet and I have found it difficult to find any Sebring Coupes in my price range ($3,000 or so). But anyway, do you know of any good sites that help in finding one for me. I have tried,, and several other sites. If you know of any, please let me know. Thanks a lot for your time.

LXiSebring:If you find a $3000 Sebring it will have its wheels run off and probably need $3000+ in repairs. Used Sebrings in good shape start at about $7000. With $3,000 to spend you need to seek out a car that is less sought after in the used car market. A low milage 95-97 Neon comes to mind. A Sebring at that price isn't going to be reliable and you will end up spending LOTS more money on it.

Matt Boyette Where is the fuel filter in a 98 sebring lxi?

Eric says its in the gas tank and don't even think about doing this yourself. Its a pain ($100 at the dealers).

Cheryl writes

Not certain if you would have any ideas or advice on the following but no harm in asking. I own a 2001 Sebring Coupe and had a Command Start installed in Dec. 2000. I was having problems on cold starts with the remote only. Manual cold starts were fine. Dec of 2001 I decided to remove the command start and have a Python System installed. There was a viper transponder used the first time and this time there was another transponder they ordered from Chrysler. It's now two months later and have had my car back many times with the same problem. It just does not want to start remotely when it's cold. Four of this companies employees worked on it again last week and what looked like success when I picked the car up lasted only a day. The system had to be disabled today to get the vehicle started at all. I am ready to have it removed and just give up on the idea. The company doing the installation has been in business for years and there's no question they are stumped with my pride and joy. Perhaps there's something they just aren't aware of and someone else may just have the answer. Would you be the person who knows?

Eric says ..... As soon as the key is turned on the fuel pump runs and pressurizes the system. I'm wondering if you turn the key and count to 5 then start if it will fire right up? If so that leads me to believe that the remote has no feature that lets the fuel pump run before starting. Have you tried using 87 octane fuel? I always have had starting problems using premium grade fuels. If the car starts OK without the remote, then ditch it. And the colder it is usually the longer crank time and the more fuel you need to start, again a limitation of the remote system, thats why they dont work with carburated cars !! .....

Israel writes

I have a car that i would like to know if there is a website where i could look for parts like a new cigerrt lighter a ash tray fix my cruise control and see prices like these i you know of a site let me know and i would like to take a tour of it

LXiSebring:In general the parts you need are only available at your dealers. There is no real supply of aftermarket parts

Tredawgaf writes

I own a '95 Sebring LXi with the 2.5 liter engine and 82,000 miles on it. My car either completly stalls while I'm driving it at any given speed warmed up or cold, or the engine will die and then catch again when I hit the gas pedal. The check engine light is not coming on at all. I took it to the dealer a few months ago and the computer didn't tell them anything. Any possible answers to my problem?

Eric says .... Change plugs,wires and fuel filter using only Chrysler parts. Try this first. .....

Shawna writes

Hi, I just bought my 99 Chrysler around 3 weeks ago, it has almost 45,000 miles on it, but I absolutley loved the car. Now that I have it though, there are a couple of things, first, the brakes work fine, they just shake when I press on them. I have been reading that these cars have rotor problems, could this be what is wrong with the brakes? I am a girl, and I no nothing about cars.....The 2nd thing, is the other day, I was driving, and all of a sudden, my spedometer quit working, I was in Overdrive, but I could only drive in first gear, and then the check engine light came on, I was so depressed, I have since dropped it off at my dealer (which is not a Chrysler dealer) And have yet to hear what is wrong with it. Do you have any ideas? I love this car, I just don't want alot of problems, and by reading other peoples concerns, it sure seems like these cars have alot of problems. I wonder if I am better off getting another Honda. Could you please help??

Eric says ..... Your car needs new rotors and pads, Sounds like your car went into limp mode possibly due to a speed sensor. That would throw off the speedometer and cause it to stick in gear. The computer stores information and tells the mechanic what the problem is, but I would take it to a Chrysler dealer next time. .....

Shawna replies That is exactly what it was, a speed sensor!!!! Thanks for your help!

Wes writes

I have a '96 Chrysler Sebring with the 2.5 liter V6 with 49,000 miles, the rear main seal seems to be leaking some (not terrible but very noticeable) and I have gotten an estimate of $530 for the repair, however I have also been told that this work is not guaranteed (by anyone including Chrysler) because most likely it will occur again. If this is the case, would I be better off not fixing the problem and just making sure it always has plenty of oil. I hate to let it go but don't want to fork out the $530 and have it leak again a week later. It seems like this would be a good excuse for the repair shop not to do the work correctly. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Eric says..... Is this a Chrysler dealer?? what a line of BS. Any work should have a warranty. Furthemore thats low milage for a main seal to blow. .....

LXiSebring: I would report what the dealer said about the warranty to the Chrysler regional office. The MIGHT pay for some of the replacement cost.

Peter Brennan writes

I just purchased a 1995 Sebring LXi with 139000km. For the most part I am quite happy with this car but there are a few bugs that require attention. I have just found your site and read that moaning about loose body moulding is not something new. I moan quietly. I just found out about the recall concerning the lower ball joints and my car in currently in the dealership having them looked at. They are charging me for diagnostics on this problem. I went into the dealership stating that the front end suspension etc is making a klunking, popping noise when the car is driven over small bumps on the street. The dealer told me that there is a recall for the front end suspension, but I will still have to pay for the diagnostics on it. I asked that if the only problem they find is directly related to the recall (lower ball joint) would I still have to pay the diagnostics cost. I was told "Of course you do". Does this seem above board? I would appreciate any info or websites you could suggest to help me maintain my Sebring for years to come.

LXisebring: report what the dealer said to you to your Chrysler regional office along with your bill. If the problem WAS the ball joint boot failure, then Chrysler should have no problem paying the diagnostics bill or reimbursing you for it.

Lucinda Medeiros writes

Hello. I own a 97 Sebring Lxi when I accelerate onto the highway my car starts to rattle. when I let off the gas it stops. The dealers can't find anything wrong with it. Is it something I should be concerned about. It only has 64.000k on it. Please help.

Where is the rattle coming from. My theory based on what you told me is that something is loose or rubbing in the exhaust system against the floor pan. If so, its probably nothuing to be concerned about. But without knowning more about the sound and where it is coming from its difficult to diagnose.

rkhoover writes

In October of 2001 I took a job that's 68 miles one way from my home. Turns out to be around 740 miles a week on my '97 Sebring Lxi. Just turned 87k miles this past week!

Here are some of the things I do to keep it running strong:

New Quaker State ATF +3 automatic trans fluid , Fram ATF filter and gasket EVERY 20k miles. No trans problems, not even a cough at 87k miles! Used the Fram trans filter (its a re-packaged OEM with a Fram gasket-about half the price of the dealer kit)

New p/s-alt. belt and new A/C belt every 40 k. I had a p/s belt fray on me in under 40 kmiles and don't plan on having it happen again!

Oil change every 7000 miles, I do alot of highway driving, would recommend changing more frequently if you're a stop and go-er. Mobil 1 5w30. Refresh my memory, what's the problem with synthetics?

Just changed the fuel filter at 86500 this past weekend. Fram again, its a re-packaged OEM drop in. IT IS A PAIN! Where safety goggles if you're planning to attempt this one! Make sure to use the new copper washers that come with the filter, don't re-use the old ones and definitely unplug the fuel pump (under the rear seat cushion) and run the car 'til it stops. Even then, gasoline spills EVERYWHERE. Here's the good part, whether you do it yourself or have a dealer do it, changing the fuel filter makes a noticeable difference. Probably easier to do then changing the plugs and wires too. (that's this weekend!) The battery was replaced in June 2000 with a WalMart cheapo that fits and works GREAT! Its not the same group number but the terminal positions and amp ratings are the same. Savings: around 50 dollars over dealer sourced battery.

Late December saw some SWEET Dunlop Wintersport M2's on steel rims from the get installed. Excellent tires, too bad here in the Northeast we don't have any snow this winter to really try them out. In fact, I'm so impressed with Dunlop that I'm going to replace the worn out Goodyear RSA's (42k and they're scrap!) with Dunlops in the spring (only a month away) I might even ditch the crappy alloys that are bent and corroded for some more steel wheels (17 inch this time, the Wintersport M2's are on 16 inch rims)

AND in closing, tomorrow the car goes into the dealer for the balljoint recall. Supposed to take 20 minutes to check out and two hours to replace if they're bad. We'll see!

Here's my question: How many of you Sebring folks got this balljoint recall? How many took your car back to get it looked into?

LXiSebring: I've had one replaced

Finally, how many needed new ball joints? (they apparently replace the whole lower control arm on both sides if the ball joints are shot)

That is all for now.........

Tim Moore writes

Too bad I never knew this site never existed!

I own a Black/Silver `95 Sebring LXi w/ 2.5 V-6 turbocharged
larger fuel rails and injectors
Adj. Cam Sprockets
Hand fabricated cold air intake w/ K&N Filtercharger
Home port & polish job
Neuspeed 3" exauhst /w comp. muffler

I purchased my sebring in `97 and didn't have many problems at all.....UNTIL. Of course, the rotors warped, the seat hinge broke, the A/C constantly sounds like the turbo and the blow-off valve. The rear right wheel bearing assembly broke, front lower control arms were replaced(recalled), and a seal....possibly a main seal of some sort around the transmission is leaking, and there's an annoying ticking sound coming from under the hood. Sounds like it's coming from the power steering pump, but I'm not sure. Could be something else. Anyone who knows what is causing this please let me know. Other than that......It's been a great car. Here's something I wasn't sure if you knew about. `95-96 Sebring's (not sure of model specifics...check with dealer)

There was/is a recall on the front lower control arm ball joints. For the reason that they could possibly snap at any given time. Like I found out the hard way. Luckily I was just pulling into a parking spot when mine let go

. Chrysler will replace the entire lower control arm. (both sides) And if in a case like mine, any other damage the failure caused. (i.e.: cv shaft/joints, cv boots, upper control arms, etc..) Hope this helps all who don't know about the recall.

Tim Moore

Barb writes

Have a problem with our 95 Sebring LXI coupe.....all the lights work ...with the exception of the Highbeams...all fuses are fine...and so are the bulbs....any suggestions that you may have encountered? The high beam indicator comes on as one would think all is right.

Eric said .... Do the driving lights shut off when you fgoto high? If not someone played with the wiring. .....

Barb responded... Thank you for response. The highbeams are working now, seems to be a short,make in the indicator switch.Start the car.....highbeams, nothing...flicked the switch a few more times..on,off.....and the highbeams kicked in. Short somewhere.

Dawn Stefek writes

Back in October, we purchased a 1996 Sebring LXI for my daughter. So, far no problems & she loves it. This morning she tried to start it & said that for the first 3 times it wouldn't turn over. When we purchased it from the dealer, they did put a new battery in it. I know that somewhere on your web page I read that the battery has to be replaced pretty frequently in these vehicles but I couldn't seem to find that info again. Does this sound like it could be the problem? After the 3rd try it started & she said that it hasn't done it again. The vehicle has 70,000 miles on it.

LXiSebring: What you describe is a symptom of a battery with an intermittent cell. It COULD be something else, but thats the most obvious explanation, and the cheapest to check out.

Shonie writes

Hello! My name is Shonie, and I just recently bought a 1997 Sebring LXi. It is in perfect shape except for one thing. . . .the front right speaker on the dash board is blown. Is that going to be extremely hard to get to. . .I guess what I am asking is do you have any pointers? Thank you!

Eric says..... .....

LXiSebring: Crutchfield doesnt carry any that fit. These speakers are hard to find. Suopposedly the dealer can get replacements, but even the dealers apparently are having problems getting them. If anyone has a source, let me know.

Marc writes

Hi I have a 96 LXI with the infinity sound system. One of my front dash speakers are blown and i've been looking for a replacment for MONTHS!! I cant find anything. Do you know of a replacement speaker that will fit in the dash holes and look like it was factory. I dont care what brand they are or if i have to buy both, as long as they fit and sound good. Thanks for the help.

I tried Crutchfield already they said they dont carry them. I tried 2 dealers in the past but they gave me the run around. Said it was ordered but never came in.Bunch of Crap!!

LXiSebring: At least you have company (see above)

Greg writes

Hi, My name is Greg. I own a '97 LXi . I horse traded for it, got it for a steal only to find it is a salvaged vehicle. Although it was a flood victim it was relatively clean when I got it. No body or interior damage. It's white with grey leather and all the bells and whistles. Most of them didn't work due to water damage but, after lots of trips to the local wrecking yards buying misc. relays, sensors, and modules, everything works now with the exception of the keyless entry. I hope to get it working shortly. Needless to say my electrical trouble shooting experiences working on motorcycles in the past has helped me with the Sebring.

The car has 82,000 miles on it and as of now is trouble free and runs close to perfect. I lost a transaxle about 2k ago. I think it was water damage related. The latest task I tackled was changing the plugs and wires on the 2.5 . It wasn't bad except for a center intake manifold plentium bolt that's hard to get to on the back side next to the firewall. The job was definately not worth the labor the dealer would have charged me.

I have a digital camera but haven't had the time to get the hardware installed and it working. I will send a picture or two when it's up and working. As you will see the car is quite clean for what it has been thru. Like most owners I have a love / hate relationship with the car.

Your site has been most informative and I spent many hours researching info on it prior to buying a factory service manual. Thank you for your efforts.

LXiSebring: Thank you for your kind letter--it's really the owners who make the site work!

Ashley Adams writes

I came across your website online, i too own a 98 sebring. i actually am emailing you b/c i have a question. i have been looking for some lights to put on my sebring, kinda like some euro-lights that you may see on a chevrolet or a honda car, though I have found that it is hard to find them for a sebrign or they do not even exist. Do you know where i could find some kind of different taillight for our vehicle? Please email me back at Thanks for your help & the website looks fantastic!

LXiSebring: The guys at might know.

Jaime writes

I own a 95 Sebring coupe and there is an amber light that keeps popping up on my dash when the car is cold and then it disappears when the car warms up. I bought my car used and I never got an owners manual with it so I don't know what the light means. It kind of looks like a little carrousel. Please let me know if you know what that light is. Thanks Jaime

Eric says ..... I'm guessing your washer fluid is low? is the light close to the fuel gauge? .....

Fuzzy writes

I was just wandering if you have had any problems with the control arm Bushings on the rear. Also, this may be caused by my control arms, but my Tires are warping on the inside tread. Please I am trying to keep this car, But everyday I find something else wrong with it.

Eric says.... No, but like any car have it 4 wheel aligned every 30k miles. And rotate the tires every 5k using the modified X pattern. Front to back and back to opposite front. .....

Taurus writes Wow, I am really amazed at this site. I own a 1996 Sebring black w/ grey loaded with the works. I will have my baby for two years this march. I have really never had that many problems with it other than hitting a lady that ran a stop light. I was mad!! But it was repaired. Then a school bus ran over the front end while it was parked at my work. I have also replaced the rotors, brakes, struts and tires. And I am going through the process of putting on a new exhaust system and egr valve. It's running rough right now so hopefully This will fix all problems. Oh and I am replacing all spark plugs, wires, and filters. I'm only about 1500 down right now but it will be worth it. I'm also going to start customizing it. I get so many compliments on my car from strangers. There really are not that many coupes around here. But I just wanted to say I love your site and will visit frequently.

Keith E. Whitten writes

I bought my 2001 Lxi in April of last year...

I have the strangest problem, when the car gets wet (washed or rained on), and the windows are opened and then closed a very foul odor is present, coming from the water that is deposited on the window from the molding/weatherstriping.

This odor is even noticable when the windows are closed and the sunroof is opened, like a vacumm is created, an air drawn from the door windows is sucked into the passenger compartment.

Its impossible to keep the windows, streak or spot free, even after days of being dry, unless they are never opened.

Chrysler has replaced the belt molding however the problem is still there. They dont seem to have a fix at this time.

Does anyone else have such a problem, what can be done?


LXiSebring: Water is collecting somewhere..where I don't know.

Sam writes

I just ran across the Sebring club and I've never seen so many different Sebrings fixed up! Anyway, I would like to join this Sebring club if it's all possible. I'm attaching a picture of my Sebring I've been fixing up sine I purchaced it brand new. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Samuel Forston writes

Good evening, Sam here. I recently got my hands on a beautiful 98' LXI and am having trouble finding any aftermarket performance parts. I also live in a military town, so that doesn't help much. If you know of any products and/or websites I would greatly appreciate it. Semper Fi,

LXiSebring: The guys at are the experts on aftermarket parts.

Oklin Bloodworth writes

We are having intermittent starting problems. The dealer was not able to find anything wrong, but we are paying the price. Each morning, we take a chance. When the key is turned, the dash lights and everything works, but the ignitions does not turn over.

LXiSebring: This sounds to me like a battery cell thats about to give out. Anyway that's where I would start.Often batteries put out enough juice to turn on all the dash lights but not enough to turn the car over. Sebrings are really really unhappy with any battery that is even a bit less than 100%/

Cevi99 writes

I would like to say that somehow it sounds odd that my car is a 1999 sebring lxi when I look around it indicates them as the 2000 models. But that is not my main concern right now. My main concern is I'm 20 years old. full time employee for a very powerful microfittings plant. I want to add accessories such as clear tail lights or increase the engine's Horsepower. I am not having such luck finding anything for a Sebring. It Mostly appears for the PT cruiser. I havent lost hope yet but I think we should raise to the competition to the import cars such as the Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan. I know the Sebrings are a beautiful cars and I know we should look our eyes back to them to see what we can do and take them seriously.

The guys at know a lot more about aftermarket performance and appearance parts. There are a few things out there but not many. Increasing the hp of a car with aftermarket parts is a lot more difficult today than it was 20 years ago, as the car's computer is programmed for how the car is built at the factory and the computer is talking to both the engine and the transmission. Changing exhaust gets tricky too without messing up emmissions, You can put in a better freer flowing air cleaner I know.

Nigel Teo writes

I'm interested in getting a Sebring, but am not sure on what the pricing should be like. I'm looking at a 95 LXi as well. Here are the features of the car, as given by the owner. Custom Wheels; 4 wheel ABS System; Driver Side Air Bag; Passenger Side Air Bag; Front Fog Lights; Power Door Locks; Power Windows; Power Moonroof; Rear Defroster; Tilt Steering Wheel; Rack & Pinoin Steering; Air Conditioning; Premium Infinity Sound package w/ amplifier; Theft Deterrent System; Security Package; Smokers Package; 5 MPH Bumpers 98,000 miles (mostly highway) Could u let me know what'll be a competitive price?

LXiSebring: All of this except the moonroof is standard equipoment on the 95 LXi. Check for an exact price quote.

Robert Manfred writes

I would like to be added to your Sebring owners list. I just purchased anew 2001 Sebring LXI, red in color. I really think it is a lot of car for the money. Do you put out a newsletter?

LXiSebring: No newsletter other than the stuff you see here.

Kem writes

I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. Does it have a fuel filter and if so, where is it located? Thanks in advance.

Eric says ..... This is a job for the dealer. $100 Its a real pain. .....

Jason writes

Hi, I was recently noticing that my car is making a squeaking noise when I drive over bumps, and sometimes if the car is in park, and I turn the steering, it will squeak, very annoyingly. It has power steering fluid, and the power steering doesn't seem to be a part of the problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ~Jason

Eric says ..... As it gets colder outside bushings start to squeak, its probably nothing. You can check all suspensions points for play to be sure. .....

Shonie Tilschmer writes

Hello! My name is Shonie (like the restaurant, but spelled different) and I am in search of a Chrysler Sebring LXi. I currently live in Oklahoma City, and these cars are pretty hard to find. I was wanting like a 95' to a 97'. . . . . I don't have a whole lot to spend, but I recently saw one and they are extremely nice cars for the prices they are going for. I was just wondering if you could give me any tips on places where I might be able to find them . Thank you for you time! Shonie

check for dealers who have Sebrings

Dan Latendresse writes

Hi once again from Dan. I just wanted to let you know the progress of my car and the customizing of it. I now have the windows tinted and I have corrected the problem with the factory stero and went ahead and installed my aftermarket cd player, along with phonix gold qx-5 series componet set with cross overs for the dash and doors. In the rear I have JVC CS-HX6922 6x9's, both of those sets of speakers are being powered by a US AMP 50. For some major bass i bought a 15 inch cerwin vega sub with custom box ( ported at that ) and I am powering that with a ALPINE V12 amp. I now have Eurolite XENON FUSION headlights and highbeams along with my foglights( just incase anybody is wondering they are the ones that look blue ). I also have Eurolite led windshield washer lights clear, hyper white lights for my reverse lights ( big difference guys ) super led bulbs (blue) in the license plate. I plan on purple neon tubes for the undercarriage of the car and a suspension drop also. But I am having one small problem. I am trying to find an indiglo dash for the car if anybody can shed somelight on this for me it would be great. Just a reminder my car is a '97 Sebring Lxi so it has the mitsubishi dash cluster. Thanx in advance guys and the club looks great.

Paul H. writes

Add me to your mailout

LXiSebring: Tell us about your Sebring!

Robert writes

I happened on your website and am impressed. I help out occasionally on an auto forum,but haven't had the pleasure of ever working on a Sebring. A gentleman emailed me asking where the heck the battery in his 97' was located. He said he followed the cables as far as under the air filter housing,they disappeared into the inner fender,and from there he's lost. Can you help us out? I'm as curious as he is probably desperate. Bob

LXiSebring: Hmmmm The battery on my 95 is located right on top under the hood. I was not aware that any significant change was made on 97 models as they are essentially identical. Can anyone with a '97 help us out? Did someone MOVE the battery from its factory location on this particular car?

Eric says .... If its a convertible, its in the wheel well on the drivers side. There is a panel that removes easily with the wheel turned. .....

Lonny writes

Recently, the sunroof in my 2000 LXI began to rattle noisily during regular highway and city driving. I took it to my dealer and had it replaced. Sunroof #2 rattled even more than the first sunroof, and was so loose that it was possible to open it simply by pushing gently on the glass. I refused to accept the car, and insisted on another attempt. Sunroof #3 was installed- and I was told that "broken parts" had been included. I was told by the service manager that the sunroof parts may be overstressed at the factory and overly susceptible to breakage.

I'm now on sunroof #4 in a two-week time span. Today, I noticed that it pops open whenever the passenger or driver door is closed. And I can still open it by pressing gently on the glass.

I'm wondering if this is a common problem, or if my dealer is trying to pull a fast one by saying this is "normal." I'm starting to get concerned about potential water leakage into the passenger cabin, and more, the lack of security of a basically unlatched sunroof. Plus, the rattling noise is UNBEARABLY annoying! Thanks for any advice.

Eric says.... Try #4 and it's not right? Sounds like they have no idea how to fix the problem. Go elsewhere. .....

Tom writes

My brake lights are not working and the cover for the fuse panel in the car was missing, so i dont know what fuses does what. if you can help me out with this problem i will worship you. the lights are not burnt out either.

Eric says ..... You need to find an Avenger or Sebring in a junk yard, or even a used car will work. You could also check the dealer, they probably have a scematic and can order the cover. .....

Mark writes

Hi, I found your name on the Sebring owners web page. I had purchased in 1998 a brand new Sebring LX couple V6 engine. Today, on my way to work, the charging system light came on. I had the defroster, radio, headlights, and rear defogger all on at the same time. when I turned off most of those systems, the light went off and when I turned most of those systems back on, the light did not reappear. I've got the original battery in the car and only 16,000 miles on it. Is this likely an alternator problem or simply a battery starting to die...The car started just fine. Any advice or lessons from experience would be appreciated. Thank you.

Eric says ..... Replace the battery, they are a problem. A simple voltage test at the terminals will tell you if it's charging. Check without running and while running, if you notice the voltage is about 15 vdc while running then your charging. .....

LXiSebring thinks your alternator is about to give out. My batteries have gone out several times and NEVER have I seen a dash light come on. Alternators about to fail often work intermittently and will sometimes show that htey are charging ok when tested.

Steven writes

Hello, My name is Steve Smith and I recently bout a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi with the 2.5L V6. A couple days after I bought it the check engine light came on. I haven't noticed anything leaking from my car so Im not exactly sure what it is. I have been meaning to check all the fluids in the car but we have had a major ice storm here in SE Kansas the past couple of days so I have been unable to do so. Any suggestions on what could be causing this. Thanks

Eric says ..... Review the PCM code checking section at the beginning of the page. .....

Steven says I was finally able to check my PCM code, I couldn't get it to display at first. It says it has something to do with my Idle Air Control Motor/Harness or Connector. I was just wondering if you would have any idea of what I would have to check for that. My Sebring didn't come with the original Owners Manual so I ordered one off of I'm not sure if it will tell me about the parts of the motor or what can mess things up but I was wondering if you could provide any help until it gets here. I'll appreciate any info you give me. Thanks alot.

Eric says ..... The IAC is a small computer controlled motor that opens and closes the idle air passage to the throttle body. If your having idle fluctuations thats probably the cause $60 from the dealer, It may just need cleaned. .....

Raymond Miller writes

Hi I managed to get a brand new 2000 last week I wondered what the heck is wrong with these cars as I got a good deal and they really were willing to bargain. Any advice about what to do with a car that sat around for almost three years it was built in 99. I saw the 2002's and they don't seem to be nearly the car the older ones are or is it my imagination? well thats all for now:<)

LXiSebring: PUT A NEW BATTERY IN IT NO MATTER IF IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING. Otherwise it should be fine.

Zachary writes

Hi, I have a 96' Sebring LXI and I have a blown speaker in the front passenger side and I don't really know how to get the side panel off. I was wondering if you could help me ?

Eric says..... Remove the screws under both the door handle and grab. There are some visible ones along the bottom also. The rest are just clips, be careful. .....

Saul writes

I was just wondering if you could give me a quick rundown on the problems i should watch out for on a '97 Sebring LXi. I recently purchased one with 97k miles on it (i know thats pretty high, but i had to have the car, and it seems to run really well). I know the sebring site has most of the information I am looking for, but i am finding it really difficult to read over and remember all of the things i should keep in mind. I am having the car in for a 85 pt inspection at a chrysler dealer next week, and i would like to be able to tell the auto tech the area's that he should be extra observant while checking. If you could just fire me off a quick list of things that should be checked thoroughly, it would be much appreciated! By the by, i think you do a great job offering sound and practical advice to the sebring owners out there. Kudos!

PS. How many miles do you figure I should be able to rack up on this engine assuming nothing major goes wrong? I really hope you're going to say something like at least 150,000.

Eric says ..... Wheel bearing assemblies,Rotors and pads,front lower control arms (make sure recall was done),Timing Belt,EGR valve,Battery (if it's a Mopar battery) Use only Chrysler 7176 type 3 trans fluid when servicing NO EXCEPTIONS. Mine has over 105,000 and no sign of engine trouble, rest assured. .....

Saul writes

Just wondering about those platinum spark plugs you mentioned on the site. I checked out the Olympic site and was looking at those DENSO double platinum plugs. Could you tell me what you recommend? I am looking for the best performance platinum spark plug there is for my car. Your advice will be most appreciated!

Eric says ..... Stick with the originals, You have a 4 or a 6?, If you must go Platinum go Bosch. .....

Richard writes

My wife has a '97 Sebring Coupe LXI. When we bought it we did not get an owners manual. Can you suggest where to get one??

Since we don't have an owner's manual could you answer a question or two...the other day the alarm went off and she couldn't shut it off. She only knew about the panic button not that there was an alarm on it. So what could have caused it to go off. She got it to stop by jiggling the battery cable or it just timed out.

We also recently had to replace the rims because they were easily bent. And we had to have one of the tires glued on to the old rims to prevent leakage. Is it possible for this to happen again even though we replaced them with Konig wheels? We put new tires on all of the wheels too.

Please help.

Eric says..... Yes the wheels can still "move" on the rims. Most dealers use soap to mount new tires and thats bad. I'd try the dealer for the manual or Ebay. The Alarm shuts off when you unlock the door with the key. ..... LXiSebring: Chances are the alarm went off because the underhood switch is not held down firmly. The quick fix is on the 2001 listings page. You can always shut off the alarm by inserting the door key and turning it.

Wayne writes

David: I am looking at a 1995 Sebring LXI and trying to find out as much as I can possible on the vehicle. I love the look of them and I am almost at the point of purchase. They are asking 12,000 cnd dollars I offerd 9,500 cnd hopefully I can get it at that price. If you can could you mail me back and let me know how you like your sebring and if that is a good deal or not by the sound of it they are a great car. Look forward to hearing from you.

LXiSebring: check for prices based on minage, age and condition.

Basil writes

hi my names basil khoury and i recently purchased a 97 black sebring lxi and ive been looking for a 2 pc. front bra like the one on tony's red lxi on your website. if you know anywhere i could find one at please let me. thank you so much for your time! thank you again

LXiSebring: I have no idea. Does anyone know?

Tony writes

I am an owner of a 1997 chrysler sebring with a few modifications done to it. But the only thing that I cant find is the indiglo gauge faces. Until I saw them on the black sebring on your site. Is there anyway you know where I can get them from, and also I cant find catback exhaust systems for my sebring. I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions. And hopefully have some good answers for me. Thankyou Tony. oh yea I will be sending you pictures of my car once it is done which will be in the next month.

Lonny writes


Recently, the sunroof in my 2000 LXI began to rattle noisily during regular highway and city driving. I took it to my dealer and had it replaced. Sunroof #2 rattled even more than the first sunroof, and was so loose that it was possible to open it simply by pushing gently on the glass. I refused to accept the car, and insisted on another attempt. Sunroof #3 was installed- and I was told that "broken parts" had been included. I was told by the service manager that the sunroof parts may be overstressed at the factory and overly susceptible to breakage.

I'm now on sunroof #4 in a two-week time span. Today, I noticed that it pops open whenever the passenger or driver door is closed. And I can still open it by pressing gently on the glass.

I'm wondering if this is a common problem, or if my dealer is trying to pull a fast one by saying this is "normal." I'm starting to get concerned about potential water leakage into the passenger cabin, and more, the lack of security of a basically unlatched sunroof. Plus, the rattling noise is UNBEARABLY annoying! Thanks for any advice.

Shawn Dave writes

Well, I've been checking out your site for quite a while and I finally decided to write you. I've had my 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi for 2 1/2 years, since my 16th birthday. My parents gave it to me for my birthday gift, basically because my house was hit by a tornado 2 days before my birthday. I lived in Oklahoma then, and hadn't done much to my car until my Senior Year of high school. So far I've added a high powered sub system, which consists of a 380 watt Power Acoustics Amp and 2-10" Rockford Fosgate XLC subs in a custom box, and a Sony MDX650 fold-down deck. I've also put in Street-Glow Xenon Hyper White headlights in my high and low beams, along with Street-Glow headlight strobes. I also made my own neon fiber-optic neon blue strips for the underbody and for my windshield (all street legal). Actually for the neon I've only been pulled over once and got a verbal warning, and I've been offered $140 a single strip for car clubs. Also, I've changed out the factory 215/55/17 Goodyear Eagle RS-A's due to their low quality (and because they were bald) for a new tire on the line, the Goodyear 215/55/17 Eagle LS ($200/tire). I believe these tires are so much better; I've had no probs with these. I still have the factory-spoked 17" rims, which one has been destroyed due a blowout with the horrible RS-A's. I've also added two American Racing baffled chrome tips for sound and slight rise in Horse Power.

I now, live in Kansas City and attend the University of Missouri, Kansas City. I have about 27,000 miles and make trips make to Oklahoma almost every 6 months. Just recently I've rewired my car, and added white neon Cobra Eyes (windshield sprayers), chrome wiper blades, and a pair of Sony Xplod 6 1/2 speakers in the door panels. Also I added a American Products Intimidator Intake System, which also deepened my sound, and increased Horse Power. For now, I've taken a break from tweaking with my car for studies. Just yesterday though we got our first snowfall here in KC, and I can safely say these new LS tires are much better for the snow then the old RS-A's. I'm attaching a couple pics of my car, not really any performance pics, or even detailed pics of the accessories. But if anyone wants to see these, I do have pics and I can be emailed below. Take it easy and take care of the Sebrings.

Later, Shawn Here's a quick little break down in case your strapped for time:



Rori writes

Do you know of any problems with the 3.0 litre V6 that might occur when installing an AEM cold-air intake pipe? I.E. is the sensor that was on the original air box able to fit onto the aftermarket intake? Also, is there any increase in H.P?

Eric says ..... AEM makes the best out there, I assume they made provisions for any connectors or fittings. I can make 2 suggestions, buy a drop in K&N filter for your stock box, or buy someones used stock tube, and put a K&N cone on it. .....

Alex writes

Hi, I was going to buy Sebring 96. But how I understood models 96 year have a lot of problems. What do you think? I really don't know what to do. I'm student and I need car up to 3,500. Could you advise something? Alex.

Eric says..... The Sebring is delicate and probably out of your price range. If you want a reliable cheap runabout, look into a Spirit or Acclaim or Neon. If you want something sporty, an older Talon, Eclipse or Laser may fit the bill. .....

LXiSebring says that any Sebring you find for $3,500 would take at least that much more to make it functional as a daily driver. IF you want a Sebring, think at least $7,500 for one in good shape irrespective of model year, and thats the rock bottom minimum. Cheaper ones than that are gonna have their wheels run off or need tons of repairs in order to run, or both. I agree with Eric that there are many less expensive cars ($3500 or so) Thould make better daily drivers. A 95 Neon is a good example of a decent car with plenty of pep for very little money that would make a great budget daily driver. I'm sure some in excellent shape can be had for $3500

Gary B. Garland, Esq. writes

hi - great site! i was hoping you could help me. my wife's sebring is missing all 4 aluminum wheel caps for her alloy wheels - i didn't know if you knew of a link or suggestions of where to get them without giving chrysler untold ridiculous sums of money for these things, which should have had locks in the first place! :) thanks for any info you're able to give.

LXiSebring: I don't know any source for these but one of our site visitors might. YOu might also check with the guys at

David writes

Cool website! This is my 95 sebring lxi (see Photo page). I've tinted the windows, added a bra to cover the previous owner's scratches on the ground effects and changed the wheels over to 17" MSR chromes. Shortly after I bought it the radio display sometimes would work and sometimes wouldn't but more recently hasn't worked at all. Also the ignition beep that is supposed to stop after pulling out the key would keep beeping. After the timing belt was replaced the ABS warning light sometimes would come on and then go off but now is coming on and staying on more often than not. the dealership couldn't figure it out. they want to replace the whole brake system for over $2000 but i think it's something a lot simpler. maybe some owners have ideas. everything else is great and the car gets a lot of looks and performs excellent...if any one else has ideas on the electrical problems let me know..david in kansas city

Maryann writes

I just bought a used '97 Sebring Coupe LXi and found your webpage. I tried to link onto the Owners' Photo Page and the Owners' Page, but they were blank. Do these sites still exist?

My "new" car is green and in almost new condition. I am enjoying the comfort, space, and good gas mileage since I traded in my 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport. However, I do miss shifting gears!

I enjoyed reading the information you posted about the Sebring.

Jim writes

I currently own a 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI with all the goodies - silver mist paint, gray leather seats, moonroof, Inf. sterio w/cd, and the list goes on. I am working on boosting the pro. of it - wanted to know if you would let me in.

Sean writes

When I left work yesterday, the check engine light came on. I pulled over to the side of the road and noticed that coolant was leaking from the car. I got the car home and pulled the passenger tire off for a better look. Coolant was dripping from the rear right of the oil pan as you are looking from the rear of the car forward. The heater core hoses seem to be fine. Needless to say I could not find the origination of the leak. Any Possibilities? Is there somewhere online where I can find a schematic of the cooling system? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.............Sean

Eric says ..... Water Pump ?? Your dealer has the schematic on computer ....., Kathy writes

What is the Power Control Module? My check engine light came on and the engine would rev up to almost 3000 rpm's when in part or neutral. It usually is worse when the engine is cold. Is this an expensive repair?

Eric says ..... PCM controls engine management, it's more likely the TPS sensor. Mine went bad twice and did the same thing. Have it scanned at the dealer. ..... Rebecca writes

I got your email address off of a Sebring web page and I'm having a problem with my Sebring I hope you can help me with. I have a 2000 Sebring Coupe LXI with 40,000 miles on it. I have experienced the common rotor and tire problems many owners have had and have found a lot of enlightening info of those issues. One problem, however, that I have been unable to locate any help on is a power window issue. My passenger side window was working perfectly fine one day, no abnormalities in operation or "sounds" and then the next day, it just didn't work. I have replaced the 30 amp fuse associated with the window which unfortunately didn't fix it. It's obvious the problem is larger than that. Nothing "snapped" as in gears or other mechanical parts and the motor sounded fine till it just didn't work. I'm led to believe that the problem therein is either a burned out motor or an electrical problem. When attempting to put the window down from either door control (luckily, it chose to stop working in the "up" position) it doesn't make a sound or movement. I know how costly the diagnosis and repair for power windows are and was hoping to find out if this is a common problem with these cars or a freak think and if you have any suggestions as to what the problem is and a way to check it out myself, even though taking apart and reassembling of car doors are a wicked pain in the a**! I would definitely appreciate any guidance you can offer. Thank You Very Much

Eric says... ..... Yes its common and yes it's a PITA. Just make sure that your not the first one that they have done. .....

Dan Siegel writes

I had e-mailed you back in August about my attempts to work on Chrysler Corp. related to our P.O.S. rotors.

I spoke to Daimler Chrysler customer assistance center, 1-800-992-1997 (then 2, then hold, then 1, then 0 to eventually get human being) on 8/20/01 about the problem and they "created a corporate file, reference number 9036212." I was asked to submit information to Daimler-Chrysler Motors Corporation, P.O. Box 21-8004, Auburn Hills, MI 48321.

I asked the person about the possibility of a recall and was told that there had to be a sufficient number of complaints and problems to warrant that. She couldn't give me a number of complaints necessary. I told her that I had at least a dozen Sebring owners lined up with the exact same problem and asked if they could submit information this same file number since it is the same problem and was told "each vehicle gets its own file." As for standing behind its product, Chrysler stuck to its 12-month, 12,000 mile only warranty on brake parts.

I highly doubt Chrysler will ever put all of these "files" together and realize there is a problem they need to investigate because they've already covered themselves with their initial limited warranty and financially it makes no sense for them to care about us past their bare basic coverage. I hate to have given up, but it's like the law. The guys that are right don't always win, but rather those with more money who can keep appealing until the guy who is right is bankrupt and can fight no more.

I took the advice on the LXiSebring page and got the aftermarket rotors and pads through Olympic. So far so good, but it's only been about 3,000 miles.

Mary Jean responds

I think it's great that you're trying to get Chrysler to own up to it's obvious mistakes. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for me, I no longer have my lemon. I'm driving a 2001 Toyota Solara and I swear to you it's the best car I've ever owned. Since the day I bought it I've had not one problem, either small or large. Not even the usual "bugs" that need to be worked out with a new car. Absolute perfection!! Maybe you and your readers should give one a try.

Jim Wilkinson responds

Mary, Mary, Mary, What are we going to do with band-wagon-jumpers like yourself? You are now driving a vehicle that looks like every other vehicle out there. When you see the 1999 Sebring dring down the road, it's like POW!!!.....CHRYSLER SEBRING. You know it's a Sebring and don't need to read on the rear trunk what kind of car it is. I'm just giving you a hard time. I think Toyota makes great cars and I'm very happy for you. I will put my vote in to let you check out the "Sebring Owners Page" in the future. :)

P.S. And Dan,

I will be giving Chrysler another call about the Brakes. Thanks for the hard work.

Mary Jean responds to Jim


I appreciate your opinion. I have been to the owner's page. In fact, my car was pictured on the site. I have seen the 1999 Sebring. It looks just like my 97. And EXCUSE ME , but you have not seen MY Solara - have you? Frankly, I think my Toyota is of superiior quality and just distinctive and as good looking as any Sebring on the road.

In my opinion, the Sebring and Chrysler's in general for that matter are built on eye-catching looks alone - you can forget about quality, performance and reliability. They are just not there. I can make this statement because I have been on both sides of the fence. Let me ask you - what good is a car if it's in the shop more than in your driveway????

Happy driving! (If that's what you are doing)

Eric responds to the debate, above

I just paid off my Sebring...60 payments of $310 = $18,600 Whats that Solara gonna cost when and if it lasts till the end of the loan ?

104,000 fairly trouble free miles....

Jim responds to Mary Jean

I have had no real problems (accept the brakes) in 3 years. FYI- for some reason they are no longer squeeking and I didn't replace anything yet. Take a look at these attached pictures and pick out your Solara. NOT ugly, just a common style unless you do something special to it.

Mary Jean Responds to Everybody

As with you I also had constant rotor problems. I was having them replaced with every oil change. At 63,000 miles- the engine went. The said it was carbon build up and it would cost 1500.00 to take the engine apart, clean it and put it back together with no guarantee that the problem would not come back. They refused to cover the cost because I was technically a few miles over the warranty. With all of the rotor problems I had, that was the final straw. I sold the car. I found out that they made the repair and sold the car. The new owner was back within a week because the same problem was back - a surging, bucking engine. Turns out that a new computer something or other was needed. So, you know what - I think that even though I was immensly attracted to the car, it wasn't worth all the trouble I was putting up with. I wish you luck with your brake problems. I remember how annoying that was. I guess we all have our priorities and I guess mine was owning a trouble free car. I finally found one.

I looked at your pics. Mine is a silver opalescent kind of color, black interior, tinted windows, 17" Detata 101's, front end mask, JBL sound system, moonroof, Viper alarm system. That's all for now. Actually, I'm thinking about upgrading to the convertible in the spring.

In response to Eric's last comment............ it's already paid for itself in piece of mind and the sheer luxury of driving somthing that rides like a Lexus, looks like an Acura and gets the gas mileage of a Hyundai. Ahhhh the sheer delight of my Solara!

Thanks and have a great day.

Robert Jackson responds

Hello all,

I'm sorry I haven't checked my hotmail recently because I was missing a great discussion! I have to pop in here with an opinion of my own (I guess mostly in response to Mary).

Let me start by saying that I traded in my 1998 Sebring (I'm still missing it). No, not for a Solara! My wife and I are expecting and with the need for four doors, we couldn't resist the finance/warranty deals being offered by Chrysler. I now have a 2002 Sebring sedan. Yes, I know it isn't that same platform as the coupe but it is still DISTINCTIVE and we absolutely love it. Besides, it came with a free 7 year/100,000 mile power train protection warranty. I haven't had any complaints since my purchase in November.

As for my 1998 coupe, the ONLY issue I ever had was the brakes. I was also getting frustrated with the rotors (and pads) needing replacement so frequently but if I were keeping the car, I would have followed LXISebrings recommendation and gone aftermarket (My dealer had previously been replacing them at no charge). Everything else in the car did exactly as it should have. On another note, I also like the restyled coupe just as much and they seemed to have stepped up the quality even more.

As for all Chryslers being based on style only, my wife has a first run 300m (built in 98 and purchased in 99) that has been close to perfect for 30,000+ so far.

I wouldn't say that everybody's experience is the same as your bad one because they would be out of business.

I wish you the best of luck Mary with your new Solara as I'm sure it really is a good car. It's just a bummer that you either had bad luck with the car or the dealer or both. Perhaps the dealer could have gone the extra mile for you to make your experience better and maybe they did but it still didn't work out.

In the end, I will still choose a beautiful, eye catching car over a "typical" car just because it fits my personality. Everybody isn't like that though.

PS - I test drove the Solara back in November of 1998 when the new 99' models arrived and I was impressed by it's quality. However, it didn't have the same "look at me" feel that the Sebring has.

Jim - I hope the best in getting Chysler to put out for the rotors. Hopefully you will get something if you keep nagging them!

Thanks for listening :)
Robert Jackson

Sorry it's taken a few days for me to respond to your email. It wasn't my intention, but I guess my remarks did cause quite a stir amongst you die-hard Sebring owners. I can certainly understand you loyalty because I was there once myself. Don't get me wrong guys, I loved my the beginning. Despite the aggravation, I thought it was the most beautiful car on the road. I just got fed up with the constant hassle of bringing it in for a set of new rotors with every oil change. The major engine trouble it suffered at 2.5 years old was the final straw. You must admit, an experience such as mine would test the patience of even the most loyal owner. I suppose I could have just got stuck with a lemon, but it has certainly soured me on ever buying another Chrysler product again.

I now have that same loyalty now for my new Toyota because my beautiful Solara has earned my respect for being the absolute best quality car I've ever owned. I will never deny that my Sebring was gorgeous. It just wasn't worth all of the constant trouble.

Don't get me wrong, I will get rid of my Solara someday.......but this time it will be for a Solara Convertible!

By the way, I just checked and my Sebring pic is still on the owner's web site. Check it out and see for yourself why my decision to pack it in was not an easy one (1997 Sebring LX, Wildberry pearlcoat w/ 16" Detata Rims). It's listed as "Mary Jean's Sebring" Just keep paging down because it was put up quite some time ago.

shing you all a future of trouble free driving.............


LXiSebring Sounds of with a profound "To each, her(or his) own!"

Ben Klocke writes

Hello, im a 16 yr old in High School. I own a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXi. I go to a school of about 500+ students. Well my car when i bought it was basicly a plain jane with nothing but a infinity system and some its the car thats turning heads in the parking lot. This yr it was voted the sweetest car in the City.(10,000ppl) well if u wanna make ur car look awesome all u have to do is go to and a I suggest that all sebrings get tinted b/c it made mine look alot better and also get a hood protector. i also put some lights on my wheels that light up when u drive. (check local laws before ordering). It took alot of my pay checks to get my car where it is now but its well worth it. For only 16 i know alot about these recently having a problem with the recall on the 1995's and if u need help with anything on a 1995 email me at and make sure the subject say 1995 Chrysler sebring. thanks and you have a awesome web site

Thomas Watts writes

I just bought a 99 Sebring with only 15,000 miles on it.. I paid 14,500 for it.... Its loaded.... But the best part is.. Its Multi-color... It changes colors depending on the light.. I love it.. So I would be interested in joining your club.. Talking and meeting other people who own Sebring's would be fun... So clue me in on what's happening with this club,and if possible I would like to join... I Love My Sebring,

Raggtopman writes

I have been having a serious problem with my door handles. The drivers side broke off completely now and the passenger side wont open the door anymore. It stays stuck in the up position. You have to literally push it back in. This has all happened in the past week. I was actually bragging about what a good car Sebring was and when I went out after the family party last night the passenger door would not open and then I had to show them the other side with no handle. Embarrassing. I think Sebrings are not as good as people say they are. The car over heated for a few weeks. Approximately 2 weeks. And when I was going to take it in for service it stopped over heating. Go figure! I feel like driving this car into a lake to be honest. Any suggestions on the handles? Have you heard of this happening to others? 98 sebring LXi. I am not pulling the door handles too hard either. Concerned

Peter Wettergreen writes

7 Hey, I have a one-owner '95 Sebring. I love the site and found it full of answers to my questions. Love the Pics too.

"$1200!!!!" That's what I said when Chrysler Parts Department told me the price for a 2' exhaust piece. The piece from my manifold to the Cat has a small (getting bigger) hole. The extra air flow has noticeably increased power, which has sold me on a future Cat Back system.

Chrysler says the piece does some Cat functions and that is why it costs so much. It is a flexible (jointed) pipe with a heat shielding that is 100% Chrysler and there is no aftermarket part by any manufacturer (according to Falls Church VA Midas). Midas says they cannot fabricate anything because Chrysler calls it a Cat and to replace a Cat with pipe is illegal. I have seen many Cat Back systems on the web. Do you know of any "Cat Front systems"? Or any aftermarket place for this fix. My neighbors would appreciate it also. LOL

I am taking your advise about the brakes and pads to stop the terrible wear problem my 95 Sebring has.

Olympic only has the cross drilled and not the slotted in stock. Is there a significant difference?

Also they recommended ceramic pads instead of the semi metallic. I think they would be better for heat, any ideas on this?

Thanks for your help,

LXiSebring: I dont but Eric might. Apparently the hole isn't causing the car to not run right. If I were in that situation I think I would just leave well enough alone. If the hole starts causing problems, I wonder if a little of that muffler repair goop they sell might seal it. There is an outside chance that the cost of the pipe and repair would still be covered under the federal emissions warranty. I believe that is for 100,000 miles but I forget if it is for 5 or 7 years. Check with your dealer.

Jean Cnrad writes

Eric, I have a '99 Sebring LXi. Since the day I bought it (new), I've put 89 octane gasoline in it, thinking I was babying my car. I haven't had any problems, but I see on the Sebring Web site that you periodically repeat using 87 octane. Has my using 89 octane been harmful?

Eric says ..... No, you may get better performance with 87, Dave uses 89 with no problems. 87 is more important in the 4 cylinder. .....

LXiSebring: Still running 89 here with good results in my 95 V6

Darien Jenkins writes

Sir, I have an 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXI, 2.5 V6, Coupe. I have recently noticed that the driver side of my front end rumbles (shakes) when I am driving. My front tires look good and unworn, but still there is this rumbling. It has been doing that for about 3 weeks. I think it could be the hub assembly on the driver side of my car, but then again I'm no mechanic. It is quite expensive keeping an american car in an overseas location. Could you offer any suggestions on what this problem could be. I love this car and plan to keep it until I run it into the ground. I Would like to keep it in tip top condition. Thank you.

LXiSebring: I'm awaiting Eric's response, but if I were in your shoes I would first try a wheel alignment along with a wheel/tire balance. That's the most common cause for what you describe, with the other possibilities being more difficult to track down and expensive to repair. LXiSebring's number 1 rule of car repair: Try the simplest, cheapest, most obvious thing before you start on the more complicated, more expensive, less obvious possibilities.

Eric says ..... Raise the wheel off the ground. If it moves from side to side your hub is bad. Probably wheel balance or a bent rim. .....

Krome Co writes

Hi, my name is Eric and I have recently been researching the Sebring as my next car and I was disappointed to learn that the V6 model was not available with a manual transmission. I am not interested in the 4 cylinder, I am tired of toying with 4 bangers, I want some tourque! :) I came across your page and I think the 97 is the best looking year, I was wondering if later years look the same. To cut to the chase: Have you ever heard of or do you think a 5 speed swap would be feasable? I am interested in checking out some other Mitsubishi cars that share a similar engine, maybe if they had a 5 speed it can be adapted to the sebring... what do you think? I am most interested in keeping the install as simple as possible. I don't mind fabricating tranny mounts but I don't want to go having custom splines and what not made. I have to go so I hope I hear from you soon. Nice car!

LXiSebring: Of course the 2001-2 models have a manual transmission available with the V6 as an option.95-97 models look the same, as do 98-2000 and 2001-02 models. The big change from 97 to 98 was the shift to the bigger 5 mph bumpers along with changes in the front and rear end to accommodate these bumpers. The ribbed cladding also showed up with the 98 model.

I dont think a swap is practical, and I have never heard of any one attempting one.I am curious as to what Eric has to say about this. A very similar engine was used in the 97 V6 Galant, but I dont think that was ever offered with a stick shift. Swapping transmissions is no longer a simple mechanical changeout. There are computers that control the transmission based on what the engine is doing, and provide communication to things like the fuel injection system based on what is happening in the transmission. These electronics will be very different for a manual shift vehicle. Since this particular engine was never mated to a stick shift, the required parts to make the engine and transmission work right together (even if they could be connected mechanically) simply don't exist. Better to save your money for a 2001 or 02 model with the V6 engine and a stick than to attempt the swap. Even if you could pull it off I doubt you would ever be satisfied with how the vehicle would run. Had this simply been a changeout from already in stock parts Chrysler would have offered the V6 with the stick long before 2001, given the interest in such a vehicle.

Eric responds ..... The new Sebring has a manual option as does the Stratus 2 door, both based on the Eclipse. You'll be hard pressed to find a used 97 w/ a 4cyl. 5 speed. You could opt for an older Eclipse turbo AWD. The interior looks about the same from 95 on. .....

David Slaybaugh writes

I purchased a great deep red sebring coupe in October. I have been looking for a spoiler for the back of the car. WOuld you know where to get one, my dealer can't seem to locate one. Had seen them on vehicles on the lots while looking.

LXiSebring: The guys at are the experts on aftermarket parts.

Rick writes

Hey, I was just wondering and looking for a "Sebring" definition. I just bought a used '97 coupe, pearl white, at 43K miles -- '97? Not bad. Perfect condition and it looks and I can almost taste the flavor - SWEET! I would appreciate if you can get back to me, maybe you can run a research where Chrysler gets their car NAMED - "Sebring." Good info's you've complied in here, thanks.

Well the name comes from the famous European Race/track. I believe that is a 24 hour race. Little different than Pontiac Naming their car a "Bonneville" after the Speedway or possibly the Salt flats where land speed records are held..

Vanessa writes

I just purchased a '97 SE-its my very first car and want to know lots about them so i wandered into your site-keep me updated!

Ken writes

Its Dec 30, 2001 and I have a polo green (gray interior) 1997 Sebring Lxi, V6 2.7 Liter, Automatic, FWD, AC, PS, PW, PDL, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM, Cassette, CD, Premium Sound, Dual Air Bags, ABS, Leather, Pwr Seat, Sliding Sun Roof, Rear Spoiler, 17inch Alloy Wheels, New Tires, 60,500 miles, garaged kept, Excellent condition and regrettably I need to sell it (my wife wants an Avalon). Power stop rotors, Axxis brake pads (front are installed and rear are still in the box). Will take the first $13,000...... Ken Kmiec, Burke, VA ( )

Debbie writes

My son has a 1996 Sebring LX. He was in an accident last week which the other person failed to yield and his car now has $8,000.00 worth of damage to the front end. His air bags did not deploy. Any suggestions or insight. Thanks in advance,

LXiSebring:Air bags are designed to deploy in instances where the vehicle takes a direct hit from the front. Unless a car is also equipped with side air bags, a collision that hits the car at an angle will often not result in the deployment of an air bag. Your insurance company will undoubtedly want to check the car to determine if the air bag sensors were indeed operational and working properly when the car is put back together.

Hopefully your son was not injured. One reason the damage to the front end was as severe as it was in terms of repair cost is that the design did what it was made to do--that is, to absorb the force of the crash before it gets to the passenger compartment. Auto insurance companies would much rather put cars back together than to try to put people back together.

The 96 Sebring ranked very high in terms of government crash tests that attempt to determine whether people will be injured or not in a major crash that were done when the model. The high repair costs as the front end of the car absorbs the force of the crash are one consequence of this good rating.

Eric says .... Is the car used? was it wrecked/rebuilt before? If not you could try contacting the NHTSA .....

Mike C. writes

Your item listed on the "Sebring Owners Club" listed as:

13. Car turns over but won't start (try a new battery before you do anything else)

Any more updates on your suggestions. I've replaced both battery and O2 sensor but my chrysler tech. is stumped.

I love the car but a bit frustrated. I was hoping that someone who actually knows what they are talking about could give me additional info. (I know you have talked about this topic before already but anything new outside of what is on the website is helpful.)

Thanks a million for your support !

P.S. How does one go through arbitration ? You mentioned this as an alternative on the website.

Eric says ..... If the car you purchased returns to the dealer a 3rd time to remedy the same problem, you can go throught arbitration, you recieved a yellow booklet on this when you bought the car. Presonally I'd call Chrysler...give them your story, and follow and document what they tell you to do. I would also request a different dealer if yours cant solve the problem. .....

Matt writes

I have a 98 chrysler sebring lx coupe that only has 42 000 miles and tonight all the gauges,the odometer,trip odometer,rear defrost, and power windows just wouldnt work. All of them just sit there and did nothing. I used the windows and the gauges were working around like id say 2 oclock this afternoon then i went to get in my car to go home from my girlfriends house and they never worked at all the whole way home. Do u have any idea what so ever it could be if so please email me back ASAP thanks a lot man

Eric says I had that happen once and it turned out that my alternator went bad and I drained the battery to the point that the gauges went dead. Run the car,turn on the headlights and if they go dead after awhile, your alt is bad. A better way to check is to check voltage at battery (12.7) then start the car and recheck (14) you should see a voltage rise if it is charging. Other than that its a connection and good luck. .....

Chris writes

My name is Chris bailey and I currently own a 98 Sebring lx two door coupe. it is so hard to find after market performance and restyling parts and asog's web site is currently down. what other websites should I go to to get these parts? my e-mail address is thank you

LXiSebring: ASOG has been having server problems but I expect them to be fully operational again in the next few days. THey are the experts at

Karin Willett writes

Im sorry but I have to put my 2 cents in here Iam a owner of a 95 black cat of the sebrings. in 5 years we have replaced transmission brakes [7] belts rotors struts ball joints tires plugs battery[3] sunroof totally replaced exhaust I could go on here but its making my stomach turn...... But on with my question ABS oh yah number 2!!!!! the pump keeps going out any body have that one?????

Jenny writes

I recently purchased a 95 Sebring. It is such an awesome car. Although it is a bit older, it is in excellent shape and has potential. My husband is a Ford guy, and we own a Taurus SHO. I am so excited to make this car as quick as our SHO. Wish me luck with this car, I have never owned a Chysler!

Michael Smith writes

Great site you have going here! First off I would like to say that the Sebring is a great run for your money. My Sebring is a 1995 LXI, color is wildberry, and other than problems that I personally created, the car runs like a champ. My last car was a plymouth sundance with a 2.5 liter 4 cyl............Even though the sebring is only a 2.5 liter 6 cyl, it is still pretty fast. If anyone can tell me where I might be able to locate super chips for a 1995 Sebring, or any other type of items that would make my car more 'custom looking' please drop me a line at Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Karin Willett writes

Man this car has been pure hell! No joke. I bet if I added it up I have more in fixing this car than what I paid for it. I have read all the responses to this site and heard sorry seen all the problems and frankly I think Chrysler needs to help all us dissatisfied customers. There is no reason to have a car that is only 6 years old and be worthless... I pray for the day it gets slammed hard enough to total or maybe stolen since so many people adore this thing. I have a black 95 to the date we have repainted drivers side, both bumpers, cladding, replaced the sunroof twice, ABS twice, tires 2 sets, battery 2, ball joints, 2 stereos, 3 sets of shoes,turned rotors twice replaced 1 set, exhaust,alternator,water pump, both belts blew, rebuilt transmission, lights on dash, so Ill quit there its starting to make me madder... I admitt its nice looking and turns heads but man its killing the bank account....

Dan Latendresse writes

Hi I am a proud owner of a 1997 Sebring Lxi. I love the car it looks better the a darn Mustang ( which I previously owned ). Of course I have all the options that I could get, leather, V6, gloss black with tinted windows, sunroof, infinity sound system. Everything that I wanted in my first major car deal. I have no problems at all with it but I do have a question. With the infinity stereo is the amp in the back compatable with a after market deck (JVC KD-SX850 ) or am I going to have to rip out the old amp and wire it directly to the speakers. I want to put in a big booming sound system but in the spring time I just want to use my deck for now before I gut the interior and customize the car some more. Once it is all done I will post a pic of the car on the site, inside and out. Thanks

Heather writes

I have recently purchased a 1999 Sebring LXI. Your website does not offer any information about this year model. Can you share some insight with me? Thanks.

LXiSebring: The 99 model was just a continuation of 98 with the occasional change in paint colors. No other innmportant differences.

Zz writes

When I first saw the Sebring, I decided I hated them. After driving around from dealer to dealer, I discovered the sebring COUPE and realized it was a completely different car than the convertible. I walked to the front of the coupe, turned around, looked at the front end and I was obsessed. So, after 3 years of trying to get one, I finally gave up and went for a Jeep Wrangler although they did have a used red 2000 Sebring in the lot. The salesperson decided she was not going to sell me a Wrangler, but she was going to sell me the Sebring. So as of May 2001, I am a Chrysler Sebring owner who is currently dealing with some of the same problems as other Sebring owners such as warped rotors, leaking tires, rain falling on my head when I open the door, etc. I am also dealing with a bit too much smoke coming from the exhaust on short drives that seems to go away after a while and the different "feel" of driving down the road. I used to drive a 1990 Ford Bronco II and I liked the smoother ride, easier turns and handling of my truck more than I do feeling every bump on the road and the lack of being able to make a good u-turn in my sebring. But oh well, I went for looks this time and have my sports/luxury/family car that I wanted and all the little problems go away when I have that great feeling of pulling up in a parking lot knowing I have the car I obsessed about for 3 years. The mechanical problems can be dealt with but driving something ugly can't, so I am happy with my Sebring. I just have 2 problems. #1 interior lighting......i can only figure out how to turn on the lights on the rear view mirror. How do I turn on the under dash lights and rear passenger lights with opening the door? #2 I have a factory am/fm/cassette/cd stereo but have not figured out how to change my preset stations, especially 6-10. Please help!

LXiSebring: I'm not clear. Do the other lights NOT come on when you open the door? If so you probably have a bad door switch. I do not think there is a way to turn them on if the door isn't open.

#2 To assign 6-10 Tune to the station you want to have on a button. Then hit the SET button twice (once for 1-5). Then hit the button you want to assign that station to. It will be programmed in. button 1 is 1 and 6, 2 is 2 and 7 and so on. Hit button 1 twice to get to the station you programmed in as 6, and so on.

Enrique Perez writes

This is my 97 sebring with 17 inch chrome rims [See Photo page] I have two 5.6 inch lcd screens on the headrests and an mp3/cd/dvd player on the dash with tan leather interior and sunroof cool car!

Rebecca Alt writes

HELP! I have a 1997 Sebring LXi that seems to be falling apart. I have read all about the different issues that many seem to be having (weak breaks, replacement of O2 sensors and batteries, `Check Engine' light on for no apparent reason), and I have experienced them all.

The most recent, however, was the turning of the engine without it actually catching to start. I read many places to have the battery replaced, but I did that 3 months ago after two different dealers were not getting any `code' as to why my `Check Engine' light was on so I drove away to have it completely die on me in downtown St. Louis the next day ("oh, the battery looks like it needs replacing").

Anyway, I got a new battery and now I am having problems with the thing starting. Like I (and many others) said, I can turn it and it chugs along, but it won't start. HINT FOR THOSE WITH THIS PROBLEM: I don't know HOW to fix it or what the hell is wrong with it, but in the interim of finding a solution, turn the key and hold it so that the car is `chugging' (trying to start) for 4-5 seconds and then quickly stop and try to turn your key again to start... it usually will start, then.

On top of this problem, I have totally random electrical problems. Sometimes my remote keyless entry works_ sometimes it does not, sometimes my moonroof will work_ sometimes it will not, sometimes my overhead lights and rearview mirror dimmer will work_ sometimes they will not, sometimes the light in the car is on when I open the door_ sometimes it is off_ UGH.

I heard the suggestion that the churning of the engine without catching might be a fuel system problem or the electronics that run the fuel system. Would you elaborate on the "electronics that run the fuel system" part? I was told by a friend who races/builds cars that with all the issues I am having, it sounds like an electronical problem.

HELP! I am sick of wasting time and money on this car, but was not wanting to buy another one until late next year! The sad part is, I REALLY fell in love with the Chrysler 300M and the new Sebring, but will walk over coals before buying another product from anyone related to Chrysler, and will tell anyone and everyone who will listen to stay away.

By the way_ GREAT site.

Eric says .... Is your car used? Are you the original user? Go through the dealer and tell them that you would like a Chrysler tech. to resolve the issue. If they cant resolve the issue then there is always arbitration. The easy way out is to trade it in, but you will loose some money. As far as telling others to stay away, Chrysler makes some of the finest cars on the road considering what they cost. Plus they offer the best American automobile warranty in the market. .....

Rebecca replies

Yes, the car was purchased used and it now has 52,000 miles. I am not the original owner. And you are correct in the idea that for the price, Chrysler does offer great components for an AMERICAN car, however the reliability (at least in my case) is none. I turn around to find another problem with the car and wonder if my car will start every time I sit in the driver's seat and it sounds as if I am not alone.

While in my possession, the car ran well for two years and nothing (accident, etc.) happened to the car. To just start having constant issues with a 1997 car with 52,000 miles on it really pathetic. Constant replacing of O2 sensors (which was priced at over $400), replacement of a battery every 2-3 years, bad brakes... sounds like Chrysler needs to hire some new engineers and/or stand behind it's product.

It is unfortunate, however, that their 'Five Star Dealers' that I have had direct contact with are everything short of 'One Star'. They are the front line for Chrysler and are falling short with regards to respect for the customer (over charging and wasting of time), honesty, and overall knowledge of their own vehicles.

Someday, when these and many other issues are resolved, the American car will have the kind of respect that the foreign cars already do.

Tandalyn writes

what size and kind of speakers go in the dash of the sebring

Eric says..... Mine didnt have those speakers, I have seen people put them in though. Check out for the application. I would go with the Infinity brand. .....

Brett writes

Dear LXi, I was just in my 1999 Chrysler Sebring LX and noticed that the steering wheel didnt lock. In fact, ever since i had it, i don't recall it ever locking. My question is does this car not come with a steering wheel lock...or is the steering wheel lock broken on mine? Please get back to me ASAP. Thank You for your time.

LXiSebring: Sounds to me like something is broke in the lock mechansism. You should have your dealer check this.

Ricky writes

Just did a word serch and found your site. Pretty cool! Me and my wife just bought our first Sebring and we love it. She has wanted one for quite a while. We really like the new body style and look foreward to learning and sharing any information we can from fellow Sebring owners. We only have about 2000 mi. on the car as I write this. I took some pictures the day we got it they are not that good but more to follow. Look foreward to talking to you and reading information off your site. See featured Sebring and Photo page.

Richard King writes

White with grey leather
Neon lights, purple in front and back, green on the sides My question is I am looking for the euro headlights and tailights. Do you have any websites you could give me

LXiSebring: Thry www.asog,net for aftermarket parts

Brett writes

I have just bought a used 1999 Chrysler Sebring LX Coupe with 1200 miles on it. it is in good condition and I am trying to keep it that way. It has the 2.5L 163HP V-6 and the sport suspension and 16in tires. The exterior is black and the interior is a mixture of gray cloth and black dashboard. Very soon, I will be getting a Pioneer CD changer for the trunk and in about a year, i am getting chrome rims for the car. The car is a great car, but like every great car, it does have its downsides. First of all, the turning radius is not very good. Almost every U-turn i do, it looks like i am going to drive off the road. Thats about all i dont like. I have a question too. Can you give me accurate 0-60 times for the LX with V-6? i went on several sites and all they have is the LX with 4 cylinder or the LXi with the V-6 and i can assure you that the LX is lighter than the LXi. Whenever I accelerate, it seems faster than 9.6 seconds from 0-60. it seems like i can get it to 60 in 7.5 seconds. Anyway, thanks alot

Charles writes

My name is Charles Q. and I bought my Sebring pre-owned. It had 21,115 miles on it and it drives like a dream. I have a 1986 Audi 5000cs sedan that had electrical problems and it was eating a hole in my wallet, that's when I decided to get another automobile. I came across the Chrysler Sebring while looking for a car at a auto dealership in Queens and I liked the Chrysler. It rides like a dream, but the only problem that I encountered was the headroom in the front seat. I'm 6ft. 2 in. tall and the height isn't what I expected. I'll get used to it in time. But generally, I'm a very satisfied customer and I'm very happy with the car. I really don't know why I waited so long. Also, is there some way that I can obtain an owners manual for this car, and if so, how do I go about obtaining one. Through a dealer or should I write to Chrysler direct?

LXiSebring. I wish the steering wheel had a higher tilt up as that would help out taller and bigger people. THe Owners manual I believe has a part number and can be ordered thru the Chrysler parts dept.